Hollywood’s Post-Racial Racism

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In a 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace several years ago, black actor Morgan Freeman displayed unusual wisdom for Hollywood when he said that the way to end racism in America is to “stop talking about it.” Not long thereafter, (half-) black candidate Barack Obama’s ascension to the White House confirmed that race is no barrier to success in America (apparently neither is incompetence). But instead of ushering in a post-racial era as many hoped, Obama’s presidency has ramped up racial tensions and driven his black Hollywood supporters to talk about racism more than ever before –among them, sadly, Morgan Freeman.

Obama’s administration has been anything but post-racial. From Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute Black Panther thugs, to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s charge that Tea Partiers are the new KKK, to the President’s own insult of the police officers who properly arrested his academic buddy Henry Louis Gates, Jr., it’s been payback time for those blacks who wear their racialism on their sleeve and yet hypocritically dismiss their critics as racist.

Including some blacks in Hollywood. Even the once-wise actor Freeman ignored his own earlier advice and claimed recently that the Tea Party is “a racist thing” representing “the weak, dark underside of America”:

Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? “Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we can to get this black man outta here.”

This conveniently ignores the fact that it is Obama who is doing whatever he can to screw the country, and the Tea Party is justifiably as mad as hell and not going to take this anymore. Freeman’s assumption seems to be that if the President were white, his critics would be just fine with his destructive policies, and all opposition would fade away.

Fellow black actor Samuel L. Jackson echoed Freeman’s unjust assessment of the Tea Party:

It’s pretty obvious what they are. The division of the country is not about the government having too much power… It’s not politics. It is not economics. It all boils down pretty much to race. It is a shame.

Yes, it is a shame. It’s a shame that fame gives Obama apologists like Jackson a platform to spout racist ignorance. In an interview for Ebony magazine, Jackson revealed who the real racist is:

I voted for Barack because he was black. ‘Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them … That’s American politics, pure and simple. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean [expletive] to me.

Pause for a moment to consider the media outrage if Jon Voight or another of the few openly conservative white actors in Hollywood had said, “I voted for John McCain in the last election because he’s white. His policies were completely irrelevant. That’s the American way.” His publicist would rush him into the obligatory public apology tour and racial sensitivity re-education camp, and that actor’s career would still be over. But a black actor admits to the mirror opposite of that and it barely registers a blip on the media radar.

Like Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson is an unquestionably talented and well-known actor with a whopping number of acting credits on his résumé, including Pulp Fiction, A Time to Kill, multiple appearances in the Star Wars series, and the upcoming The Avengers. He arguably should have won the Best Actor Oscar that went to his costar John Travolta for Pulp Fiction. Even Jackson’s voiceover work is outstanding, as evidenced by his family-friendly turn in The Incredibles as superhero Frozone, or his hilarious, family-unfriendly reading of the popular “children’s” book, Go the F*** to Sleep.

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  • mrbean

    Yassah, it awl beez dah white man fault. Dah man beez keepin meh down. Ah want mah resparations. Ah beez edjucmacated cause Ah gradated fum Howawd Collage. younowattahmsayin (smacking lips rapidly metttt..metttt ..mettt) un den laffin (KSSSS…ssss…sss)

    • USPatriot

      Seriously, what is up with the caricature? Do you believe this type of thing is helpful at all?

      • aspacia

        beanbrain is a bigot.

        • clarespark

          You said it.

          • mrbean

            I don't go scamming the Black people.

            The panel for the “Reparations Forum” Rep. John Conyers will convene during CBC, (Congressional Black Caucus Weekend) has been released. Though the event is not called a Reparations Forum, it is called H. R. 40: Creating a Dialogue on the Legacy of Slavery. The name of the bill John Conyers annually introduces into the U. S. House of Representatives is H. R. 40; The Reparations Study Bill. While the so-called Reparations bill has been, essentially useless, except mileage Reparations Advocates, who think something can be done to get America to obey its own law and pay Reparations. Yet, though the Forum doesn’t mention Reparations, the Conyers annual exercise is the second most popular annually event for N’COBRA: The National Coalition of Blacks For Reparations in America. The most popular is the N’COBRA conference in June.

