Imagine a Ron Paul Presidency

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“Imagine for a moment,” a man’s voice intones in an urgent whisper, “that somewhere in the middle of Texas there was a large foreign military base – say, Chinese or Russian.” So begins a video produced by Revolution PAC, comprised of supporters and some former campaign staff of Ron Paul. The text of the video derives entirely from a Paul speech given in early October, in which the presidential candidate condemns what he deems to be our jackbooted foreign policy and likens our military abroad to an oppressive occupation force, while whitewashing murderous insurgents as freedom fighters.

“Imagine,” the voice continues as the text zooms and veers about on the screen,

that thousands of armed foreign troops were constantly patrolling American streets in military vehicles. Imagine they were here under the auspices of “keeping us safe” or “promoting democracy” or “protecting their strategic interests.”

The analogy, of course, is to our own troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, which Paul and his supporters cite as the reason Islamic fundamentalists hate us, along with such other offenses as our military bases on Saudi soil. And the video’s suggestion is that the justifications noted above for our presence there are mere pretexts.

The video graphics come fast and furious now, and the music and narration escalate in intensity and menace. It’s moving at a pace and volume that steamroll right over any reasoned objections:

Imagine that they operated outside of US law, and that the Constitution did not apply to them. Imagine that every now and then they made mistakes or acted on bad information and accidentally killed or terrorized innocent Americans, including women and children, most of the time with little to no repercussions or consequences. Imagine that they set up checkpoints on our soil and routinely searched and ransacked entire neighborhoods of homes. Imagine if Americans were fearful of these foreign troops, and overwhelmingly thought America would be better off without their presence.

Of course, our troops are doing anything but running around ransacking entire neighborhoods; it is the insurgents in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan who are terrorizing innocents. We have gone to such ludicrous extremes to win hearts and minds that we’re more comfortable putting our own troops’ lives at risk than offending the locals. But the video’s denigration of our military and whitewashing of the enemy get worse as the analogy goes completely off the rails:

Imagine if some Americans were so angry about them being in Texas that they actually joined together to fight them off, in defense of our soil and sovereignty, because leadership in government refused or were unable to do so. Imagine that those Americans were labeled terrorists or insurgents for their defensive actions, and routinely killed, or captured and tortured by the foreign troops on our land.

Take a moment to wrap your mind around Paul’s meaning here. He’s saying that al Qaeda- and Iranian-backed mujahideen who are wreaking havoc in Iraq, who massacre Christians and pro-American Iraqis, who gleefully kill Americans, and who are destabilizing the country in hopes of establishing another Islamic fundamentalist state, are freedom fighters who have been falsely labeled terrorists and are no different from Texans banding together in defense of our freedoms and rights against Chinese or Russian soldiers. He’s saying that our troops kill and torture innocent Iraqis routinely.

Now the narrator’s voice hits a fever pitch as he takes this offensive analogy further:

Imagine that the occupiers’ attitude was that if they just killed enough Americans, the resistance would stop, but instead, for every American killed, ten more would take up arms against them, resulting in perpetual bloodshed.

Our troops have never been out to “kill enough” of the Iraqi or Afghan people. This is an outrageous slur, but typical of the Paul mindset which eliminates inconvenient facts in order to assert that America has enemies only because our foreign policy makes them so.

The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas.

Nonsense. The reality is that reality isn’t Ron Paul’s strong suit. The video ends with Paul’s own voice asserting that we must “[cease dealing] with other nations with threats and violence” and instead, “[open] ourselves up to friendship, honest trade and diplomacy.” Right. Because we all know it’s America, not Iran or Russia or China or al Qaeda or the Taliban, that is the entity trafficking in threats and violence, and eschewing friendship, honest trade and diplomacy.

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  • Fred Dawes

    Vote for Ron Paul

  • Ann

    G-D help us—

  • cynthia curran

    ROn Paul is like Hayek and Von Mises that also were against a strong defense, conservatives should stop liking the Austrian School of Economics that goes back to the anti-defense of classcal liberalism in England and Europe.

  • Boogey

    The US never occupied their land and the Sultans put a Jihad on the US since the US was born… Explain that! You can't because it doesn't fit not your non objective preconceived notions.

  • Paul of Alexandria

    I really wish that people would do their research.
    * Terrorism is a tactic. It is used by groups such as the IRA, the Tamil Tigers, and the Islamists but is not exclusive to any of them.
    * Islam encourages the use of terrorism as a tactic for jihad. Read through Jihad Watch (
    * Islam also embraces tactics such as suicide bombing through its theology; in particular, its insistence that the only assured way to paradise is to die while fighting jihad.
    * As pointed out earlier – please read D'Souza – Muslims' don't hate us because we're "over there"; in fact most Iraqis like us being there because we stabilize the place. The islamicists despise us because of our culture. No easy solutions for this one.

  • Dr_Funk

    Nice strawman, moron. "The idea "islam causes terrorism""

    Nobody is asserting that Islam causes terrorism. That's retarded.

    The FACT is that radical, fundamentalist Islam EMPLOYS THE TACTIC of terrorism.

  • Ben

    "Let us understand that it is far better to live in an imperfect world than it is to live in a despotic world ruled by people who lord it over us through force and intimidation. "

    Oh, you mean like Saddam Hussein?

  • JasDal

    Yes, that's right. Americans didn't hate the Japanese because they bombed Pearl Harbor in WW2. They hated the Japanese because of their way of life. Everyone knows that. Hating people because of their values is the only reason people hate other people.

  • Constitutionalist

    If you're suggesting that the Taliban will be a threat to us should we leave Afghanistan, then you're delusional. They're nothing more than a " freedom fighter " force, 9 out of 10 guys out there don't even know what 9/11 was. Iran is not a nuclear threat. They've built nuclear material, but the fact is it's need the items needed to compose a nuclear bomb, everything is pointing towards a Nuclear Energy reactor. If we were to prematurely invade Iran, there would be serious problems. Russia has warned of WW3 and Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, they have a military and they will use it. I know of Islam's murderous treachery and I am certainly not delusional about it, but we have to do what we can to avoid a war with Iran, because a war of that magnitude will have terrible ramifications and can lead to WW3.