Bachmann-Clinton Showdown over Blind Sheikh

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In a dramatic confrontation with a conservative lawmaker on Capitol Hill yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flatly denied that the Obama administration is planning to send the 1993 World Trade Center bomber back to Egypt.

The face-off between Clinton and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) came after The Blaze news website started a firestorm Monday by reporting that a source close to the Obama administration said the Department of State was contemplating returning the “Blind Sheikh,” convicted terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, to his homeland “for humanitarian and health reasons.” The embattled Obama administration is currently in full-time damage control mode as the president’s foreign policy aimed at appeasing totalitarian Islamic theocrats collapses.

As FrontPage Magazine exclusively reported earlier this week, Abdel-Rahman’s terrorist group, Jamaa Islamiya, helped to foment last week’s deadly violence against U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya.

During a bipartisan closed-door briefing for House members on developments in the Middle East, Clinton was questioned pointedly by Bachmann, who asked if the administration intends to repatriate Abdel-Rahman, a highly placed congressional source told this writer.

Frustrated after the Department of State refused for days to confirm or deny reports about a possible transfer of the Blind Sheikh to Egyptian custody, Bachmann wanted to get Clinton on the record on the issue in front of House members. In an environment described by the source as “tense,” the lawmaker asked Clinton if anyone in any department or agency in the federal government was negotiating, corresponding, or in any way moving forward with plans to expel the terrorist from the United States.

“No,” was Clinton’s terse reply.

Later the same day Clinton gave another classified briefing to members of the Senate. Senators complained that Clinton stonewalled their requests for new information about the attack last week on the U.S. consulate in Libya that claimed the lives of four Americans including the U.S. ambassador.

“That was the most useless, worthless briefing that I have attended in a long time,” said Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). “Believe me, there is more written in every major and minor publication in America about what happened.”

Despite Clinton’s denial, evidence continues to mount that the Obama administration is seriously considering handing over the ailing 74-year-old Blind Sheikh to the Egyptian government. Diabetic since childhood, Abdel-Rahman was formerly a guest of the federal Supermax prison in Colorado. Today he resides in the medical wing of the Butner Federal Correctional Institution in North Carolina.

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  • Arlen Williams

    Thank you. We promoted contacting Representatives Peter King, Michele Bahmann, and others about this, Tuesday. Here is essential information on the murders in Beghazi, Libya:

    WEAPONS HUNTING: The Reason for the 9-11 Murders in Libya

    • truebearing

      Why would Obama cover up the mission to track down weapons? is it because it would undermine his involvement in Libya? It seems that the embarrassment he has to deal with now is pretty damaging, so presumably whatever he is trying to hide is more damning. Could it be that Obama has a dual motivation that includes furthering an agenda of allowing Shariah Law to supercede our constitution?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Why would Obama cover up the mission to track down weapons? "

        The same reason he covers anything else up: he wants to please everyone and upset nobody.

        " is it because it would undermine his involvement in Libya?"

        Assuming he wants to continue this line of appeasement, of course. He has to play to everyone that the "actions" around the world against certain people who are only coincidentally claiming to be Muslims, are committed by a criminal organization that has been almost entirely defeated. The rest of the Muslim world is populated only by allies. Why would we mind if they have weapons? They can use those weapons to fight any "bad Muslims" who might show up. Taking them away from other Muslims not associated with al Qaeda might seem like he doesn't trust Muslims. We can't come across as aggressive by asking for some of our weapons back after we supported their war. That would be unfriendly or seem to lack trust.

        "It seems that the embarrassment he has to deal with now is pretty damaging, so presumably whatever he is trying to hide is more damning."

        Nothing about any of Obama's present circumstances were really planned per se. His intentions were all about appeasement but these results are not what he expected. He is in minute to minute damage control and "leading from behind" which is a euphemistic expression to say that he is following events and taking credit where possible while denying accountability for anything negative.

        "Could it be that Obama has a dual motivation that includes furthering an agenda of allowing Shariah Law to supercede our constitution?"

        Not in whole, but the precedent of limiting free speech would create an apparent fluidity that would in theory allow that other founding principals could also be up for modifying or removing. He hates the Constitution as it stands because he wants to change it according to his own values. He doesn't think many people even care about Sharia. If he is encouraging it, he thinks he can manage it for his socialist agenda.

