Joe Biden Unhinged

As I observed the words and demeanor of Vice President Joe Biden all throughout last night’s debate, a line from Hamlet kept running through my mind.

“That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain,” William Shakespeare wrote. How better to sum up the most unctuous, disingenuous vice president in this writer’s lifetime?

The radical left-wing Delawarean showed the same loathsome traits that he displayed during his debate with Sarah Palin four years ago. But this time, because he wasn’t facing a woman he wasn’t walking on eggshells, terrified of offending female voters. This allowed his worst characteristics to rise to the surface, unburdened by natural inhibitions.

While his opponent, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), was relatively relaxed, Biden was everyone’s obnoxious, overbearing, opinionated relative who makes up for the weakness of his arguments by making them loudly.  As conservative comedian Brian Sack tweeted, the debate was “Too Chill Boy vs. Obnoxious Grandaddy.”

Throughout the debate Biden made no attempt to conceal his contempt for Ryan. It is hard to say if Biden showed greater disdain for his adversary than President Obama showed for Mitt Romney in the Colorado conversation last week.

Some observers, buoyed by impossibly high expectations, were destined to be disappointed unless Ryan landed a devastating knockout. Ryan did well but such a punch never came. A knockout always seemed unlikely because Biden is so well known for exaggerating, telling tall tales, and saying downright absurd things.

“The vice president knows sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way,” Ryan said.

Even though Ryan clearly seemed to be feeling the pressure, he wasn’t cowed by Biden. He taunted the vice president, noting that Biden is “under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground” after Romney pulverized Obama during the debate last week.

Ryan lamented that “hope and change” had been replaced by “attack, blame, and defame.”

“President Obama had his chance,” Ryan said. “He made his choices.”

Ryan rejected the fundamental transformation of America sought by Obama. “We will not try to replace our founding principles,” Ryan said. “We will reapply our founding principles.” Although much younger than Biden, Ryan was the only adult sitting at the table.

One thing is for sure: both Obama and Biden are hardcore haters whose self-esteem exceeds their actual abilities.

Last night the senescent Biden resented being taken on by the sometimes brash, young, handsome, genuinely brilliant lawmaker from Wisconsin.

Never before was so much pricey dental porcelain displayed on live television as the unstatesmanlike Biden, chuckled, mocked, and guffawed his way through the 90-minute encounter. His constant, obnoxious interruptions were tolerated by the moderator, left-wing journalist Martha Raddatz, who frequently challenged Ryan, demanding specifics from the challenger. Raddatz asked little of Biden.

Barely a word of truth escaped the vice president’s lips.

Biden threw the intelligence community under the bus in order to support the Obama administration’s ongoing coverup of the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. From the start the administration portrayed the assault as a spontaneous uprising sparked by anger over an anti-Islam video. For two weeks officials tried to pretend that terrorists weren’t involved.

In the debate Biden said intelligence agencies failed to do their jobs and fed the White House bad information.

The administration didn’t initially know the attack was instigated by terrorists and hadn’t received requests from officials for additional security, Biden said, lying on both counts. Evidence now establishes that the administration learned about the attack before it happened. There is also proof that the late Ambassador Chris Stevens, believing he was marked for death by terrorists, pleaded with the administration to provide additional security. Each day brings new revelations of administration malfeasance in the sorry affair.

Biden dramatically swore to find the killers. “We will track you to the gates of Hell,” he vowed.

Ryan countered that what happened in Benghazi was proof of the “unravelling” of Obama’s foreign policy of weakness and appeasement. Obama has refused to admit that the Islamic world hasn’t abandoned its hostility to the U.S. That would conflict with his messianic narrative in which diverse peoples across the planet are united and inspired by the president.

Romney’s controversial criticism of the Obama administration’s condemnation of an anti-Muslim video nobody saw and that apparently played no role in the Benghazi attack was admirable, Ryan explained.

“It’s never too early to speak up for our values,” Ryan said.

The best Biden could do was to note that left-wing journalists agreed that Romney should have kept his mouth shut. Romney’s criticism of Obama’s apology for the video was “panned by the media all around the world.”

Predictably, the Vice President made a number of characteristically ridiculous assertions.

Biden said that Syria was five times larger than Libya. As Newt Gingrich tweeted, Biden was “absurdly” and “totally” wrong. Libya, a huge North African country, is 679,362 square miles compared to Syria which is merely 71,500 square miles in size.

Biden condemned super PACs as “abominations” even though the Obama-Biden team uses them enthusiastically. Priorities USA Action super PAC unleashed the Joe Soptic ad, probably the most dishonest –and certainly the most vicious – presidential campaign ad since Lyndon Johnson’s apocalyptic “Daisy” ad in 1964 painted Barry Goldwater as a budding Dr. Strangelove.

The ad features Soptic explaining directly to the camera how his wife died after Bain Capital, the firm Romney once ran, bought the steel company he worked for and dissolved it. Soptic blames Romney for the loss of his health insurance and subsequent death of his wife.

The Soptic ad was funded by the super PAC’s donors. Among those donors are the alleged comedian Bill Maher and the Service Employees International Union.

Biden invoked class warfare too many times to count and blamed Republicans for the nation’s ballooning debt levels. He said Democrats had saved Medicare by cutting $700-odd billion from the program, a lie Ryan nailed him on. Democrats “got caught with their hands in the cookie jar,” taking the $700 billion and using it to fund Obamacare, Ryan said. If the cuts aren’t reversed Medicare patients will have a much harder time getting seen by doctors.

