Benghazi Investigator Slams America and ‘Islamophobes’

America is a seething hotbed of “Islamophobia,” filled with ignorant racist rubes who irrationally fear the benign Muslim religion, according to the Obama administration’s lead investigator into the Benghazi atrocities.

So said former Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering in more polished, diplomatic language during an Oct. 23 panel discussion at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. The talk was on “what role the faith community can play in fighting Islamophobia,” a make-believe mental illness that Islamists would love to have listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Radical Islam’s stateside defenders frequently accuse anti-terrorism hawks of “McCarthyism,” hurling the epithet “Islamophobe” the same way American leftists use the word “racist” to shut down debate.

Pickering’s pontifications came two and a half weeks after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named him to head a State Department “Accountability Review Board” tasked with examining the circumstances surrounding the deaths on Sept. 11, 2012, the 11th anniversary of 9/11, of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith, and security personnel Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

At last week’s panel discussion, Pickering piously but incorrectly invoked the Holocaust to argue that American Muslims were somehow in danger.

“I’m not great at quotations,” he said, foreshadowing a misattribution to come.

“Perhaps it was [German theologian and dissident] Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said of the Nazis, when they came for the Jews, I didn’t speak up. I was not a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I didn’t speak up, I was not a Catholic. When they came for us, no one spoke up. There was no one left to do so,” Pickering said, paraphrasing famous, poignant verses actually spoken by Third Reich-era German pastor Martin Niemoller.

Pickering said that Americans’ lack of familiarity with Islam –and not Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans— fuels hostility toward Muslims.

“Data shows that those Americans who do not know Muslims, who do not know much about Islam, are the ones who harbor the greatest feelings of prejudice,” he said.

There is a “strong, continuing, and perhaps, in an unfortunate way in some areas, growing, prejudice against Muslims and Islam,” he said.

However, he added that veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have so far avoided embracing this anti-Islamic bigotry. “Many of the soldiers are still serving and I think that also is helpful because they understand that as loyal Americans that kind of prejudice is not to be expressed.”

Pickering urged what might amount to a zero-tolerance policy against so-called Islamophobes in American society. “There are strong efforts as well that we must make to deal with opinion leaders who harbor these prejudices, who espouse them and spread them,” he said.

Although the former envoy did not elaborate on what those “strong efforts” might consist of, his statement is worrisome. The Obama administration is openly hostile to the First Amendment.

After the Benghazi debacle, President Obama went before the United Nations General Assembly and apologized for America’s free speech protections. Pushing the false cover story that the attacks on U.S. missions this past Sept. 11 were prompted by an anti-Islam video virtually no one saw, the president said that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Weeks before that, Department of Justice official Thomas Perez pointedly refused during a congressional hearing to rule out supporting Saudi-style anti-blasphemy laws.

Pickering wasn’t the only panelist last week to describe ordinary Americans as a threat to Muslim inhabitants of the United States.

In a particularly revealing soliloquy, Arab American Institute president James J. Zogby, whose younger brother is renowned pollster John Zogby, passionately inveighed against his fellow Americans, and particularly Tea Party supporters, labeling them dangerous racist Islamophobes:

“I think that there’s a direct correlation between the president of the United States and Islamophobia. As we do our polling, we find that it is not the universal phenomenon. This hatred toward Muslims is largely concentrated with middle class, middle age, white people, and then it overlaps almost identically with the Tea Party. It is not a Republican thing. It’s a generational thing.

And it is a phenomenon born of a simple set of conditions, collapse of home mortgages, foreclosures increasing, pensions in collapse when the stock market went down, unemployment doubling, the decline of the American dream. In our polling we always used, when we’d say, are your children going to be better off than you, that’s the American dream question, we’d get two thirds saying yes. We now get two thirds saying no.

And in the midst of all of that this group of white middle aged, middle class men looked around and saw a young African-American, educated at Harvard with a middle name Hussein, and didn’t like the president of the United States of America. It fueled this phenomenon and it opened the door for the wedge issue to operate and it’s operating simply among that demographic. It’s not a universal phenomenon. It’s not found among African-Americans or Asians or Latinos. It’s not found among young white kids. It’s not found among college educated professional women. It’s found in that one narrow demographic. That’s where the bad numbers come from.

He continued: “And I think that, if, we had, I have a lot of gripes with George Bush, but if he were president, he would be doing what he did, which is put his foot down and say stop. I think we would not be seeing the phenomenon growing as we see it growing. But the problem is is that if Barack Obama says stop they say, you’re just the damn problem to begin with, you’re not one of us anyway,” Zogby said, affecting an accent that might be characterized as “redneck” or “country.”

There is “an overlay between the racism and the Islamophobia” that is “being used as a wedge issue” against President Obama, he said. Zogby also described controversial Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a Muslim and an extreme left-winger, as “a gift to America and Congress, an extraordinary person who could not be better than he is.”

It should be noted that Zogby’s views are unremarkable in leftist circles. They are within the mainstream of the Democratic Party. He is a member of the executive committee of the Democratic National Committee. In 1984 Zogby was a senior advisor to the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign.

Pickering said he agreed with Zogby’s critique. “Let me just go further,” he said. “Jim, I agree with what you say about both domestic politics and the wedge issue and the effect on the attitude towards the president. I’m deeply concerned.”

The fact that the U.S. has “fought two long, difficult, and fruitless, in my view, wars against countries which are Islamic and in which that particular set of issues contribute to stereotyping, to phobia, to basically loose talk, jokes, and all the things that go to tend to make up bigotry and in a sense authorize it because we were at war, is, in my view, part and parcel of the phenomenon that we see now,” he said.

Pickering also praised his fellow panelists American Association for Muslim Advancement executive director Daisy Khan, and her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, as “wonderful people” whose “hopes and aspirations … we all, I believe, widely share.”

Khan and Rauf are prime movers behind the proposal to build a victory mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. Khan becomes apoplectic when discussing those who question the wisdom of building a Muslim holy site so close to the place where nearly 3,000 Americans were killed in an Islamist attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Asked in 2010 if America was “Islamophobic,” Khan replied that “It’s not even Islamophobia, it’s beyond Islamophobia — it’s hate of Muslims.”

Critics say Pickering is unfit to head any probe of what happened in Benghazi because he harbors sympathy for Islamism and is suspiciously cozy with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The former envoy has ties to the pro-Iran Islamist front group known as the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). NIAC recently lost an important defamation case in federal court in which it unsuccessfully argued the group was not a tool of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

NIAC is one of several “Jihadist entities hostile to American interests,” according to an influential report by Clare M. Lopez of the Center for Security Policy. NIAC is involved in “a de facto partnership” with its notorious Islamist ally “the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other organizations serving as mouthpieces for the mullahs’ party line.” CAIR is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood and was named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 and 2008 Holy Land Foundation trials.

Pickering counsels against attacking Iran, arguing war with that country “would be madness, and catastrophic for U.S. interests.” He wants the U.S. to resume diplomatic relations with Iran, which were severed in 1980 after Iranian revolutionaries seized the U.S. Embassy and 52 Americans.

Pickering opposes proposed legislation that would make it “illegal for any American diplomat to have any contact with an Iranian official.” He supports a plan for a multinational uranium enrichment consortium in Iran, which is thought to be developing nuclear weapons.

The U.S. has had a trade embargo in effect against oil-rich Iran since 1995. Pickering desperately wants trade sanctions relaxed.

Composing an op-ed from a parallel universe in which Iran doesn’t put homosexuals and religious dissenters to death, finance Islamofascist terrorism, or aspire to vaporize Israel, three months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Pickering argued that Iran was bursting with “big opportunities” for the United States.

“Iran could become a stabilizing influence in a congenitally unstable region,” he wrote Dec. 28, 2001, in the Washington Post.

Iran “has attributes unique to the region: rudimentary but real politics based on free elections; a legitimate government; a history and culture all its own; and uncontested borders fixed by that experience, rather than imposed by other governments,” Pickering opined. “Iran has had its revolution and never come close to imploding. Support for the hard-line Islamist clerics who came to power in that revolution has dwindled. Iran is a largely moderate and pro-American society.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration’s cover-up of its catastrophic failures in Benghazi continues to flounder.

