Voter Fraud and the Most Important Election in History

It’s a cliché to say that an upcoming presidential election is the most important one of our time. But sometimes a cliché is justified; in fact, I’ll up the ante by asserting that the presidential election two weeks away will be the most critical in U.S. history. The choice is between America’s irrevocable ruin under Obama or the road to recovery under Romney. This election also may be one of the closest, a possibility that brings the issue of voter fraud to the forefront. The last thing anyone wants to see, in this or any election, is courts and lawyers intervening in the process as in the Bush-Gore Florida recount of 2000.

Senior editor at The American Spectator John Fund’s books, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens our Democracy and Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk (co-written with Hans von Spakovsky), for example, are replete with evidence of voter fraud. Former comedian Al Franken, to name a prominent example, wouldn’t be a senator without it.

But Democrats, immovably locked in the ludicrous mindset that racist Republicans just don’t want blacks to vote, claim that concern about voter fraud is simply another rightwing dog whistle, and that instances of voter fraud are rarer than being struck by lightning. So instead of insuring that fraud is eliminated altogether, Democrats hammer on this talking point that voter ID laws are nothing more than a scam to ensure that only Republicans win political office and that impoverished minorities are excluded from the democratic process.

This is the same left that counted on the criminal organization ACORN to further Obama’s career. The left also claims that ACORN was the victim of voter registration fraud, which it reported on its own. John Fund notes that

ACORN was convicted in Nevada of subverting the election law and had to sign a consent decree in Seattle. 1.4 million registrations, of which 40% were fraudulent. How would we know if people used some of those names to vote? We frankly wouldn’t. ACORN was caught many times red-handed before they started turning in a few underlings to improve their image.

This is also the same left that still goes apoplectic over their belief that Bush stole the 2000 election through – that’s right – voter fraud, and that insists that Al Franken was declared the winner by the State Supreme Court, which rejected charges of improperly counted absentee votes. Fund’s reply to the latter is that “1100 felon voters illegally swung the 2008 Al Franken election in Minnesota. That all came out after the State Supreme Court decision and is separate from absentee ballot questions.”

Another claim of the left is that the kinds of fraud committed are not the sort that voter ID laws will ameliorate; thus there is no point to them except to suppress Democratic votes. Von Spakovsky responds that

Voter ID is not the answer to all election fraud, just one of several solutions that should be implemented. It can prevent impersonation fraud, registration fraud, voting by illegal aliens, and double voting by individuals registered in two states if both states have an ID requirement. It can help with absentee ballot fraud if an ID requirement is applied to absentee ballots as Kansas, Alabama, and Pennsylvania have done. It can’t prevent felon voting. That requires better verification procedures by election officials.

Poor minorities seem to have no problem working the welfare and Medicaid systems. They manage to get EBT cards and driver’s licenses. ID is required for almost every common transaction in contemporary society, and no one complains about the reasonableness of that. How then is it a burden for minorities to obtain and produce an ID at a voting booth as well? As Artur Davis, former Democratic congressman from Alabama, said,

The idea that people in low-income African-American communities are bothered or intimidated or burdened by attaching a few responsibilities to their all-important core right of voting – it’s a condescending idea. It’s a patronizing idea. If the law works the same with respect to everybody, it’s free and clear of whatever history or bigotry or racial animus.

As for voter suppression and intimidation, Fund’s co-writer Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, says “The claim that ID suppresses votes has been disproved by election results in Georgia and Indiana. Their laws have been in place for more than five years and turnout of minorities and Democrats went up, not down.”

Democrats must resort to racial polemics, as they always do, on this issue in order to divert attention from their own political corruption, which is rampant in the large urban centers controlled by Democrats; voter fraud in those areas helps those corrupt politicians exploit and steal from their minority constituents. Even MSNBC’s most committed Obama cheerleader Chris Matthews admits that impersonation fraud has gone on since the 1950s in his native Philadelphia, for example. “It’s what went on, and I believe it still goes on.”

The fact of the matter is that the radical left depends on their own voter fraud to push unworthy, incompetent, ideologue candidates like Barack Obama into office. The minions of Saul Alinsky will happily subvert the democratic process in order to acquire and maintain power, just like in any totalitarian banana republic. And as Fund and von Spakovsky conclude in their introduction to Who’s Counting?,

The refusal to insist on simple procedural changes like requiring a photo ID to vote, secure technology, and more vigorous prosecutions accelerates our drift toward banana-republic elections.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Covering the hysteria about the "racism" of the ID requirement, Mr. Tapson touched the right cord, but only one; One of many other egregious election violations in this corrupted nation. How about the total of the voters exceeding the respective number of … the living people (!) in certain states like IN or CA – see the trial complaint to be heard on 10/22/12

    But wait: How about the ID of the … contender?! Or at the very least the contender's name? Which of the three documented names Obama/Soetoro/Soberkach is judicially established? Neither. And the basic IDs of this person are proven forgeries. Obama/Soetoro/Soberakch is merely an identity thief, whose very presence in the ballot invalidates the election and turns it into an ugly farce.

