Caroline Glick: Israel on the Eve of U.S. Elections

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After commenting on unsettling developments regarding the Egyptian military, Glick turned to the issue of Iran. The Obama administration has focused not on preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but on preventing Israel from acting military to stop Iran’s openly genocidal nuclear program. Sanctions have not diminished Iran’s ability one iota, largely because 20 countries have been exempted by the Obama administration from participating in the sanctions. So Iran simply continues on its apocalyptic path unabated.

“We’re living in a very disturbing world,” Glick pointed out, “and unfortunately that world is being led down the garden path by an American government that is insisting on preventing people from seeing reality.” The Obama administration has purged the government vocabulary, for example, of “all the terms required to describe the reality” of our conflict with Islamic fundamentalism: “jihad,” “Islamic terrorism,” etc.

She condemned “J Street,” the Jewish lobby, for proclaiming politicians who don’t support a two-state solution to be “anti-Israel.” The two-state solution, Glick says, is “nothing but a recipe for war,” and this time, “the scale of war will be on a much greater dimension than in the past.” We have to look at other options for peace.

When asked about the threat from Turkey, Glick said it’s a very dangerous country partly because it’s a member of NATO and has the power to influence that body to move away from protecting Israel. This is something NATO never contemplated having to contend with – a scenario in which a NATO member is actually a potential enemy. Turkey also influenced the United States not to include Israel in a recent international counterterrorism conference. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is “a Jew-hater” and “America-hater,” and yet Obama openly describes him as one of the world leaders whom he confides in most often and whose friendship he cherishes:

This is a disturbing thing because under Erdogan, the Turkish media, which has become a surrogate for the government, and the Turkish entertainment industry have become virulently anti-American, virulently anti-Israel, virulently anti-Semitic. Nobody likes to talk about these things, but this is a country that has put out popular television series, bestselling books, movies where Americans and Israeli Jews are portrayed as… just diabolical monsters. And nobody in the Obama administration seems to think that this should impact the way that America looks at the Turkish government.

It’s very important to realize, Glick closed by saying, that Israel is “privileged that we have the ability to take up arms to defend ourselves. After five hundred generations in which Jews did not have the ability to defend ourselves, we are living in a time when we do.”

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  • BS77

    Caroline Glick is one of the finest journalists working today.

    • Schlomotion

      That assessment fails in multiple categories.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Would that be categories defined in various Islamic "republics"?

    • mjazzguitar

      I agree 100%. Her articles in the Jerusalem Post are filled with facts about the region that many are unaware of.

  • Anamah

    It must to be a way to undone the wrong steps from Obama administration. Talking about C.Glick I totally agree with BS77 comment, and found very good writting this article by Mark Tapson..

  • crackerjack

    Glick just about hates everything and everyone. Obama, Arabs, Europeans, Turks, Persians, Jews who views differ from hers, the UNO, Amnesty, the IOC, Danes, Swedes, British, Russians, Chinese….etc.

    A sad, paranoic woman lost in a sad little paranoic word. Let's hope the US doesn't follow her path.

    • David R

      What a contrast to truth and reality. You sir, are a blind fool and will remember your very words sadly when you pay up your slave tax to the Jew-haters. I know I'm wasting time here but…anyways.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Don't forget youself…………………….William

    • Seby Andrew

      prove it

    • WildJew

      She hates evil. Don't you hate evil.

    • aspacia


      Glick is far more intelligent and educated than you could ever hope. Do I see green around your gills.

    • Rev. Roy

      Crackerjack….you have to be a member of some Islamic terror or hate group to speak such lies with no supporting evidence. Any idiot can say anything they want, but when they add zero facts or substantiation to their comments, you can bet they are Muslim fools/tools of their evil deity, allah and his illiterate, pedophile mouthpiece, mohammed.

    • mlcblog

      pot kettle black

    • GKC


    • mjazzguitar

      Any culture that regards as heroes those who shoot a pregnant women and her four daughters point blank in the head, and celebrates the deaths of 3000 citizens deserves to be hated.

  • Bamaguje

    "…about the threat from Turkey, Glick said it’s a very dangerous country partly because it’s a member of NATO and has the power to influence that body to move away from protecting Israel" – Tapson.