        On the other hand, Sharia values are what he is responding to now. Limiting free speech would definitely be a clear step in that direction, but that doesn't also mean that thieves will lose limbs or adulterers will be stoned here. It needs to be fought just as vigorously though as if that risk does exist, because if we lose our rights of free speech, eventually the Muslims will win within a generation or 2. Our speech is the only thing truly threatening their plans. Their leaders know American politics better than anyone else. Don't doubt that.

      • Indioviejo

        This is my opinion too. Everything leads towards that conclusion. The man is a Muslim lover, soft on terrorism, a word he wanted to erase from the record. I believe he made a mess of Iraq and Afghanistan on purpose. The Blind Sheik will be released if he loses, or if he wins, unless the Congress can stop him.

      • Sunbeam

        He must be removed before more harm comes to America. No one wants to wait until its enemies got a firmer grip on the nation. It is already now in peril due to too much compromising towards the enemies. Learn from the lesson of Israel. During the time of Yisyak Rabin who was then the Prime Minister of Israel in the 1990s (if I can remember the position he held at that time) more and more land of Israel was given away to the Palestinian in exchange for peace. But as history taught, this was not the way. Peace didn't come even after lands was given in exchange for that very reason. He was gunned down by his own people eventually. This is a very valuable lesson that Americans can learn from its counterpart. in dealing with people not of the natives, especially Muslims. These are the only exceptional ones that we must be most careful due to their offensive ideology and tenets. Every one of them is a soldier for Islam, making them the most dangerous people in society. We need to legislate harsher laws to curb the ever increasing evil surmising of the day that pose a great threat to American society and as a nation on the whole. We called on all American patriots to stand by its ground to protect America from all forms of attack cloak in the name of religion.

  • Arlen Williams

    Beghazi = Benghazi

    • Alex

      And Bahmann=Bachmann?

      Don't worry, we've all done it. This is a stupid blog, not a spelling exam.

  • LibertyLover

    NEVER underestimate the corruption of an administration that will do anything to remain in power.

    • Roger

      Bachmann has to understand that the rule of law means nothing to Obama.

      He has no respect for it and has trained Boehner, Roberts and everyone else to ignore his actions as Dictator.

      I hope Obama doesn't move to silence her over this.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Kinda makes you wonder if the election in November has already been rigged.

        • Tabby

          If they can help it that's a given. Look up the George Soros 5 steps to overthrow a government. This is what has been in the works for a long time & is coming to America this election period. Operation 'end Americas Constitution' has been activated & we need more people to understand what is happening because it's all part of the build up. Soros is very experienced in this & has openly stated these things. The Muslim Brotherhood are one of the many Soros tentacles of tyranny. What we're seeing Bernarke do to destroy the dollar with this Q3 is all a part of it as well. Expect all hell to break loose as the elections take place. Stay strong & aware, God bless



    • objectivefactsmatter


      He's a moron. He's a pawn. Morsi wants to show his power and test his influence in the USA. Nobody will be surprised at this point if he succeeds. It will be clear then that the embassy attacks were the last straw to crumble in Obama's resistance to being totally owned by the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Alex

        No he is not a moron. He is a dangerous man with deadly influence. Never under estimate your enemy and take them very seriously.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "No he is not a moron. He is a dangerous man with deadly influence. Never under estimate your enemy and take them very seriously."

          He's a dangerous moron with deadly influence. Did I mention that he's a Muslim? He's also a pawn. Note that none of these are mutually exclusive. Read some of his writings and then defend his mental capacities.

    • Mike Villano

      He knows nothing except that there are some Americans who believe in appeasement and selling out.
      That impulse dominates the career parasites at the State Department (Soon to be renamed the Depaartment of Appeasement and Sell Out).
      That's all he needs to know.

    • jacob

      Which press are you speaking of ????
      And do you expect this servile, abject shameless leftist media (save for exceptions to be counted with
      the fingers of one hand and still have uncounted fingers) to raise hell if OBAMBA's "administration"
      decides to free the blind Sheik ????
      And what about the people who lost their lives in this attack ????

  • valerieprice

    Oh – just like al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie killer, was released on "compassionate grounds". Funny how it took him 3 years to die. There is absolutely no reason in hell why the Blind Sheik should be released – it will just be one more example of America's weakness.

  • oldtimer

    Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 115 USC 2381 – Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is quilty of treason and shall suffer death or shall be imprisoned not less tha five years and finded under this title not less tha $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
    Look it up for yourself. I found this at Cornell University Law School.

    • tagalog

      You can also find the original legislation that underlies this law in Article III, Section 3, of the U.S. Constitution.