          • wsk

            …and we thought that gay marraige would never happen. The libs kept hammering at it and eventually they wore the country down. Eventually it will be the law of the land. The reparation advocates are using the same strategy….

    • Whatsinaname

      mrbean, your comments may be difficult to read and insulting to those black people who behave and know better but unfortunately your words express the mentality of a great many black people. You are guilty only of telling in a starkly realistic way the mindset of many, many black Americans — if not the majority.

    • Ghostwriter

      It's not just me that hates your "Amos n' Andy" routine,mrbean. Please stop it because it's not helpful,it's disgusting,and extremely unnecessary. You make yourself look foolish every time you do that.

      • mrbean

        I will tell you who looks foolish. Reparations Advocates which are the majority of the Black Caucus, think something should be done to get Congress to to pass a law and have White pay Reparations to all living Black Americans. If that is not blatant racism I don't know what is. Yonowhatahmsayin'! heh heh heh

  • Ken

    Racism in any form is a blight on society. Until we can universally stop it, there will always be conflict, with the race-baiters (i.e. Sharpton) pulling the strings.

    • aspacia

      You forgot beanbrain

  • Gunner57

    It is demanded of whites to practice racial blindness. ONLY WHITE PEOPLE. Blacks cannot have it both ways: they cannot demand that whites be race-blind and race-neutral, while blacks continue to be aggressively race-conscious themselves and gain massive favors and privileges in this society by a race-conscious, pro-black double standard. Since blacks (along with their elite liberal facilitators) do not feel themselves bound by the race-blindness rule, then whites should no longer bound by it either.

    • oldtimer

      Double standards… Same with Muslims vs Christians.

    • Chris C

      As someone said: if it wasn’t for double standards the left wouldn’t have standards.

    • wsk

      In case you haven't noticed, the only people you are allowed to discriminate against are white, Christion males.

  • Amused

    Aside frtom Mr.Bean just being his honest selgf- a racist , for the record , Morgan Freeman was asked if he thought the Tea Party was racist , to this e replied YES , and he is 100 % right . The Tea party is in fact racist insdpite ogf it token blkack members , facetiously used to smokescreen the truth . One cannot in any way compare a Morgan Freeman to an Al Sharpton .
    The very term " post-racial racism ", is nothing more than the usual partisan B.S. , whose ultimate target is obviously the President . It started BEFORE he took office and continues unabated to tyhe present moment . As for Jackson's remarks , he's simplky being honest and no different than whites who vote for those who "look like them " and that being tantamoiunt to religious persuasion ,or social positions . So, at the end of the day , this article is just another of the unrelenting strawman arguments ,with the same partisan agenda . The fact that it is so transparent to some but not TO the many on this blog and it's "writers " is not surprising at all , given the comments that are accepted and "approved " , simply proves an arrogant facetiousness that permeates the discussions .

    • aspacia

      You are wrong Amused. Read the Tea Partry's goals. It is about tax reduction, NOT WHITE SUPREMACY.

      A false analogy, and you are usually better than this: http://www.teaparty-platform.com/

      Read the link and learn something.

    • ziontruth

      "The Tea party is in fact racist…"

      I said you're not a troll on the other thread, but this is giving me second thoughts. At best, this is a wholesale swallowing of a treasonous Marxist talking point.

      As Aspacia says, the Tea Party is about changing the direction of U.S. fiscal policy. Since the Marxists are unable to engage the Tea Partiers' arguments regarding the disastrous nature of their fiscal policies, they pull the Race Card.

    • mrbean

      Amused is really intellectually challenged. Listen and learn, if that is possible for Amused and other idiots like you with the white guilt syndrome ! RACISM is the dispensing and/or withholding of privileges and/or punishments based on a person's race. Examples of racism are affirmative action, the moratorium on the execution of blacks convicted and sentenced in Maryland, racial job quotas, racial admissions quotas, and minority contractor set asides, and the fact there is even such a thing as the "Black Caucus" in the Congress of the United States. What I do is ridiculing the blacks real behavior, actual way blacks talk without their foul language (they tell blacks that speak correctly "dey beez actuin white") and showing the mindsets by most tribalist blacks have because their so-called black leadership and the liberal elitests keep them down on the Democratic plantation. The only reason this clandestine anti semite Muslim incomeptent Obama who has zero qualifications to be president is because of white guilt and black tribalism, which means he was voted for because of his race.

