How the Left Keeps Blacks in Line: The Stacey Dash Chapter

Last weekend black actress Stacey Dash ignited a firestorm of racist hate from supporters of President Obama when she dared to step off the Hollywood plantation and endorse a Republican presidential candidate. She posted a picture of herself on Twitter with an American flag and the accompanying tweet, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” The Twitter response was swift and ugly.

Ms. Dash is best-known for her supporting role in the 1995 movie Clueless and more recently a leading role on VH1’s Single Ladies. In the last election she voted for Obama, but “it’s different this time,” she tweeted. Kudos to her for having her own mind and for being willing to rethink her political stance, rather than falling for Obama’s laughable excuse that he needs another four years to clean up the mess he “inherited” from George W. Bush. Kudos to her also because she works in Hollywood, where anything short of open contempt for conservatives, much less open support for one, can get you disinvited from all the right parties and even hinder you from getting further work.

The totalitarian left demands absolute fealty from their black constituency, and ruthlessly punishes independent thought. So after the former Obama voter’s pro-Romney tweet, some twitterers cut right to the chase and urged Dash to kill herself. The next time progressives demonize the right as the “American Taliban,” perhaps we should remind them that it is the intolerant left who wishes death upon those who dare question the orthodoxy.

Others on Twitter railed at her for being a “house Negro,” “Uncle Tom,” “race traitor” and “Oreo” (black on the outside, white on the inside). Remember that these racist epithets are from other blacks. WARNING: The following examples are almost incoherently ungrammatical, which speaks volumes about the left’s self-proclaimed intellectual superiority; but in addition, some of them are shockingly vile – and I didn’t even include the most disgusting ones.

Twitterer Blackbuda2K12 wrote, “Stacy Dash is an oreo, white man dik hopping uncle tom ghetto gagger may she get cancer twice and die once.” Another, who goes by JPVanity tweeted to Dash that Romney “don’t give a sh*t about you or ANY of us colords.” Dash replied, “That’s ignorant. So you’re voting for [Obama] ‘cause he’s black? Real smart.” The moronic JPVanity went on to warn other blacks that Romney “finna put ALL Y’ALL in concentration camps.” To another conservative on Twitter he threatened, “Shut up u republican piece of sh*t ill shoot ur kids in the face.” He should be jailed just for grammatical felonies, but at the very least, law enforcement should look into his violent threats.

Yale Perkins, who fancies himself an “up and coming music producer,” told Dash, “hoe kill yourself!!!! UNCLE TOM…HOUSE NIGGA.” Then he posted a picture of the beautiful, smiling actress and wrote, “this bitch @REALStaceyDash face look like a 82 year old white lady name ms mammie. No wonder she voting for mitt bitch.” He went on to attack Dash with further tweets full of unprintable obscenities and hate.

“Weak ass no acting ass @REALStaceyDash. U can’t never come back over here! You’s a house nigga now,” #1Brat eloquently put it. “You ready to head back to the fields, jiggaboo?” queried Sherrick W. “YOU MAKE ME SICK U A NIGGA IN A COWBOY HAT DON’T SEEM LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT BLACKS EITHER. G*DD*MN TRAITOR,” shouted FeefaGaga.

Some blacks on Twitter did come to Dash’s defense, tweeting support for her choice or at the very least, her right to choose. “#ISupportStaceyDash because I believe in liberty, freedom of speech and the right for one to express their opinion openly,” wrote Demetrius Minor. “Standing w @REALStaceyDash 4 voting brain instead of skin color!” wrote Anthony, who added,“#ISupportStaceyDash bc supporting 13% Black Unemp. is the REAL sellout!” Savannah wrote, “#ISupportStaceyDash because she put character before color.” Tyler Hale said, “#ISupportStaceyDash for making her own choices and decisions!”

The kind of venom Stacey Dash received is what blacks face from black Democrats when they dare to deviate from the left’s victim-centered identity politics and vote Republican: the most vicious racism possible, and even physical threats. This is how the left polices itself and keeps blacks in line –with the threat of immediate and unforgiving excommunication from the black community.