It wasn’t so much a debate as an argument between a mature person and a toddler.

Clint Eastwood seems to understand what a nonentity Biden is.

During his surprise appearance at the Republican convention in Florida, Eastwood seemed to share my frame of mind about the Cheshire Cat temporarily residing in the U.S. Naval Observatory.

In his extemporaneous riff before an empty chair representing the empty suit that is Barack Obama, Eastwood said, “You’re getting as bad as Biden. Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party. Just kind of a grin with a body behind it.”

The more Joe Biden smiles, the more voters realize he’s not the man the media built him up to be.

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  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Biden is the perfect pair for Mr. Obama. Biden has a stuck smile set while Mr. Soetoro Obama is a bitter faced person way out of his depth if left to his own devices. We all by now know how fit Mr. Obama is to be at the WH. After yesterday, State Street, downtown Chicage can expect Mr. Obama back soon.

    • Jason

      Its hard to believe this idiot is one heartbeat away from being president. He is a disgrace to Americans and on that note, a disgrace to humanity.

      • Sunbeam

        Well, this man, Biden is a shame to America, and so is the President. They're not fit to lead America. They are in fact a disgrace to this honored nation. The whole bunch of this Administration must go. They are traitors of the land and they should not be given another chance to lead again. Americans must realize this and stand together unitedly this Nov 6 to bring these down before it does more damage to this great land. They knew they're covering up the actual Benghazi story from the very beginning, deliberately refusing to accept it was a preplanned terrorist attack even though the Libyan authorities had repeatedly rectified it was so. By this they (these leaders) put themselves first before the nation, therefore are guilty and should be prosecuted accordingly.

  • Joe

    Watching the debate was kind of like watching a drunk argue with the bartender over his tab.

    • teq

      I figured Joe had downed a few drinks before going on stage. I recognize that goofy smirk. No sober person would act the way he did on stage. As Ryan pointed out, Joe was under a lot of duress to “act tough” and make up for Barry’s miserable performance last week. Too bad the Dems don’t know the difference between “acting tough” and being a jerk.
      I’m starting to feel very good about the election. ;)

      • mlcblog

        My take exactly!! and I know more about how drunks act than I ever wanted to.

  • Mel Hibbard

    Matthew, this article warms me to the core!
    After the debate, I mused at how I would describe the events of last night. Thank you for putting everything in it's perfect order. You have done a great service to those who would consider Biden totally inconsiderate, and unreliable for the position of Vice-President.

    In my opinion, Biden is a loose cannon, totally focused only on himself!

    Mel Hibbard
    Dearborn, Michigan

    • Nan

      YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT, MEL HIBBARD! From the beginning of the debate to the end, Biden reminded me of a clown, with those overly white teeth, and that fake smile. Also, every time he opened his mouth, he lied, which is "par for the course" for him. I don't think many American citizens saw him as a "genuine" individual. Paul Ryan, on the other hand, came across as the mature one, with comments that actually MADE SENSE.

  • patriotwatch

    I'm surprised no commentator noticed what was going on in the vice-presidential debate. Biden and Martha Raddatz tag-teamed Ryan. One or the other of them interrupted Ryan every time he started to explain something. They seldom let Ryan finish his point. Ryan would start to explain something-interrupt–start to explain–interrupt. Raddatz would ask Ryan a question, then interrupt his answer.

    On the other hand, Paul Ryan, respectfully, and the moderator, quietly without interrupting, allowed Biden to finish all his points.

    • robertpinkerton

      Four and a half decades of observation have convinced me that interruption is just about the very core of "left 'manners(?)'." This is only a sidestep removed from their "value(?)" of silencing speakers with whom they disagree. They use our own will to good manners against us.

      • fiddler

        Not much far removed from common hecklers trying to shut down a speaker (something David Horowitz has often encountered). This sadly is no longer a country of diverse points of view; for many it has become one of neo-Alinskyites, content to do their "father's" will (referring to the one Alinksy dedicated "Rules for Radicals").

    • Nan

      Right on, patriotwatch…and THAT is one of the many differences between todays "new-age" liberal/socialist democrats and the sensible and courteous conservative Republicans. I hope and pray American citizens/voters will remember that on Election Day, and vote for America, and especially for the future of our children and their children. They deserve as great a legacy as our parents left for us. They DON'T deserve THE HORRENCOUS DEBT Obama has run up (more than all previous presidents COMBINED) for THEM to pay. All babies born now are inheriting MORE DEBT than they could POSSIBLY EVER PAY. What a huge FAILURE the last four years have been; and it's ALL on the shoulders of the democrats, especially Obama.

  • Sound&Fury

    Uncle Joe reminds me of the jerk who laughs inappropriately during a solemn funeral. He loves playing the likeable, buffoonish uncle who is campy with the average middle class American, but he comes off in a creepy, Jerry Sandusky, sorta way.

    • Nata Asatiani

      Exactly! I think he tried to humiliate Ryan showing that his statement was worthy of laugh. It was espacially unappropriate to laugh when they were speaking about Ambassador's assasination

  • Schlomotion

    After Joe Biden CRUSHED Paul Ryan last night the Republican analyst had no recourse but to say he went crazy. I knew as soon as she said "unhinged" some dutiful drone would start hammering his article for Frontpage using the word "unhinged" in the title. I thought it was going to be Joe Klein, but it was Matt Vadum.

