Ayers Keeps the Dream Alive

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To roughly and depressingly paraphrase the old saying: Old unrepentant terrorists never die, nor do they even fade away; they just pass the torch of their nihilistic, anti-American dream to the next generation.

President Obama’s former associate Bill Ayers and his partner-in-crime Bernardine Dohrn, ex-leaders of the Weather Underground terrorist group, addressed a small group of the ragtag Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City last week. They dispensed the usual shrill, tired old leftist laments about AmeriKKKa being the modern equivalent of the militaristic city-state Sparta. After declaring the United States to be “a declining economic and political power” but “a virulent and expanding military power,” Dohrn complained:

Yes, in many ways, national security… it’s all the United States seems to have to offer. It isn’t jobs or healthcare or public education or public parks or public libraries, it’s security, security, security. So, we don’t want that kind of a future. Occupy doesn’t want that kind of a future. We want a future for the 99%.

Well, if it’s insecurity they want, Ayers’ protégé Obama is certainly moving things in that direction. Dohrn may have  a valid point about our declining economic and political power, since Obama has steered us toward a post-American future of crushing debt and geopolitical impotence, as well as slashing the military budget. Insecurity indeed.

As for the kind of a future that the “Occupy” looters want, they have only a reality-challenged, Lennonesque fantasy of one and no clue how to build it. All they “know” for sure is that America is a racist, jackbooted, imperialistic, economically polarized police state, and that if they could just cancel all their student loan debt (which Dohrn ranted about), bring down the greedy 1% and redistribute that wealth “fairly,” then the country would finally be a beautiful utopia. Rather like Cuba.

The star-struck handful of protesters listened intently as Ayers picked up Dohrn’s baton and ran with it:

We are living in a militarized society. That, that, it’s clear what the message is from power. The message is that Occupy represents violence, and marginalization and insanity, when in reality it’s the 1% that represents violence, and insanity and militarism.

Besides this ludicrous concept that America is a militarized society and his class-war nonsense about the 1%, the evidence couldn’t be more overwhelming that the Occupy movement does represent anarchic violence and insanity in the form of a mob mentality. Ayers’ imaginary 99% does not suffer from “marginalization”; on the contrary, it is the Occupy movement that is hell-bent on violently marginalizing the so-called 1% out of existence: “Kill the rich,” their signs demand. “Eat the rich!” “Only the blood of the rich will stop Occupy!” These, along with “Kill your parents,” are exactly the same sentiments Ayers endorsed in his previous lifetime as a Weather Underground terrorist. Apparently becoming an influential university educator hasn’t mellowed his anti-capitalist nihilism.

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  • Amused

    Ayers and Dorne are no doubt TWO left-over POS 's from the 60;s who even then ,never represented not even a fractional percent of people who protested the war , or hippies or flower children , whatever you wish to call that generation . In addition , these two in no way represent Occupy , no matter how misguided and hairbrained that group happens to be . He is no leader , nor is he an overiding influence in Occupy .
    Tapson , you may not like what Occupy is doing , [ nor do I ] however there's no need to LIE about it Neither Ayres nor Dorne are reprentative in any meaningful way yo Occupy .

  • Herbster

    Same crap, different day. As long as there are useful idiots listening to this quisling, we are still in danger. This army of the unwashed are an integral part of obama's "100,000 strong civilian army," along with the unions, the state run media, the various caucuses in congress, the islamocommunists, the ACLU, etc. The republicans, with very few exceptions, are useless. Our "It's my turn" – after Dole and Mr. I-cross-the-aisle – candidate is a decent man, but, I fear, not of the warrior spirit. The republican party is leaderless, both in Congress and out in the hustings. Romney? Too nice. Gingrich? A has-been. Santorum? Lost by 18 points to Bob Casey, a man born without a personality. Yes. We have to back Romney, but the combination of the administration and the media prostitutes will eat him alive. The religion question neatly tied to racism is being echoed by the pimps and pimpettes in the media. We need to plan for the future – now. Rubio? West? Bachmann? There are some good people out there, but we must let them know they have our support.

    On another topic – has anyone heard the name, Petraeus in the lasst six months?

  • Rifleman

    Trustifarian ayers doesn't know any more about “real work” or a real job than hussein. When youngsters coming out of school still don't know what a bad idea socialism is despite the last 100 years establishing the worst track record of any socioeconomic system in history, and unable to think clearly enough to quickly figure it out themselves, I think of bill and the leftists. They're all working in the education system. If they were anything but marxists, they wouldn't be allowed to have anything to do with children or education.

