Combating the Hate Groups on Campus

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They certainly act like they are, at least when it comes to deciding what message students get to see in their school papers. MediaMate has informed the Freedom Center that it refuses to accept any of its ads, regardless of the content. Asked by the DHFC if this pre-emptive rejection had specifically been requested by their clients, MediaMate responded, “We make the final decision.” Discriminating against the DHFC ensures that students themselves won’t get to see the ad and make up their own minds about the facts noted therein.

The ad closes by promoting a new DHFC pamphlet by FrontPage contributor and Shillman Journalism Fellow Daniel Greenfield titled “Muslim Hate Groups on Campus,” which documents the radical origins and violent objectives of the main Muslim student organizations on our nation’s campuses, such as the MSA and Students for Justice in Palestine, the sponsors of hate-fests like Israeli Apartheid Week and Palestine Awareness Week.

In addition to elaborating on the MSA’s terrorist alumni noted in the ad, Greenfield’s pamphlet points out how the MSA has raised money for terrorist support groups, invited terrorists to campuses and distributed their videos and press releases, disseminated anti-Semitic hate speech, and organized to shut down the free speech of visiting speakers, such as Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren in a controversial incident at the University of California, Irvine. Greenfield likewise exposes the radical agenda of Students for Justice in Palestine, “architected by experienced Islamist and Marxist activists for the sole purpose of waging a campus war against the Jewish state.”

Campus Muslim groups like the MSA and SJP and their leftist allies, Greenfield writes,

are not interested in dissenting ideas, only in manufacturing a myth of victimhood that grants them a license for a theology of limitless hate… The anti-Israel radicals who have occupied America’s campuses have made it clear that they are not there to learn, but to teach. And they have only one lesson to teach. The lesson of their hate.

The Freedom Center is mailing 100,000 copies of “Muslim Hate Groups on Campus” to members of the public.

The struggle for control of the future is taking place on our college campuses, where leftist indoctrination has largely replaced a classical liberal education, and where some organizations, posing as a resource for Muslim students, recruit for terrorism instead and spread their militant Jew-hatred. The Freedom Center’s ads and pamphlets are critical ammunition for beating back that destructive influence, exposing the enemy, and defending freedom.

Freedom Center pamphlets now available on Kindle: Click here.

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  • truebearing


    Political correctness has millions of young people constantly trying to qualify as "good" by making them fearful of being ostracized for vague 'sins' like cutural insensitivity. No one is more concerned with acceptance in general than people in high school and college, which makes them susceptible to the fallacies of multiculturalism. Enter the Islamists, who use this culturally forced acceptance to push their agenda of indoctrination, using taxpayer dollars. The Left set it up, and the Muslims now capitalize on this environment to inculcate young people into their cult…. the same Muslims who behead gays and relegate women to second class citizens. What happened to the Left's cherished politically correct values?

  • Geneww

    Go to the Bible for absolute truth which proves was authored by God. Any conflict with Biblical truth is an agrument that God will not lose!
    True Christianity does not spawn hate since they see everey individual as created in God's image who can be eternally redeemed by a changed heart when exposed to the absolute truth.

  • montlasky

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! At last a solar plexus punch to the campus Muslim fanatics who have now been proven to be terrorists, murderers, hate mongers, jihadists and most of all Israel bashers and vitriolic anti Semites. Well done the Freedom Center! Let's have more of this exposure from your readers as well and rid the world university campuses of this filth! This is one great step for tertiary education and one great step on behalf of the "world's infidels" to emerge from the darkness that is created by these awful hate mongers and an even greater step for world Jewery. Congratulations!

  • stern

    and once again, we see the hypocrisy of the left. Free speech for Muslims, anti-Semites and Israel bashers, but no free speech for anyone who disagrees with them. Just goes to show how much the truth scares them.

    • Jake

      What do you mean, hypocrisy? The dissenters got their ad published.

  • hahajid

    Mohammad himself acted blasphemy on Allah by claiming himself as the last prophet and limiting Allah's power to send other prophets after his death. Basically the leaders of different Islam branches can be treated as prophets as well, therefore all Muslims should denounce Mohammad and his books.

  • maria

    Leftists/Progressists/Socialists seizeUS Educational system. The most professors and teachers are member of Union. Union is a school of communism by definition of V. Lenin, Leader of Russian Bolshevicks Revolution in1917. Leftists followed and use Russian communists recepies. They control youth, control Media and have Unions for organize and control mass. Islam and communism/socialism are two very alike political ideology/religion. They want to get power over all the World. Saudi Arabia finance US the most prestiges Univercities: Yale, Horward, Stanford, etc to promote Islam. Who pays those order the music, you know. Our country is in such a danger. Thank you so much David Horovitz for all what you do to defend our country from destraction from whithin.

  • Beth

    My hope – for the next generation – is that they'll remember and take into account – a simple fcat (and that they'll cheerish and protect from their hearts – for their own sakes)

    Freedom of religion (and speech) NEVER included the right to incite the masses into violence. If the young generation of today clings to such wisdom – they'll do well….for themselves and for their own children.

  • Beth

    My hope for the next generation – is that they'll remember (and keep in mind) that freedom of religion (and speech) NEVER included the right to incite the masses into violence. This is important and the founders of the laws of America obviously thought so also:

    Article. IV. Section. 4 of the Constitution of the United States of America

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

    If you have a family that you love (you're blessed) you'll defend humane teachings (and laws).

    Anything that threatens '''''''''''''''universal'''''''''''''''''''''' laws that protect personal freedoms for every individual – is your enemy.

  • Stuart Parsons

    While I prefer the Bible to the Quran and Christianity to Islam, I know of no VERIFIABLE evidence for the actual existence of any god. Christianity doesn't threaten me, but Islam is a far, far greater threat to the peace and well-being of mankind than Fascism and Communism ever were. IT IS AN AWFUL CULT whose so-called 'Prophet' lied, plotted, murdered, robbed, ransomed and rape his way to power.

    As Bertrand Russell succinctly put it. "Over a billion people believe in Allah without knowing what he stands for or demands. The minority do understand have redefined their morality to fit in with the teachings of Islam which is floridly lacking in morality. It is backward thinking imposed by a backward religion."

  • CajunHighlander

    Wonderful article, Mark. The truth shall set them free.

  • stevefraser

    On campus, a mocking humor would be most effective.