The left’s degrading and dismissive barb that “you’re not really black” is the kind of racism that black Republican politicians/candidates like Condoleeza Rice, Allen West, Mia Love and Herman Cain face. The sad truth is that decades of progressive policies have left inner city black families and their communities all across America in shambles, results that Obama has exacerbated and will perpetuate in a second term. Those families’ best hope for change is to vote Republican, but anyone open-minded enough to even consider it knows that taking such a bold step would be at the risk of alienating many of their black friends and even family members, who would consider them race traitors. It takes an unusual degree of courage and conviction to willfully bring that upon yourself and your loved ones.

Black Democrats insist that, given the reins of power, Republicans will turn back the clock and throw blacks back into chains. Remember when 2008 candidate John McCain appeared on The View, and host Whoopi Goldberg actually asked him, “Should I be worried about being returned to slavery?” Manipulative, condescending, racist progressives have implanted too many American blacks with an irrational fear that a Republican presidency will mean the literal reinstatement of slavery; meanwhile those blacks live in thrall to the social and economic manacles forged by Democrats.

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  • Carlos Leal


  • Carlos Leal

    What a pretty young lady and what a beautiful mind .

    • Kufar Dawg

      She has some courage too, I'll bet she knew the kinda of reaction she would be provoking.

    • Charles

      Agreed on both.

  • A. Keen Observer

    She's a beautiful young woman, and I admire her courage but let's face it: She's not black. Look at her. I don't care what she calls herself.

    • oldtimer

      How soon you forget. 0's mother was white, but he calls himself black also.

      • A. Keen Observer

        The picture at the top of the article is not of Obama. I don't know what race her parents are and I don't care. Take a look at her: she, unlike Obama, does not look at all black and you know it. You want her to be black because she supports Romney. That is racist of you. It doesn't matter what race she is. She's American and she supports Romney because she loves this country. Dump the obsession with race.

    • DRK

      So do we need to have an official definition for what constitutes being Black (as well as White, Native American, etc.)? Obama is 50/50, but is considered black (does that mean his father had the dominant genes in the family?). Or is the definition of being Black defined by ones self or possibly based on what is more opportunistic for a given situation. I don't have an answer for this, but remain perplexed.

      • Omar

        It goes back to the ridiculous "One Drop" rule from the 19th century.

        • A. Keen Observer

          That rule is racist. If a person is 99% caucasian and 1% negroid, then that person is considered black? Ridiculous! Sounds like it came out of appartheid South Africa.

      • Doben Dover

        This is indeed perplexing. So why is it not a racist gesture to automatically label someone who is a 50/50 mix as black? If it is an 80/20 mix white to black I guarantee you the government census will still call them black. Why? I say it is because it is better to call these these mixed race mongrels as anything but a white man.

        This practice is unmitigated hogwash pure and simple. It is a subtle form of racism, but it is racism none-the-less. In America the mixed race individual is automatically inferior and is always referred to as the race that is considered inferior, (with the exception of Trevon Martin of course.)

        This is no different from the condescending inferred notion that a black man is just too stupid to get a job based on his own intellectual merits but must be benevolently bequeathed one by racial quota.

        Are blacks also so racially inferior that they can't qualify on their own merits for the entertainment industry, the Olympics, or professional sports to name just a few areas where these phony racial barriers have mostly been demolished and proven false?

      • Bryan Schmick

        The better option is to scrap the whole thing. Ignore race and treat people as they are. Why should it matter if a person is half black, 1/32nd Indian or whatever.

    • Jay

      @A.Keen – That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. Just saying.

      • A. Keen Observer

        @Jay – if you can't come up with a better response to explain why you disagree with my observation of her rather obvious physical characteristics, you are a moron. Just saying.

    • BunnyDee

      First of all, she is as black at Obama is, and he is dubbed our "first black president" by everyone but Morgan Freeman. Who CARES if she is black? She was trying to use her limited fame to help a political candidate. She did not deserve to be called names or encouraged to kill herself. If any of those names were hurled at her by a republican, it would be "hate speech."

    • Connie Daniels

      wow is that racist….guess that would make Obama not black too, lol

      • Kufar Dawg

        LOL, the hypocrisy is amazing isn't it?

      • A. Keen Observer

        What is racist about noticing that she does not look black — that none of her physical features appear to be "black" and that she looks like a blond white woman with a tan? Why do you so need her to be black in order to give credence to her political beliefs? If race is so important to you, then it is you who is a racist.

