Pushing Back Against the BDS Bullies

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SB:  I wrote letters to the Jewish community and local Rabbis to let them know of my situation. They called for the counter-measure of a buycott. But the protesters would come unannounced. Unable to mobilize the Jewish and Israeli communities with so little warning, support on the day of the protests was small. They tried but they can only do so much.

I then went to the Israeli paper Ynet, which thankfully got Lavan’s story global recognition. The support I then received was incredibly empowering. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by this love and support. From “Likes” on Lavan’s Facebook page, to orders online, to supportive phone calls and even a Facebook group created for this struggle by an Israeli girl in the UK, Gili Brenner. Also, the Israeli band “Hadag Nachash” came to the store to support us. This helps me keep standing strong.

MT: Was there any kind of official response from the Canadian or Israeli governments or local Jewish organizations?

SB:  Yes. The Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Mr. Jason Kenny, visited the store to support Israel and my business, and the staff and myself personally. I got the blessings of the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yuli Edelstein, via the Ynet article and I spoke at great length with his VP to try to find some creative ideas to improve Israel’s image in the world. Also, the local Jewish centers motivated their people to come and support me and Lavan. The leading local Rabbis even replaced my mezuza, and came personally to the store to show their support.

MT: During Israeli Apartheid Week, are the protests outside your store getting worse?

SB:  I have to be honest with you: I refuse to use Israel and apartheid in the same sentence. This is simply ridiculous and spreads ignorance. There is absolutely nothing Israel shares with apartheid. Israel is a very proud democracy that can be an inspiration to many other countries in the world.

Most of the action [of Israeli Apartheid Week] was in the universities and we have yet to be protested so far during this “Anti-Israel week,” but I can only hope that when they come again – which they no doubt will – they will not be greater in number.

MT:  Shanie, before your store was picketed, did you consider yourself very political? If not, how about now?

SB:  I’m not a diplomat, and I’ve never been one. I am an entrepreneur. Some people were upset with me for addressing the press. I meant no harm; I only wanted to end this madness. Now, I can say I have some idea of the power of politics and how complicated it is. I simply want peace and peaceful living.

I believe in the protesters’ right to free speech, but I do not deserve to be targeted for the origin of my products, or my origin, even. I simply make and sell soap. I don’t oppress or control anybody or take away anybody’s rights.

MT: What can your supporters do to help?

SB:  I am extremely grateful and thankful for any form of support. Whether it be sharing my story, a Facebook page, coming into the store to make a purchase, or visiting our online store. Support in any form is what I was praying for.

I think that any product made in Israel is a strong and proud ambassador of Israel. It just feels wrong that Israel is the only country in the world to have an “Anti-Week” against it. And now I hope that instead of being a target for hate we will be a symbol of success.

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  • Nakba1948

    Wow. Projection that would make even Freud blush. Nearly the entire world views Israel and the Zionists as "bullies." Why? Because they are. Nonviolent resistance in the form of boycotts is not only legitimate, it's the obligation of everyone who supports peace and justice. If the shopkeeper in the article doesn't wanted to be targeted by the boycott, she should cease selling products made at the expense of the Palestinian people.

    Israel is always the victim to you Zionazis. You see Muslim and left-wing conspiracies everywhere. If Israel is the victim of anything, it is its own racist, expansionist roots. I am heartened that many of the leaders of the BDS movement are Jewish; they recognize that Zionism and Judaism are completely antithetical.

    • Goemon

      Israel makes technology that benefits the world. Your ideological brothers just think of new ways to lie and justify evil. If i had my way, i’d have you and these protestors picked up by bulldozers and turned into soylent green for the palestinians enduring israel’s “brutality”

    • Bartimaeus

      It is amazing how the Arab world with its unending rejection of and aggression against the Jews can continue callously in that attitude and still blame Israel for the lack of peace and justice. What an amazing inversion of the truth. I think that attitude is the real catastrophe of the Middle East. No doubt it will continue until the great tribulation that the Lord spoke of and then it will be brought to an abrupt end.

    • Zionista

      They are JINOS – Jews in name only and leftists first – if you had any brains you'd know that and if you had any credibility, you'd admit it. What have the arabs contributed to society?? oh yeah, the suicide belt. You must be so proud. Meanwhile, Israel will continue with its many technological advances – you're probably using a computer that has some parts created and designed in ISRAEL – ha ha jealous loser!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Here's a joke for you:

      Man gets out of the plane in Riyadh, walks through the airport terminal to the street outside, goes to the taxi area, gets in a cab, says to the driver:

      "Take me to the Jewish neighborhood."

