Rachel Maddow and Michigan’s Poor Blacks

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On her MSNBC show last week, progressive commentator Rachel Maddow once again aimed her snarky, facts-be-damned, rhetorical flamethrower at the ongoing controversy of emergency legislation designed to rescue the economically devastated town of Benton Harbor.

Michigan cities from tiny Benton Harbor to Flint to Pontiac all the way up to Detroit are in the death grip of a financial crisis in the wake of the housing crash and near collapse of the auto industry. In a desperate move to turn things around, Republican Governor Rick Snyder invoked Public Act 4, legislation that allows him to appoint city managers to take over cities in dire financial circumstances and enact drastic austerity measures. These managers are empowered to renegotiate union contracts, amend budgets, eliminate departments, even overrule or remove mayors and other elected officials if necessary.

The law’s supporters say it allows for a more effective response to the state’s budget crisis. Even ABC acknowledged that these emergency measures are rescuing a growing number of cities from bankruptcy and thus preserving vital services for the citizens, including the same blacks that Maddow claims are being victimized by the procedure.

But the law’s critics call it an illegal power grab (a “hostile takeover,” as a Mother Jones magazine headline refers to it) to overthrow local leaders and dissolve public-sector unions. Detroit’s Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice has even filed a lawsuit challenging the law’s constitutionality (keep in mind that “social justice” is the left’s code phrase for a movement promoting anti-capitalist class warfare).

As she has ever since she began covering the story a year ago, the incessantly inflammatory Maddow attacked Michigan Republicans in her April 2, 2012 segment for subverting democracy, “stripping” the impoverished blacks in Benton Harbor of their right to rule themselves, and installing a “tyrant” who “will have unilateral power to destroy the town if he wants to, to dissolve it.” This is typical fear-mongering hyperbole on her part – the city manager is not there to destroy the dysfunctional town, but to keep forewarned public unions and wasteful local politicians from driving it deeper into economic ruin.

Terry Stanton, information officer for Michigan’s Department of the Treasury, told ABC last year that the intention of the law is to protect the health, welfare and safety of local government:

No one likes to see their authority taken away. But it’s important to note that oftentimes it was the elected officials who were the ones unable or unwilling to address financial problem before they got crisis stage… The goal is never to have to appoint another emergency manager.

Where circumstances require one, ABC noted in its piece free of Maddow’s hysteria, the manager’s mission is to go in, make necessary budget and staffing changes, and get out as soon as possible, to allow the town to return to self-governance.

Benton Harbor was the first place in which the city manager was appointed (Flint has also been turned over to one, and Detroit could be next). It’s population is largely black – in fact, the “San Francisco Bayview National Black Newspaper,” which bills itself as “the most visited Black newspaper on the web,” calls it “the chocolate city” of Benton Harbor (imagine the gleeful shrieks of outrage from Maddow and her MSNBC ilk if Fox News or FrontPage Mag referred to Benton Harbor as a “chocolate city”).

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  • Ken

    Rachel Maddow will always look for a way to deman those taht do not share her uber-Leftist ideals. It's the proto-typical Leftist tactic – demonize, belittle, and marginalize. Don't use constructive dialogue or offer solutions of your own. Nope, just name-call and incite racial division. That's the Lefty mantra. And she is a master at it. Of course, look where whe works. That says a lot in itself!! Until the lamestream media get back to reporting the story for its facts and letting people decide on the matter instead of inflaming a situation to further your agenda, we will never get a clear, unbiased story on ANYTHING! Fact based reporting, no matter how good, bad, or ugly, is the only way to restore respect to the American media establishment. Until that happens, the majority of the stories you will see will be those that sew divisiveness and discord. The American lamstream media has no concern for what is good for the country. They only care about agenda and inflamning tensions for "the story".

    • BS77

      Remember the AC DC song….it's long way to the top???l……Well, it's a long way to the bottom at MSNBC.

    • ben

      Ken, the lacky Republican, defends governor Rick Snyder's unconstitutional actions to appoint city managers who have the power to fire anyone they want, even elected officials. If you are too stupid to comprehend that these are totally Nazi tactics then you are a misguided FOOL. I have witnessed so many ignorant and stupid comments online from uninformed bigots who think their opinions carry more weight than the facts and you fit perfectly in that category.