On Oct. 31 Catherine Herridge of Fox News reported that Stevens personally begged for adequate security for the consulate in a classified cable sent to Secretary Clinton’s office on Aug. 16. “There can be no doubt that this is really a cry for help from the people on the ground,” Herridge said, referring to the cable as “the smoking gun warning.”

“If you couple this with the fact that we were coming up with the 9/11 anniversary and if you couple this with the statements that a videotape was somehow responsible, what you see is that is completely undercut. This cable says that, ‘The militias and al-Qaeda are here, we essentially think that we are next.’ So to take this attack and to suggest for such a long period of time that it was [an anti-Islam] video when you have a classified cable and the intelligence, it just doesn’t match up,” she said.

“I can’t think of anything that would be more specific than if these [terrorist] groups had emailed the State Department and said, ‘Here’s the time, here’s the place, and here’s the method of the attack,’” she said.

“I think it’s important that the people who lost their lives have themselves honored with the facts and I think we’re starting to get the facts,” Herridge said.

With Ambassador Pickering steering the official State Department investigation, those facts seem likely to be sacrificed to political expediency.

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  • John Miller

    Wow. This guy is the poster child for so much of what is currently wrong with American and why we have to get Obama out and Romney in. A religion that claims to represent peace yet codifies barbaric punishments for personal behavior and subjugates women and children and exercises authority this barbaric authority over people who do not belong or participate in their religion want to claim victim status for being called what they are?

    A violent social/political movement that has no place in a free society.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "This guy is the poster child for so much of what is currently wrong with American and why we have to get Obama out and Romney in"

      Yes, the poster child for infiltrators and dupes.

    • Asher

      I am sick of these people on the left who bring death and destruction to their own people for an ideology of hatred!

      • Sunbeam

        These people are traitors and ought to be tame. Tell them to read the Qur'an and do some research themselves and see if they see the fault. The worst part is if their minds are set, then it will be difficult to convinced. They are a shame to their own. A nation's strength depended upon the faithfulness of the people. A nation's collapse is due to traitors of such who easily buys foolishly and trade their own. What a shame for this Pickering.

        We've to rise to maintain our integrity and rights as the defender of the country. And to achieve this we must work collectively and unitedly hand in hand without split. This way, the enemy might not find loopholes to penetrate to take advantage of. They can be stop if we're gathered together in strength with a persistent spirit borne in us to overcome all odds that stake against us.

    • Daniel Barbour

      This, "violent social/political movement" is an abomination everywhere on the planet. Name one country where Islam is a blessing. It should be destroyed.

    • BS77

      phobia denotes irrationality….I don't see anything irrational about Islamophobia….it is a hideous, terrifying ideology ….good to be phobic about it!!!! Just look at the news EVERY DAY….church burnings, slaughters, bombings , suicide explosions, massacres in Nigeria, Somalia, Syria…hysterical rioting, terrorist attacks, and robotic conformism….it is frightening to most rational people.

  • Arlie

    Our Government is promoting stealth jihad. This is suicidal madness. We need a new President asap. Islam is a death cult government system. It is NOT a religion. This is anti-American in every sense of the term. Anyone who wants to know what Islam is need to watch this historical video on the 1400 years of terror and jihad and how Islam has spread

    Wake up America. First is Stealth Jihad….Second is Violent Jihad. 0bama is a muslim extremist who wants to fundamentally CHANGE America forever. DO NOT LET HIM SUCCEED! All our freedom will be lost.

    • Asher

      Yes, We will be experiencing what happened in Benghazi and other Islamic states for sure, Benjamin Netanyahu told us that…the days of peace are over!

      • Sunbeam

        If the days of peace is over……….are we going to sit and wait for the ultimate consequence?

        The answer is a perfect NO. We've to rise even if it means WAR with them. Do we've anything to loose? Are we going to just give ourselves over? That would be too easy and foolish. We've to come face to face with it in a real WAR.

    • http://facebook LauraThompson

      Frankly I'll be proud to be called an ilsamaphobe. I am frightened of them because I believe what they say they will do. You'd be damned stupid to stick your head in the sand as our government has and let these lies continue to be told and the infiltration to continue. I say, "rid our country of all of them, deport them back to their own miserable countries unless they assimilate into our culture and our way of life". If I chose to live in their countries I would expect them to expect that of me. On NO terms will I ever submit ti Islam or their accusations…ever. If they want to call me a racist, then fine. I know my own heart and God knows my own heart and that is all that matters to me. All the liberals can do when they have no argument is accuse, so just let them but don't let it affect your behavior. Had I been at that gathering where this idiot spoke, I would have gotten up and left and likely yelled out a few expletives.

      • BS77

        Seems to me Islamophobia is pretty rational….like Naziphobia or Maophobia….what is it about current events that these PC morons do not grasp? Barbaric oppression of women, bombings, killings, church burnings, slaughters in Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, suicide bombings in Pakistan, Iraq and mass death in Syria and Libya…..what more do the dunces need to know? We have been told repeatedly that war is upon us. From the Cole, to 9/11, to Ft. Hood, to Benghazi and Afghanistan, it is war. But the liberal cuckoos refuse to see what is right in front of them.

      • DaveB

        You are absolutely correct Laura. The only way to handle these folks is to remove them from the country unless and until they swear allegiance to this country. We also need to keep a very close watch on their teaching of their children and adherents to ensure they art not fomenting this powerful hatred they have for everybody who does not practice Islamism and sharia. If this is not done soon, we are doomed.

    • Thomas koller

      Scientists should make it a priority to examine the brains of persons like Pickering. You are quite right Arlie. It seems the wrong educated people are in power. I wonder what they read as children?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "However, he added that veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have so far avoided embracing this anti-Islamic bigotry. “Many of the soldiers are still serving and I think that also is helpful because they understand that as loyal Americans that kind of prejudice is not to be expressed.”"

    That's a lie. It's not bigotry, and they know the dangers of Islamic supremacists.

    • guest

      I'm a vet and I've been there and those people will look you in the eye,smile and be friendly until you have nothing left for them and then they'll stab you in the back and steal the shoes off your feet. Never ever trust anyone that feels justified to lie to you and kill you just because you don't believe in the same god they do. Just look on YT for muslim goal or endgame. They'll tell you in their own words what they plan to do, and those too stupid to believe it, quite frankly, deserve what they get.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I'm a vet and I've been there and those people will look you in the eye,smile and be friendly until you have nothing left for them and then they'll stab you in the back and steal the shoes off your feet."

        And those are the kind ones who you might be able to turn. The few authentic ones don't dare reveal their lack of fidelity to the tribe cult.


        Right ON!

        Believe what Muslims say in their videos. Not the spin from "progressives", socialists, FAKE "anti-war" gangsters.

      • http://facebook LauraThompson

        I think the nation at large needs to understand we HAVE to believe their words. They want us dead…period and if we choose not to believe it, you are right, they "deserve what they get". If our leadership doesn't begin to understand this too we are doomed. Please everyone, they mean what they say and are taught at birth to hate us and to kill us. What is to like about that and you are a fool if you are not an islamaphobe and by the way, Islam is not a race so they can scream racism all they like, they are not a race, they are a "religion".

    • David Brockett

      I know quite a few returning vets and the ALL despise Islam and their pedophile religion….so Pickering is a big fat liar! Lets leave him out in the street in Benghazi and see how long he lasts as a Muslim-loving freak.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I know quite a few returning vets and the ALL despise Islam and their pedophile religion….so Pickering is a big fat liar! "

        I could have been more precise as you have. Yes, every single returning warrior that I know, clearly gets it. It's difficult to deny once you've seen it outside of stealth-liar mode.

      • Roger

        It really is no wonder Obama sent this man to Libya.

    • Larry

      Two generations of my family had members serve in war time in the Middle East, they all came back despising muslims.

