Campus Hate Groups Target Jews & Israel

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[Editor’s note: To order the Freedom Center’s new pamphlet, Muslim Hate Groups on Campus by Daniel Greenfield, click here.]

In the wake of Israeli Apartheid Week, the international campaign to delegitimize the state of Israel, campus hate groups have stepped up their aggressive pressure on Jewish students and speakers. The last week of February was marked by anti-Israel ugliness at two University of California events that left Jewish students feeling, as a letter to the UC President put it, “targeted, intimidated, harassed, and unsafe.”

On February 27 at University of California at Davis, Jewish student groups presented a talk entitled “Israeli Soldiers Speak Out” featuring Ran Bario Bar-Yoshafat, an Israeli reservist, and Ranya Fadel, a Druze woman whose father and brother fought in the Israeli Defense Force. The two had visited at least ten campuses across the United States in an effort to engage students of all political stripes in a dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to dispel the biased media narrative about the Israeli military.

But members of the UC Davis branch of the national Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) had conspired on a strategy for suppressing the free speech of the scheduled speakers: pack the room with pro-Palestinian students, many of whom would walk out together during the event, leaving other members behind to disrupt the event relentlessly. Students for Justice in Palestine exists primarily for campus promotion of the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns and others efforts to cripple the Jewish state.

The UC Davis event was attended by anywhere from 125-200 students (estimates vary). As Ran himself told it to me, approximately 20-30 seemed pro-Israel, perhaps 20 were neutral, and the remainder were very vocally pro-Palestinian. The event was disrupted from the beginning by hecklers intent on preventing it from going forward. On this video, one brazen heckler who claimed to be Indian, not Palestinian, challenged someone to “Remove me! Remove me!” (which campus security did not do), then began spewing at the speakers:

I will stand here and I will heckle. My only purpose today is that this event is shut down! My only purpose today is that this event is shut down!

He then became so incensed that spit flew as he ranted:

You have turned Palestine into a land of prostitutes and rapists and child molesters!

On a separate video he can be observed demanding of the speakers,

How many women have you raped? How many children have you raped? You are a child molester!

Again he begged to be arrested. No response from security, although he was eventually persuaded to leave voluntarily. But within minutes (as soon as Ran mentioned the word “Israel,” according to one witness), perhaps 40 students left in a coordinated walkout, their seats then filled by other pro-Palestinian students who had been lining the walls at the standing-room-only event. The talk progressed with difficulty as the heckling continued nearly unabated. When Ran and Ranya mentioned soldier friends who had been killed in the conflict, the pro-Palestinian students laughed. The question-and-answer period devolved into shouted statements of accusations of Israeli atrocities from the crowd, but no questions, and so the event organizers curtailed it.

Ran told me that some Muslim students approached him and Ranya to tell them that the disrupters were not representative of all, and that, although they disagreed with the speakers, they felt that they could at least talk with them. But many of the others closed in aggressively enough to warrant concern that things might get physical, so security escorted the speakers away.

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  • montlasky

    I appears to me that the only way to deal with these Palestinians who run off at the mouth is to phsically remove them from the premises by a Jewish Student Body set up for this purpose. Call it a "shmira" duty or a vigilante group or any other appropriate name, to protect Jewish students. Of course, this becomes open warfare on Campus which the supporters of the Palestinians in the campus governing body would side with. Freedom of speech is paramount in any democracy. Is hate speech also protected on the university campuses of America? I dont think so! Proven hate speech such as the Voices of Palestine and others of their ilk should be removed physically and a case laid against the University administrators for aiding and abetting this Palestinian hate speech. Being passive only encourages these brain dead idiots. A coward and a bully need to be shown that the receivers of their vitriolic speech and aggressive behaviour are ready to stand up to them and if necessary physically remove them from campus, This takes organisation and thought and planning to bring an end to this revoting behaviour. It can be done.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Part of the aim of these types of groups is to "polarize" which in turn will compel people to choose one side or the other leaving "shades of gray" in the rear view mirror. However, I have been polarized for a while and my suggestion is that any student on a foreign student visa who participates and engages in anti-democratic activity such as seen in the videos be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and given their walking papers back to Palestine or wherever they originated. If they are US citizens the university should expel them immediately. I know this won't happen but enough is more than enough.

