Matt Damon Brings Equality to the Planet

Actor Matt Damon, whose fee the last time I checked is $10 million a movie, has his finger on the pulse of the American common folk, and he wants you to know he feels your anger about economic inequality.

The American public is angry about financial unfairness, Damon said recently, but neither political party is addressing that in its presidential campaign. “I don’t think the Republicans or the Democrats really understand the level of anger at the sense of unfairness that the majority of people in the country feel,” he commented.

Damon, 41, was speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego, where he was promoting his upcoming (March 2013) movie Elysium, a $100 million sci-fi epic with a class warfare message as subtle as an Occupier’s Molotov cocktail. Here’s part of the synopsis:

In the year 2159, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy who live on a pristine manmade space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth… A hardline government official will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of Elysium.

Anti-immigration politicians, environmental devastation, One Percenters… all this movie needs is a futuristic racist Tea Party congregating in a homophobic chicken restaurant and it will have addressed all the left’s current favorite targets.

The synopsis proceeds to explain that Matt Damon’s character takes on a mission that “could bring equality to these polarized worlds.” So instead of conquering evil, Hollywood heroes now “bring equality”? How uninspiring. If Damon wants to bring equality to polarized worlds, perhaps he could have scrapped the movie and distributed its $100 million budget Robin Hood-style to his comrades in the waning Occupy movement; they desperately need the influx of other people’s cash to buy more iPhones and hoodies, which are essential for rioting incognito (not to mention for co-opting Trayvon Martin protests).

The movie star’s revelation about the anger of the common man came at a Bruce Springsteen concert he attended several months ago at New York’s Madison Square Garden. In a song entitled Jack of All Trades, about Wall Street greed and the gap between the Haves and Have-nots, Springsteen sang: “The banker man grows fatter/The working man grows thin.” The lyrics make no mention of the fact that the working men and women in his audience grew quite a bit thinner just paying for the concert tickets, which began at $115+ each for general seating. Springsteen nevertheless dresses like a working man himself onstage, in solidarity with them.

“Now sometimes tomorrow comes/soaked in treasure and blood,” the Boss went on. “There’s a new world coming/I can see the light.” And then comes the provocative line: “If I had me a gun, I’d find the bastards and shoot them on sight.” Damon said, “Now when he says that, when he’s saying that, the place roared. I mean roared. Like 30,000 people involuntarily screamed their approval. And it was so alarming.”

One-Percenter Damon hurried backstage afterward to hobnob with One-Percenter Springsteen and discuss how in touch they are with all the hoi polloi outside. “I went backstage after and saw him and it was the first thing he said to me. He’s singing to firemen and cops and real people. And the fury that’s there is very, very real.”

Curiously, the left’s populist ire never gets directed against the rich on their own side of the political fence, like Springsteen or Damon himself or, for example, his colleague, Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron. Cameron said recently that “we’re going to have to live with less,” which is jaw-dropping hypocrisy coming from a guy who owns, among other homes, a $25 million, 730-acre stretch of Malibu ranchland. The entire Occupy movement could bivouac there when they aren’t out aimlessly vandalizing businesses and defecating on police cars. Why aren’t they protesting that Cameron “didn’t build that”?

Damon is one of Hollywood’s most politically vocal actors. He shoots from the hip often about political matters in interviews and reveals himself to be passionately opinionated, albeit misguided and hypocritical. I’ve written about him before, about his very active promotion of the subversive work of radical historian Howard Zinn; his shout-outs to the treacherously influential academic Noam Chomsky in Good Will Hunting, the movie that made Damon a star; his demonization of Tea Partiers as being willing to drive the American economy “off a cliff”; and his apparent affinity for the Occupiers’ social revolution. He has even expressed frustration with President Obama in the past and at Comic-Con for not living up to his more progressive promises and not providing more leadership for the Occupy movement:

I’d be shocked if Romney won [the presidential election]. You know, I think Obama is the clear choice. But I’ve said before I’m really disappointed in him, and I am, particularly because of the banking stuff. He so misread that.

Actually, it is Damon who is misreading things. Sure, no one is happy about bank bailouts or insider trading or Bernie Madoff, and the Occupy types are angry because they don’t want to have to work for anything. But the anger most Americans feel about the economy is not because they want government to enforce financial equality, but because they want government to quit interfering with their ability to determine their own economic destiny. The majority of people in this country want equality of opportunity, not equality of results, and it is the latter that Obama and Damon and their ilk really mean when they talk about “fairness”:

That sense of unfair – the sense that we don’t have a country anymore when people don’t feel like they have a chance, like it’s going to be fair… If people feel like the deck is stacked against them, then they stop playing by the rules. Because why play by the rules? The game is fixed, right?

