Michael Moore and Obama Smear the Greatest Generation

Just when hateful documentary propagandist Michael Moore was becoming a distant, bad memory, he returns with a deeply disrespectful political ad that he produced in conjunction with the radical left MoveOn.org. It is one of the saddest and most revolting spots yet associated with the Obama campaign, which has turned this election into a carnival of vulgarity.

The virulently radical Moore, who is vastly wealthy but affects solidarity with the working-class, is not only responsible for a corpus of film work that is bloated with anti-American lies and distortions, including Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, he is also a friend to every enemy America and capitalism have, from Hezbollah to the Muslim Public Affairs Council to Occupy Wall Street to Code Pink to Fidel Castro and more, all the while proclaiming, “I love this country!”

MoveOn.org is a grassroots political network that organizes online activists, raises money for Democrat candidates through pop culture events, generates political ads, and wins young recruits through its appeal to the MTV subculture. The ad they co-produced with Moore steers viewers to VotersRising.org, where they can donate or sign up to volunteer with MoveOn. The site asserts that Romney and Ryan “want to destroy Medicare, cut taxes for the rich, and take us back into a recession.” Blah blah blah.

Moore fell off the filmmaking map after his 2009 movie Capitalism: A Love Story. But now he’s back as the producer of a pro-Obama spot called “A Message from the Greatest Generation,” which depicts a handful of elderly people residing at the “Rosebud Nursing Home” stressing the urgency of not only voting – but voting for President Obama. The scenario is obviously staged, the elderly participants are obviously actors, and thus the script too is presumably not actually the words and sentiments of “the greatest generation,” but of gutter-brained radicals with the imprimatur of Moore and MoveOn.

The “Greatest Generation,” of course, is Tom Brokaw’s description of that generation of Americans that persevered through the Great Depression and World War II (whether in combat abroad or sacrificing at home for the war effort). They fought, Brokaw wrote, not for fame and recognition, but because it was the right thing to do, and when they returned they rebuilt America into a superpower. With their new political ad, Moore and MoveOn (and by extension Barack Obama, because MoveOn serves as his election shock troops) dishonor those men and women by portraying them as foul-mouthed, undignified, mean-spirited thugs.

“My first vote was in 1940 for Franklin D. Roosevelt and I have not missed an election since,” says the supposedly 97-year-old “Marie” to the camera as the ad begins. “I want the Republican party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama, we will burn this motherf—er down.”

Does that sound like the language of one of the Greatest Generation? Of course not. It does, however, sound exactly like the vile and violent rhetoric of the left from the 1960s and today.

Adds the black “Dorothi,” 75: “If the Republicans steal this election, I’m going to track down Mitt Romney and give him the world’s biggest c-ck punch.” With sitcom-worthy acting chops, Dorothi proceeds to give her best racially offensive interpretation of black attitude as she emphasizes, “right in the nut sack.” Classy.

As for the 85-year-old “John” who claims to be a vet:

I served during World War II. I’m the last of my buddies still here, and I’ve got a message for kids, for Democrats, for anyone who cares about honest elections: if you let the Republicans do this to you again, after we die we’re going to look down on you from heaven. And we’re going to make a point of watching you have sex, every time, no matter how kinky.

If John actually is a vet, he ought to be ashamed that he is representing himself and his deceased comrades thus. The video ends with the oldtimers grooving to a funky beat. Very dignified.

This ad comes on the heels of one of the most bizarre and idiotic political ads in history, the Obama campaign’s “My First Time” video featuring HBO celeb Lena Dunham comparing voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity. Just like that ad revealed Obama’s contempt for young women voters, this ad exposes Michael Moore’s and MoveOn’s contempt for “the greatest generation,” and underscores the left’s obsession with obscenity.

Christian Toto at Big Hollywood points out that other recent spots feature pro-Obama celebs that are so listless about their support that Obama might be better off without any further celebrity endorsements. Jon Hamm, the impeccably stylish star of the critical and popular hit TV show Mad Men, shows up in one ad that has almost zero production value, looking like he fell out of bed after a weekend bender. Unshaven, hair askew, and bags under his eyes, Hamm looks and sounds tipsy in the spot as he encourages Colorado voters to vote early for Obama.

Speaking of hung over: In a second spot, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong from The Hangover comedy film franchise stand outside an Obama/Biden bus and stumble their way through a short promo urging University of Nevada-Reno students to vote early. After they finally get it right, Galifianakis mutters, “Where’s my money?” which gets a big laugh from the crew gathered around. Granted, it’s intended to have the look and feel of a blooper reel, but the end result is to make the actors seem utterly insincere about their flailing candidate and apathetic about the election.

