No Matter What… They’ll Call This Book Racist

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Harry Stein will be speaking before the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on June 12. Click here for the details.

Less than a month after the inauguration of our post-racial president, Attorney General Eric Holder declared that America was “a nation of cowards” for not having “frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.” Of course, not only does the left have a vested interest in perpetuating that racial divide, but their idea of a “frank conversation” about race is to simply shout down the right with relentless charges of racism. Hence the title of Harry Stein’s new book, No Matter What… They’ll Call This Book Racist: How Our Fear of Talking Honestly About Race Hurts Us All.

Stein, a contributing editor at City Journal, is the author of novels, memoirs, and distinctively-titled satirical political commentary like his two previous books, How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: (and Found Inner Peace) and I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next to a Republican: A Survival Guide for Conservatives Marooned Among the Angry, Smug, and Terminally Self-Righteous.

His latest book is a fresh, honest attempt to provoke the serious thinking about race “that liberal enforcers have heretofore rendered impossible,” and thus to begin looking for solutions. The premise of the book alone is enough to cause progressive heads to explode:

The idea that it is racism that has millions of underclass blacks mired generation after generation in physical and spiritual poverty  is not only false, but the greatest impediment to fundamentally altering that dreadful state of affairs… The real problem is a culture of destructive attitudes and behaviors that denies those in its grip the means of escape.

Pointing out that contemporary white racism is too often an excuse, and that black Americans’ own “destructive attitudes and behaviors” might actually bear responsibility for their state of affairs, is precisely the sort of frankness about race that Eric Holder asked for but doesn’t actually want to hear, because it is Holder and his ilk who are the cowards.

Stein acknowledges that breaking through the left’s wall of denial and engaging them in an honest discussion about race is a daunting challenge, because

so deeply embedded among Jews and blacks is the idea that liberals represent the forces of light and conservatives all-consuming darkness that… it has long since taken on the dimension of religious conviction.

For decades the left has shrewdly and successfully nurtured and perpetuated this false conviction in order to maintain political power. The relationship between the black community and the Democratic Party, Stein points out,

has long been reduced to a corrupt bargain, the race baiters posing as champions of social justice receiving legitimacy and consistent infusions of public money in return for assured and overwhelming black electoral majorities.

The left has managed this through the constant push of its racial victimization narrative despite the fact that that narrative is outdated; thus, affirmative action policies are, as civil rights activist Ward Connerly labels them, “yesterday’s solution to yesterday’s problem”:

Perpetually focused on past inequities rather than future possibilities, the victim mindset epitomized by affirmative action not only saps energy and initiative, it justifies the absence of energy and initiative and inevitably leads to inefficiency and corruption.

Stein discusses how “the victim mindset” so prevalent among American blacks only took full hold in the modern era after the key civil rights battles had been won. And yet black students are continually fed “a relentless tale of oppressors and oppressed” until,

in the grip of the victim mindset – despite overwhelmingly being beneficiaries of racial preferences and other programs guaranteeing them special consideration – they regard whatever problems they experience at school as just another manifestation of racism.

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  • H&R_ Barack

    Alinsky's Rule 12: Destroy the Individual

    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
    ~ Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    The "the politics of personal destruction," is Alinsky's refined incarnation of Marxist, Hegelian tactics. It is intended to steer the Leftist political arena du jour.

    The real abomination is that "the politics of personal destruction," is a false accusation dialectically hurled at the Right. – No matter what the issue, the invisible dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts.

    Calling your opponent a "racist" -homophobe, sexist, etc. are all effective (if intellectually dishonest) dialectical tactics.





        You still upset that your side lost WW2?


      • Fred Dawes

        Its not only the jew its others who hate freedom and justice, The jew will do as he will do it is the way of the jew, but others like white Americans and black americans help in this murder and meltdown of freedom and it is the way of all people to take until you have nothing see history of rome. It always about big money doing its thing on us all.
        This evil dictatorship that we all are running into is made by the evil one; christianity and the muslims help evil as the jew has. after all its about control by the evil force of hell.

    • Fred Dawes

      Old Army it has always worked

    • Fred Dawes

      You forgot one other thing its about controlling both sides of the talk.
      and who was old Alinsky? and in the 1960s we who could see did fight that Rat and many of us are now dead or disappeared.