    • Grayzel1

      "I am personally against dialogue, as the word implies that both parties are on equal footing — obviously Israel as the Occupier and Palestinians as the Occupied cannot sit down as two equals. It’s the equivalent of asking a white man and black man to sit down to dinner in 1960s Mississippi — absolutely absurd."

      This quote proves your point. From the quote above I gather history is not taught at this campus. In the 60's white and black men and women sat down to break bread all the time. Without that MLK's message would not have succeed.

      • mrbean

        The dumbing down of you progressively educated intellecually inept retards shows. There is no equivalency between the Palestinians who are Muslim savages ruled by Hamas and a relatively free Israel. Israel, on the other hand, is a moral society because it grants freedom to its citizens. In “Palestine”, you can be killed for merely criticizing your leaders. In Israel, anyone can criticize their leaders without fearing anything. Israel is a free country. That is what makes a country good. Every country that is not free is evil. The freer a country is, the more good or moral it is. That’s how you judge societies.

  • StephenD

    When they act like thugs…treat them like thugs. A powerful open handed slap in the mouth would work wonders on most of these spoiled children spewing their hate. Violation of your Civil Right to speak freely being; shouted down is an attack on that right. which was purchased with the blood of our founders, and must be protected with as much force as it takes. I can see them now with a welt on their cheeks and tears in their eyes…don't think they'll talk so tough then, do you?

    • Herbster

      Well said, Stephen. These "Activists" remind me of the WHACK-A-MOLE game – whack one and another pops up out of his hole. I am also reminded of the young man visiting in Indonesia who decided to spray paint a group of parked cars. Caught, tried and sentenced to twelve whacks with a cane. His attorney claimed his client suffered from Attention Deficit and could not remember events. Someone suggested giving him twenty-four whacks…….he'd remember twelve! Give these animals a few slaps, a few punches and a swift kick in the behind on their way out the door. Remember the group of Marines who had one of their off duty group stabbed by an attempted robber? When the police arrived, the perp had two broken hars, a fractured jaw, concussion, six broken ribs and a smashed in nose. The police report read, "Tripped on the curb and fell." Ya' gotta' love it. This is what we need….more of these animals to "Trip and fall."

      • maturin20

        People trip and fall all around the world.

  • Steve Chavez

    Wasn't Ahmadinejad welcomed at Columbia? No mic checks? No heckling? No walkouts?

    Wasn't Farrakkan welcomed at Berkeley? No mic checks? No heckling? No walkouts? He did receive a standing ovation though.

    I propose that universities follow their own Code of Conduct rules which surely get into "Guest speakers" and disruptions. Being that it is these radical groups that always disrupt "free speech" which then denies others of listening to the other side of issues to understand both sides.

    "If you can't even create 'peace' with me, how do you expect to create 'peace' among people who are shooting at each other?" Steve Chavez It seems they don't want "peace" with Israel but agree with Ahmadinejad that it needs to be "wiped off the map!"

  • ASG

    Sick POS's like the shouting and spitting scum bag mentioned in this article need to be stopped. F*** him and anyone like him.

  • DogsHateRomney


    Chrislam? Christian Palestinianism??

    A Heads Up Alert! For Sound Biblical Christians & Conservative Jews (only)………..

    Whenever we, as biblical Christians, think that things couldn’t possibly become more preposterous in Christendom, we need to call to mind the Scriptures that tell us that the time will come when Christians will not endure sound doctrine, and many will corrupt the Word of God – (2 Timothy:4:3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;; 2 Corinthian 2:17; 2 Peter:3:16 As also in all his epistles,……….. speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.

    read this.