    • A guest

      Amused, can you please learn how to spell?
      "Aside frtom Mr.Bean just being his honest selgf- a racist"

      "The Tea party is in fact racist insdpite ogf it token blkack members , facetiously used to smokescreen the truth "

      "As for Jackson's remarks , he's simplky being honest and no different than whites who vote for those who "look like them " and that being tantamoiunt to religious persuasion ,or social positions ."

    • Ken

      Hey, look, the anti-Semite came out from under it's rock!!

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Hey, Notamused, want to tell us about your illustrious combat record again?

    • wsk

      If I only voted for a president who looked like me, we would have one hell of a good looking President ;)

    • JeffT

      It is difficult to answer clearly since the typing is so atrocious. I'll try. The TEA Party is about smaller government. Obama is for BIGGER government. That is the reason for the disagreement with the current occupant of the White House. Yes, there has been opposition to Obama since before the election because he is an anti-American intent on "fundamentally transforming the United States of America." The country doesn't need fundamental transformation and certainly not by the president. It is not his constitutional function. Of course, Obama has no use for the Founders, the Constitution or America. He is not American in any way, shape or form. He could be a Martian, green or any other color, and the opposition would be as strong. He is intent on destroying America and making it into something none of us will recognize.

  • Jeff

    If America were racist, these idiots would be out of work and no studio would hire them because no audience would attend their films.

    I say – deport them to Venezuela and Cuba!

    • aspacia

      We legally cannot deport citizens.

      • intrcptr2

        Well, we could always elect Bush, and then they'd up and leave.

        Oh, wait, we tried that, didn't we… :(

      • wsk

        first revoke their citizenship, then deport them.'
        Seriously you can't deport someone just because they don't agree with you.

        • aspacia

          That is what I said wsk. You are responding to another poster.

  • Amused

    Morgan Freeman gets criticized for being "racist " when in reality that criticism arises due to the fact that he has the intelligence to see it and is " brazen " enough to shove it under the noses of the racists . And with the frequent and EMBARRASSING remarks made by Mr/.Bean who simply recieves a gentle " no ,no , slap on the wrist " notwithstanding . One need only look at the countless LESS OBVIOUS AND CRUDE racial slurs that occur on a constant basis here .The very quality ogf candidates put forward by the republican party are simply confirmation of any suspicions ….Newt's awkward remarks that he finds himself backpeddling on , Santorums highly veiled but no less racial remarks wrapped in religion rather than the usual economic genre ,and of course there's Ron Paul whose racist associations so numerous , the only thing preventing the avalanche of skeletons in his closet from crushing him , are his low poll numbers which are making him unrealistic as a potential nominee .

    • tagalog

      Morgan Freeman can say what he wants, you can say what you want, and the rest of us can say what WE want. That's freedom of speech; the trade-off is that the speech is made in the "marketplace of ideas" and some ideas just don't make it.

      Just because Morgan Freeman is free enough to say what he likes doesn't mean that what he has to say is worth hearing, or that anybody has to listen to him.

      • Amused

        Then WHY does the author even bring up his name or his response to a question posed ?? LOL….and then wrap it all up in a b.s. article entitled "post racist racism ? Marketplace of ideas? oh how noble a notion ! Go take a look at the Fox news bloggs reaction to the death of Whitney Houston , and also take note of how well the numerous RACIST remarks and slurs do in this "marketplace " of ideas at FPM .
        Get your head out of the sand .

        • RoguePatriot6

          What would "the death of Whitney Houston" have to do with anything?

          From what I read, she was criticized by members of her own neighbor hood and other black entertainers for being too "white". This was done by other blacks. Yea, Amused, BLACKS!!!!! Yet another, example of exactly what this article was talking about. Racism is a trait, unfortunately, possessed by everyone if they choose to generalize and not take people at face value.

