Getting Over 9/11

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Eleven years ago, nineteen fanatical Muslims turned hijacked aircraft carrying hundreds of terrified passengers into missiles targeting symbols of American economic might. Nearly 3000 innocents died horribly that day, including hundreds of courageous, selfless first responders making a superhuman effort to rescue their fellow citizens. And for years, when the anniversary of that day rolls around, progressives and their Islamic allies have been rolling their eyes and urging Americans to “get over it.”

They’re weary of being bummed out by reminders of 9/11. They wish we’d forgive and forget that it happened. Stop bringing it up and “harshing their buzz.” Move on, move forward. Some of those people simply don’t grasp that we must not forget because we are still at war with the enemy that attacked us that morning; the rest are very much aware that we are still at war, and they want us to forget because they are siding with that enemy.

It may seem impossible for many to believe that that morning could be forgotten – just as it once seemed impossible to believe that our government could erase words like “jihad” and “Islamist” from our national security lexicon, preventing us from even naming or describing the enemy; or that our government could deem a terror attack on our own soil to be “workplace violence” and whitewash it of its Islamic motivation; or that an American President could announce that one of his duties was to “fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”; or that he could proclaim us one of the world’s largest Muslim countries.

President Obama signed a proclamation last week designating Friday, September 7 through Sunday, September 9, 2012 National Days of Prayer and Remembrance. “Those who attacked us sought to deprive our Nation of the very ideals for which we stand,” the proclamation states. He is referring to al Qaeda, but the Muslim Brotherhood too seeks to deprive us of our ideals. The Brotherhood seeks the end of a free, capitalist, democratic America no less than al Qaeda does. And yet the President has literally invited them into our White House and has supported them in Egypt throughout the Arab Spring, including a $1 billion aid package to the new Egyptian regime.

So September 7-9 are National Days of Prayer and Remembrance. What about 9/11 itself? In a quiet, seemingly innocuous gesture three years ago, President Obama designated 9/11 as “The National Day of Service and Remembrance.” But the “Remembrance” part seems to be an afterthought, because the idea was to get Americans to “engage in meaningful service to create change… in four key areas”: education, health, energy/environment and community renewal. None of those seems to have anything to do with honoring 9/11, but that was the point: Muslim-American playwright Wajahat Ali (and one of the writers behind the Soros-funded “Fear, Inc.” report that smeared anti-jihadists as Islamophobic bigots) wrote in the Huffington Post at that time that “we are trying to move away from focusing on 9/11 as a day of horror, and instead make it a day to recommit ourselves to national service.”

Why? Because in order for Islamists and the radical left to advance their agenda of dismantling American exceptionalism and recasting America as the villain in our history books, they need Americans to put 9/11 behind us, let the victims slip from our memories, ignore that we are still at war with an enemy that danced in the streets to celebrate the attacks, and turn a blind eye to the fact that our civilization is under assault by a subversive stealth jihad.

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  • Kyle

    Someone forgot to tell all those teachers in Chicago that today was supposed to be a day of service.

    • tagalog

      They're probably members of that greedy One Per Cent.

  • pierce

    It is absolutely amazing, but I get the feeling, actually a strong feeling that 911 for this President and his followers is completely irrelevant. They are leading us down a path to self destruction. He has no shame.

  • rubiconcrest

    One reason I support Mitt Romney is that he plans to establish a long-term counter-jihad strategy. No single politician, however, can solve the problem for us. We the people must demand it.

  • PaulRevereNow

    "The best way this country can "get over" the memory of 9/11 and honor the memory of the dead and their families is to crush Islamic fundamentalism out of existence." Right on.

    • JoJoJams

      "Let's roll!" ~

  • RoguePatriot6

    Turning the other cheek doesn't mean "be an idiot". Forgive however let's not relax our resolve. The United States was not at war with Islamists however Islam has been at war with the U.S. for many decades even before 9/11.