    • Ann

      This is what Jackson and Sharpton have done to George Zimmerman. It's a shanda!

  • Gunner57

    We need to also have a serious discussion about black's intellectual capabilities relative to those of white people. Almost half of all blacks in America have IQ's ranging in the 70's. Median is 82-85. We will never produce the same amount of professionals in science, medicine and so on from this demographic as we do from others.We could get more production from blacks but their intellectual capabilites will NEVER change regardless of enviroment or educational expenditures.

    If we do not acknowledge this fact white racism will be the eternal villian for black underachievement..

    • marsconi

      You are ignoring the fact that all subgroup IQ's are on the rise. No one knows why but most suspect that it has to do with diet and abundant food sources and thus the lack of long periods of starvation common most indigenous groups. Group IQ differences do persist but interracial coupling will dampen most future group differences.

      There is hope!

      Remember all group differences are due to genetic drift and polymorphisms! i.e. We are all the same people give or take a little evolution.

      • Gunner57

        You are hoping for interracial coupling to raise black IQ's? Well that is the reason that black Americans have median IQ's in the 82-85 range instead of the 75 range. How has that helped our nation? Studies on intellectual capbilities have taken all variables into consideration already.

        If we are all the same then tell that to an NBA scout. Your comment on evolution is just simple minded.

      • H&R_ Barack

        So, are you suggesting that KFC is brain food? Jus axin'.

        • Gunner57

          No I am suggesting that Eric Holder was right. White people are cowards when it comes to discussing race.Just saying so since you 'axed', you simpleton. I'm sure you will find yourself on the left side of the bell curve. Choose your demographic.

          • RoguePatriot6

            You do realize that Einstein scored below average also, don't you? I don't think too many would call him dumb or ignorant.

          • Gunner57

            His IQ was 150+ you baboon.

          • RoguePatriot6

            Actually, we're both wrong IQ tests didn't come along until after Einstein however IQ Tests do not proove a whole lot as far as someone's intelligence is concerned.

          • swordofdamocles

            einstein is universally considered a fraud and thief in the physics field,only media myth makers keep his legend going, he was a patent clerk notorious for intellectual theft. same as most other "scholars" in other fields who are jewish, not to mention authors who are at best mediocre but the book reviewers being 100 percent jews lavish praise on jewish authors, GOOGLE "NOBEL PRIZE JEWISH BIAS" and see how much is possible if a ethnic group operates as a collective"

          • RoguePatriot6

            Oh, my goodness.
            I'm really trying to understand something. What is all of this conspiracy garbage about Jews I always come across on this site and others. You and another dude named Schlomotion would have a ball together. So, what is it? Since alot of Jews are famous and successful, automatically that means they're working some sort of scheme?


          • Sage on the Stage

            "…he was a patent clerk notorious for intellectual theft. same as most other "scholars" in other fields who are jewish…," and on and on with your B.S. What exactly did Einstein steal? Tell us, why don't you? Einstein was a major player in the development of the theory of relativity; and he also contributed to the American atomic bombs in WWII; and he had an infinite capacity for hard work. By the way, THAT is the most important component of genius; not IQ. And WHO are these "scholars in other fields?" And if you knew ANYTHING about Jews, you would know that they are often harder on other Jews than anyone else. And the word "Jew" is spelled with a capital "J." Get a life, jerk.

          • Maxie

            Below average what? I doubt that Einstein ever took an IQ test or that they even existed then. Where did you get this info?

    • Vermont Yid

      I very strongly disagree with you.

      The IQ’s of black children in this country will only come up to those of whites when black men behave responsibly and take an active role in their children’s lives, rather then behaving like so many alley cats. Black children need positive role models and need to be encouraged [by both their parents] to do well in school. Until then, it will be a painfully slow progression, but it can and must happen.

      • Gunner57

        I am talking about inherent ability you liberal putz. That canNOT be change .The 'g' factor for intelligence can be measured and has been and the results NEVER change regardless of enviroment or educational funding.

        • Chezwick

          I remember such bullsh*t arguments from my youth. If you're argument has any empirical merit, and race is an unequivocal marker for intelligence, then EVERY white should be smarter than EVERY black. We all know otherwise.

          Take your racist crap elsewhere. It's your kind that stigmatize conservatives.