      Get it, anus face?

    • Robert

      Nakba1948, you are an a-hole

    • old white guy

      anti-semetic ahole.

    • bernoulli

      Nutbar1948 and his "people" don't have a homeland, because his "people" aren't an historical people. He's been fed the lie in his mother's milk, but that's his problem. His is an invented "people" whose cultural uniqueness and historical presence is NIL, the existence of books published in politically-correct imbecilic academia claiming otherwise notwithstanding.

      Jews in Israel are in their historical homeland, are not planning to leave, and its just too bad for Nutbar1948 that he has been fed with a sewage pipe of lies all his life. An Arab he is, a "palestinian" he is not. Solly cholly.

      All this hot air from him is tedious, and it REALLY DOESN'T MATTER. We've struggled against MUCH more powerful enemies than him, and won.

      Here's a fun fact for anyone amused by Nutbar1948. There has thus far been precisely 1 (i.e, ONE!!!) Muslim Nobel Laureate in Physics in history, with a world population of more than 1.2 billion Muslims. In contrast, there have been 47 Jewish Nobel Laureates in Physics with a world population of 14 million Jews.
      If you work out the simple proportionality, you will see that, assuming Muslims were equally productive as Jews, the fact that 14 million Jews have produced 47 Nobel Laureates in Physics implies that 1.2 Billion Muslims should have produced approximately 4030 Nobel Laureates in Physics. BUT THEY HAVE ONLY PRODUCED ONE. O – N – E.

      On the other hand, they ARE good at blowing up civilians at pizza parlors and ice cream stands…

    • pagegl

      The only supporters of apartheid and fascism in this issue are your Muslim brethren and their supporters.

    • Obama's Banana

      Oh, you Muslim Left-Wing Conspirator™, you!
      We found you!
      The Worldwide Zionist Expansion League™ have been alerted to your presence and they have chosen to ignore your inconsequential ass.

    • Ted G


    • Ghostwriter

      Nakba1948,the only peace your people want are dead Jews.

    • William R Nicholson

      Your hatred that pours from you in every manner speaks to the poor stock of your ancestors. I hope you have no children . Every real parent wishes that their child will have a better life than they did ; You however , have made it far too easy , for your children to be better than you ! Ask God with every beat of your heart , to forgive the many errors of your life and pray that someday you'll be led by a Holy Spirit ……….. to become a truly worthy person ………… please quit making it so darn easy for your children to be better than you !

    • SpiritOf1683

      Off you go back to Pakistan, brain-dead savage.

    • guest

      Your muzzie hate blinds you to the truth. I know what awards the Jews have for science, what has the 7th century muzzies ever created? Nothing!

    • aspacia


      Blame your brethren for your situation and remember it is they who more severely discriminate against you than any other group. Also, 650,000 were driven from Arab land without compensation, and were absorbed into Israel. You should have been absorbed by your brethren as well

      Your situation is your fault, and Arab Muslims' doing, not Israel.

      Go Rot.

      Muslims are totalitarian, tyrants, and this stems from the Qu'ran calling for subjugation of all nonMuslims.

  • Snorbak

    In our obligation to support peace & justice maybe the West should shut down the mosques for starters thereby limiting the spread of that vile religion you call Islam. Given that muslims demand equality its only fair when Islamic states dont allow freedom of worship or the building of church's of synagogues.

    "Zionism and Judaism are completely antithetical", a follewer of Islam calling Judaism unethical, a bit rich when your "religion" calls for the murder on non believers & millions of muslims scream for death to the Jews!

    Maybe you should tell your brothers in Hamas et al to protest Israels existance in a peacfull manner as in your own words;
    "Nonviolent resistance in the form of boycotts is not only legitimate, it's the obligation of everyone who supports peace and justice"!

    • Snorbak

      Opps, "antithetical", mis read as anti-ethical.