      Then, a few years ago, the youngest of my generation did the same, and came back with exactly the same attitude. Expose people to islam and if they have half a brain they end up despising it.

    • Tim

      Yeah right. I was in Kosovo over a decade ago, pre 9/11, and most US soldiers had a bad opinion of Islam back then. Since 9/11 and after a trip to Iraq for a year, that low opinion has only intensified in my eyes. Sites like this,, Islam Watch, Wikiislam, etc. only confirm what we've suspected all along.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “I think that there’s a direct correlation between the president of the United States and Islamophobia. As we do our polling, we find that it is not the universal phenomenon. This hatred toward Muslims is largely concentrated with middle class, middle age, white people, and then it overlaps almost identically with the Tea Party. It is not a Republican thing. It’s a generational thing.

    And it is a phenomenon born of a simple set of conditions, collapse of home mortgages, foreclosures increasing, pensions in collapse when the stock market went down, unemployment doubling, the decline of the American dream. In our polling we always used, when we’d say, are your children going to be better off than you, that’s the American dream question, we’d get two thirds saying yes. We now get two thirds saying no."

    Of course. It has NOTHING to do with totalitarian plans to destroy our "evil house from within" because we're all too stupid to notice you traitors, liars and dupes.

    • Asher

      Islam is all about domination of free socieites…Even Arabs in Israel don't want Sharia law, you are off your goard…all peoples do not want to live with tyranny and Sharia! You are not fooling anyone…you are targetting the people you want to demonize!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Islam is all about domination of free socieites…Even Arabs in Israel don't want Sharia law, you are off your goard."

        There are nuanced discussions that support some of what you say, but generally speaking you are wrong.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Pickering said he agreed with Zogby’s critique. “Let me just go further,” he said. “Jim, I agree with what you say about both domestic politics and the wedge issue and the effect on the attitude towards the president. I’m deeply concerned.”

    The fact that the U.S. has “fought two long, difficult, and fruitless, in my view, wars against countries which are Islamic and in which that particular set of issues contribute to stereotyping, to phobia, to basically loose talk, jokes, and all the things that go to tend to make up bigotry and in a sense authorize it because we were at war, is, in my view, part and parcel of the phenomenon that we see now,” he said."

    Yes, on September 11, 2001, George Bush was visiting schools and wondering what to do about the unexpected boredom of running the country. How about some war with Islamic countries? That oughta do fine!

    And so we went to war against Islam. Poor, poor Islamic imperialists. I feel so guilty now that I see it was just all about "the other" and not talking like rednecks expect them to.

    Where do these clowns come from? Oh yes, I remember. The Democratic Party. Not that the Republicans are much braver in many cases, but I suspect they just fear being attacked as Islamophobes and of course many of them are bought and paid for by OPEC profits.

    What a mess we're in.

    • HighPressure

      cough cough…. I believe Islam's documented war on the rest of humanity started long before George W. Bush was visiting a school … It was started with Mohammed … you ignore history … you some how beleive we just should of set on out butts after we saw 3000 of our fellow americans got murdered … after Bill Clinton set this country up by giving a mass murderer/pedeophile like Arafat a status of Statesman.__

      Tell us lad… can you name an Islamic nation where a Jew or Christian is safe? … OK so you can't… how about a nation where Islam is only 10% where Jews, Christians and even secularists are safe?… oh… you can't__Perhaps you suffer from Fear of Truth rather than your narcisist rantings of claiming all those around you are bigots. Perhaps you just suffer from Truth Phobia. Very Delusional.__

      • Roger

        Islam, the peaceful neighbor since the Byzantine Empire!

  • Larry

    A classic example of the old maxim about Govts never establishing an enquiry without be first certain of the result.

  • Bobloblaw

    It was a former PM of India who said ” you cannot compromise with Islam. You cannot cooperate with Islam. You cannot coexists with islam. Islam seeks to destroy everything that is not Muslim ”

    • Mary Sue

      Nobody knows it better than India. That's why they have nukes. I read a book and I forget who wrote it and what it was called but it detailed the historical account of the "Hindustani Fanatics" which were the forerunners of al quaida and every bit as extremist. Except suicide bombing hadn't been invented yet. This was all back when the British were running the show over there. The brits had the opportunity to do something about that and failed to.

      • Larry

        The book is "God's Terrorists: The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad" by Charles Allen, and I can't recommend it highly enough. It explains where Pakistan is coming from as well as detailing the relationship between the al Sauds and the al Wahhabs.

        • Mary Sue

          Thanks, man! I'd got it out of the Library. I wasn't even looking for it, it was a "new release" that they put in a prominent position so I could see it. Yup, it does do that, indeed. I was amazed.

    • http://facebook LauraThompson

      That PM was a brilliant person. How true those words are.

      • Mary Sue

        Gotta say this for the normally nonviolent Hindus. They're not afraid to open up the cans of whoopass when their religious trraditions and their lives are on the line.

  • Bobloblaw

    Times like this I miss christopher hitchens.

  • SpongebObiWan

    And this is the one charged with investigating Benghazi? Right. I'm really confident now that this will be a factual and unbiased investigation (sarcasm).

    • Mary Sue


  • Armando

    I repeat, I am not an islamophobe, I am an islamoloather with a passion. Wake up Pickering and get your head out of your rear orifice and see what horrors islam has brought upon the world! Only in the last few years hundreds of thousands have been murdered in its unholy name. Look at Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Libya, Syria, Iraq and so on and so on. And please do not defame the name of Martin Niemoller by associating him with these monsters. Stop it already!

    • Asher

      Hitler was united with Islam too before the War…Two evils combined!

    • BOhastogo

      I agree! Pickering is a yes man for the Obama group and also an idiot.

  • kafir4life

    Fear of islam? That gutter cult that was invented by mohamat the dog faced pig?? Who the heck would fear that? A hearty giggle-snort, sure! But "fear". come on!! That would be like fearing zippy the pinhead (mohamat's father! Sure he looks funny, acts funny…..but fear? Naw. I prefer islamo-aware.

    allahu snackbar

  • davarino

    I dont fear muslims, only the ones that follow the coran and its fake profit momat.

    Welcome to America, where we enjoy free speech and are still allowed to think what ever we want.

  • Daphne

    Are people like Pickering genuinely naive, uninformed, stupid etc.,or are they deliberately whitewashing highly undesirable features of Islam???
    Or is it a matter of education? In the United States Universities, Middle Eastern Studies Departments were reorientated by Palestinian Professor Edward Said to emphasize the victimization of Palestinians by Israel and the Jews. [Read Martin Kramer's book "Ivory Towers on Sand"] Multiple attacks on Israel by surrounding Arab countries, intifadas etc. have been deliberately played down by the media and such University oriented departments.
    So no wonder that the State department lives in blissful ignorance of valid truths, such denial furthermore encouraged by Oil Issues, relations with OPEC etc.
    So poor Pickering et al cannot be blamed ! ! , particularly when he is in the same league as President. Obama?
    What travesties of the truth! And what a horror that this created the soil for disastrous Administration policies terminating in the deaths of four valiant Americans, the Diplomat Chris Stevens, the two ex-Navy SEALS, and the ex-US Military Airman. Unbearably heartbreaking. May They Be honored, and Rest in Peace. And With Sincerest Condolences to Their Grieving Families.

    • LibertyMan

      All great distructive movements in the last two centuries were started by intellectuals… Facism, Nazism, & Communism. Even The Islamic Sociopath Movement would not be as advanced as it were not for the hyper religionists of the Secular Intellectuals coming to their aid.


        fascism, naziism (AKA national SOCIALISM), communism are all forms of SOCIALISM.

      • Daphne

        I agree, with the added proviso that such intellectuals are AUTHORITARIAN, NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITIES, AND DEMAND CONTROL OVER OTHERS. What used to be called "parlor pinks" in Britain "philosophize", intellectualize, and may join the "Party" and be converted into authoritarian-minded people, or just simply talk and relax, perhaps over a beer. The Authoritarians know well how to indoctrinate and incite the crowds. Adolph Hitler describes these techniques in his book "Mein Kampf". The essence is to rouse the emotions of the crowd, particularly hatred, which renders them more susceptible to conversion, and promise rewards to those who faithfully follow, and punishment to the rest.