    • Tabby

      This President is the biggest enemy we’ve encountered in all of American history & is clearly guilty of treason on SO MANY accounts besides this one.
      The Russian ‘hot mike’ incident, arming Mexican gangs full of Hezbollah members, neutering border patrol & aiding those coming into the country illegally, refusing to enforce federal laws, suing states for trying to protect Americans interest, destroying our military, disarming our nuclear defenses, betraying our long time allied nations while embracing tyrants who’ve been enemies to our country from day one, overthrowing dictators who were not hostile to America & inserting Anti-American Sharia tyrants in their place are but a few examples that clearly show what a tyrannical treasonous man we have in the WH!
      He is a danger to the entire world!

      • Kufar Dawg

        He's a danger to the entire free world, not the islamofascist world.

  • oblique

    I'm an outside observer, not living in the US. Australian actually. Anyway, I've been closely following these issues for some time.

    The way this is all playing out is exceptionally worrying. That the Obama Administration outright lies about its intentions speaks volumes for how the next few months will unfold. I think things are accelerating, and the Administration either doesn't care, or they have other plans afoot for the American people.

    Release of the blind sheikh will be symbolic. It will send a clear signal that the MB is in complete control. After that happens, I think a cascade of events will occur that will be impossible to stop. Israel has its finger hovering over the red button. If their red line is crossed and they preemptively strike, Iran will retaliate. Others will be drawn in, but I fear the US will not become involved in the ensuing melee until compelled to. This will infuriate the American people, but there will be little they can do, because the Jihadists have already passed through the gate.

    • Indioviejo

      From the WH on down. In both Parties.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Release of the blind sheikh will be symbolic. It will send a clear signal that the MB is in complete control. After that happens, I think a cascade of events will occur that will be impossible to stop. Israel has its finger hovering over the red button. If their red line is crossed and they preemptively strike, Iran will retaliate. Others will be drawn in, but I fear the US will not become involved in the ensuing melee until compelled to."

      If Obama manages to win, this scenario is better than allowing Iran to obtain nukes.

      "This will infuriate the American people"

      Yet they will remain divided about what infuriates them.

      "but there will be little they can do, because the Jihadists have already passed through the gate."

      Maybe, but the point of no return is probably when Iran gets nukes. Before that, I think we have a chance because these events this month have awakened a lot of curious minds and sharpened the presentations of lots of folks who never had many listeners before to teach about Islam and its war with the West.

    • George Gallo

      `I find more solace in the cheeky Ozzies like yourself than the ridiculous wusses we got stuck with in Washington, and that includes the Republican Boehner in the House. You are correct that we have two months to reach the rubicon that determines if we regain our sense of propriety as a free world leader or collapse into a veritable civil war of conflicting factions internally. If we vote our "chair-man" out but they conspire to steal the vote counting process we have a true crisis on our hands that the military might have to act upon. How such an unprecedented occurrence would play out is anyone's guess.

      • Kufar Dawg

        It's amazing how little authentication and authorization is done to ensure the integrity of the US electoral process.

    • Gerry

      You say, "… It will send a clear signal that the MB is in complete control."

      Not quite right. It is a sign that BHO is part and parcel of the MB. They share the same goals. Both want to subvert the U.S.A. and Western civilization. Release of the blind terrorist is for the MB to "understand" that BHO is "with them – all the way!".

  • Steve Chavez

    DON'T PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THEY WANTED THE TOWERS TO FALL LIKE A TREE, both times, which would have spread its damage blocks away and killed a COUPLE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE??? If they let him GO BACK TO EGYPT, I don't see how any New Yorker could vote for Obama and if this story is even a possibility, maybe that will still happen. "NEW YORK IN THE ROMNEY COLUMN."

    What did the BLIND man want to hear : "TIMBER!" What his last words he should hear is "ROLL ON TWO" which was the used to fry them in the electric chair in the movie "THE GREEN MILE" and I wouldn't put the WET SPONGE EITHER and that would be a smell I would cherish for the rest of my life!

  • Gene W 1938

    That blind sheikh and his supporters should experience the destruction that Evil Satanic filled monster planned against our country. Send him to back to be a hero to encourage others to follow him as a martyr! Hillary has become like her aide and Obama … pure evil, Satanists exemplifying the true motives of the Koran where lying, cheating, deceptions, breaking promises and treachery are honorable for their faith and god.
    Praise God for legislators like Bachmann. Pray she wins

  • pierce

    Will the Obama administration get away with this come Election Day? How short a memory has the electorate. This is one of many screw ups for this administration, will they pay for it, wake up Americans, they and he do not deserve 4 more years.