    All one has to do is read history. Don't trust our education system to dictate it to you.

    • Dagger

      Sing the Marine Hymn. Halls of Montezuma and Shores of Tripoli? Two of the battles the US has fought against Muslims. Why was Columbus sailing west to find a route to China? To avoid the Muslim pirates in and around Africa and the Mediterranean. For centuries, the "West" has been fighting against Muslim terrorists. Complete and total annihilation is the one sure way to win that war.

  • Soloview

    If the Israelis went about commemorating the Holocaust as Obama goes about 9/11, they would have by now apologized for making a big deal out of it and paid Eichmann's descendants indemnity.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Tapson is the second author in this bundle of releases to claim that the US is succumbing to a stealth jihad. It becomes clear with every batch of articles that topics and catchphrases are handed out in advance to Chernick's Chernickbots to churn out nonsense on his dime. The only thing more laughable than the phrase "progressives and their Islamic allies" in reference to the United States is that at the end of the day a Jewish mall gangster from Canada picks up the tab for this hysterical writing. Tapson, the hireling, banging away apishly on his keyboard, makes the main point that everybody who unbellyfeels 9/11 is a Muslim stooge. He is trying to perpetuate the passion play of 9/11 and keep alive the spirit of vengeful victimhood that is the only tenuous thread connecting America intellectually to Israel.

    • RoguePatriot6

      Do us a favor.

      Whenever you get an irresistable urge to express your insane ignorance, don't.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      Schlomo, your rant clearly proves your irrational hatred of Jewish people. "Jewish mall gangster"? It was Muslims who used their "religion" as a reason to MURDER American citizens.

    • Ghostwriter

      Even now,Schlockmotion,you display your unbelievable Jew hatred and your ignorance. How are we SUPPOSED to forget that Muslims attacked us? And they did so for no other reason than that we were American. The only ape around here is YOU,Schlomotion!

      • Schlomotion

        Muslims didn't attack us. There's no proof that you are American.

    • Hank Rearden

      It is exactly the progressives who want us to be "tolerant" of Muslim fanaticism. Where have you been? And you are right, everybody who doesn't revere 9/11 IS a Muslim stooge. There are a lot of threads that connect America to Israel. Not sure what you mean by "intellectually." The most important thread is the moral one. Israel is a beacon of decency in a sea of depravity. And Judaism is one of the foundations of Western Civilization. Islam is a death cult.

  • amused

    Oh what a crtock Tapson . You should go to and stay there with the rest of the rabid mouthfrothers . I visit NYC regularly , have relatives there , one of which is NYFD Captain , on site on 9/11 , I have lost atleast three freinds on that day , and your presumptuous conclusion rivals the rantings of schlomotion in their ASSSumption . Everyone I know in NYC remains solemnly committed to REMEMBER 9/11 . In Fact the idea of " moving on " came from YOUR VERY OWN RUDY GIULIANI ….so blame the left , but only for what they really do , not for what one of your own publicly does or the machinations of your biased mind . But your article is not a-typical of the multitude of strawman arguments you guys churn out on an assembly line basis .

  • crypticguise

    A Day of Remembrance and Prayer is pure BS. This was a Day THAT SHOULD live in INFAMY. And we should remember that IslamoNazis murdered all of these Americans.

    We should STILL BE ANGRY at those who did this. But too many want to forget and have forgotten already.

    • amused

      crypticguise WHO are you referring to ? Do YOU live in NYC ? Have YOU lost a freind or family member on that day … you know where Rockaway is ? It's an old predominately Irish neighborthood , most of the kids there grew up to be cops , firemen , and many people involved in the market ….the losses per capita on that neighborhood was staggering . What do you want people to do ? Riot ? Break windows ?Burn some cars ? Just like the MUSLIMS DO ! Remain ANGRY ? You think the people are NOT ANGRY ? Do they have to put on a show to prove it to SCHMUCKS LIKE YOU AND THE AUTHOR of this piece of yellow journalism ? You jack-asses on the right are out of line , you're pathetic .

