Punishing Bachmann

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In a controversy that FrontPage continues to cover closely, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has raised questions – not accusations, just questions – about the infiltration of the U.S. government by Muslim Brotherhood loyalists. She and a few cohorts have specifically addressed the demonstrable Brotherhood family ties of Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But under the Obama administration, anything but the most fawning treatment of Islam or Muslims is verboten, and so Ms. Bachmann must be punished.

Andrew C. McCarthy, former prosecutor of the 1993 World Trade Center bomb plot, has already detailed the validity of Bachmann’s concerns in his excellent briefing on the topic. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has also pointed out the legitimacy of her inquiries. But Bachmann has nonetheless weathered smears and attacks not only from Obama’s people and their media enablers, but sadly, even from invertebrate fellow Republicans like Speaker John Boehner and Senator John McCain as well.

Merely denouncing her is not enough for some on the left, who want to take things to the next level. Democratic consultant Karen Finney, a political analyst for MSNBC, the network that is the progressive left’s loudest and most aggressive television mouthpiece, is calling for Bachmann to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee for daring to raise concerns about this national security issue.

In the bluntly titled “Punish Bachmann,” Finney predictably resorts to the left’s standard arsenal of personal demonization: the race card, the McCarthyism card – shockingly, she doesn’t draw the Islamophobia card but does resort to “xenophobia” as a handy replacement. Finney calls Bachmann’s questions about Brotherhood infiltration “politically motivated, racist, xenophobic charges,” “baseless accusations,” “offensive,” and “ridiculous assertions” – while Finney herself does not answer, much less refute any of Bachmann’s points. Finney’s sole defense is that she has known Huma Abedin “for over 15 years as a friend and former colleague.”

Making baseless, ridiculous, and politically motivated charges of her own, Finney claimed that any suspicions about Abedin feed into “the narrative of the fearful ‘otherness’ of our first African-American president.” What insulting hooey. The “otherness” many Americans are increasingly outraged about – not “fearful” of – is not Obama’s skin color, but his affinity for Marxism and Islam. Finney claims that this “otherness fear-mongering” is making us

a less globally competitive, internally divided country, unable to embrace change and move forward as a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, multireligious America bound by a Constitution that calls on us to respect the rights and freedoms of every citizen.

More hooey. America is plenty multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, and multireligious, and already does respect the rights and freedoms of every citizen. It is Obama himself who has made us less globally competitive and internally divided. Finney is trying to divert attention from the issue Bachmann raised: the subversive Brotherhood presence in our midst. She would have us believe that such questions are not only offensive but “jeopardize America’s security,” and that it is in our best interests to cultivate a relationship with the Brotherhood for our own protection:

Bachmann and the others who signed on to her call for an investigation have abused their position as members of the House of Representatives, making baseless accusations that recklessly jeopardize an already tense situation in the Middle East, and endangering the life of an American secretary of State and Americans in the region by stoking anti-American sentiment.

Stoking anti-American sentiment? The Muslim Brotherhood is the avowed enemy of America and the West; it’s already up to its collective henna-stained beard in anti-American sentiment. The left, quite frankly, brings its own anti-American sentiment to the table, and sees in Islamic fundamentalism a useful ally in the transformation of America according to Obama’s anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist, post-American vision. It is this unholy alliance, the Obama administration’s embrace of the Brotherhood domestically and abroad, that is jeopardizing America’s security.

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  • scotsirish

    To investigate Huma is to investigate Hillary and the Prez himself, eh?
    No stomach for the TRUTH , ?

  • WildJew

    Senator John McCain, Speaker John Boehner, Senator Marco Rubio, to name but a few, exemplify moral cowardice of the most shameful and ignominious kind.

    • Looking4Sanity

      They're all deal cutters. To them, "the isle" is nothing more than a convenient path to self debasement instead of the ideological barrier it was meant to be.

    • Herbster

      Two faced toadies when it's time to stand up!

    • Herbster

      McCain has always been a politipimp – ingratiating himself with the left so he can appear on the Sunda talk shows and bash republicans. Boehner is just incompetent. Rubio is hardly ready for prime time.

      I have my "Dynamic duo" ready, willing and able should Romney replace the curent occupant of public housing at 1600. John Bolton for Secretary of State and for Ambassador to the United Nations, Michele Bachmann. In a heartbeat our country will be respected once again. I now have a "Dynamic Trio" with the addition of Col Alan West as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

    • Kufar Dawg

      What's strange is that I've read McCain at what time publicly identified the Muslim Brotherhood as the islamofascist organization it is. McCain seems to have flip-flopped on this and I have to wonder why. I suspect he's been compromised by islamofascist petrodollars in some way. He might have been an American patriot once, but he isn't anymore.

      • gray man

        no, he's just a turd.

  • Looking4Sanity

    The day is coming when the Left is finally going to cross that invisible line that separates them from decent society in America. They're standing with their toes across it already. I pity them when they finally commit to coming all the way out of the closet and exposing themselves irrefutably for what they really are. And make no mistake…they WILL do it eventually. They have consistently misunderstood the heart of American society. Their own ignorance will spur them to it.

    • Asher

      You have to wonder how some people on the left can totally sell out Freedom and sovereignty, and this means their children will not have the same good opportunities or futures that they themselves had. There is so much corruption generated by the left. Its like Obama has brought irrational thinking and the Middle East problems into America!