Damon is suggesting that, under capitalism, the deck is stacked against the little guy, and so government must intervene to make things “fair.” What is necessary is for government to fix the game – by punishing success, squelching the entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging government dependency.

Capitalism is imperfect; it offers liberty, not promises. But what Damon and his ideological cohorts don’t or won’t understand is that capitalism, not socialism, is precisely what gives the little guy a chance to be as successful as he wants – maybe even as successful as Matt Damon.

  • Schlomotion

    Matt Damon: Rich, Handsome, Harvard educated, On the right side of economic reform, In touch with the public, Coming out with a new movie next year.

    Mark Tapson: Not.

    • MrWrestlingIV

      Mark Tapson: Right.

      Matt Damon: Wrong.

      Matt Damon could feed a lot of hippies and bring some equality with just one of his movie paychecks. But as usual, hypocrite liberals never are talking about their own money when they bitch nonsensically about unfairness.

      • TLC46


      • amused

        Look up his charities " Mr.Wrestling " , he PUT UP HIS OWN MONEY …AND TIME … and a much better ACTOR than you ..

        • Eva

          Matt Damon has been rightfully called on this forum a foming-at-the-mouth liberal hypocrite. I am sick and tired of the Hollywood elite trying to save little kids in Africa. Ever notice how well-groomed and made-up they are in preparation of the media coverage when they tour those backwards parts of the world? The usual puckered lips, sexy backward glances, perfect manicures, etc. It's sickening. Let me tell you something, pal. My husband served in Afghanistan several years ago. Guess who was there to cheer up the troops? The cast of the series The Unit. They really care about our guys and this great country of ours. They went from one camp to another patiently talking to servicemen and women, patiently signed autographs and posed for photos with our weary warriors. But back home… the loudmouth liberals called and called the network until they got what they wanted: the series is off the air, because it upset so many of our dear sensitive and politically correct a""holes. So, don't talk to me about Matt Damon and his crappy causes.

    • Rifleman

      Harvard educated, lol, that's become slang for "lobotomized."

      • Western Spirit

        Good one.

    • @MotherGoos3

      Matt Damon: Mental midget.

      Mark Tapson: Not.

      "all this movie needs is a futuristic racist Tea Party congregating in a homophobic chicken restaurant and it will have addressed all the left’s current favorite targets." Great line, Mark.

    • Advocatus

      Schlomotion: Neither.

    • kafir4life

      Schlomie……Did you see the size of the checks that these guys who want higher taxes are writing (because it's the right thing to do)? Holy smokes Schlomie!! They really put their money where their mouths are!! No doubt you saw Will Smith's reaction to the 75% tax rate he'd be paying in France, after saying he'd be honored to pay more than he does now? Matt and company would never part with their not so hard earned money.

      Another leftie favorite, David Letterman…..If he has a fund or trust to help those less fortunate, Mitt Romney would be eligible. Compare jobs created by Matt, Dave, Bruce et al all together and compare to Mitt's record.

    • pagegl

      Any more of the sort of economic reform Damon is after will kill what this country was created to protect, equal chance to succeed. As it is, all the liberal tampering with the economic system has gained us is the current mess we're in.

    • Lustmorde

      That is the single dumbest comment I've read since your last one.

    • Suzette

      He's right we are angry about the economy, but nobody wants to admit the general public is as angry at the government as they are at all these Wall street bailouts because who handed Wall street the money in the first place? Who sold us down the river? The government and if Matt Damon who is super insulated and super rich can't see that, he's not as in touch with us working stiffs as he'd like to think he is.

    • Max

      Handsome? Really??? Seriously???? Put down your crack pipe, pal. This is a very average-looking dude with a mental capacity of a woodpecker. Hollywood will call anyone "sexy", "hot" and "handsome" as long as they represent its hateful and hypocritical agenda. Funny how conservatives like Chuck Norris, Tebow, etc. never receive any kind words for their good looks in the media, just mocking and contempt.

  • kblink45

    Matt Damon enjoys deep and long conversations with Matt Damon. I wonder how much his personal assistants make.

    • Hank Rearden

      …or how much The Boss's roadies make. Bruce himself is a testament to the greatness of the US of A! But he can't accept that he is successful. He had indeed "…got this guitar and learned how to make it talk…" I like his music, but there is nothing preventing him from donating his income to charity. Ditto for Matt Damon.