          The pathologies that afflict the black community should indeed be the subject of an open, honest discourse….but attributing them to skin color is an inverted form of exculpation. What afflicts the black community is not skin color like the racists believe, it's not discrimination like the liberals believe, it's the culture of entitlement and a culture-wide ethos of deflecting responsibility.

          • RoguePatriot6

            Thank you!!!!

          • Gunner57

            You are a politically correct moron. I never even intimated what you just stated.

          • RoguePatriot6

            I hope people don't really take you as an example of a conservative, because it's people like you that's given them a really bad name. Blacks, if they properly applied themselves in the academic arena are just as capable as Asians, Whites, Hispanics or anybody else. It's just a matter of wanting to move forward and the will to stick to it. What you are talking is the of BS.

          • Chezwick

            Don't waste your time friend. These pathetic people are ignorant racists with no place in the conservative movement.

          • pagegl

            David Duke is looking for you.

          • 4Bravo1

            Chez are you that ignorant about statistics and genetics? As a whole, they are one full standard deviation below whites. Almost all studies point to this being genetic as testing with separated twins has been unable to demonstrate large environmental effect. This is the current majority accepted scientifically tested belief. You have to disprove Gunner instead of acting like a liberal and basically shooting “racism.” I am not saying there is no evidence to support your point, but currently the overwhelming evidence is on the side of Gunner. Thank you for exactly proving the point of the book’s author. I have found myself defending him repeatedly against people who either have zero knowledge of statics, have zero knowledge of IQ, have zero knowledge of logic, and insist on labeling him a racists without providing good evidence to disprove any of his points. Am I a racist for siding with the majority of studies?

          • Chezwick

            Regardless of propensity as manifest from environmental/cultural factors, I hope we could all agree that there are at least SOME very intelligent blacks in this world…and SOME very ignorant whites. This reality would in-and-of-itself conclusively undermine the ridiculous contention that intelligence is predicated upon race.

    • dennis x

      Hopefully one day you'll need a blood transfusion ( invented by Dr. Charles Drew ie blood plasma) not be able to get it and died !

      • Gunner57

        Without Dr. Drew, I would not have blood transfusions? And I guess that we would not have peanut butter without Goerge Washington Carver? How silly.. Besides you missed my point you cowardly fool. I never stated that no black person ever achieved anything worthwhile or that there are no intelligent blacks.

        The problem is that so many blacks have IQ's ranging in the 70's and so few have 120+ IQ's. Virtually none are in the upper ranges which is why black people could never invent nor maintain ANY First World nation. They never have nor they never will. Not unless it it is funded and supervised by whites people or possibly Asians. Although non Christian Asians would probably make slaves out of them.

      • Gunner57

        FWIW Dr Drew was predominatly caucasian.

      • creatingthemyth

        here comes the laughable jewish claims of innovation,lol

        all jewish history is nothing more than self serving myths and p.r. slogans created and reinforced by jews and their media and publishing control,oh and hollywood. spielberg has singlehandedly created the official holocaust mental picture in the minds of most americans ,even though his films are almost entirely historically false.

        • RoguePatriot6

          And here come the bigots that are jealous of their success.

          Even more laughable!!!!!!

          I hope to Almighty God above that you, Gunner57, or Schlomotion don't identify yourselves as conservatives in front of anybody.

        • Sage on the Stage

          For example?



      • Supreme_Galooty

        Try not to be so OBVIOUSLY obtuse. (By the way, the Israelis invented the Uzi.)


  • Anthony

    Why bother. The USA is theirs. The demographics show non-whites to take charge in a couple of decades We are in hot water.

    I wish to take this opportunity to thank Seniors Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and the 64-65 (?) congress for the immigration act that helped further de-Europeanize America.

    Italian Salute with a razz to those idiots whose harm has outlived them.

    • Stan Lee

      The demographics that you are concerned about also includes Latinos. Latinos are about 14% of present U.S. population, whereas blacks are at 12%. The Latino segment will outstrip the blacks as its already moving to do..
      I think you need to consider Latino possibilities, they are not joined at the hip with blacks by culture.
      Most of Latinos do have a family culture and are capable achievers that you suggest blacks aren't.
      I think much of the Latino culture stems from family cohesion, which it appears many blacks do not have.

      • Anthony

        Yes Stan Lee.

        Even the Hulk could see that whether the Hispanics, or the lesser numerous Black Americans emerge, America will ,likely be South America or Mex-Centro America culturally within our lifetime.

