Candy Crowley’s Benghazi Lifeline to Obama

In an outrage destined for the history books, the moderator of last night’s hotly contested presidential debate uttered an untruth about President Obama’s deadly bungling in Libya after Obama overtly asked her on live television to support his dishonest version of it.

It was truly unprecedented and could only have happened in the Age of Obama.

During the town hall-format debate with an audience of undecided voters, Crowley provided an assist to Obama to help him perpetuate his administration’s ongoing cover-up about the murder of four Americans –including the U.S. ambassador— at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, this past Sept. 11. Reports indicate that Ambassador Chris Stevens and other officials were provided inadequate security in a particularly hostile part of Libya.

Hours before the debate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sent to Lima, Peru, by Obama’s campaign to make her inaccessible, said it was her responsibility to provide security for America’s diplomatic personnel. But that was as close to a mea culpa as Clinton was willing to come.

“In the wake of an attack like this, in the fog of war, there’s always going to be confusion,” she said. That fog can be especially difficult to navigate when both the White House and Foggy Bottom are run by mendacity-loving Saul Alinsky-worshipers, but I digress.

During the debate, GOP candidate Mitt Romney stated –correctly— that “it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.” Romney’s supporters have been saying for weeks that Obama didn’t want to label the assault on the U.S. mission a terrorist attack because to do so would be an admission that the administration’s foreign policy was in flames.

After Romney’s statement, Obama interjected, “Get the transcript,” like an eager contestant asking for a lifeline on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

At that cue, Crowley cut off Romney, claiming that Obama had in fact called the attack an “act of terror” around the time it took place. Buoyed by Crowley’s compliance, Obama boasted, “Can you say that a little louder, Candy?”

“He did call it an act of terror,” she said of the president. “It did as well take — it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. You [Romney] are correct about that.”

Crowley, it should be noted, is a more polite, more personable version of Martha Raddatz, the pretended moderator who tag-teamed Paul Ryan with smilin’ Joe Biden last week. This makes Crowley more dangerous than Raddatz, who was arguably more obnoxious than outright opinionated in her conduct during the vice presidential debate.

Crowley also happens to be wrong.

In the White House’s Rose Garden on Sept. 12, Obama suggested that an anti-Islam video had provoked the attack. He then offered a throw-away line, making a general statement that “no acts of terror would shake the resolve of this great nation.” Obama said what happened in Benghazi was “a terrible act” and promised that “justice will be done.” At no time did he say the events in Benghazi were instigated by terrorists.

Over the following two weeks, the Obama administration continued to resist calling the events in Benghazi a terrorist attack. On five different Sunday morning TV talk shows, Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said the attack in that Libyan city stemmed from violent protests related to a “heinous and offensive” video.

On Sept. 25, Obama again refused to label the attack an act of terrorism during a softball appearance on TV’s “The View,” saying that an investigation was still ongoing. He said the same thing later the same day during an address at the United Nations, blaming the violence in Libya on the video and making the much-ridiculed assertion that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

After the debate, an unapologetic Crowley jovially admitted on CNN that Romney was correct but blamed her victim, the former Massachusetts governor, for the sin of linguistic imprecision.

Well, you know, again, I’d heard the president’s speech at the time. I sort of re-read a lot of stuff about Libya because I knew we’d probably get a Libya question, so I kind of wanted to be up on it. So we knew that the president had, had said, you know, these acts of terrors [sic] won’t stand or whatever the whole quote was and I think actually, you know, because, right after that I did turn around and say but you are totally correct, that they spent two weeks telling us that this was about a tape and that there was a, you know, this riot right outside the Benghazi consulate, which there wasn’t. So he was right in the main but I just think he picked the wrong word.

No, Candy, Romney didn’t pick the wrong word. The Commission on Presidential Debates picked the wrong moderator.

But the damage, which may or may not be long-lasting, is now done and the debate is finished. Just another day in the mainstream media.

Former New Hampshire governor and Romney surrogate John Sununu excoriated Crowley on the Fox News Channel. “Candy Crowley had no business doing a real-time, if you will, fact check, because she was wrong,” he said. Crowley aided President Obama who “was absolutely deliberate in his dishonesty on this issue of whether it was terrorism.”

The Obama administration’s failure to provide security in Benghazi, an act that led to the death of four Americans, is “unconscionable,” Sununu said.

Commentator Charles Krauthammer skewered Obama for being “completely at sea,” and not even trying to answer the question about consulate security. Obama acted offended at suggestions he would mislead the American people, Krauthammer said, even though he put his U.N. ambassador on television to lie to the public about what transpired in Benghazi.

Romney missed “a huge opening” to pound Obama over consulate security, Krauthammer opined. Of course if there was a genuine opportunity Romney missed, it’s because he was too busy defending himself after Crowley effectively called him a liar.

Despite the standoff on Benghazi, Romney acquitted himself well.

He repeated his winning phrase, “trickle down government,” to refer to Obama’s unshakable belief that all will be well if government continues to grow in size and scope.

He explained that it was important to bring tax rates down because it makes it easier for small businesses to hire new employees and he hit Obama over the weak economy and skyrocketing growth in dependency on government.

“We don’t have to live like this,” Romney said.

Yesterday’s debate, which took place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., came after the Oct. 3 presidential debate in which Romney gave Obama the thrashing of his political career. It also came after Vice President Joe Biden’s unprecedented 85 interruptions of GOP challenger Paul Ryan in the Oct. 11 vice presidential debate.

On Fox News Channel pollster Frank Luntz’s focus group of maybe 20 now-undecided voters who voted for Obama in 2008 was harshly critical of Obama.

In a moment of candor that slipped past network censors, one man said Obama’s been “bullshitting” the public. The focus group members agreed and even seemed angry at the president, blaming him for mismanaging the economy and praising Romney’s experience creating jobs in the private sector.

In a development that ought to make left-wingers’ heads explode, even the focus group on ultra-liberal MSNBC swung for Romney.

Meanwhile, Obama has been getting a steady stream of bad news lately on the polling front.

A devastating Gallup poll released yesterday showed that Romney had the support of an impressive 50 percent of likely voters compared to Obama’s 46 percent. The poll consisted of responses from a large sample, in this case of 2,723 likely voters, all interviewed after Obama was annihilated by Romney in the Oct. 3 debate in Denver.

Even the staid statisticians at Gallup acknowledge that even though “debates are rarely transformative events in presidential elections,” Obama “has lost ground with voters since the start of the month, most likely reflecting his poorly reviewed performance in the first presidential debate.”

In recent months maybe, just maybe, the polls weren’t necessarily wrong. Perhaps they reflected voter ambivalence. Americans were open to the possibility of firing Obama but they weren’t yet sold on Romney.