  • Rocky Mountain

    I am not a 'lefty' and I personally loathe Maddow, Schultz and the whole bunch at MSNBC etc etc, but there are plenty on the right who are not interested in dialogue either. I have frequently been met with obscenities and even threats if I make a comment that differs from the "party line".

    • Thomas

      Why did you make this comment? It has nothing to do with the article. Me fears you are a troll.

      • Questions

        It has everything to do with the article. We on the Right ought to hold ourselves to high standards even if the Left doesn't.

    • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com goon48

      I am tired of having a dialog with the left, their is no give and take and that's how we got in the mess that we are in now.

    • mlcblog

      I get that. It seems it is increasing difficult to have a dialogue these days. I notice even us conservatives (I am very conservative) misquoting facts at times. In the interests of truth, I wish we would all try a little harder.

    • ebonystone

      How about an example of one of your comments that draws obscenities and threat;s from people on the right.
      Run it by us; see if it draws any obscenities or threats here.

    • blossom

      you "loathe" them? really? because…..???

    • joy52

      When you go to a liberal website, then, I'm sure you don't get criticism. Expect to be challenged by people who refuse to drink the kool aide.

  • kafir4life

    Rocky Maddow doesn't need facts. He has an agenda.
    Anyone know when that female to male conversion he's been working on will be complete? It was a good choice, as there's no way anyone mistakes that for a girl.

    • wsk

      she/ he is having the addadicktomy procedure? Explains a lot.

    • blossom

      and then there are "people" like you. completely clueless. have nothing to say but think it's ok to attack someone for how they look. wish i could see what you look like, bet that would be a real treat.

      • kafir4life

        You wouldn't be able to handle it Blossom. I have no problem with Rocky. I have no problems with Rocky's appearance. If it walks like a man, talks like a man, and looks like a man, then it's a man. No insult. Just fact.

  • davarino

    Luckily Snyder does not have the Mad-dow disease, which is characterised by rabid exaggerations, mis characterizations, over simplified analysis, and bleeding heart liberal thinking. Sure, Snyder can also show faulse sympathy and allow Michigan to continue down its current path. But that would show another symptom of Mad-dow disease, short sitedness

    • WilliamJamesWard

      In the end the blind leading the blind…………………….William

  • Crossbow87

    I always get the weird feeling that what Lefties hate are solutions that work. They prefer crippling squalor and abhor things that work. Funny that.

  • Dispozadaburka

    She is going to have a tough time "breastfeeding" her muslim coworkers.

    • sharpsrifle

      That's a "she"???? *shudder*

    • kafir4life

      That's "HE", and no HE won't. It takes a female with breasts to breasfeed, and Rocky has had his removed already (can't you see?) in prep for the rest of his conversion.

  • tagalog

    Is it that cities with predominately black populations are the ones that require government receivers to take over, or are there cities with predominately white populations that need the same treatment?

    If so, why is MSNBC focusing on cities with black populations? Are they playing some sort of racial angle?

    • wsk

      I was thinking the same thing. Why is it that predominantly black cities with black Democrat leaders are in this financial mess? Ooops, I think I answered my own question.

    • mlcblog

      Back in my grandparents day it was a condescending attitude toward "darkies" that made the so-superior white folks have to decry the plight of the poor darkies and take up their victimized cause and publish it far and wide to show how much they cared, how noble they were by doing so, and to ostensibly drum up support for the poor darkies…who obviously couldn't take care of themselves. Yuk.

      I think this is a large part of Maddow's gig.

