Never Let a Horror Go To Waste

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” said President Obama’s former consigliere Rahm Emanuel, who is now the mayor of the strictly gun-controlled gun murder capital of the world, Chicago. So naturally the statist anti-gun utopians see opportunity in Friday’s Newtown school massacre to push the total gun ban they’ve been lusting after for so long.

Rather than pause long enough to grieve with the rest of us over the horrific murders of twenty children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school; rather than wait for the media frenzy to subside so all the facts could be known; rather than honor the victims’ families and friends by refusing to politicize the nightmare, all the usual 2nd Amendment-hating suspects wasted no time pushing their agenda in the ghoulish media and accusing gun proponents of having blood on their collective hands.

Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, and Richard Blumenthal, among others, vowed to introduce gun-ban legislation immediately. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a man who never saw a human behavior he didn’t want the state to control, said in true totalitarian fashion that Obama has “to tell this country what to do.” Speaking of totalitarians, the Communist Chinese, who always have America’s best interests at heart, are now siding with the gun-ban fascists and urging Obama to “make preparation for a protracted war” to make it happen. Quelle surprise.

When Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler from New York was asked on MSNBC’s The Ed Show whether the Newtown shooting could be the turning point in the gun control debate, he replied, “I think we will be there if the president exploits it, and otherwise we’ll go on to the next” incident [emphasis added]. Perhaps “exploit” was just a poor choice of words; more likely it is just unintentionally revealing about the Democrats’ Alinskyite manipulation.

And of course Michael Moore, apologist for the mass murderer Fidel Castro, swiftly took to Twitter, which has become the medium of choice for inane grandstanding by narcissistic celebrities on current event topics that no one asked them about. The propagandist behind Bowling for Columbine tweeted that “the way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.”

I have no idea what violent public policy he’s talking about, but it probably has to do with the war we’re already not waging against Islamic fundamentalists who kill our soldiers with impunity now both abroad (green-on-blue killings, anyone?) and at home (remember the workplace violence at Ft. Hood? Those soldiers were unarmed because base protocol forbade it, enabling jihadist Nidal Hasan to slaughter his victims, including a pregnant woman, at will).

As for strict gun control, we already have that. The apparently insane Newtown shooter violated numerous gun laws in the commission of his crimes. Funny how that works – the evil aren’t constrained by laws, and they take full advantage of gun-free zones like Ft. Hood and schools to carry out their demonic mission.

Moore went on to target the National Rifle Association with a particularly vile tweet: “The NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your children to school & expect them to come home alive.” This is typical progressive projection. It is the totalitarian left that hates freedom. The hypocrite 1%er Moore, with his armed bodyguards, has never been unwilling to exploit the deaths of children in his obsession with ensuring that arms are limited to the state and to criminals – or is that redundant?

Let me be clear, as Obama is fond of saying: the statists aren’t talking about stricter gun control. They want a total ban on guns in America. “I don’t think people should be able to own guns,” Obama once reportedly told gun rights advocate John Lott. And so in his statement after the massacre he promises “meaningful action.” Keep in mind that our President wants to disarm Americans while shipping more fighter jets and tanks to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t have a warm fuzzy feeling about guns either. Holder once said that he wanted a campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way” and to “change the hearts and minds of people in Washington, DC” about guns. About the Newtown massacre, he said,

As a nation I think we have to ask ourselves some hard questions. We gather too often to talk about these kinds of incidents. We need to discuss who we are as a nation, talk about the freedoms that we have, the rights that we have and how those might be used in a responsible way.

Translation: it’s our rights and freedoms that are irresponsible, not criminals and the insane, so we need to curtail them. This is the same Attorney General who ducks responsibility for the Fast and Furious program that fed weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Again, the Obama administration has no compunction about disarming American citizens and arming America’s enemies.

The mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School has pierced the heart of every American. The horror of it is unimaginable. Who is to blame? “I’ll tell you who’s to blame,” opined a blogger for the left-leaning Slate. “You are. I am. Everyone is.” This is typical of the left’s inability to comprehend the notion of personal responsibility. “Society” is always to blame (except when it’s more convenient to blame Bush or Cheney). In fact, Adam Lanza is to blame. It’s too soon to know yet just what his mental condition was and whether or not it was being mismanaged; perhaps warning signs were ignored, in which case that national conversation needs to take place. But banning guns is not the answer.

Holder is partly correct – we do need to discuss who we are as a nation and talk about the freedoms and rights that we have, such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and how the totalitarian left under Obama is capitalizing on Friday’s horror to deny Americans those freedoms and rights.

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  • @_musica1


    • Gandydancer

      Yes, your laughter is so contagious. Does your mother keep guns at home? Are you on your meds?

    • Mo_

      Using a tragedy as evil as the murder of children to laugh at their political opponents – this is the Left.

      • Roger

        I wonder who this disturbed guy voted for. If he was a Romney supporter you know they'd have used that against us already. I want a pic of his back bumper, did he have an obama sticker or not?

  • UCSPanther

    And the moonbats have been twittering about wanting to murder members of the NRA. Stay classy, libs.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Just another example of how projection is one of the leftwing's favorite coping mechanisms.

      • AdinaK

        The gang in Washington should be careful before they lunge for American's legal, Constitutionally sanctioned guns. The thugs in suits have too many skeletons to hide, and many Americans are learning their true proclivities too.

        Knowledge is power and the people won't lay down prostrate for Washington.

        Adina kutnicki, Israel –

    • AdinaK

      Guess what? Radicals and thugs do what they do best, and they ALWAYS revert true to form.

      Now, the radical left is so out of touch with reality they haven't a clue how mendacious they are. For if the kiddies were their true concerns, surely Obama and gang would not have gutted approval for school safety funding TWO times! Moreover, the Radical-in-Chief is a serial liar and lawbreaker too, as is his Racialist AG.

      So, does he really think that patriotic Americans will allow their guns to be taken from them, under any circumstances? Hardly.

      And it is not for nothing that the the lawless AG is mired in so many criminal activities he belongs in jail, alongside many of the gangsters running loose in Washington –

      Obama will be in the fight of his life, if he dares go for American's legally, Constitutionally sanctioned guns!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • crackerjack

    Only those with the weaker arguments avoid discussion.
    Lets face the facts. If we can't lock our guns away, we'll have to lock our kids and citizens away. When the mentaly ill and deranged are to have free access to assult arms and unlimited munition, all schools, universities, cinemas, town halls and public facilities will have to eventually be secured and guarded by armed security personel. There is no alternative.

    • UCSPanther

      If that's what it takes, so be it.

      Like I said, if you think Europe is so wonderful, then move there. Trade socialists like you for some good Europeans who WILL appreciate our culture.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Sure there an alternative. The carry of concealed firearms.

      assult(sic) arms

      What do you mean?

      unlimited munition(sic)

      Do you mean ammunition? Not even the government has unlimited ammunition, although it has spent billions (yes, with a "b") buying ammo of the type used by federal civilian departments, not the military. But that's another discussion.

      The fact that Loudner had 6000 rounds of ammo stockpiled meant nothing to his theater victims. Why? because he had 6000 rounds of ammo before the mayhem, and 6000 rounds after. It makes great sensationalist copy for the yellow journalists of the world, but it means nothing.

      There is mental illness, then there is mental illness. Attitudes have to be changed back to where they were before Carter, with regards to caring for those who have lost touch with reality. You appear to be suggesting we change the laws so that they address the fact there are a few mentally ill among us, by treating everyone as if they are mentally ill.

      Are you crazy?

      • crackerjack

        I agree with you that the problem is not guns. The problem is the wrong guns in the wrong hands. I believe no civilian needs automatic, heavy calibre weapons. I believe that those who chose to register and hold such weapons should be obligated by law to keep their arms under lock and key and must be held liable if negligence leads crimes being comitted with their weapons. There is no freedom without responsibility.

        • RedWhiteAndJew

          No, we do not agree, at all. And again, you illustrate that you have no idea what you are talking about.