    • fiddler

      Oh, people like Chris Matthews will try to help them forget about it. Let's see, we have the people in Libya, 13 in Fort Hood (oh, yeah, that was work place violence), where else have innocent people died on Obama's watch?

  • drcrazycatkid

    And Remember Jonathan Pollard, anyone? If I read all this in a "spy novel" I would have rated it too far fetched to be a good tale. Someone wake me up from this bad dream!

  • drcrazycatkid

    And God bless Michelle Bachmann

  • ross1948

    I reckon the only question here is when, not if, they'll do the dirty deed.

  • LindaRivera

    If you are in New York City, please attend if possible TODAY! From Satya, a leader in HRCARI:

    Join NYC protest at Pakistan Consulate, Sep 21st, in support of minority Hindu/Sikh/Christian women in Pakistan. Not much need to be said about how Pakistani minority women (Hindu, Sikh, Christian) are kidnapped, forced to marry Muslim men, never to see their parents. It is one of the most heartbreaking experience for any parents to lose their children overnight. This dreadful religion called Islam will not stop at anything, eventually they will destroy what we call ‘humanity’.

    Please join the protest at New York City. If you work in NYC, please take a break during lunch time and attend the rally. Please spread the word.

    Date: Friday, Sept 21st, 2012
    Time: 12 – 2PM
    Location: Near Pakistan Consulate, 65th Street and 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City

  • LindaRivera

    If you are in New York City, please attend if possible TODAY! From Satya, a leader in HRCARI:

  • A Concerned Vet

    Showdown with Secretary of Defense and Pentagon soon.

    Muslim Influence in Pentagon Prevails; Material on Radical Islam "Purged,” Outstanding Army Officer “Disciplined,” —Thomas More Law Center Enters Case —

    Copy of the Muslim Letter that Prompted the Pentagon to Purge Military Instruction "Offensive to Islam"

    • jacob

      And, most probably under OBAMBA's instructions or some high brass ass kisser, was this manual
      "offensive" to Muslim sensitivities "purged" ?????
      Guess what will be the outcome of the lawsuit against the Muslim author of the Ft. Hood massacre..

      And people still either refuse to accept or just don't give a damn about, that if it waddles like a duck,
      quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and does everything the way ducks do, it is not an elephant
      but a DUCK ?????

  • @Jcdavidson37

    Mathew, I dropped off 20 of your Government Union books at the local Republican headquarters because I think it is important for people to undestand what they are trying to accompih: socialism.

    • joy57111

      why not just post it here for everyone to read? Or scan it to a document and post it? I want to see what you are eluding to.

  • Ar'nun

    What do you expect, the Muslim Brotherhood is running the White House. I'm surprisd the Blind Sheik isn't doing surmons on the internet from his cell.

  • Schlomotion

    In his article, Mr. Vadum says he is about to prove that the US is going to release the Blind Sheik and then merely proves that the Blind Sheik has diabetes. He links to the New York Post, claiming that "an unnamed Obama administration source" confirmed it. But then in the article, Frontpage's own Andrew McCarthy says "There’s no way to believe anything they say." This is just a train wreck of conspiracy theories.

    • reader

      Yeah, but the truth is that you'd like to have him released, schlo, as would Obama himself. That's what's material, and your takiyya is lame and ineffective, as usual.

      • Schlomotion

        That's the truth is it? You have proof of that, do you?

        • Mo Schlotion

          What do you recommend that the Sheik eats for his diabetes? Will it improve his vision?

        • reader

          Your posts are the proof. I'm not your typical Obama drone, schlo, I understand what I read and I have memory.

      • amused

        dumbass reader, dumbass .

    • Drakken

      It is rather distressing to see you openly side with our muslim enemies and their leftist enablers. Your denial of reality and open distain for your fellow Americans really is an open condemnation of our education system that has spawned you.

    • Ghostwriter

      It's a shame they didn't put "The Blind Sheikh" on the electric chair! He deserves whatever he gets.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Slow troll: "In his article, Mr. Vadum says he is about to prove that the US is going to release the Blind Sheik"

      From the article: "More proof of secret State Department negotiations came yesterday in the pages of the New York Post. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and an unnamed Obama administration source confirmed that the government is considering sending the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing back to Egypt"

      Point 1) What is claimed is that negotiations are in play, not that the deal is done.
      Point 2) Peter T. King sits on the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Now you might argue that Peter T. King is a complete fraud that makes public statements with no evidence. Maybe that is the case this time. However, given that none of his usual enemies have contradicted him, and given what he has endured in the past fighting Islamists in the USA, I'd lean towards believing the article.

