The People v. The Democratic Party

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In the latest in a series of 48-page broadsides from Encounter Books, writer Michael Walsh puts the Democratic Party on trial and presents the case for abolishing what is nothing more than “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.”

Michael Walsh is an American Book Award-winning novelist, music critic, screenwriter, and media critic. Formerly the editor of Andrew Breitbart’s, he writes political commentary for the New York Post and also for the National Review under both his own name and that of his alter ego David Kahane, whose Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at its Own Game to Take Back America is a must-read guide for waging political warfare. Now Walsh brings his erudition, humor, and political killer instinct to his Encounter pamphlet, The People v. The Democratic Party.

Not one to urge Republicans to reach across the political aisle in search of compromise, Walsh begins by pulling no punches in his condemnation of those on the other side of that aisle. “From the inception of the Republic,” he writes, “the Democratic Party has been a public enemy – an organization antithetical to our nation’s traditions, civic virtues, and moral values.” In fact, “the party of slavery, segregation, secularism, and sedition has always been in the forefront of everything inimical to the United States of America.”

He proceeds to sketch the history of the Democratic Party by noting that one of its founders and its first vice-president, Aaron Burr Jr., shot and killed one of the Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel and plotted sedition against his own president: “If one man besides George Washington can be said to have set the American experiment on its future course – in this case not for good but for ill – that man is Burr.” The duel embodied the struggle between the Federalists and the Democrats, and a two-party conflict has been waged ever since. Burr went on to lead Tammany Hall, a New York City political organization which became the iconic standard of big-city corruption and of politics as special-interest factionalism and legalized bribery.

Walsh moves on to a brief discussion of the Civil War, during which it was the Democratic Party that was “on the wrong side of history” (as the left always likes to accuse Republicans of being). They denounced the Republican President Lincoln as a tyrant and advocated a settlement with the South. Lincoln was later assassinated by a Democrat, John Wilkes Booth.

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  • PAthena

    The Democratic Party was changed when Hubert Humphrey, after Tom Hayden (husband of Jane Fonda, I believe) led his minions to disrupt the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago in 1968, appointed George McGovern to change the rules of the Democratic Party to bring Hayden and his gangsters "into the system."

    • Choi

      1968 was the tipping point.
      The murder of Robert Kennedy by an Palestinian Arab Muslim Assassin,Sirhan Sirhan,thrust McGovern into position.
      McGovern immediately jumped into the race and tried to SEIZE Kennedy's campaign and delegates,operating out of Chicago's Blackstone Hotel across from the LEFT/Communist RIOTING across the street in Grant Park.
      As a result,even though Humphrey got the nomination,McGovern got appointed Chairman of the Rules Committee for 1972.
      From there ,the Left imposed quotas for delegates ,BY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS,and by RACE,GENDER,etc.
      When the DNC Rules Committee ,in 1972,DISENFRANCHISED the ELECTED (in the Primary) Illinois Delegation,led by Mayor Richard J. Daley,in favor of an UNELECTED delegation led by Jesse Jackson,Sr.,and a Lefty Chicago Alderman,Bill Singer,everything went from there.
      Today ,the LEFT has COMPLETE control of the Democratic Party. as a result,and the Obama Administration is its "fruition".

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Walsh's thesis is a load of bollocks, because the Democratic party originated as the Democratic-Republican Party, created by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The Democratic Party, e.g. the party of Andrew Jackson arose because the Congressional Caucus system broke down. For Mr. Walsh to decry the whole of the Democratic Party from inception is also to slander the Republicans, and to vilify Jacksonian Democracy and Anti-federalism.

    The Republican Party came into existence in part because it was fueled by anti-slavery Democrats who joined with members of other collapsing parties. Today, however, the Republican Party is not a party of the disaffected, it is a shell of corporate so.c.ialist interests and oligarchical gluttons.

    Of course Mr. Walsh's readers will most likely buy into his tabloid revisionist historical garbage because they don't know any better. But then, if they can accept a guy being both Michael Walsh and David Kahane depending on who he is working for, they will believe anything.

    • Larry

      Happy eternal nakba, schlockforbrains

    • Zionista

      zzz-zzz, oops, started to snooze from your boring post. Maybe if I can't sleep at nite, I'll read a few and be out like a light in no time!