When the endless parade of progressive pundits argued in the last few months that Obama was such an inspirational figure that mundane issues like national security and the economy no longer mattered to voters, it turns out they were projecting, not commenting.

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  • Trevor

    If anyone doubted that media and particularly women are biased against the Republicans, not just Romney but the party and its policies as a whole, need look no further than these debates. Both last two debates, moderated by women were blatantly and unashamedly favoring Obama. Maybe they find Obama attractive in other ways, his tall dark looks, an air of Islam that surrounds him, and wants him to win,maybe?

    • Sib

      seriously??? are you going to make that sweeping accusation against women with a sample set of 2?

      • JCNY

        A sample set of 2??? The American public have been complaining about media bias for many years now with a clear concentration of it happening during the Obama years. It happens every single day, all day long, on the Internet, in print, on the radio and on television. Women "journalists" are slightly leading in their vicious bias. There is no excuse for you to take this moment to finally pay attention. Clearly we are saying that it's far more than a "sample set of 2."

    • benjabo

      Crowley did more damage to Obama than Romney, it took a few minutes to prove that she had been lying about Benghazi

      It's the main of interest today, all of the networks have it

  • Craig G

    Candy Crowley was chosen to moderate precisely because she could damage Romney's case, and she did. Republicans are caught between the rock and a hard place, they know that if they cry foul, they'll be labelled as sore losers and if they don’t say anything than the bias will get worse and more blatant. Personally, I would make a huge hue and cry about both the previous two women moderators who were found to be lacking in integrity, honesty and intellect – the very electorate Obama appeals to the most.

    • gerry

      I have coined a new expression "don't do a Crowley" meaning don't lie to me.

    • jacob

      It takes two to tango.
      Romney had the opportunity to reject her as moderator.
      However, we can rest assured of the fact that, if the shoe would have been on the other foot, OBAMA
      wouldn’t have hesitated to call her on the carpet in not too nice words…
      I still wonder how come Romney didn’t ask Obama to defend his administration “achievements”
      Furthermore, I would have been satisfied if Romney would have taken off the kid gloves which, against
      contenders of this kind is as good as feeding daisies to the pigs and would have yelled to OBAMA in
      any of the many interruptions he made, TO SHUT THE HELL UP and tell this piece of…work of a
      “moderator” this woman was, to go to hell….which is precisely what the Chicago policy in action would
      have done anyway….
      But, this the way history gets written….

    • jacob

      If this happens to be the case, then the GOP has an invaluable asset with which to refuse any such
      "moderators" Obama and Co. may try to impose, because what this woman did last night, if I would
      have been Romney, I would have spitten on her face….

    • UsurperinChief

      The only reason that Barack Hussein Obama is still a force to be reckoned with can be laid on the backs of conservative web pages like Frontpage and many others, cowards in the Republican Party and in particular, the folks at Fox Cable News who all refuse to do anything about Barack Hussein Obama fraudulent activity. He is using a forged birth certificate, a forged selective service registration and a fraudulent SS#. If anyone one of these three CRIMINAL items were associated with Romney or Ryan it would be the end of their political careers. The libtard media would crucify them with this information. Can you tell me why there are no Conservative operatives using this against Obama? There is NO LOGICAL reason for it. This is a national security scandal and they remain silent hoping that Obama will be defeated in November. They are in a high stakes gamble, using the United States as their chip. It is shameful and they should never be forgiven for it.

  • oldtimer

    My hope is that the public saw and understands exactly what happened and this blantant act of favoratism by the media works in favor of Romney.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I think so too. Obama and the sycophants have gone so far over the top that they've justified Eastwood's "crazy" speech. Now everyone knows Clint was right.

  • BUTSeriously

    Obvious! It appears like a deal was made: back me with Libya and you get the job. Obama even deferred/promted to her when he was in the hot seat during the debate.

    • amused

      Seriously ? LOL…..Romney would not accept Obama's answer , which Crowley had to point out since Romney behaving like a broken record , had to be told that Obama on video which everyone was aware of had called it an act of terrorism . Romney was ill advised to put the republican spin on it and got called out by the moderator ….score one for the American People thanks to Crowley .

      • EVAbeliever

        amused: go to the video and translate what was said into a version of English that you can understand. All obama said was "acts of terror will not be tolerated against America". he NEVER called the attack a terror attack. In fact, Susan Rice went on as many shows as possible that same day declaring the video to be the cause. he went on Letterman and the View saying the same thing. Over TWO weeks later he went to the UN and stated the prophet of Islam can't be attacked. Really? Did he go to the Museum of Modern Art to say the piss on Christ can't be displayed? He practiced Sharia law in the UN and misled the American public for two weeks. Yet, he had the audacity to lie and tell Romney "we don't do those things"? What a dirt bag this president is!!!

      • proof reader

        You read the headline only, or you cannot comprehend when doing so?

    • Bert

      hopefully so but this is ridiculous. These reporters even tell a lie to see Obama look good.

      • amused

        trouble is Bert , they were reporting what was known at the time which is what the nation and the President knew at the time . You forget , the 4 people who could have determined exactly who staged the attack were dead . In fact the right's spin was that the very people who pulled the Ambassador out of the embassy , were in fact dragging him through the streets humiliating his corpse , thay had his pants pulled down as if there were a sexual assault ….thr RIGHT WING BLOGS GOT IT WRONG .

        • EVAbeliever

          Amused: you are funny in your ignorance. Even weeks later you are putting on the spin. I read a review of the attack that day!! And guess what it was true. They did sodomize Stevens and they did remove sensitive documents from the embassy. S

        • johne

          ” what the persident knew at the time” Obama might have known more if he had gone to security briefings but I think he knew long ago our people were in great danger. His islamists handlers most likely new what was going on and have been working 24/7 to hide islamists dangers from the public while fighting like dogs to stop freedom of speech.

  • ffortnightly

    Nobody seems to be talking about Michelle's scowls through the whole thing. Reading her face was all too easy.

  • Anthony

    This ugly, fat, mannish, uppity beast Crowley has me speechless. How can the media get away with this? Shouldn’t she be fired for stabbing Romney in his back with that huge whopper of a lie she spewed about Benghazi?

    I read the transcript as soon as she blurted out in solidarity with comrade Obamski that he was right in his big lie.

    It is clear in the Rose Garden transcript that his mention of “…acts of terror…” was in no way declaring Benghazi a terrorist attack.

    This Obama is a dangerous liar. He is empowered by big liars. Guys like Romney are at the mercy of evil people because they are not naturally comfortable with evil liars and lack the experience on how to call them out.

    I hope Obama wins. I hope this country gets wrecked by him and that hideous, ugly minions like Crowley are brought down by the resulting chaos they directly created.