    • tagalog

      I don't know about anybody crushing anybody in last night's debate. In the Romney-Obama debate, I'd say it was a 55-45 win for Romney. Last night was more like 53-47 for Ryan.

      I give Ryan the edge because he was serious and had more detailed understanding, while Biden had smirks and interruptions to offer. I also thought Martha Raddatz (or however you spell her name) was a terrible moderator.

      But I'm biased in favor of the Romney-Ryan team.

      • Schlomotion

        I'm not a Democrat, but I think Biden is a seasoned political veteran who managed to keep from belly laughing every time Ryan pitched a painstakingly mirror-rehearsed advertisement for the same or worse plan than the Democrats, and repeatedly ran afoul of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Biden struck me as a knowledgeable senior statesman and Ryan as a hunched up junior gesturer. Neither of these performances will result in an Obama or a Romney vote from me, but it was good television entertainment. All in all, this is why I think we should honor the Constitutional provision for separate elections for Vice President.

        • reader

          A wannaby troll gives a shout out to another one – the seasoned knowledgeable senior troll, quite appropriately. Touching moment finally arrived for the unappreciated unnoticed by the publick at large tro schlo…. It came and went. That's it.

        • Sally

          If you are not a a Democrat you sure have been drinking some of the Koolaid. To say that
          Biden came off as a seasoned political veteran is simply ludicrous. A grinning man unable to logically explain the actions of this administration who have been caught lying over and over again does not project any type of professionalism but might appeal to the intellectually challenged!
          He should have admitted, that as a practicing catholic, he chooses to ignore the tenants of his faith and embrace a government funded abortion policy that promotes abortion for the poor. That is a fact. No thinking person wants back door abortions but to promote government coverage of abortion at the whim of women using it as a method of birth control is morally and ethically wrong.

          • Schlomotion

            It's tenets, dear (he holds a belief, not real estate), and Mr. Biden did a great job not being a jerk about his religion. He is a fine role model in the regard of not inflicting his personal beliefs upon others.

          • fiddler

            Okay everyone, now we all will have to EXAMINE Schlo's spelling. This juncture was the most telling part of Biden. All of a sudden he gave lip service to his "faith", then, looking down, fumbled for the words, not wanting his "convictions" to get in the way party line.

            Are you one of those "INDEPENDENTS" who are closet leftists? Good luck with that.

            and just for the record:
            ten·ant (tnnt)
            1. One that pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another.
            2. A dweller in a place; an occupant.
            3. Law One who holds or possesses lands, tenements, or sometimes personal property by any kind of title.
            tr. & intr.v. ten·ant·ed, ten·ant·ing, ten·ants
            To hold as a tenant or be a tenant.

            Sorry "real estate" and people are not the same.

          • Joe

            I agree that he may not have been a jerk about his religion, but he was certainly the worst jerk possible with his incessant interruption by laughing and being disrespectful in how he addressed others by just last names – no decorum – no proper respect of others and that is unacceptably shameful!

          • tagalog

            What is most disappointing to me is not so much that Biden acted boorishly, but that subsequent polls on the debate show people giving points to Biden because of his aggressiveness. Not that he had much worthwhile to say, but that he pushed in the manner that he did. That is a bit frightening: you're a good debater if you interrupt your opponent and mouth a lot of nonsense and at least one clear lie ("we didn't know about the requests for more security in Benghazi")?

          • Schlomotion

            We saw that Obama looked stupid in the first debate. He claims he was just bring polite. The Republicans spun "polite" into "stupid" and painted Romney's rudeness as being admirably aggressive. Days later, Biden is aggressive, but mainly good-natured and he laughs off a few lies and examples incompetence by Ryan. This admirable aggressiveness and congeniality is branded "stupid" and suddenly, Ryan's "politeness" is admirable.

            This just proves that in a election season, reporters and spin doctors change their view of morality every few seconds.

          • Western Canadian

            As for the comment about not inflicting his personal beliefs on others….. Like ted kennedy (an incredible degenerate in his own right), he fails to inflict them even on himself. You must really hate others who have succeeded in ‘inflicting’ their ‘personal beliefs’ on others…. like Wilberforce, MLK, and all others who have fought to protect those you have no personal use for.

        • Supreme_Galooty

          You would be voting for Jack Kevorkian in that he best represents your quaint views.

          "Tro Schlo" That's rich! Ha…….

        • Pontotoc Bill

          But you seem to always support the Democrats. That makes you a democrat in my book.

          VP Biden lied through his teeth, especially about Benghazi. And he did remind me of the black sheep uncle who is always on the booze.

          Try again with your lies, SchloMo.

        • UCSPanther

          Either you are stupid, or you are delusional. Biden is an idiot, just like Obama.

          • Maxie

            Biden is a party hack, nothing more. He's built his whole career on being a liar-for-hire famous for putting his mouth in operation before engagng his primative brain. The libs love him because provides comic relief at their snobby A-list cocktail parties.

        • GFM2012

          You're a lying Democrat Obama TROLL. And Biden "painfully rehearsed" for six full days in preparation for his grotesque, melodramatic eye-rolling act. "800 million billion" comes to mind as one of his most impressive attempts at enumerating all the tax revenue we'll get by doing away with the "Bush tax cuts for the rich." I think the senior statesman had more than a few senior moments. And, I repeat, you are a liberal TROLL.