          If we really want to end the hate, we as a race of people need to quit hating and viewing ourselves as victims. Obviously, we are not victims, when you consider all of the black entertainers, atheletes, poltiticians, famous military leaders….etc, the list goes on.

          Now it's time to break out of the "victimhood" eggshell and grow up.

          • wsk

            Then there is you , the true most vile type of racist.
            Mucking foron!

          • RoguePatriot6

            And here we have it. When we have no facts or basis for a rational argument, let's call names and resort insults in which you have no basis to call someone.

            If I may ask, from what facts or information, do you draw the conclusion that I'm a "racist"? Is it because I don't subscribe to the "Obama" mentality or do you just plain don't like what I say, even though you can't find any lies in it?

          • RoguePatriot6

            And here we have it. When we have no facts or basis for a rational argument, let's call names and resort to insults that carry no truth to them? Liberalism at it's best.

            If I may ask, from what facts or information, do you draw the conclusion that I'm a "racist"? Is it because I don't subscribe to the "Obama" mentality or is it because you don't like what I say, even though you can't find any lies in it?

    • aspacia

      I give you Ron Paul as a racist, but not the others.

  • Amused

    LOL…there is no such thing as " Post-Racial Racism ." Racism in this country never died , it justy got pc , and moved away from it's overt forms . Today it is perpetrated by the silver-tongued decievers like Paul , Breibart , Gingrich , Perry , and their ilk, as well as the less public political and social idealogues, and there numerous sycophants and parrots . The codewords are many ,and suffice for the ignorant .

    • aspacia

      Prior to this recession we had the largest black middle-class in our history. I frequently see blacks, Hispanics, and whites dating. Amused, I see this tolerance daily, but sadly see some minorities exhibiting racism and making hugely racist claims against whites and other minorities.

    • ziontruth

      "Racism in this country never died , it justy got pc ,"

      Correct. PC is mostly a veneer over anti-white racism.

      "…silver-tongued decievers like Paul , Breibart , Gingrich , Perry , and their ilk,…"

      You are an ignoramus. At least on the issue of who the perpetrators of race-hatred in America are today.

      • Amused

        Again dimbulb , why dont you put on your smart cap , and figure out why this stupid article has been put up to begin with . Oooops – that may be beyond your mental capabilities .

    • RoguePatriot6

      "Racism in this country never died "

      The ISSUE of racism never died and never will. Do you want to know why? Hollywood, liberal/democrats who use the accusation of "racism" to escape the circumstances of their foolishness, schools indoctrinating instead of teaching and people like you who just won't let be a done and gone issue that died along time ago.

      Thanks to Obama and his goons like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters…etc, we get to relive it everytime that someone, other than white people, have to answer for something that they had no buisiness doing and instead of just letting it be and letting him/her answer for it, they turn it into a "racial" issue. When they do this, it doesn't do any favors for blacks or our credibility as citizens in this country. It puts us in the spotlight as being people that's counter to America and all of her values and ideas.

      • wsk

        There's a lot of money to be made in racism. Just ask Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton or just about any rapper.

  • tagalog

    If Samuel L. Jackson believes that people vote for political candidates because of their color or race, and that policies don't matter, then he's the poster boy (oops, MAN) for bringing back voting rights limited to the property owners. Him and all those like him, white, black, and other colors and races.

    • trickyblain

      Uhm, he's a millionarie many times over. He most likely owns more property than all the folks posting here combined.

      • tagalog

        That doesn't stop him from being the exemplar of limiting voting to people who have a property stake in the system, unless it's your claim that property owners vote like Samuel L. Jackson.

        • trickyblain

          I'm not saying that I neccessarily disagree with your original premise, just thought it odd that you used a property owner as "poster boy" of why tenants should not be allowed to vote. Wouldn't a tenent making stupid statements be a better example?