    • Cavanagh

      "This thick, ugly, fat, mannish, uppity beast Crowley…"

      That's better.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I hope Obama wins. I hope this country gets wrecked by him and that hideous, ugly minions like Crowley are brought down by the resulting chaos they directly created. "

      No thanks. We have enough evidence already to hang the lot of them for treason.

    • mmichlin66

      Your opinion of Candy Crowlye's physical traits has no place in a public forum and has nothing to do with the way she acted as a debate moderator. Would you judge her differently if she looked differently?

      Her behavior is unforgivable – but that's what you need to speak about and not about how she looks. I am ashamed of your post and of those who gave you thumbs up.

      • Istanbull

        But she is fat and ugly though, can't deny that, or do you want to fat check on that.

      • Anthony

        Why would you be "ashamed" of people you do not even know? Are you a "feeling" liberal?

        How a person looks does say something about them. What their character reveal, says more.

        Though she cannot help her physical ugliness, she can help her inner ugliness, she embraces both.

        Therefore, she deserves others like me and those who obviously agree with me to point out that she is the definition of an ugly human being.

        What is ugliness Mr. mmichlin66? It is Ms. Crowley masquerading as something she herself knows she is not, that is, the classic definition of beauty, which is truth and that includes virtue and morality, not he oozing ambition and hubris she happens to package in a physically repelling form.

        • mmichlin66

          "How a person looks does say something about them" – yes it does, but not anything even distantly related to the subject of the discussion.

          "Are you [me] a "feeling" liberal?" – I am a feeling and thinking human being. I don't want to drug you to court over my or her hurt feelings because rudeness is not a crime. It doesn't mean that it is a good moral behavior though and it only diminishes the value of what you have to say.

          I come to for serious analysis, opinions and policy discussions. Denigrading a person for his/her physical traits doesn't have to do anything with the above.

          "Why would you be "ashamed" of people you do not even know?" – Your comments told me enough.

    • Geo

      She lacks self-control whenever her mouth is agape. If there's food in sight, it's going down. Otherwise she starts talking when she should be thinking first. Typical, beastly behavior from an enormous, out-of-control she-pig.

    • gerry

      Obama is a pathological liar.David Maraniss listed some of his lies.Around the world Obama has no more credence,no one will trust him.The guy is a lame duck and certainly the laughing stock of the world's chancelleries.

    • Kufar Dawg

      If Obama is "re-elected" I'd like to see an independent investigation done of the votes cast. The debacle in Texas over voter identification has me more than worried that the presidential election will be a sham.

  • pierce

    We, the people, knew going into this debate that Crowley would favor Obama. CNN, who she works for, is a known Obama supporter, just like all the Major Networks, with the exception of FOX. So it was a gift, but all the voters didn't swallow this one. Barack Obama is the worst President ever. Wake Up America, we cannot afford 4 more years of this clown.

    • nina

      Her conduct in this instance was ridiculous. But this being New York, the audience was on Obama's side, and I am not sure that the "independents" were all really undecided. It felt as if many of them were Obama's people pretending to be undecided. Also, to my mind Obama was the usual self, that means demagoguery and lies. He was on the offensive but it didn't ring true, while Romney was forceful, and presidential. To say that Obama won the debate, is utterly ridiculous.

  • patroitwork

    Last night's debate– all four debates,this election– is about whether a great lie,the Obama administration, can defeat far greater truths,the ideals of America.

    I agree with all of the above–the bloggers and Mr. Vadum.

    • Stephen_Brady

      That's the best comment I've read about all of the debates. Kudos …

  • davarino

    Is it me or did I see Obama give Crowley a nod and a wink (just kidding)? It seemed like Obama was a little too well prepared, like he knew what was coming, hmmmm.

    • Asher

      And guess what…in spite of Obama's rude aggressive behavior, in addition to invading Romney's space, and support Obama got from Crowley…Romney came out looking like the competent capable President, …and the audience thought so too!

      • Kufar Dawg

        But Romney's only previous experience was as a governor, Obama was a community organizer!

  • amused

    LOL….somebody had to call out Romney on his bald faced lie . There are videos in which Obama called the attack on the Benghazi embassy an act of terror , immediately after the event . Romney persisted in his whole base strategy for this debate propagating this partisan lie . Crowley took the side of The PEOPLE , and sadly had to out Romney .Anyone with a computer or a tv can see clearly that the immediate response from the Whitehouse was that this was in fact an act of terror , so stop your whining , not everyone lives in the conservative echo chamber of regurgitated , recycled lies /. as for the rest of the debate? nothing but half-truths on the part of both Romney and Obama .
    So now go back to arguing with your counterparts who "won " the debate . I'm still waiting for the American People to win the debate , in that they get some hardfacts

    • Patricia Anne

      Give me a break! Liberal drones like you with no brains live in echo chambers. Obama is a failure….get it …a complete and utter FAILURE! He can't even keep track of all the lies. Four people are dead you ass, and this administration is in full cover-up mode. The Clinton's are pathalogical liars and Obama is the King of LIE. The video of Obama in the Rose Garden clearly shows that the President blames the stupid video. He says "since our founding, we reject all efforts to denorgrate all religious beliefs of others" He never once called Benghazi a terrorist attack nor did he call the attackers terrorists. So go back into your echo chamber because the American people will win this debate and get rid of this incompetent, failed President!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "LOL….somebody had to call out Romney on his bald faced lie . There are videos in which Obama called the attack on the Benghazi embassy an act of terror , immediately after the event ."

      I'm calling you a liar until you produce this alleged video on youtube or any other web source.


      "Crowley took the side of The PEOPLE"

      A delusional collectivist. No surprise here. Speak for "the people" very often, psycho?

    • Eva

      Amused, the people of this great country WILL do the right thing on the election day – rest assured. You will just have to find other entertainment to occupy your days. Or better yet, buy a one-way ticket to someplace like North Korea where your utopian dreams of socialism have come true.

    • BLJ

      Sorry pinhead, but the blood of those 4 men at Benghazi is on your boy's hands.

    • pagegl

      Sorry Amused, that is total BS. Obama's rose garden speech had a generic reference to terrorism; he did not specifically label Benghazi as a terrorist attack until several days after that speech. Otherwise, why did the administration's narrative continue to place the blame for the attacks on the idiot video for several days after that speech. Here's a timeline showing this:

    • Hank Rearden

      Two words for you …Susan Rice.

    • gerry

      Nice one for trying to do a "crowley".In fact later on Crowley admitted that Romney was right.Quite embarassing !You can fool yourself lie to yourself etc etc,but around the world,people know better,we know what Obama said we also know what happened!

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'm sure you and obama would like to speak for the PEOPLE, in a Maoist sort of way.