  • oldtimer

    I am not phobic. Any group of people who promote sacrificing their children for their cause is evil. In God we trust. If God is with us, who can be against us. And this is not a race therefore there is no racism involved.

    • popseal

      I've done six deploys to Central Asia and found Islam to be every bit as evil as its founder who had political rivals murdered and personally beheaded hundreds of defenseless prisoners of his jihads Google 1. dancing boys of Afghanistan and 2. 'man love thrusday' for some more insight!!!!

  • Edward Cline

    Dear Mr. Pickering: Here are the premises that underlie my "Islamophobia." Qua religion, Islam is evil. Qua ideology (and Islam is nothing if not an ideology), Islam is totalitarian. I am prejudiced against Muslims, even "moderate" ones who wouldn't hurt a fly, because I do not suffer fools. If "moderate" Muslims do not bother to examine their religion/ideology to see what is in it and what are the consequences of its unilateral application, that's not my problem. I shall remain hostile to Muslims, American-born or not, and give them the cold shoulder. Any person who submits to a wholly irrational and degrading "moral" system is my enemy. So, Mr. Pickering, deal with it.

  • Asher

    The communist left can't win any other way because the truth is against them! They have accepted and coddled Islam as part of their plan to destroy the American people….treachery is obvious isn't it!

    • Sunbeam

      The whole nation doesn't belong to them. They are the traitors and running mates of Islam. The whole nation doesn't have to depend on them. The people has all the power it takes to defend American soil from the hands of this unreasonable foe. All it takes for is a united stand of every people who loves this country and fear what may be coming and stacking against all our freedom, civil rights and Constitutions. This must be propagated at all times. Remember the enemy works tirelessly. We must overcome it once and for all. It's either it dies or we die. There can be no other way. It is simple as this.

  • Schlomotion

    Little did Thomas Pickering know that Islamophobia is not really a product of generalized ignorance, but rather a paid service bought by Raphael Shore, Aubrey Chernick, Eliana Benador, and Edgar Bronfman.

    • Western Canadian

      Amazing the way this dolt never has anything of value to say. Never.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Where's my paycheck? I never hear from my boss or anyone else about this massive conspiracy. Hmmm.

    • Neils60

      Schlomo, What evidence do you have regarding Shore, Chernick, Benador or Bronfman? You continually throw out character assassinations like water, but never have any backup for your deliberate denegration of individuals with whom you disagree. Certainly, with all the time that you have on your hands, you can do better. Can't you?

      • Engardian

        If they're Jews he'll attack them. Sorry, no one ever had to pay me to hate a bunch of Islamist a-holes bent on murdering American children. :-(

    • Drakken

      Got bit by the dumbazz monster again huh Sparky?

  • Aspen

    Please note Pickering''s ties to Arabist Aspen Institute.

  • Spider

    “Data shows that those Americans who do not know Muslims, who do not know much about Islam, are the ones who harbor the greatest feelings of prejudice,”

    It is the exact opposite – Those that are completely ignorant of Is-lam are the ones likely to support it. Those that know the true Is-lam and what it's goals are are the most likely to oppose it.

    Thomas R. Pickering is a good Dhimmini like hillary and Houssein so I am sure he will go far in our government.

    • betyangelo

      One reading of the koran will put ignorance to rest. I have read the koran three times, and studied te history and the writings concerning it, comparative and political, and I not only fear it as a woman, but I loath and pray against it. A religion where subjects are slaves, females are domestic beasts, the name of the religion Submission? C'mon Mr. Pickering. We understand that you believe you are better smarter than us. But in America, we have information, freedom of thought, and access to libraries. It's your ignorance that is sticking out: Americans are the most informed people on the planet. And we DESPISE ISLAM. Go figure.

  • Mach1Duck

    Pickering said that Americans’ lack of familiarity with Islam –and not Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans— fuels hostility toward Muslims.
    I do know Islam, I studied Islam when I was a child. I wrote school essays on Islam. Islam is to be feared, it is a cult of banditry and murder. The Cosa Nostra and Mafia both are patterened after Islam, I think that speaks for itself.

    • Mary Sue

      oh really? That explains a lot. (re: the Mafia)

  • Julock

    Are you kidding me? Really? Just watch their actions people. They are killing anything that is NOT Islamic over there and treating their women and children like trash and he has the ***** to say his about the American people? HE, OBUMMER, Left people behind in Benghazi to DIE at the hands of these people and now the Administration wants to call us names? WOW! PLEASE lets get rid of these IDIOTS come Tuesday PLEASE….

  • Daniel Fagan

    The most anti-Islamic people you will encounter are those who have seen Islam up close and personal- soldiers have witnessed the brutality and the sheer depravity of Islam. We watch while Muslim men beat women in the street, while they sodomize each other in their cells, pick up body parts from Muslim on Muslim bombings. If you want to see the true face of Islam, read the Koran. Beware the newer translations are pure propaganda, use a more honest version like Pickhall.

    • Mary Sue

      are they really that shameless that they'll risk being caught in buggery by the enemy to do so in a cell where there's 0 privacy?! OMG. That's…yeah. Gives whole new meaning to the term "prison bitch."

  • kyle

    Vadum, you really are bottom feeding. Is this what your life has come to?

    Oh well, at least the editors fix up your prose.

    • Western Canadian

      You appear to be accusing him of becoming a muslim, or a bootlicker of the same. How weird of you.

  • Eddie

    Is he implying that America deserves terrorism? My God, and this is who Obama has "investigating" Benghazi! Anyone who votes for Obama is phobic of women, freedom, and intelligence.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Is he implying that America deserves terrorism?"

      They all do whenever they can get away with it, like whenever they have the ear of any liberal.

    • Keith1941

      "Is he implying that America deserves terroism"? Hell yes…don't you know, WE are the cause of all the world's problems!

      "Older white people"…..we have lived history….we didn't read it out of some "filtered" textbook written by some Leftist professor who learned history from another Leftist professor!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Why are supposedly right wing pundits not pillorying Obama and Hillary for using the Benghazi jihadist attack as a medium in which to condition the American people into accepting the Supremacy of Islam, Allah, and Sharia over our US constitution instead of telling the truth? There is a lot we still don't know yet about Benghazi, but we do know for certain that Obama and Hillary were trying to use the event as a medium in which to make Islam supreme over our US constitution in the minds of Americans and that is an act of treason. Are the pundits on the right so blinded by PC that they don't even realize it? Apparently so!

    • @ylem0

      I wonder if any of them follow the news.

      • Neils60

        Yes, Hillary has stated that publicly that she relies on the al Jazeera TV News Service for much of her news regarding the Middle East. She's stated that it's on all the time in the State Dept.

    • http://facebook LauraThompson

      I think they are afraid. I believe that the news networks are on the govt payroll to report the news that is favorable to this administration and to democrats. See the story of Amber Lyons if you don't believe. I no longer get my real news from the alphabet networks. I'll watch Fox some of the time where at least you get 2 sides to the story and they will mostly spill news that is news, but even they censor to a large degree what gets aired. They certainly don't want you to mention God or any religious material at all, note Beck is no longer there. I get most of my news from the internet and The Real News from The Blaze. And yes you are right, they are all blinded by PC and Obama, Hillary, Patraeous, Panetta, and Biden are all guilty of treason and need to be tried as such. Where is the real journalism where people could count on them for giving us the truth. At least now, those of us who care, search out the truth for ourselves.

  • Firebird

    Just another JOE GOBELS in the making he is no diffrent then WALTER DURANTY and HERB MATHEEWS who worked for the NEW YORK SLIMES and were both leftists propegandists

  • Castrate Pisslam

    Muslimes have infiltrated the highest ranks of Government. Hillary should be publically hung for treason with her direct ties to and lesbian affair with a member of the muslime brotherhood.