      This says nothing about believing you. There has never been any reason for that.

    • Anonymous

      Walking turd Vomit-in-Motion, a loser in life whose earnings are as small as is his influence on ANYTHING, increases emits gas yet again.

  • Andy

    If it just begins to look like they'll release the Sheikh, there should be a nation wide virtual revolution with two million Americans demonstrating in Washington – call it Occupy the White House – and it won't be the welfare bums of Occupy Wall Street but upstanding middle class citizens WHO HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

    • jacob

      And, may I ask, what will the middle class do about ???
      Anybody ever heard of "civil disobedience " ???
      What have the people we lastly sent to Congress do for us ????
      That idiot of BOEHMER is allowing a billion and one half for the animals who attacked the American
      Consulate and killed the ambassador to Libya

  • Don

    Michele Bachmann is a major part of the fine red line that is coming to the defense of this nation and its future. Emboldened by their success at blocking her from being the GOP nominee, the DNC and Nancy Pelosi’s SuperPAC CREDO is throwing all the money they can muster to make sure that Michele is not re-elected to Congress.

    She is the progressive’s worst nightmare and most vocal persistent enemy. Although I don’t live in MN, I donate to her campaign every time I get a few dollars to spare.

    P.S. This article is a rare exception to the usual negative press that her efforts normally reward her with. It is a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  • guest

    I think BHO will release the blind sheikh primarily as an upraised middle finger to Republicans, Conservatives, Christians….In a word, to anyone who is not both black and an Obama supporter. Whether BHO is even aware that there are long term bad consequences to the USA as a result of an action bound to be interpreted as weakness if not submission is questionable : I think BHO is short sighted , stupid, and a doctrinaire thinker.

  • anderson20
  • Ghostwriter

    I think President Obama would be foolish to release the Blind Sheikh. Especially before the election. That would be a sure way of handing Mitt Rommey a victory.

    • Lisa_H

      I can't decide whether Obama is incompetent, doesn't care, or has a secret plan.

      • amused

        it's none of those Lisa , it's a matter of you being dumb enough to believe Vadum's bullsheet story

  • RUI

    The blind sheik should be returned immediately, with a nuclear bomb stuffed up his ass. I think Egypt constitutes a "fail-safe" distance enough from America.

  • guest

    If they release him, it will certainly show them they are winning, and the attacks will escalate. Of course, that is not what idiot hitlery has been lied to, I mean promised.

    She is a shining example of a democrat to me. I want to help someone and you need to pay for it (with islam, it may be our lives)

  • amused

    What a bunch of mindless dolts , and sycophants for The Queen of Dolts -Bachmann . There is not one single shred of evidence for such claims NOTHING . Just another Bullsheet strawman by repo/cons and their idiot demagogues , put into print by hacks like Vadum .
    Show the proof , other than "allegations by idiots " .

    • PaulRevereNow

      Have you bought any stock in ocean liner companies? You'd better do it soon.

    • flowerknife_us

      It takes a Dolt to know a Dolt. Dolthood is measured by the standard you create.

      • amused

        Where'your proof flower_knife ??? Dolt .

    • aspacia


      There is a huge amount of valid evidence supporting this.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Watching my favorite country (U.S.A.) go down the toilet in a flaming, lying, confused and oblivious mess of mindless madness, I have to wonder if they have lost their ability to reason. From my perch up in Canada, it is patently obvious that there are only two choices…either Obama is a naive, misled, uninformed twit as most pundits allude to….or he is the Enemy of the State…the unannounced (as yet) Caliph of the new global Islamic Caliphate.
    see next…

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    His continual demeaning of the U.S. and praising of all things Islamic just might give us a hint, don't you think? I do not think he is naive, etc,etc…I think he is a brilliant liar and strategist without a moral bone in his body and an expert at Taquiyah, the islamic art of lying. And by the way, when will someone in the media stand up and challenge the idea that Islam is a religion? They have been hiding under that guise for 1,400 years. It is not a religion but a political, socio-economic, spiritual all-controlling hodge -podge of a dictatorship that lives off of conquering and stealing from all those countries who are naive enough to believe the "Islam is a religion" baloney.
    Wake up, U.S. It is time to fight once again to preserve your freedom, (if it's not too late already).
    Rev. Roy…..<><

  • chowching259

    Populist movements are sweeping the Muslim world and it is led by the wretched, downtrodden and disenfranchised. The more fortunate have no choice but to step aside and make room for the Ummah and Caliphate. Poison gas, nuclear weapons, or Satanic Infidels cannot stop Muhammad’s multitudes from turning the planet into a giant Mosque.