    • John

      Name one video that was, before the time Obama and his cronies finally admitted it was not the video, I would love to see it.

  • flowerknife_us

    Crowley helping Obama was a given from the get go. Trying to bring Pres. Bush back into this election was the real bomb. Romney, to his credit defused that bomb really well. So well in fact that Obama was left stammering in his efforts to respond without his prepared answer.

    Obama lied-Americans died.

  • amused

    To date , the UNDECIDED VOTE has not yet been convinced of ANYTHING . The undecided , Independents , and NPA 's are the ony ones capable of [ or willing to ] getting up off their arses and fact check these totally partisan LOW information and MIS -information claims made by either candidate . THEY [myself included] will determine the least of two liars and decide the election . Benghazi tragic as it was , was an ill advised issue , and if you dont think so , then tell me WHO in the Reagan Admin , fell on their sword over the bombing of the Embassy in Lebanon resulting in over 200 dead US Marines ? Who made the decision for the Marines guarding the gate to have UNLOADED GUNS ? Do you think in either case it was the will of the respective Administration for these event to happen . For it was AGAIN, just as with 9/11 , poor intelligence , breaks in the chain of command ,and under-estimation of the threat ,which brought about each of those tragedies.

    • Kufar Dawg

      As to the Marines having "UNLOADED GUNS" in Lebanon, I'd like to see evidence for that. OTOH, it's irrelevant, because one FUBAR doesn't justify another.

  • Fred

    Romney should have asked Barry:

    Why did you produce a phony Birth Certificate? (verified by Sheriff Arpilo).
    Why are you using another persons SSA #? (verified by Susan Daniels expert in the
    field of identity fraud)?
    Why are you supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?
    Why not come clean over Fast and Furious?
    What about Donald Young who was the choir director of the "church"
    you attended? Who assassinated him and why?
    Your AG Holder would not prosecute the Black Panthers voter intimidation case.
    Why did you seal all of your records? What are you hiding?
    Why were you disbarred?
    Why do you hate the Jewish people and Israel so much?
    How does it feel that you will always be known as the ILLEGAL PRESIDENT?
    And so much more!

    • Gislef

      Except it wasn't a debate where the participants get to question each other. Hence the "town hall format."

    • Zionista

      good list but add these: what did you mean when you said you'd "have more flexibility after the election" when talking to a Putin aide? flexibility to do what exactly?
      the # of people on foodstamps has risen dramatically since you've been in office – are you proud of this and what do you intend to do about it?

    • amused

      Blah blah blah , and they shoulda asked him if he was a martian .All your accusations are PURE B>S> had any of it been true , the right would be all over it like flys on sheet , and screaming it from the mountain tops . But the right didn't , and that indicates that some of the imbeciles on the right can recognize another imbeciles B.S.

      • Maxie

        Your hysterics reveal your fear and desperation. BTW: Please grow-up and drop the now archaic "LOL' acronym.

        • amused

          GFY Maxie , have another punc-bowl full of Kool-Aide

          • Galveston

            stay classy 'amused' – stupid and classy

    • Mike Thompson

      Hey Fred, what's the Kool-Aid flavor of the month?



    In the movie We Were Soldiers the field commander seeing his unit is about to be over run calls in broken arrow. That brings the fires of hell down on everybody. FORTUNATELY it turns out to be a life saving call.

    Tonight our country has three broken arrows to call in.

    1-The al Queda, Hezbollah, Taliban, Pakistani,Iranian jihad that has been reinforced by the failings of a divide and conquer party. With 2,000 dead Americans concealed as Nato troops. The abandoned beach house consulate in BENGHAZI with no Naval protection and a cover up. The admitted failure by the Secretary of state who got us into a war we did not have to go to in Libya ending in the death rape of an Ambassador who begged for help.

    The loss of seal team six in a lumbering big target chopper where the gun ships that were supposed to prep the landing zone were ordered not to. The first eight year investment by American mothers of their national treasure has been undermined by the failure of a one inning president who gave Iraq to Iran as a wedding gift.


    Other Americans hidden by the cover up press are rotting in prison convicted by Pentagon practice panels who have no combat experience, not one day. Fifty one Americans shot in the back by friendly AFGHAN TRAINEES. Who told those GI’s not to keep their guns pointed in the direction of so called friendlys?

    SIX HARRIER JETS defended by one dying Major destroyed on the ground by Taliban. The worst is yet to come. Iran with a nuke and they can borrow a few from Pakistan. A united terrorist front coming in for the kill Americans on the run out party. THE RUN OUT DATE HAS ANNOUNCED BY JOE BIDEN.

    The ridiculing of the Israeli PRIME MINISTER dismissing him in public like a servant. The intelligence warning given to Iran through the Obama cover up press that Israel had made refueling arrangements with the country of Azerbaijan for their jet bomber mission to destroy the nuke facilities.

    The deliberate leaking of the Osama kill to HOLLYWOOD. Preventing US intelligence from using much needed information on our enemies. Putting in harms way the lives of the seal families and abandoning the Pakistani Doctor who helped us get Bin Laden.

    Then to host a private showing of the seal team mission in action to TOM HANKS and BARBARA STREISSAND.

    IN THREE AND A HALF YEARS THIS MISTAKE HAS UNDONE ALL AND BROUGHT US BACK TO 911 PART ONE. The country is less safe now then when Clinton sent the first invitation to kill New Yorkers in WTC 1993. There are 17 training camps for Al Queda that we know about in the USA. One phone call to a university on 911 this year panicked 50,000 students.

    ALREADY OUT OF THE NEWS IS THE DOJ WAR ON MEXICO. Where a former bag man for Clinton who packaged the MARK RICH PARDON. Eric Holder has allowed 2200 weapons to arm four regiments of NARCO TERRORISTS killing 70,000 helpless Mexicans while attempting to overrun the Mexican GOVERNMENT. It seems the goal of this administration is to promote terror.

    2-The Economic Broken Arrow gives you a financial wound you cannot recover from. THE DIVIDE AND CONQUER PARTY tells the poor the rich is your enemy. They never point the finger at the Rich in their own den of destruction. Take a look around at Their backers .Michelle Bachman is up against a Democrat senate seat buyer who is worth 140 million dollars. Start with poor Hollywood, skip to George Soros. Waltz over to big Saudi Oil. I don’t see King Abdullah putting gold chains around a bowing Mitt Romney’s neck. OBAMA CAME TO WORK on the first day with two million now he is up to eleven million and guaranteed a minimum of fifteen million for a book deal like Hillary’s. Equal in value to a seventy nine cent composition book with times tables.