    …and Zogby..are we supposed to take him as an independent critic???

    He is as full of taquiya as the scumbags iman feisal and daisy khan.

    The time is now to counter the stealth jihad or we will end up like belgium and france…god forbid

    • Mary Sue

      man I used to think Zogby was respectable. His pollings were up there with Rassmussen in credibility.

  • Western Spirit

    Islamophobes are aware people who recognize danger when they see it.

    Islamist are people who recognize weakness when they see it and adopted political correctness to use against us because it is a weakness.

    And Political Correctness is not only a weakness but its stupid perpetrated by bright people to lead not so bright people astray.

  • cxzxcxc

    Pickering would be perfect filling ambassador Stevens post in Benghazi, one of Romney’s first acts as President should be sending Thomas Prick-ering to Benghazi STAT.

    • Mary Sue

      and without any backup!

  • curmudgeon

    due to the terrible islamophobia of americans, and their evil exercise of first amendment rights, and having nothing to do with the noble efforts of obama and his coterie of do gooders, america haters, islam lovers, and freedom haters, we are now short one ambassador to libya. i believe mr pickering would be perfect for the job. he woul not of course, require any protection, because his love for and trust in islam would protect him. he could go to libya, bow, ingratiate, humble himself, blame america, agree with muslims, and go fearless to his place of execution because he is so clueless that he would not recognize that is is he who is to be executed by muslims for the glory of allah, the merciful, with the approval of his prophet, peace be upon him. by all means, please send as many unarmed, peaceful, well-intentioned, oh, so much better than the rest of us, liberals with him. they would make a good side show at the execution of the ambassador.

  • greycoat

    Pickering is an idiot living in an alternate universe where delusion reigns.


    Islamic supremacists in Germany glorify jihad and call for attacks on Germany

  • No dhimmi tool

    What an evil, filthy INFIDELOPHOBE and America-hater!

    This TRAITOR should be tried for TREASON.


    He’s investigating the brutal murder of American citizens and defending the VILE IDEOLOGY that led to their deaths?


    Now I HATE Islam even more.


    This creep will go down in infamy as one of the most evil people ever.

  • greycoat

    Pickering won't take away my right to speak truth about the evil of Islam. I've read the Quran in it's entirety, read parts of the Hadith, and have watched around the globe the tyrannical fruits of Islam. There is nothing good about this fascist supremacist religious and political ideology. Tyranny and suppression of freedom and liberty is at the very heart of Islam and in its DNA.

  • No dhimmi tool

    Hey, James J. Zogby, you evil nutbag, do you know that 270 MILLION of us FILTHY KAFFIRS and INFIDELS have been MURDERED by your adorable Muslim fanatics over the years?

    The contact information for these disgraceful and despicable people should be included in every post like this one. Their names should go up on an infidelophobia website.

  • greycoat

    Meanwhile as delusional Pickering rambles on wanting to strip us of our First Amendment Right to speak out…

    Pakistan: Muslim clerics blare on mosque loudspeakers that Christian pastor is "blasphemer and infidel liable to be killed," Muslim mob beats and kicks him and destroys his home

  • greycoat

    Is this what Pickering has in mind?

    Egypt: "Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Authority" orders man's tongue cut off for "cursing Islam"

    More evidence of Egypt's rapid slide toward Sharia. "Off with their … tongues? Salafis in Egypt punish man for ‘cursing’ Islam," from Al Arabiya, November 1 (thanks to all who sent this in):

  • Lee

    The Devil comes in many disguises, and his biggest trick is getting people to believe he doesn't exist. One of his disguises was the Prophet Mohammed. Has to be, because it would take the Devil to have created Islam.

    • Sunbeam

      I buy that.

    • Mary Sue

      There have been stories that whoever was masquerading as Angel Gabriel that "revealed" Islam to Mohammed pretty much had to be Satan (or one of his underlings), I forget where I saw that.

  • fred dawes

    Obama is A rat end of story.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    I'm not an Islamophobe, that would be irrational..

    They prove every day,
    in every way, that death, destruction, and mayhem are the hot tickets to a better "life"..
    Benghazi is obama Waterloo..
    The truth is the truth even if no libtard believes it and
    lies are lies even if every libtard believes it…..

  • RoguePatriot6

    “Data shows that those Americans who do not know Muslims, who do not know much about Islam, are the ones who harbor the greatest feelings of prejudice,”

    Long ago, I bought into this. I figured, maybe I should learn more about it. So, I did and soon figured why leftists, socialists and those who have had an undying hatred for America, ideas and values are so in love with this ideology its key ring leaders. They share mutual interests. Now, that I have learned more about this ideology, I'm even more determined to keep from imposing it's totalitarianism upon this society, just as I would other threats to our way of life.

  • UraFecalLiberal

    Why does he talk like a zombie, i.e., like Hlllary Clintongue and Susan Rice, etc? It is very simple. It has nothing to do with conviction or honesty. He is being paid by the Saudi/ME Petro Dollar Wahhabis, just like Hillarious and Barry and the rest-extending to academia and so many NGOs.

    He's reading off the script that the Saudis handed to him. He's nothing more than a dhimmi harlequin and harlot.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Correct, 100%.

  • Gerald Mucci

    Pickering's career immersed him way too deep into foreign cultures for him to maintain a rational perspective of Western/American values and interests. He has apparently allowed himself and his world view to be absrbed into Eastern and Islamic thinking. He is not fit to represent American interests and should be relegated to the status of USA traitor Jimmy Carter.

  • Havoc

    It's time to begin the deportations.

  • Lee Dodson

    Wouldn't it be nice if Mr. Pickering remembered the First Amendment before he spoke.

    • Sunbeam

      This people have taken things for granted. Or perhaps he's near early stage of Alzheimer, he lost some parts of his memory. He should be cast out for he's not fit to be a spokesperson on behalf of America. Who is he? America doesn't belong to him solely. He is a shame compatriot and running mate of the adversaries, a traitor, he should have no place in that land. When a nation collapses it is mainly due to the traitors of such kind All patriots of America should reject this speech of his. He can't inject this into us if we're ever wary of what's currently taking place.

  • Shamus

    I think we've found our new ambassador to Libya.

  • PontifexMinimus

    I am not surprised that Hillary names an Islamist sympathizer to investigate the Benghazi debacle. The point of this 'investigation' is not to determine the culpable but to cover up the truth. Besides, Hillary's top aide in the State Dept has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Wouldn't it be fascinating to get hold of Huma Abedin's phone list and see with whom SHE communicated around the time Benghazi was attacked. Was SHE there in the situation room? I am sick and tired of liberal Islamic apologists. I just read a story about a Muslim woman who beat her young son to death because he could not recite the Koran properly. Simple common decency dictates that we should NEVER give these people shelter, much less CITIZENSHIP in our country. Liberals are naive idiots and a naive person holding great power in our government is more dangerous than the Islamic terrorists themselves.

  • pennmart
  • Claire

    Who's paying this guy to say these things? Follow the money, which is probably Saudi.

    If you put a midde aged white persons knowledge of the tenants of Islam up against a 20 year-olds, I know for a fact that the older person will know more. Acceptance of Islam is based on naïveté, revulsion is the learned response to studying it.

    • islamsucks

      I agree. But, it's tenets, not tenants. Tenants are people who rent from a landlord. Tenets is what you mean.

  • victoria

    this is so stupid they would do anything to have muslims take over the US of A think about how violent and crime infested the cities of the US has become thanks to overpopulation of people that are haters why would anyone want to raise a family in these conditions
    they are not islamphobist but rather just want a safe haven to raise children and they see what they get with muslims and blacks

    • Sunbeam

      They are power crazy and land freak. This is what is all about. Is about power and land grabs that the world have still yet to come to terms with. It wasn't a religion at all. And it never was. It is a make believe religion for the sole purpose of political power. Unless the world comes to term with this, we shall never be able to overcome this foe with all the might.