      I see it day in and day out–'replacement theology'.

      • Stephen_Brady

        Excellent reply. Replacement theology has been the very basis for pogroms throughout history, leading up to the Holocaust. Millions of Jews have died. The "leader" of Iran calls for more Jewish blood.

        As a Christian, I believe … naturally … in my own faith. But I also believe that God does not lie, and His promises to His people will be fulfilled. God's Will be done …

        • MAD JEWESS

          I dont GET these 'replacement theologians', what the hell do they think? Jesus just 'appeared?' Has no lineage to the Jews?
          It makes me sick seeing apostasy run rampant in Christian circles.
          Sad. Very.

          • Stephen_Brady

            It's getting so bad that … in some Christian groups … they refer to themselves as "Messianic Jews" and observe both Christian and Jewish holy days. All of this was settled with he first Ecumenical Council (recorded in the NT book of Acts), in which Jews who converted to Christianity would still observe Jewish holy days and traditions, and Gentiles would not be bound by traditions such as circumcision.

            However, most Christians realize that the Founder of their religion was a Jew, and that all will be fulfilled in accordance with Holy Scripture, including both Old and New Testaments.

          • intrcptr2

            the language of a Jew "converting" to Christianity is the basis of Replacement Theology. MadJewess' point is that Jews who take Jesus as Messiah are not converting to anything.

            Christianity is a misnomer, concerning the Jews. And Messianic Judaism is not a fringe christian synergy of both systems. It is a restored (With minor liberties) 1st Century teaching and practice of Jews who recognize Yeshua as Mashiach. Messianic Jews do not preach the Judaizing of Gentiles, nor the keeping of Torah (Although I have recently discovered that such is still taught in some circles).

            I would submit that the great bulk of "christians" haven't a clue that Jesus was Jewish, nor in fact anything about Judaism itself. And that is because most theology is at heart Replacement Theology.

          • Stephen_Brady

            My apologies if I wasn't clear enough, in the post you responded to.

            I agree completely with your take on Jews "converting" to Christianity. The thing that I have noticed … in recent years … is Gentile Christians calling themselves "Messianic Jews" which, to my mind, is simply another way of saying, "We have replaced Judaism." They observe many of the traditions of Judaism, and its Feasts/Holy Days, but they are also clear on the fact the Christianity is separate from Judaism, and has replaced it.

            My experience in the Christian faith is that most Christians ARE acquainted with the fact that Jesus was Jewish. The "Messianic Judaism" I'm talkiing about is taking place primarily on television, and within certain denominations (to a lesser extent) and independent churches (to the greater extent).

          • MAD JEWESS

            Stephen, many Christians do not believe that Jesus is a Jew.
            It is sad. I see it all the time.

            I dont see it in you, B"H, but it is all over now, sadly.
            The whole Gospel IS Judaism fulfilled.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Thanks, MJ!

            I would add that the whole Gospel is Judaism fulfilled, but not replaced! Once again, God made explicit promises to the Jewish people, and God would not be God if He didn't keep His promises.

          • MAD JEWESS

            Thank you, Baruch ?HaShem, be blessed :D TY for your love of Gods little people, the Jews.

          • MAD JEWESS

            "MadJewess' point is that Jews who take Jesus as Messiah are not converting to anything."

            Exactly. I do not see a 'conversion process' for a Jew. When they come to terms w/ the fact that Jesus is Messiah, they become enlightened by the Holy Spirit.
            Jews do not become "Christian", they are Jews, remain Jews and believe in Jesus, thats all.

            That people want Jews to 'convert'–to me, makes *ZERO* sense. They ALREADY follow law, Jews ALREADY know HaShem and what pleases him. Jews (Jews that love HaShem) Jews that say "Jesus is the Messiah" are fulfilled and completed in full.

            Which is why we must always show love to our brothers/sisters, they are in a blindness that they WILL get free of, but they wont ever become "Christian". They will ALWAYS be JEWS.
            Non Jews are grafted in to the bloodline.