    Book deals are political champaign contributions. President Clinton introduced after work The President of

    Kazakstan to a Canadian business man where they put together a giant uranium sale.FOR WHO? Bill got a 37 million dollar tip to add to his 100 mil. Government jobs pay off. What is in your maxed out wallet? They point at Romney and we are carrying loose change in the form of an underwater mortgage and a closely watched by your government 401k. Hate the rich? Did you ever see a poor college? Name all the hospitals that have wings named after rich guys. Are you jealous of them? Instead of focusing on Romney’s good fortune make your own. The communists always play the poor against the rich. JUST ASK FIDEL CASTRO. He is worth 670 million and he owns all the sugar cane and cigars. A WELFARE STATE IS no where state. OBAMA NEVER CAUGHT A FISH, PLANTED A SEED, DELIVERED AN ORDER OR DUG A HOLE. BUT HE CAN CLOSE MINES, GIVE SOCIAL SECURITY OIL RIG LOANS TO BRAZIL TO DRILL FOR CHINA. HE CAN SHOW OFF TWO CHEVY VOLTS AT THE AMERICAN EMBASSY IN VIENNA WHILE MARINE GUARDS POUR CHAMPAGNE AND NOT HEAR A CRY FOR HELP FROM BENGHAZI. Vallery Plain can order a four star flunkie general to get her a drink but no help for four Americans thrown to the jackyls. HE SAID HE ONLY NEEDED FOUR YEARS TO UNDO BUSH’S TWO WARS PAID FOR ON A FIVE TRILLION DOLLAR CHINESE CREDIT CARD. TODAY HE HAS 5 WARS ON THE SAME CREDIT CARD PLUS AN EGG ROLL.

    HE HAS DESTROYED OUR MASTERY OF SPACE EXPLORATION. He is killing opportunities for a once great nation. All the coal mining states know he is their enemy. He has declared no jobs for the South and used one oil spill excuse to put the South land out of business. Never let a good crisis go to waste is their motto.


    They talk about saving GM but they never show you who they killed to keep the lie alive. Americans used to say as GM goes so goes the nation.

    Well GM is losing 79k on each volt.

    The only ones buying the volt is Al Queda because the volt gets 40 miles to the explosion. Obama saved the union who owes him. He bought votes with your social security money. At the same time he stole the investments of widows and orphans by not paying abandoned dealers and stock holders whose life savings were in GM stock.

    He sacrificed half the people to buy votes. His investment was zero. Look back in the history of this now broken country. When Americans hit Normandy they had the full strength of the greatest industrial nation in the world behind them. No one was better. That was a nation united for survival and that is what we must do now.


    With the party of finger pointing and division we will all starve. THERE SHOULD BE NO ONE ON WELFARE OR OUT OF WORK IN THIS COUNTRY. ROMNEY PROMISES 12 MILLION JOBS. OBAMA PROMISES 16,000 IRS AGENTS. FOR WHAT?

    3-JOSEPH STALIN SAID THE THREE GREATEST STRENGTHS OF THE USA THAT MUST BE DESTROYED ARE PATRIOTISM, SPIRITUALITY AND MORALITY. If you read the 45 goals of the communist party read into the congressional record in 1962 you will see Stalin reached every one. Our country like a giant Oak does not fall with one axe chop. Over time our freedoms have been hacked to death like a hollywood chop em up. In order to destroy a United States you have to whittle it down to a series of splinter groups. The easiest one to wedge is race. If you go to a swearing in ceremony of New American citizens in New York City. You will see and hear a government official tell these new Americans that they will be discriminated against because of their color. He will give them phone numbers to call should they feel they are not welcome. Right off the boat these people are being introduced to racism that will drive them into the democrat communist party. A country divided is a country enslaved. So what unites us? Our religions, Our cultures, Our families and common goals.

    Goals like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    LIFE when one life is worthless all life is worthless.

    The foundling fathers would have ruled An American child in the womb is already an American citizen from conception forever entitled to full rights of a citizen in the land of the free. LIBERTY is just a word unless it is backed up by the full faith and credit of a strong military. George Washington said it all when he said, In times of peace prepare for war. GEORGE PATTON who said twice in his lifetime America came from behind but he doubted they could if not ready in the space age.

    PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is under assault daily.

    50-60% divorce rate with papers not counting hook ups. 1,200,000 abortions a year only one percent caused by rape and incest. Everybody is trying to lose weight but no one is reducing the kill count of children. Those little absentee ballots that never get counted. Today German law says you can’t kill a child after 55 days in the womb. We the righteous kill them as soon as the scissors can reach the head in the freedom canal.

    HOLLYWOOD is one giant bath house of cruelty training against women. Every movie ridacules GOD. Whether it is done as a subliminal signature or mocking biblical names in titles of movies. Like the Good Shepherd a CIA movie. For the first time in American history the government orders religious people of good conscience to pay for the murder of unborn children and to sponsor abortion clinics in Africa. A land where American missionaries go to save lives and souls.

    DRUGS ARE THE CURRENT PLAGUE ON OUR HOUSE .One out of five Americans has a drug problem. One junky ruins the lives of five innocent people. We have a government that wants to tax our substance abuse instead of getting rid of the substance. Mao Tse Tong in the 40’s was growing opium to destroy the USA. The best communist heroin was given free to American troops in Nam. Fallen in combat can be a drug overdose. The communists keep the Southern border open not to help illegal aliens but to keep the drug flow growing. Universal military service Trained an entire generation to build and grow. Today we have a select handful. A skeleton crew of freedom of Dedicated Americans who lose limbs and life for us. We hardly notice. Presidential oral office trysts are considered moral.

    We have all the wrong role models. 51 million people watch American idol and can’t tell you who the vice president is.But everybody knows Kar trashian. Sexual deviance is promoted as a normal life style. Young children are rushed into unnatural maturity. No mother can leave their child alone for a minute. All HOLLYWOOD OFFERS is drug lord movies, chop em ups and dysfunctional families. Not to mention America is not that great themes. Children in fifth grade classes are fighting peer pressure to perform sexual acts. The greatest generation said prayers in public schools. Practiced marksmanship in public schools. They said the pledge with God and pride. Today you could be sent home if God or the flag is on your tee shirt. We have a media that promotes anti Americanism. The greatest generation played the Star Spangled Banner at dawn and eleven PM on all networks every night. Comedians like Red Skelton told you how great this country was. Now we have Bill PLO dancer Maher and Jon the monkey Stewart desciples of Lenny Bruce the DEMOCRAT.









    • amused

      yea , and you're the long winded 4th broken arrow .

    • Ricky Michael

      Bravo, well said. And, don't worry about "Amused" he was abused as a child.

    • Mike Thompson

      ABUTOM, are you now using Hollywood movies as arbiters of the truth? I thought you righties feel nothing but contempt for Hollywood and its products?

