Another Radical Obama Nominee

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More recently, Kinderlanders have participated in Occupy Wall Street events in hopes of spreading the blood-soaked gospel of social justice. In a Kinderland newsletter earlier this year camp alumnus Ron Gluck gushed, “I was moved to tears singing the same songs with the Camp Kinderland community at Occupy Wall Street (in Zuccotti Park) that I sang 60 years ago. We need to do it again!”

An article in the same newsletter elaborated on the ideological ecstasy experienced by Gluck and other Kinderlanders while they hung out with the hippies and rapists of OWS in lower Manhattan:

Dozens and dozens of Kinderland campers, staff, alumni and friends turned out to raise their voices and declare the power and the promise of the 99%. We Shall Not Be Moved; Banks of Marble; Solidarity Forever and This Land Is Your Land rang out, along with a catalogue of other high spirited movement hymns. We sang for hours, our songsheets making their way far beyond our Kinderland circle in ever widening ripples, till it seemed the whole park was singing along. It was a day of continuity and hope, as our youngest campers sang alongside alumni grandparents; as the words of the lyrics we sing all summer at camp took on new life and new meaning in the context of the Occupy movement spreading throughout the nation and the world. It really did feel like a new world might be born in the ashes of the old.

It is hard to believe that anyone other than a dedicated leftist would ever send her kids to Camp Kinderland.

But that’s not Groshen’s sole tie to radical politics. Her involvement in left-wing activism goes way back.

While studying at the University of Wisconsin in 1976 Groshen was a labor organizer. As an undergraduate she negotiated contracts and worked as union steward for a collective bargaining unit representing student workers and other campus employees.

Among the subjects Groshen taught while a graduate student at Harvard University were Labor Economics, Trade Unions, and Collective Bargaining. Groshen has studied wages extensively along with economic inequality, a perennial, pathological obsession of the Left.

She is openly hostile to small business. Groshen co-authored a 1998 report titled, “Small Consolation: The Dubious Benefits of Small Business for Job Growth and Wages,” for the leftist, union-backed Economic Policy Institute (whose president, Lawrence Mishel, is a longtime member of the Democratic Socialists of America, a neo-communist group).

Groshen suggested small businesses unfairly exploit their workers. “[T]he average small firm gains some competitive advantage (relative to the average large firm) from the low pay, inferior benefits, and reduced job security it offers employees,” she wrote. The paper concludes:

Although much research remains to be done, clearly larger firms and establishments pay more, provide better benefits, and offer better job security. Small may be beautiful in many arenas, but it is not beautiful for workers.

Despite this out-in-the-open hostility to small business, Groshen currently works for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the same entity that used to employ Obama’s financial enforcer, the tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Groshen is married to academic Christopher W. Bazinet who supports the Working Families Party, a partisan arm of the far-left ACORN activist network.

Some may say that at this point the revelation that yet another Obama nominee may be concealing her sympathy for radical left-wing politics hardly seems worth raising an eyebrow over.

The Obama administration is already saturated with America-hating radicals. Obama himself is the most radical president in modern U.S. history, a red diaper baby who has spent the better part of his adult life covering up his intimate connections to the Communists and fellow travelers who raised him, mentored him, and fostered his political career.

But it does matter because the Commissioner of Labor Statistics oversees the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

America’s Community Organizer-in-Chief is painfully aware that the bureau’s reports can make or break politicians. The BLS provides key statistics on unemployment; inflation; earnings levels; projections of occupational and industry growth; productivity trends; job accidents and illnesses; consumer household expenditures; and other figures. Its most-watched statistic will be the monthly unemployment figure it will release just days before the November election.

“If she imposes her perspective on the data releases and how they’re presented to the media, she will be doing a great disservice to the country and to the professionals who work so hard at the BLS,” said Rick Manning, a spokesman for Americans for Limited Government which has been leading the charge against the Groshen nomination.

Why take the chance?

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  • popseal

    There is nothing in 'Bam's life, appointments, policies, or associations that tell us he is anything other than a semi-closeted Communist. Given the appalling naivete', greed, and bent toward revisionist history of his government dependent support base, I can only grieve for America now and fear for her future if he wins in November.

    • SKIP

      I hate it but I guarantee the Obamuslim will win re-election on the basis of a captive 100+ million captive, gub mint dependent parasitic voters. His secod term will NOT end nor begin well for America nor many of the musim and socialist facilitators which is WHY he and Hillary and the UN are trying to desperately to get rid of our 2nd amendment. Remember, the 2nd is WHY we still have the others.

    • Indioviejo

      I grieved at conception in 2008. The information was out there and McCain failed to use it. He bears responsibility for our decline as a nation. Now the question is, how can we elect Romney?

      • pmiministries


  • Larry

    That would be the Meeropols who still insist the Rosenbergs were innocent even though contemporary Soviet documents prove their guilt? Funny that they would be supporting a communist youth camp.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Vadum makes the very good point that central bankers and economists are not to be trusted. Previously he had alerted us to the widespread problem of radical judges, who calling themselves conservative, prefer their outdated Constitution to the facts on the ground: Mexicans and Muslims, and refuse to take the necessary precautions to secure our future.

    Second only to that great threat is the threat of women who send their children to Jewish summer camps that do community service! Ronald Radosh knows this problem intimately well and can provide us blueprints of the facility and debunk the horribly violent and warlike lyrics of Pete Seeger who drove children into bloodthirsty Marxist frenzies with his merry tunes about freeee soda pop and freeee soda crackers.