      • A. Keen Observer

        If you can't see the rather obvious racial difference between this young woman and Obama, you are quite blind. I suspect you are a believer in the "one drop" rule– a racist attitude if ever there was one. Shame on you!

    • Questions

      You are a keen observer. Unfortunately, phony "conservatives," adept at denying racial reality as the liberals they profess to oppose, can't stand what you observe. Stacey Dash, quite clearly, is more white than black. And it is her white features that make her attractive.

      Why, by the way, should we conservatives get all warm and flattered that the Romney camp has bagged a B-minus list actress (as opposed to "Clueless" main star Alicia Silverstone, who at least rates a B-plus), as if this isn't a career move. I detest the Blackness Uber Alles herd mentality, too, but does anyone actually think large numbers of blacks are going to follow her? Even her real-life husband is white.

      • A. Keen Observer

        Conservatives, and many of the readers here, get all warm and flattered about her support for Romney because a great many of them feel defensive when leftists and "liberals" call them racists. When a black person, or someone with even an ounce of "black" blood is for Romney, especially in the entertainment industry, they feel vindicated. You're right, as an actress, she's small potatoes, but because she came out for Romney, this crowd here wants to put her on a thrown. She's "their black." This obsession is with race is sick.

    • Paladin89

      She's actually mixed race, but is classified as black. My brother and I are black and Russian, and German (very weird mix). My brother looks closer to how she does (obviously not a chick lol), and people say I look 100% white- but they can tell we're brothers, because of the shape of our eyes, brow ect.

      I have a friend who is also white and black, and he looks like he's 100% black, but he's not. Basically if you're living in America, especially for early white Europeans, and blacks who came here from England with whites, or the first group of black slaves brought here… You're not 100% anything lol. Genetics are pretty fascinating.

  • PAthena

    Good for Stacey Dash for speaking her mind.
    'John McCain appeared on The View, and host Whoopi Goldberg actually asked him, “Should I be worried about being returned to slavery?”' Whoopi Goldberg is already enslaved by her ignorance! The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party, and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. A civil war was fought over slavery, and it was abolished by the Republicans.

    • Bigteddy

      The KKK also came from the "Original Republican Party" Their principles have changed. People are not that dumb.

      • Western Canadian

        That has to be the most staggeringly stupid and dishonest comment posted on the internet, anywhere, for the entire month of October. KKK is just shorthand for democrat party

    • Kufar Dawg

      That's sad, I always admired Whoopi Goldberg.

    • Galveston

      whoopi is enslaved by her ugly face and big fat shapeless heft

    • soulwinner

      You are right on. Everyone needs to see the truth of the vile background of the Democratic Party and their ungodly treatment of blacks in America by viewing a great video called American History in Black and White by noted historian David Barton of It sets the record straight. Urge people to get a copy and share it. It is a must-see.

  • Tanner

    Wow! And the Left is so concerned about ending bullying in the U.S.? So much for that theory. The far-Left is the true racist and any other prejudice in this country. And just like how the Communists betrayed their own fellow Socialists that brought about their revolution, so does the American Left turn on their own fellow leftists that have second thoughts about their political views. Bottom line: just like any utopia ideology (ex. Nazism, Communism, and Islam), one thing that the American Left holds on to is the saying, "All that remains not must perish." But instead of killing people, they blacklist their enemies and demonize them. Stacey Dash was just one of them and she won't be the last. But don't worry, one day the Left's prejudice will catch on with them.

  • Chezwick

    Stacey may suffer some very real repercussions getting roles after this. We're living through a new McCarthyism, with black-lists and all….but this one is much more powerful and insidious.

    • Stern

      Well said Chezwick. The world is truly becoming a frightening place for anyone who doesn't speak "politically correct" and follow the party line.

      • Big Teddy

        If you think it's frightening NOW. You should have tried being black back in 20's to 70"s when you didn't have say anything and was still hunged and mistreated. When you could walk in the front door, or drink from the water fountain, or look the wrong way at white woman. I think today is 100 times better.

        • Kufar Dawg

          True enough, but what happened in the Sudan/Darfur was/is worse. Look up Janjaweed militia sometime and realize the muslo-fascists in the Sudan weren't merely killing non-muslimes, but non-Arabs even if they WERE muslime.