  • Theo Prinse

    I deal with the fiction racism in South Africa for a long time and I can say a lot about it (Lord Milner, Rhodes, Curtis and his federalist imperialism) http://thecounterpunch.hubpages.com/hub/Lord_Miln
    But in order to keep oversight over the complexity of the intellectual fiction racism in SA – I had to reduce racism to: 1. German Revenge Chauvenism and 2. Lutheran anti-Semite hatred projected on black (Christians) (Kaffir: an islamic curse against Christians)
    But it was Caroline Glick that made it both stronger and simpler that racism is both racist and eugenic (race purity) doctrines … that makes racism to a reactionary political vehicle to provoke any public debate and agitate the introduction of social-nationalist political views … (in South Africa also Stalinist black national-communism) which is why racism – as the superficial key to extensive complex abject social concepts – must be uprooted.

    • Amused

      LOLOLOL…what a croc of shiiit !

      • Theo Prinse


  • dave

    Racism exists everywhere, that is reality, it is just how severe it is in each culture. The USA is the least racist country anywhere. No European country will ever have a Black leader ever.'I am British and live in London where Black people do not have the positions of power and authority they do in the States. This is in part due to the fact we are culturally much more Left wing and many Blacks don't want to work for 'Babylon' and hate our colonial history. In the US it seems that people get on with it and realise they can have a go if they want. There is more emphasis on personal responsibility. In the UK our culture is to blame someone else.

    • Martel64

      "No European country will ever have a Black leader ever.'I am British and live in London where Black people do not have the positions of power and authority they do in the States. This is in part due to the fact we are culturally much more Left wing and many Blacks don't want to work for 'Babylon' and hate our colonial history."

      If such systems prevent a Black RACIST like Obama ,or a Nelson Mandela ,or a Mugabe, from getting elected anywhere in Europe….BE THANKFUL. Electing such racist Blacks is nothing but The Beginning of The End of thousands of years of that country's White culture and traditions, replaced by the same pathological Black depravity – sexually transmitted disease rates,rape rates,robbery rates,and MURDER rates going through the roof within five years. And worst of all,with White & Jewish Marxists endlessly apologizing, and excusing ,for them.

      In other words: If you think it's bad NOW….

      • RoguePatriot6

        "Black depravity – sexually transmitted disease rates,rape rates,robbery rates,and MURDER rates going through the roof within five years."

        Black bepravity is not the problem, liberlism is the problem. Liberalism exudes depravity, to the point that it's hostile to anything that has Christian values or common sense. No, Martel64, Blacks aren't the problem, liberal whining that over the years has turned to liberal agression is the root of most if not all of our problems.

        • ziontruth

          Well said.

          The blame lies squarely with Marxism. This needs to be understood. No possibility of a cure without first knowing the cause of the disease.

      • aspacia


        The crimes you listed stain all races, and whites are not exempt. I do believe we must take pride in the numerous advances stemming from European/white culture, but you might want to peruse the history of any dominant culture to the conquered. Review what the Normans did to the Saxons, or the Brits did to the Celts, or the Romans against the Gauls. Human cruelty knows no racial barriers.

        • Martel64

          Those were only "Whites" brutalizing "Whites".

          Blacks brutalizing Whites, especially, during the last 50 years, has proven to be FAR WORSE, even than Whites brutalized them during slavery,colonialism,and segregation, combined.

          • aspacia

            Yes, you are correct about black on white crime, however I doubt if it rivals what Southern slave owners did to some of their slaves. Read some Frederick Douglas for insight.

          • Martel64

            They may not rival the brutalities of that era – YET. But give Blacks too much time and freedom to do so,and they will – too many of them have nothing but a total revenge mindset against Whitey,passed down from generation to generation,totally blind to the destructive consequences that will come,not only to Whites,but to the very civilizations and all of their benefits and goodies that Blacks have typically leeched off of,always been totally ignorant and clueless about ,as to how and why they exist in the first place, leaving Blacks where they always end up – mass starvation and living in wastelands( Which then,always leads to the Leftist media shoving the predictable images of starving Black babies designed to manipulate Whitey's heart strings till they hurt,etc,etc,but I digress ).

            Every US city where they are now the majority,and African territory that they were given back to by "oppressive" Colonialists,and the horrors inflicted on Whites who both fled and have managed to stay and stay alive,are living,hard core proof that their brutalities ARE worse than Whites.And,As I said previously, Rich,Powerful White & Jewish Leftists – politicians,celebrities,TV newsmen, newspaper columnists,musicians,etc, in the US and outside it,use every excuse and rationalization,never for the far more important,substantive White victims,but the destructive Blacks.