“When did ‘Hope and Change’ become ‘Shrug and Go Through the Motions’ in liberal Hollywood?” Toto asks rhetorically. Perhaps it did when they gradually began to accept, consciously or not, that their Messiah is a false god and his second term is a lost cause.

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  • Mary Sue

    Is it sad that Michael Moore's most credible movie to date is Canadian Bacon? [/sarcasm]

    • XCSX

      There will be a special place in Hell for Comrade Moore and those of his ilk

  • pierce

    Why are we giving this jackass lip service? He is not worth it.

  • radicalconservative

    the quickest way to get really rich is to be a radical liberal activist who pretends to hate capitalism.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Tapson managed to make his exegesis even longer and dumber than Michael Moore's ad.

    • Mary Sue

      wow, looks like the purple koolaid is laced today. It makes schlo read actual words as word salad.


      Shariamotion, Your comments are longer and dumber than mickael moore's ad.

  • tagalog

    The political commercials described in the commentary above are helping to clear the confusion people might feel about the differing points of view of our nation's politicians and those who claim to be in a position to solve our problems.

    Shall we have politicians who claim to wish to apply their business expertise to solving our economic problems, or shall we have women who talk about voting as if it's like having your first sexual encounter (what about those who are voting after the first time), or people who act as if the commercial is one big out-take, where the greed for money is highlighted?

  • Shawn Crippen

    Barack Obama has shown anything BUT contempt for women, young or otherwise. I suggest you back away from the keyboard long enough to educate yourself on your subject matter, Mr. Tapson. You are woefully misinformed.

    • Mary Sue

      oh, and treating women like walking talking vaginas ISN'T sexist?

    • Fred's daughter

      Other women Obama has contempt for are unborn baby girls and inner city schoolgirls trapped in failing public schools due to being denied vouchers. I was one of such children.

    • guets

      Anything but contempt for women, huh? If thinking that women are only capable of caring about birth control and abortion isn't contempt for their intelligence, then there's no such thing. Possibly it's your education that needs an upgrade.

  • BS77

    Michael Moore is a steaming pile…..a loathsome and disgusting Jabba the Hut.

    • Cerise Rowan

      That is a little tough on Jabba…

  • clarespark

    Shame on Jon Hamm, that hippie, but should we be surprised? I analyzed Mad Men here: http://clarespark.com/2010/10/24/mad-men-and-the-…. "Mad Men and the Jewish Problem." The pretensions of wealthy Hollywood liberals would be funny if they were not so influential in corrupting ordinary people.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AlexKovnat Alex Kovnat

    If Michael Moore is using actors who themselves never served in a war or, who are reciting from a script they volunteered to recite (in exchange for adequate pay, I suppose) and M.M. doesn't tell us this before or after the movie, this is indeed a frightening deception.

    • Mary Sue

      of course it is. No self-respecting veteran of that era would participate in this. Not unless they'd grown so senile that they went leftist as well out of the blue.

    • Cerise Rowan

      But nothing new, michael moore has all the morals of roman polanski.
      I keep hoping someone will sue the heck out of him, in fact, I keep hoping everyone he cut and remixed to make it seem they said something different will sue him… it will be the only thing that would stop him.
      That was the most repellent campaign spot I've ever seen. I only hope it shows people what they misunderstood four years ago.

      • Mary Sue

        If it's any consolation, I know a lot of stupid old hippies. The Raging Grannies come to mind. Google them for a laugh.

        One time about 20 years ago, I was in a coffee shop munching a bagel, when I heard a table full of women (many middle aged but a few elderly) talking like a bunch of IDIOTS about how to bring peace to the world. I was snickering my butt off at the horrifically naive ideas these old biddies spouted forth. Ideas that should have been buried when Jimmy Carter left office because they're too full of fail. These gals have no freaking clue how the world works.

        And one of these idiots ended up becoming a Member of Parliament. sigh.

  • evy

    "This matter [is] by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." Daniel 4:17
    "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." 2Timothy3:13 KJV1611Authorized. Note…'that the living may know.' It will not be allowed to continue forever. Even nature groans, awaiting redemption, in case we haven't noticed.

  • Ar'nun

    It's all a big joke to the left. People loosing their homes, jobs, dignity and self reliance is nothing but a laughing matter. This was confrimed when the Vice President laughed his way through a 90 minute debate to determine the future of our nation.