        Europe is racing with the crescent.

        What did we fight for?"

    • RoguePatriot6

      Let me ask something, seriously.

      Is that what everybody is afraid of on this thread? A white person won't be in charge? It may be a surprise for some people but there are blacks along with others that don't have policies or mentalities that are destructive to our nation.
      We've had white people as president for over 200+ years, some of them good, some of them bad. I will say this, I am dissappointed that Barrack Obama was this nation's first impression of how a black man would lead this nation however he doesn't represent all blacks or what they think.

  • Schlomotion

    I wonder if Harry Stein actually addresses the victim mindset and cries of racism in the Jewish community too, or if he is merely parasitically writing about the black community. Had a book been written called: No Matter What, They'll Call This Book Antisemitic, Abe Foxman would be demanding final editorial cut, and Alan Dershowitz would be on TV pointing both fingers and saying "SHAME" and demanding equal debate time regardless of the content of the book. A bunch of plagiarized and cross-referenced negative reviews would all hit the Hasbara-Sphere within two days of one another.

    • JoJoJams

      Schlo – nearly every time you open your mouth you spout inanities. I'm sure it seems "enlightened" to you – but your comments are still mostly inane nonetheless. At least when you go on spouting nonsense towards "the jeewwwwss!!!". Since violence against jews (per the feds own hate crime stats) are the highest of any group, it is this reason that many people try to point out that they ARE victims! But the anti-semitism is really nothing more than a deep rooted inferiority complex lashing out at those "evil" (read SUCCESSFUL) Jews, who hold more nobel prizes in all areas by a far margin, relative to their small percentage of the world populous. So, Jews complain (and rightly so) about ACTUAL anti-semitic crap – since they are on the receiving end of the majority of hate crimes the world over. Now, re-read the article again and come back with something insightful towards what the article is talking about. I know you can do it! Good boy! **pat**pat**

      • Schlomotion

        I am sure Yankel Rosenbaum was murdered because of Nobel Prize jealousy.

        • stern

          You've already said nothing. No need to keep repeating yourself.

        • Drakken

          And I am sure that those over 18,000 muslim terrorist attacks around the globe can be blamed on the jews to huh?

          • intrcptr2

            Well, maybe about 17,000 of them, yes.

        • yankthefrank

          I believe he was attacked because of the jewish community's indifference to the killing of a black child,


      I wonder if schmuck-motion ever sees that he only projects what lives in himself

      • Schlomotion

        You're just jealous that all of my internal parts are living.


          Happy Nakba Sclocky!

        • MAD JEWESS

          That's where your brains are..

    • stern

      Once again, the troll proves that it has nothing to say with a post that says precisely nothing.

      • RoguePatriot6

        No I disagree.

        His posts speak volumes about his ignorance.

    • dino

      antisemitism is a myth, anti jewish collective behavior exists and is the sole reason for pogroms throughout history


        What's the matter dino, you still upset that your side lost WW2?

        I bet this guy is a 9/11 "troofer" too.

  • Johncdavidson

    Taking Dr. Sowell's book, 'Dismantling America' one step further is helping us understand how ruthless these progressives have become in their quest to enslave everyone in this nation; thus the world. This fight is not about Capitalism or Socialism. It is pure political tyranny.

  • clarespark

    The most powerful professors in the field of U.S. history not only call for reparations, but many of their more public followers or predecessors more than hint that Jews are the most important exploiters of blacks. Our president was tight with some of the worst demagogues in perpetuation of this canard. For the reasoning of highly placed academics see…. "American Slavery vs. Nazi Genocide." Or, for archival material revealing how liberal foundations allied themselves with black nationalism see…. "White enabling of black power."

    • morganmaster

      well facts are i guess inconvenient things for jews, when you've created a century of jewish myths through media ,motion picture,and publishing ownership it can be frighting when the internet comes along and grants citizens access to unfiltered historical fact that shows the entire jewish narrative of the last century is underpinned by nothing but bogus self serving claims.



        For your enjoyment, I present the unconditional surrender of your heroes.

        Truman – Unconditional Surrender of Germany

      • clarespark

        What is the Jewish narrative? If you know, and if there is one.

    • tagalog

      "American Slavery vs. Nazi Genocide;" now THERE'S a fake dichotomy if I ever saw one…

      • clarespark

        Yes, that was the point of my essay.