          I challenge you:

          Define automatic weapon, then provide accounts of where automatic weapons were used to commit murder in the past, oh, I don't know, 50 years or so.

          Define heavy calibre (European, are we?). Does heavy calibre include .38 Special? 9mm? These are the rounds used most often by criminals, after all. Or perhaps 5.56mm NATO is a "heavy calibre." A round which any decent hunter wouldn't consider using to take down a deer, because it is too weak. The same round which the vast majority of American "automatic" weapons (to join you in the misuse of the term) are chambered in.

          I see what you did there, btw, with the whole registration thing. Do you think that if Lanza's mother's guns were registered, there would be fewer dead children now?

          Try again.

          • crackerjack

            Is it of such importance with which calibre the kids were killed with?
            There would be no dead children now if Lanza’s mother had been wise enough not to introduce her instable son to weapons and had kept her weapons safe behind lock and key.

          • RedWhiteAndJew

            You were the one to bring up "calibre," not me. If it's not relevant, don't bring it up again.

            You will get no argument from me that Lanza's mother exercised poor judgement. Let's outlaw poor judgement, shall we?

          • crackerjack

            And what about obligation to keeping arms behind lock and key,

          • JacksonPearson

            "And what about obligation to keeping arms behind lock and key,"
            Where are those words to be found in the Constitution?

          • Ricky Michael

            The responsibility lies with the mother completely. She made a fatal error with her son.

            What is needed is a ban on all video games that teach people how to kill, and de-sensitize individuals to the value of human life. Here is where the root of the problem lies in our current culture. An entire generation of kids are being “taught” by these so-called games. Their brains get programmed to act devoid of any thinking, “What am I doing?” They become so indoctrinated that they become calloused beyond any feeling of the horror that they inflict. Real people become only the next target inside their warped brains. This is what needs to stop.

            Gun control would make NO DIFFERENCE! It would only make us all helpless, unable to fight back and defend ourselves. People hell bend on killing, will find whatever they need to carry it out, where ever they are.

          • JacksonPearson

            Add, the Hollyweird movie industry hasn't helped the violent inclined, on the edge, fringe thinker either.

          • Ricky Michael

            Sure, the movies also are to blame in this too.

        • Gandydancer

          Adam Lanza killed 27 with a non-automatic low “calibre” long gun (.223 M4 Bushmaster). Get a clue, crackerjack.

          • RedWhiteAndJew

            Actually, no. Lanza used two handguns, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, in his murder spree. (Guns which are the top two choices of American law enforcement today, btw.)

            The Bushmaster was left in the trunk of his car.

          • tagalog

            That's right; I have to keep telling people that the flap over "assault rifles" arising out of the Newtown incident is entirely without basis. No "assault rifles" were used in that shooting incident. There's no issue of large-capacity magazines, no issue of rifles that look like assault rifles (but aren't), in this particular debate.

            I'm very cynical over the talk about a "debate about gun control." The debate has never stopped. It's been going on for a half-century. What the people who talk about a "debate" are really talking about is that they want more control, not more debate. In fact, they'd prefer it if they didn't have to debate the issue at all but instead had everyone agreeing with them.

          • trickyblain

            Actually, the most recent reports tell us that the Bushmaster was the primary weapon used and that the psycho had a whole bunch of 30-round mags. He offed himself with one of the handguns.

            I am in no way advocating for a ban on AR/AK types (I've built and own an AR), but a discussion on storage and access in politically inevitable.

          • davarino

            Yes, it should be the responsibility of the owner to secure their own guns. Adam's mother paid for that mistake with her life

          • Mary Sue

            how'd it get (back?) in the trunk of the car, then?

          • trickyblain

            It probably didn't. That report was at the outset (along with reports his mother was a teacher at the school, that his brother was hiding in the woods outside the school, etc.).

            Based on current reports, he left a 12 gauge in the car, not the .223.

          • Mary Sue

            actually he didn't even use THAT. It was still in his car!

        • JacksonPearson

          The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution:
          A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. (Emphasis added)

          Do you comprehend what the guarantee shall not be infringed means?