    “Obama is a politician and he wants me to believe that he never discussed politics with the Rev Wright or Billy Ayers?” – Larry Grathwohl. A very good question.

  • Amused

    It's election time , that is time to resurrect the campaign lies and innuendos of the last election . As expected , they are again resonating in the Republican echo chamber The Annenberg Foundation / Annenberg Challenge etc, was an educational program , where both Obama and Ayres were involved in , the largest private grant ever given to a public school program , endorsed by the then REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR , members of which included former Nixon Admin appointees . Mrs.Annenberg , his widow in fact donated $2300 to McCain's campaign .
    This is just another classic case of "guilt by association " pushed heavily by Fox News then , and most likely now again , as Tapson and his aspersions pretty much indicate .
    And as ANYONE WITH HALF-A-BRAIN knows [ this certainly does not include Tapson and Hannity-ites ] that Ayres did not author the book "Dreams of My Father " and Ayres "alleged admission " was an obvious SARCASTIC response by Ayres .to false accusations which were floated by the McCain- Palin campaign . Buty tghat too , will no doubt be ressirrected AGAIN for consumption by the dumbed-down of the American electorate .

    • Larry

      And the Annenberg project was such an appalling failure the funding was pulled.

    • mrbean

      As usual, the intellectually challenged Amused is defending the indefensible – those aged useful idiots from the Weathermen. While a graduate student and an instructor at the University of Maryland in the 1970's I encountered alot of these unwashed and unkept fans of Ho Chi Mhin and Mao Tse Teung. I was studying quantum electrodynamics and and these idiots were studying Mao's little red book when they were running to the clinic for VD shots from their group love-ins. What I really remember about them is that they all had horrible body odor. I guess having a shower or bath was a bit too bourgeoisie for them.

      • Amused

        To the two dimbulbs , first it was a private grant , and yes recipient schools faired no better than non -recipient schools . So what does that prove other than Ayres is [for whatever he was ] a fixture in the ~Chicago school system ,and any politician in Chicago or Illinois fir that matter would have eventually crossed paths , and yes sit on the same boards as Ayres in respect to any grant as large as Anneberg's .And as you conveniently leave out so too the Republican Governor of the time ,and ex-Nixon Appointees ….so whats your point ? Anyone associated with Annenberg Challengew or Woods Project [a charity ] thereby sharing an association with Ayres is a terrorist ? A supporter of terrorism ? Shares Ayres radical views ? Is in cahoots with Ayres ?

        THAT'S UTTER BULL SHIIIT , and you both KNOW IT > it's nothing more than a political attack based on guilt by association. LOL….but you conveniently limit that guilt to one man eh ? Where I come from that is considered SLANDER , ESPECIALLY since all vetting atv that time by the McCain and Hillary campaign NEVER proved anything beyond their own political innuendo .

        • Rifleman

          You're judged in part by who you run with, and hussein runs with some real pigs. No doubt it was blind luck hussein announced his first campaign at an ayers party, a guy he supposedly hardly knew. It's okay, I knew he was a commie all along. What did you think he was, a "peaceful agrarian reformer?"

          • Amused

            yea you "know he's a commie " ….just like our politician Allen down here in Florida who made a statement that he knows of 75-81 card carrying democrat congressmen and senators . getin to be that anyone who's not a lock-step tea party asss kissing conservative ….is a commie .
            Go join the Birchers Rifleman , they're still around even after a TRUE CONSERVATIVE Bill Buckley eviscerated them and had them thrown out of the Conservative party , but they crept back in and are on the periphery visa-vis the Teabaggers .I guess Buckley's lesson and warning wore off huh ?

          • Rifleman

            Whew, you really beat the crap out of that bircher strawman. You ready for your teabag in November?

  • Amused

    … so let the other shoe drop ….lets all hear about the Woods Fund , a charitable organization in which both Obama and Ayres were involved in . Even though both accusations and endless innuendo and aspersions cast regarding Annenberg and Woods , both of which were rejected as any proof that Obama held in any way the ideology of the former terrorists Ayers and Dorne .. And ironically these accusations were fed also by Hillary Clinton , who not unlike Romney /Gingrich /Santorum spent their campaigns for party Candidate tearing each other apart .
    So as we proceed to Nov. all this inevitably goes down the Republican "memory hole " as signs of this 'ressurrection " of old lies , starts pivking up steam again among the repocons where intellectual dissonance is a trademark .
    So Full Speed Ahead Mr.Tapson , this election is gonna be fun to watch .