        • wsk

          Can I borrow some of your meds?

    • Rick MacDonald

      I too watched the debate. But the report above in no way reflects what I felt happened. I too want an end to Obama's presidency. But the eager boy scout (Ryan) was totally smothered by the wily old fox (Biden).
      For the first time since I began reading I am disappointed at the descent into Yellow Journalism so very evident in this article. Your reputation for fair and honest reporting took a major hit with this approach of bending the truth to further the chances of an Obama defeat. It may well be in the interest of Israel and the Jews of the diaspora for Romney/Ryan to win but your fair and honest reporting should not have been compromised in this way.

      • fiddler

        I'll agree with you to a point. Imagine if Ryan had taken the bait and acked in kind it would have become a shouting match. Who would lose? Ryan. If I were Ryan and was flagratly double teamed I would have been tempted to haul off and smack the old man for his blatant rudeness. Frankly, I don't think his antics played well with women voters. Biden made some good points and appealed to the people, but total lack of professionalism and condescending behavior seemed to reveal that he had to talk LOUDLY to be believed. It was more of an intimidation tactic than making a valid point. He came off as a disdainful hater, not as a respected statesman.

        • fiddler

          And for Schlo who is taking notes: "acked" should be "acted"; "flagratly" should be "flagrantly". Double teamed should be hyphenated.

      • Eva

        Yellow journalism? Seriously? You must be from the good old USSR… they loved this term. If you were unable to see a raging, loudmouth bully in Biden, nothing can help you gain a clear vision. The "eager boy scout", on the other hand, conducted himself with poise and showed wisdom beyond his years. He never responded to Biden's many caustic remarks once, and everything he said was heartfelt and factual. Libs should try to learn from this young man how to respect their opponents.

        • Cynic

          Yellow journalism? Seriously? You must be from the good old USSR… they loved this term.

          Maybe a little history is in order as this term came about in the late 1880s.
          In circulation battles between New York World and New York Journal.
          Apparently Pulitzer’s paper used a cartoon of his own that he titled “The Yellow Kid” and this was used to sensationalise stories and discredit stories of other papers. This became the yellow journalism avidly adhered in today’s media.


      How much is the rent you pay on that bubble you live in, Schlomo?

      • Schlomotion

        40 Latinum bars per month.

    • Max

      Still not taking your meds, shlomo?

    • mah29001

      Okay "smart guy" tell me if I made those smirks and laughter like Joe Biden did to you if we debated would you define that rude? Even walk off the debate? I would.

      • Schlomotion

        No. What's rude about you is that you are an anonymous libeler. As far as debating you face to face, that would be hilarious.

  • Fred

    I didn't know Biden drank so much. What a Jerk. I wish Ryan would have asked him:

    What about the Birth Certificate Fraud
    What about someone using another persons SSA#
    What about Barry giving so much money to the Muslim Brotherhood (the enemy)
    What about Fast and Furious
    What about Barry SEALING all of his records

    • zalukas

      Comrade, you obviously had been reading Government unapproved literature. Your potato and vodka rations will be halfed for a month and you will report to your nearest ACLU arresting officer for processing.

    • trickyblain

      I wish he would have asked him those things, too. Really.

      • fiddler

        No, just bore into him about not knowing it was a terrorist attack in Benghazi despite known fact.

    • Jim of Alabama

      I wish Ryan had stopped Joker Joe in his tracks when he started lying about the alleged Intel failure in Libya, with a few simple questions. "Can we just clarify something here Mr Vice President? If neither you or the President were informed that this was a highly organized, preplanned terrorist attack, when we now have testimony before Congress, that this fact was known within 24 hours, and both of you were left, along with the Secretary of State, to make fools of yourselves, for two weeks, telling the world that this was a spontaneous eruption provoked by an obscure movie trailer, we would like to ask if you know exactly who in the Intel community was responsible for this outrageous failure to communicate and when exactly will they be fired? And, if indeed you were not informed that the Ambassador and others on his staff had been begging the State Department for a minimal security detail, because there were warnings of an impending attack, will anyone be prosecuted for negligence leading to the deaths of our diplomats or was this simply information that was not addressed because the Commander-in-Chief had failed to attend 60% of his Intelligence Briefings?"

      • Maxie

        About ten words into that question Ryan would have cut-off by both Biden and the moderator from Pravda.

        • Jim of Alabama

          True…and fortunately the campaign hasn't put me on as a speech writer…yet…

    • Nan

      DITTO, FRED! Those are questions Ryan SHOULD have asked Biden. However, that debate was a "bummer" for Biden anyway, as expected. His"reputation" follows him.

  • chrisgleason

    Unfortunately, Biden's behavior so sickened me that I was unable to watch the entire "debate." Recently I read a perfect answer to why Obama picked Biden as his VP – "to prove he didn't need one." He chose well.

  • Armando

    There's nothing as sad than to watch a has been, an old buffon perform. That was Joe Biden.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Biden, Joe Biden, as if Obama wasn't bad enough………the ticket from loonland…….William

    • BS77

      Biden was so arrogant, so rude, interrupting and leering, smirking and laughing…what a jerk. I had to turn the so called debate off. It was awful.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        His truest words "we had no intelligence"…………..William

  • burt

    1. Vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz and her former husband hosted President Obama at their wedding
    2. Biden might get the questions BEFORE the debate.
    3. Ryan might tell him: IT IS NOT FUNNY when you ruin our country and cover it with lies”

  • teq

    I can't believe that Joe and Barry are still blaming the CIA for Benghazi. Caroline Glick wrote an article a day or two after the attacks stating that it had to be a terrorist attack since protesters don't come to a protest armed with rocket propelled grenades. And yet Barry's guys continued to insist it was all due to a Youtube trailer made by a Copt who was paid by 100 Jews to produce it.
    What kind of fools do they think we are?