    The farce so more, that the opposition (!) candidate Romney refuses to bring fore the total criminality and constitutional illegitimacy of his opponent: The opponent whom Romney could and ought to force out of the ballot without any election!

    And there is no "road to recovery under amoeba Romney" anyway… "The Most Important Election in History" appears to be an unprecedentedly illegal farce.


    • kufar dawg

      I'm beginning to think that the federal government of the US is so corrupt that secession is the only answer.

  • banastre Tarleon

    This election probably is the most important in living memory as it will decide if the election of Obama was a fluke , due to a perfect storm of economic collapse , ''white guilt '' and war weariness , or is merely a sign of the times that America has reached a tipping point and is no longer a center Right country , but is quickly destined to become , due partly to demographics , a center Left

    I believe Obama will win this election and that he is no one trick pony and that we are indeed living in the dawn of the age of Obama ; Obama represents nothing less than the radical re-alinement of American politics and that the Great Republic is succumbing to creeping E U type socialism that has came with big goverment , ethnic identity politics and inside the trojan horse of liberal Hollywood with it's liberal subliminal messages 24/7

    • JoJoJams

      Well, I predict you are wrong. There are plenty of signs that this will be a landslide of nearly similar proportions to the Reagan/Carter election. And even if not a "landslide", it will still be strongly in favor of Romney. It all depends on the "factors" used in coming up with who may win. In addition to some interesting predictions by some, using computer models that have proven quite accurate, I also take heart in the anecdotal evidence of many people I know, and their trips cross-country to visit relatives. EVERYONE of them have been astounded at all the Romney/Ryan signs they are seeing, with very few Obama signs in yards. This is all across the country, from Wisconsin to Florida, from California to New York, except for the bastions of the big cities, there is an overwhelming amount of Romney/Ryan signs, including in once completely pro-Obama neighborhoods. The "Silent Majority" has awoken and is getting very involved in this election. Get off your computer and take a walk around your neighborhood – and just look at all the very real signs.

  • pierce

    God, the DEMONOCRATS must really want to win so badly, they will do anything to achieve that victory. They could even register my dad, and he has been dead for 12 years, and I wouldn't put it past them. What a sorry excuse for an Attorney General is Eric Holder. Voter fraud is what he is promoting, not voter integrity. That is what the Democratic Party is all about too. Maybe the GOP too, but I do not think so.

    • Maxie

      The GOP is too strait-laced to resort to fraud. The Democrats couldn't survive w/o it. It originated and still thrives in the big cities: Tammany Hall in NY; the Daley machine in Chicago; the Pendergast Machine in Kansas City and now in every city via Acorn and the SEIU. The MarxiCrats work at it year round non-stop. They have honed it to a fine art and it will be/is in full-force this election along with suppression of military absentee voting an trash-canning as many Romney votes as they can. The GOP has long been remiss in not attacking this problem before this. It will be a miracle if Romney gets elected.

      • mvanzi

        "The GOP is too straight laced for fraud." Seriously?? There is fraud everywhere in government and it is naive to think that it only occurs on one side of the table.

  • owen

    obama people, will cheat and lie, and try any sort of crime, to try and reelect the manchurian candidate

  • Schlomotion

    Americans should be outraged that a tiny minority of Jewish Nationalists are trying to convince us that our voting system is broken because it has not elected a Jewish Nationalist President. This is not Israel. These people are confused about which country they live in, and they are content to trash our political system if they do not get a Likud candidate into office in Washington. They do this without even forming the party in the United States. Just imagine the kind of thinking that goes into the idea that if you don't get a pro-Israel president elected in the USA, you will crank out article after article talking about how the party of your least favorite candidate was elected based on voter fraud. They are happy to make the United States into Mexico, and have a massive violent political standoff staffed with angry Americans to do their fighting for them, just like they want Americans to do their fighting for them in Iran. Are we Israel's Hessian Army? Do we give up our country and our Constitution to satisfy their lust for territory and their eagerness to kill their neighbors? How dare they ask for such a thing?



      Even you can read thew writing on the wall. Socialism will be rejected and the US saved by Romney and American values.