    • Phil

      But you left out the most imporatnt part. Jefferson split the party and formed the Republican Party directly because of the Democrat side wanted a Democracy as well as the continual practive of slavery. Yes, Jefferson and many other founding fathers held slaves. They also knew it would take time to abolish the practice. Which is why Jefferson, Hamilton as well as Madison use the phrase …"Pursuit of Happiness"… in the Declaration. They wanted to have the right to own property. However the Democrat side as well as those southern gentleman considered slaves as property. Which is also why in the Declaration, slaves were only awarded a 3/5ths a man, specifically for voting only. To keep those same southern gentleman from forcing their slaves voting the way they wanted and force the outcome of elections.

    • Maxie

      You can put lipstick on this current MarxiCrat manifestation of authoritarian collectivism but it's antithetical to the American ethos of individual liberty and Constitutional protection from a bullying dicatatorial governmental Politburo. If you're content living under a regime that's committed to the belief that "the ends justify the means" then you've got the right organization.…

    • wiseacre

      Funny how u don't deny the democrat party has long been the home of communists, treasonists and traitors.

    • jacob

      I've reading and slowly digesting the "A PATRIOT HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES" by Larry Schweikart
      and Michael Allen and, unless what's narrated there are the pack of lies you say has been said about the
      DEMOCRAP party (which is what it is to me), then somebody must have been rewriting history and I dare
      bet it is DEMOCRAPS like you doing it…
      Which bring me to to comment about the seemingly genetic loyalty of most American Jews to the DEMOCRAP
      party, for which I'm still trying to find a logical explanation just because, if I'm going to disect the Democrap
      idol, FDR behavior to the Jews, I will never sidestep the "SAINT LOUIS" tragedy nor his reluctancy to order
      the bombardment of the railroad track to the concentration camps not their crematoriums on account of
      being of "No Military Value"…..
      And now we have the worst administration this country has ever seen and it is a DEMOCRAP one…..

  • Sprinklerman

    Stop calling them the Democratic Party. There's nothing democratic about them. Call them Liberal, Progressive, whatever but they aren't Democratic.

    • Johncdavidson

      Stop being nice, they are commie sympathizers.

      • dmw

        I now consistently and pervasively call THEM the Demo-covet Party — working at encouraging the breaking of Commandment 10 and working up the list. And as in the movie, their Queens fly around and promulgate more giant Ants to destroy and consume everything that's "sweet". Giant Insects.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I call them what I have since the 1960's .. they are the "Democrat Party". Their policies and agneda are not "Democratic" … they "Democrat" policies and agendas.

    • Maxie

      Try MarxiCrat Party

    • braineaterbob

      I'd also say they shouldn't call them "liberal" either. Outside the area of sexuality/reproduction, the modern Left is anything but liberal. They're a a downright authoritarian bunch.

  • Johncdavidson

    When a political party won't even allow their own members to speak for themselves, what do you think they'll do to the rest of us once they get total control?

    • Asher

      Alot of people think the Democrat party has went radically insane…and will not vote for them again.

  • Steve Chavez

    All of us FPMers know that the Democrat Party has been taken over by outright Communists who know that if they ran under the CPUSA, they wouldn't get any votes.

    WHAT'S FUN IS TOO GOOGLE A CONGRESSPERSON'S NAME and add "Sam Webb," the head of CPUSA, or "Gus Hall," the former longest serving head, "Communist Party USA," or the name of the two main fronts, "United States Peace Council" and their "United for Peace and Justice." If you also add the groups they associate with and google that groups name and add "CPUSA" or "UFPJ" you will find their connection to groups who HATE THE UNITED STATES AND EVEN WANT ITS DOWNFALL FROM WITHIN.

    The Democrats STACKED THE DECK with their 2008 Presidential candidates WITH COMMUNISTS.

    Now, if you go to the Communist Party USA website and then their People's World online newspaper which replaced their actual hard-copy paper distributed nationwide by local state chapters AND PEACE AND JUSTICE CENTERS, you will see their talking points WHICH ARE EXACTLY THE SAME TALKING POINTS OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! QUESTION: WHO CAME UP WITH THE TALKING POINTS FIRST?

  • Steve Chavez

    Below is my partial list "25 Reasons" to counter the Slogan "Time for a Change" used by the Democrats and Barack Obama. If these are repeated on radio, TV, or on stage, then the audience can say "TIME FOR A SWITCH!" together. You don't have to agree with every one but if you agree with a majority, and you want to be in the majority, then it's "TIME FOR A SWITCH!"

    Hispanics, Blacks, and minorities are born Democrats just like most Hispanics are born Catholics who are a very conservative people. Now the Democrats are the leading anti-every religion force as they excuse and legitimize every type of immorality which is opposite Catholic values. Democrats take their vote for granted and any one of these groups that defects to the Republicans is ridiculed and called “Oreo’s, Uncle Tom’s” and all types of names making those people stay in the Republican closet. Now that Obama, Hollywood, and the Democrats are coming out of the numerous closets they were hiding in, it is time for Closet Republicans and Moderate Democrats to come out too. HOW? HERE IT IS!!!