        • Western Canadian

          THe things you no doubt thank conservative Republicans for, hundreds of times a day.

          • Western Canadian

            Sorry, should be 'for ending'

    • kateyleigh

      Will be interesting to see. Eastwood stated at the RNC, there were many Conservatives in Hollywood, not all are Liberal. Conservatives tend to be less demonstrative (or have less need to be demonstrative), so it might be hard to say who in the power structure has, well, power.

      But, I tend to agree. Stacey seems pretty smart, and is probably aware of the risk of speaking out. Kudo's to her.

  • ezra mordecai

    Look what this says about the liberals, they have become the very thing that they hate. Just the black verison of the KKK.

    • Stern

      Actually, I think they've become worse. At least the KKK didn't expect all whites to think the way they do, just because they're white.

      • Big Teddy

        Get a Life! Do you really believe the sht that is coming out of your mouth? No one has killed anyone like the KKK, no one has hurt any one like the KKK, no has burned any church like the KKK, no one has spewed racism like the KKK, and I can go on and on. So Please try to understand what you're saying is a TOTAL LIE! You probably have a underlying hatred which why you say what you say.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I agree with you completely. The KKK blew up black churches, lynched blacks and terrorized people for no other reason than they were black or sympathized w/civil rights for blacks.

          • reader

            KKK were as much anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish as they were anti-black. Just like the New Panther's Party of "kill the whities" and "kill the Jews" variety.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Someone tried to compare liberals to the KKK, not the Black or New Panthers, that's what I was disagreeing with.

  • hank rearden

    The overseers on the liberal plantation are trying to crack the whip.

    • Questions

      Blacks vote Democrat not because white party leaders are "forcing" them to, but because the Dems offer the larger free lunch. And we all know one thing about most blacks: They love a free lunch.

      "Anti-racists" of the Right never cease to crack me up. They profess to hate the Left, yet use the language of the Left ("racist") to make a point. It won't work. We'll never out-Left the Left. We need to reach out to the voting bloc that dares not speak its name: the white vote.

  • ronwagn

    Thank you Stacy. Be true to yourself. We love you!

  • Glenn

    Go Gal! You are a Doll.

  • bob e

    whatta' beautiful young

  • Western Spirit

    I think this beautiful woman who shows she has black in her, but looks white, displays the old way of looking at race is passe'.

    Since there are more and more intermarriage and just plain sex between the races, the reality of us being one race is being brought home by the resulting biracial children.

    In nature when close species have offspring the offspring are barren. But since human beings are the very same race and the difference in race is superficial our children are able to breed quite well.

    • Roger Dewhurst

      Species are defined by the ability to produce fertile offspring. However sub-species, or races if you like, are capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. The girl is very good looking. In my observation it is commonly true that hybrid girls are better looking than the girls of the pure bred parental races. There are sub-species or races of most species. Humans have bred sub-species of all domestic animals but they call them 'breeds'. The physical differences between dog breeds are far greater than the physical differences between horses and donkeys. The former are all contained within one species and are capable, in principle, of interbreeding but that latter, as separate species, only produce sterile offspring.

  • kim

    Obama is a arab, in hitler day, he used the arab to brain wash the black, same today.and then hitler rid the world of arab and black. but in history it was the arabs that inslaved the to remember even today, they smile at our faces and curse us in their hearts…their words ! In America many voted for obama as he came on with hope and change but also showing we are not racist against blacks.. why is it that no one looks or knows history so we repeat it…bribing Ohio for his votes, that is how obama does it….

  • kim

    Yes they all got cell phones… If obama gets in again after what we have seen, he will take it all away and our country will fall like all great impires did….

  • Johnny D

    When will the MSM start reporting on the hatred, threats, and racism promulgated by the left? When will black racism be exposed? I feel like I'm living in Orwell's 1984. The Thought Police are not the state but the masses of indoctrinated progressives who turn to ad homin attacks the moment someone speaks out to counter their positions. May God protect Stacey Dash and everyone else in Hollywood and the black community who is brave enough to express an opinion other than what is approved by Bill Maher and Samuel L. Jackson.