    • Pontotoc Bill

      Typical, SchloMo. Nothing but whinning about the Jews.

      Got any PROOF of your inane diatribe?

    • UCSPanther

      Looks like we got ourselves a Nazi-grade Jew hater.

      Sieg Heil!

      • kufar dawg

        Why not a muslim-grade Jew hater? Muslime Jew hatred predates the existence of the German language.

    • Ghostwriter

      What a surprise. More whining about Jews from Schlomotion. This twit can rarely write anything without attacking Jews. He's probably angry that the Axis powers didn't win World War II and he isn't living in a Jew-free world that exists only in his most disturbed fantasies.

    • Omar

      Flipside, we are so tired of hearing your annoying, anti-Semitic propaganda every day. Instead of smearing Israel, why don't you talk about Islamist nationalists and their desire to take over the world? Do us a favor and keep your ignorance to yourself.

  • @undefined

    Strange how voter ID is not an issue here in Canada. Not a hint of talk about dog whistles.

    • Mary Sue

      Well I think that's because for the most part, we haven't fallen victim to the "Ethnic Studies" mentality that says things like, 'because IDs cost money, and because minorities are poor, therefore voter ID laws disproportionately affect minorities, therefore voter ID laws are racist (because they present a "barrier" to voting such as having to purchase ID).'

      I googled the cost of ID and drivers licenses in the various states. With the exception of Oregon which was horrendously over 30 dollars, most States Drivers licenses are within the 10-20 dollar range for every 5 years. So that argument falls flat IMO. It's just an excuse.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHY DO OUR SOLDIERS SPILL RED BLOOD FOR PURPLE FINGERS? In Iraq and Afghanistan, elections are held and the voters dip their fingers in purple ink and the citizens proudly raise them up as their firs vote in their life. They do it to stop fraud.

    ABSENTEE BALLOTS is rampant will chances of fraud AND THAT'S HOW OBAMA WON since how do you investigate or stop a tsunami. Many SECRETARY'S OF STATE are Democrats or were voted in with fraudulent votes so why would they investigate votes that could overturn their victory?

    HERE IN NEW MEXICO, our new Republican Secretary of State, our first in over sixty years, found a state law that bans STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET and now the Democrats are screaming that if voters had to check each box, the lines at the booths will be long and many people will just leave. Let's see: One check for President, one for Senate, one for Congress, two for state houses in their district AND THAT'S IT for straight party voting. Now you go to Judges to "retain" with "yes or no." Then bonds and projects. "yes or no." WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? PENDEJOS HERE IN NEW MEXICO AND MOST ARE DEMOCRATS!

  • Steve Chavez

    OUR SOLDIERS SPILL RED BLOOD FOR PURPLE FINGERS and yet their vote isn't counted due to various reasons which lead to Democrats who scream "disenfranchised voters" and yet purposefully don't send ballots at all, or on time, or don't get them back in time in a CONSPIRACY. THIS IS SPITTING AGAIN ON OUR SOLDIERS by the very people who say "We Support the Troops."



    Voter ID benefits all parties. Only those who depend on FRAUD would oppose Voter ID.

    Thats why FAKE democrats are against Voter ID because democrats will not be able to use FRAUDULENT votes.

  • amused

    So you wanna talk VOTER-FRAUD ???

    Republican voter registration frauds busted in Virginianna , Pennsylvania and Florida . Paid by RNC to register voters busted changing addresses on Democratic Registrations which nullifies voters when addresses do not match info at polling place , and just plain outright throwing Democratic Reistrations in Dumpsters You people are so full of sheeet it's coming out your ears . YOUREPUBLICANS ARE THE ONES GETTING BUSTED , not to mention your phony "ID laws "are getting knocked down in Ohio , Pennsylvania and soon , other states that are beginning to see through your attempted disenfranchiement of those voters likely to vote demcratic .
    And in Pennsylvania , in true Republican Deception , the Republican Governor , after the ID Card was overturned , STILL told pennsylvanians altyhough they are not required they will; be asked for .What a bunch of scuzzo's !!!

    • pagegl

      So, why did minority voting levels increase in Georgia and Indiana after the voter ID laws went into effect?

      • Amused

        That's easy , the law in those two states was passed in 2005 and put into effect in 2007 , what would you expect ? The people had TWO years to get the ID's BEFORE the law went into effect and three years before the next Presidential election from the time the law was passed . This sudden demand by Republicans to put laws in effect so close to the Pres.Election is being seen by the Courts which struck it down for what it is , a republican ploy to eliminate potential opposing votes . Even Texas struck it down .