    • Suzette

      I agree, I think Matt Damon likes to think of himself as a regular Joe and he can playact as one. But there's a big difference between being a regular Joe and "Pretending" to be a regular Joe. At the end of the day the Regular Joe has to go home after working all day and try to figure out how to feed their kids, stave off bankruptcy,and how to deal with being recently unemployed, or having to work at a crappy job because your lucky to have a job.

  • Chezwick

    Movie Stars, rock stars and billionaire moguls can readily and painlessly offer to pay more in taxes to salve their consciences for being so affluent, but the small business owners and entrepreneurs who actually put America to work are in a very different position. It's a reality that Matt Damon, so smug in his self-righteous, "enlightened" existence, will never comprehend.

    • dmw

      And never comprehend that the Equality presented in our Declaration is about equality before or under the law as an individual man/women. There they are living and getting the benefits of another intent of the Founding philosophy: that Americans can become unequal. Living embodiments, with some being greatly remunerated for their (unequal) fame and/or achievements. Yet they adopt and espouse ideas that pull the ladders up for others, justifying them and themselves with 'collective salvation' bromides.


    Matt Damon. One of the ONE PERCENT lording over the 99%.

    I urge anyone sickened by Matt Damon BOYCOTT, any enterprise he's involved in.

    • Lfox328

      The good thing is, he is NOT in the new Bourne movie – I plan to watch it.

  • Jen

    Why should there not be a law that makes it mandatory to muzzle Hollywood airheads?

    • hcirtsafonos


    • amused

      Oh there very well might be , if there's any political entity that would attempt to "muzzle " anyone , it would be the Conservatives , can't stand anyone who doesn't walk and talk lockstep with their world view . Just keep in mind , you'll never get your way . Yea the Dems ain't no better or worse , but there will always be Independents and Centrists to keep you fools in check , and prevent BOTH from wrecking this country .

      • Pacifist1

        I agree…. but you forgot the liberal pacifists; it would be ideal if all the progressives that were liberals defected back to the liberals; anyone else could also defect too.

  • Schlomotion

    I am the stupidest piece of horse manure on the planet

    • aspacia

      Yes, you are hose $h!t

    • tagalog

      Rest assured, you're not that outstanding to be the stupidest one.

    • kafir4life

      Don't flatter yourself. You're a 1%er for sure, but not THE stupidest.

      (the real schlomie's gotta be pissed!)

  • Thomas

    Firemen and cops with a few years under their belt make $100K a year and more in salary, benefits, and overtime. I'm not saying they don't earn it, but they're hardly deprived, disadvantaged working stiffs.

    • Chuck

      Have you lost your mind? The average expected salary for a typical Police Patrol Officer in the United States is about $50,000 and the average expected salary for a typical Fire Fighter in the United States is only about $42,000. And rarely do they ever retire making even $70,00 per year. Maybe if they never get to spend any time with their families and they work a couple of side jobs they might be able to make close to your estimate, but you really should get your facts straight before spouting such nonsense.

      • aleric_kong

        Averages take into account lower costs of living in different towns.

        In the cities which are currently filing for bankruptcy public workers often earn over a million dollars and retire in their early 50s with full pension and healthcare. I believe it was Las Vegas where a janitor was making over $100/hr. Engineers start off making $20-$25/hr btw.

      • GypsyTyger

        Ditto.That's before taxes too. And I think that the nature of the work they do puts them in the blue collar camp. Almost all the cops I know work sidejobs. Nearly every firefighter I know does some kind of bluecollar work on their off time. The Ohio Police and Fire pension system pays 2.5% per year and caps, I believe, at 32 years. So if you put in 32 years you can retire at 80% of your salary. That's hardly getting rich.

    • Robert

      That's bulk. No cop our fireman makes that much. Maybe in California. I live in joplin, MO. and I never made enought to support my family. I wasted my money going to the police academy here. And there are many towns and cities where an officer makes less than 25,000 a year. The most I've heard off was in Parmesan, Ohio when I visit once. I was told they made around 50,000 a year.Missouri stare troopers get less than that.

      • HighPressure

        Actuall accross the river in NJ (Bergen County) the cops make over 100 K… that is why the NY city cops have distain for the Jersey cops

        • wsg

          In central Ohio we have some of the highest paid sheriff's deputies in the nation. @ five years on the job with NO OVERTIME included they are making $73 K per year ! With overtime 10 or 20 years on the job a $100 K is easy.
          AS for the local fire fighters – yes, the small town local guys are not that well healed but the larger depts are very well paid. Turnover or terminations are VERY RARE. I can tell you from first person experience that hustle and accountability is NOT in many of their training manuals!
          "Heros" – NOT so much.