            Thx both of you, exc convo.

      • Old_BBart_School

        You are exactly correct!
        Dr. Thomas Ice, has written on the topic for decades:

        ~ Paul Wilkinson, is a British Christian Zionist, recently talked about a movement that is the polar opposite of Christian Zionism he termed "Christian Palestinianism."

        He defines it as "a relatively new, largely intellectual, professedly Christian, anti-Zionist movement [that] has sprung up alongside [Christian Zionism], which is classified as Christian Palestinianism.

        Replacement Theology, is a – – – TENET: (a principle, belief, or doctrine) That I have harangued is held by Condoleezza Rice, – (and the reason why she plotted against Israel!)

        Christian Palestinianism is basically a system of thought that opposes what is now called Christian Zionism.

        Dispensationalism opposes Liberation Theology.

        Secondly, THIS is precisely why the Mormon church's newly named LDS "Church of – Jesus Christ – of Latter-day Saints" is such an aberrant, and intentionally misleading term!

  • maturin20

    The competition for victimhood is never pretty to watch.

    • Anonymous

      Meaningless, snarky comment made by a blithering, imbecile anitsemite: no, filthy pig, we Jews aren't "competing" for victimhood. Speaking of hoods, yours needs laundering – it isn't as white as it used to be, and it stinks.

      Go back to your slop pile.

      • maturin20

        Either you are competing for victimhood or the whole big bad world is against you and only the absolute love and adoration of all Americans can save you. So I think you are competing for victimhood.

        • Anonymous

          You are nothing but a pile of walking pig vomit … but you are a tiny pisher compared to much more capable pigs we've survived …

          • maturin20

            Not to mention all the kapos.

  • BLJ

    These Muslim losers should go pound sand. A lower form of life has yet to be discovered.

    • Roger

      You notice they don't protest agains the apartheid happening in Egypt agains the Coptic Christians?

      I guess the reality is they aren't against apartheid as long as it's used agains the 'right' group of people.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The only way to tackle the issue of campus hate groups is to cutoff the tap of Saudi and Gulf State Emirate dollars that funds it. Our colleges and universities should not be allowed to accept private donations from our mortal enemies. It's ludicrous, insane, and downright suicidal. Indeed, it is also the primary reason why our news media, political elites on both sides of the political aisle, and our federal government are all so completely incompetent when it comes to PC multiculturalism and Islam. Indeed, if anything needs to become a top priority, stopping the flow of Saudi and Gulf State Emirates petro-dollars into America must be targeted and stopped ASAP.

    • maturin20

      How would you accomplish this?

  • Mike

    Time to start getting physical with these uneducated, ignorant sand dwellers. Im not Jewish but I support the Jews. Im white and protestant but ready to take it to the streets with these palestinians/muslims/whatever they want to be called. I've seen and heard enough from the side of the so called "Palestinians" to know they're out of control and need to be knocked down a few notches.

  • tagalog

    So, she says, dialogue is not appropriate because the parties are not on an equal footing. It would have been interesting to have heard Sheriff Bull Connor using that argument after the incident at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, or the town leadership of Montgomery, Alabama, using it against Martin Luther King, Jr. I wonder what she would have said about the power differential and dialogue under THOSE circumstances…

  • danseagull


    • Fred Dawes

      And all on $3000 per month and $10000 month welfaer, in fact the people of mexico and the muslims are fighting over each dollar to see who can F@@@ The FORMER USA More. But soon the old benefits will stop after that we are in some deep sh@@. Can't wait until real Americans can start acting like real people and do the job of rebuilding a nation, without the enemies of freedom inside our home.

  • Rebas Thgil

    Just because they are throwbacks to the 7th century doesn't mean that the behavior of these hateful islamists shouldn't be held to the same standard of conduct as all other groups on campus. I've never heard of any allowances of the KKK to carry on about their hatred at UC, so why should these bigoted anti-semite islamists be allowed to behave in such a manner?