    Then the Commander in Chief, a once dignified position of Power treated us to clever one liners like Bayonets and Horses, and sarcastic quips about aircraft carriers and submarines. So no, this Michael Moore ad doesn't surprise me one bit. But what does is how many people realize how wrong it is, and sit back and do nothing.

    When Obama and his team are done rigging this election, and he gets his 4 more years and no one even bothers to find out why the electronic voting machines are picking Obama when the voter is picking Romney, we won't find it funny, and if people are just going to sit back and opine about it, maybe we should try to find the humor in it.

    • alantatanka

      Very well said. There are so many (to long to list) reasons why we should be angry and fearful. The lies and wrongs done to this country are unheard of in many ways. The lack of caring and understanding of exactly what obama is doing is very scary. I sometimes wish the left would get all that they want so that it would destroy these weak, sick minded, left liberal pieces of crap but then I think of my grandchhildren who have not had a chance to live a life yet and the millions of good people who would (again) have to fight (giving their lives) to keep us all free. Today is Friday 11-2-12. I continue to hope and pray for 4 more days until we will begin to live again or die..

      • Cerise Rowan

        I agree, I was thinking the other day, I've been watching the downward slide for years, but suddenly it has worsened to such a degree, I feel like a stranger in a strange land… the lies, the distortions, the worthless excuses and justifications, all with out content, values or accountability. And the pathetic smugness of superiority while they recite empty rhetoric…
        I think it has reached critical mass….

  • cmdorsey

    We're to bow down to Michael BLUBBERmouth Moore? He thinks Cuba has the greatest healthcare in the world? I think Moore should be tried and prosecuted as an enemy of the United States and lose his citizenship, put him on a really really really really tiny rubber raft (that has a slow leak) and send him across the way from Florida to Cuba, the land that he loves. He hates the capitalist way of America so much, maybe he should donate all of his $millions to the people on the east coast. THEN we can log chain him (he's too fat to use rope) to that tiny rubber raft with a slow leak and push him off to Cuba. What a dirtbag

    • Mary Sue

      If he knows full well that the tourist hospitals he was touring in Cuba bear NO resemblance at all to the hospitals the locals in Cuba have to use, he's doubly slimy.

    • R. Patterson

      I agree with you, I feel hes using all his movies as a get rich quick scam. I would also like to point out
      that he may be working with the feds so they can find out who agrees with this garbage that he has produced, a way of detecting true Americans from traders.


  • "gunner"

    back a while ago ralph hayes jr. did a great parody of micheal moore in his "nip and tuck" online comic strip. the strip is currently on haitus, but the archives are still open. it's worth an archive search.

  • BLJ

    Michael Moore ate Roger Ebert. He is a piece of garbage plain and simple. An "ad' like this has about as much chance of helping Comrade O as Bill Clinton giving up skirt chasing.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I believe that there's no more than 1-2% of the electorate who don't know who they will vote for, at this point in time. I hope this ad plays in all fifty states (or is that 57?). I think that they'll vote for Romney …

    • WilliamJamesWard

      We can hope so Stephen, after all of the hype and leftist MSM slant the day of decision
      and just how well off America is it's ability to make judgement will be on display.

  • trickyblain

    Apparently, Tapson has never had a conversation with a vet from that era. Sure, not all use foul language, but the term "salty" didn't just drop out of the sky. One of the most impressive users of profanity is my friend's grandfather — former Gunny who is a survivor of the Chosin Reservoir. Guy can out-drink, out tough, and out swear anyone on the planet.

    • akreynin

      Yes, but this language usually does not come from old women and, most importantly, should not appear in political ads. This ad insults elderly people in the United States; it gives our elderly a bad image. Michael Moore ought to be ashaed of himself.

    • akreynin


    • Mary Sue

      Most little old ladies I know would wither up and gasp in shock at one of their own generation and gender speaking in such a manner.

      The ones in the ad were probably conscientious objectors during WW II.

      While I have no doubt old men can swear a blue streak without breaking a sweat, most of them know NOT to do it in polite company, particularly NOT in front of little old ladies.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jason.mendez.7 Jason Mendez

    Michael Moore's still alive?

    • Mary Sue

      Maybe I should channel Julianne Malveaux who said something similar about clarence thomas:

      "I hope he gets fed a lot of eggs and butter for breakfast so he dies early of a heart attack…"

    • Questions

      He's been wolfing down a lot of cheeseburgers in Flint.