    • chris

      CNN is sort of the main stream media – but don't expect CBS, NBC (or MSNBC obviously) to pick this kind of thing up. Maybe ABC, but unlikely.

  • Spider

    Slavery returned for many blacks in 1964 courtesy of Lyndon B. Johnson (D) – It's called the welfare state (aka) government slavery. My hat is off to you young lady for not wanting you or your bretheren to be among them.

    • Questions

      Blacks call the shots; we whites are the slaves of black welfare demands. You're being played, man. You're being played.

  • Omar

    This just shows that the left has completely corrupted the minds of minorities in this country. Stacey Dash is trying to show everyone that America is a truly a color-blind society, yet the left denounces her as a "sell-out" and an "Oreo". Over the past 40 years, the left has been trying to demolish Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of a color-blind society and replacing it with identity politics, where people vote based on their characteristics rather that hard work and personality. Identity politics is the exact opposite of what the Civil Rights Movement wanted. The Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. King called for blacks (and other minorities) to be integrated into the American society as well to make the American Dream better by guaranteeing equality for all people, regardless of characteristics. The so-called "heirs" of "Civil Rights" (like Al Sharpton) want the destruction of the American Dream and its replacement with "Identity politics", where everyone is divided into characteristics and where not everyone is treated equally. Any minority who challenges the left's paranoid view of contemporary race relations in America is denounced as an "Uncle Tom", a "sell-out", "a house slave", "self-hating", "Oreos", "coconuts", "inauthentics" and "suffering from Stockholm Syndrome". It is time for all people to be themselves and to confront/defeat the left and its dangerous agenda. The classical liberals (modern conservatives) in the GOP and the Tea Party can help people succeed and achieve the American Dream. It is time for people to defeat the left and its dangerous and paranoid agenda.

    • Questions

      There has never been, and never will be, a "color-blind" society. As for MLK, he was a Leftist, as far Left as one can go. He was no "conservative" except in the minds of naive Tea Party types. King was not one of us. He was no conservative.

      • Omar

        Questions, you are confused and misinformed. Obviously, there is a color-blind society. It is right here in America. As for Dr. King's true politics, read this article:… That article corrects misconceptions about the so-called "radical Leftist", who was really a classical liberal. The fact remains that Dr. King was a real American hero. If Dr. King was really a "radical left-winger", why did Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown and the Black Panther Party denounce him as "De Lawd" and "Uncle Martin"? Why did King get no support from New Left radicals during the mid-'60s? Those people who falsely claim that King was part of the New Left also falsely believe that Abraham Lincoln was a "racist" and a "bigot". You can also check these links out:…,… and…. Based on your senseless "logic", you probably falsely believe that Robert Kennedy was a "New Left radical" too. As for you, Questions, you happen to be a racist who supports racial segregation and the left's identity politics. You are no better than lunatics like Schlomotion and Nakba1948. Therefore, you should be made a pariah just like Schlomotion, Nakba1948 and others of their ilk.

        • Questions

          A more preposterous distortion of my intent I cannot imagine. And by the way, what's with this notion of making people into "pariahs" if you don't agree with them? I thought the whole idea of a free society is to engage persons with a different point of view, not transform them into "hate criminals." If anyone here is posessed of the sensibility of a hard Leftist, it is you.

      • Omar

        It is also important to know that the Castro dictatorship in Cuba has a list of blacklisted readings from Cuban libraries. Among those blacklisted readings was King's autobiography. The link is here : The link is actually a series about literary censorship in Cuba.

  • kateyleigh

    Going deeper~~~this is how Prgressive Democrats keep other Progressive Democrats in line when they deviate regardless of color.

    • Questions

      No, it's the blacks who keep us in line — with violence, threats of violence, extortion, "civil rights" lawsuits, corporate shakedowns and an exploding welfare state that represents the largest transfer of wealth and income from one race (whites) to another (blacks) in human history. Progressive Democrats are enablers, but it's blacks who are the beneficiaries. And people like you are hoplessly naive.

      • kateyleigh

        I'm well aware of the psychological perspective of the behavior you note, the same could be said of Muslim extremists (lets call them what they are-terrorists), or terrorists of any color or creed that seek to force submission of others to their will.
        In context with this article, however, just note the vitriol at Blacks (as this article shows) or Liberal's when they deviate or question their standard belief.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    "Free your mind…….the rest will follow".

