Drawing the Line Against Jihad

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Later, Killian Duke appears on a panel of cartoonists who discuss how their art expresses their varied responses to 9/11 and the Islamic threat. Needless to say, Killian’s blunt viewpoint is the only one that doesn’t reek of cultural guilt and outright appeasement. One panelist argues with him that “religion isn’t to blame. Those who perverted religion are.” To which Killian responds, “Jihadists have allowed Islam to pervert them, not the other way around.”

Killian’s twin Salaam, angered that his brother’s work is so flagrantly disrespectful (read: truthful) to Islam and Muslims, tries unsuccessfully to dissuade his brother to stop, then decides to teach him a violent lesson in censorship. This only inspires Killian to take matters up a notch in his art.

In The Infidel #2, jihadists strike another terrible blow against a symbolic target of the United States. Instead of wringing his hands and wondering “why they hate us,” as the Western cultural elites tended to do after 9/11, Pigman decides to hit the enemy tit-for-tat, or “an icon for an icon,” as Fawstin puts it. The result is a devastating retaliatory blow.

I have written previously about Frank Miller, creator of The Dark Knight Returns and the graphic-novels-turned-films 300 and Sin City, and one of the most influential and well-known cartoonists alive. His 120-page graphic novel Holy Terror took on the subject of jihad too, but to a disappointing reception from fans and reviewers. I asked Fawstin recently if there were any other cartoonists out there besides him and Miller confronting jihad in their artwork. He replied,

Miller is the only other, but since he has said in interviews about Holy Terror, “I don’t know squat about Islam,” he’s taken himself out of it. So as far as cartoonists working in comic books go, in terms of critically taking on Islam and its jihad directly and explicitly – I truly don’t know of anyone else in comics doing so besides myself. Hard to believe.

In one sense, yes, it is hard to believe that graphic novelists are so unwilling to address the most serious civilizational threat facing the Western world today. And yet it’s perfectly easy to believe as well, since our pop culture response to this clash of civilization versus barbarism has been largely timid: denial, self-censorship, self-flagellation, appeasement. In a FrontPage interview, Fawstin observed that “comics have been as truthless and as gutless as any corner of pop culture about Islam and Jihad since 9/11.”

Until The Infidel. As Killian Duke says,

For me, there is before 9/11 and after 9/11. Seeing fellow Americans jumping to their deaths from the Towers brought out in me… a desire to kill. But I’m not a soldier. I’m an artist.

As Fawstin put it, “This story has allowed me to say all that I’ve wanted to say about this post-9/11 world in the best way I can say it, through comics.”

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  • randy

    911 happened because of years of the U.S meddling in other countries. Afgan, Iraq,Iran, Egypt,Panama,Haiti,Cuba and many others. Why is there a base in Cuba anyhow. The cubans should have took it over years ago. Then war mongers like bush get into power.

    • http://frontpage.com richard sherman

      Your ignorance about Cuba is mind-bongling! Read the one great book that has been written by a Cuban since 1959: AGAINST ALL HOPE by ARMANDO VALLADARES…then talk!

      • Chiggles

        You assume randy can read. It can barely write.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          I read that 80% of muslims are illiterate.

          • RoguePatriot6

            When you keep people uneducated and illiterate it's easy to manipulate and brainwash them.

    • RonaldCarnine

      Randy, you are wrong again. I suppose you are one that thinks the Crusades was a case of Christian aggression. You'd better study it again. The Crusades were a reaction against Muslim aggression and the slaughter of the innocents. Study the history of our country. The first war was against the Barbary States and the Muslims who were attacking our ships and selling Americans into slavery. Thus the Marine Corps hymn. As far as 9/11 is concerned, It would never have happened if the US had surrendered to Bin Laden's "invitation" to surrender to Islam. It had nothing to do with the meddling of Americans and everything to do with Muslim's quest for world domination which is going on still. America under Obama has bowed to Islam and still the aggression goes on.

    • Lan Astaslem

      little randy the jerk is here – I notice you never respond to anyone who calls you out on your ignorance – maybe you have to get back to flipping burgers where you work, or you just don't have the balls. I WILL NOT SUBMIT TO ISLAM – a FILTHY ideology

    • ziontruth

      "911 happened because of years of the U.S meddling in other countries."

      Exhibit A for the #1 problem the free world has in resisting Islamic imperialism: The traitors within, the sympathizers all too willing to prepare the barbarians their open gates.