      • clarespark

        No, they are entirely different. Read my essay please before you emote.

  • rbla

    It was feckless conservatives, not liberals who fired John Derbyshire for simply telling the truth. And no sooner did these "conservatives" fire Derbyshire, than they went off on a cruise with none other than Grover Norquist who was exposed as an Islamic tool by Frank Gaffney and others. Apparently they find Norquist's views quite acceptable.

    • schlomosand

      as if the repubs aren't 100% bought and paid for aipac slaves………please

      jews originated the big lie technique that hitler exposed in mein kanpf yet continue to portray it as a nazi invention



        You must think that your heroes didn't declare war on the US on December 11, 1941.

        First by the way. The US responded to the national socialist declaration of war by declaring war on your heroes.

  • Consider

    '…it has long since taken on the dimension of religious conviction.'

    It is refreshing to see at these pages that by implication, religious conviction is a priori considered as a sign of belief in false, or at least unfounded, propositions.
    This is correct, but here we were usually instructed about the enormous benefits of religion, that it builds character, makes us moral, teaches us about the origin of man, earth and universe and so on, in short a good and trustworthy thing (of course if that religion is not Islam).

  • Chezwick

    There is a line in the movie 'Verdict'. when Paul Neuman is giving his closing arguments to the jury….and he says "when we become victims, we become weak."

    The problem in America today is that victims are NOT weak, they are empowered,…not via accomplishment, but simply by establishing their status as a victim. They derive not only favoritism and legitimacy from their victimhood, but often even a and even a living. So EVERYONE today has an incentive to be a victim. It's a flight from responsibility.

    • jewmyths

      or as is in the case of jews the "victims"acts a collective to further their jewish interests at the expense of the rest of society through jewish networking,media dominance, jewish advocacy organizations and pooled wealth to influence and undermine government to benefit israel,all while creating the "fictional jewish righteous victim " persona



        You must think that JOOOZ control OPEC and JOOOZ receive the After-Tax dollars the world pays for $100 per barrel oil.

      • Toa

        Yeah, Spewmyths, we're all really victims of the Jooooooz; we appreciate you clueing us in. I see the evil, scheming Jooooooz who operate FPM have deleted your idiotic…uuh, I mean, speaking-truth-to-evil-Joooooooz comment….oh, wait- it's still there!

        Thanks for the entertainment anyhow, lunatic…

    • Maxie

      Conferring 'victim' status has been SOP for the Marxist Left. It is the basis of Marx's dialectical materialism. Marx's model, of course, was 'proletariat' as victim of 'bourgeois' capitalism. The same dynamic has been used by Leftist's ever since with terrific results: Around a hundred million genocidal deaths and counting.

    • Sage on the Stage

      Sadly, you are correct. After doing his level best to make victims out of as many Americans as he can; Holder had the damn arrogant nerve to turn around and call us "cowards." Same goes for Obama. Anyone can achieve any goal they want to, with elbow grease, mental, physical, or otherwise; and today, enough guile to stay away from the Eric Holders of this world.

  • Anthony


    Yankel Rosenblum died because of black impulse control and intelligence defecit problems and a black mayor, Dinkins, who doing the “black” thing, that is, being subordinate to his ” blackness” and letting Crown Heights, NYC, go lawless because of a car accident AND because of his beIng in solidarity with his “people” beyond his ability to objectively be a Public official with responsibilities, was demonstrating REAL PUBLICLY ACCEPTED RACISM.

    You know, the kind where Blacks, even a mayor, just as he current head of the US Justice Department , (Eric Holder) are halariously incompetent, YET excused for their utterly embarrassing low IQ displays of tribal unity because they are wearing a nice suit and tie and and have an affirmative action diploma from Harvard given them by guilt driven White weaklings

    • Schlomotion

      I don't know. That sounds like some old fashioned racism to me. You wouldn't say the Lubavitcher Rebbe has impulse control and intelligence deficit problems even though none of those people in his motorcade know how to drive or how to dress for the weather. You wouldn't say they have embarrassingly low IQs even though they have a king/messiah and they live in an intellectually walled community based on the 19th century. You wouldn't say that their campaigns to keep "mosers" from snitching out Lubavitcher pedo crimes to the police are doing the "Jewish" thing by placing ethnic solidarity above law and order.