    • ebonystone

      Many American cities have very corrupt administrations, but in my experience a number of the black-run cities are among the most corrupt of the corrupt. They enact policies that drive out tax-paying private businesses. And they create all sorts of do-nothing municipal jobs for their (black) cronies, and get kick-backs in return. So they both shrink the tax base and increase the city's expenses. In one back-run city I'm familiar with, the city clerk (black) has her daughter on the payroll of the clerk's office as a full-time employee, at the same time that she is a full-time college student. The other employees say that the only time they ever see the daughter is once a month when she comes in to pick up her paycheck. In addition, the clerk has her attorney husband on a generous retainer as the counsel for the city clerk. Of course, the city has its own city attorney, but for some reason the clerk's office needs one of its own.
      As the late Harold Washington said at the victory party celebrating his election as the first black mayor of Chicago: "We're gonna get ours now!" That seems to be the motto of too many black politicians.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Marion Berry ring a bell…….there is a death knoll in there somewhere…………….William

    • joy52

      I have to thank Maddow and ABC for helping me to realize there are other cities run by Democrats besides Detroit, D.C., New Orleans..etc. which are going under due to decades of their policies. I should think blacks would want to keep that under the rug…It must be very difficult for them to have Republicans in some states have to sort iout their incompetence and corruption. Definately cuts into the gravy train. No wonder Jesse Jackson, Jr. is up in arms. Shall we take bets that they will still vote for Obama?

      • D S Dunlap

        Actually, for a number of years, Springfield, MA was in serious need of intervention by the state, and it was run by white people.

        So, you see, It's not racial unless you or the MSM try to make it so.

        • derekcrane

          The people who ran Springfield may have been white but they were also Mafiosi.

        • johnnywoods

          Corruption is in the liberal mind-set and it is colorblind.

  • MethanP

    Maddow is so biased she should be paid by the DNC.

  • alanweberman

    Hey my first wife Ann Duncan was from Benton Harbor. It was a safe prosperous town until it became predominately African-American.

    • 11bravo

      Go away troll!!

      • Questions

        Why is Weberman a "troll?" He speaks the truth. Blacks aren't victims; they're victimizers. Wherever they go, they create murder, mayhem and decline. Benton Harbor has been a public welfare/high-crime disaster ever since it went majority black. Think of it as Detroit's "mini-me," located at the opposite end of Michigan.

        • Ghostwriter

          Once again,I'm going to have to state the obvious. I think that the majority of blacks in Benton Harbor would say "Please stop with the race talk and get this town out of this mess we're in!" Questions should be ashamed of himself for sounding like a Klan member. Not every black person is a victimizer,Questions. If I were you,I would think about what you said.

          • Questions

            Why is grasping the obvious fact of black pathology tantamount to burning a cross? As for "race talk," blacks, unfortunately, define themselves in this way; we don't define them. It is blacks who created the "mess" that is latter-day Benton Harbor. Honesty requires stating as much.

            The problem with most whites, at least in any position of responsibility, is that they are petrified to make statements that might be construed as "racist." Even white conservatives are more than happy to do the Left's dirty work — witness the canning of John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg at National Review. You think the Left is impressed? Get a life.

  • Schlomotion

    This article and the Ahlert article are amusing because when FPM goes to "defend women and minorities" and starts swinging the pipewrench around they end up hitting the women and minorities in the face. When Matt Drudge decorates his page with a bunch of similarly themed stories, you can see that he is a big gay racist. Here, we have at least two articles accusing female pundits of having "hysteria" because they move out of step with the Zionist Lobby. It's so old fashioned. Look at the articles about Naomi Wolf. Ahlert, Tapson, and Shapiro all write about women as if they were not raised near any, but rather in some kind of all male kibbutz. That is at least true of one of them. It is so odd to see New Criticism mixed with Midrasha fanaticism mixed with pre-1950s male chauvinism in such young and middle aged people. It's like seeing live tapirs for the first time. If you add in Bruce Bawer, then you have the ragged and bitter gay Zionist "defending women" by touting Clarion Fund videos of British and Norwegian skinheads calling women in burqas "scum." This seems to be the bizarro neocon version of feminism. It is a feminism by crypto-communist men.

    • JoJoJams

      This is one of the bigger idiocies you've spouted here. Every once in a while you have a slight point – but this post……sheer idiocy. Instead of your sophomoric attacking of the messenger, what, exactly, do you find "incorrect" with this article? Admit it! You're paid to troll here and spout your drivel! lmao!~

      • Schlomotion

        I disagree with Tapson arguing in favor of the Huey Long fascism of Republican Governor Rick Snyder's emergency police state takeover. Why is Nazism OK in this case and not in others? Why is it OK for a Republican to make himself Obergruppenfuhrer and turn elected positions into appointment positions? And why does Tapson, a white guy in CA, resort to calling women hysterical and claim besserwissen as for what is good for black people in MI? And why is "minority dependency on big government" such a burning issue but "oil magnate dependency on big government" is not? Per your question, how much do you think I should be paid for what I do out of sheer pleasure?