        • Fritz

          What about automobiles being in the wrong hands? Ever hear of vehicular homicide? A maniac in California did just that to a nursery school a few years ago. How about the number of fatalities caused by habitual drunk drivers every year?
          As for automatic weapons I believe that this has been explained before, you need a special license to own a machine gun, same with a sawed off shot gun, an ordinary citizen can't get one legally. You can't just walk into a gun shop, ask for a full automatic, and walk out with it.
          I'm not sure what you think constitutes a heavy caliber weapon or the relevance to this debate. Anti aircraft guns, ships guns, what exactly? In most instances the perp behind a mass shooting has no idea how to handle a firearm properly, in the Virginia Tech incident the perp used 100+ rounds to shoot fewer then 20 people. If Virginia Tech had not been a gun free zone, including the security guards, he would have been no match to a properly trained shooter and may have been stopped. Promoting a place as a gun free zone is a stupid as advertising that you have $30,000 under your mattress and that the door is unlocked.

        • Walt

          Your statements are stupefyingly ill informed! The only thing correct about it is that 'the problem is not guns'. The CONSISTENT problem is use of guns by criminals/mentally deranged who are breaking the laws already on the books.

          1. "…no civilian needs automatic, heavy calibre weapons." No civilian can legally purchase an automatic, much less, heavy caliber weapon – again, already against the law and only possessed by criminals!

          2. "… those who chose to register and hold such weapons should be obligated by law to keep their arms under lock and key and must be he held liable if negligence leads (to) crimes being omitted with their weapons." AGAIN, gun owners are responsible to all laws on the books and follow them 99.99% of the time!

          2.A. What is it that you don't comprehend about the words 'Concealed Carry License'?

          A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

    • ApolloSpeaks

      You're hysterical. There's no epidemic of gun violence in America. The vast majority of people in this country live in areas that are as safe as any town or city in England where gun ownership is outlawed and gun violence minimal.

      • tagalog

        A number of shooting sprees, at least three at schools during the past decade or so, were stopped by civilian bystanders who had access to firearms themselves.

        • ApolloSpeaks

          Bill Benett nailed it when he said that every school should have a teacher, guard or whoever carrying a gun.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Lets face the facts. If we can't lock our guns away, we'll have to lock our kids and citizens away. "

      That's a fact-free statement. Par for the course.

      • Mary Sue

        And we'd still have to lock our kids and citizens away even if they locked the guns away.

    • tagalog

      In the Newtown instance, the lawful firearms were stolen by the crazy guy. In the Columbine shooting, the guns were purchased by a front person, buying for the perps. There are lots of other incidents where obtaining the firearms was done using similar means. There's only one way to stop that kind of thing.

      The solution is NO GUNS at all, at least what's the lefties think. Except that people will still obtain firearms by other means, like by black-marketeering, buying from some GI making some bucks on the side, or from smugglers. There are people in the Balkans who have rifles, pistols, machine pistols, heavy machine guns, panzerfausts, and the like, which were obtained from the Germans during the World War II occupation and buried in the back yard in anticipation of a time when they might be needed. Americans would do the same thing.

    • pagegl

      The only people in this country who have legal access to assault weapons are military, law enforcement, and Class3 FFL holders. Allowing responsible gun owners the right to cary anywhere would go a long way to ending tragedies such as Newtown. Armed citizens have prevented criminals from killing more people simply by using their legal firearms, often without firing them; apparently the bad guys don't want to suffer what they are trying to do to others. It happens about 2 million times a year according to some estimates.

      • Mary Sue

        "assault weapons" is a meaningless term, btw.

    • Mary Sue

      We have to lock up the mentally deranged. Stopping doing that was the worst mistake, documented, that Canada AND the US made.

  • harrylies

    Britain had Dunblane, where children were killed. Tony Blair banned handguns. He supported the US in Iraq. |Australia had Port Arthur. John Howard banned weapons like the one used in Sandy Hook. He supported the US in Iraq.Don't worry. Congress is afraid of the NRA. If there was a real push to ban guns, there would be another Civil War. Robert Lee was just like the Sandy Hook killerr.