            In other words: Yes,Blacks CAN be far,FAR worse,to Whitey,than vice versa.And HAVE.

          • aspacia

            Potential, and not inevitable. You are correct regarding expelling the colonists from most lands left the lands desolated and run by the likes of Mugbe. However, I do have numerous well behaved black students who score as high or higher than many of my white and Hispanic students.

            You are alluding to groups like the New Black Panthers, Black Islamic groups, and Wright Christian church. However, do their misdeeds rival those of the Nazis or the Klan?

            We have many awesome black leaders, and academics and entertainers like Cosby who are starting to gain a strong voice in the black community.

          • Martel64

            "You are alluding to groups like the New Black Panthers, Black Islamic groups, and Wright Christian church. However, do their misdeeds rival those of the Nazis or the Klan?"

            Under the Nazis,or Klan, civilization,good living conditions,food,life expectancy, sewage systems,electricity,etc are kept up.Under Blacks,like those listed,you always end up with Detroit, Chicago,Newark, Zimbabwe,Rwanda,Sudan,South Africa now.

            "How do their misdeeds rival those of the Nazis or the Klan?"
            Give them too much freedom and power( As the Leftist traitors have been doing,little-by-little,for at least the last 50 years,aiding and abetting them every inch of the way behind the scenes ) and you will see misdeeds,you will see a holocaust worse than that during World War II.Because that's what the majority of them have planned.

          • aspacia

            What? Under the Nazis people of all races were exterminated! Martel, you again just hit the racist button. I checked my student grades, and I am not an easy A, trust me, I have 4 Fs in my Amc. Lit. classes and they are all white and Hispanic.

            Listen to you "Give them too much freedom and power." Sounds like the Nazis with "Give Jews too much freedom and power."

            It is a false analogy to compare the illiterate African nations to the very literate German nations—both created tyrannies, but the masses of one racist leader pulled them all into devastation.

            You have no idea what many minorities have planned. Sure, many Islamist groups want us destroyed, but all Blacks????? Like Allen West, Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell???? Sounds like Islamist claiming all Jews want all Muslims destroyed.

            Nope Martel, you are a bigot and have had not real relations with minorities as I daily do.

    • RoguePatriot6

      "In the UK our culture is to blame someone else."

      I think in many ways that's rapidly becoming our culture.

  • dave

    My concern is that Obama is pushing the US toward a more European model which is riddled with post colonial guilt and shame, perhaps necessary, but at some point we have to move on and stop living in the past. Moreover, the anti-Black racism in Eastern Europe and Southern Europe is worse than anything in the States. In Russia, if you are Black, you could quite easily be murdered and no one would care. This is well documented but recieves no media attention. At football (soccer) games all over Europe, but mainly the east and south, fans openly do monkey chants or throw bananas at Black players, this would never happen in the States. I know it is far from perfect, but you have no idea how bad it is in continental Europe not to mention the Arab world, where the word 'Abd' means both 'black' and 'slave

  • Brujo Blanco

    In today’s world we have priority minorities. Blacks are on too when it comes to that. If a black man engages in racism it is not actionable. If you do not believe this ask Eric Holder.

  • clarespark

    I am surprised that no one here has mentioned James Cone and black liberation theology. I wrote about "the offing of MLK Jr. and Ralph Bunche" here: http://clarespark.com/2009/10/31/the-offing-of-ma…. The many Dems who have posted here should take a look. The liberal white establishment did their best to co-opt the civil rights movement and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The "anti-imperialists" of the New Left helped out, has David Horowitz as documented in such works as Hating Whitey.

  • Bob

    2012 bumper sticker:
    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren't racist, vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you aren't an idiot.

  • oldtimer

    In the 60's I missed out on numerous job opportunities and college scholarships because of racial /minoriaty quotas. At the time I felt that if that was the way to end racism, it was ok and I did the best I could. Now, after over 40yrs, the likes of Freeman, Jackson, etc. are making me start to think differently. Maybe Morgan Freeman has played a president and God, once to often.