  • tagalog

    The large amount of Tweeters who insist that Ms. Dash toe the perceived "party line" on Barack Obama helps to clarify one of the most important distinctions between the Left and the Right.

    Things keep on getting clearer and clearer. Hopefully, most people will see how clear it's getting.

  • dennis x

    If she was a jew, she'd be a self hating jew.

    • Western Canadian

      Gee, another entry in the contest for the most staggeringly stupid and dishonest post, anywhere, for the month of October.

      • Ghostwriter

        No disagreement here,Western Canadian. dennis x's ignorance is as astounding as the day is long.

        • dennis x

          I love you to.

          • Western Canadian

            Excellent example of his pathetic education. That should be 'I love you too.' You really are pathetic.

          • Western Canadian

            That should be 'too'. You're welcome.

      • dennis x

        Shes called an aunt tom. You have self hating jew , we have self hating blacks. Now think about that and attempt to response with some facts and not just you p–k a– opinion.

        • Western Canadian

          Actually, this post is a perfect example of everything the column and the EDUCATED posters have said. The hard left has such a hatred for the non-left, that they will smear and threaten to kill, as well as kill, anyone who leaves the planatation.


        • Western Canadian

          You've just proved the point of the column……

        • Kufar Dawg

          You have no proof she hates blacks, except in your private delusions.

    • A. Keen Observer

      If she were a Jew, (by the way, the word "Jew" is capitalized), she would be a Jew for Romney. How you get the idea that she would be a "self hating Jew" is beyond comprehension.

  • Schlomotion

    Stacey Dash, Damon Dash's white cousin gets a few belligerent tweets in between pedicures and suddenly, not only is this "news," but she is the most persecuted woman since Harriet Tubman. This is a bigger force fit than buggery. Mr. Tapson shows here, not only his utter illiteracy about what are sub-tabloid nonevents and what is news. It's understandable, considering the two major questions in this election are the collapsed economy, and Israel's quest to make us go to war with Iran, however the election is focused on Etch-a-Sketches, Big Bird, and Will.I.Am. It's understandable, but it's not acceptable as anything but stupidity.

    • Roger

      Wow, so many words.

      Usually when you know you're wrong you just go for a quick laugh line.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Bacha bazi.

    • Omar

      Schlomotion, why must you always post stupid comments here? You just do it to annoy us and other readers, that's why. Enough with your senseless propaganda.

      • Ghostwriter

        Omar,Slugmotion probably has nothing better to do than annoy people. He's a lowlife. Responding to his ignorance is helpful,only to make sure no one else becomes like him.

    • Western Canadian

      "Stacey Dash, Damon Dash's white cousin" Interesting opening comment. As irrelevant as the rest of this loons posts, but interesting. Sort of what you would expect from the offspring of a night between "Bull" Conner, David Duke, and a bottle of cheap whiskey.

  • texasron

    The people who sent her those messages are truly horrible.

  • Nan

    The Democrats don't need the KKK any longer, they have their own constituency doing the job now. How's that for progress? These haters need to see Runaway Slave.

    • Questions

      Democrats also died fighting the KKK, schmuck — Northern Democrats. Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney: I guess those names don't mean anything to you. And the only Klansman who really made an impact politically on a national level was a Republican, David Duke, another inconvenient fact. I'm a Republican — and a race realist.

      • Omar

        Then why don't you comment on American Renaissance instead? This is no place for hate comments, whether it is from radical leftists or race realists.

        • Questions

          Why is honesty on the subject of race somehow a product of "hate?" Aren't you unknowingly ratifying a central premise of the Left in asserting that "racism" should never be tolerated?

          • Omar

            Questions, "race-realism" is almost identical to the left's identity politics. The only difference between "race realism" and identity politics is the race that each one focuses on. American Renaissance and "race-realism" are essentially the white version of identity politics. None of those theories are good for America. Only a single standard for all (i.e. color-blind society) can ensure equality for all people, regardless of characteristics. America has no place for identity politics nor "race-realism".

          • Omar

            Actually, because the left promotes identity politics based on characteristics, that is promoting racism in a way. When the left derides minorities who challenge the left's agenda with racial slurs like "sell-outs" and "Uncle Toms", that is racism as well. Classical liberals embrace justice for all.