        • pagegl

          Wrong, Holder's Justice department is trying to block it…

          We're smarter than than down here. The photo voter ID law was signed into law in May 2011 and is basically the same as the law South Carolina which was approved by the Supreme Court. Holder and Obama have heart burn with Texas' law but not South Carolina's; given that one has passed muster with the Supreme Court and the other is basically the same, the action taken by Holder and Obama smacks of partisan politics.

          By the way, Texas has had a non photo voter ID requirement in effect for quite a while. Most of the states that have passed photo voter ID passed them in 2010 or 2011, that should have been sufficient time for voters to get the required ID before the election.

          So, please, next time you try to use Texas as a lame-a$$ed example in your tired leftist blathering make sure you have your facts straight.

          • Amused

            Did you not mention Georgia and Indianna pagegl ? So far it's been rejected in court in atleast four states , it's been in place in other states , and I suspect the Judges who made the rulings are not as dumb as you may estimate , noting the proximity to the election with the passing of the laws . So take your "gotcha " and stick it up ur butt , btw have yoiu found your missing Governor yet ? Why dont you go look somewhere on the Appalachian Trail .

  • Amused

    Ad Chavez , you are another deluded brainwashed lieing Republican parrot . Early voting is and should be fior everyone , not just soldiers . AND NO ONE IS DENYING SOLDIERS RIGHT TO VOTE NOR IS ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO CURTAIL OR RESTRICT THEM FROM EARLY VOTING …..SO STOP YOUR LIEING AND GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT .

  • Jim_C

    Voter fraud–a total non-problem in our country that Republicans, despite all the real problems we face–are just itchin' to solve! Why, how thoughtful!

    Republicans also pushing the lie that soldiers' votes won't be counted. Yep–that's your party!

    Why "solve" a non-existent problem, then? Ask the republicans pushing it–it inhibits voters who typically vote for democrats.


    I agree with one part of this article–that saying "This is the most important election in our lifetime!" is a cliche.

    • pagegl

      A total non-problem… yeah right. Here's an article that doesn't support your claim.

      • Jim_C

        Well, I agree with that article's assertion that we should make it "easier to vote and harder to cheat." The whole 'Thou Shalt Vote-on-Tuedsay' thing is lame.

        But saying we are vulnerable to voter fraud does not mean we experience voter fraud.

    • Barb3000

      I think you need to go to the Project Veritas site and take a look at what this organization has uncovered with their hidden video cameras. You would be surprised at what is going on.

      • Amused

        LOL….who the producer O'Keefe ???

    • Maxie

      Hey Jim_C if you've got two cars in your family try this. Put an Obama sticker on one and a Romney sticker on the other. See which one gets 'keyed' or has the air let out of the tires if not slashed. Dare ya!

  • fanlad

    The end justifies the means, lie, cheat, and steal to maintain power and control. The Alinsky socialist in a nut shell.

    • amused

      Why , you've just described the Republican /Conservative model and standard operating proceedure .

  • Amused

    …and of course Virginia Attorney General, a Republican , refused to investigate . Oh you Republicans are so full of it . So far the greatest indication of FRAUD , is coming from your own party !
    It's all typical though , Romney your candidate is the TOP LIAR .

    • kafir4life

      Amusingly, Virginia is a Right to Work state!! That means you don't gotsta join any stinkin' corrupt union that amusingly keeps it's amused members on their knees servicing their leaders members. A boon to people with skills that can negotiate for themselves.

      • Amused

        Oh , I see you've joined The Stupid Club along withn Davarino and Kuffar Dawg .Just remenber , if you eat fruit , some of it is bound to be UNION PICKED … go choke on your next bite you SCHMUCK . You should change your name to SCHMUCK4life .

        In addition you pathetic moron , what does unions or right to work have to do with this thread ?

  • Omar

    Once again the leftists in the contemporary Democratic Party are stuck in their paranoid world about Voter IDs being somewhat "racist" and "bigoted". Of course, Holder is a hypocrite because he chose to drop voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia, despite the fact that two members of that hate group where caught on camera intimidating voters. Also, it is hypocritical for contemporary Democrats to accuse their opponents of "racism", "bigotry" and "intolerance", considering the fact that contemporary Democrats often support policies appeasing the Castro regime in Cuba (many leftists even deride Cuban Americans as "paranoid", despite the fact that the Castro regime is a truly dictatorial society.) During the trial of the so-called "Cuban 5" (five Castro regime spies working for the so-called "Wasp Network"), Cuban Americans were excluded from the jury. Leonard Weinglass (the CCR radical attorney for the Cuban 5 and other dangerous suspects) encouraged authorities to exclude Cuban Americans from serving on the jury for the "Cuban 5" trial. Where was the outrage from the left and the MSM? There was no outrage from the left because the left is sympathetic to the Castro regime in Cuba, that's why. The left has many double standards and the Voter ID and the "Cuban 5" case are no exceptions.