      • Looking4Sanity

        The irrational part was in place long before Obama was even born, but I think you're dead right about the Muslim thing. He's really given the idea of segregation a big boost, too, with all of his race pandering.

  • katharina40

    If Romney has any sense, he would listen to the ever real and uncompromisingly brave and true Republican, Ms. Bachman instead of to that treacherous Muslim Brotherhood (MB)-loving McCain! Imagine if the German Nazis were infiltrating the US Govt and army, but to the despicable MB-loving Obama´s REGIME, Islamic Nazis are welcomed into the White House – including the Deputy Chief-of-Staff, Abedin, for Hillary Clinton, who even worked for MB-created Al-Qaeda branch in Saudi Arabia, with her parents and brother – a horror indeed! In just a few short yeras, Obamaand his MB evil players have destroyed the great dream of the great founders of the US and those early Americans who sacrifice so much of their tears, sweat and blood to built the once-great America, who save the world from the Nazis, with the equally great Churchill (whose bust Obama quickly kicked out of the White House – I suspect due to Churchill´s love for the Jews, recognition of evilness of Islam and hatred of the Nazis)!

  • The_Dude

    Yes, Amen brother. What Obama and the left don't understand is that the heart of American cannot tolerate this communist, marxist, socialist, kenyian who wasn't even born in this country. The left has gone too far now, didn't they read the constitution? This nation was founded on Christian Values, so we must purge America of Islam, and islamic sympathizers, and then we can also go after the blacks, the jews, the mexicans, and anyone else who isn't truely american, and we can make this nation great again. Halleluyah! And pass the ammo.

    • Amused

      The Dude ??? : )))) LOLOL…. Dude , do you think these folks get it ?

  • Asher

    Michele Bachmann has guts and courage…We have to start somewhere in exposing the Radical takeover of our country!

  • Hank Rearden

    A bit of an overreaction on Ms. Finney's part, no? Why not just say there is no Islamic infiltration of the U.S. government? If there isn't, why all the fireworks?

    Remember, McCarthy was RIGHT. There WERE a huge number of Communists in influential positions in the government in 1950. All McCarthy was trying to do was to get them out of government service. He wasn't trying to jail anybody.

    I hope the Republican Party doesn't repeat its mistake of 1954 and stands four-square behind Bachmann. Boehner has already disqualified himself. He should be jettisoned as Speaker if the Republicans hold the House.

  • Guest

    No one is going to back Bachmann because she is a strong right leaning Christian Republican and that's the bottom line. She would not risk her political career over false accusations. I think the left is so infiltrated by by communists the truth can never come out until real conservatives who believe in the truth and the virtues of our Founding Fathers have found a majority in both houses in Congress and the presidency. We need to rid ourselves of RINOs in a large way and the first one I'd vote out is John McCain, Boehner would definitely be next.

    • mlcblog

      God backs Michelle.

  • mlcblog

    "Bachmann and the others who signed on to her call for an investigation have abused their position as members of the House of Representatives, making baseless accusations that recklessly jeopardize an already tense situation in the Middle East, and endangering the life of an American secretary of State and Americans in the region by stoking anti-American sentiment."

    This is so typical of the twisted thinking of the left that I hate. I still remember being given tracts from The I.F.Stone Weekly which were so perversely anti-American I couldn't believe it. They made up facts out of thin air and assaulted America and her ideals in every way they could manage. Just like this garbage, beginning with saying that MB is anti-American and it is she who has abused HER position and trust, rather than the abhorent Hilary and her below-reproach State Dept who are in fact unAmerican.

  • Amused

    I would like to see Bachmann prove her accusations , just like I woiuld like to see Allen West proved that tthere are 31 "card carrying communists " in the Senate and Congress .
    Talk is cheap and bullsheet goes to the cleaners . If there was any truth to these accusations , those that WildJew called "cowards " would be all over it like flies on sheeet .
    How many people HERE believe that Obama returned the Bust of Winston Churchill to the British ??? Or that he " Skipped " placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ON Memorial Day ??

    There's certainly enough to criticize Obama on , and no need to make up shiiit .

    Instead of spouting [so far ]baseless accusations so close to elections , put up or shut up . And if an election is to be won let that be based on the truth not accusations for the gullible .

    • Kufar Dawg

      She didn't make any accusations she called for an investigation. Maybe you confused the two words because they both end in tion and have the same number of syllables, or maybe you're a leftard who only hears what he wants to hear.

      • Amused

        maybe you're just a plain ole' shiiit-head that cant read the news or know what'swhat's going on . She MADE the accusation and then called for an investigation yopu dumb asssswipe .

  • BS77

    Ms. Bachmann received the same treatment as Gov. Palin….contempt by the libtard media. She is a great leader and would be a good President.

  • Amused

    Well if she ever wants to become President , she had better prove her accusations , else she'll be branded a liar , and won't even be able to run for dogcatcher . Accusations as serious as those she has espoused demand proof .

    • gray man

      she didn't make "accusations", she pointed out facts and wondered at the wisdom.

      • Amused

        you got it backwards pal, she made the accusations that the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the US Administration without producing any facts ,named a person imparticular , and then called for an investigation .Which in reality is nothing more than a witch-hunt .Who are YOU kidding ?

  • Creepy Sharia Creeps

    Boehner and McCain are on the Muslim Brotherhood payroll, just like Hilly and Billy.

  • Amused

    yea creepy , just like Mother Theresa and the Pope . .