  • LEE

    I'm gladened that many of you realistic folks feel like we do. Ryan was harassed by Raddatz every ste of the way. Old Joe really showed his contempt for Ryan and Romney continuously throughout the debate. Old Joe fabricated stories about the Libya killings and threw our intellignce community under the bus. When it came to the abortion issue he again lied saying this administration doesn' discriminate against the Catholic Church and it's projects. Ryan came back on that as wellwas drowned out by Raddatz.

    • fiddler

      Yes I noticed that. He said, "Then why did they SUE him". But that was covered up. Yeah, don't bother me with fact or logic dillweed.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Biden was in typical liberal "debate" mode: Lots of spittle splatter, oafish interruptions, frequent subject changes – often in the same sentence, smug and supercilious ridicule of the opponent – usually without any real basis in fact. Oh yeh, FACTS – the first casualty of liberal "debate."

    • "gunner"

      well…, we've seen the democrats secret weapon, truly bibiical, the jawbone of an ass.

  • trickyblain

    "Even though Ryan clearly seemed to be feeling the pressure, he wasn’t cowed by Biden. He taunted the vice president, noting that Biden is “under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground” after Romney pulverized Obama during the debate last week."

    Nah. Obama was unprepared and came off as aloof and disengaged. Romney outperformed him, but hardly "pulverized" him.

    Biden, on the other hand, b–ch slapped Ryan, put him over his knee and spanked him.

    • burt

      Vice President Ryan or his people may call you one day for a "little talk", clintonesque/obamaesque way.
      Arrogand BESTtards often get their b*lls in a wringer.
      Do not bother answering –
      ………………….. I do not debate leftist imbeciles, who hate USA, but love dollars and will not move to Cuba.

      • trickyblain

        Do you debate people who can form sentences in basic English?

    • GFM2012

      You're nothing but a stupid liberal punk.

      • Maxie

        Tricky is not a punk.

        • trickyblain

          Thanks, Maxie. I'd like to think you'd discount "stupid" as well, but can't ask for everything.

          I don't trust anything going by the name of "GFM2012." It sounds like a robot up to no good.

          • Maxie

            No problem. And no, you're not stupid. I like to think of you as a recovering liberal :)

    • PaulRevereNow

      No…Biden simply made an *ss of himself.(And he's congenitally incapable of doing anything else) Any schoolboy knows this technique…laugh and sneer at your opponent…and lie through your teeth. Example: "Our embassy in Libya never asked for more
      protection." Watch the debate closely; and you'll see Ryan is visibly appalled when Joey B. says this.

  • Western Spirit

    The way the world is Biden may get away with his performance of rudeness. CBS opined he had been a firewall for his ticket after the Obama disaster.

    His great performance had pulled his ticket out of a free fall. Rudeness and manners means nothing to these people. In fact, they believe if you out yell someone you've won the argument.

    How the American people react to this performance will tell a lot about where we are as a nation.

    • trickyblain

      If calling out lies is rude, we need a lot more rude folks in DC. Romney's entire campaign has been about shifting his message and "core beliefs" to pander to whatever audience he's in front of. Calling them on it isn't bad manners, it's the responsible thing to do.

      Looking at history, the debates between our founding icons made last night look like teatime.

      • GFM2012

        Okay, I'll be happy to. You're a liar. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Obama's dialect shifts with each audience! When he's down south, it's all 'bout eatin' wattymelon, then he switches to "whitespeak" when he's back on national tv. Literally every word out of his mouth is a lie! He is a congenital liar, trained in such techniques by his Communist parents, no doubt. Pander doesn't even begin to describe the despicable, condescending drivel that erupts from his mouth (when he's not on a teleprompter). I'm afraid if this is the extent of your critical thinking, you have very little to offer this discussion.

  • clarespark

    Joe Biden was behaving as other Democratic politicians before him, with the sole exception of FDR, the patrician. Their modus operandi have been to come on as warriors and to rouse their base with populist appeals. I showed that here:…. "Before Saul Alinsky: Rules for Democratic Politicians." My example was Claude Bowers, a prominent follower of Jefferson and Jackson who laid out the battle plan for his Party.

    • GFM2012

      That sure is interesting! (Not.)

      • clarespark

        You didn't read the blog, yet you have a negative opinion of it? According to my stats, no one has read it yet, but it is a revealing report on Democratic Party tactics, which are bullying and militaristic.

        • GFM2012

          One might have simply said so in the first place…

    • PaulRevereNow

      The Dhimmicrats may come on as warriors, but believe me, many of them don't have enough self-control to be successful at the soldier game. Being loud and rude doesn't necessarily make one tough.

  • dmw

    No wonder Obama and Biden haven't been doing any "leading" or negotiation with Congress on the issues. The two know everything, don't ya know, and all the Republicans are ignorant, unserious, and too wealthy (unlike them, again, don't ya know).