    • aspacia

      I totally agree with you. It has been 40 years, and it is time to end Affirmative Action.

  • Ralph

    "[N-word] don’t let some white dude, while you in the middle of a speech, call [him] a liar. A [N-word] would have stopped the meeting right there and said, ‘Who the [expletive] said that?’ I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, ‘cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.”

    Samuel Jackson reveals the truth of black behavior in this one quote. He is a ghetto thug hoping the president acts like a ghetto thug. This is the only thing he and his kind care about, 'slappin' down a white boy!? And without the crude language this is all Eric 'my people' Holder or Obama care about. When will white liberals realize that there is nothing more than this to a large segment of the black population? When 27 of them in Cleveland, Tx gang raped an 11 yr. old girl FOR A MONTH pretty much the whole black 'community' such as it is, came out to demand their release. Including the pastors. They want a perpetual Beat Whitey Night. And if you follow the real news or see their behavior daily it seems that they're getting it.

    BTW, Jackson is not a good actor. He basically plays a swaggering ghetto thug. In Pulp Fiction that is all he was. When he gets roles that don't conform to that, like in Star Wars, he's basically shown nothing to me. But I want to thank Jackson for the above quote. Liberal whites need to see this attitude expressed in the starkest terms, right from the horses mouth.

  • mrbean

    I am an intellectual giant, a man of letters of the first rank who has a low tolerance of genetic refuse like many of you with white guilt. Trailer trash like you don't realize that people like you exist only to serve all my needs because I walk on water, and when I step on the shore, the ground becomes hallowed from the holy oils from my feet, and when I die I will be buried with my buttocks in the air so you and all the soon to be dhimmis of Islam can kiss my A$$ goodbye as I acsend into paradize to gather my 72 virgins.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      We at FPM have found out leader!

      • KarshiKhanabad

        "We at FPM have found OUR leader!"

        It's late. Sorry

        • Amused

          Indfeed Karshi , indeed ! But alas ! Mr.Bean is simply off his prozac .

          • Wideband

            "Indfeed"? Shrill? You don't recognize a fake post when you see it? Of course you don't – just as you don't recognize a fake philosophy, fake heroes, and fake good intentions. BTW, either get a keypad with bigger keys, thinner fingers, or lay off the caffine. We know you'll never get higher standards.

    • aspacia


      You are an A$$hole who emits too much gas from eating too many beans.

  • hajid

    Maybe they kindly forgot that maybe Obama's self-destruction policies were originated from his white blood?

    Congressman West should be a better person for them to support!

  • RoguePatriot6

    I truly hate it when people, who supposedly speak for blacks, say something ignorant or stupid and claim that they speak for all if not the majority of blacks. I'm so tired of the thuggish mentality of, "the angry black person".
    I'm where I am now, because of decisions that I made. Decisions, "both good and bad" put me where I am now.

    I was asked along time ago, about "genocide" and my answer was, "as black adults, we still have a choice in whether or not we engage in destructive or criminal acts that destroy us or discredit us as a race of people" Of course, I was viewed as a "sellout or uncle tom".

    It's time to grow up and stop playing victim. We are only victims if we choose to be, point blank and simple. (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    I've used this analogy before:

    Situation: A profitable bank
    Scenario: It's competitors spread rumors that it's financially unstable. It's customers get alittle jittery and withdraw their money
    Conclusion: The once profitable bank really becomes financially unstable, due to all of it's customers and investors pulling out.

    Situation: A Great Nation with a history of racial tension and injustice
    Scenario: It's enemies hijack alot of organizations and ideas, not to help blacks or minorities, but to implement their agenda. People start to listen to the rumors or propaganda of racial tension or injustice.
    Conclusion: Due everyone listening to these rumors and propaganda whites, blacks, Asians start to treat each other with apprehension and soon we really do have racial tension and injustice.

    This is nothing new and it's been slowly eroding our ideas and very core values of this nation.

  • john

    I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson will get the same Hollywood backlash and boycott as Mel Gibson did with his racially charged comments. Oh wait, Gibson is white. My bad for being so stupid.

    • Amused

      Mel Gibson didn't say he voted for anyone …did he ? Apples and Oranges dimbulb .

