Leftist Mob Mobilizes Against the GOP

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At one event, Romney fought back. In a rare outburst, the polite former Massachusetts governor verbally sparred with an activist complaining about the influence of money in politics. “Hey, instead of shouting, why don’t you say what you mean, what’s your view?” said Romney. “Madam, what do you think?”

Angry street protest groups have been harassing Republican candidates since the summer.

Members of an Iowa affiliate of an Alinsky-inspired organizing network called National People’s Action (NPA) screamed at Romney at the Iowa State Fair in August. Members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement badgered and heckled Romney, shrieking and interrupting him as he attempted to share his views on reforming entitlement programs like Social Security.

The ACORN-like Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement was praised by Bill Moyers and labeled the “Most Valuable Grassroots Advocacy Group” of 2009 by John Nichols of The Nation magazine.

NPA, along with many of the nation’s radical groups, want to use the financial crisis to achieve a radical transformation of American society, as I report in my book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.

“The banking crisis is the next big thing,” NPA executive director George Goehl said in mid 2010. “The banking crisis is the way to build a big economic justice movement in this country.” NPA is working with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation, and ACORN’s new front groups across America in an economic terrorism campaign aimed at the financial services sector.

Meanwhile, early returns suggest Occupy New Hampshire’s obnoxious activism failed to dampen voters’ enthusiasm for Mitt Romney who carried the state with approximately 40% of the vote.

Perhaps Occupy’s antics even helped Romney garner more votes than he would have otherwise received.

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  • mrbean

    Yassah, Weez awl beez fah dah black messihaw, his exlancy, prez Obama. Weez gonna run deez honkay crackas outta New Hampsure. Yassah. (smacking lips rapidly, meettt-mettt- mettt- mettt.).

    • alexander

      FuBar Ack wyll gou to 57 states to campaine… ;)

      • mrbean

        Yassah, jus like when Pres Roosvelt gibbed dah firesigh chats on telebishion – dat what Vic Prez Biden dun said.

        • Ghostwriter

          Please stop with the "Amos n' Andy" accent. It's not just disgusting but also annoying.

  • Grantmann

    Read Ann Coulter's latest, "Demonic." It illustrates perfectly The Mob and its historical antecedents.

    • Christo

      That is a great book and your right, explains these mindless idiots perfectly. Sad to think they too are Americans.

  • Asher

    The Left mobilizes to stop GOP candidates as they travel from state to state to get out their message…..Now they are trying to tell Governor Perry to stop calling Obama a Socialist…What kind of threats will they make next?

    • trickyblain

      Telling someone to stop lying is a threat? How? as for the next "threat," maybe they'll tell Perry that the nation of Solyndra is preparing to attack.

  • spinoneone

    Of course, the young idiots either don't know or refuse to acknowledge the fact that their "messiah" is tied at the umbilical cord to the corporate fat cats. The 0 is a card carrying member of the "one percent" and relishing every moment.

  • tagalog

    A marauding band of right-wingers, many American Legionnaires, mobbed IWW organizer Wesley Everest in Centralia, Washington, around the time of World War I, beat him bloody, castrated him, and hanged him from a bridge.

    Right-wing dock workers mobbed a group of peace demonstrators in downtown New York City in the late 1960s in a well-known moment for the "Silent Majority."

    Right-wing anti-Socialists and anti-union forces shot and killed striking steel workers at McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, during the Homestead Strike.

    There are numerous other instances of right-wing violence against leftists over the past century and a half or so.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Taggie, your response is rather lame, although funny. You're talking about past labor disputes, going all the way back to WWI. Yet, you can't bring up a single instance of a "right-wing mob" using Alinsky-style (that means, Marxist-style) street tactics against the Left.

      Indeed, when Nancy Pelosi …. with her big gavel … walked through a Tea Party gathering upon passage of Zerocare, the crowd could have attacked, it could have screamed at her, and it could have spat upon her and those with her, and it didn't.

      If a smattering of "boos" is what you call "right-wing violence", then you are completely clueless.

      • tagalog

        The point is that violence and mob tactics by one group against another isn't restricted to leftists mobbing rightists. It works both ways, and always has. To claim that righties are victims of Leftist violence is to close one's eyes to right-wing intolerance, which also exists. I wouldn't call beating people up to within an inch of their lives, castrating them, and shooting them "a smattering of 'boos;'" maybe you would.

        Other instances include the violence perpertrated on the Bonus Army, and the Peekskill Riot. Then there was the Pettus Bridge and the Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney murders. The Woolworth's counter in Greensboro, N.C. Grant Park and Michigan and Balboa in Chicago in August 1968. Kent State in 1970.

        • Stephen_Brady

          The Tea Party confronted by Pelosi beat people to within an inch of their lives, and castrated them? I don't remember seeing that video …

          Bonus Army? Peeskill Riot? Once again, very OLD history …

          • tagalog

            I'm a political, financial, and cultural conservative but I'm not blind to history.

            Yes, old history. Violence perpetrated by left on right and by right on left has been going on for a long time. For some folks, if it didn't happen while they were alive, it's hardly history at all.

            I suspect you aren't aware of most of the incidents I listed in my posts. You wouldn't be mentioning videos if you were. Although there actually ARE videos (newsreels and TV film) about some of the incidents.

          • Stephen_Brady

            First, I referred to the Nancy Pelosi incident upon the passing of Zerocare. There was plenty of opportunity for "right-wing violence", there. Indeed, Pelosi was attempting to provoke it. She didn't get her wish …

            So, instead of referring to incidents that occurred in the past … btw, I was born in 1948, the year before the Peeskill Riot … I want some specific instances of right-wing Alinsky-style violence in the modern age. Your problem is that you don't have any.

