Obama Courts Young Hollywood

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It seems like only yesterday that President Barack Obama was in Los Angeles ensnarling traffic and pocketing a record-setting $15 million in Hollywood campaign donations at George Clooney’s fundraiser for him. But last week he was back again for a two-day whirlwind tour of Tinseltown’s moneyed elite that included five more fundraisers.

Before heading off for a breakfast last Thursday that concluded the trip, Obama met privately at the Beverly Hilton with two dozen hot young Hollywood stars, enlisting their aid for his re-election campaign. The meeting was part of Obama’s “Young America Effort” to enlist a new wave of younger voters like the ones who helped propel him into office the first time around.

Among the starry-eyed actors who were awed by Obama the demi-god were The Avengers star Jeremy Renner, Glee actress Dianna Agron, Star Trek‘s Zachary Quinto, Southland’s Ben McKenzie, The Fantastic Four’s Jessica Alba, Scrub’s Zach Braff, Superman Returns’ Brandon Routh, Lost’s Ian Somerhalder, Bryan Greenberg, Adam Rodriguez, Jared Leto, Kal Penn and Sophia Bush. If many of those names aren’t familiar, rest assured that they are very well-known to the young audience Obama hopes they will reach out to on his behalf.

This meeting came on the heels of a national TV ad for Obama’s reelection campaign, which aired during the MTV Movie Awards and featured Sex in the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker. How the 47-year-old Parker manages to appeal to a young audience is one of many Hollywood mysteries, but in any case, she  invited people to enter for a chance to win a seat at a fundraising dinner she and Vogue editor Anna Wintour are throwing for Obama in Manhattan.

“The guy who ended the war in Iraq, the guy who says you should be able to marry anyone you want, the guy who created 4 million new jobs. That guy — President Obama — and his wife Michelle are coming to my house for dinner on June 14,” Parker says to the camera with a straight face. Ended the war in Iraq? Created 4 million new jobs? Genuinely supports gay marriage? Parker is either utterly delusional or a better actress than I give her credit for. In either case, this is the message Hollywood disseminated to the vast and largely uncritical MTV audience.

She goes on to encourage viewers to go online for a chance to win tickets to the event. “So go right here right now because we need him and he needs us,” she says. She’s only half-right: America certainly doesn’t need Obama, but he does indeed need Hollywood. And he’s got them in his pocket – whichever one he keeps his wallet in.

Last Friday, the event co-host Anna Wintour, the model for Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, was featured in her own online video urging viewers to enter the contest. “It will be a fantastic evening and you can join us,” Wintour says in her haughtiest accent. “We’re saving the two best seats in the house for you… Sarah Jessica and I both have our own reasons for supporting President Obama and we want to hear yours, so please join us.”

What a crock. Parker and Wintour couldn’t care less what the unwashed masses think. These Obama supporters move with the richest and most elite crowd in the world, and yet somehow it is Romney’s wealth that is under media scrutiny.

Wintour looks as if she’s doing the video at gunpoint. Fidgeting and rushing through her lines, it couldn’t be more obvious how distasteful the thought of mixing with the hoi polloi is for this most supercilious 1%er.

Shortly after the pre-breakfast meeting concluded, the social media frenzy began. The attendees began tweeting and sending out Instagrams documenting the event. Somerhalder tweeted: “The 21st century… Let’s do this” – a message just meaningless and hopey-changey enough to serve as Obama’s new campaign slogan. Soon after, he gushed, “Just spent my morning w/this man talkn green energy, a better America & being a young American – wow.” Few empty buzz phrases send thrills up young Hollywood’s collective leg better than “green energy” and “a better America.”

Never heard of Somerhalder? That’s the problem – many on the right tend to be indifferent or even scornfully dismissive of the entertainment industry, ceding that crucial cultural battleground to the left. Millions of young people around the world do know Somerhalder and his cohorts at the meeting, and they eagerly soak up the political enthusiasm, however facile and thoughtless, of their idols.

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  • http://marktapson.blogspot.com MarkTapson

    Oops. Make that "Sex AND the City," not "in."

  • Dave

    they are all just another bunch of hollyweird vile, stupid, idiotic, moronic radical, ultraliberal, left-wing extremists.

    • intrcptr2

      Well, sure. But like Mark says, who do you think the bulk of Americans are spending their Saturday (And likely the other six as well) nights hanging out with? Birds of a feather, right?

    • Mo_

      They are. And they got Obama elected last time, and will do so again if we don't continue to speak up.

    • wsk

      I think that is exactly mark Tapson's point. We dismiss these buffoonn and the Democrats soak up the cash like a financial sponge.

  • Tarleton

    We are now living in the era of the ” american idol president ” when politics is a form of entertainment ; the stuffy , solid , boring qualities of Romney have no chance against the celebrity appeal of Barrak , Hussein Obama ; he has good teeth , a seductive speaking style and knows just how to push the buttons of the vacuous younger generation …the very same dolts who vote for ”american idol” voted for Obama …I wonder if they knew the difference ?