  • WildJew


    Scroll 1 minute, 18 seconds into the video where Obama says: "Since our founding, America has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject the efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is no justification to this senseless violence. None."

    This was the administration line for approximately 2 weeks, that an obscure Internet video about Muhammad was responsible for the Benghazi murderous terror.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Of course the zero and lieberals in general have no problem w/the fact the holey books of islam denigrate Judaism, explicitly and voluminously as well as Christianity.

  • Damian

    The scores so far:
    Romney/Ryan: 1
    Obama/Biden: 0 (but see below)
    Crawley/Rabbatz: 2 (reserve Democrat ticket)

    • Asher

      Crowley was just as bad as Raddatz! Who picks these stupid broads?

      • trickyblain

        That would be the two campaigns.

  • chowching259

    No investor in a 711 store would rather have Obama than Romney as a partner. But there has never been a better cheer leader for the downtrodden and disenfranchised than Obama. He might not be a businessman but he is a people’s man, even without substance his style is unbeatable.

    • tagalog

      A little more discrimination in your language: Obama HAS A PLAUSIBLE SEMBLANCE OF being a "cheer leader for the downtrodden and disenfranchised…"

      His obvious main interest is in being the first American king, whether he has any plan for America's future or not.

    • pagegl

      Obama claims to be a people's man, he would have us believe he is a people's man, but his actions and policies show the lie to that. The only people he has helped are his political backers.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I haven't noticed the zero saying much about the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists being downtrodden and disenfranchised in all your islamofacist pigsties Abdullah.

    • John

      Obama is very good at portraying he is a peoples man, but it is power he wants and he uses the "people" to get it. If he really were for the people, why is the black unemployment so much higher than others and why has the middle class lost 4.9k in income since Obama took office, and don't say it was others that caused it, he had a bullet proof congress for the first 2 years and he did nothing to benefit people who needed jobs and still hasn't, nor does he have a plan to do so. His new plan is nothing but more of the same, there is nothing new in it.

  • tagalog

    Why are the debate organizers picking moderators from ABC, PBS, CNN and CBS (is that where Bob Schieffer is from)? Why don't they pick people like Brit Hume or Bret Baer? What's wrong with them? What about Hugh Hewitt or Dennis Prager? Michael Medved? William Bennett? Chris Wallace? William Kristol? Hell, I'd be OK with Juan Williams.

    • amused

      no you wouldn't Juan Williams has a perfectly working B.S. Detector

      • tagalog

        You've had a run-in with him, I gather.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Considering all the B.S. you spew here yours must be constantly pinned.

    • ldstar

      Why not Franklin Graham or the Archbishop of the New York Catholic Dioscese? The news people are only reading a teleprompter anyway.

  • Steve Chavez

    (ROCKY MUSIC PLEASE.) THE BULLSHI++ER IS BACK! I was worried that the Con-artist-in-Chief would be absent minded like the first debate but he came back as strong as we're used to seeing him: IN FULL BULLS++T MODE! (ROCKY MUSIC OFF. MUSIC FOR "THE REF" PLEASE.)

    ON OIL, COAL, GAS ENERGY: If only cars could run on BIO-BULLSH!T because that's something Obama has plenty of. As per a question on Obama's Energy Secretary Chu. He is quoted as saying he wants gas prices to go to "NINE DOLLAR$ PER GALLON!" (Missed Romney blow.) Obama also has a commercial out that says coal workers in Ohio were ordered to attend a Romney rally under threat of losing their job but then a protest of 500 of those Romney attendees saying, and writing a letter to Obama, that his commercial was a lie. (Missed Romney blow.)

    YES, GRANDMA did work hard to put munchies on Obama's plate and choom in Obama's pipe.

    CONTRACEPTION is back. That's all he cares about concerning women?

    FOUR MILLION LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are waiting in line to do it the hard way, the long way, while Obama wants to give millions of ILLEGALS CUTS in line. Their DREAM is America's NIGHTMARE!

    FAST AND FURIOUS was finally mentioned and the deaths of tens of thousands of Mexicans and all due to Obama's and Holder's giving guns to drug lords.

    CHICAGO, "MY HOMETOWN?" Does he still have a home there and when is the last time the Obama WENT HOME? I say we send him back "HOME" for good!

    WAS IT A WIN FOR OBAMA, A DRAW, OR A ROMNEY WIN? Well considering that the REFEREE was on Obama's side, and there is a blow-by-blow analysis, the blows that hit and hurt versus FLASH, SMALL TALK, TRASH TALKING, AND CHEAP SHOTS, IT WILL BE…


    • Barb

      Well said Steve



    Crowley said "I knew we'd probably get the Libya question . . ." PROBABLY??


    Crowley lied through her teeth and just could not contain herself.






  • BLJ

    Crowley is a cow. This "debate" has not changed the fact that Obama is going down in November. Romney also has another chance in the foreign policy "debate" to go after him on Libya.

    The Dems and MSM are too stupid to understand that more and more people have woke up and realized that 2008 was a huge mistake. The fraud they have propped up has been exposed for what he really is.

    • Asher

      It was amazing what a big cry baby Obama is…If he didn't want to hear what Romney had to say, he kept saying Candy…Candy…Candy….as if to say, "Please shut Romney up…because Romney had too many truthful things to say about his policies…he doesn't want them on prime time TV.

  • clarespark

    After seeing last night's debate and Crowley's outrageous intervention, I am more convinced than ever that Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four is relevant to our times. I wrote about it here, and some Frontpage readers may find it compelling.…. "Orwell, Power, and the Totalitarian State."

    • tagalog

      I suspect that Politics and the English Language is more pertinent to what you're talking about.

      But I speculate.

      • clarespark

        It is true that political language has become debased to an alarming degree. But it is in Newspeak too. Thanks so much for reading my comment and responding!

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "…………… you need some Candy, little man/boy?"

    ……………… to bail you out of your dirty diaper.

  • MizEllie

    It speaks volumes about the man who has to beseech the moderator for approval. Running to hide behind another woman’s skirts…or pants…NO ONE that I know fell for it. Everyone knows exactly what was said in the Rose Garden, because we couldn’t believe what we were hearing. The President continues his remarkable string of FAILURES in standing up for our country. I’ve been giving him two thumbs down since he started running in ’08 and I HOPE to be able to CHANGE the direction they’re turned! I HOPE Romney will CHANGE it for me!!

    • reader

      Good point. I have a strong suspicion that this spin had been coordinated in advance, because it had been obvious to be indefensible. Too many coincidences in one episode: Crowley crawling out with this ridicuouls spin, Obama immediately calling her our to repeat it and Michelle Obama bursting out with applause – in violation of the protocol. The Obama Machine Brezhnev moment in all its splender.