  • amused

    Where is the proof , of this Repo/Con lie ? You all suck it up , because it's one lie you would all love to believe . No doubt Queen Shiiithead Backmann is leading another charge against another created shadow .

    • aspacia

      Where is your proof this is not a lie??

  • Soloview

    Releasing the blind sheikh would not be "a sign of weakness" by the administration. If Obama releases the terrorist cleric duly convicted of crimes against the United States, it would be an act of high treason. If Obama is re-elected and releases the sheikh in the second term he should be impeached for breaking the oath of the office.

  • Sean Oleahcneachain

    [Obama leaning in to Morsi:] ". . . . after the election I will have more FLEXIBILITY my friend"

  • amused

    It all comes down to THIS . FPM knows it's a LIE /Greenfield knows it's a lie ….yet these "good and holy " people embrace the lie /propagate the lie /and encourage you morons to SWALLOW the lie . FPM deleted my posts because I CHALLENGED the lie , to which they have no refute . No Ethics found here eh ?

    • aspacia

      Nope, I do not believe it to be a lie.

  • amused

    Sorry make that VADUM IS LIEING [ not that Greenfield hasn't ] but in this bullsheeet story , I'll give credit where it is DUE . Put up proof Vadum or else STOP YOUR LIES .

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Amusee mon vieux, go easy on the all caps. It's like watching your veins enlarge across your forehead. You could burst a blood vessel at any moment. It might be a while before they find you in the basement. And why is it that you look just like Ed Asner? Is it your urge to shout at your opponents?

      • amused

        The large cap letters are used to penetrate LAZY NON-THINKING THICK SKULLS AND DULL GULLABLE MINDS …like yours .If you believe this lie about the Blind Shiek , then that qualifies you for the title of MORON . And I would imagine since you nor Vadum ,nor FPM can refute that charge , and all you can mount as a refute , is a juvenile complaint about lettering , you have all accepted this lie . P.S.there are no opponents here just brainwashed meme parrots and sycophants .

        • Kufar Dawg

          Does "mount as a refute" make more sense in Arabic? Or Urdu?

  • Pat English

    Already, one of the killers of our Libyan Embassey staff is alledged to be an inmate released from Gitmo. How many more does it take Mr. Obama? And when will you realize this is a war we are fighting?

  • lcdlover

    He's not blind. He a fake. Moreover, why is this dangerous terrorist being held in the Butner Federal Correctional Complex, in the medical wing? Bernie Madoff is in Butner, too (where he reportedly had a fistfight with another inmate over stock picks). Butner is low to medium security. I am sure all the religious deference in the world is given to this phoney religious man. The whole of Islam for that matter is a con. When we give these guys their little hats and their stupid Korans and let them put on their stinky robes, and grow those ratty beards, we put our imprimatur on the sick ideology that primed them to attack.
    If one googles Khalid Sheik Mohammad (KSM, the mastermind of 9/11), one is assaulted with images of a man (taken DURING his Gitmo stay by what seems like a professional photographer) who looks for all the world like Moses, replete with long beard and flowing white robe, ready to hand down the seraphic texts.
    I say shaved head, striped ticking and NO KORANS for these animals.

  • pyeatte

    If they are bound and determined to release the maggot, at least do it before the election.

  • George Gallo

    Remember the time under Clinton when we could be outraged by the repatriation by Janet Reno (the previous dike in charge of such things as Napolitano now handles) of young Evian Gonzalez to Cuba? How far down the primrose path have we been taken now with bloodthirsty terrorists getting the same cordial adieu.

    • amused

      Only jerks like you Gallo woukld have been outraged by returning that kid to his OWN FATHER ,which he chose . This poor kid's mooching relatives in Miami just wanted to make a shrine and charge admission ..We hate castro , so lets break all natural and civil law – because the kids father resides in a communist country let break the strongest bond between human being father and son . If that "outraged you " then you're a hopeless schmuck .