  • marios

    Leftists/socialists seized control over 90% MSM and their propaganda takes a high toll. Obama despite the his absolute failure still have a chance to be re-elected. It is disgrace for America and Rep's allowed it. Why Romney-Ryan and Rep. party agreed to have all moderators leftists? Why did not they insisted that at least one should be conservative? It was disgusting to see that impudent liar Biden supported by "moderator" leftist effort silent decent, intellectual talking truth but not rhetoric Ryan. Hope that majority is still founding Fathers descendants Americans. America is not able to bear 4 more year of socialists who lead us to totalitarian system.

  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    Matthew, while i do admire you literature, i must admit that objectivity was crucified on the alter of partisanship. Our intend to critic must in all genuineness give our readers the opportunity to see the subject through their own critical eyes. The truth is Romney had his night just as Biden last night. And no one can take it from them not even the mainstream media. We all cannot be on the left or the right but the truth will always be the truth. And insults have no place in actual intellectualism. No one will get the white house by vilifying the other. The voters are very careful about these things. Please leave room to maintain your audience after the election else you preach to the choir.

    • GFM2012

      The only person doing any "villifying" last night was Joe Biden. His incessant rudeness and non-stop chatter should have been addressed by any competent moderator, but of course we knew in advance that Raddatz was and is an Obama ally. She knew it was coming and she let it go on all night. The notion that you can "win" a debate by grinning insanely and wagging your head at everything your opponent says is something only the true Kool-Aid drinkers of the left could believe. The truth is, the man is perhaps the most banal, insincere and intellectually deficient vice president since Walter Mondale. No wonder he received less than 1% of voter support in the 2008 presidential primaries, and no wonder the Kenyan Interloper insisted on him as his VP. Misery loves company.

  • GFM2012

    Come on now! Joe Biden EASILY had the best hair plugs of the evening… Too bad they drilled them in a little too deeply.

  • Eva

    Excellent article, thank you so much. The middle class advocate from Scranton came across as a loudmouth idiot. Just give him enough rope, as they say…

  • Samuccaya

    Joe Biden preparing for the debate with Paul Ryan @
    and Joe Biden's debate performance with Paul Ryan @

  • captdax

    'Obie doyou nome' and 'Crazy flailing Joe Jackass.'

    • FRONTPGMGSubscriber

      HEY!!!!! Joe Biden's the CLOWN!

  • pierce

    Joe Biden belongs on Looney Tunes. He is insulting, rude, and has no business being Vice President, or a US Senator from Delaware. The unfortunate part of last night's debate was the moderator did not reprimand him, our correct him on his behavior. She was not very good as she let Joe get a way wis his immature antics. It could be said she was pro Democrat, and made a mockery of her position of moderator. She was just as much at fault as STUPID JOE.

  • Sunbeam

    This Martha Raddatz doesn't fit to be a debate moderator at this important Vice Presidential debate. Ryan should learn from this lesson that he'd been interrupted for the mere reason of cutting off his explanation before he can even finished it is true fact that this Martha is a pro Democrat. Ryan should gently asked to be allowed to finish his explanation rather than be interrupted always. The technique applied is also to off-side the debater's focus. Lesson learned for Ryan I hope. Cheers for the Republican..!!!

  • sugar

    Biden sure failed acting classes as evidenced by his overly dramatic,smirking,sneering and idiotic laughing.

    I don't consider it a fair debate when one participant interrupts the other – mid point- 82 times.
    And then the moderator begins doing the same. It's just cheap,gutter politics by distraction.
    They demand an answer,interrupt the response then change the subject.

    But what can we expect from liberals who consistently lie,call dead Americans a bump in the road and employ terrorists ?

    Romney should do a little research on Obama's tax plan. Obama has destroyed the tax bracket he keeps claiming he needs to tax. We lost 130,000 millionaires in 2011 alone.

    • amused

      Yea he should take notes from Ryans family Vaudeville routine at the homeless shelter …….oh brother what hypocrisy ! You people top the list .

  • FRONTPGMGSubsciber

    You guys are TOO MUCH!!!!!

  • FRONTPGMGSubsciber

    Might want to start thinking about a Romney-Ryan administration, and all what that might mean. This does not imply we're going to be 'off the hook'. We may see the usual 'honeymoon period' and, then, problems will arise (as they always do) which may lead, in time, to dissatisfaction and (even) protests (from certain quarters). This country, and people, have plenty of enemies and (you know -I'm wanting to be realistic- they will be working full time, as they have been, to bring us down!) The never will exist any "silver bullet" administration which can completely insulate us from that … or ourselves!

    • teq

      No one expects perfection but we could surely do better than we have for the last four years. It would be hard to do worse.

  • amused

    Biden laughed at Ryans inconsistencies and hypocrisy .And THAT was the "adult " thing to do , the only alternative Biden had was to call Ryan an outright LIAR ..Biden called Ryan out several times , and Ryan as usual had no answer – What else to do with Iran ? War ? – Ryan-no answer / Withdrawal date for Afghanistan ? Romney spokesan beforevthe debate " it was a big mistake " /Ryan I agree with the withdrawal date . Social Security ? Ryan bombed /how you gonna pay for tax cuts ? -Ryan …no answer / Ryan -bailouts were a failure yet when Biden outed Ryan with letter Ryan wrote to Biden asking for bailout money for his State , said it would create jobs -hypocrisy on display . Ryan bombed , Biden destroyed him .

    • mah29001

      So it's perfectly okay to act rude during a debate even if you think the facts are on your side? If that's the case, you need to get your head examined.