  • Amused

    BTW ,News is breaking , that in Ohio, a Company THAT MAKES THE VOTING MACHINES used there, by the name of Intercivic is partially owned by a Company HIG ,which is connected to the Romney family .HIG is inolved in " Tagg's Wealth Management Firm" . And of Course HIG is Romney;s 11th biggest campaign contributor .There are two HIG Board members who also sit on the Board of Intercivic
    Oh how convenient .

    LOL….in this Republican Whining Circus of " True the Vote" , it seems more and more REPUBLICANS are getting caught with their pants down

    • Maxie

      Put a Romney sticker on your car (tricycle?) and see what happens to it. You don't have to be a brain 'ded' thug to be a MarxiCrat but it helps. Have a bad day.

  • Amused

    read it all at

    LOL…andof all sources Forbes .

  • sooke54

    Our irony-challenged Attorney General, Eric Holder, makes speeches condemning Voter ID laws, but in order to attend these speeches, you must – you guessed it – show Photo ID.

    • Amused

      ….and you must have a photo on your passport and D.L. , in addition none of my credit cards are signed by me -" photo ID required" is printed in the signature section ………and your point is …..?
      The heart of the matter is , for all you "Constitution loving alleged patriots " IS , States should make whatever rules within the constitution they please , but in Federal Elections , the Laws should be uniform throughout the country . So until then any babbling by conservative , Republicans OR Democrats is nohing but babbling partisan BULL SHEEET .

  • Amused

    BTW OMAR :
    The charges against the New Black Panthers were downgraded by the Bush Department of Justice:
    The decision not to file a criminal case occurred before Obama was even in office.
    This means that the case was downgraded to a civil case 11 days before Obama was inaugurated, 26 days before Eric Holder became attorney general, and about nine months before Thomas Perez was confirmed as head of the Civil Rights Division.
    The Bush administration’s Justice Department — not the Obama administration — made the decision not to pursue criminal charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for alleged voter intimidation at a polling center in Philadelphia in 2008;
    The Obama administration successfully obtained default judgment against Samir Shabazz, a member of the New Black Panther Party carrying a nightstick outside the Philadelphia polling center on Election Day 2008;
    The Bush administration DOJ chose not to pursue similar charges against members of the Minutemen, one of whom allegedly carried a weapon while harassing Hispanic voters in Arizona in 2006;

    • Questions

      This means that the Bush administration was as terrified of black radicals as the Obams administration appears enamored of them. Either way, race realists lose.

    • rau9

      The trouble with that default judgement is that, yes, they did obtain one when the men charged with civil rights violations didn't appear in court (hmm, were they tipped off NOT to appear – "we'll take care of it"?).

    • Kufar Dawg

      The statute of limitations hadn't expired on the crime committed by the New Black Panthers. Obama's DOJ could still have brought charges against them but chose not to, nice try at obfuscating that fact.

      • amused

        Yea just like the previous Bush Administration chose NOT TO PROSECUTE ., maybe that's because Police were called removed the Panthers and no one came forward and said they were intimidated . In addition it was a heavily Democratic dominated district , so WHO were the Panthers intimidating ? Their own side of the vote ?

  • Amused

    Stick to the truth Omar , because lies have a habit of coming back and biting you in the arse .
    And forget that drivel about the Cuban Five …it's irrelevant to this thread .

  • Western Spirit

    And so off we go to the wonderful wizard of Oz to seek control of our banana republic voting system. Wipe the smirk off your face, Amused, you won't like the results either of an diminished America, even if if you are able to discern corruption when you see it, that is.

    Corruption you are championing that will destroy this great nation.

    • amused

      yea I see the corruption , and its on both sides , but what I find ironic is , Republicans and Conservatives , THE BIGGEST HANDWRINGERS AND WHINERS , seem to be as bad as IF NOT WORSE . I suggest you take your blinders off , and throw away your jaded glasses . " Diminished America " you got that right , if sycophants to the oligarchs like yourself prevail . I seek to prevent jerks like you and your corrosive party a second chance to destroy the economy again .

  • Western Spirit

    Like some of our founders said, without a moral populace our government is unworkable.

  • amused

    And who died and left you Grand Pontificator and Scrutinzer of morals ? Or have you deluded yourself into think that ONLY conservatives are moral .