    But for the fact that politically correct antisemitic leftie Europeans would object, Israel should be the one in NATO, not Islamist Turkey which doesn't share Western values of secular democracy, religious/intellectual freedom.

    Anyway, Israel doesn't really need NATO protection.
    The Jewish nation has repeatedly demonstrated the capacity to defend herself, if only the West and 'international community' would stop sucking up to oil-rich Muslims and stop meddling with disingenous cries of "Israeli atrocities" each time Israel tries to defend herself against Jew-hating Muslim aggressors.

  • Asher

    There are those Radicals who want to destroy civilization, (specifically Iran) through their crazy beliefs in Armageddon and hastening the Islamic Messiah…Good people had better wake up to reality and Save this planet…it goes far beyond politics now!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Caroline Glick is a realist and that makes her reporting and commentary dangerous to the_liars in
    Islamic Nations and of course our liar in Chief Obama is shown in a true light and_thus the falsity
    of the man is glaringly apparent. Obama is walking the tightrope where he needs the Jewish vote,
    must keep Americans fooled as to his Jihad and support his Islamist masters. One thing about
    walking duplicitously on a tightrope, it is usual for it to be the one you hang on. That Obama is
    playing a loosing hand insures that the World is a much more dangerous place and he will be a
    part of the circumstances that plunge America into war on a scale of gigantic proportions.
    Caroline Glick shines in the darkness and exposes our dangers.

  • Western Sspirit

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is her message and a good one to offer because evil nestles in lies.

    Lies are the reason Obama is a boil on America's but must be relieved from festering further and bringing the country down because of his pathologies.

  • watsa46

    An Islamic enclave between the Jordan river and Israel is nothing else but a cancer that needs to be extirpated. Those who promote this cancer are anti Semites and anti Zionist and promote the division of Jews.

  • Marty

    Governor Romney made it clear that the current inept, racist, and anti-semitic administration is delusional and gambling with the lives of hundreds of millions by catering to an existential enemy that wants nothing less than institutionalized misery for the entire planet. A global caliphate will quickly become a universal nightmare that will probably linger for centuries. At least Romney recognizes an American ally when he sees one and its natural right to defend itself against a diabolical regime that relentlessly seeks to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. The obama people have never met an ally they respect, like, or appreciate.

    • Kufar Dawg

      As someone once wrote islamic states are nothing but misery theme parks.

  • aspacia

    Glick has been correct in 90% of her predictions and analysis.

    • Raymond in DC

      Glick is on my "must read" list. But if she really said "After five hundred generations" she needs a new calculator. Even at 25 years per generation that comes to 12,500 years. We Jews haven't been around that long.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        I wonder, in Jewish tradition a man of 'a thousand years' is and exageration intended to
        mean one of great knowledge and learning. It is done to intentionally expand the subject
        and this is what Caroline has done with "After five hundred generations"……
        Could be or you may be correct, possibly she would explain (I have never received
        a reply to comments) so it goes……………………….William

  • Stan Lee

    Caroline Glick sees reality. No one should be surprised that the only stable thing about Islam is its virulent Jew-hate. There's no sense in denying it, Islam really doesn't deny that.
    What if there were no Jews? Islamic full-fledged hate would be directed upon Christendom, while we hardly give the Crusades a thought anymore, Islam still nurses its hate over that period in history. Islam did manage to bring Eastern Christianity in parts of the Balkans and the Caucusus to an end. It has never been satisfied with its conquests, it must have more. Wherever it abuts any other faith, there is bloodshed.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Islam is almost completely magnanimous and opportunistic in its hatred of the unbeliever. Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Bahais, Amadiyya are all equally valid targets for muslime persecution, murder and rape. Their hatred for Judaism is explicit and straight out of their unholy books though and obviously, they go the extra psychopathic mile to commit terrorism against Jews.