    • Suzette

      That's not true the majority of them never make more than $50-60K a year and for that they take a lot of risks.
      Risks none of you on this board take.

  • Pacifist1

    Wrong…it is actually not in a number (1%) or a class that is at the root of it..I have researched this, and it is in reality a secret conspiracy of, to use the simplest word to define them of “losers”…that would do anything to manipulate, the social and political system of ideas, rules of nations to achieve their ends.

    Focusing, on some science fiction movie….. with a Marxist class warfare theme…. about 1% of the population; only diverts people from what is happening to them, and by whom.

    It is actually the “truly” wealthy…. that actually know how to be millionaires, and to not have to twist the rules around, with loopholes, etc., that the common man has to not worry about; but those that are willing to make money by any means necessary.

    In other words, in plain English, “bums” are running our world. I know it is boring, and does not make for great headlines; but any bum can put on a thousand dollar suit, and not look like a bum… the key to winning against them, is to have the ability to weed out the winners from the losers.


    President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech

  • Matt Damon

    Schlomotion: Uneducated, neo-nazi, racist, fascist, anti-Semite. , On the bolsevik side of economic reform,

    Mark Tapson: Not.

  • oldtimer

    I'm so glad the new Bourne movie has a new star, who fits the role much better.
    If Mr. Damoff is so sympathetic and understanding, why doesn't he, and other hollywood ah's, spread their wealth, here in the US to real needy, not political agendas that just keep them where they want to be, in the spot light.

    • Amused

      he does old timer ….look it up . and be honest you loved the previous Bourne movies …you're just jumping on "The Tapson band wagon " …..without looking .

  • Trebuchet

    Matt Damon can't think without consulting the writings of Howard Zinn. Well here a something he should know. In WWII Zinn was a bombardier in the lead plane in a squadron flying over Germany. The main target had been hit and they were to go to one of the secondary targets, instead when the controls were turned over to Zinn he guided the plane over civilian populations and the squadron dropped their bombs killing women and children. Now it's not that later on the British policy under Bomber Harris did the same thing but Zinn did it because he was a Stalinist and Stalin said to kill Germans so he did. The problem is with that kind of mind set if Stalin had said to kill Chinese, Africans or East Indians, Zinn as a good Stalinist would've follow the edict without question. Matt Damon is the same.

  • Dana Harbaugh

    Bourne Incontinence

    • Amused

      yea , 10 million a movie a real loser huh ?

  • Hank Rearden

    What do you suppose the payroll looks like for a typical movie? A movie is a project, not a year-long activity. Let's say it takes 13 weeks to film – a quarter of a year. What do the gaffers and grips make a year, $60K? So for a quarter of a year, they would make $15K. Matt makes $10 million and probably gets a piece of the gross at some point. To make it simple, let's assume that all-in Matt makes $15 million off the movie. That puts the ratio between him and the footsoldier on the movie at 1,000X!! And he is lecturing the country on inequality??

    • kasandra

      Excellent. But you forget, out of that $15 Mr. Damon has to pay his aroma therapist, his feng shui consultant, and his personal chef.

      • kasandra

        Of course, I meant $15,000,000. My bad.

    • Pacifist1

      Excellent math…I knew from day one that our modern day Hollywood actors don't have a clue about social inequality… as liberal pacifist…. I met thousands of the types in his audience; inequality, for them means…. why can't I be a yuppie like Matt Damon too?

      • Amused

        yea imagine that , and look at all the jobs he has provided and all the entertainment . But more than that , he' contributed more to the poor , provided more clean water for Africans and India not to mention dozens of charities that he's involved ,in the US and Canada , for Vietnam Vets ,than the whole Staff of FPM and most of its readership . Yea a real bad guy . .
        And you hypocrites , just look at the salaries of the guys who brought down the economy , man what a bunch of phony assses you people are . Tapson/s got you hook , line and sinker .

        • Hank Rearden

          errr….UNAMUSING you are missing the point. It is MATT who is raging against income inequality. Nobody here is criticizing his private charities, whatever they may be. We are responding to his totally false, totally clueless, totally hypocritical rage against income inequality in this country. Nothing prevents him from insisting that everybody on one of his movies – including himself – gets paid the same. If we estimate there are 100 people on the film, including caterers, etc, then his $15 million could be split so that everybody on a Matt Damon film including Matt Damon gets paid $150K. Why do you think he doesn't do that, given that income inequality in the US of A is corroding his soul? Doesn't charity begin at home?