  • Amused

    LOL…wasn't there a guy who said " those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it " ?? I know it has been appropriated by men of all stripes….but that doesnt dimminish it's import .

    • Rifleman

      That explains why the left still thinks marxism is a good idea.

  • Crossbow87

    Amused talks to himself too much.

  • Amused

    Well you listened dintcha ? And it seems to have rubbed you the wrong way enough to hit your keyboard :)

    • intrcptr2

      No, actually I don't. I skim it sometimes, like the scum off the top of my chicken stock. But read/listen to one such as you?

      I think not.

      • Amused

        No what you do is what dogs do , return to their own vomit and eat it , just like this recycled regurgitation that republican left on the sidewalk four years ago , and now return tio lick it back up off the sidewalk . LOL….the fact that you have "scum " on the top of your chicken stop , indicates that what I just described is part of your diet CHUMP .
        Suck it up , that was Tapson's intention in writing this tripe, throw out the redmeat and wait for the Pavlovian Response …lol…… Good Boy ! intrcptr2 LOLOL…did he also tell you it was BACON ????

        • intrcptr2

          So I take it you know nothing about cooking, then?
          Scum is not jargon, or a euphemism; it does not take quote marks. And it is the natural by-product of boiling animal carcases with vegetables to make soup stock (Watch your typos there).
          Feel free to continue to abuse bible verses. You might remember ancient Israel had plenty of politics without our two-party system.

          In case you hadn't noticed, I was responding to you, not Tapson. And it is most assuredly not Pavlovian. Now, your thinking I have a religious issue with Schweinefleisch IS a response to the stimulus of my rejecting your silliness, and thinking I'm Jewish. I'm not. So much for your reasoned, insightful "commentary" (Oh, look, I have one of those on my keyboard, too!).

          • Amused

            No scum in the context of your remark is what you said it was SCUM . And it looks like your reading comprehension is just as deficient as your fellow schmuck .Tapson evoked a pavlovian response from the sycophants on this thread of which you are no doubt one , but yes I know you were responding to me , that is what got you the reply that I made regarding your "chicken stock " …gee are you guys really this stupid ?
            And please Bonzo , dont ASSume that you know what I'm thinking , because you dont even know what YOU'RE thinking .
            Your response is so weak and pitifull , I feel obliged to give you a little help . Thus far the contents of my posts on this thread have absolutely nothing to do with religion , not yours ,not mine , not anyones .
            Good Grief man , learn to f—ing read !

  • Amused

    Sorry but that's my reaction to recycled bullsheet .

    • Crossbow87

      Never apologize for being a pure douche-hammer. For if you are true to yourself, you can not be untrue to another.

  • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpyelder

    Amused– we actually know a lot more about Obama & Ayers, Dohrn, Fonda and Hayden this time.. Hayden as you may recall accompanied Fonda to Hanoi- He also just introduced Obama at a college speech in Florida– Some recently discovered evidence has Dohrn & Michele working at the same law firm..

    Ayers helped Sec of Education Duncan create the education reform scheme Obama is peddling, Jarrett's mother and Obama's card carrying communist friend from Hawaii, Frank Marshall, were 'very' close.. Some stimulus money found it's way to Jarrett,s mother's school.. rumor is it's being used by Dohrn to set up new SDS Chapters…Look a little closer and damned if you don't find Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Derrick Bell & Louis Farrakhan are all friends.. The Women's portion of Obamacare, redistribution of wealth and the new World Order (Sustainable Development) are updated versions of the peddled by the American Communist Party in the 1920s. There are even reference to the 99%

    • reader

      This idiot apparently is trying to link McCain to Ayers in a round-about way. That's a real winner.

      • Amused

        No oh little reading comprehension challenged dolt .I made it clear that it was the McCain/Palin and Hillary Clinton campaign's that cast the aspersion , which of course was trumpeted to the rest of Dimbulb World Followers at Fox . You people have a rather Large Memory Hole don't ya ? Not to mention unable to read and comprehend what you just read .
        Poor deluded sad sacks .

    • Amused

      Oh I know "we must " .I'll expect in on Fox news anytime now ….it's election time , time to start with the lies again . LOL…..SOP for the GOP .