  • sdsali

    As anyone who has red the Bible knows, Judaism's roots in Israel go back more than 4000 years. The only "invasion" in this area is the Arabs. The places described in the Old Testament/Torah are still there. The "palestinians" are an invented people. They are Arabs who happened to move to and settle in Judea. The Muslims refuse to allow archaeological digs in areas under their control for a reason– they know that their claim that Jews are invaders and colonialists is a lie. They don't want any more archaeology confirming the presence of Jewish antecedents in that whole area than already exists. See for example http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/01/13/world/m….

  • maturin20

    This hearkens back to the oppression of German-Canadian soap stores in 1935.

    • stern

      Nope, sorry. Even in 20 years, I don't think you'll have matured.

      • maturin20

        I'd make a damn fine single malt by then.

  • Jcz

    While not a Jew, I have still just found a new on-line store to buy gifts from. Thank you for this article, and to those vile ignorant and violent haters of Jews…sink into your own morass -oh, sorry, you already have..

    • maturin20

      How did you become not a Jew for a little while? Did you read Gilad Atzmon?

  • Rifleman

    Back when I was in the Army skinheads would mistake me for one of them on occasion, and give me a seig heil. I'd give 'em one back, with just the middle finger extended.

  • kentatwater

    Funny how BDS also means "Bush Derangement Syndrome." A Venn diagram of both populations would likely make you think your seeing double.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      "Brain Dead Stooge" comes to mind also…………………………….William

  • Supreme_Galooty

    This is a most gratifying story. I eagerly await the sequel where hundreds of gentiles picket the so-called "Palestinian" front groups – complete with signs that depict Mohammed wearing a suicide belt.

  • Gorsky

    I’m so sick of Muslims already.

    Them and their so called sympathizers.

    Wherever these people are present, notice the problems they cause.

    It’s the Muslims that’s the problem. It needs to be said because it’s the truth.

    • Snorbak

      Careful thowing aroundthat word "truth", its tends to offend these days just like the "F" word, "fact".
      (Sarcasm intended)

      • ksandra

        The problem is, the political left does not deal in quaint notions such as "truth" or "facts". To it, the whole thing is the narrative. As their narrative becomes widely accepted (e.g., Israel is an oppressive apartheid state), THAT becomes, for them, the new fact and they work to have their narrative even more wide accepted as fact by others. It doesn't matter that this objectively false. They have so deconstructed the idea of objective reality and "fact" that this is of no consequence to the left. It's a variation of the old Communist Russian idea of "truth." The "truth" is what serves the revolution. So we argue facts and they create narratives.

  • Anamah

    Dear Shanie Bar-Oz I stand with you. I will ask my friends in Canada to be there too.

  • Brujo Blanco

    In keep hearing Antisemites ranking about Israel. They insist that the Jews are engaging in behavior that is actually the behavior of their Arab advesaries. We must not allow any group of people to be terrorized in the USA or Canada.

  • BS77

    Buy goods made in the USA and Israel. Face it, Israel is NOT the problem in the Middle East….just take a clear look at Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Iran or Afghanistan and tell us Israel is the trouble in the region!!! Give me a break. Leftists are robotic disgorging lies and baseless propaganda at every turn.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    "Buy goods made in the USA and Israel" good idea if I could find it, eveything seems to be made in
    China, what do the Palestinians make other than false claims, bold lies and revisionist history?
    Well if you really want to know you can buy the latest and most elegant suicide belt, Fat, skinny and
    child sizes available, no problem, no qualification unless stupid is important………….William

  • seeing the obvious

    Were is our wonderful human rights commisson. They are always ready to prosecute hate speech. OOps I goofed, its always ok to hate Israel. Canada's HRC is no-where to be found if the attack is hate speech against Israel. The good news is that Israel has God's protection. If you don't believe the Bible then just check out the results of the wars Israel has fought since 1948. One Israeli soldier can make a thousand Islamics run like scared rabbits. If Israel approached the Islamics in the same way the Islamics harass Israel the Islamics would just be an ugly memory. But Israel is to human and kind to sink to the depravity of the Muslim world.

  • Captain America

    Nakba1948, you have a homeland; it's called 'Jordan".

  • Mickey Oberman


    Did you call the police?
    If so, what was their response?

    Mickey Oberman, Toronto

  • Lancel sont de pédés

    The only thing "rigid and lacking ingenuity" are palestinians and their violent insistence they are not an invented people.
    You think the market for those fancy purses has decreased, it is nothing compared to how the market for palestinian propaganda has decreased and will continue to do so as the world gets sick of their genocidal claims against Israel.