The Left Can’t Bring Itself to Celebrate America

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This past Independence Day, social media like Twitter were teeming with joyful appreciations of and gratitude for our freedom and America’s bounty, in spite of threats to both under the Obama administration. But there were also plenty of bitter, divisive messages from progressives, who can’t bring themselves to celebrate this country; instead, they spent the holiday ramping up their relentless racial grievance-mongering.

Leading the pack, predictably, was one of the Hollywood One-Percenters, who can always be counted on to pretend to side with the mythical 99%. Ostensibly an actor and comedian, Obama apologist Chris Rock has become rich and famous in the country that he routinely trashes as racist. Showing his solidarity with violent Occupy-types, in March Rock assaulted a camerawoman with a journalist who asked about Rock’s slanderous comment that the Tea Party was “insane” and “racist.” His latest hateful jab came on Twitter in the form of this racist, historically ignorant, punctuation-deficient holiday tweet, which went viral:

Chris Rock @chrisrock
Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks

It’s possible that Rock’s tweet was simply a publicity ploy calculated to stir up controversy and boost his flagging, uninteresting career. Of course, if he really wanted to boost his career and endear himself to millions of Americans, he could simply have tweeted happy birthday wishes to America and his gratitude for the freedoms he enjoys that countless Americans have died for and continue to die for. But leftist celebrities are actually contemptuous of the American public; they care only about their standing among each other. So in fact, Rock’s tweet was calculated not only to aggravate proud Americans but to earn him high-fives among fellow entertainers like black actor Don Cheadle, who approvingly “retweeted” Rock’s “joke.”

They weren’t the only ones. Zach Braff, another celeb with a stalled career, tweeted a similar sentiment (at least Braff understands the basics of capitalization and punctuation, unlike Rock):

Zach Braff @zachbraff
Slaves weren’t freed for another 90 years. So maybe just enjoy some of the fireworks…

To get some perspective on the value of such celebrity opinion about history and politics, remember that these are people who in centuries past were court jesters. But thanks to the omnipresence of cinemas, television, the Internet, and tabloids which serve as megaphones to push their words and deeds into the forefront of public consciousness, the uninformed blather of celebrities is given disproportionate weight here and around the world.

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  • Tracy

    Great Piece! Do the lefties read? I mean EVER? It's unbelievable to me that they can look at the flag that so many fought and died for the freedom's they enjoy with such distance. Not surprising, since the schools continue to not teach history. It truly is up to parents to remind our children of the true heritage, good, bad and ugly.

    • Asher

      Millions of people braved 100 degree heat indexes on July 4th to celebrate our Flag, Freedom, and Declaration of Independence… substantial proof that love of Freedom and America is far from dead. The majority of people love this country and will not allow the left to trash America. Politicians aren't the answer to keeping Freedom..its the people..and the will to fight for what God gave us. Freedom does not come from Man it comes from God the creator…some have forgotten this.

  • ash

    watched fox news recently.
    they were interviewing young americans about history
    none of them had a clue !
    Sad but predictable.
    Still love the u s of a.


      Blame the socialist hordes that have taken control of education.

      The dumbing down of education so no moron is left behind.

      The social promotion of students so their self-esteem trumps "education".

      When teachers are not much brighter than their students, you know the US is in trouble.


    • Jim_C

      Probably haven't had a clue for at least 50 years–and before that, who was measuring? Not much new, there.

      • fiddler

        Yup, you can blame public schools which apparently care more about not offending, than spuring kids to learn and achieve.

  • guest

    "that July 4th 1776 marked the beginning of the end of slavery."

    what a jackass. If the colonies had remained a part of the British Empire, slavery would have ended in 1833. Instead it dragged on over three more decades in the land of the free, and half the nation had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the era of Jim Crow, the Klan, and segregation. Also, notice the British didn't need a civil war to end slavery.

    • kong.ming

      The British have a horrible human rights record, with some of the worst crimes occurring after 1833.