        • Thomas

          What do you do when the politics have become so corrupted that you have to flush the system? Detroit is a wasteland with vultures promising anything to get elected (not so different from most politicians). But it is incumbent upon the governor and his admin to root out the cons and frauds so it can begin to rebuild a more secure and stable community. Rid the landscape of the crooks and things will be much better. How is that Nazi? Or are you just another one of them (the crooks)?

          • Schlomotion

            What you do not do in that case is enable a protection racket to purge all of its competitors out of office. What you do is hold a vote of no confidence in the state government and fire everyone using a referendum. People don't want Rizzos in place of Tates, or Snyders in place of Bings, or Patricks in place of Bulgers, or Emmanuels in place of Daleys. They want to elect representatives at all levels of government, not have a Governor who assumes Chief Corporatist Managerial status and reverses all the elections below his rank. America is no place for Chancellors riding under the banner of "secure and stable." This is not the USSA.

          • Ghostwriter

            Scholmotion,why do you have to bash Jews in every post you write? It doesn't make you sound intelligent.

          • Schlomotion

            Why do people drive completely souped up muscle cars painted only in primer grey?

        • ebonystone

          I can see you didn't read the article, Schlomo. The Benton Harbor city manager was appointed by a Democrat "obergruppenfuhrer". Incidentally, "gauleiter" would be a more appropriate derogatory term for "governor".

  • Thomas

    It's amazing how the left's pundits are completely void of any substantial arguments. Yet they have an audience. The amount of people who buy into the socialist's fantasy in the USA is becoming more and more disturbing. They know nothing of history and it's repercussions. They know nothing of economics or finance. McCarthy wasn't so far off in his campaign against the commies. They are here and are a threat to all responsible, freedom loving people. The left can only exist as long as it perpetuates poverty, racial division, false victimhood, public unions, and most importantly educational indoctrination. We are at a perilous time in the USA.

  • Steve Chavez

    Maddow, and many of the other MSNBC hosts, have very serious psychological problems. Matthew's talks so fast and never seems to take a breath so FOAM collects on the corners of his mouth. I can't breathe either listening to him. SHARPTON?

    Maddow tries to be witty but she's actually showing how mentally ill she is. BUT SHE'S ALSO DOING OBAMA'S BIDDING LIKE HILARY ROSEN IS! I wonder how many times she and her MSNBC Obama operatives have visited the White House.


    • Stace

      Probably a much hotter girl than you could ever get.

      • Steve Chavez

        Sorry but Valerie Jarrett is not my type anyway! Come to think of it, I bet they had a lesbian orgy in the Lincoln Bedroom. "Outrageous" you will say? Heck, Bill Clinton was using his cigar in the Monica's Oval! In January 2013, I'd suggest to Romney to have the place Cloroxed and disinfected.

      • kafir4life

        I heard she was munching Moochella the fat bottomed media wh0re herself. While Bammy watches and strokes his TonyD.

    • blossom

      wow. i need a shower just reading what is written on this site. there's must be lots of rocks with nothing under them right now, everyone's crawled out and decided to post here. yuck.

  • WallyG

    Giving the auto industry to the UAW, bypassing US Bancruptcy laws, screwing bondholders with threats, and taking our tax dollars to fund his campaigns, you know who I mean Rachel, "The Barry", is okay and not a pwer grab? Maddow is like any other typical democrat Marxist intentionally uninformed spokeshole. "Libberish" just flows from their dead brains to their vocal chords and out comes drivel that only the dependent class love to hear! Michigan has been run into the ground by democrats over the decades and Maddow knows it. This isn't about MI, but about WI, OH and the other Republican run states that are re=proving that capitalism works and government spending less means skyrocketing growth! People are leaving MI, NOT going to it for the same reasons, people left NY, NJ, CA, CT, MA, MD, VT, NM, CO, OR and headed to states where people not ideology matter! Maddow is just flailing because the very real evidence of dem failure is most evident in MI. She's preaching to the choir so of course they all sing the same tune. They're desperate to find an argument for Marxism!