    1. If you think your Party has been taken over by Far-Left Progressives, and beyond, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH! (Reagan did and you can too!)
    2. If your moderate views are not being heard by those who have closed their ears, but they're still wanting you to open your wallets, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    3. If you were fooled and tricked by empty promises, fancy language, and catchy slogans repeated so many times that you actually believed them, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    4. If all the “Change” you have left in your pockets are Abe Lincolns, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    5. If your vote is taken for granted because of your race and/or gender, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    6. If you think America is being forced, slowly but surely and in the dark of night, into the proven failure of Socialism/Communism, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    7. If you're afraid of losing your 2nd Amendment right to protect your home, family, and yourself, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    11. If your centuries old Constitution is called “outdated,” as its freedoms are now being used to overthrow it by the decades old Rules for Radicals and the Communist Manifesto, and if Washington is thrown under the bus for Alinsky and Marx, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    14. If you feel your race is continuously, and purposefully, kept in a perpetual cycle of poverty and government dependability, as they are addicting you to themselves therefore requiring you to vote for them in order to get your fix, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    15. If you feel jobs are being lost because of the anti-Capitalist “Workers of the World Unite” and if you are passed over for a job, raise, or promotion due to your political beliefs, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    16. If your moderate and traditional moral and family values are now the extreme, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    17. If they say and think “The World First” instead of “Country First,” then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    18. If you’re tired of “Blame America and Apology Tours,” then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    19. If you’re tired of Leftist indoctrination and brainwashing in our schools, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    20. If you’re tired of the P.C. Police handcuffing your rights, your way of life, your thoughts and words, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    21. If you’re tired of being ridiculed for trying to be, or being, successful, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    22. If you’re tired of feeling guilty for the car you drive, the toys you own, the home you live in, the food you eat, and the amount of money you make, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!


  • Bruce Becker

    They are now the communist Islamist party….what a great Combo led by their Leader Hussein

    • Jaladhi

      A person whose father is a Muslim, step father is a Musim, mother marries Muslims twice and then he lives first ten years of his formative years in Indonesia, a Muslim country not friendly to USA, goes to mosque regularly as a child and can recite Quran and loves the sound of Muezzin morning call of prayers and he becomes President of USA, you think he will be loving or hating USA?? This is what he learned as a kid to hate USA and this is what he shows in his behavior. His first act after becoming President was to go to Egypt and apologize to world of Muslims for our past aggression against them.

      Alas the moron US public is staring the headlights of fast approaching truck of disaster but can't seem to do anything – the glare of hope and change has totally blinded them of the truth!!

      Obama Loves The Islamic Morning Call To Prayer – YouTube

      • HermitLion

        America has no past aggressions against Egyptians. In fact, foreign policy was favoring Egypt as an ally in the ME, until it was beaten repeatedly by Israel.
        Egypt also receives large sums of American 'aid', for which it gives absolutely nothing in return.

        If anyone should apologize about something, it's the Egyptians to Americans, for taking their money, and engaging in an attempt to take over the United States.

  • AntiSharia

    Why should we be surprised that a party of cynics acts cynically?

  • Ar'nun

    Conservative and Republican parties would more closely align with the populace. This is why there is always so much in fighting in the Republican party and the TEA Party types. Olypia Snow and John McCain types represent the Left wing of this country better.

  • Maxie

    Currently the name of the Dem's is the MarxiCrat Party which is more descriptive. It is home to those who seek to create 'Heaven on earth' (Moses Hess) and that "the ends justify the means". No more succinct and malevolent credo is possible. It's more descriptive of he!! on earth than otherwise: Some ninety-five million have died worldwide under the Marx!st manifestations of this pathological lust for power. It seems to represent a fear-driven pathology that the mental health professions have chosen to ignore since so many of them seem to be similarly afflicted.

  • cynthia curran

    Actually, Bush was the left of John McCain spending in Africa of about 30 billion and probably George W also wanted legalized Hispanic immigrants to get Social Security.

  • Infidel

    The dems and the muslims will take this country down and the rest of the country will help them and will not understand what their doing.

  • aznative123

    Exactly why WE THE PEOPLE need to immediately abolish the federal government and start over…..they are only supposed to handle our military to protect our borders and they aren't even doing that…and then we need to pack up all these traitors and buy them a one way ticket out of dodge….we need to freeze their assets and send them all to Egypt, I'm sure they will be better off there.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”