The Egyptian President: Respect the Arab World

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Arabs and Americans, he continued, have “a shared objective, each to live free in their own land, according to their customs and values, in a fair and democratic fashion.” That’s debatable, but in any case that’s not the Brotherhood’s ultimate objective, which is the elimination of Western civilization and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. Morsi went on to say that he hopes for our “harmonious, peaceful coexistence.” Sounds great! And how can we achieve such harmony? By submitting to Islam and conforming to sharia law, of course.

He added that the U.S. should not expect Egypt to live by its standards:

If you want to judge the performance of the Egyptian people by the standards of German or Chinese or American culture, then there is no room for judgment. When the Egyptians decide something, probably it is not appropriate for the U.S. When the Americans decide something, this, of course, is not appropriate for Egypt.

Finally, some truth. He is right to acknowledge that our cultures and values don’t mesh. There can be no common ground between us and any regime in the grip of Islamic totalitarianism, just as there hasn’t been any between the U.S. and the Iranian mullahs since 1979. Such regimes are fundamentally hostile to Americans and American interests, and so – Prius bumper stickers notwithstanding – peaceful coexistence is impossible.

He also argued that Americans have “a special responsibility” to help Palestinians achieve full self-rule. “As long as peace and justice are not fulfilled for the Palestinians, then the [Camp David accord] remains unfulfilled,” he said. Peace and justice? Sounds great! And what does that phrase mean to the Arab world Morsi claims to speak for? The total obliteration of the Jewish state and of Jews everywhere. Nothing less will satisfy them.

Shortly after that interview, Morsi made his first appearance before the United Nations General Assembly and reiterated his insistence that the Palestinian cause be addressed, “to put an end to occupation and settlement of occupied Jerusalem.” Occupied Jerusalem. He also again issued a demand for cultural respect, and closed with a passionate denunciation of “Islamophobia” and “an organized campaign against Islamic sanctities.” “We will not allow anyone,” he said, to insult Muhammad “by word or deed.”

Egypt respects freedom of expression, Morsi said, but does not support expression that incites hatred, deepens intolerance or targets a specific religion. Really? Then perhaps he should lecture his own imams and his Brotherhood associates about their blatant Jew-hatred.

The Obama administration facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt and continues to support it with financial and military aid, even as he calls for us to restrict our freedom of speech. One might expect that Morsi would express a modicum of gratitude; but again, that’s not the Arab way. Just like other countries in the Islamic world, Morsi’s regime takes our money with one hand and pursues our subjugation with the other.

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  • gman213

    Hey Assholio..respect is earned not automatically given…especially to savages!

    • Roger

      Wait until they push the copts around, then they'll have your respect!


  • objectivefactsmatter

    "In an interview with The New York Times prior to his first trip to the U.S., Morsi said it was up to Washington to repair relations with the Arab world, specifically with Egypt. America must change its approach to the Arab world, show greater respect for its values, and help build a Palestinian state, to atone for decades of pent-up Arab anger caused by our support for autocratic Middle Eastern regimes like that of the deposed Hosni Mubarak in Egypt:”

    Proof of just how much progress Obama has made, in appeasement.

    • Larry

      If the Western world used muslim values we would have crushed them like cockroaches years ago.

      To get respect you have to earn respect, and so far there have been very, very few, if any, things to respect in the muslim world. Egypt is still trying to live off the glory of the Pharohs, the Greeks, and the early Christian era there. Since then they have done nothing.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "If the Western world used muslim values we would have crushed them like cockroaches years ago."

    Indeed, without question.

    "To get respect you have to earn respect, and so far there have been very, very few, if any, things to respect in the muslim world."

    Not when you know the facts.

    "Egypt is still trying to live off the glory of the Pharohs, the Greeks, and the early Christian era there."

    Not sure what you mean unless you are speaking about their lies in fusing Islamic history with lies about supposed inventions when it suits their immediate goals.

    "Since then they have done nothing. "

    Nothing good.

  • Peter

    Respect the Arab world ….. and keep the welfare flowing to us. Or else we'll …. well, we'l stop using toilet paper.

    • kafir4life

      Have you smelled a muslim? They've already stopped.

      • davarino

        Dude, thats eco friendly : )

        • Roger

          Not if you're the camel they're riding on.

  • kafir4life

    Let me say (for the record) that the inventor of islam, the pedophile rapist mohamat, the false prophet of islam the gutter cult, the shatter of the terror guide the koran, wasn't a very nice man. He was butt ugly too!! If you want to know what mohamat the pedophilic rapist looked like, picture Michelle Obama mating with a pig.

    allahu snackbar

    • Ann

      Mohammed was also a cold blooded murderer, especially killing those who did not believe as he did. He is well known for killing those who drew picture/cartoons of he and his Allah…. Mohammed's step mother and even he himself thought he was possessed when he began having visions from Allah, while experiencing seizures…. At one time when a group of people questioned Mohammed's words from Allah, Mohammed promptly replaced those verses with something entirely different…. And Muslims try and compare Mohammed to Jesus! Gee, I don't remember Jesus killing and/or hating anyone.

  • Mike

    This guy is a real trip. Like all the others on this page, we don't just give respect you have to earn it and islam is a religion that will NEVER earn respect with other people of faith. It's coming down to a world war with these satan worshipers and it's time to choose sides and looks like Obama will choose theirs. Believe me ,Jesus will win this battle and protect the jewish state of Israel.