  • Scotty Starnes

    is anyone truly shocked that the Muslim appeasing Obama regime would appoint another Muslim appeaser to "investigate" the Benghazi cover-up. Remember folks, the PC crowd currently occupying the White House has taken any reference that may offend those who follow the so-called "religion of peace" out of training manuals and refuse to use such terms as Islamic terrorism, Islamic terrorists and radical Islam. Hiding the truth about Islam and those who follow the religion is a danger to American and Americans.

  • Sashland

    Pickering's Islamofellatio

  • Moishe Pupick

    F., 11/02/12 common era

    If many Moslems AREN'T jihadis, that's in spite of the Koran's theology and not because of it. Pickering is merely another useful idiot for The Moslem Brotherhood, an ally of Nazi Germany during World War 2.
    It's objectively not "phobic" to fear a worldwide Islamic caliphate. Sadly, with the demise of critical thinking in America's public (read "government/NEA") schools, many people will vote to re-elect Barry Soetoro because they think that he is their saviour or Santa Claus.

  • @ylem0

    We can see what Muslims have done to other countries and what Muslim men do to children and to women. We can see Islamic women who are willing to turn their children into a bomb to blow up innocent people. We can see what Sharia does to Muslims.

    One thing is for sure… Congress needs to appoint an outside investigator that isn't loyal to Obama.

    • Sunbeam

      Yes, you're bright and absolutely correct. I'm with you. And what about the others? I sincerely hope that all Americans would make the same stand as what you've requested here. If the enemy should work against itself it will surely collapse. "Congress needs to appoint an independent body as its investigator". .

    • Mary Sue

      getting a Kenneth Star or other Independent Prosecutor for something like this will be like pulling teeth.

  • Ghostwriter

    I agree with much of the article but one part stood out. It said that wasn't Islam ITSELF that Americans have a problem with,it's been Islamic TERRORISM,and the lack of condemnation of it from the Muslim world itself. For years,the Muslim world has been silent as Islamic terrorists murder Americans and others for no reason other than they don't practice the same religion they do. If Muslims actively protested these crimes and were visible in doing so,then Americans would feel better about their religion but they don't do that. They've NEVER condemned a single act of terrorism against Americans in all the years Islamic terrorism has been going on.
    As for Thomas Pickering,he's a fool. The Iranian mullahs are no friend of freedom. They're bloodthirsty beasts who want to kill non-Muslims. I wish he and others like him would wake up. These people mean what they say. They want to kill everyone who ISN'T Muslim. The sooner we realize that,the sooner we can think of ways to deal with these butchers.

    • Mary Sue

      well, I think it is valid to say that the muslims that could be condemning it are too scared to speak up. I think there was an article on Jihadwatch not long ago about an Imam who wasn't even really that moderate who preached that killing other muslims was bad, and the jihadis put a bullet in him.

      • Sunbeam

        Yes, they are too scared……knowing there were criminal thugs.

  • Dan

    Maybe Thomas Pickering should talk to the christians in the middle east, who are being persecuted on a daily basis by Muslims, or go to Saudi Arabia and ask if he could build a Christian church or Jewish synagogue there, or better yet go to Mecca, the Muslims there I'm sure would be open to Christians and Jews and would help them build a place of worship, I'm sure he would get a warm welcome. Thomas Pickering is foolish if he thinks Americans don't see what's happening not only in the middle east but all over the world. I think the writings on the wall, with all that's going on in Egypt and an Obama supported radical Muslim Brotherhood President (Morsi) in Egypt isn't waking people up I don't know what will. God Bless all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  • Gene W 1938

    use the outline of the one page proof that God authored the Bible to evalute the Koran [http colon // jc dot does-it dot net] and it will be bundantly clear that satan is its author.
    So iftruth and true fact is hate than what is lying?

  • Mari Jo O'Neill

    We do need to get Obama out, he has refused since he took office to use the words "terror or terrorism" and that is a reason that he cannot be trsuted. When the Fort Hood shootings occured everyone knew that Hasann was a :terrorist" but Obama refused to call his actions a "terrorist attack". Instead he calls it works place violence. This fraud in the White House needs to be put out. There are people in the White House that are in favor of these terrorists and their Sharia Law. There are judges in this Country who would like to use this law. People need to wake up and vote to get Obama out before it's too late.

  • Jim_C

    Good luck with the Benghazi "coverup," I'm sure the lid's ready to blow right off!

    Once Obama's re-elected, will this story fade, or will it get kooky "birther" legs? Can't wait to find out!

    • Mary Sue

      1. the birther thing Ironically was started by Obama himself, back in 1996 where a pamphlet introducing him as a speaker to some place said he was born in Kenya.

      2. There's nothing Birther about this. There are facts here and the mainstream press are sitting on them hoping nobody notices so that Obama can have a chance in hell of being re-elected.

  • mlcblog

    Another Obama stooge. Anything to protect Islam the holy from having anything bad said about it. PIckering is a fool.

  • Jim_C

    "As Obama's coverup disintegrates…" yeah, almost as if it never existed to begin with! LOL

    I think this situation calls for–you guessed it! another GOP independent investigator!

    I mean at some point, conservative media is eventually going to have to report some facts about the event rather than speculate over "rumors." Come on, go git 'em, tigers!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I mean at some point, conservative media is eventually going to have to report some facts about the event rather than speculate over "rumors." Come on, go git 'em, tigers!"

      Fact: The Whitehouse monitored the attacks in real-time and prevented any defensive response. Fact: the Whitehouse lied about it's awareness and root causes.

      Fact: You have psychotic delusions about facts.

      • Jim_C

        Not facts.


        From conservatives who wish bad things would happen to this country so the guy they like almost as little as the one in office can get in.

    • Mary Sue

      oh yeah because the Mainstream Media is reporting all the facts religiously. Oh wait…

      • Jim_C

        I'm sure some "conservative" "reporter" will blow the lid off this thing any day now!

        • Mary Sue

          CBS news irresponsibly sat on some audio of an interview with obama until just yesterday! They had it for a WHOLE MONTH and didn't say anything.

  • alantatanka

    The only reason we are not a Sharia nation yet is because there is not enough of them here yet. They and the left will use our own laws to destroy our country.

  • joe

    I have three usa soldiers sending me E_mails from the battles & conflicks they are in, they all say the same thing,these people don't know the word civil. They are not smart,they are jackles.wake up america.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "these people don't know the word civil"

      Nor concept of civil society in any way, from accepting the facts of microbiology to rule of law that was not derived from the moon god.

  • elvischronicles

    Just in case you didn't know, most people who work in the State Dept, for a Democrat president, are basically Leftists. So, once again, those of us who have been learning about Islam, the Qur'an, the Hadiths, the Sunna, we don't know our butts from holes in the ground, but some guy who spends all his time with C.A.I.R. and other lying spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood, has the nerve to call us Islamophobes? Ah, you see, there's nothing to worry about if a Muslim has a gun and starts yelling, "Allahu Akbar." How about Mr. Pickering answer the door when the gun-toting Muslim comes a knocking at the door of his house.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "How about Mr. Pickering answer the door when the gun-toting Muslim comes a knocking at the door of his house."

      Useful idiots are kept alive for longer than most, usually. Stevens is of course not the only exception to that rule.

  • toto

    People like this just make me lose it! He is a traitor to America, for God's sake, MUSLIM RADICALS are attacking us violently and culturally. The insanity must stop, if Obama wins, our country will be in mortal danger with nut jobs like this holding positions of power.

  • pierce

    We certainly have some very astute observations and ideas on this page. Now all we have to do is get a new president elected next Tuesday. If all these people get to the election stations (polls) on Tuesday, we will have no trouble ending the aspirations of Barack Obama for a 2nd term.

  • Mikado Cat

    This guy is just too wise and insightful to waste on a inquiry, send him straight to the consulate in Libya to fix everything with the misunderstood innocent Muslims.

  • Sunbeam

    Pickering is either a liar or an ignoramus. It's a shame to have this people stack against their own. These are seen as traitors of the land sold to the adversaries. He calls it a "benign religion"??? Everyone knows this to be a malignum invasive religion, and yet he calls it benign. He thinks he can fool the people, maybe those who are ignorant just like him.