    • Deep Space

      A Civil War? And who would be the warring parties; you and your brother-and-law and Corky down the street with their deer rifles? Yessiree all that paintball training sure will come in handy against Seal Team Six. LOL

      • RedWhiteAndJew

        Google the phrase "a gun hiding behind every blade of grass."

      • fred dawes

        Yes with 40 vets say no seal team 6 mean nothing.

      • Walt

        Ever heard of "Posse Comititus" Skippy? While the spelling may be incorrect, that law PROHIBITS the use of armed U.S. troops being used in the U.S. And as a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer who touts the exploits/abilities of SS6 as the greatest small unit force the world has ever known – even they would be unable to confront over 3,000,000 U.S. citizens, most of whom would be armed – with a pitch fork if nothing else!

    • Mary Sue

      oh, it's you again.

      What hath Iraq to do with Dunblane? Or any sort of gun banning?

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    The sculpture featured in this article should send chills down the spine of all you see it. Whose gun do you think it is, and who do you think is responsible for rendering it unusable?

    Do you think the responsible party did that to their guns, too.

    • Asher

      Communists cause more deaths by eliminating freedoms than any other group in society.

    • tagalog

      When you consider that the revolver that is depicted is a Colt Python, a collector's item that hasn't been manufactured by Colt for at least the past 25 years, and was considered (and still is) as the "Rolls-Royce of revolvers" and is worth thousands of dollars if you can find one, a firearm that no gang-banger would ever be found using, you can add that to the inappropriateness of the sculpture (or whatever it is).

  • Tommo2

    There is strict gun control in the UK but that hasn't stopped mass killings by nutters.
    1987 Hungerford massacre, 16 killed including the shootist's mother, 15 wounded
    1996 Cumbria shootings, 12 killed and 11 wounded
    2010 Dunblane massacre, 16 children killed and 2 adults (one being the shooter)
    Gun control is NOT the answer for America.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    with violent tendencies who hate themeslves and loath world and want to achieve a perverse immortality by mass murdering others have existed before the invention of guns and will continue to exist should guns be outlawed. And as long as I live in this world of good and evil I'll be in danger of being one of their victims. But I'd rather live with this danger in a free society than eliminate it (if that were possible) in a tyrannical, crime-free security state.

  • pierce

    We are being chided by our commander in chief to do the right thing. And just what is the right thing to do. He, our SUPREME LEADER, wants us to go along with GUN CONTROL. I say nuts to that. I am not sure what the correct answer is, but in no way, is eliminating the right to bear arms the solution.
    Not in recent memory have I experienced or heard anybody, so perfect, as our President thinks he is, challenge "We the People" to do something insidiously wrong. It is his opinion, go along with him and you will be asking for more than you are entitled to get. What we need is real leadership, not pseudo leadership.

  • lone ranger

    just another reason, to chip away at your rights,drugs are illegal, have they gone away?? murder is illegal has that gone away?? its not the guns, that kill it the Individual, what we need is a reinstatement of capital punishment, and to get rid of liberal justices, that refuse to set out proper punishments, thats where the problems lie…….

    • fiddler

      "…what we need is a reinstatement of capital punishment, and to get rid of liberal justices".

      Here, here!

  • cassandra

    Banning guns is not an answer. In Belgium where guns are banned, like in the UK, just a few years ago there was a shooting in a pre- school were kids and teachers were killed. Then there was a shooting on a very busy market place. There too people were killed including children. Then there were the robberies of several jewellery stores where people were killed including a mother of three. And so on…What happened in that school is very, very sad. But the media Frenzy was disgusting . This should be banned not the guns.And then Obama big show that was even more disgusting, using mass grief for his own purpose, that was even more disgusting. That also should be banned.

  • Gandydancer

    Since the murders were committed using a stolen legally registered non-automatic low caliber rifle compliant with the expired “Assault Weapon” ban no “gun control” short of universal civilian rifle confiscation is more than marginally relevant.

