Berkeley Jew Hate on Trial

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In his dismissal, Judge Seeborg left the door open for an amended complaint. Now, in new documents submitted to him in the Northern District Court, San Francisco Division, attorneys for the plaintiffs Felber and Brian Maissy asserted that, just as other minorities have received protection under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of  1964 (which prevents discrimination by government agencies that receive federal funds), so should Jewish students in this instance. “The content of the ‘checkpoint’ demonstrations,” the attorneys claim,

is hate speech, equal in legal odiousness to use of the “N” word, or similar racist and sexist expressions. The Defendant does not deny that the entire MSA/SJP “checkpoint” presentation is a racist passion play of the worst sort, which like the notorious anti-Semitic performances of Oberammergau, Bavaria: “portray Jews as bloodthirsty and treacherous villains. . .”

The reference is to the famed performance of the Passion Play put on in Oberammergau, Germany every ten years since 1634. Over the centuries, countless visitors there have witnessed the dramatic recreation of the suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. But the performance – praised by Hitler – is also notorious for an anti-Semitic portrayal of Jews conspiring to kill Jesus.

However, unlike the Oberammergau Passion Play, which is performed on a traditional pay-to-view stage setting, the Regents have allowed the MSA/SJP to present their racist performance in the midst of an important public campus crossroads, and to include interaction, confrontation and violence against students who like these Plaintiffs, did not choose to “buy a ticket” in order to experience the performance.

The defense attempted to belittle the plaintiffs’ claims by arguing that their religious beliefs were not impacted by the mock checkpoints, assaults, and verbal harassment. Plaintiffs’ attorneys countered that MSA’s and SJP’s offensive and hostile actions “go to the heart of unlawful religious and racial endangerment and interference”:

To be free from violence and harassment based on their Jewish identity, while lawfully on a UC campus, are rights guaranteed by the rights to freedom of religion and to the equal protection of the law.

A hearing on the amended complaint is scheduled for March 15.

In a separate interview with attorney Sher, Glazov pointed out that, if the situation were reversed and a Jewish student had assaulted a Muslim, there would be outrage in the media and the university would not have hesitated to take stern disciplinary action. Sher agreed:

There is no question that if the shoe was on the other foot, immediate and decisive action would be taken by the powers that be. It’s time that we demand an end to the hypocrisy and double standards which have gone on far too long and which will be exposed in this lawsuit. The silent majority should remain silent no longer!

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  • Goemon

    Why didn’t said jew shoot her muslim attacker dead and claim her own 1st amendment right?

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      Excellent point.
      Short story. I was a Senior-Fellow Engineer working for Uncle Sam's Mil. Avionics Programs, Head of a Laboratory. Joe. P,, supervisor of another group visited my Lab. and when he did not see me asked the reception person where the Jboy, (me) was. I heard that from a SEM meeting in a section of my Lab.
      I made my presence known to Joe P. He was hospitalized with a broken jaw, cracked ribs and severe blows to other regions. He was fired while still in hospital and I demanded that a Jewish person take his job.
      Doubt that Joe will go about seeking other Jews using those words.

      • kafir4life

        A similar thing happen to me with one of allah's slaves. They think that we're supposed to cross the street when the pedophile emulators approach. I was on my bike, apparently riding towards one of these mohamatans, and this moon god worshipper stood his ground, then needed to be picked up off of it. When he sees me coming now (and he has), he steps aside. These things are cowards once confronted.
        allahu snackbar!!

        • trickyblain

          Like "SHmuel," another liar blogging about deluded notions of what they wishy they'd done, but didn't. He owned you, right?

      • Questions

        Hey, bud. Much as I detest Islamic radicals, there are still laws against assault and battery. Or maybe the Orthodox — I take it that you are one — make up their own rules as they go along. A broken jaw, cracked ribs and severe blows to other regions — yeah, real classy. I'm Jewish, too, but your kind we can do without.

      • NotaBene

        You demanded a Jewish person take his job? What the hell? If he deserves to be fired, good…but you're as bad as he is.

      • trickyblain

        Oh, Bullsh-t. While Joe sounds like a moron, if you did that you would be fired right along side him and likely arrested and sued up the yang.

    • TG Browning

      Counter-productive as hell, that's why.
      Look, folks, the damn thing is that at the present time, anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic groups have been able to control the news slant almost entirely. To regain lost ground, you're going to have to be better at spin-control and staging. It's as simple as that. The most successful results will come when you're able to force people to see the terrible disconnect between reality on the one hand and propaganda on the other, that can't be simply denied. You're not trying to win over the nuts, the fanatics or the religious. You're trying to get through to people who have an opinion not based on facts — that *want* to do what's right.

      It's shameful, but in the USA, those people are getting more and more polarized in the *wrong* direction.