      • nilsbohr

        of course not, jews have no compassion for non jews, who can forget the picture of settler children cheering on dad as he blew the face off a 4yr old palestinian child using a sniper rifle from the settlements, the settler children with their rotted teeth and crazed eyes are the future terrorist of israel

  • mrbean

    Chris Rock talks honestly about race:

  • Stan Lee

    Inevitably, anything with a racial orientation turns to Jews, in this case, possibly a decent book written by a decent author, offering his take in a frank composition of race in our country.
    Too bad the author's name isn't O'Toole or Johnston, his surname is Stein which invariably triggers remarks about Jews…for or against. Would it have triggered a response regarding Irish or English, had the surname been one of those two? I doubt it. But Jews…hey…that's another story. Why should it be?
    I don't think that was the intent of Author Stein's book, and furthermore is such a minority named Jews a race, as in the context of "black race?" It's one of those questions I've been hesitant to ask until today, and today is as good a time as ever.
    Why, always, the Jews? I think Harry Stein wasn't seeking to incite that age-old bias. He just wrote a pretty good book, that's all.

    • typical

      well as is typical,jews turn on a dime from being pro racism-anti racism, liberal-conservative act…..whatever serves the jewish collective jews become, morals,values have never played a role in jewish thought

  • Vic Kelley

    I never spent a moment of my life wondering about the reasons coloreds fail That someone took the time to do research and write a book about it only matters to me if it helps policy makers realize just how futile welfare is. America's continual taxing of everyone else to support coloreds multi-generational welfare families has got to stop. The sooner the words "racism" and "racist" lose their magical ability to shut people up and stop people from arguing/thinking the better this world will be for all of the rest of us.

  • Anamah

    This book must be very good, I'm sure!

  • Western Spirit

    aWhether blacks have lower intelligence or not is incidental to the argument and is simply racist. The matter is more inclusive and indicative of a larger issue.

    The left believes that only intellectuals, or bright people, should be elected president because being smart is an indication of good leadership qualities. And claims that first Clinton and now Obama, a black man, are brilliant men while Reagan and Bush were dunces and denigrate conservative’s intelligence altogether.

    What the word intellectual indicates, of course, is someone who thinks in abstractions. Others can be bright such as people who understand how things work like car mechanics, doctors, dentists, etc.

    Unfortunately bright people are also the con artists who are smart enough to think up ways to relieve people of their money. Or worse, gain power over people.

    So having intellectuals, or smart people, the decisive factor for leadership is not smart.

    What is needed, for leadership, are people who have excellent moral character, too. Like our founders, for instance, who honored their Christian belief system and their God. They also had genius added to the pot to make a delicious mixture.

    A mixture that made them bright moral human beings fit to do God’s work on earth when they created this great nation of freedom.

    Everything the founders wrote was Christian in character putting the leftist lie to them all being Deists including, that old scalawag (according to John Adams), Benjamin Franklin. Who publicly and warmly praised and thanked God before Congress for aiding them in winning the Revolutionary War.

    Hardly a Deist thing to do— giving thanks to an absentee landlord. But it was most certainly a Christian thing to do. They worshiped the God of Isaac and Jacob. not just the God of Abraham the one God theorist, a theory that includes Islam, but negates morals as we know them.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    It is perfectly legitimate to make sweeping generalizations about groups. It is NOT legitimate to apply those generalizations to any individual member of that group without careful observation of said individual. Exceptions to the rule abound – even among those benighted Ruritarians.

  • Fred Dawes

    Almost all blacks and hispanic and others i know are into Race hate of one kind or the other; most Whites are to afraid of the subjected and brainwashed to understand what race hate is and most are fools but this is normal in a nation of butts. see EU See european monkeys next see black/hispanic hitler at your door after that see fascism eat your young, have fun in the world of monkey people.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Duncan Hunter was the only presidential candidnate in recent history that didn't sign Grover's contract since he stated that maybe in order to keep a strong defense their might need to be a tax increase. Conservatives love Grover so much and a lot of right wingers that desagree with Grover on Islam and Immirgation sign not to increase taxes and Grover is known to support military cuts. Conservatives might have to one day support a tax increase for the military liberals do tax increase more for social programs but Grover might be a fifth column that can destroy defense spending since he is always gong for a new tax cut.