Imagine a Ron Paul Presidency

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It is certainly possible to make a principled argument against American nation-building in Muslim countries. It is certainly true that there are Muslims, especially in Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires, who want Americans out of these countries. But this video of Paul’s speech is not that principled argument. It is anti-American, military-bashing propaganda that ignores historical and political complexities and “meets the left coming ‘round from the other way,” as Mark Steyn puts it. Keep in mind also that this speech is from a presidential candidate whom a former staffer claims

engaged in conspiracy theories, including perhaps the [9/11] attacks were coordinated with the CIA, and that the Bush administration might have known about the attacks ahead of time. He expressed no sympathies whatsoever for those who died on 9/11.*

The video was actually first released back in October but has been steadily gaining traction over the internet since then. It has been reposted approvingly on such websites for Islamist apologists as IslamophobiaToday and Loonwatch as a compelling explanation for “why they hate us.” As full of obviously false and offensive analogies as it is, the ad is effective with those Blame America First (and Last) children of Chomsky who believe or are easily convinced that if only America would apologize for its imperialist militarism and sin no more, peace on earth and good will toward men would sweep the globe faster than Santa’s reindeer.

Imagine this instead: Imagine that we have a President of the United States whose foreign policy consists of apologizing for America, paving the way for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, standing by while Iran acquires nuclear weapons, and relinquishing our role as the principal actor on the world stage. “But we already have a president like that,” you say. Yes, but now imagine that he is replaced in 2012 by a President who not only perpetuates this self-destructive lunacy but whose “ostrichism” exacerbates it. Imagine that in the wake of Obama’s disastrous reign, when we most need an unapologetic leader who can reverse the tide and reassert American power and dignity, we get four years of, to borrow from Steyn again, “sheer stupid half-witted parochialism” instead. Imagine Ron Paul is our next President.

*The Paul camp has not disputed the substance of these accusations, only dismissed their source as “a disgruntled former staffer who… has zero credibility.”

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  • Fred Dawes

    Vote for Ron Paul

  • Ann

    G-D help us—

  • cynthia curran

    ROn Paul is like Hayek and Von Mises that also were against a strong defense, conservatives should stop liking the Austrian School of Economics that goes back to the anti-defense of classcal liberalism in England and Europe.

  • Boogey

    The US never occupied their land and the Sultans put a Jihad on the US since the US was born… Explain that! You can't because it doesn't fit not your non objective preconceived notions.

  • Paul of Alexandria

    I really wish that people would do their research.
    * Terrorism is a tactic. It is used by groups such as the IRA, the Tamil Tigers, and the Islamists but is not exclusive to any of them.
    * Islam encourages the use of terrorism as a tactic for jihad. Read through Jihad Watch (
    * Islam also embraces tactics such as suicide bombing through its theology; in particular, its insistence that the only assured way to paradise is to die while fighting jihad.
    * As pointed out earlier – please read D'Souza – Muslims' don't hate us because we're "over there"; in fact most Iraqis like us being there because we stabilize the place. The islamicists despise us because of our culture. No easy solutions for this one.

  • Dr_Funk

    Nice strawman, moron. "The idea "islam causes terrorism""

    Nobody is asserting that Islam causes terrorism. That's retarded.

    The FACT is that radical, fundamentalist Islam EMPLOYS THE TACTIC of terrorism.

  • Ben

    "Let us understand that it is far better to live in an imperfect world than it is to live in a despotic world ruled by people who lord it over us through force and intimidation. "

    Oh, you mean like Saddam Hussein?

  • JasDal

    Yes, that's right. Americans didn't hate the Japanese because they bombed Pearl Harbor in WW2. They hated the Japanese because of their way of life. Everyone knows that. Hating people because of their values is the only reason people hate other people.

  • Constitutionalist

    If you're suggesting that the Taliban will be a threat to us should we leave Afghanistan, then you're delusional. They're nothing more than a " freedom fighter " force, 9 out of 10 guys out there don't even know what 9/11 was. Iran is not a nuclear threat. They've built nuclear material, but the fact is it's need the items needed to compose a nuclear bomb, everything is pointing towards a Nuclear Energy reactor. If we were to prematurely invade Iran, there would be serious problems. Russia has warned of WW3 and Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, they have a military and they will use it. I know of Islam's murderous treachery and I am certainly not delusional about it, but we have to do what we can to avoid a war with Iran, because a war of that magnitude will have terrible ramifications and can lead to WW3.