  • amused

    LOL….Romney lies and Ryan swears …well kinda , since neither knows what their own policy is on Iran , Afghanistan , taxes and Social security .Wait for part two , Obama should take lessons from Biden and hammer Romney on his " 47% " which was no mistake as Romney falsely confessed , you can slip with a word but not an entire speech . Biden laughed at the 180's exposed on part of both Ryan and Romney while hitting Ryan on the head with them …..but hey you can see it as a win for Ryan …..I don't nor do many others . Good luck on Tuesday .

    • Pocacahontas

      Say what you want — and I have no doubt that you will — Biden played the part of a fool perfectly. That’s because he didn’t have to act.

      • amused

        it's all a matter of perspective .it seems the only timeRomney speaks the truth , is when it's by mistake [ 47% ] . [Ryan taking TARP money writing a letter to yours truly saying it would be good for jobs in his State ] Romney-Care , and the list of lies go on . And then there's the ole' Ryan standard "I don't have enough time to explain …" Biden like Obama was just being gracious , they both should have called out both your clowns as the LIARS that they are , a point so easily ignored by the deluded ….but not the undecided voters .

  • Silver ScumbAG

    This schmuck Biden has been in Office for 42 years!!! As much a good he is, what can be said of the bigger Amrican goons who go gaga over this male skank?

    Proof that maybe the Americans are the dumbest people on the planet or at least should not be so snug about other cultures.

    • teq

      It's true that half of Americans are pretty dumb; that's why they're called Dumbocrats. But the other half is pretty smart and after January this half will be leading again.

  • HAK

    This is the first mention of the 'Syria five times larger than Lybia' gaff that I've read. My teenage son laughed hysterically when he heard Biden say that. These incompetent bafoons will be the destruction of America if re-elected…God forbid.

    • teq

      God HAS forbidden it. If the Dumbs manage to steal the election the Kenyan fool will be impeached before he can say Allah Akhbar!

    • Pocacahontas

      Area-wise, Libya is about nine times the size of Syria: Alaska compared to North Dakota. Population-wise, Syria has about four times as many people as Libya. So, on that one, Hairplugs Joe was about as close as he ever gets.

      If you’re a conservative or a Republican, you should be glad Plugs was out to energize the base and not to sway undecided voters. As much as I hate to admit it, he wasn’t terribly bad on substance — most of the time.

      Both Biden and Ryan made errors of fact — the way I’ll generously characterize them rather than call either a liar. If Biden had presented a civil demeanor and seemed less unhinged, he might have gained the votes of some who were undecided. As it is, I seriously doubt that many voters were persuaded to vote for either obama or Romney.

      Call the debate a draw.

    • wsk

      Maybe Biteme was talking about the relative population of each country. Or he's a complete fool…. or both.

  • Amused

    You got that right Silver ConDUM , we should be a laughing stock , when all of the Republicans on the Science and Technology Committe dont beliee in science . And how they playrd brinksmanship to the point of getting the credit rating of the U.S. knocked down a notch .BTW , in case you hadn't noticed Biden ain't the only career politician in Washington , in fact there are quite afew with longer records on both sides of the isle .

    And BTW HAK , however Biden's gaff might have or have not been ….Romney's 47% NON-GAFF speech was funnier …wasn't it ?

  • Gene W 1938

    "When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet." Proverbs 29:9

    • teq

      Great quote! It's amazing how Proverbs has a proverb for just about every occasion! On second thought, maybe not so amazing when we consider the source of the inspiration. ;-)

      Thanks. I'm going to use that one.

      • amused

        you do that , and btw check out Proverbs on the many verses referring to LIARS .

        • wsk

          Yes, I believe its called Obaminition.

  • gerry

    What a show!The loons are really in charge in the US.Priceless footage tobe kept for future generations.Biden is the real face of the US morally and intellectually bankrupt.They must be laughing their heads off in the world chancelleries.

  • Dave

    I believe on facts, Paul Ryan clearly won, PERIOD! Further, biden, with all his despicable behavior, LOST whatever points he tried to make!

  • Pocacahontas

    Unfortunate though it is, I see Biden as having rallied the troops with his performance. I turned on the TV a couple of minutes ago and caught a few seconds of Meet the Press, just enough to hear a subdued Jennifer Granholm praise Biden for his appearance Thursday. (At least I think it was the former Dating Game contestant.)

  • amused

    "The troops " on either side need not rally , they are already decided , it is the undecided who must choose between two liars , and they will vote for the lesser . And that will not bode well for Romney/Ryan .

  • amused

    oh , did I leave out HYPOCRISY and 180 degree turns for the sake of pandering ?

  • Jim_C

    I think you guys have a great candidate in Paul Ryan; I think he's a decent guy with a lot to offer. I like the way he frames his views. It takes a real man to be a conservative who admits government programs made a big difference in his life. Also, as a Catholic, he exhibits a concern for the poor most conservatives couldn't be bothered to evince. So I give him lots of credit.

    That said, Joe Biden's experience won the night, particularly in foreign policy. Biden also did well in pointing to the day-one GOP obstructionism that hampered recovery in this country. If you can get off the soap opera, "Gosh he was grinning and evil and blah blah blah!" emotional b.s., you'd realize Biden basically conducted a seminar in foreign policy for Paul Ryan's benefit.