    • Ghostwriter

      No,randy. 9/11 happened because a bunch of lunatics wanted to kill people in the name of their religion. That's basically the long and the short of what happened.

    • mburu

      Why is the US meddling in muslim countries?

      Simple……. Jewish zionists who control the media and their lobby groups are always agitating for americans to fight wars on behalf of Jewish Zionists!

      The US, like a dumb giant, is being prodded to fight opponents of zionists all around the world!



        Islam is at war with INFIDELS (non-Muslims).

        Islam is at war with the WRONG KIND OF MUSLIM.

        Islam is at war with the ENTIRE WORLD.

        OPEC rapes the ENTIRE WORLD with $100 per barrel oil.

        Socialist Scum, hating the West joins forces with genocidal Islamists.

        It's the old saw "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Hence the Red/Green, neo-Commie/Islamofascist alliance.

  • Jaladhi

    We have to have counter-jihad against Muslim jihad. They only understand the language of force. Meet their force with a force 100 times greater than theirs and you will see their jihad disappear from this planet!!

    • BS77

      Yup, the West must awaken from the pernicious effects of PC liberal mega tolerance, appeasement, submission to multiculturism and all the problems associated with it…..Many in Europe are now fully aware of
      the moronic policies that have led to the car burnings, riots, murders, crime and pillaging going on in their countries… Things will change as they did back when Charles Martell finally expelled the Moors from France.

  • Ziggy Zoggy

    Dandy, 911 happened because the islamopithecines have been waging jihad against the West in general for 1400 years and America in particular since Jefferson was Prez. So long as we let them live, they will keep attacking civilization for little Mo and his fake moon god and they dont gve a fig about Panama, Haiti or Cuba-except as future teritories of the ummah. Besides, America built Panama and the canal, protected Haitians from their own leaders, and Cuba was an insular US territory before that commie tyrant Castro stole it it from the Cuban people. You know the islamopithecines are the enemies of mankind but you side with them against your own country. You are beneath contempt.


      randie, Before 9/11, when a passenger plane was hijacked, based on past plane hijacking, the passengers expected to end up, ALIVE, in Cuba or Lybia or some other socialist hellhole.

      islamofascist pigs, showing the lack of respect for human life, LIED to the passengers and did the UNTHINKABLE.

      Before 9/11, if someone, a non-Arab said that Arabs would have the bloodlust to fly passenger planes into heavily populated areas, you and CAIR and FAKE academics (AKA terrorist supporters) would have cried RACISM, Islamophobia!

      After 9/11 we all know the truth about "the religion of peace".

      The same "religion of peace" which stones women to death, hangs gays, sends children on suicide attacks, encourages children to throw their lives away for a photo-op..

      Do you think the 8 year Iraq/Iran war was because of America, and not because Sunni/Shiite heads hate each other and blow their mosques up?

      randy, You are an excellent example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

      Try going to Mecca and tell everyone you are an Infidel. Let's see what happens.

  • Drakken

    Well Randy, if you love our enemies so much and want to lick the mud from their sandals, you might try another country if you think ours is so bad, and good riddance.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Who says he's really posting from the US?

      So many trolls post from Toronto or Dearborn, or other places that are outside the American culture.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Killian’s Muslim friend asks him, “How do you think true Muslims will respond to your work?” “They’d kill me for it if they could,” the cartoonist replies. Then why do it? “I love seeing this enemy get what it deserves at the hands of a ruthless hero.”

    You know, we've developed a very jacked up sense of logic. "Then why do it"? REALLY? I hate this defeatist attitude we have developed in so many aspects. "Oh know, you can't say that, why…why…THEY'LL GET UPSET!!!!" So I guess the logical and acceptable thing to do is, to not in any way offend Islamists.
    Have we become that much in the way of nation full of panty wastes? Truly, truly, truly pathetic!!!!!!! Why don't they question the motives of the Islamists that would kill him? I bet you would get a pretty interesting answer.

    "How would you think the U.S. would react?"
    "Well, my infidel friend, with Obama in the White House and liberal/progressives in power, I have absolutely nothing to fear and that's why I'll continue to do it. In fact, I'll do it boldly and overtly claiming responsibility".

  • http://madaboutmahound.blogspot.com/ Gary Rumain

    I can't wait for Pigman – the movie!