  • lizaz

    She must be afraid of obama……she's definitely a FAILURE as a moderator….I guess, once a liberal, always a liberal, no matter how much bias you show to the public!!!

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ~ Ms. Candy Crowley,
    ~ Pres. Barack Hussein Obama,
    ~ Michelle Overbite Obama,
    ~ Oprah
    ~ Islam

    ………… are why God created the middle finger.

  • diaak

    He knew what he was doing when he created the transcript. Hillary had that look on her face as if Obama told her, 'don't worry, I'll handle it'

    He's a slick, smooth guy, that's for sure.

  • Gislef

    "because I knew we’d probably get a Libya question, so I kind of wanted to be up on it. "

    Who exactly pre-screened and picked the questions…?

  • Asher

    Everyone can blame the media for your lives being destroyed…We sat and watched as Crowley supported the lie on Benghazi…The Radicals are trying to change the history and events that are happening, and Obama's rude, community organizer style, and disgusting behavior mimicked Biden's the week before and its pretty obvious that people are onto their agenda. Romney is successful, and was correct on the Benghazi failure, cutting leasing permits for drilling, The decline of the Coal with it, bailing out the auto companies that cost tax payers billions, and the horrible management of this administration to creat jobs or a stable economy….Romney 10…Obama 0.

  • gwen

    you all are crazy. he said it was an act of terrorism in the rose garden and because he did not word it the way you wanted your pretending he didn't say it. I think you need to examine your hearts and minds and look for the real reason you are being unreasonable.

    • reader

      Except that he did not, and he consequently sent Rice to five morning shows with the same sound bite:" no terror; sponaneous riots; the vidoe" – over and over and over again. For good two weeks. Not to mention the disgraceful UN speech.

    • guest

      He sympathized with Islamic terrorists in regards to their criticism of the 1st Amendment.
      He broadcast a commercial in Pakistan to appease terrorists who believe people should be hurt for what they say.
      He pushed a lie about a mob starting the violence and questioned our fundamental human rights to hide his own foreign policy disaster.
      He had live video showing no mob and at most 6 al-Qaeda terrorists launching mortars.
      Now the lies continues.

    • Gislef

      No, he said "we" won't tolerate "acts of terror." Not that the consulate attack was an act of terror. And he continued to say that it wasn't a terrorist attack for two weeks.

      Folks pointed this out on that occasion and ever since. It's not like it suddenly sprung into being last night. If President Obama felt it was unclear as numerous pundits on both sides stated, he had weeks to clarify.

      I think you need to examine your hearts and minds and look for the real reason you are reading something there that isn't there.

      • guest

        After reading it again, it sounds like the terrorists in Palestine when they condone all forms of terrorism and then go on a diatribe about Israeli settlements.

    • pagegl

      So, why was Obama still referring to the idiot video on September 25 in his speech before the UN? His statement in the rose garden did not call the Benghazi attack terrorism, he made a generic statement , "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation…" but did not specifically refer to the attack as such. If he had really wanted us to believe he regarded the attack as terrorism why did he let members of his administration continue, for nearly two weeks, to blame the video?

  • guest

    Obama has selective awareness on fundamental economic issues. Big government housing fraud ruined the economy, not Americans having more of their money and less government intrusion. Obama hides his own ties to the sub prime collapse, like suing banks to lower lending standards for ACORN in the 1990s and siding with Democratic Senators in their housing reform obstruction during 2004 to 2008.

    His new massive bank regulations have closed down community banks and pushed a larger share of assets into the too big to fail institutions. The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts continue. Credit is still sparse and the federal budget insolvent.

    Obama continually baits Romney into a debate about 2000 to 2008 with blatant lies. Romney deserves praise for avoiding this petty trap, not just for election advantage but also to improve bipartisanship. I wish the moderators would force Obama to explain this pig headed Machiavellian stance instead of subsidized contraception and "assault weapons" legislation.

  • amused

    What joker you are "guest " ….with all those things you mentioned you left out HALF of the culprits REPUBLICANS .

    As for bi-partisanship ? That was declared DEAD ,by the REPUBLICANS the day after the election before Obama even took office ….who are you trying to kid ?

    • Gislef

      What statement was made on the day after the election that indicated bipartisanship was dead?

    • Mik

      There was no need for bi-partisanship for Obama's first two years. Republican culprits? The biggest beneficiaries of the housing and mortgage debacle were Chris Dodd, Barnie Frank and Barak Obama. Of course you have seen Barney saying that Fanny and Freddie remained good investments. Of course you do not care. Look, the Clinton boom was the product of the Dot Com bubble and a Republican congress that he learned to live with. The implosion in the last six years is the result first of a Democratic congress and a Republican president sick of fighting against the tide. When he gave up BO entered the picture and the results are breathtaking.

    • guest

      Democrats blocked Republican housing reform 17 different times. They said everything was fine and Republicans were creating an issue out of nothing.

      Bill Clinton warned the Democrats of the dangers this political attack and recounted the obstruction he himself faced by Congressional Democrats.

      My main issue concerns Obama's current selective ignorance. Republicans will be the first to discuss Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform. Obama and his big government friends just want to raise taxes and borrow millions to splurge on Vegas magic shows.

  • R.C.

    Candy Crowley–is a Marxist democrat whore–I knew she would whore for Obama!

  • R.C.

    Candy Crowley–is a Marxist democrat wh*re–I knew she would wh*re for Obama!

  • gfmucci

    Candy: The self-appointed, on the fly “fact checker dejur.” No apology for getting it wrong will change her intended result of her biased and erroneous insertion into the debate on behalf of Obama.

  • chowching259

    Women who were watching the second presidential debate would have seen the face of an irritated scowling Obama. He was scary looking and frightened the bravest of the ladies. His trust was lost and a returning smile would not be enough to get him a kiss on the cheek.

  • amused

    Somebody had tio call Romney a LIAR , may as well have been Crowly , Obama was to generous not to call him out on it . Truth of tha matter is , the Right was claiming that the Ambassador's corpse was being dragged about , desecrated and they indicated his pants were removed indicating a sexual assault . The Rights interpretation of the SAME photo that everyone else had access to was A LIE .The people carrying NOT DRAGGING , the fully clothed NOT PANTLESS , alive NOT DEAD Ambassador were the Libyans who puilled him out of the fire and were attempting to get him to a hospital .
    HOW WRONG WERE YOU ON THAT – IT WAS ON THIS VERY BLOG. Romney no more than the President no more than the rest f the nation new exactyly what happened or who was responsible -Film Riot ? Or Al -Queda /Terrorist Attack . The only 4 people who could hae answered thatimmediately were DEAD .
    Romney was ill-advised to play a game of semantics on one word , not only , but completely disregarded the wishes of the families of the dead . Romney deserved to get smacked down and hard .It;s aboiut time someone outs you repocons on yourt lies . KUDOS TO CROWELY

    • Gislef

      Ummm, Obama did call him out on it. So much for generosity.