  • tagalog

    As usual, the Bill Ayers spin on things is skewed. Americans aren't focused on "security, security, security," at least right-wing Americans aren't. Left-wing Americians and their political procurers might be; what right-wing Americans are concerned about when it comes to security is employing our military might to conflicts where American security is at stake, and not when it's not. Left-wingers want our military used anywhere they think there's some problem, as if Americans are what Phil Ochs, the left-wing folk singer, once characterized America, as the "cops of the world." Right-wingers don't think that way anymore, not since Vietnam days. Of course, Ayers is still back there.

  • BS77

    Too bad this pile of garbage Ayers isn't doing life in prison……..what a waste of oxygen.

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpyelder

      Ayers never actually went to trial, charges were dropped before the trial– because the government screwed up the evidence. Since then he's admitted publicly that he took money from Castro for the purpose of trying to bring down the United States. New Evidence, new charges, no previous trial, no double jeopardy…

      Hanoi Jane and Tom Hayden were never charged for their little vacation

      Treason is a capital crime, there is no statute of limitations…

      Like most people I was content to left them be forgotten– out of sight, out of mind, They seem to want some publicity. so why not give it to them? There are roughly 25,000,000 living combat-combat era Vets in the US. Most have spent 40 years wondering why Jane Fonda and her friends weren't hung. The same holds true for Ayers–

  • Tony Rome

    Mark, why not cover the monster that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and the Democrats gave us and is now residing tin the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse made up of life long law enforcement experience, experts in collecting and evaluating evidence has presented enough evidence to cause Barack Hussein Obama to resign. A low level document expert can easily determine that the computer generated birth certificate now appearing on coffee mugs and T-Shirts is a forgery. It is a slam dunk for crying out loud. These fine patriots working with Sheriff Joe Arpaio has also determined that the Commander in Chief has fraudulently registered with the Selective Service which carries a $250,000 fine and a 5 year prison sentence. Is this not worthy of an journalistic investigation? What the hell is holding up the up and coming journalist from doing their job. We are not worried about Bill Ayers and his lovely wife anymore, the guy they helped put in the White House is a hands length away from the Nuclear Football for crying out loud. He is the biggest National Security risk since Home Land Security was formed. The closer we get to busting this guy the more dangerous he becomes. Are you and the other folks here at Frontpage so dense not to see this truth?

    • mlcblog

      I think you disapproval is misplaced. Aim at our enemies, let's not pick each other apart.

  • SoCalMike

    Can Billie Ayers open his mouth without emitting factual diarrhea?
    We are such an "intolerant" society a POS like him and his dog face wife can walk around feeling safe in their skins.
    It boggles the mind that people don't just walk up to him and spit in his face.
    I would.

    • johnnywoods

      Bill and Bernadine are guilty of several crimes that should have been punished with the death penalty. They should have been hanged thirty years ago.

  • flyingtiger

    I have always wondered why Billy Ayers hates his father. Billy is constantly talking about killing your parents and killing the "Rich." His father was a good friend of Frank Davis Marshall and started equal housing. He also seemed to put a certain skinny kid from Hawaii/Indonesia/Kenya through Harvard Law school- you know that wasn't cheap.
    Billy hates the military because they are real men, while Billy is p***sy whipped by that ugly Dorhn broad.
    Billy is a relic of the past He should be forced to wear a clown costume so that we can get a good laugh.

    • tagalog

      Bill Ayers still has survivor's guilt for having slipped out of the Greenwich Village townhouse where his girlfriend was helping to make a nail bomb to shred new Army recruits (including draftees) at a Fort Dix dance, and surviving while his main squeeze and two of his Weather Underground buddies blew themselves into little tiny red bits and pieces. Who knows, maybe his later success story and not being prosecuted has something to do with being an informant and knowing when to get clear. You know, Bill: "Guilty as hell. Free as a bird." Tell it to Diana Oughton, Terry Robbins, and Ted Gold.

      • JakeTobias

        Exactly. That is why Bill Ayers did not "do more."

        His best bomb makers blew themselves up.

        That is just one of the problems with radical leaders. They want everyone else to risk their lives, instead of them. Just like Bin Laden (so he could live in a million dollar home taking Viagra, and wank off to kiddie porn). Or any of the notables from the sixties. Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, Mark Rudd, etc…all calling for violent action, while they hang back, and take the glory. Then turn it into money because they think it's funny (to quote another faker, singer Joe Strummer).

        They call our military warmongers, and war lovers, and then compare themselves to Abe Lincoln. Like Obama. Well, Abraham Lincoln was the last commander in chief to have exposed himself to hostile enemy fire. Next time Obama mentions Lincoln, I hope people keep that in mind.

