Alinskyite Super PAC’s Crusade to Take Down Michele Bachmann

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At the same time Bachmann joined the “Tea Party Ten,” two other lawmakers were added to the eight already on the list, bringing the total to 11, not 10 — a fact not reflected on the PAC’s website. As anyone who tracks government spending can tell you, math has long been progressives’ worst enemy.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) is now a target because he’s “a paranoid birther,” Bond said. Rep. Jim Renacci (R-Ohio) is a new blip on Credo’s radar screen because he’s “the poster boy for Tea Party economics.”

The original eight Tea Party lawmakers in the House of Representatives marked for defeat are Allen West (Fla.), Steve King (Iowa), Dan Lungren (Calif.), Mike Fitzpatrick (Penn.), Joe Walsh  (Ill.), Frank Guinta (N.H.), Sean Duffy (Wisc.), and Chip Cravaack (Minn.).

Instead of running political ads, Credo prefers to use brutal in-your-face Saul Alinsky-inspired tactics aimed at silencing and intimidating its “enemies,” a word that Bond frequently uses.

Credo brags about bullying New Hampshire’s Guinta into not attending a fundraiser and about its candlelight vigils designed to highlight the lawmaker’s combatant status in the nonexistent “war on women.” The storm trooper PAC also celebrates disrupting a Lungren town hall meeting.

Credo calls Iowa’s Steve King a “paranoid bigot.” For proof, Credo consulted radical feminist ambulance chaser Roxanne Conlin. This unsuccessful office seeker was the first female president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (since rechristened with the smiley-face name American Association for Justice) and was president and general counsel of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund.

King’s policy positions are “atrocious, offensive, and dangerous to the women of this district,” Conlin regurgitated on cue.

The PAC plans to escalate its attacks on Tea Party patriots leading up to Election Day.

“Credo Super PAC will be mobilizing thousands of volunteers to ensure that voters know just how extreme and crazy these Tea Party Republicans are,” Bond said.

“We’re determined to defeat these Tea Party Republicans before they do any more damage to women, seniors and the environment.”

In other words, Credo is mobilizing to stop the Tea Party from saving America.

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  • dodo

    They are using classic fascist tactics of false blame and hate mongering

    • amused

      that's right and they're copying them directly from the conservative super pacs …lol…whats good for the goose is good for the gander . ever heard of ALEC ?

      • fiddler

        You're irelevant. The scary thing is you don't see it, or worse, refuse to.

      • Omar

        Amused, have you read The New Leviathan? That book explains how leftists organizations earn much more money than conservative ones.


        ALEC Baldwin? The obese sack of SHlTler turd rate actor?

        Never heard of him.

  • Mach1Duck

    Would you believe the Democrats have erected their own problems. And I am putting this as politely as I can.

  • Gene W 1938

    The DNC just proved their hatred for God [albeit they edited the words 'God' back in] and Michele Bachmann is too Godly for them. I pray that she will have a the support of every person who hates Satan and Satans mineons.

    • fiddler

      Indeed Michelle Bachmann is a godly woman. She is a real fighter. Her detractors show themselves as like the "Original Liberal".

  • Freedom1

    These people are evil! They want to stop the tea party candidates because they fear them. Soros wants to take America down, it's been his life's dream. People can't believe these bullies/alinskyites. I get there emails and mailers, somehow I got on there list but it's good to know what they are doing. We need to help these constitutional candidates who are trying to be the voice of the people.

    • Jim

      Did not Soros flee to some tax haven? ; perhaps the same one they accused Romney of using.

      • amused

        Soros aint running for President

        • fiddler

          Wow! How astute! Why even I am amused by that.

          • amused

            because you're stupid fiddler , because your stupid . ps learn how to construct a sentence old boy .

        • davarino

          sure he is, and we all know it.

      • fiddler

        Looking for the lowest common denominator eh Jim. A desperate stab at moral equivalence.


        Gold Digger John Kerry and his rich wife (her first husband made the fortune) need to be investigated. Any off-shore bank deposits?

  • Jim

    The Alinsky like folks must think Bachmann is a bigger threat to them than Jay Leno thinks she is.

  • Anamah

    Credo Mobile is a bad phone company. They may be very interested to collect private life data. And they distort and use to harm and destroy people. Something seems to be wrong with them… they are part of a dishonest political business. I believe not only Soros… but also Van Jones is there, so you can figure out what kind of problems you can have as their costumer.

  • amused

    well atleast now there is a level playing field ….BOTH sides have engaged super pacs to bring down select targeted politicians . what's everone whining about ? you can llok for Karl Rove in your garbage heap .

    • fiddler

      Sorry dude, but it it ain't the same. Have you looked into Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals? He dedicates the book to Lucifer. That's a fact. Are you going to say that the right does the same?

      What you desperately look for is what I call the Skewed Measure: "Their "ounce" equals our "ton"". As long as you can find the "ounce" that makes them "just as bad" and therefore equivalent. Then you can amuse yourself by the "equivalency" and bask in your superior knowlege. Ain't putting on over on ole Amused, no sir.

  • CraigTX

    So, how do the cosumers that provide Credo's livelyhood go on the offensive? In other words try to hit them in their pocketbook.

  • umustbkidding

    I would have voted for her as president but I think we need her even more in the congress.