    Mr. Vadum also exposes the horror of group showering as a dehumanization tool which is common to all soci.alist indoctrination camps such as Summer Camp, Prison, and The Army. Mr. Vadum explains how this leads to supporting the Rosenbergs, but he doesn't go far enough. He doesn't link this to how it leads to supporting the Pollards.

    I agree with Mr. Vadum's stylistic tactic of totally losing track of the subject of discussion and ultimately personifying Erica Groshen as Camp Kinderland. It eliminates the need to deal with actual people and issues and allows the author to slay the dragon of 1950's Communism without the problematic interference of context or decade.

    • Roger

      The constitution isn't outdated. We ought to try it again, the country was better when it was used.
      Ignoring the threat of open borders in the face of hostilities is just what you want, how muslim friendly can you be?

    • reader

      Tro is at it again – sticking to Obama talking points. The memo in the wake of the RNC convention is to conflate conservatism to the 50's, 1812, era of black and white TV and so on. If anybody here hasn't figured out that this clown is an Obama voter, it's just because they don't pay attention to its posts, which I don't blame them for.

    • Matthew Vadum

      The leaders of Camp Kinderland explicitly stated that campers were locked in their bunks and marched to group showers so they could feel what it was like to be in a German death camp.

      • Schlomotion

        It is no surprise to me that a Kibbutz had elements of thanatourism. It is part and parcel to the Holocaust Industry. A lot of people indulge that part of their psyche:

        Let's also not forget Masada tourism which, as advertised in the words of the Israeli Tourism Ministry, offers "a saga of courage, heroism, and martyrdom."

        • Drakken

          So now you fully admit to being an open communist? Good let the games begin.

    • poppakap

      Still unemployed huh slomo? The problem is your writing. I recommend something egalitarian. I got it: Camp counselor at Kamp Kinderland (granted, that's only 2 K 's, but you've proven yourself plenty capable of supplying the 3rd). At least it will pay more than the pocket change you get for posting here, and having a real job will do wonders for your self-loathing and circumcision-envy. Win-win for slomo!



      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Ted G

      As a commentary on the article itself shlo its relatively worthless. But you obviously saw some value in using it as a vehicle to trot out some equally worthless observations about the content.

      I do however like the part about how you "…agree with Mr. Vadum's stylistic tactic of totally losing track of the subject of discussion…" of course you do, you do it all the time on these boards.

  • SIlver Dummy

    Kamp Kinderland? No doubt an American Breivik will do his good deed of the day.

    I call these light skinned wide eyed Jews with Germanesque names " ash can nazis "; they are no better.

    • rockman

      There is something seriously wrong with you, Dummy. Suggesting that it would be a good idea to commit mass murder even at a far leftist camp is nuts. Your stupid name calling of Ashkenazi Jewry shows that you are an ignorant anti-semite and a fool. Take a hike son, take a hike.

    • poppakap

      Silver Dummy is a Silver Anti-Semite. The only real question is whether he is neo-nazi or Muslim. But then again, what the hell's the practical difference? Skin color?

  • clarespark

    The great novelist John Dos Passosm, an admirer of George Orwell's 1984, was marginalized because he emphasized the penetration of communist ideas into the mainstream of American life during the last half of his career and was nailed for it by supporters of Ernest Hemingway and the whole Stalinoid literary establishment. I have been writing about that constantly, but try this one:…. "Communist Ideas Go Mainstream."

  • BS77

    Any parent who would send their young and impressionable children to this sort of Communist training camp should be prosecuted for child abuse. These wacko leftists are nuts…totally nuts. But you know what …..those who are truly brainwashed, never know it.

  • lizaz

    Well, we'll get rid of her in NOVEMBER also!!! Just two months left!!

    • Raymond in DC

      Even if Romney is successful, he won't have the opportunity to dismiss her until January.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm glad I never went to Camp Kinderland. It sounds like a terrifying place. Not exactly the type of summer camp where you roast marshmallows over an open fire,isn't it?

    • BS77

      Didn't Jim Jones open a day care center and kiddie camp in Guyana, South America? That's where the expression, "drinking the Kool Aid" (submitting to indoctrination…and ultimately, committing suicide) came from. Yeah, that's it, the Jonestown Kinderland Kool Aid Camp and Work Farm….a Communist Community that Cares.

    • mlcblog

      Trouble is the children are too innocent to be terrified. They trust the camp counselors. That's how it works.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Looking at all of Obama's appointments there is no evidence of trying to bring America
    together, rather it is and attempt to bring America into a Politboro organization………William

  • Jcb

    this is not much different than the indoctrination most of our universities perform on our kids.

    • stevefraser

      Or what is happening in our high schools.

  • stevefraser

    So why is frontpagemag the only place i can read about this…note the party of stupid, the GOP, is silent on this, just as it never called the legalization of a million Mexicans "an attack on America's youth"….The GOP must have a death wish.

    • aspacia

      PJTV is also a source

  • Spider

    Kinderland doesn't sound much different than the modern day American University. I heard of a story that one University did on orientation day. Instructors lined up all the white students and told them what privileged scum they were and that their attitudes and behavior must change. They were informed they must now accept their new Dihimini status to the superior minority students. I am sure many such stories abound.

  • pierce


  • pierce


  • Fran

    Our mainstream media has no shame. They have been well indoctrinated! They are enablers of false teaching – and harbingers of truth. They despise the truth – it gets in their way!