      More people are slaves today than in any other time in history, mostly under more horrible conditions, and mostly due to the drug trade, prostitution, communist dictatorships and Islam which amoral Hollywood either supports or white washes.

      Slavery was and still is a world wide institution, with the global slave trade started by Arab traders who still maintain the infrastructure and advocate for slavery including sex slaves. Africans enslaved other Africans as the result of horrible tribal wars where people were tortured to death. The Dutch brought the vast majority of slaves to South America. In no way was America and the values it represents like pluralism and human rights the bringer of these evils.


      mindless guest,

      The British brought slavery to the Americas. The British Empire enslaved people all over the world and encouraged caste systems. India, China, West Indies, Australia and Africa are examples.

    • tagalog

      Slavery in the British Empire ended in 1833, with the exceptions "of the Territories in the Possession of the East India Company," the "Island of Ceylon," and "the Island of Saint Helena." So slavery continued for Great Britain in the Caribbean beyond 1833.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Since you're so enamored of Britain, pound sand and move there. I assure you you won't be missed at all.

    • Drakken

      If you don't like what we in the US have achieved? GTF out of my country and good bloody riddance.

    • Rey

      As long as you're so concerned about historical accuracy let's put it in the record that the Republicans were always the anti-slavery party and the Democrats were always the pro-slavery party. The Democrats invented Jim Crow, segregated the south and filled the ranks of the Klu Klux Klan. The Klan would no more have accepted a Republican than a black man.

    • UCSPanther

      The British used some pretty brutal methods to suppress rebellious natives in Africa and Asia for years after American Independence.

    • jmz

      uh what? they ended slavery 1833 but kept up apartheid and occupations til what? 20 yrs ago? your knowlege of history is pathetic and also they never gave up slavery the difference was EVERYONE was a slave to the king. and again notice how leftists never seem to bring up the african slaves, muslim slavery STILL goin on as I type. But i guess its easier to complain incorrectly about something that every country did and never hapend to you vs risking yer neck and fighting the real problems of today.


    "F" the Left.

  • Spider

    Chris Rock is GhettoTtrash LOW IQ No Talent Run at the mouth looser.

  • Jim_C

    Is the United States still the greatest country in the world? If so, by what measure?

    I'm not asking because I don't know; and I don't want to hear about how we were great 70 years ago. I know we were. Are we still the greatest, by any measure that is not shared or surpassed by another country?

    • sedoanman

      I think one measure is how much of an illegal alien problem a country has.

    • Looking4Sanity

      We are still the dominant technological powerhouse on the planet…which also makes us the premiere military power.

    • trickyblain

      Allowing others to assimilate and become truly "American" is unsurpassed (though Australia is also good). Still the greatest economy, despite recent years. Still the greatest technological innovators (though it would be nice if we could add green tech to that). Greatest median standard of living, for the most part (though there is increasing stratification). And our legal system is, by far, the most judicious (though probably the most tedious and costly).

      We are slipping rapidly in many other categories. Other categories we were never that good to begin with. But I'll tell you this: If FPMers ran things, we'd be a backwater banana republic in no time. And we don't even have bananas.

      • kong.ming

        Green tech is right up there with Credit Mobilier in terms the money wasted and people sucked into its advocacy.

        People who love government and cannot get enough of it have done and continue to do more damage to the US than any other policy advocates as shown most recently with the GSE's ongoing fraud.

        I can only see Congressmen and Congresswomen being useful in building a bridge by using their fat selves to act as a counter-weight to the crane. Could you seriously see someone like David Axelrod or Charles Schummer digging a ditch or hauling? Their fat guts would burst and pop out of their clothes like someone opened up one of those Bisquick tubes.

  • Western Spirit

    Good point Jim. The U.S.A. with its humanity and ideals has gone the way of of every other great nation, with exceptions, of course, the moral people who still remain.

    First its morals and then its greatness goes the way of stupidity and delusions.

    • Jim_C

      We've lost what we used to have in common, Western Spirit. If we could get back to it, we'd be that country everyone looks up to, again.