  • Steve Chavez

    THE MOVIE ELYSIUM has the poor masses on Earth screaming "OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA." YES, in the year 2159, Obama's policies have made billions into his dream of EQUALS: EQUALLY POOR and all begging for scraps and handouts.

    Did the citizens of ELYSIUM take it upon themselves to create a new World Order and to figure out how to fend for themselves, vote in leaders, or have a semblance of a civilized society OR WOULD THEY RATHER SLEEP IN THEIR OWN VOMIT?

    CAMPAIGN SLOGAN FOR EARTHLINGS : "Look down not up! Help yourself, your neighbor, your community. We are our own destiny. TO HELL WITH ELYSIUM! REVOLUTION!"

  • Mo_

    The hypocrisy of these clowns knows no bounds!

    What gets me is that I have yet to hear an interviewer or ANYONE ask people like this the obvious question: You rant and rave about the "fat cats" who have all this money, yet you make millions of dollars with each film – something that the average person that you claim to stand up for cannot even imagine! Anything to say about that?

    Why in the world doesn't anyone ever say something like that to them?!

    • Pacifist1

      Because, the powers that be want his audience to be useful idiots?

    • kasandra

      Let's do the math. According to Dear Leader, you are filthy rich if you, as an individual, make over $200,000 a year. That means it would take you 5 years to make one million dollars and 75 years of work to make the $15,000,000 Mr. Damon makes per picture. And he's lecturing people making, say, $75,000 a year (who would have to work 200 years to make what Mr. Damon makes per picture) on equality. And people should listen to him why?

  • aspacia

    Movie starts with no logic or common sense speak about social injustice? Few, are really intelligent, with high IQ's like James Wood a conservative.

  • tagalog

    How many Americans actually are angry about economic inequality? I don't get that a whole lot are; I know that a lot of Americans would like to be on the positve side of that divide, but my impression is that Americans just want to make more money themselves. I also don't hear anybody – that's ANYBODY – expressing any sense that there's any unfairness vis-a-vis the rich vs. the poor about paying taxes.

    I know that there are Occupiers and their fellow-travelers who are making hay out of income disparity, so I know that there are SOME people who at least CLAIM to be angry about income inequality, but among the ordinary people I deal with, whose lives don't turn on political issues, there's no particular sense that the rich are getting away with something, or acting oppressively. There's a bit of envy, all right, but not anger.

    We hear from time to time about how Matt Damon is a Bostonian and therefore one of the masses himself, but I think it's been too long since he spent any real time shooting the breeze with some of the guys from the factory at the local beer joint over a pitcher.

    • Hank Rearden

      Matt Damon is a classic American story. I don't quite know his background, but basically he was a talented, ambitious guy who made his way in the world and has been blessed with success. I think there may be something in the artistic temperament that requires them to see themselves as rebels – as James Dean, for instance. So they have to keep going back to that well, even when they make themselves ridiculous by doing so.

      I agree with the lack of anger about income inequality. Of course, we all want to make more, to get ahead. And if you work for wages and have a family, you have to be careful about your budget. But that was something that everybody did in the 1950's. The secret of the American affluent society is that essentially everything that money buys you is available at low prices – good food at supermarkets, a Motel 6 rather than a big hotel is just fine, cars at all prices including used cars for tight budgets, airlines that take you anywhere you could go in a private plane. In terms of the things of this world, the rich are not really a breed apart. Yes, they have big houses, etc., but that is not a substantive difference. A small house is just as good as a big one.

  • aleric_kong

    Free markets are fine. The big government corruption is what destroys them. Most of "evil" Wall Street relied upon Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who under reported their subprime exposure for two decades. The fraud continues, we still have bailout after bailout for fannie and freddie, and investors become an easy scapegoat for big government proselytizing criminals who keep their jobs while staying out of prison.

    I've noticed big government liberals advocacy keeps creeping into movies. I'm just waiting for the singularity movie about a 5 year old third world girl saving whales with the help of the Soviets from global warming due to the tea party activism and natural gas drilling which is financed by corrupt bankers with cameos by Barney Frank and Herb Moses. Less than 100 people buy tickets and the budget exceeds a billion even though it consists of just showing a Che Guevara flag with top 40 hits playing in the background.

  • clarespark

    We no longer have a clean discourse about class or almost any other economic category or theory. I tried to clear up the confusion about "class" here:…. "Is Wall Street Slaughtering the Middle Class?" The term 99% is yet another attempt at mystification, but hasn't it taken hold? What wretches the media are, to perpetuate a confusion that is so easily clarified.