      But wait, if no one, including Obama, could have known what happened or who was responsible, how could the President say in the Rose Garden that it _was_ an "act of terror"? Or an act of terrorism, Or anything else?

      • amused

        What did you think genius ? An act of kindness ? 4 Americans were dead and the embassy burnt down . You sound like the muslims I argue with trying to distinguish a difference between two words that mean basically the same thing .
        Take a powder , you're of the same mentality [low] as Romney's handlers .

        • Gislef

          The question is whether Obama identified it as an act of terrorism, not terror or kindness. Since you're saying that President Obama couldn't have known what it was, there's no way he could have identified it as such. Ergo, claiming after the fact that he did identify it as such at the Rose Garden makes no sense.

          If four Americans dying and an embassy being burned down can be an act of terror (a mob of protestors) but not an act of terrorism (i.e., the planned actions of terrorists), then the difference exists. So did Obama identify it as a mob assault, or a planned terrorist attack? You (and he) don't get to pick "both."

          • Kufar Dawg

            Brilliant refutation of the amused ass clown.

    • Gislef

      And the mother of one of the dead SEALS does wish the situation to be investigated. How can doing what she asked be completely disregarding what she asked?

    • BLJ

      Just admit it. Crowley is your girlfriend.

    • tagalog

      Crawley didn't call Romney a liar, certainly not expressly, nor did she do so implicitly. In fact, she told a lie. Here's what happened during the Libya moment:

      Obama claimed he said the Benghazi riot was an act of terrorism the day after the event. In fact, he did no such thing. He made a general reference to "acts of terrorism" and did not connect such acts with the Benghazi riot.

      When Romney called him on it, and tried to nail him down, Romney succeeded: Obama then said that he indeed did say that the Benghazi was a terrrorist incident, not a spur-of-the-moment outbreak. That says that he endorsed his Rose Garden statement as a specific terrorist act, therefore undermining his two-week pretense that the video was the trigger for that riot and the killing.

      • tagalog

        Then Crowley said that's what Obama said, for some reason endorsing his statement and backing up his self-incrimination with a purported "fact check" that was just as untrue as what Obama had said. Obviously, neither Obama nor Crowley had given any thought to what they were saying; they just blurted out what seemed right at the time.

        But since Obama said that was what he meant, we should take him at his word. Doing that puts Romney in the right in that exchange, and he clearly won on that issue. Obama damned himself, and Crowley backed him up in that condemnation.

    • guest

      Obama had live feed of the attack. He knew there was no riot. Knowing this, he still threw freedom of speech to the Islamic wolf pack at the drop of a hat.

      Europe considers blasphemy laws. A US judge uses blasphemy to excuse physical assault. Obama now comes in and throws away the supreme human right we as Americans founded and brought to the world, just for political advantage when his apology foreign policy turns into a disaster.

    • gerry

      The ambassador was sodomised this what is said around the world.I know it is hard to admit.Stop doing a "Crowley"!

  • mlcblog

    “In the wake of an attack like this, in the fog of war, there’s always going to be confusion,” she said. That fog can be especially difficult to navigate when both the White House and Foggy Bottom are run by mendacity-loving Saul Alinsky-worshipers."

    In the wake of ANYTHING…life can be rough for these noodle-brains. They remind my of my (now forgiven with compassion added) alcoholic mother who would be so surprised and confused when, for instance, while attempting to drive on the right side of a city bus (who of course could not see her and would not expect her there, as she had ignored the signage on the bus about this) and then she would be SURPRISED when the bus ran her onto the sidewalk.

    I feel for us kids and am glad we have God to help us.

  • jose

    Its true the media will bold face lie for this guy. BHO. sad . What has the media in America become? Just how low are they willing to travel for this lier.

  • Mik

    Anyone else wonder about BO's comments about women? I am married to a strong, independent, intelligent woman. She and I have raised a equally strong, independent and intelligent woman. (and sons who have married similarly). These woman do not need the president or the federal government protecting them. First, they have a husband and a dad. Second, they are quite capable of standing for themselves. I thought the democratic party was pro-women? I thought they fought for equal rights? Treating a person as if they are incapable of success without your intervention is not empowerment. It is dependency and ultimately slavery.

  • jose

    The socialists believe that the ends justify the means. Sacrifice anything and anyone for the 'utopian' socienty' that cannot exist from mankinds endevours. Never ever. They are insane morons whom hate americans and what we have built. Unfortunately , they are this administration.

  • Anamah

    It seems to me Americans are not ready to the national hara Kiri, women are going to save their children's future from the misery Obama offers. In few days we will know if the people of this country is really so stupid to choose the cheater. A man who makes his life on lies and expose our country to the unthinkable.

  • Nata Asatiani

    If she won't be disqualified as a journalist it means that Obama completely turned us to Socialism. Such a favoritism could be observed only in deep Soviet era by Pravda

  • NomoreB

    Such violation of journalism could be possible only during Leonid Brezhnev's era in USSR.. The sad is that nobody disqualifies her for her performance.

  • denis

    As a Canadian watching the "debate" it was very obvious that Crowley is a 100% pro Obama supporter. She definitely aided and abetted Obama's rhetoric on National TV.
    Obama's failure to make any immediate response to the Benghazi incident was an act of waffling and cowardliness on his part. This showed these Islamofascist's that an act of terror will have no consequences as long as Obama is President of the USA, Then he passed the buck to Clinton to take the heat for the poor security provided for the ambassador in Benghazi. Obama is like a Prime Minister we had in Canada, His name Pierre Trudeau (now deceased). Obama and Trudeau are alike. They are socialists. Neither held a job in business but generally were paid by some form of government. Pay from the public purse therefore speaking from "the Comfortable Pew." the government paycheck. Businesses have bottom lines, governments do not. Obama as a socialist in Democratic cloaking is spending the USA into a third world country. It is unfortunate that Obama, the leader of the free world supported so lavishly by a left leaning media CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and others is president of the USA in these troubling times. Do yourselves a favor America. Vote him out in November.

  • gerry

    Obama needs all the help he can get.Crowley's name won't be forgotten.I have coined a new saying do/don't do a Crowley.Instead of BS,now we will say it is a Crowley etc etc…

  • John Seet

    Whenever Obama crows about his achievements in bringing the troops home, the pertinent question to ask him is: What would you have done if you had been President on 9/11? I bet his wimpy answer would put paid to any hope of his re-election.