    • trickyblain

      Define "moral people," please.

  • Western Spirit

    Evidently the Left and Chris Rock and his ilk are going to keep racism going because they can't afford to let it die. So they have to ignore the gains made by blacks in the present and how they were freed with great sacrifice on the part of whites in the first place.

    • fiddler

      It's intergenerational guilt. My two lilly-white little grandaughters have to grow up assuming the white guilt for generations before them. By the way, I did my geneaology and my family didn't own any slaves, and I'm going to make sure they know that. Even so, families who did have slavery in their past are NOT responsible. Sorry, but that judgement belongs to God! Their job is to ensure it doesn't happen again.

      For Sharpton, Jackson and Wright, have they considered that at some point Christians (who they purport to be) need to forgive others? Don't they know that God won't forgive them their tresspasses unless they forgive others?

      • Gforce74

        Fiddler is dead on track in his post.

      • Jim_C

        I don't disagree. But I can say your grand-daughters, and my kids, are growing up in a world where black kids play with white kids and it's no big deal. I'm 44, I can't say that was my experience. So maybe that's a plus in favor of our country.

        Sharptons and Jacksons aside, I think the put-upon attitude is slowly melting away. I'm a bit disappointed in Chris Rock. He's an open-minded guy, he had that great routine about "n—-rs vs. black people."

      • johnnywoods

        Hey fiddler, I got over my "white guilt" years ago when I remembered I did not own any slaves nor did I know anybody who did.

    • Grob Hahn

      An excellent point. It is racism at its most extreme to blame ALL white Americans for slavery. And blaming ALL white Americans for events delivered by people who are long dead is also very very wrong. And yet, this is the norm. Even with a black president there is no relief from the constant stream of blame. Another term for Obama might wake up the rest of America.

  • tagalog

    The historical ignorance goes further, too. Of course, the Fourth of July has to do with the Declaration of Independence, not the founding of the United States, so the bit about slaves not being freed is arguably a bit beside the point.

    And of course, had the slaveholding states not joined the Union, the United States might not have lasted long. At the time, the European powers would have been very content to see the U.S.A. disappear ASAP. That likely would have meant that slavery would have lasted beyond 1865, with the land being half-slave and half-free instead of being all free. Chris Rock and Zach Braff are idiots. Their continued existence as wealthy people is evidence of the failure of our society to insure that the hard-working and intelligent are rewarded while the lazy and stupid are not.

    Under the Constitution, whatever other failings existed, the United States, by law, was out of the international slave trade by 1807.

    When I read Braff's note about the slaves of 1776 enjoying SOME of the fireworks, I can see that it's a pithy statement, but giving it further thought (which it doesn't deserve), it's a totally meaningless statement. It's like some remarks I used to hear many years ago at high school and college drinking parties, where somebody was trying to be witty.

    Admittedly the retention of institution of slavery in exchange for a complete Union was a real devil's bargain, whose consequences will always be with us, but come on.

    • johnnywoods

      Mr. Rock should remind himself that much of his wealth came from white Americans.

      • mlcblog

        That is too hard for him.

  • Schlomotion

    Deadlines anyone? There should be a statute of limitations for when you can still complain about a holiday after it has passed. People say dumb stuff on Twitter? Who knew?

    • Looking4Sanity

      You say stupid crap here all the time…and we ALL know it. It must really frustrate you that you can't control the dialogue. Here's a thought…go start your own web site and see what kind of traffic you attract. Shmuck.

  • Drakken

    And the Balkanization of the US continues, I have to laugh if we have an economic meltdown as to when these useful idiots of the left are going to run to? They are going to have a very rude awaking in the 3 rd world and wonder why they are hated. Well I guess Darwin needs more winners.

  • Ghostwriter

    What's wrong with celebrating what is right with America instead of always going on about what is wrong with it?

  • mlcblog

    That is funnier to me than any of his jokes, that he is crying Victim! and They won't let me! while he cashes in on his great opportunity here where he obviously made good and They did let him!!