    • Pacifist1

      I have read your articles they are fascinating; my mother was practically married to Ray Corbett, he was the president AFL-CIO of New York State…what I find so confusing, is that those that claim to be for liberal (progressive) values, have traditionally been against liberals…. such as the middle class Union workers in the 60s and 70s… they despised liberals; at least the ones at the grassroots that organized. Corbett I was told would meet often with JFK in the White House…but do you think JFK knew, they (the unions) were drifting toward communism?..Or Republicanism/?

      For example, the liberal pacifists were against the Vietnam war; but Corbett's union workers used to literally gang up (waving the American flag) and beat up the anti Vietnam war protesters during demonstrations…now these same union workers are the Occupy crowd, and are no longer waving the US flag…but literally the flag of the Muslim brotherhood.

      Was Corbett ever a useful idiot for the Soviets…or Republicans?

      • clarespark

        I am not a Corbett scholar, but it is true that many workers were against the Viet Nam era protesters. I suspect that some of that was resentment at draft dodgers, while some were simply anticommunist and did not buy the line that the Viet Cong was a national liberation movement. I also doubt that the Occupy crowd appeals to the working class. These are more likely young anarchists along with superannuated leftist leftovers from the 1960s and 1970s. The American labor movement is very weak today, and perhaps undermined by illegal immigrants, who work for lower wages and often do not pay into social security.

        • Pacifist1

          It would not surprise me, if Corbett was a useful idiot for the Rockefellers.


          Lessons of the Cold War: The Corporate War on Labor, at Home and Abroad
          Wednesday, 27 June 2012 13:49 Gerard Colby

          Wealthy families like the du Ponts, Pews and Kochs used their allies in Congress and the FBI to launch witch hunts against the more liberal and radical labor organizers that had helped build the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) during the Depression……

          To stave off attacks in the upcoming 1948 presidential race by conservative Republicans who charged that Communists had infiltrated the New Deal, Truman, despite misgivings, issued Executive Order No. 9835, initiating the Federal Employees Loyalty and Security Program. The program’s purpose, Truman explained, was to uncover and fire disloyal federal employees and to protect the innocent employees from unfounded charges. Yet the term “disloyal” was not defined, the accused’s Constitutional right to confront or even know who was the accuser was denied, and the Attorney General was authorized to draw up a list of organizations he deemed subversive. This was the first peacetime loyalty program by a president in the history of the United States. Years later, after it was clear that the program had encouraged an atmosphere of paranoia that penetrated throughout American life and paved the way for the reckless witch-hunts of Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, Truman would privately admit he had made a “terrible” mistake.

          In this climate of hysteria against a weak Communist Party presence in America, most of the larger industrial unions were purged of some of their best leaders. The remaining union leaders accommodated themselves to an era of new corporate prosperity. The industrial unions allowed the more conservative crafts unions of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) to regain control over a newly merged AFL-CIO. They chose as their leader a New York plumbers’ union business agent (and, since the construction of Rockefeller Center during the 1930s, friend of oil scion and future New York governor Nelson Rockefeller) by the name of George Meany.

        • amused

          Oh cut it out clarespark , you're trying a bit to hard to sound like a graduate student …'re just another parrot like the rest of these fools knocking Damon . You think your psych-babble sounds inelligent ? …lol… describing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with 1000 words or more .

          • Pacifist1

            I never heard of Matt Damon before; but if he is popular with our current entertainment industry, it has me doubting he is good actor… or that he could be a good actor.

            He should quit, or do something iconic like not accept a award like Brando did…then defect to the liberal pacifists to work for social change.

          • clarespark

            At least I use my real name, not like the cowardly person who dare not identify himself. I will always be a student, though I did finally get my doctorate. And I will never resort to ad hominem attacks.

  • abag

    Just another leftist idiot!

  • Western Spirit

    Damon’s analogy about Elysilliness is so full of holes it leaks silly big time. It overlooks volumes of material contradicting his point of view.

    I don’t care where he went to school, its clear his education was mainly propaganda and he didn’t have the intelligence to see through it.

  • Carol Howard Fights

    Actors feel guilt for all the money they make so they which to equalize and be fair to the 99%er's. But for some reason, they always feel guilty and decide to "make things right" with our money, not theirs! Take your money, Matt Damon, and redistribute to all the poor and unwilling to work out there! Stop the bleeding heart mumbo jumbo, and DO what you really profess!!

    • Amused

      Looks like you got NO education Carol …Damon puts his money wghere his mouth is . You resent that , don't you … tell me true . Yea ….let all those people who dont have access to clean drinking water in India or Afric a…..LET'EM GET A JOB .