  • dms0001

    I had never seen a photo of him, sorry I meant Maddow. Looks as if Mum was a little late getting him to the good looks queue. In the UK, we have a TV ad for opticians, called Specsavers, usually amusing ads about those with vision problems get themselves into predicaments due to that disability. I believe Maddow should have gone to Specsavers or the US equivalent

  • babyanng

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    • mlcblog


  • mrbean

    Rachel Maddow and all the leftist cheerleaders along with the Democratic party really want the blacks to remain a dependency class of government through welfare, affirmative action, set asides and promoting racial victimization. No one is worse than theliberal media and the black leadership in the Democrats who will label anyone who supports conservative ideas and strays from the Democrat plantation as an "Uncle Tom" or an "Aunt Jemima". The most flagrant of this is taking place in Congress right now as Congressman John Conyers and his Congressional Black Caucus tribalists again reintroduce H.R. 10 demanding race reparations as large cash payments to all black people from white people which is utterly ridiculous. Its purpose is simply race baiting as a "Hating Whitey" fest promoting racial victimization!

    • Questions

      You're right up to a point. The affirmative action mentality must be combated, root and branch. But what you miss is that blacks are dirving all this. They are not dependent on white Democrats; they are intimidating white Democrats into handing over the state-sponsored sinecures.

  • dnha14

    The good news is that now the Progressives have an understanding of what their esteemed leader, Big Bro Obama, is doing. The bad news is that they will still ignore the double standard.

  • Tony Rome

    MSNBC – Madcow, nothing more needs to be said.

  • Chiggles

    Anyone else remember tha Benton Harbor was the secret identity of Chickenman (He's everywhere! He's everywhere!)?

    • rulieg

      I don't remember the Benton Harbor angle but I gave you a thumbs-up just for remembering Chickenman (he's everywhere!)…THAT was a stab from the past for sure! I can hear it now…

  • BLJ

    Rachel Maddow is the poster child for "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder".

    • theideal

      Homophobic name calling is classic skirt the issue tactics by the right. She hasn't done her homework? That WOMAN is queen of political homework. People cannot handle how much smarter she is than most of the
      folks who post their opinions here. Also, it is evident that people are not listening to the case she is making
      in reguards to our democracy being desolved under our noses. Fear mongering? The sky calling the water blue? Fear is all the republicans seem to have to move their base with. Progressive television comes across much more as reporting and conservative tv on how much they're all out to get you! Better buy enough guns!

  • rulieg

    I live in Michigan so I feel I have a right to comment. Benton Harbor has been a big fat mess for many years. SOMETHING needs to happen or they aren't going to be able to afford to keep the city going any longer. Detroit is also about to get an emergency manager, as the article notes, and Madcow isn't going to be any happier about that.

    yes, we have been hard hit by the auto industry's problems. but Benton Harbor and Detroit and Flint are partly where they are today because of corrupt Democrat politicians who played the race card to stay in power.

    one would think Madcow and the libs would approve of efforts to take over "black" cities. after all, it's the Dems who keep telling us black people are too stupid to get photo ID by themselves, or to get a job or get into college on their own merits.

    • D S Dunlap


      Considering that two-thirds of the *mostly* black residents said they didn't care as long as someone helped to fix the mess so they could get in better straits (draw more jobs, be able to improve the city, etc.,), I think Maddow is sticking her nose where it isn't wanted, either by the Benton Harbor residents OR those who have come in to try to repair the damage.

    • Questions

      You're a naif. The problem isn't this phantasm called "liberal racism." It's blacks themselves. The placing of Benton Harbor under state receivership is the logical end result of black mismanagement and incompetence. If Benton Harbor were mainly white, none of this would have been necessary.