  • Hanna

    Rather silly to compare the tea-party to the KKK !
    Why do so few people remember that the KKK was a democratic invention, and at the time, Republicans were formed to defend civil rights and that MLKing jr. was a Republican. ?

    • PAthena

      The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party, and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. The Republican Party got through the post-civil war amendments to the Constitution, including the Fourteenth Amendment, guaranteeing all citizens equality under the law. The party always supported such equality, civil rights, but it was not founded to defend them. The Southern Democrats, in the old slave states, had legally enforced racial segregation, and it was Harry Truman in 1948 who broke with them since they opposed the civil rights plank in the Democratic Party platform.

    • PAthena

      The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party, and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. The Republican Party got through the post-civil war amendments to the Consitution, including the Fourteenth Amendment, guaranteeing all citizens equality under the law. The party always supported such equality, civil rights, but it was not founded to defend them. The Southern Democrats, in the old slave states, had legally enforced racial segregation, and it was Harry Truman in 1948 who broke with the since they opposed the civil rights plank in the Democratic Party platform.

    • wsk

      Agree about the KKK. Republican Party was founded in response to Southern Democrats demanding secession from the Union. Not so sure about MLK being a Republican- reliable source please.

      • Hanna

        Thanks for your inquiry and I researched as even being as "old" as I am ( a child in the 60's) not sure now ! There are many sources but also many conflicting. Some say Republican, others say he was non-partisan & some say with Republican sympathies. Remember both parties have changed since those days . His Father was a Republican for sure though, and for certain MLK was NOT a democrat back then .

  • backindasaddle

    A huge percentage of blacks simply will not allow race to become a non-issue. They feed on a victimology mentality and generation after generation have become indoctrinated in an anti-white/anti-mainstream counter-culture. This counter-culture is plainly obvious from, dress (monotone black clothes from head to toe), to the language (remember the push to have "Ebonics" recognized as an accepted language), to the music (RAP/ghetto/prison/criminal/thug/violence/hate). It's all intentionally and deliberately anti-white/counter-culture and in-your-face-insulting and unapologetic. Race in this country will never become a non-issue because many many blacks will never allow it to happen. Blacks are continuously driving a divisive spike between us and the comments of Mr. Jackson simply underscores that fact.

  • SamMcMannus

    Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Amused

    If race wasn't a problem , and there was no racism , then this author would find a different strawman . So why are Morgan Freemans and Samuel Jacksons statements made the subject of an article on this blog ? Both are merely actors , entertainers , nothing more . If opinions are free like so many of you parrots state , why then is theirs subject to abject criticism ? And if the author is merely taking exception to these two actors , why is it that ,again you parrots extrapolatre that to a generalization of a race ?
    Why ? Because you're all full of shiiit .

  • Amused

    Sure , there are blacks who are racist , that in fact is how you birds rationalize yours .

  • tagalog

    "Mucking foron." You can say that again, it's so clever. And subtle.

  • ziontruth

    Obamarx like all Far Left ideologues will do anything to enhance his power through the time-honored tactic of "Divide and conquer." In America's case, this means pitting the various racial groups in the U.S. against each other and then presenting one's party as the cure. This is basic Marxism.

    You want to stamp out racism in America? The only way is to finish what Sen. Joe McCarthy started and criminalize Marxism.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Obamarx like all Far Left ideologues will do anything to enhance his power through the time-honored tactic of "Divide and conquer."

    Obviously, you are a person who understand's the socialist strategy. Obama and his constituents want a race war. Without racial tension of some sort, no one would have any reason for voting for them. I personally, believe that he's making these blatant attacks on whites to get them flustered and resentful of blacks and other minorities that he's trying to grant all of the special priviledges to. When it does erupt (and believe me, I hope I'm wrong), you'll hear "you see, those darn racist conservatives stirred up all of this unruly hatred" from him and the braindead liberal zombie generation created by our Holllywood and indoctrination….eh…um…I'm sorry, "education" system. Truly, truly DISPICABLE!!!!

    Liberal/Democrats are the true exploiters of minorities, no matter which way you slice it. I hope this nation wakes up soon. I mean "soon", as in by election time.