  • montanamiles

    So the fox put another fox in as lead investigator and he blames we the people in nearly the same way that the video was originally used to blame for the attack in Benghazi. Time to catch the fox by the tail, or should that be tale, and throw him out of office. Time to vote Obama out.

  • Sunbeam

    With just three more days to go before the election, all Americans should call out their gang to come out together this time around for the last time to cast in their vote to the right side, failing which would be detrimental to America's long legacy. of this free land. Americans must learn not to take things for granted, especially peace and free will for granted. You've learn what Islam is all about and not doing anything to prevent its advancing shall be a bitter lesson to all. Please do not learn thru the hard way. Equip yourself with all the knowledge and wisdom you can get hold on and do whatever you can in your entirety to deal with the issue as it is. It takes everyone to work and to work.

  • Howard

    Too bad pickling wasn’t there instead of Chris & the three men (SEALS) that were, Pickles could have got on his knees and bow to low-life Allah-BOB-ON-ITZ & to sympathetically curl to his fatal positions as the misunderstood mozlemz de & beheaded him.!!!

  • Ogutai

    “Data shows that those Americans who do not know Muslims, who do not know much about Islam, are the ones who harbor the greatest feelings of prejudice,” he said. I came from a muslim country; I grew up in a muslim country and neighborhood; I studied Islam thoroughly. Heck, I was married to a muslim woman. It is not prejudice. It is based on my factual knowledge about Islam that I believe I am qualified to say: Islam is a menace to mankind!

    • Sunbeam

      Thank you for your truthfulness, Ogutai. Do educate those who are still ignorant of this truth. We praise your honesty.

  • Wallace Brand

    Pickering is a fox investigating the chickens.

  • Rob

    This guy is pathetic. Who is the president? This video answers.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama’s Benghazi investigator tied to Libya bombing
    Globalist doctrine employed to depose Gadhafi regime

  • LindaRivera

    NEVER forget that the ruthless Obama-Clinton administration provided approximately 2,000 firearms to the barbaric Mexican drug cartel who work VERY closely with the Muslim terrorist organization. Hezbollah, known as the A team of Muslim terrorists is throughout Latin America. Hezbollah has set up operations close to our border.

    The U.S. government-provided firearms have been used to kill hundreds of Mexican innocents.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, "What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground."

    • Mary Sue

      and that, all to assure sarah brady that "Don't worry, we've got something in the works [to restrict firearms]."

  • Western Spirit

    I''m glad to hear America is a hotbed of Islamophobia. A term stolen from Political Correctness to weaken our perception of the reality we face in Islam's attempt to conquer us.

    Maybe there are still enough Americans whose brains haven't been clouded by our culture of lies to save us.

  • garyfouse

    Nobody "is coming" for the Muslims in the US. On the other hand, they are coming for the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Nigeria, the Jews in Yemen, as well as the Bah'ai and gays in Iran.

  • popseal

    The Oxford History of Islam, Encycopedia Britannica, the works of Bernard Lewis and even Islamic apologist Andrew Wheatcroft clearly reveal Isalm as a violennt supersition founded by a known killer. Pacifists, uninformed sheeple, and DHMMI wannbes (CNN, multiculturalist, etc) operate under the hope of being the last one eaten by the alligator they're feeding.

  • jose

    We all know the truth, they “muslims” are trying to mass muder us here in America. We have to speak out against them before they kill us by the millions.

    • Sunbeam

      And forbid their continuous planting of mass mosques on the American soil. This has to be stop if Americans truly love their country. Once they succeeded in planting mosque all over country, they're in fact saying or implying that the place is theirs to keep where the mosque was being built on. This is their criminal tactic.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    America's lack of familiarity with Islam??? Where was Pickering when Islam demolished
    the Twin Towers, or is he going to claim Islamaphobes were flying the planes and that
    we have it all backwards. Pickering is pickeled or the most demented leftist in the group
    of anti-American shills for Islam. Part of the Democratic Party treason against sanity,
    when will these swine be put away, have we no prisons, no remote lands that they
    can be deported to? It may be that Benghazi was allowed to happen because the
    Obama administration could not destroy their confederate jihadists no matter what,
    lying to America, the lives of the attackers were apparently more important to them
    than the four murdered Americans and American dignity………………….William

  • pagegl

    At what point can we try someone for treason?

    • Winghunter

      When we no longer have political leaders who cry at the drop of a hat. (AND the clowns who voted them into that position.)

  • Dona Clotilde CNT HD

    OI eu sou a Clotilde

    • Mary Sue

      no comprende senorita.

  • Herb Benty

    Pickering, like all atheistic lefties, would like all Jews and Christians to disappear. Muslims want nothing more than to kill all Jews and Christians. A match made in Hell, don't you think? When I think of the unlimited power of the Judeo- Christian GOD, I actually feel sorry for atheists and leftys! We must fight them though because they think evil is the right way.

    • Mary Sue

      THey wanna kill the atheists too since atheists are "apostates" but they MIGHT save em for last.

  • Winghunter

    Islamists do not want co-existence; they want surrender

    Three Things About Islam

    “Islamist-supporters infiltrate Obama Admin to subvert US security,” reveals ex-CIA’er, Clare Lopez

    Muslim journalist defends spying by NYPD, says some Muslims ‘use religion as cover’

    What Islam Isn’t By Dr. Peter Hammond

    Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination! by Dr. Don Boys

    Islam, peaceful Islam, is about destruction of all Kafir civilization

    Islam’s Uninterrupted History of Forced Conversions

    Sharia Law Already Devouring UK

    78% of UK Muslims oppose freedom of speech (video)

    “Lets turn Belgium into an Islamic state. We reject democracy. To all infidels, adjust or get out..’

  • kobi

    “I’m not great at quotations,” he said, foreshadowing a misattribution to come.

    “Perhaps it was [German theologian and dissident] Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said of the Nazis, when they came for the Jews, I didn’t speak up. I was not a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I didn’t speak up, I was not a Catholic. When they came for us, no one spoke up. There was no one left to do so,” Pickering said, paraphrasing famous, poignant verses actually spoken by Third Reich-era German pastor Martin Niemoller.

    Actually, Niemoller did not mention the Catholics, and the Nazis never "came for the Catholics". As a matter of fact Hitler signed a concordat with the Vatican at some point before the war (I believe) and was never excommunicated by the Church. Some monasteries and convents, and men and women of the cloth did indeed rescue Jews and others persecuted by National Socialism, and certainly many clergy in Poland were murdered, however it is also important to remember the role of particularly French, Croatian and Spanish Catholic clergy in collaboration with the Nazis and in helping SS war criminals to evade justice after 1945.

  • gman213

    Pickering is a void surrounded by a sphincter.

  • RodrigoFaro

    Bom Dia Comentaristas

  • ??????????????????

    ola gente sou do Brasil

  • Keith1941

    When he used the term, "McCarthyism", you didn't have to read any further!

  • BS77

    Yeah, why be phobic about the greatest threat to humanity on the planet?

  • maria_de los angeles

    This 'useful idiot' is a shill the the radicals. That he was appointed by the political Hiliary shows her of the issue as well. Then we have Huma. Then, can anyone believe this administration would claim that Biden speaks for anyone but a ship of fools? Please wake up America and thinking citizens …..