        So I think you made the most important point about Bill Ayers. I hope everyone who reads this, remembers to point this out whenever his name comes up. If repeating lies makes them true, then repeating the truth should be even better. Just remember:

        Bill Ayers did not "do more," because his best bomb makers blew themselves up.

      • johnnywoods

        Very well put my friend.

    • mlcblog

      His father was a pal of FD Marshall??!! OMG, that is the connection! I knew it was something close from my Berkeley days when I used to see this little sociopath in organizing meetings. Then he went to the Chicago area (shortly after the murder of the SF policeman and attempt on others) to work where he "could be more effective," in the education field, where he had some connections. We knew his family or somebody seemed to have some money…but I only just now am learning that BO's step dad was tight with the Ayers family. Small world!

      Thanks for the fascinating history tidbit and, even more, thank you for this terrific article.

  • Choi

    Ayers would be THE EVIL CLOWN!
    Sadly,because of his "RELATIONSHIPS" ,Ayers is maybe even MORE DANGEROUS than back in the 60's.

  • csev


  • Hank Rearden

    err…Bill. Let's sort out this 1% thing. Where does that big house in Hyde Park come from? That the old man's money? You need that to lead the revolution? Now 'bout your salary at the university. Paid for with those student loans, right? So when the Occupy scouts are occupyin' to get rid of student loans, they got those to pay YOU, right? How 'bout a rebate there? Whaddya think the house in Hyde Park would bring? Or are you just a free riding piece of crap? A phoney from your toenails to what's left of the hair on your head?

  • peopleneedhelp

    The degree of misinformation in this, what can only be described as, opinion piece is astounding. From the misunderstanding of what the weather ground actually was and stood for, to what Ayers and Dorhn have stated post the weather underground movement, to the description of the Occupy movement and it's platform. The comments here are equally disturbing and ironic in that the author describes the Occupy movement as "violent" yet there has yet to be a truly documented case of them acting violently however there is plenty of evidence all over the internet clearly showing violence against the Occupy movement, and then looking here at the comments section and how many people here believe that violence is the answer(?), the irony and hypocrisy is almost laughable. If the conservative movement ever wants to come back as a viable political party and even have a chance at this next election, I would strongly advise a change of tune as more and more people (as polls indicate) feel increasingly opposed to much of the conservative agenda as it is totally and wholly one that resemble fascist Germany than it does of true American values of everyone equally pursuing life, liberty, and happiness. On another note, today there was a study that came out stipulating that conservative thought and those who follow are intellectually lazy thus such policies maintaining the status quo or even regression are favored as they offer simpleton solutions to complex problems which the conservative mind has trouble grasping and contemplating and so falls back on to easy solutions.

    • Oleg

      Rioting and commiting arson in Oakland are not acts of violence? Speaking of intelectually lazy, comparing Republicans to the Nazi party? National Socialist German Workers Party, really? A party and government that believed in controling and managing everything about the economy, business, industry, and the individual, and in invading, looting, and randsacking, the bulk of continental Europe to pay for it. Speaking of easy solutions lets see what the "Liberal" socialist/statist solution is to everything, more government, and more free stuff from the government, more government employess, less private ones, more takers and more makers, ask Greece and New Zealand how that worked out?

    • mlcblog

      I think you are sadly misled, misinformed.

  • Amused

    Indeed you do waste your time …..but no matter , jerks like you are a constant form of amusement to me , just when I thought I''d encountered the dumbest of the dumb , lol..YOU turn upo ….by all means carry on . btw dimbulb , looks like you don't practice what you preach as far as proofreading or spelling …lol …what's dys-schooling ? Did you make up a new word ? Or is that a "secret acronym " ….you f—ing moron .

    • intrcptr2

      It's called a neologism (Thus it cannot be proofread). Not that you'll be able even to figure that out, what with your first-grade spelling ability. The hint is its similarity to disfunctional (That would be another hint to check a mirror). Augustine mentioned something similar, but I prefer the negative connotations of this prefix. And what you exhibit here each and every time is just that, an education that makes you dumber than when you started.

      It has become clear what your problem is; you are a school teacher (It's the inconsistent, ubiquitous use of quotes that tipped me off). You troll this site for something to rant about in the faculty (Misnomer if ever…) lounge, somehow aware that most readers here realize, from their 12 years in purgatory, what utterly vapid, addle-brained morons get jobs in public schools.