          • Questions

            I oppose the Left and have no problem with that. But racial identity is a fact of life. It defines how we form friendships, marital bonds, parent-child bonds, communities, nations and supranational alliances. You can't read race realism out of existence by redefining it as "bigotry" or "racism." Human nature, in the end, asserts itself. It is people like you who mimic the Left.

  • kd2

    Thank you for your courage, it must have been hard to stand up for what you believe in. Stay strong and God bless you!

  • pyeatte

    I believe this lady has a future in politics. Another Mia Love.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I wouldn't vote for her based only on her criticism of Obamao, but I'd definitely be listening to what she has to say.

  • judahlevi

    When America grows up, it will realize that people are individuals, not skin colors. Each individual is unique, there will never be another individual like you ever in the history of the world. The smallest minority is an individual, not some arbitrary grouping by gender, skin color, or ethnicity.

    Your character and your mind define you, not your skin. When people realize this, all of this black/white/brown whatever nonsense will go away. Only then will America progress past the primitive and barbaric identification by something as ridiculous as the color of your skin.

    • Questions

      Race is a lot more complex a concept than "skin color." And while certain naive whites may pretend race doesn't matter, believe this: To blacks, race is everything. They hate us for what we are, not what we've done.

      Race DOES matter, beginning with our choice of mates.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think Ms. Dash deserves all the praise she can get. Beauty and brains. Always a winning combination.

  • Booker Rising

    People who are calling Stacey Dash the "white" cousin of Damon Dash need to know more about her background. She is the multi-millionaire hip hop executive's cousin. However, she has always self-identified as black since her early days as an actress. Two, she is a black Hispanic (African American/Caribbean father and Mexican mother, although she doesn't appear to self-identify as Hispanic), and not part white.

    Regardless of her ethnic / racial background, the vitriol which came her way for speaking her opinion is wrong!

  • mwd

    Liberals are cancer to our society!

  • Red Blooded Man

    What a babe!!!

    She can "Romney" my Mitt every day of the week.

  • ROSE



  • Jon_Babtist

    What a stone cold fox, and she's got a brain, and she's got fortitude, and the left hates her.
    I'm definitely in love.

  • Karl Stein

    Thank you Stacey for standing up for American values. I hope the controlling idiots in Hollywood do not take vengeance on you for speaking your mind. This story needs to be followed.

  • korak

    Time out– reality check. The classic Klu Klux Klan WERE the democrats– the reason most blacks are democrats is because they hung all the Republican blacks in the south (most all the blacks were originally Republicans, of course– Lincoln's party). And the Klan hung some other Republicans also- white ones who liked blacks. The Republicans freed the blacks from the democrats. The only difference between a southern democrat and a northern democrat in those days was that the northern ones were against secession. When Lincoln freed the blacks they were completely freed– no discrimination or segregation, and many blacks were elected to congress right off. The dems in white sheets took care of that problem pretty quick and put into place all the Jim Crow laws themselves that they then take credit (dubiously) for striking down in the 1960's. So everything adds up easy.

  • Paladin89

    I don't know why anyone is surprised to be honest… The left are nothing more than progressives, who have distorted the word Liberal. Liberalism was the philosophy of the Republican party, with the belief that man did not need government to tell him how to live his life every minute.

    There was also two types of Conservatism. The Conservatives of the Republican party, were all about conserving the constitution, and later on the environment as well. The Democrats, and especially when the progressives started coming up- were all about conserving the white race.

    If you look at the progressive's views of blacks, and Margret Sanger's beliefs, as well as her "Negro Project"- and then look at the black community today… Its quite interesting, it all looks like things are going just as her project. Blacks have more abortions than any other group, many kill each other in crimes, and or die in prison… Left-wing policies and ideologies have not made the black community better but worse, and its kept them trapped in poverty, depression, and slavery.

    Look at the way they treat blacks who do not follow their will… And not just blacks, but any other people who aren't white, but they seem to go after blacks the hardest. Next would be women, and gays, who they also viciously attack, if that woman or gay isn't a left-wing zombie.. The early progressives would be happy if they saw the current state of the black community, because under progressives or liberals as they call themselves today, blacks have been ruined pretty much.