China’s One Child Policy: A Real War on Women

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That was my introduction to the reality behind the words “One Child Policy.” I was absolutely appalled. In 2008 I testified about the One Child Policy at the European Parliament. There, I was told that no one had dedicated their life to this issue. The One Child Policy affects one out of every five women in the world. Because of the numbers involved, it is the greatest women’s rights atrocity on earth today. I just couldn’t look the other way.

MT: Many people are casually familiar with China’s “One Child Policy,” but that phrase doesn’t really convey the ugly human reality of its enforcement, does it? How numerous are its victims?

RL: Before I represented my first asylum client, I knew that China had a so-called One Child Policy, but I did not know that it is currently enforced through forced abortion, involuntary sterilization and infanticide. I did not know that it leads to gendercide, the sex-selective abortion of baby girls. I did not know that because of this gendercide, there are now 37 million more males living in China. This gender imbalance is driving human trafficking and sexual slavery, not only within China, but from the surrounding countries as well.

The Chinese Communist Party boasts that it has “prevented” 400 million births through the One Child Policy. That’s greater than the entire population of the United States. To see the brutal truth about the One Child Policy, watch our four-minute video, “Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women!” [Warning: intense and graphic images]:

MT: Why aren’t women’s rights groups in America more vocal about the horrors facing women and female babies under such a policy?

RL: Any women’s group that stands for choice should be jumping up and down to oppose forced abortion under the One Child Policy. Any women’s group that stands for reproductive health should be crying out against forced sterilization, which often ruins a woman’s health. Any group that stand for women’s rights should strongly condemn the sex-selective abortion of up to 200 million women, according to one U.N. estimate.

And yet, these women’s groups have been slow to take up these issues. Perhaps they do not realize the brutal truth of what is happening in China. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is doing everything we can to make this information known. Watch the trailer to a new, feature-length documentary about gendercide in India and China, called “It’s a Girl.”

MT: Chen Guangcheng has been in the news quite a bit lately, the focus of a diplomatic standoff between China and the United States, but many people are only vaguely aware of what cause he’s known for. Do you think the news media intentionally downplay that, and if so, why?

RL: I believe that the news media have been reluctant to highlight the fact that Chen Guangcheng was arrested for fighting forced abortion and involuntary sterilization in China. Perhaps they feel that their “pro-choice” positions might be compromised by discussing this issue. This is nonsense. Forced abortion is not a choice!

MT: What can Americans do to help?

RL: People can be a great help simply by watching our video about China’s One Child Policy and signing our petition against forced abortion, and forwarding them to their friends via twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites.

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  • Fred Dawes

    China has been a kingdom for 5000 yrs, but it is a Realm that has always hated woman, if you look at the history of this kingdom Red or not, its always been a place of total conflict. By the way china is doing its best to do a little colonization act on us and inside all other nation states and when we have a Meltdown here inside the USA It will make a move on our little part of this earth, watch a movie that was made some 70 years ago called "This Good Earth". ITS MAY TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF CHINA.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      There are consequences to China's one-child policy. Principal among them is a shortage of marriageable women, so much so that one hundred million Chinese men may never find wives. There are jokes about the "People's Chinese Bachelor Army" as the world's biggest pool of cannon fodder for the next war. But historically, war is often used to reduce a nation's population of excess males.

  • Gamaliel

    Perhaps the premier fighter against forced abortion in China is Chai Ling see ( Why is there no mention of her in this article.

  • Gene

    A human exists at the instant of conception. Life does not start apart from the hand of God and people are the only living creatures that are in the image of God. The site proves God authored the Bible and if you disagree, then present the evidence and I’ll apologize!

  • oldtimer

    And now there is a law pending to stop this from happening here. If someone saw the need to make a law, it must already be happening.

  • StephenD

    Notice how the policy went from one child only to forced abortion to forced sterilization and finally to infanticide. When the value of human life is disregarded all bets are off. This is no less than what would happen here if the current trends continue. The thought of aborting for anything other than a threat to the mother's life was absurd less than 40 years ago. Now, as we see the headlines, gender selection has made its debut. How long before we go along with infanticide? I tell you the truth; the differences between an infant and a teenager are these:
    1.The infant is smaller
    2.Less developed
    3.More dependent
    4.Less mobile
    These are the EXACT same differences between an infant and a fetus yet we allow for their destruction on a whim. We will pay a price for this utter distain for the sanctity of life but probably not before we plunge to the depths of depravity and join China “for the good of all of us” in controlling the population.

    • fiddler

      Our government's espousing this (one person in particular) needs to be exposed to people. Do you REALLY want four more years???

  • Bob Aseneblad

    I caught this interview with Ms. Littlejohn
    in the 21st century it is unbelievable that people act this way.
    We should be careful so as china becomes a more powerful country they become more like us and not the other way around

  • KKKK

    people should see form Chinas CRUEL "one-child-only" policy that it is awful to condem an incoent life to death before it could see the light of day.

  • fiddler

    As the song says, "There are none so blind, as those who will not see".

  • fiddler

    " I believe that the news media have been reluctant to highlight the fact that Chen Guangcheng was arrested for fighting forced abortion and involuntary sterilization in China. Perhaps they feel that their “pro-choice” positions might be compromised by discussing this issue. This is nonsense. Forced abortion is not a choice!"

    As the song says, "There are none so blind, as those who will not see".

  • Mike

    "Traditional" feminist groups support China's policy because it generates abortions. Western feminists aren't pro-choice, they are pro-abortion. Anything that increases the number of abortions is, to them, by definition good.

    That the abortions are mostly killing girls is irrelevant. It's an abortion. Celebrate.

  • topeka

    "“One Child Policy.” I was absolutely appalled."…

    They always are… when one finally meets up with the Left's business end

    – it's an indescribable life changing event…

  • Tomas

    This article isn't worthy of Frontpagemag. It speaks of the Chinese government as though it enjoys implementing the one child policy, or as though it is compelled by some religious demand, similiar to Muslims following the Koran, to do something counterintuitive and disturbing.
    No where does the author or interviewee explain why China took this drastic step. They have an obligation in a rational publication (which Frontpagemag usually is) to give alternatives to solving problems if they find the present solution unacceptable, but instead we are just fed self-righteous B.S. from a bunch of fingerwaggers who have no intention of solving the real problems at hand. What if China reached 2+ billion people and remained in utter poverty with millions starving? That was the path the Chinese leadership was facing. Would that be more moral?

  • santa

    In an attempt to limit its ever expanding population, china instituted a notoriously restrictive population control policy. This rule permits only one child per family. The government employs a combination of social pressure, propaganda and, at times, duress to achieve this goal. Thanks.