  • amused

    • The health care law cuts future growth of Medicare spending by about $700 billion but it still grows. This part of the ad has some truth to it but requires further explanation.

    • The unelected IPAB board is tasked with finding Medicare savings. It can reduce how much government pays for services, and some fear that could lead doctors to not order certain treatments. It does not make decisions for individual patients, but it can recommend changes to bring down costs, including about what gets covered. Its powers are limited, however, and its decisions can be changed by Congress if Congress is willing to identify other savings.
    The Crossroads ad phrases its statements more carefully than some others we’ve seen, but it still gives a misleading impression about what the health care law means for Medicare beneficiaries. We rate this claim Mostly False.

  • amused

    Conclusion : The big LIE about taking 700 billion from Medicare , is just that A BIG LIE . But Oh wait ! Didn't Romney say that his cmpaign will not be bothering with fact checking ?
    Well guess what MITT , those undcided votes , will in fact be doing " Fact Checking " andi t's as easy as pie .
    Just like that ad that republicans are flooding Florida with down here about Nelson being the deciding vote for Obamacare's 700 billion dollar cut from Medicare BOTH ARE LIES , Nelson held back till about the middle of the arguments and was by no stretch the "deciding vote ". And that croc of steaming B.S. was aimed directly at the many seniors down here and to prop up Connie Mack . Too bad Romney didn't figure on these people being literate .

  • Reason_For_Life

    Two points, Matthew.

    How can you say that Biden is unhinged? It implies that at one time he was hinged and there is no evidence to support that idea. Recent scientific research has shown that many people are born without hinges. Biden certainly gives that appearance

    On a more serious note Ryan's presentation wasn't very good. He allowed "hingeless" Joe to run over him. There were several opportunities for Ryan to rip Biden a new one. Specifically when Biden asked Ryan if he thought he was John Kennedy. This was an attempt to set up Ryan for the Lloyd Bentsen line "I knew Jack Kennedy and you are no Jack Kennedy". The perfect comeback was "No, I'm not Jack Kennedy but I knew Lloyd Bentsen and you are no Lloyd Bentsen. Bentsen never plagiarized another man's speech as you were about to".

    Biden has been caught multiple times using other people's lines in his speeches. One time he stole almost all of a British politician's speech.

    • wsk

      he plagerized his law school thesis as well.

  • mah29001

    If it were me debating Joe Biden, I'd just walk right off the debate, openly refuse to debate to this imbecile. If I wanted a wall sitting next to me as my debate partner, I would have already asked for one. Not get Joe Biden.

  • http://none Denise Ward

    This is a test. I haven’t been here for so long I’ve forgotten what to do or if I can log in as usual

  • Denise Ward

    This is a test

  • amused

    Ryan &Family's Phony Comedy Routine –

    The head of a charity in northeastern Ohio where Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and his family were photographed cleaning dishes over the weekend said Monday that Ryan was not authorized to be on the premises and "did nothing" while there.

    Brian J. Antag, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society in Youngstown, told the Washington Post that the Romney campaign had not asked to make the Saturday visit to the soup kitchen. He said that he runs an apolitical faith-based organization which has bylaws barring it from hosting political candidates, and that the visit jeopardized donations from private individuals.

    Paul Ryan makes unauthorized stop at soup kitchen
    "They showed up there and they did not have permission," he said. "They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors." Antag added that Ryan and his family "did nothing" while on the premises.
    "He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall," he said.

  • amused

    Ryan was photographed cleaning "large metal pans that did not appear to be dirty" during a 15-minute visit, the Post previously reported. While television cameras rolled and photographers snapped pictures, the Wisconsin congressman discussed washing dishes while he was younger. He said he would get calluses on his fingers due to the heat from the industrial machine.
    When Ryan arrived on the site in the early afternoon, the kitchen was clean and the dining area was empty, according to a pool report. After his time in the kitchen Ryan spoke to homeless people outside the soup kitchen, but reporters were kept from monitoring the conversation.

    The Romney campaign said the visit was designed to highlight the work of soup kitchen volunteers. As the video above shows, Ryan greeted five or six adults volunteers and two children before going back to the kitchen.
    © 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • amused

    Can I expect the Ryan Family to show up at my door , dish rags in hand ? I promise not to have them arrested for trespassing if I'm not home , I'll just leave the dirty dishes in the sink !

  • amused

    I guess this was an " ADULT " bit of trickery eh Vadum ??
    Tell me Vadum , do you find this phony Ryan Family show " LOATHSOME " too ? LOL….and he's the most "DISINGENUOUS VP " in your short lifetime [ or selective memory ] I guess you "forgot " Tricky Dick and Agnew huh ?

    I'll bet you spend alot of time " Loathing " ….it shows .

  • Asher

    Joe Biden's mission was to interrupt and make fun of Paul Ryan, smiling like a simple simon, and in spite of his rude and obnoxious behavior, Ryan was strong on his facts, temperment, and ability to communicate to people. This didn't help Dufus Biden at all, it only showed that we have a debased mentality in the Democrat party who would rather attack people than accomplish anything….and this was very well noted by the American People! The Moderators should be better screened before they are allowed to be in control of a debate.

  • amused

    What was Ryan and family's mission at that homeless shelter ?Oh and did i hear you say " ATTACK PEOPLE " LOLOLOL….YOU HYPOCRITE , THAT"DS ALL THEY DO AROUND HERE .

    You gotta be kidding , right ? …right ?