    Let’s face it , the ”culture war ” of the last 40 years between the values of liberal/Leftist hollywood and the conservative values of Jadai/christianity is OVER …Hollywood has won ! a whole generation of young folks have been SEDUCED by the constant drip , drip , drip of the liberal subliminal ”soft ”propaganda from decadent Hollywood ,and the election of a preening , pretentious poseur like Obama is just the confirmation

    I was hoping that the election of a huckster like Obama was an aberration of ”white guilt ”and that the american voters would sober up and come to their senses , but unfortunately it is not to be …Obama is the ZEIT GEIST , or sign of the times and we can expect 4 more years of his maudlin , syrupy , entertainment that passes for leadership

    It was Lenin who said that cinema was the greatest propaganda device ever created , but Orwell never recognised the power of ”soft propaganda ” in the entertainment industry that has seduced and crafted the worldview of a whole generation of shallow , superficial minds

    • Wideband

      I'm pretty sure everybody spends some time as a youth dabbling in some degree of liberalism. I think you're underestimating how large a percentage grow out of it. In the pretend world of Hollywood, where things get done for you and nothing lasts, young people can hang on to non-functional ideas until, well, until they're unattractive, untalented 47 year olds. Most however have to live in the real world, and learn about personal responsibility, morals, and the value of family.

  • Banastre tarleton

    Hollywood is a ' ' virtual reality' ' for much of the younger generation who have no knowledge of History and very little experience outside of their ' ' cultural cage ' ' …they are infact products of their environment ; thirty years of MTV trash popular culture and bodes an ill wind for the future of the West

  • kafir4life

    Dennis Miller had a fabulous idea for Romney. right after Stinky (-bo) had his fundraiser among the stars, Romney should have made a commercial showing him at a backyard barbque with people (as opposed to Clooneys), and at the end announce that they've raised $1,500 for the campaign. That would have given the Hawaiin peace sign to the Hollywierds and Stinks Hisself.

  • oldtimer

    I'll never watch a GC movie again. Or support any of these hollywood weirdos. All talk and no action. Why don't they do what their obamagod tells them, spread the wealth..I could use a little extra$$$.

    • intrcptr2

      But, but…they're not evil capitalists. They're just a bunch of folks who like telling stories. Why should they have to part with their "hard earned" wages? Have you ever had to endure 3 hours getting made up in costume for work? inhuman…

  • tagalog

    Yet another compelling argument for re-setting the voting age at 21, and for restricting the vote to property owners and men.

    • wctaqiyya

      See, now you're speaking my language.

  • clarespark

    Hollywood was ever populist, reaching out to a mass audience. It is not surprising that these young romantics court what they suppose to be the tastes of this demographic, one given to sex, violence, and good versus evil. I wrote about their perceptions of the cold, heartless, polluting, we-own-everything Puritanical Right in this blog: http://clarespark.com/2009/12/16/perceptions-of-t…. It is a glossary that includes populist ideology. title: Perceptions of the enemy: the left looks at the right and vice versa.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    I wonder, and I'm just guessing here.

    But when Obama leaves a hollywood fund raiser… are his ears really sore and have finger prints imprinted all over them?

    • wctaqiyya

      That's a good question Roger but his head is not flat and he still has teeth. So, no. However, it may be worth noting that Obama has never disclosed the results of his medical examinations. You know, prostate exams and such. So…

  • RoguePatriot6

    "What a crock. Parker and Wintour couldn’t care less what the unwashed masses think. These Obama supporters move with the richest and most elite crowd in the world, and yet somehow it is Romney’s wealth that is under media scrutiny."__

    I don't think there's a comment in this article that contains more truth than this. _

    He shoots, he scores!!!

    Hollywood the Liberal Progressive Pagan God
    Harsh sounding isn't it? Well, the reality of it is pretty harsh. I don't think that people fully understood the impact of Biden's statement and a confirmation that he made when he said, "I think 'Will and Grace' probably did more to educate the American public than almost anybody's ever done so far. People fear that which is different. Now they're beginning to understand."

  • RoguePatriot6

    Where does the general liberal population get their views on morality from? HOLLYWOOD!!!! Liberal/progs have used Hollywood for decades now to promote racist stereotypes (and have the nerve to accuse conservatives of it), have debased women and portrayed conservative ones as backwards, ignorant and archaic. They've used Hollywood as a MEGA AMPLIFIER by virtue of celebrity influence over the younger crowd and their wealth.
    Alot of the lib/prog movement mock and ridicule the conservative celebrities that don't buy into this and refuse to budge from there from integrity or stance on social issues or fiscal.
    Their moral standards has nothing to do with "right and wrong" it has everything to do with how big a blowhorn Hollywood uses to bombard their ears with what they want to hear. Just as a teenager is attracted to the new faddish designer clothes because of a namebrand, has nothing to do with their quality or how long it will last but who endorses it.
    If you notice that this article mentions that he was trying to appeal to the younger crowd. Well, this is just a theory of mine. He realizes that alot of ADULTS are not buying this garbage anymore of "hope and change" or my personal favorite, "…fundamental change" and now he's trying to find the more impressionable minds, OUR KIDS and younger adults, to take the walk of the cliff with him.
    Someone made the observation that most kids have a liberal mindset and grow more conservative as they get older. There's a whole lot of truth to that which explains partly why Obama can so easily win their support. It also goes to say that the conservatives are the kids that grew up. It's known to most, that kids and some young adults, aren't exprienced enough to make sound decisions on their own. (cont'd)

    • RoguePatriot6

      Alot of devious influences and characters work in this way. They know that the older or more experienced adults are too strong to influence or topple so they go after the young and impressionable. In the wild, predators work that way too. That's why lib/prog movement were so smart when they they infiltrated the public school system and began their indoctrination of our children.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Funny thing that Barrack portrays the wealthy as evil and greedy. I guess the people in Hollywood that support him are "the good evil and greedy people".