      TG Browning>>>

  • jacob

    This California judge falls into the same category as his New Jersey colleague
    who bot long ago, ruled according to SHAARIA law and, if not resigning on their
    own, must be summarily dismissed from the bench…
    1st Ammendment rights have been allowed to be abused by too many so called "authorities" and I guess it is time to put a stop to it….
    I know California is the land of the bizarre but, if ramming a shopping cart into the
    back of somebody constitutes a First Ammendment expresion, we are in deep
    trouble and inviting for people to take justice into thir own hands…

  • oldtimer

    The first ammendment means Speech not assault. Both free speech and the right to assault seem to be only allowed when Muslims are the so-called victims (they usually cause the attack by instigation). NO Sharia law in this country……

    • kafir4life

      Actually, the courts have also okayd violence by unions under free speech. They are allowed to maim people and destroy property if it's in the best interest of the union.

  • theleastthreat

    One part of the law is that people may have recourse. Jessica Felber did not not get that. She got carted a second time (by the judge).

  • Eric G

    "…if the situation were reversed and a Jewish student had assaulted a Muslim, there would be outrage in the media and the university would not have hesitated to take stern disciplinary action."

    As always in the left-wing world, some groups are more equal than others.

    • theleastthreat

      The is no free speech but sha'aria approved free speech and Mohamed is its editor. (And apparently, he needs shopping carts to make his point where mere words won't do.)

  • Steve Chavez

    "BEWARE OF SHOPPING CARTS!" Now that slamming people with shopping carts is allowed by the Constitution, I suspect that these Muslim groups will trade their backpacks and carry their books in carts. "JEWS BEWARE" since it is they who have the Right-of-Way.

    Last year, another California university, I think at Santa Cruz, a pro-Hamas group put signs around the dorms saying something like "Warning: This building will be bulldozed in three days" which was a message that meant that Israeli's bulldoze homes of suspected, probably known homes, that are used as safe houses, bomb and weapons factories, and other illegal activity. I COUNTERED TO FOR THE JEWISH GROUPS, OR ANY GROUP, TO HAVE SIGNS: "HAMAS SUICIDE BOMBERS GIVE NO WARNING!" "Hamas uses human shields!"

    Here at the University of New Mexico, a planned Pro-Palestinian week promoted by the MSA and outside groups will be countered by the large display "PALESTINIAN WALL OF LIES." This will be a first protest against these groups. There was a Hamas supported protest and march two years ago and about five pro-Israel students mixed in with the group and one man had the sign "Hamas uses Human Shields" and they tried to block him but he persisted. Hamas signs said for people to honk if they supported Hamas. This was at a major intersection and I counted one honk for every seventy-five cars.

    I hope that this lawsuit exposes university officials, student groups, and court judges that are not upholding the Constitution.

    "The Freedom's in the Constitution to Overthrow the Constitution!" Steve Chavez

    • stern

      Another suggestion: if the pro-Palestinian bunch put up "checkpoints" like the one shown in this photograph, perhaps the pro-Jewish groups could create little areas that they can call "Palestinian" and festoon the "borders" with signs saying "No Jews Allowed".

  • BS77

    When you enter Berkeley, remember, you are entering the leftist twilight zone…you are no longer in the USA.

  • mrbean

    The judge is an obvious anti-semite who abuses his power from the bench. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from a judge ruling that an assault on a Jewish woman is somehow not an assault.

    • TG Browning

      I'm curious. Are you just stating a quick opinion, or have you lucked up info on this particular judge? I'm not looking for an argument, I'm merely curious. I haven't taken the time nor have got the time to do so, but I'd like know more. How off-center is this judge, actually? Is this the only idiot ruling made? Or are there others?

      TG Browning

  • RiverFred

    Why not take a shopping cart and ram it into the judge, after all it is free speech.

  • macdaddy

    Not excusing this judge – I believe he was looking for a way he could rule in the Muslim's favor – but the issue was whether the school had an obligation to take proactive steps to protect the Jewish students (and others) under these circumstances and not if the perpetrator of the shopping cart incident had committed a crime. I hope that these victims filed a personal law suit against this person. If the judge ruled against the victim in that case, that would be when I would seriously start considering buying more guns. But certainly in my view, the judge should have found that Berkeley was obligated to ensure some protections for their students given this obscene and dishonest expression of first amendment rights. BTW, I would have asserted, if not deemed irrelevant in this particular case, that the defense arguments were so ludicrous and without reason that it shows what their agenda truly is – demonization of Israel and Jews to deflect their horrid acts and behavior.