  • Edmond

    This section:

    “Her condescending civics lesson conveniently ignores 1) the fact that Snyder and the Republican majority were themselves democratically elected by the people of Michigan to help solve this mess, 2) that Benton Harbor’s emergency manager Joe Harris (who is black) was actually appointed under the previous governor, a Democrat, and 3) that a survey from last year shows that Benton Harbor’s citizens support by a two-to-one margin “the nullification of Benton Harbor’s labor agreements if it would help decrease the city’s deficit.” Apparently, FrontPage writer David Forsmark noted a year ago about the poll, those citizens”

    is laughable. Just because individuals are elected democratically, doesn’t automatically mean they will be acting democratically. Or that someone who was appointed under the democrats couldn’t be acting contrary to what a democrat would want. Or that a survey has actual weight in showing what is permissible or the right thing to do.

    • Nick Shaw

      "Just because individuals are elected democratically, doesn’t automatically mean they will be acting democratically"
      Ya' mean like Zero?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Come November maybe we will all be singing Black Spiritual songs and quoting MLK,
        "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last"……….zero be gone soon

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Make your bed and you lie in it, well is Benton Harbor in bed with Madcow? The property values must
    be nill and it may be questionable if any effort should be exerted to extend help, however giving up on
    people is not the right thing to do, set them on the right road, raise them up in the way etc., and hope for
    the best. There must be some way to create a culture that is wholesome and supportive of life even
    in Benton Harbor, if not maybe it is time to give up and let happen what will happen in a bed of thorns.

    • http://frontpagemag.com SKIP

      "There must be some way to create a culture that is wholesome and supportive of life"

      NOT if the population is mostly black, that has been proven time and time again.

  • Tanstaafl

    Is that a picture of Ronnie Reagan?

  • mrbean

    Rachel needs a good alpha stud male to wipe that permanent sneer off her face by giving her daily intense orgasms to "straighten" her out. Then when she came to work she would smile cheerfully and not be such a grouchy whining leftist. .

    • johnnywoods

      "There once was a man from Kartoom who took a lesbian up to his room, they did quarrel and fight and argue all night about what who would do what unto whom." I cannot remember where I heard this one:)

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    The commission in charge of Egypt’s presidential election on Saturday disqualified 10 of the 23 candidates vying for the top job in next month’s election.

    “The commission has disqualified candidates because they do not fill one or more of the required conditions,” the electoral body said in a statement without providing any names.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/04/14/egypt


    • ebonystone

      Maybe they couldn't provide valid birth certificates.

  • derekcrane

    Bo Bo Brazil, Benton Harbor's most famous citizen (RIP), would approve of Gov. Snyder's efforts to save the city.

  • kafir4life

    Rocky Mancow was the "answer" on Jeopardy recently (They used his more common "girl name", Rachel Maddow). Nobody knew the question as none of the contestants had ever heard of him.

  • Stella

    Why don't the Republicans simply give these leftists what they want? Back off and let them rule their cities exactly as they and the cities' citizens want. The only caveat I have is that can have no state or federal funds. None, just cut them off. That's fair, isn't it? This way once the riots start (and they will, fairly soon), we can sit back and wait until they beg the grown-ups to return and take over.

    • johnnywoods

      The problem with your idea is that these idiots are never satisfied with there self-created disasters, they always want to "spread the wealth".

  • ed ejfresq

    I think Mr. Maddow's needs to take his head out of the hole and look at the reality of the situation in Michigan. The leftist party would love to take over this state simply because it is black. Their social agenda would is working in Michigan. where over half the population is on welfare. Mr. Maddows and Mrs Schultz would love to be able inject complete socialism into that state. That would serve our current administrations need.

    • Stella

      That would serve the administration's need, right up until the excrement hit the fan. If they were not able to secure funding from the Feds, the excrement would be flinging quite soon. The economy is bad there already; if they continue without help, they will be doomed. So, cut off the funding, and let 'em have at it! This will be a pretty mess right around election time, to the detriment of our Dear Leader.

  • Ed Phillips

    Rachel Maddow is without question the most intelligent commentator on TV. She is only a Rhodes Scholar with a Ph.D. and likely has an IQ that is 50 points higher than Mark Tapson's. She is a meticulous fact checker, and if she occassionally mistates anything, she promptly corrects herself and apologizes for it. She welcomes all who disagree with her to come onto her show and state their case. Is Tapson man enough to "man up" to take her offer?