      As always, ignoring when you've been proven wrong, resorting to childish, pointless insulting. Laugh it up, furball.

      • Amused

        Wrong again intrcptr2 unlike you , I've actually worked for a living since age 12 , paper route , shoveling coal out of basements [way back when everyone switched to oil or gas heat ] delivered beer and soda , drafted and shipped to Vietnam , 8 years as a Merchant Seaman [deck dept ] , 7 years as a longshoreman /rigger /ship container repairs /32 byars Telecom tech- climbing digging crawling thru attica etc . Paid my dues [ more than a dolt like you will ever ] now retired , and laughing at total asssssholes like you . Insulting imbeciles like you is by no means pointless . Someone need to out schmucks like you , since your parents failed in that corrective task . Suck it up dimbulb .

        • Crossbow87

          Don't ever assume that you have rubbed anything of mine wrongly, or correctly.

        • intrcptr2

          Fair enough. That all explains the lack of sense, or education.

          But tell me, other than acting like a school yard bully (What, didn't daddy ever tuck you in?), what do you actually think we ought to do in this country? Just what are our problems, and what should we do to fix them?
          Paying your dues is no excuse to simply toss around epithets, presuming that you are the only one with an ounce of sense. Anything else makes you no better than another old fart drooling over the overweight nurses at the home.

          Age ought to provide one with both wisdom and decorum. I am sorry to say, I've yet to see any from you. Why is that?

  • Amused

    LOL….dont bother these dimbulbs with facts , they have their memes to parrot ….so what if its a lie or opinionated innuendo , facts don't matter here ….. or didn't you know that ? All Democrats are commies bent on destroying America .Why ? Because they say so , and conservatives are the only true blue Americans who if they dont get their way they'll wreck the country trying . And I've read the same study ….Conservative thought is the result of LAZY MINDS . And we've had 4 years of proof , for from the getgo it hasn't been a matter of solution , it been only a matter of desiring Obama to fail ….and there are enough idiots in the Republican Party that have publicly stated that EXACT SENTIMENT , even before Obama took office . Parrots licking the boot heels of moronic demagogues like Beck and Rush . Irrational bsession with the birth certificate , so much so that the majority of repub licans are afraid to admit it, to this day, in front of their angry minions , not to mention totally false claims that Obama's a muslim even after Obama puiblicly made what every TRUE Christian considers a sign of faith …PUBLIC CONFESSION OF JESUS CHRIST AS HIS LORD AND SAVIOR >

  • Amused

    The hypocrisy and animus they displayed over the past 3 years is mindboggling , as well as a disgrace , and their "rationale ", their justification for their irrational behavior is " the democrats called Bush a nazi " [ and well they did ] so THAT makes it acceptable to behave in the same disgusting and disgraceful manner . Just like a bunch of two -year olds in tantrum .
    Pathetic losers .

  • Amused

    Yea man , so lets see those thumbs down . you know it's true .

  • palidin911

    With any luck , Ayers can teach the occupiers how to blow themselves up like the Weather Underground did in the 60's.

  • Oleg

    The only thing that I wonder about is why this piece of human debris has not been flushed let alone why he still has an influence in public life.This man has admitted in his writing that he was behind the Weather Underground bombings and has even stated that he wished they had laid more bombs. Why has a wrongfull death suit not been filed against Ayers, Dohrn, and the other surviving members of the Weather Underground? Why has a suit not been filed against these idiots for willfull damage a bodily injury? Whether the FBI screwed up the investigation to secure a criminal conviction doesn't matter, reasonable doubt does not apply in a civil case, O.J Simpson was aquitted of murder on all counts but was still found culpable of wrongful death.

  • maghrebchristians

    Father Alfons Marzou shuffles across a complex that is home to sisters for the Catholic Missionaries of Charity, whose nuns provide medical care and food to impoverished children living amid heaps of garbage.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/04/12/copti


    • mlcblog

      off topic

  • mlcblog

    This has been Dorhn's vision for the US ever since the Manson days. Boy were they high on violence in those days!! stick a fork in it!

    The thing that bothers me is their relentless adherence to a goal, proving once again that a person with a dream can prevail, be it right or left, righteous or evil. Can we who fight the good fight take a clue and get some of this type of dedication and persuasiveness over the long haul?

    Adopting the success principles that they use, adherence to a cause, appeal to noble motives, hard work on a daily basis! recruiting, studying to become more influential, etc., etc., would be a good thing.

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