  • Ghostwriter

    Can't people like Michael Moore make their points without swearing? I can do that easily WITHOUT going into the gutter.

    • Fred's daughter

      Do you expect liberals to be mindful of how they get their points across?

    • Mary Sue

      it's the evolution of the culture where the libs and some others not only have become comfortable with increased crassness but also feel entitled to it. They get a thrill up their leg like Chris Matthews whenever they shock someone with it, too.

  • Jerry

    Michael Moore is a no-class hack and I sincerely wish they would attempt to put this up on network TV. That would seal the deal for Romney. Here's my new motto for the Democratic Party: Classless, Vile, & Hip – There's not a truth we can't distort!

    • Mary Sue

      Truth: One of my grandmothers is quite "taken" with Obama, but that ad would put her off Obama FOREVER.

  • Roberta

    Michael is lost.

    • Fred's daughter

      So is his mind!

  • http://facebook LauraThompson

    I just lost my desire to watch anything John Hamm is in again…ever, and I'm a big fan of Mad Men. I really think it would do actors/celebs a big service in order to keep their "charm", that they keep their political viewpoint more private. I really don't want them to spoil it for me.

  • Joe Smiff

    I noticed that comments and ratings for Michael Moron's "ad" on you tube were diabled. Guess he didn't want to get an ass whuppin' on two sites.

  • Western Spirit

    Maybe disgusting tells more about American culture than we care to know.

  • Thomas H.

    Barack Obama, bungling amateur, Affirmative Action President.
    All hat and, but for that silly cow Michelle, no cattle.

  • Gman213

    Michael Moore is proof that the human anus can talk.

  • BS77

    Michael Moore illustrates the level of indecency you'll see in this election cycle. For one, the shill liberal media has been trumpeting the "polls" for months in an effort to nuance and suggest an outcome. The amount of money, fundraisers, horrible ads and distortion pushes the dumb bunny voters towards the desired result. We live in a Cashocracy….third parties are now purged, blanked out, ignored completely as if they do not exist. It is big money, big media, leftist universities and phony journalists and talking heads on MSNBC, CNN etc etc that are no longer objective outlets for information, but editorials for outcomes. I try to have faith that the American voter can see what is going on right in front of them….massive unemployment, staggering deficits and debts, nearly fifty million Americans on food stamps, trillions of dollars wasted on stimlulus packages and bail outs, Solyndra, the end of our space program….and a foreign policy nightmare the media avoids altogether.

    • Mary Sue

      If the benghazi thing manages to stay mostly under wraps to the average person (out of the media), boy some people are going to feel like they got played for chumps when it does come out if they voted for Obama (regardless of whether or not Obama gets in, but doubly so if he does manage to make it in).

  • Mary Sue

    Here's a thought:

    Republican President does something wrong. Democrats clamor for impeachment or something, work tirelessly to get them unelected or removed. Any who support the Republican President are called immoral for supporting a President that did x, even though he's for "tax cuts" and all the other things, because dammit, morality should trump ideology.

    Democrat President does something wrong. Democrats defend them tirelessly, claim whatever it was isn't sufficient to turf him out, and by the way the fact that the Democrat President supports free birth control, abortion, and Make The Rich Pay More totally cancels out the wrong thing he did and it's totally moral to support him because otherwise women would be chained up barefoot in the kitchen and minorities would be working the plantations or something.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Michael Moore is a vulgar creature so what is the big surprise, that the Obama campaign would
    use such a vile creature, hey they are all alike on the left, trash and no class, no none whatsoever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.whitehead.5243 Andrew Whitehead

    Isn't it amazing that tired old liberals like Moore claim to be "working class" but stand up for a president that has publicly stated, time and time again, that the "rich" are enemies?

    Are the rich who support Obama going to get special rights? My next question is why has Obama soaked up more money from the "fat cat" Wall Street bankers than Romney has? Is it payback for the free bank cash?

    Something is very rotten in DC and the biggest odor is coming from the White House.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

    Is there a fatter more disgusting hypocrite liar and false prophet than Michael Moore??
    I can't imagine there is …
    The ignorant arrogance combined with arrogant ignorance almost defies credulity.

  • http://twitter.com/surfcitysocal2 @surfcitysocal2

    And this is the guy these elderly people love so much: someone who not only advocates revenge–in the form of voting, this time, anyway–but who also inspires hatefulness, violence, bad behavior, and bodily harm to be done on those who they've designated as their target. How far he's fallen from "hope and change."