  • A.T. Halmay

    There was a joke that circulated in Europe in the 1930s that went as follows: "Mr. Schmidt, are you aware that your son is a Communist?" Schmidt responds, "Of course. He is 19. If he had not turned Communist by 19, I would have disowned him. If he is still a Communist at 29, I will disown him then."

    Left and right mentalities really represent the immature dreamer versus the mature realist. Hollywood actors take longer to grow up and some, sadly, never do. Their looks and talent have nothing to do with their intelligence or lack of it.

  • Western Spirit

    I do not use profanities or foul language stay on topic and no ad hominem comments come from my posts. But you are still giving me a hard time posting. Why?

  • Paul Schnee

    Decades ago just one of the more disgraceful reasons given for denying black people the vote was the ridiculous belief that their brains were smaller but every time I read one of Schlomotion's comments I'm not so sure any more.

  • Western Spirit

    Evidently the hard time was an aberration. So here's the post I couldn't get posted.

    Damon's analogy about Elyisilliness, I can't remember what he called it, but it rained silliness because it doesn’t take anything in consideration but the propaganda he learned at Harvard. He evidently doesn’t have the intelligence to see through the illusions to the truth.

  • geopeyton

    "The majority of people in this country want equality of opportunity, not equality of results, and it is the latter that Obama and Damon and their ilk really mean when they talk about “fairness”:"

    Not quite – Damon and his ilk want equality of results FOR EVERYONE ELSE. They exempt themselves from the distribution, just as Barry wants to spread around EVERYONE ELSE'S wealth, not his and not his bankrollers.

  • Serafino

    Excellent article, very well-written and passionate. Thank you. Somebody ought to tell this Damon guy and his leftie buddies that their sweet lives spent on sucking on champaigne and sharing lobster and filet dinners with the commander-in-thief will come to an end if socialist utopia becomes a reality in our country. They want equality, but they want it at your expense. I wonder just how much Damon and his likes give to charity. Any idea? As to Springsteen, just because you generate a lot of expensive ticket sales, you are not necessarily a great musician. I never thought he was, anyway. All he knows to do is scream and yell off-tune. Combine it with some pseudo-sexiness and rough-around-the-edges look and marxist lyrics, and I guess all of this appeals to someone out there, like union guys or dumb bored hippies.

    Sooo… the best thing we as conservatives can do is hit them where it hurts the most – on their wallet. Do not buy their records, do not attend their events and, in the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, "pay no more attention to them than to the air expelled from their backsides".

    • Philip W.

      EXACTLY! Springsteen is a horrible musician, I can't for the life of me figure out how he ever made it. His yelling sucks, and he slams the bejesus out of his guitar, all the while spewing that communist propaganda he is so good at.

  • Amused

    Charities & foundations supported(29)

    Matt Damon has supported the following charities:

    African Children's Choir
    American Humane Association
    Ante Up For Africa
    Arthritis Society of Canada
    Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Canada
    Celebs for Kids
    Child Find Ontario
    Clothes Off Our Back
    ENOUGH Project
    Feeding America
    H2O Africa
    Love Our Children USA
    Lupus Canada

    Not On Our Watch
    ONE Campaign
    Red Cross
    Right To Play
    Satellite Sentinel Project
    Save the Children
    The Children's Center
    Unite for Japan
    War Child
    Willow Foundation
    World Food Programme
    Yéle Haiti Found

    Read more:

    • Western Spirit

      so? He give to charities does that make him right about his opinions? Maybe he's clearing his conscience because he knows he's being a hypocrite.

      Whatever the case he should revisit "Good Will Hunting" and understand that brightness is fleeting and superficial to what is the most important feature of humanity, the character of people.

      Character that not just ascertained by being able to give to charities because he certainly isn't giving from want but plenty, no sacrifice there and little credit without knowing his motivation.

  • Amused

    Some how I think this guy's got a right to opinion , and BTW Tapson , What;s the "Chic-Filet " bru-ha-ha got to do with Damon ? Did you throw that in for effect . You'd even pissss on the "Boss " for your one sided B..S.
    As for the Teaparty wanting to drive the country "off the cliff " ….THEY NEARLY DID , resulting in a notch down in America ';s credit rating , and YES , he did get it right with "Banking " , because it was the 525 crooks in Washington we elected , in conjunction with the Banks that caused the present economic situation , and YES Obama did nothing to change that . The LIBOR SCANDAL ,and Wall Street's Diamon , who "opposes any legislation to regulate" [ lol.. "it's bad for buisiness " ] his Casino Crap Game , rolled the dice again for a $ 9 Billion dollar loss [so far all they will admit to- first it was only $2 Billion ]

  • Amused

    More character assaination .Hey Moran you must have went to the same school as Vadum eh ? Why did you throw in that phony "molotov cocktail " link ? And what has the Chick-Filet Bru-ha-ha have to do with it ?
    Man you two are slicker than a greaseed flagpole . LOL…you set up your readers LIKE BOWLING PINS ..LOL…but these PINS fallover by themselves , they're predisposed LOLOL…..and 'The Boss " you attack him to to make your phony political point .