  • David

    Obama will release the blind sheik and Jonathan Pollard as proof that he is not anti Israeli. The blind sheik caused the deaths of many while Pollard killed no one.

  • amused

    The shiek will not be released , for THAT is just another mindless Republican /Conservative lie before an election . As fior Pollard , he will not be released for the same reason Clinton tried to have him released ….Pollard had the information that implicate the Reagan Administratio right to the TOP in the Iran/Contra deal . Cap Weinberger and Baker are still pulling strings in Washington. Three Bush Admins and 2 Clinton Admins couldn't or wouldn't get Pollard out .

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Pollard's contined imprisonment is a mystery but the release of the Blind Sheekaboo would
      be quite crazy, even for Obama……but maybe the One is crazy. If the sheekaboo is released
      I am sure he will have a comfortabe stay at a halfway house in Brooklyn just before
      Air Force One flys el seekaboo to Cairo……….keep your eyes pealed……………William

    • aspacia

      Here is some evidence, and this is just some unamusing:
      March 1, 2012: Release?
      The Arabic language newspaper al-Arabiya reports that the Obama administration has offered to release Omar Rahman back to Egypt as an exchange of prisoners. Andrew McCarthy writes at the time:

      The Arabic-language newspaper al-Arabiyareported on Tuesday that the Obama administration has offered to release Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to Egypt. Abdel Rahman is the infamous “Blind Sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 for masterminding a terrorist war against the United States that included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks. According to the late Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s founder, Abdel Rahman is also responsible for the fatwa — the necessary Islamic edict — that green-lighted the 9/11 attacks.

      The alleged offer to release Abdel Rahman is said to be an effort to end the impasse over 16 American “civil-society activists” (including the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood) being detained by Egypt’s interim government. The Blind Sheikh, the report says, would be part of a prisoner exchange: 50 Egyptians swapped for the Americans whose organizations are said to have received foreign funding in violation of Egyptian law. (See my post from last week on efforts by senior Republican senators to secure the Americans’ release.) Speculation that a quid pro quo may be in place has intensified because, in recent days, Egyptian authorities suddenly adjourned the trial of the Americans and lifted the travel ban against seven of them, including Sam LaHood — freeing them to return to the U.S.

      • aspacia

        The story from Al-Arabiya, translated:

        The Egyptian government began taking steps to respond with the American offer to release 50 Egyptians being held in American prisons–including Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd-al-Rahman—in exchange for the release of 19 Americans accused in the case of foreign funding of civil society organizations. This is according to what was confirmed by Major General Muhammad Hani Zahir, an expert in military studies and international counterterrorism.

        Zahir in comments to the newspaper ‘al-Masriyun‘ said it was necessary for Egypt to exploit America’s weak position, especially after condemning its citizens in cases affecting Egyptian sovereignty over its territory. He added that Egypt should not permit this exchange to take place unless the American administration agrees to release more than 500 Egyptians being held in American prisons, of whom the Egyptian foreign ministry knows nothing.
        He added that the Egyptian foreign ministry asked the Egyptian embassy in Washington to take inventory of the number of Egyptians imprisoned in the United States. He also stated that the Egyptian consulate began taking steps to inventory the numbers of Egyptians imprisoned and being held up in investigations in various cases in the United States. He also added that among those imprisoned and whose files the consulate has studied is Shaykh ‘Umar ’Abd-al-Rahman, the mufti of al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya, and who is currently imprisoned in America.
        Zahir closed his remarks by saying: “In my character as an international expert on counterterrorism, corruption, and money laundering, I ask the Egyptian government to direct to the Americans accused in the case of unlawful foreign funding of unlawful civil society organizations the accusation of “supporting and funding terrorism” within Egypt. This is because all of the physical and solid evidence confirms their involvement in supporting terrorism in Egypt. This is what verily happened in Muhammad Mahmoud Street, Shaykh Rihan Street, and Mansur Street, and in the events of the Ministers’ Council. If this accusation is directed against them, they will be condemned to death by hanging, or to do hard labor for life. This will force the American administration to carry out all the Egyptian requests, at the forefront the release of all Egyptians being held in American prisons and the amendment of the terms of American aid, to where they give cash like they do to the Israelis, rather than giving commodities which don’t provide any benefit to Egypt to the degree that it diminishes Egyptian sovereignty.”