      • cjk

        You don't have to live in NYC to understand the situation you dumb, easily amused, JACKASS.
        Your protestations on the article are the real crock . As a typical leftturd you do not refute one single fact stated, but rather criticize it with some sort of holier than thou attitude because you live in NYC.
        So please point out a lie or disinformation in the article so I can refute you chump.
        Your ilk disgusts me.

        • Amused

          GFY cjk , the one thing I'm glad for is that today in NYC , Shanksville and the Pentagon , is that political malcontents like you and most of the other IDIOTS here were not present at any of those menmorials with your partisan drivel to POLLUTE the ceremonies . REFUTE!! HOEW IN THE F–K does anyone refute an opinionated LIE . WHO ARE ROLLING THEIR EYES ? WHO is saying "move on " / "forget it " as this ignorant author implies and you rabid sycophants suck up so easily . Disinformation ???? There is none . How can there be ? This is nothing more than a biased imaginary opinion , of which if anyone at all is involved may possibly be the opinion of a handfull of misfits , yet the author espouses is some generalization which istotally baseless . Tapson's nothing more than an arrogant political hack .THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO REFUTE YOU PHONY , THERE"S NOT ONE SINGLE FACT MENTIONED , JUST THE OPINION EXPECTORATED IN THIS RIDICULOUS STRAWMAN .

          • amused

            YOU are an insult to the memory of those 3000 Americans . Do I disgust you ? GOOD !!! I would really be worried if I found favor or approval from a P.O.S. like you . ASSSSSSHOLE

          • amused

            You're a utter disgrace cjk , I place you in the same category as BOTTOM FEEDER Schlomotion . Both ignorant morons with your heads stuck up your butts .

          • cjk

            Go blow Obama you lying CHUMP.

          • amused

            That kinda thing is your job punk.

          • cjk

            You insult my whole nation you creep.

          • cjk

            YOU are a despicable disgrace to the memory of 9/11 and to the great USA in general you SCHMUCK.
            Thanks by the way for confirming my words.
            FACT: The Fort Hood massacre is described as a workplace incidence of violence you POS lying beoch.

          • amused

            " your whole nation " as you refer to , is not Americans , but rather babbling, drooling, brainwashed ,phony patriots . Dont change the subject to Ft.Hood you little low-life punk .This thread is about an ignorant totally partisan opinion . Minus any facts , but you swallow it up like a fly on shiit .Suck it up dunce , people like you are the reason Tapson writes this B.S.

          • cjk

            Fort Hood is one of the FACTS you deny in the article you leftist turd, but thanks for proving my point. LOL

  • weroinnm

    Spitting in the Face of Everyone Murdered on 9/11!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • KKKK

    9/11 was a day to remember, and yet we dont. we did nto learn our lesson then, and stil haven't today. 11 years of waste. liberials need to 'get over" the fact we are NEER TO forget.

    • amused

      Another suck-up with an appropriate tag .