  • clarespark

    Though this article focuses on Berkeley and its Anti-Zionism/antisemitism, we need to insist that all students learn the intertwining of both latent antisemitism and its more subtle variants. I have attempted a glossary here:…. I welcome corrections and comments for we all have different reading and life experience.

  • Lisa_H

    When Muslims protest it's freedom of expression. When Jews and Christians protest it's called hate speech.

  • Marty

    Consider the source. Berkeley is a cesspool of ideological insanity perpetrated by apologists for and dhimmis within the madness called islam. It is this campus that gives the academy a bad name. Happily, I'm encountering increasing numbers of faculty who are not corrupted by political correctness or intimidated by muslim thugs. Our numbers are growing and the students in our classes where they are actually getting an education as opposed to being propagandized are hearing and learning the truth. Academic freedom is dead at Berkeley and Columbia, but not in between.

  • notonemoredrop

    I do not understand how the behavior of these vermin can be countenanced by schools who have been the beneficiaries of many Jewish donors, as well as earned their reputations as a result of Jewish scholarship in the arts and sciences. These lice come here with a chip on their shoulders, and thus far have contributed nothing positive. Then we have the Hillel organizations or temples which are in lockstep with the radical left, who teach tolerance rather than self defense. Lawsuits are fine, but what these animals really need is a thorough ass-kicking. Jewish students should strengthen their bodies and learn how to use firearms. Never again means just that.

    • Tecumsehmoe

      "Jewish students should strengthen their bodies and learn how to use firearms. Never again means just that."

      Worth repeating.

  • Moishe Pupick

    M., 02/13/12 common era

    I am a graduate of U.C. Berkeley. I recently wrote to both of my State legislators about the situation for Jewish students on the Cal campus; neither one replied to me. I also wrote to the Alumni Association but was similarly ignored.

    I guess that Saudi oil money trumps human rights– at least when it comes to Jews on the Cal campus.
    The A.D.L. can only plead for more understanding; it still supports yet more "gun control" and multi-culturalism. Psalm 83 has begun to unfold so stay tuned. There is an eye that hears and an eye that sees; and eventually the G-d haters/Jew haters will have to give an accounting to G-d.

  • Nakba1948

    Meh. Cherry-picking at best. Yes, there is no excuse for assaulting that girl, and the thug that did it should be punished. But he hardly represents the brave souls in America who speak the truth about the Palestinian struggle against their Zionist oppressors and fight for justice and human rights. And of course, the Palestinian people, as emphasized in this demonstration by the SJP and MSA chapters at Berkeley, are subjected to that sort of treatment and far worse on a daily basis. Where's the outcry about that?

    • tecumsehmoe

      If the outcry you seek is insufficient, it's only because the "Palestinians" and the so-called cause they pursue in the interest of genocide is worse than merely fraudulent. It's murderous.

      • Nakba1948

        Tell me who the murderers are again?


        • Western Canadian

          The murderers are jack booted thugs like you. Simple enough even for a jew hating liar like you to understand.

        • Anonymous

          Hey, PieceOfKrapba1948, here's a joke for ya:

          Man gets out of the plane in Riyadh, walks through the airport terminal to the street outside, goes to the taxi area, gets in a cab, says to the driver:
          "Take me to the Jewish neighborhood."

          Get it, anus face?

  • tanstaafl

    If you assault a woman with a shopping cart in front of me, jihadi, and you will end up wearing the shopping cart.

  • dirt

    Freedom of speech is for "speech" only, anything else is NOT protected by it. Judge Richard Seeborg deemed Koran higher than the Constitution he sweared to uphold, he should be fired and prosecuted.

  • Jboy

    The judge was simply following the standard leftist hierarchy, in which Muslim trumps female and/or Jew.



  • Ghostwriter

    It's a shame that girl didn't punch that guy in the mouth. He would have really deserved that.

  • wsk

    You have to be effin’ kidding me. This has to be a fake story.Unbelieva ble. This judge meedd to be removed from the bench.

    • wsk

      Sorry for the poor spelling. Comments were posted via androi- spelchuk na guud.

  • Melody Caine Bier

    I can personally attest to the absolute truth of this story! In the SF Bay Area the Arab students can get away with anything & everything…and NOBODY has the cajones to do anything!. I have seen this ugliness myself both on and off the campus. A few years ago a few of us 60 something yr olds were personally attacked in the BART (subway) station in San Francisco & the DA decided not to prosecute. But one of the little thugs sued the SFPD for injury! It is truly become "Alice in Crazyland" in CA!

  • Jim

    So it is time to rally around the flag and protest the enablers who support evil. Time to confront Time to press for justice.

  • hadar

    I go to Concordia University in Montreal and it's pretty much the same story over there. When Muslims spread lies about Israel it's considered Free Speech. When Jews point out the truth about terrorist Hamas, it's Islamophobia.