  • Fred Dawes

    All about control of you and what is say and how you live.

  • patron

    Mentally ill has become a euphemism for evil. There's psychosis where people lack the ability to load a gun or drive a car and is easy to diagnose. Then there are personality disorders and psychopathy where the evil person goes to great lengths to hide their true feelings.

    Liberals want to actively ban guns, but would they consider the same activism in regards to drug use, a major factor in mental illness, single parent families, the most common shared demographic of prisoners, or mandatory schooling where kids are shot, bullied, raped, and defrauded.

    • Jim_C

      Sometimes that can be the case. When you look at methodical serial killers, it's impossible to sympathize with whatever "disorder" they claim. But consider the NIU school shooting. The shooter was liked by his professors and classmates–someone who helped others with their projects. But he also had a history of mental problems, and was on meds. After his girlfriend broke up with him, he went off his meds, and went on his rampage.

      This guy had friends, was well-regarded, had a history of service and trying to better his life. Calling him "evil" seems to gloss over a much more difficult truth. Someone truly "evil" strikes me as more cold, more banal, more like doing something for your advantage you know is wrong.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "This guy had friends, was well-regarded, had a history of service and trying to better his life. Calling him "evil" seems to gloss over a much more difficult truth."

        Not all of us have that difficulty of discernment. Evil people can have friends without mitigating their evil in any way. If that confuses you, we are again reminded that you admit you don't even realize you were indoctrinated in a public school and have no problem with what they propagate even today to your children.

        Not trying to insult you, just recapping my understanding to this point. In summary, you're propagating moral relativism where a guy is not all that bad if he's not purely evil, with a devil's costume or a mustache like Hitler. Evil people know how to be charming to implement their evil plans. It's really just that simple.

        OTOH, mental illness does exist, but the person who said it's also used as a euphemism is correct. It's used as a euphemism to serve the lies of moral relativism.

        • Jim_C

          "OTOH, mental illness does exist, but the person who said it's also used as a euphemism is correct. It's used as a euphemism to serve the lies of moral relativism."

          Yes, and I said I agreed with him.

          From what I understand, this kid had Asperger's or something along the autism spectrum. ADHD may have been a component. These are little-understood, yet relatively widespread conditions and sudden violence can be a component. They are this way from an early age. In other words, they are born with it. Most can lead functional lives, but some families have to make the heartbreaking decision to institutionalize their kid, usually when they become too physically intimidating to control, and this mother, tragically, never got the chance to do so.

          This is quite a bit different from killers like Brevik or McVeigh who methodically plan their killing and who are evil. That is a legitimate distinction that has nothing to do with relativism.

          "If that confuses you, we are again reminded that you admit you don't even realize you were indoctrinated in a public school and have no problem with what they propagate even today to your children."

          First of all, half my education was Catholic. Some of my kids' has been as well. I have been very active in monitoring their studies, and I have seen nothing but proper schoolwork, most of it more advanced than my Catholic school's at that level. So "indoctrination," my @ss, you haven't "discovered" anything. Do you have kids? Have you monitored their coursework? Have you visited the classroom?

  • tagalog

    What a perfect opportunity for the nation to embark on a dialogue over the issue of hospitalizing the mentally ill and disturbed people, at least for observation, diagnosis, and prognosis. A great moment to reconsider deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill, and permitting them to be placed involuntarily in mental health facilities for observation (typically for a 3- to 5-day period only) whether they are presently dangerous to self or others or not. Maybe the danger to self or others standard for involuntary commitment wasn't such a good idea. Let's try to find 'em BEFORE they reach the point of being dangerous.

    If we're going to do things that deprive people of their rights, if we focus on monitoring the progress of the mentally ill, only a relatively small number of people will have their freedom interfered with, and that only for the period of observation. It won't be permanent deprivation of rights of scores of millions of law-abiding people.

    We could also have a dialogue on the degraded culture we've inflicted on ourselves.

    Connecticut has strict gun-control laws. What good did they do?

  • pierce


    • Fred Dawes

      Thank it is about the madness in this world not just about this country or that one.