  • Ghostwriter

    Here's a little something for idiots like Nakba1948. The OVERWHELMING majority of Palestinians,along with the majority of the Muslim world celebrated the mass murder of three thousand Americans eleven years ago today! Most of the Muslim world never condemned this atrocity but celebrated it. Much of the Muslim world see Americans not as people but as vermin to be exterminated. Maybe if there were ONE Muslim who condemned it,it would help but they didn't. They never have and never will. And you are among them,Nakba. Please spare me your whining about how Muslims were also victims of the tragedy. Unless,you and your people stop blaming America for all your problems,things won't get better. On that day eleven years ago,the Palestinians lost my sympathy for them by celebrating 9/11. They've done NOTHING to earn it since.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    An Individual, a group and a State terrorism – is there any difference?
    Today is the 11th September. Americans all over the country are paying homage to the memory of over 3000 innocent persons, who lost their lives in terrible and senseless terror attacks on USA soil.
    I watched on International TVs and Internet, how President Barack Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and other important officials paid moving tributes to the victims as well as expressed their support to the families and the brave fire fighters and other servicemen who worked to save human life. They also reconfirmed their pledge that United States is standing strong in the face of adversaries.
    Only callous people would not be moved by this visible show of solidarity, noble wishes and resolve. As a peace loving soul, I wish that such incidents would never take place. I also share the USA grief and condemn such terrorism.
    With these thoughts in my head, my mind wondered to another part of the globe, we call the Islamic world. Since 11th September 2001, they have also suffered tremendously. First the USA invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, then illegal war on Iraq. These two American initiated wars have cost nearly a trillion dollars and over 1 million causalities. Add to this the USA supported killing spree in Libya and now in Syria. Between these visible slaughters, USA have conducted covert operations by Drone bombings, secret military runs in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan, causing thousands of deaths of innocent men, women and children. What is common here?
    NOW I want to say something loudly here, which Frontpage readers may not like.
    The countries USA have occupied, destroyed and killed and maimed their populations have one thing in common. They all have Islam as the main religion.
    Is there anyone today who is mourning those thousands upon thousands victims of USA State terrorism? Is Muslim blood cheaper than the rest of the humanity? Where are the protests, flag hoisting ceremonies and statements of solidarity with Muslim victims?
    President Obama in a very recent TV address said; USA is not at war with Islam.
    If decent people of the world have to take this statement at face value, then Obama should also stop butchering innocent Muslims; otherwise this empty rhetoric is plain BS, as they say in USA.

    • amused

      Nice sentiments Bashy , but no muslim is innocent , and muslims have made it that way . Afghanistan is payback for 9/11 …Drone bombings are targeting terrorists , who choose to hide behind women's skirts and little children . That is seen universaly as a common trait of jihadis . The dye is cast and muslims have shaped it . Muslims struck first in 1993 , and we saved your assses in the Balkans .We,not you will have the last strike . Muslims are nit peacefull people , when you are not killing infidels you are killing each other , as we plainly see in those places you mentioned and many more places . Islam will not prevail . Unfortunately many will suffer , many will die , guilty andc innocent alike . This is the world Islam has brought about . EWhen the US drove Saddam out of Kuwait , that is where it should have ended . MUSLIMS have brought ALL the rest about .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    We are still doing business with the Saudis, they were given a pass but Wahhabism behind the
    violent outpouring against America is still preached and spread by the mind destroyers from
    Riyadh. Someday they will get what is coming to them and we may get over 9/11 when
    911 is the population of the Middle East…………………………………..William

  • amused

    Nice sentiments Bashy , but no muslim is innocent , and muslims have made it that way . Afghanistan is payback for 9/11 …Drone bombings are targeting terrorists , who choose to hide behind women's skirts and little children . That is seen universaly as a common trait of jihadis . The dye is cast and muslims have shaped it . Muslims struck first in 1993 , and we saved your assses in the Balkans .We,not you will have the last strike . Muslims are not peacefull people , when you are not killing infidels you are killing each other , as we plainly see in those places you mentioned and many more places . Islam will not prevail . Unfortunately many will suffer , many will die , guilty and innocent alike . This is the world Islam has brought about . When the US drove Saddam out of Kuwait , that is where it should have ended . MUSLIMS have brought ALL the rest about .