    • Amused

      Sorry replace "Moran " with " Tapson " you guys are so alike in your writing , it's hard to tell the difference .
      Same writing "style " .

  • Amused

    Damon puts his money where his mouth is , who did YOU provide clean water for ? And he got the Banks right , as well as Obama who has done nothing to stop those same Banks who brought down the economy , of with the help of those 525 BUMS in Washington .

  • Amused

    And just look , Jamie Diamon of Wall Street …lol..who's against any legislation that will interfere with his Wall Street Casino game , threw the dice with $9 billion and lost [so far that's all they'll admit to ] .I wonder how much of that was private equity ? And look at the LIBOR scandal , I wonder how many people got screwed there ? No Damon's got it right , and doesn't deserve to have his character assasinated by a political hack with writing skills .

  • Amused

    And you even attack "The Boss " man is there no limit ? Because of a song ? Fascist !

  • Amused – another "greedy 1 % er " ? Who are you guys gonna drag down next ? Elvis ?

  • Amused

    thank goodness for Karma .

    • Western Spirit

      Yes, thank goodness for Karma.

      Speaking of karma for that hypocrite Damon, why do you have such devotion to him? You really come across as a fanatic about him. Is he a relative, do you have the hots for him, or what?

      I was turned off by him when he sneered at Bill OReilly for wanting him on his show? Not because I"m so crazy abiut OReilly but because it was just so full of hubris and conceit on Damon's part it was unbecoming.

  • Oleg

    Lets make make sure that Matty "Pinky" Damon's new movie does to his movie career what "Waterworld" and "The Postman" did to Kevin Costner's, shouldn't be too hard. The premise behind it sounds like it was ripped off from "Bladerunner', with a script that even the Soviet Cultural Affairs Bureau would reject. One reason why they would reject it is that occupants the space station "Elysium" would be a perfect representation of the politbureau and upper escheolons of the old Soviet Communist party, they were the true 1%ers of Soviet society.
    With regard to Matt "Pinky" Damon being Harvard educated, that's a laugh, maybe he dated some girls who attended there. More then likely he bought a degree from a diploma mill with a similar name such as the Harvard Academic Institute of Waukegan, Illinois , located one flight up above a pawn broker in the low rent district. If he had attended the real Harvard then he obviously played hookey from the history program since he believes Howard Zinn is a credible source, nor would he think Socialism was the cure to all of life's ills if he had listened to Professor Nial Ferguson .
    Speaking of Howard Zinn, what happened to the documentary that Pinky bankrolled about the Marxist?

  • ratonis

    Movie stars are so often very talented at playing some fictional character while in real life exposing themselves as little more than college sophomore level intellects.

    • amused

      Yea they are ….just like the rest of us . And talk about sophomoric ? The posters jumping Damon's case are the epitomy of the word .Not to mention meanspirited, self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrites .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If we had the world Damon pines for he would be selling bad apples on dirt roads or hovel to hovel.
    What good is he?……………………………..William

  • Ann Nonymous

    Let's try an experiment. Let's take my teacher retirement income, put it in a giant container, dump in Matt Damon's income, shake it up, then divide it equally between Matt and me. He is so wealthy that he doesn't need it all, and I do.
    Think he'll go for it?
    What a dolt!

  • amused

    Lets do better , lets take the Koch Bros.i ncome mix it up with my pension , and we can divy it up betwee the Koch bros ……..and 5 thousand of my freinds . And just think , other than voicing his opinion , he ain't screwing anyone like the Koch Bros , nor does he belong to ALEC , a group of elites that buys legislation nationwide .Who are you clowns kidding ?

  • sonofgalt

    if you are so concerned about matt i’m paralyzed buy me a van and retrofit my house cost you less that 100 grand you could do 10 people every movie

  • gmo2ashes

    Elysium echoes much of the current commie regime including wealth redistribution, entitlement and citizenship for illegal immigrants, and making allopathic healthcare (Obamacare) available to everyone seem like manna from Heaven. It even has a revolutionary character and eventual hero named Spider who resembles Che Guevara.