    • DB523

      Hi Reba's, I found you! We'll, this is an excellent site I have never been to, thank you for leading me here. I have been looking for BB posters I enjoyed, it is quite the dispersal. I will check in again, but much of my time is frittered away looking for better threads than the new zombie Bigs. :)

      • Rebas Thgil

        Hey DB: I follow a drudge headline to the Big letdowns once in a while and come away feeling the same way. What is this nicey nicey thumbs up only / reply new format of theirs? Maximum wimp-out, I'd say. Please let me know if you find any good ones. May Andrew haunt all of those wimps….if he feels like it…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What are the Palestinians doing on American Campuses supported by our tax dollars, government
    sellout to those who peddle to politicians, pppppssssssssssttttt!!!! want some candy….Really,
    are there no kennels open, train them first, humanize them and maybe they could be able to
    learn but in the Middle East, here their presence is offensive………………………….William

    • Fred Dawes

      Two guy's Bush and obama by the way you do know Obama is taking into the, "FORMER USA", Over 30 million muslims in the next 5 years?

  • Fred Dawes

    The jews need balls and go after the monkeys, or do the jews want us to fight that one to? become real guys get a bat and beat some of monkeys.

    • Kids Dentist

      I'm not on both sides but I think we don't have the right to beat someone else because of their race.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Harvard is having FAREED ZAKARIA,
    as their commencement speaker this year.

    Start divestment at Harvard.

  • Fred

    The feel they can get away with this and more since there is a Muslim (even though he is illegal) President in the White House now. The only thing they understand is to have their axx kicked. Why doesn't someone sue the school for allowing these conditions to exist and continue?

  • intrcptr2

    What you are describing is not Messianic Judaism, which is in fact a unique entity, rather than an odd description for another brand of American evangelicalism. I won't link the Wikipedia entry because there are a few strange aspects to it, particuarly yhe opening line about it being a synegistic blend of cultural Jewishness and Protestantism.

    I belong to a Messianic synagogue, in fact what often in those circles is recognized as the flagship congregation, here in Philadelphia. There is an explicit rejection of "Replacement Theology" taught, frequently, along with a rejection of certain other heresies, like Pre-Trib Rapture rot. About half the synagogue is Jewish by birth, the rest of us are indeed Gentiles. But the leadership is quite clear that in Christ we are all one.
    We observe the Jewish holidays because the synagogue was started by Jews, as an outreach to Jews. It is in this vein that I deny that Jews convert to something else when they take Jesus/Yeshua as Lord.

    I had begun recognizing that Christianity had some major problems, theologically, and in America, practically, due to its sheer ignorance of its ultimate Jewishness. I have not actually celebrated the traditional "christian" holidays for a number of years as a consequence of my own studies.

    Why is it we celebrate X-mas on the same date each year, and Easter on a different one, when we know the date of Easter but not Christmas?

    I started thinking of finding a Messianic synagogue a few years before moving to Philly. When I did move, I bumped into this one when apartment shopping. I do not call myself Jewish because I'm not. It does take some explaining, and a little extra work, when people ask me my religion. Maybe that is why the term doesn't show up in the Bible?…

    "Real" Messianic Judaism doesn't happen on TV. I cannot say just what that is, but I would kindly caution you to ignore it.

    • Stephen_Brady

      ""Real" Messianic Judaism doesn't happen on TV. I cannot say just what that is, but I would kindly caution you to ignore it. "

      Agreed wholeheartedly. I and my brother occasionally watch such programs to see what's going on, and what I've seen is quite disturbing.

      My own church is sensitive to issues like this, and the pastor shocked the congregation, about a year ago, with a hard-hitting sermon about Replacement Theology. There has been an ongoing dialogue with a local Orthodox synagogue, and we cooperate with each other on a variety of problems.

  • Ghostwriter

    Sound like a group of people that Nakba1948 would like. He hates Jews and Israelis too.