  • Victoria

    We should remember this day as a very grave day for the United States. However, that does not mean that within the world this day is any worse than a lot of other days. In many places, because of US presence, there is more violence and even more deaths than occurred on September 11, 2001. I do not mean to say that those 3000 people who were killed are insignificant; they most certainly are significant. Just as those who were bombed on public transportation in London in 2005 were significant. But these acts of violence, however devastating, are very unique experiences for these very fortunate countries. However, the un-Constitutional war (because no Declaration of War was made by Congress) that has been taking place in the Middle East with very few definable (at least to the open public) strategies has cost, in Iraq alone (which I understand was not the direct result of 9/11 as Afghanistan was) at the absolute fewest 100,000 deaths and possibly 1,000,000 depending on whose sources one is examining. So, over 9 years the violence, in Iraq alone, is thirtyfold that which occurred on 9/11. And does anyone feel any remorse for that in the USA? People in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Muslims still feel the heartbreak of those deaths, but Americans seem to forget that and seek 'justice' that will only result in more deaths?

    • JoJoJams

      Another ignorant of the U.S. Constitution ranter. newsflash, Ms. Naive: While we can debate til the cows come home the pros and cons of the wars, NO ONE from this day and age can tell me that, since congress didn't declare war, that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were unconstitutional. Why? Simple history. Read up on the Barbary wars – which was our first encounter with islamic fundamentalists piously following their religion. For both barbary wars, congress then merely authorized Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, respectively, to go after those that were robbing and enslaving our merchant sailors, as well as those nations that were aiding and abetting the pirates, creating the U.S. Marines and our navy in the process.
      Since they never declared war against Algiers and Tripoli – where the pirates were based – and we went in and fought in Algiers and Tripoli without a "formal declaration of war", exactly like what happened for Afghanistan and Iraq, I will take the example of our founding fathers WHO WROTE THE CONSTITUTION, as to the "constitutionality" of said wars. My God! the ignorance of Paulbots and the like!

    • JoJoJams

      And by the way: No, I do not feel sorry in the full sense of the word for those caught up in this war, simply because THEY STARTED IT! What was the gripe against us during our first encounter with them in the Barbary wars? NOTHING!! They will always have an excuse – their religion COMMANDS them!! Now, how is our fighting back against being attacked wrong? Are you really that stupid?

  • Ghostwriter

    Sorry,Bashy. That won't wash. For decades now,Muslim terrorists have gone around the world killing people and not a single peep from anyone in the Middle East or ANYWHERE else in the Muslim world. Three thousand Americans died on 9/11 and we keep hearing of how MUSLIMS were the victims. Why can't they speak the truth? Nineteen Muslims hijacked four airplanes and rammed them into buildings and killing thousands of innocent people simply because they were American and they didn't subscribe to the same religion they did. I'm tired of people blaming America for something that wasn't it's fault to begin with. We were not at war with Muslims. If there is any anti-Muslim sentiment in America,look at all the decades in which Muslim terrorist having killing people and not ONE Muslim ever condemned it.
    Sorry,Mr. Quraishy,but you and Victoria are wrong. It was the Muslims who started it,not America. The Muslim World has no one to blame but itself for not condemning terrorism when it occurred. If they had,then things would be different,but it's not. Far too many in the Muslim world made excuses for the terrorists and we simply got tired of it. If your people wanted American sympathy,then you should have condemned these sorts of acts a long time ago instead of remaining silent. You and those like you have only yourselves to blame.

  • Dave Eboch

    Dude, seriously? The Muslims did not do 911 and the sooner the truth can be told to America, the real truth, the sooner people in this country can heal. Millions of people around the world all want the truth to. Stories coming out of India about 911 and the people there have compelling news that Ex CIA agent David Headley was convicted of the Mumbai terror attacks. He was posing as Al Qaeda, doesn’t that prove what the peole you label as conspiracy theorist have been saying all along? Headley even ccnfirms Osama was dead since 2001. The gig is up because the 17 to 30 year olds are reading the truth everyday. Know what else? The 31 to 65 year olds are to. It is only a matter of time until the door is kicked open regarding 911. The United States will never forget what happened they just want the truth so that there can finally be peace and we can feel like there is a chance for a better way. One without deception and lies. Tell the truth about 911 because the country knows the official story was a lie.