  • Schlomotion

    The big reality-check flag goes up when Ms. Glick speaks. First, She calls Mitt Romney a breath of fresh air, when really he resembles Obama in every way except his support for Israel. Secondly, she relies on a guy who believes Jesus came to the United States to hang out with the Indians in their fight against space aliens and that the Garden of Eden is on the Mississippi, because he also believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Latter-Day Israel. Thirdly, she refers to Hosni Mubarak as Israel's "imperfect but most important ally in the region." Nothing says Beginite Fascism better than proclaiming an "ally" of a dictator who has not the support of the people and rules by murder. Fourthly, Ms. Glick just can't seem to decide where her first loyalties lie. Here she is again, in Los Angeles acting as a foreign agent against the interests of the United States, a fair weather expatriate.

    • Art

      I wouldn't be so harsh. She is an intelligent analyst, but has the massive faults that 1) she never takes into account the actions of West in general, and the US and Israel in the specific, and 2) her only interest is Eretz Israel and nothing else (not freedom, not the fight against Islamofascism, not Romney, not the West, not America). For her, everyone who does not love Israel and agree with the reconstruction of the Jewish commonwealth is a Jew-hater and antisemite. It's a valid position because it cannot be discounted at all that Israel is under existential threat, given what the madmen in Iran spout. You should read her analyses in this light, and they become interesting – because it reflects a lot of how right-wing Jews and Zionists think. That said, she is also an example of a war-mongering policy-maker, who has an equivalent in the very enemies she writes about (NOT the Left or Obama or Europe or whoever).

      • Stern

        Big mistake, Art, trying to be reasonable with slow-brain. This is not a reasonable (or, really, much of a reasoning) entity.

        • Schlomotion

          Actually, what he said made a lot of sense, and I agree with it.

          • reader

            Well, since you are a proven Jew hater, this post certainly does Art disservice. Tro schlo seems to be on a losing streak as of late – lock step with the chairman B Hussein O.

      • reader

        Nonsense. You don't have to love Israel to acknowledge the right for the Jews to have the only Jewish state in the world. You conflating the urge to denie the Jews this right with "not loving Israel" is demaguogery, which is what Glick clearly understands.

        • Art

          This is about the commonwealth, i.e. Eretz Israel, not a Jewish state. A Jewish state already exists and thrives, as it should.

      • BS61

        I don't buy the 'actions' of the US. Thomas Jefferson went to war against Muslim pirates and found the muslim's to just want to kill the infidels – that would be any one who is not muslim. Wake up, they've hated us forever!

    • Kufar Dawg

      But your muslo-nazi brethren believe that Muhammad ascended to heaven from the Temple Mount and that doesn't seem to bother you much at all does it? This despite the fact there is no real evidence to suggest Muhamammad did so at all as Yerushalem isn't mentioned once in the unholy Quran.

      He "resembles Obama in every way except his support for Israel"? When was the last time Mitt bowed to any Saudi despots? Or stated the daily call to prayer was one of the most 'beautiful' things he had ever heard? Or referred to his "Muslim faith" in a televised interview? Or denigrated the white race?

      • Schlomotion

        "Denigrated the white race?" Ha. I bet you don't have the fortitude to say that with your real name. Racists are cowards who know that overtly being racists doesn't work for them in public life.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Obama didn't have any problems attending Rev. Wright's church of rabid racism. What does that say about him?

          • Schlomotion

            At least Reverend Wright and Barack Obama know who they are.

    • BS61

      Hmmmm. so you support the commie in the White House?

  • Charlotte merli

    Glick is honest and does give mixed messagex. She has a great deal of knowledge of what is going on with Obama and expresses it very clearly. I agree 100 percent!

  • Ghostwriter

    Ms. Glick is correct to a certain extent. Mr. Rommey lives in the real world while President Obama lives in a fantasy one. He sees the dangers of countries like Iran having nuclear weapons. Sadly,Jew haters like crackerjack and Schlomotion scream bloody murder whenever it's pointed out. They don't care about Jews. They don't see them as human beings. They just want them gone.

  • Jossi

    Caroline is really fresh air. Her sharp analysis which are to be read every week in the JPost and elsewhere gives the reader a fairly correct view of the reality. I particularly like her final point, which I continue to repeat to my friends of my former life in Europe (Western) – after 500 generations the Jews are able to defends themselves again. This will be even more important in the near future, unfortunately, as Caroline points out the scale of war will be on a much greater dimension, this time.