    • ann

      Amen Mike! Israel will win. Interesting that it is told in the bible that anti Israel nations will claim Israel has no right to exist.

  • davarino

    I aint fraid of no muslim, except the ones that follow the koran and its false profit.

  • Hannah Crusen

    I'll respect them once they renounce the maim-molest-and-murder "prophet", and o yes, start washing those dirty nightshirts on a regular basis.
    And please stop sexually molesting your sisters too.

    • ann

      Mohammed's youngest wife was 9 years old when they consummated their marriage, lovely.

  • Andy

    It will be interesting to see how this lice-bearded lard ass fares in the Muslim world which he is trying to unite to create a caliphate to vanquish the free world. He has now reached out to both the Saudis and Iran who despise each other. But he gets A for chutzpah and this is useful because it might wake up some of the American morons who were born with blinders and have yet to recognize the evil of Islam. He'll get my approval if not respect once he goes to meet with the hairy legged 74 virgins in the Muslim heaven.

  • Jaladhi

    If they want respect why don't they earn by their actions and civilized behavior. No – they behave like barbarians and then say "respect us". You know the answer – screw you!!

  • chowching259

    Muslim tribal leaders and Mexican drug lords have one thing in common; they both murder with no remorse. Savagery is in their genetic code and it cannot be tamed. America should supply them both with better weapons so they can kill faster, it would help eliminate bad blood.

  • LindaRivera

    Non-Muslims are disrespected and deeply HATED by devout Muslims. Read Daniel Greenfield's article:
    Muslim Sex Abuse of English Children Exposed

    The whole world must know about this. I read about this on the British Freedom site:
    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape:

    I'm British American. I was deeply distressed. I wept and sobbed for the children and screamed out in anger over EVIL British leaders and police. Till I take my last breath upon this earth, I will NEVER forget what evil UK leaders have perpetrated on defenseless British children. NEVER. Treasonous UK leaders have imported millions of the soldiers of Allah to wage jihad against the British people as commanded by the Quran. Merciless, immoral UK leaders and police fully support, aid, and abet Muslim pedophile MONSTER gang rapists in their crimes against humanity. Defenseless British children.

    Please support and join British Freedom. It is Britain's last great hope against tyranny, cruelty and horrendous suffering:

    All of these horrors, agony and suffering are coming to a town or city near you soon unless Muslim immigration is permanently ended immediately and all Muslim criminals, terrorists, Muslim illegals, phony Muslim refugees and phony Muslim asylum seekers are deported immediately.


    • ann

      Stupid American Politicians have also imported their share of Muslim extremists, too. This must be stopped. Islamist extremists in MI have infiltrated that state's highest offices which have led to Christians up there being persecuted. Matter fact, it appears an Islamist SOB has infiltrated America's highest office, too.

  • BLJ

    If it was not for oil these camel jockeys would all be ignored. Egypt is an economic basket case that has nothing to offer anyone. The only thing they have ever accomplished was building some pyramids.

    Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and any other Muslim can kiss my Christian ass!

    • Veronica

      You are wrong. The ancient Egyptians developed many contributions in the fields of Science,Astronomy,Medicine,Mathematics,etc. They were a very intelligent civilization the only problem here is the Islamic domination in the country. Most Egyptian Christians I know living abroad are very successful in their own right and contribute a lot to society. Egypt is a beautiful country, Islam is ruining it. Thats all.

      • gwawr

        You're both right, though Veronica, you're more right. It was the ancients of that land that did a great many things. Harnessing the Nile was a major accomplishment. Building those pyramids that have lasted for countless centuries along with many ancient temples (though not as good a shape). Not to even the making of the Sphinx! It was the muslims that destroyed the great library at Alexandria. All because they totally believe that "all the knowledge that is known and will be known is already in the quoran."

  • BS77

    It's like science fiction….Resident EVIL zombies from hell are attacking the planet…..when will Superman or Iron Man arrive to foil their plans? Cartoon characters seem to be running the governments. If you aren't phobic, perhaps you aren't paying attention.

  • Ghostwriter

    Can someone answer for me this question. Why is it that the Muslim world screams for respect,but does nothing to earn it?

    • ann

      Thats Islam for you Ghostwriter, Islam has not changed since about 600AD, always has been a vicious way of life, government, religion.

    • Gwawr

      Because, according to the so called holy book, "they are the best of people" and anyone that is not a muslim, does not deserve respect, only servitude or death.

  • Dan

    Those who lead causes and those who endure the consequences are not always the same people.
    - unknown author – – President Obama made the decision to give his support to the Muslim Brotherhood who supports terrorism; now people are suffering partly because of his decision. President Obama has not denounced the Muslim Brotherhood, the people will continue to suffer. I don't see his decisions benefiting Freedom for anyone.

  • Questions

    Muslims are people who sit on a rug and stick their asses in the air five times a day to an sky guy named Allah, and then kill people whose "crime" is not piously sticking their asses in the air five times a day. Some might call this psychosis.

  • Omar

    Morsi is a hypocrite. He's lecturing us about tolerance and respect, yet he belongs to an organization that preaches zero tolerance or respect towards "infidels".