    • Questions

      Depiction is not advocacy. Nobody in the film industry is "esposuing" violence. Get a life. If you think that "The Hobbit," for example, celebrates violence by depicting it, you've got a loose screw somewhere.

      I see at least one new movie a week. I'm not a killer. Those who are have reasons that have nothing to do with what's on a screen.

  • Loupdegarre

    The kid from Aurora and this kid from Sandy Hook both suffered mild mental disorders that could be treated with TMS, in fact the kid from Aurora was studying TMS at his university and was working for the government on a grant. This kid in Sandy Hook lives about 15 minutes from one of the biggest TMS treatment centers in Conn. and we know that he had been seeing a therapist but the press won't say who. This is just a theory but could it be that these young men being treated for mild mental disorders with this TMS therapy are accidently being turned in to murdering psychos by their treatment? Or is this an extension of the MK ULTRA program that our government started in the 1950's and supposedly abandoned in the 70's with the ultimate goal being to confiscate all firearms under a UN edict? Admiral Yamato said that the reason Japan did not attack mainland America after Pearl Harbor was that they knew "There would be a gun hiding behind every blade of grass". The first thing Hitler did when he came to power was disarm the public as did the communist in Russia. David Axelrod of the Obama Administration has been quoted as saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste".

    • Fritz

      Actually the gun grabbing in Germany began during the Weinmar Republic government of the 1920s, or the second Reich. This was also when they introduced speech codes, censorship, and banning political groups which they disagreed with. Many of the same politicians behind these laws howled after Hitler came to power and put their groups on the receiving end of those same laws, to which Hitler ridiculed them for their hypocrisy.

  • Loupdegarre

    A while back I came across an article written by a British Psycho-Therapist and it describes how he used a "New Technology" known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS for short) to turn himself into a Psychopath for 20 minutes or so, so he could see what it would be like. Then I came across an article in the Conn New Times about a Clinic in Danbury Conn. that offers TMS for treatment of certain mental conditions (depression, bi-polar, etc) Autism being one of them. This therapy was OK'd by the FDA in 2008 but it has been undergoing trials and development since the early 90's at Harvard and Columbia Universities and at Walter Reade Hospital.

  • Loupdegarre

    Sorry got my post backwards

  • Jim_C

    I don't understand how more gun control could have prevented this.

    We need to focus on mental health, and the spiritual health of our communities.

    And–just my opinion–we need to turn of the d-mn news and not let these people sensationalize, exploit, and suck every drop of ratings out of tragedies like this, turning other disturbed people into copycats.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Hear! Hear!

      Well-stated, Jim …

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I agree completely.

    • Asher

      There are people who should not be walking around in society with mental problems, its a big factor…they don't fit into society, and most of the time they want to committ suicide and take a huge amount of victims with them..Security at schools should be a major priority, and alarms that go off for a lock down when perpetraitors break in. Every teacher should have conceal carry like the teachers in Israel to protect the children…American has become a lawless society where everything is excused or blamed on innocent law abiding people.

  • marios

    Hollywood propagandize violation and it is OK for Dem's/liberals as they financially one of the best contributor for Dem's. Dem's want to legalize drugs marijuana which impact of mental health and already did it in some states. They want ban arms to totally control us as in any totalitarian system. They achieve they goal to control our health, to control MSM, to control our children mind, to zombie them by liberals propaganda as they control Educational institutions… Dictatorship is already in our country. Enough is enough. Their support of Muslim terrorists are unprecedented. What's happened with killer Mayor Hassan in Fort Hood? Why it has not been court over him yet?

  • rjkatz

    The repeal of the second amendment (which is the administrations ultimate objective) will automatically create a class of scoff laws elgible for arrest and confiscation of property without due process. anyone with enemies like Muslims realize they have no choise to ignore these laws because to do so would be a death sentence.

    Worse is the inabilty of the Police or National Guard to protect citizens when civil law breaks down and marauding crowds steal your food possessions while causing mayhem on you and your family. One must be prepared to be self reliant in case of an attack because when seconds count the police are only minutes or hours away.