        June 22, 2012: The Islamic Group Goes To Washington

        Eli Lake of Newsweek reports that Hani Nour Eldin, a member of Rahman’s organization and newly elected member of the Egyptian Parliament, has been invited Washington to meet with senior Obama administration officials.
        The Life and Times of Omar Abdel Rahman, aka The Blind Sheikh

        Hani Nour Eldin (Photo Credit: Bare Naked Islam)

        June 29, 2012: Morsi Promises to Work to Free Rahman

        Egyptian President-elect Mohamed Morsi promises to work to free Rahman from American custody, as reported by the New York Times. In spite of previous reports, the Obama administration responds that there is “zero chance” that this will happen.
        The Life and Times of Omar Abdel Rahman, aka The Blind Sheikh

        Mohammed Morsi (Photo Credit: AP)

        August 3, 2012: Release Predicted

        Andrew McCarthy and Steve Coughlin predict that Rahman will be released after the 2012 election in a segment on the Glenn Beck program (10 minutes into the following video):

        September 11, 2012: Arab Crisis

        A rash of attacks hits the United States embassies in Libya, Cairo, Yemen and other countries. The motives are initially explained as coming from an anti-Islamic Youtube video. This quickly emerges as a falsehood. The Weekly Standard offers another hypothesis, given that the protests in Cairo were coordinated by the Islamic Group itself:

        The investigation into the exact circumstances that brought us the twin attacks on U.S. diplomats in Egypt and Libya remains ongoing. Much remains uncertain. But a few new press accounts provide clues that are worth noting. And those clues point to a possible motive for the anti-American rallies and violence that has little to do with an offensive anti-Islam film.

        It seems that bad actors in both Egypt and Libya decided to agitate for the release of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, aka the “Blind Sheikh.” This is a longstanding cause for al Qaeda and other militants – even though it is inconceivable that Rahman will be released and terrorism on his behalf is itself, in many ways, a pretext.

  • spiritof1776

    I believe that BO will release the blind Sheik. But due to the hot potato issue he will probably wait till after
    the election where as we all know, he will have more FLEXIBILITY.

  • Marvin Fox

    The most opaque Washington DC Administration in my octogenarian political experiences may be adding another chapter. I have no doubt the Obama administration is capable of releasing the Blind Sheik from prison.
    I question whether anyone in any administration has a legal right to release a convicted felon of any variety from prison and present him to another sovereign nation. The ability and a stated purpose to give that release does not establish the legality for doing it, our Constitution and constitutional laws are the only authority.
    It also occurs to me that President Obama, wishing to make the release , but realizing there could be a legal problem with releasing the the Blind Sheik, can legally pardon him during Obama's last day(s) in office, which would allow the legal exit from the United States.
    Marvin E. Fox

  • Marvin Fox

    Michelle Bachman and those elected to public office who stand for Constitutional government and the protection of our Republic are heroic people who have fulfilled the requirements established by the Founders of our Republic. They have risked their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor. God save our Founders and founding principles. God save Michelle Bachman and all who stand with her to protect our Constitutional Republic.
    Marvin E. Fox

    • amused

      What in the hell has Bachmann risked ? Oh Wait ….her husband has enriched his fortune with Obama money.
      And btw mr "octogenarian " you are old enough to know better than to fall for this B.S. repo/con invented strawman .

      • Marvin E. Fox

        Hello Amused, I see you haven't lost your flair for rudeness, and bad language. Congratulation on your centrist, wherever that is, consistency.
        Michelle Bachman and all of those who put up the good fight for our Republics Constitution and our American way of life have taken the place of our Founders who did the same during our Revolutionary War. They may not be facing precisely the same enemy or situation but they are facing the loss of all of the freedom and self reliance our magnificent Founders put in place. They deserve every good wish and good word I or any other citizen of our Constitutional Republic can give to them. God save our Christian Republic, one nation under God.
        Marvin E. Fox

  • Mike Villano

    My name is Barack Sell Out Obama and I approve this message.
    Obama's foreign policy approach: Appease, sell out, repeat!

  • Rob Hoey

    It's horrible to think that we should release this terrorist leader–Obama continues to show how weak he is and jihadists will continue to take advantage and test us. He needs to emphatically send the message that America is strong and will not bow to another nation–but then again, Obama has already done that to the Saudi king

  • guest

    Of course they want to release him, he shares the same religion as O. Mubarak and O discussed it. The question is what other large targets will he take out? Wouldn't O be surprised to find out he himself turned out to be a blind sheik target after the release? It is well known how muslims feel about the US president. These people do not even respect other muslims!