  • Guest

    This new State Dept DEFLECTOR HOPES that he can WHITEWASH the situation.
    This was a setup BY Obama, so that he could PRETEND to negotiate, and so he could RETURN the blind sheik to the Muslim community.
    Obama IS TRAITOR !!!!
    Vote him OUT !!!!
    He has LESS than 40% support of the democratic party.
    The ONLY way he could be re-elected is with VOTER FRAUD, committed by Soros, Holder, and Obama himself.
    Remember the West Virginia democratic primary.
    Of those that showed up to vote –
    20% voted NO Preference.
    40% voted for an Unknown, who was a felon in jail. So voters REALLY did not know who it was, that they were voting for. BUT it was NOT for obama. THIS IS A CLEAR VOTE AGAINST OBAMA!
    40% voted for obama.
    At that time, obama had LOST 60% of the support of the democratic party.
    AFTER THIS primary – obama made public his stance on GAY marriage, and abortion rights.
    This LOST him ALL of the support of ALL of the religious groups within the democratic party.
    Obama does NOT have the support of EVEN 40% of the democratic party.
    IF he wins, TAKE TO THE STREETS, and DEMAND an investigation.
    There is ONLY 1 way that he can win – VOTER FRAUD, committed by Soros, obama himself and Holder.
    Investigate, prosecute and IMPRISON these 3, for 30 years!
    …remember this – West Virginia does NOT have the smartest group of people in OUR country, and IF THEY can see THROUGH obozo's BALONEY, the rest of us are WAY AHEAD OF THEM!

  • hhn1776

    I imagine that the Ambassador will close his eyes to news of the "Last Christian in Homs Murdered," nor his last words telling his assailants of the 10 commandments and Jesus.

  • Dwaign

    Why is ignorance of the truth such a common symptom of much of the left in the Democrat Party?

    • Mary Sue

      It's a side effect of the purple koolaid. They think that caring and hope and change is all that matters, and those inform their "facts".

  • jdc

    As a christian
    YES i am afraid of loosing my head to the Islao Nazis..
    Islam is a DEATH cult spawned by satan himself..

    So yes I and all rational people are definantly afraid of Islam and its evil intents..

    But I will never surrender to the demonic false god of islam
    I would rather die than to live as an islamic slave…

    • Sunbeam

      Good say. But you needn't be afraid of. Be of good courage to stand and fight to the last with comrades of the same as us. We're not alone in the fight against this menace. We've to pulled our resources together and stand united as ever with the same voice, same tone, same spirit in this fight against every odds that is darting our way. There could be no other way. The enemy is a powerfully foe with a description of a criminal thug like of attitude. It is how they operate as in many other ways they've operated.

  • Dwaign

    I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're a bigot and anti-islamic, and we should stand up and say, We are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration. Yo, Thomas Pickering!!!

  • mah29001

    I'm tired of the Islamophiles and the Islamic supremacists behaving like children when they're questioned.

  • Robert Martin

    Thomas Pickering do yourself a favor, pack your bags, take Hillary Clinton and Hussain Obama with you and move to the land of Islam. You sir are a intellectual without common sense! Which is so often found in the Ive League Inistitutions and Universities of the Progressive Humanist Socialists agenda. You and those like you would be happier in the Totalitarianism of Islam or that of Marx/Stalin.

    The Koran is the life blood of the sons of Ishmeal – the blood of their oppressed, the sword is their instrument of conversion.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    The objective of Muslims is to take over the west and Islamise it. The Muslims know the whites are a dying race and liberal democracy has made them like this.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    The word Jihad means to strive.In the eyes of a Muslim everything that they want can turn into Jihad.If they want their way of life it could mean Jihad. The west will then submit to them or face Jihad.

  • Steve Jones

    "Benign Muslim Religion". Is this a joke? Their number one goal on this planet is to kill everyone who is not Muslim. Give me a break.

  • BDnSC

    Based on Pickering's polluted logic, I guess Grand Kleagal Senator Byrd and all of his Klansmen were simply misunderstood too?

  • statesrightsNOW

    none dare call it TREASON

  • Willy Rho

    Ask the author and Marine Chris Kyle. Ask what he thinks of the recorded Sniped Moo Slims he killed at record distances: 255, with 160 confirmed. He said, "They are 7th Century Barbaric Savages". And he could not kill enough of them. He only regretted not being able to save more innocent people murdered by the Muslims. He said they are lower than Dogs. They kill, maim and beat women and children and others mercilessly. They are EVIL. Buy his book about his Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Willy Rho

    You want some Pillorying about Obama, Benghazi, Cowardice, Treason, Murder, Kidnapping? Try this.

    A report by WCJ; White House insider, says Obama planned with Morsi to draw down Consulate at Benghazi's security to allow Amb Stevens to be kidnapped to trade with Al Qaeda/Al Sharia the person of the Blind Sheik for Amb Stevens.

    Question: Does anything done by Obama Admin make sense, except he intended to trade Stevens for the Blind Sheik as requested by Egypt President Mohamed Morsi.

    A few questions about events that don't make sense except in the frame of ref mentioned above.
    1. Did Obama want to release the Blind Sheik, but had no justifiable reason to do so?
    2. Why were 3 MST and 1 SST security details removed from Libya?
    3. Why did Hillary request/demand more security, but Obama denied more security, several times?
    4. Why were Doherty and Woods told to stand down 3 times?
    5. Why did Obama tell the CIA to NOT help defend the Consulate.
    6. Why did Obama and his minions watch live video of the attack and not act?
    7. Why was an American Drone flying over the consulate recording video before the attack began?
    8. Predator Drones carry Hell Fire Missiles, why were none fired?
    9. Why were the Seals Lazing a Target, giving away their position and no Hell Fire missiles were fired?
    10. Why did Obama blame it on a video that no one (only 17 views on YouTube) had ever seen?
    11. Why did Obama fire General Ham for moving to assist the Consulate.
    12. Why was an AC-130 Gunship, 90 minutes away, not sent to aid the Consulate.
    13. Why were the F-16's only 20 minutes away not sent to help the consulate.
    14 Why is Obama Delaying, Obfuscating and Lying?
    15. What happened to Obama's October surprise?
    16. Why did the Al-Qaida/Ansar al-Sharia try to save Stevens by taking him to a Hospital/Emergency Room.
    17. Why did Ansar al-Sharia surround the Hospital where Ambassador Steven's body was taken and not let anyone in or out?
    18. Why was a Libyan Military person photographing the Consulate before the Attack?
    19. Why could the President not get an interview by the with a participating Terrorist for weeks when Senator Lindsey Graham got Tunisia to let the FBI interview the terrorists within 24 hours of the request?
    20. Why were Senior counter terrorism personnel cut out of the Loop, the Foreign Emergency Security Team was not called.

    Hillary has thrown herself on Obama's sword and you know how Biden trumpeted how big it is.
    Hillary Clinton should turn States Evidence and save herself from Murder and Treason Charges just like John Dean did for the Water Gate Impeachment Trial.
    She had rather die than harm the DemoNaziCommie (DNC) Party. And it is possible that she could literally achieve that!

    The Not Known Unknown; a Fly in Obama's Treason Plans; Two Brave American Heroes, Navy Seals.
    They should both receive, posthumously, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, presented by Mitt Romney during Obama's Hanging for Murder and High Treason.

    All of the pieces of the puzzle fit.
    Complicit to Murder, Treason, High crimes and Misdemeanors.

    This is Treason and a Capital/Hanging offense.

  • Willy Rho

    Front Page Mag: you should pay that "SlowMotionAndMindedGuy" to comment. I come here just to see what MoonBeam he is in a trance about and riding to the End of The Rain Bow today. What a comic, love his ID.

    • Mary Sue

      Schlomo is being paid by somebody to troll here, but by whom, I don't remember who he said it was.

  • Willy Rho

    Has anyone thought about the "Billy With the Blue Dress" POTUS and how he attacked a Christian Nation to give some of its territory to the Radical Muslims from Albania? They even built a statue to Bill Clinton in Kosovo to thank him for attacking the Christians to take away the Serbs Old Homeland and Give it the The Ethnic Albanians (What is an Ethnic Albanian? It is a Muslim from Albania that took the Traditional Homeland from the Serbians that had owned it since 1385AD (about).

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    People don't become Islamothropic (vs Islamophobic) for nothing. Not only do some of the mosques in the US provide support and sympathy for Islamist movement, they also recruit. The so-called "religion" of Islam is based on false teachings, a false prophet, violence, mysogyny, a corrupt and inhuman set of laws, and false beliefs. Other than that, it's fine.