    • Fritz

      It seem highly unlikely that the Obama administration would be able to pull off a repeal of the second amendment, that would require a two thirds majority of congress as well as passage by a more then a majority of state legislatures. Even a number of Democrats support the second amendment and would balk at the idea of repealing it.

  • Mo_

    Great article and I agree, except for one thing. Let's not start blaming this on "mental illness".

    People get away with all sorts of evil by saying they were sick. (Or by others saying it.)

    This was competent enough to choose, plan, and carry out these actions. He was WICKED, not "sick". Let's just say it already and stop excusing these savages.

    • Mary Sue

      Though there *is* a possibility that it was both. Evil can accompany mental illness as well as each being separate.

  • Stephen_Brady

    The most terrible school mass-murder took place in 1927. Forty-five children and adults were killed.

    The weapon? A bomb. An illegal device.

  • Loyal Achates

    It must be the video games that made him violent, couldn't be the media figures like this website which call for violence against people every $@!# day.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      You confuse reporting on people advocating violence, like leftwing terrorists and islamist, with the advocation of violence.

      But if you have evidence that Adam Lanza was an avid reader of FPM, by all means, present it.

      • Loyal Achates

        Did I say Adam Lanza read FPM? No.

        Do you really think FPM's constant calls to bomb, kill, destroy, and otherwise murder hundreds of millions of people (mostly Muslims) isn't part of a larger culture of violence?

        • RedWhiteAndJew

          First, you certainly implied such.

          Second, it doesn't. If you truly believe that, you are delusional.

        • Mary Sue

          "Murder" is the wrong word, numbnuts.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Do you really think FPM's constant calls to bomb, kill, destroy, and otherwise murder hundreds of millions of people (mostly Muslims) isn't part of a larger culture of violence?"

          Please cite your sources if you expect to be taken seriously. Otherwise, your loyalty only serves deluded evil ends.

    • Mary Sue

      Or like Democrat Underground?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "It must be the video games that made him violent, couldn't be the media figures like this website which call for violence against people every $@!# day."

      The root cause in this case is your poor reading comprehension. You just might be one of those future shooters I suppose. I wonder if you could quote these calls for violence in context, if at all?

  • Thomas Wells

    When you are up to your neck in sewage, it's time to fix your septic tank.

  • Ghostwriter

    To be honest,this guy was a lunatic with a lot of problems. He shouldn't have had guns in the first place. He should have been in a mental institution.

  • BLJ

    Where were all the anti-gun people at when the Fort Hood Massacre happened? Oh, I forgot that was a Muslim shooter and the victims were all military people. My bad.

    I agree that the media needs to turn the cameras off and let these poor people grieve. The horror of what they are going through and will continue to go through is unimaginable. Turning this into a political football is reprehensible.

    The shooter has issues and committed evil. He will get his just reward in the end. Guns are not and have never been the issue.

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    I would not put it past the "SCUMBAG" in chief to have something to do with this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , p.s. hey loyal please go play in traffic !!!!!!!

  • Zach

    Does the U.S. Constitution specify delivering eulogies at funerals as one of the president's duties?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "I admire how you always bring up Democrats/Liberals and Muslim terrorists to every distaster."

    You're wrong. The leftist Democrats didn't cause the big storm last month. They only caused problems after they arrived. Reality is very important to conservatives.

    "This is a very sad and tragic incident far above one's politicizing it, venting hate or sharing a demented ramblings as you are doing."

    Yes, shame on "marios" for politicizing it. Everyone else is just discussing, reporting and lamenting. All of your feelings are legitimate, and that includes impulsive attacks against those you disagree with. Some day very soon, president 0'Bama will have this nation fully transformed in to Shangrila. People like "marios" won't be able to bother you again, ever.

  • Asher

    Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws, did it do any good? These progressives want to control your lives, your freedoms, and the ability to defend yourselves..Look at anti-gun Bloomberg, who goes after everyone's rights, and yet surrounds himself with security, and a massive arsenal of guns…so is security only for the elites….talk about irrational!