          • tagalog

            No, I haven't thought of any right-on-left violence in "the modern age" (please define that term for me, if you will), at least not since 1970, which strikes an old guy like me as fairly modern. Of course, there was the white supremacist murder of James Byrd not long ago, and the anti-gay murder of Matthew Shepherd in Laramie, Wyoming. And there was anti-gay anti-abortionist murderer Eric Rudolph. His exploits I assume qualify as "modern."

            And of course, conventional attitudes see the Oklahoma City bombing as a right-wing event. But I guess that was a long time ago now, so maybe it doesn't meet your "modern era" standard.

            For your own part, you seem rather focused on the Pelosi incident; why is that?

            Do you know of any instances of left-on-right violence "in the modern age," whatever that might be?

            But the burning of the Freedom Riders' bus in Anniston, Alabama. The bombing of the Birmingham church. The placing of IWW demonstrators in Bisbee, Arizona, in boxcars and sending them out into the desert without water. As I think of more and more incidents, no doubt you can see that there is a long history of political violence. I haven't focused on leftist violence, although there are just as many instances of that too, because the thrust of the article was on the claim that righties have been little lambs being mobbed by the evil left, when actually both sides have been violent toward each other. I suppose the harmful intent for you fades with the age of the incident; hell, those IWW organizers, who cares if they got thirsty, right? It was a long time ago…

          • Loupdegarre

            Do you remember the 100 lbs. bomb the Socialist set off on Wall Street at noon 9/16 1920. It was in retaliation for the aresst of Saco and Vanzetti. How about the dynamiting of the LA Times building in 1919. We can play tit for tat all day if you wish. Oh lets not forget the little party the Jacobins led by Robespierre threw for everybody during the French Revolution know as the Bloody Terror.

          • trickyblain

            "We can play tit for tat all day if you wish."

            I think that's his point — that neither "right" or "left" is pure as the driven snow.

          • tagalog

            You forgot the McNamara brothers bombing the Los Angeles Times building. They killed 21 people and injured another 100-plus. It was the Oklahoma City bombing of its day.

            And the Haymarket bomb that killed eight cops and an unknown number of civilians.

            And the Greenwich Village bomb that blew up prematurely and killed two or three Weatherpeople (Ted Gold, Diana Oughton, and Terry Robbins), but would have killed a bunch of Fort Dix NCOs and their dates at a dance on post. They filled that bomb with nails.

            Then there was the bomb at the U. of Wisconsin. One researcher blown to hell, three others injured.

            And we can't forget the Nyack armored car heist (two cops and a security guard murdered) and the Sarah Jane Olson/Kathleen Soliah Crocker Bank robbery, where an innocent bystander (Myrnah Opsahl) got killed.

            Or the Symbionese Liberation Army's self-immolation when they burned themselves up. That was felony murder.

            But my all-time, hands-down Number One lefty gratuitously violent act of Olympic quality is the 1987 incident in which California mill worker George Alexander was seriously injured (face and jaw cut off and shredded) when the bandsaw he was operating hit an Earth First! tree spike and the blade struck him in the head. Dave Foreman, you da man! Humanitarian Foreman said, "I think it's unfortunate that somebody got hurt, but you know I quite honestly am more concerned about old-growth forests, spotted owls and wolverines and salmon-and nobody is forcing people to cut those trees."

            The F.B.I. reported more than 5,000 bombings from the Left in 1969 alone.

            But hey, they were "a long time ago," so they don't count for "the modern age," right? Or do they?

      • Western Canadian

        Your list of violence and the implication that it is right wing, is utter rubbish. If you had any shame, you would never post here again, but you are a troll more than anything else, so you will.

        *Of course, there was the white supremacist murder of James Byrd not long ago, and the anti-gay murder of Matthew Shepherd in Laramie, Wyoming. And there was anti-gay anti-abortionist murderer Eric Rudolph. His exploits I assume qualify as “modern.” **

        white supremacist losers are not conservatives, they are left over dem or dixicrats. Shepherd was murdered by a couple of punks who also beat a probably straight male, so the suggestion that it was anti-gay is a lie. Killing of baby killers is done by lone wolves, not members of pro-life groups. Three strikes right there.

        *And of course, conventional attitudes see the Oklahoma City bombing as a right-wing event.*
        The only people trying to blame the right for this, are left wing cons… not done by a conservative, and not by a rush l. fan. Quit lying about it.

        *But the burning of the Freedom Riders’ bus in Anniston, Alabama. The bombing of the Birmingham church. The placing of IWW demonstrators in Bisbee, Arizona, in boxcars and sending them out into the desert without water. As I think of more and more incidents, no doubt you can see that there is a long history of political violence. I haven’t focused on leftist violence*

        Actually, most or all of your suggestions have been left wing. Suggest you quit pretending to be on the right.

        • trickyblain

          Your post made me laugh so hard that coffee came up my nose. I mean, saying that the Shepard case was not related to him being gay? That's some avant-garde comedy material! Thanks, man. Wait. You were trying to be serious?

        • tagalog

          Please explain to me why I should feel shame; I'd appreciate it if you would spell that out for me.

          Also, please explain how the attacks on lefties came from the left; that's how I interpret what you wrote. Was it all a big conspiracy or something, you know, like the myth about Bush and Cheney setting up the 9/11 attacks so they could justify an attack on Iraq? Maybe I have it wrong and you can set me right with a reasoned explanation.

          Would you please define the term "left wing cons?" I don't know what that means.

    • alan g

      So, it sounds like you are against violence and thuggery by mobs. Does that mean you will stand up with us against left-wing thugs causing violence also? I wonder.

      • tagalog

        Yes, of course. I'm even opposed to pie-ing, considering it to be low-life hooliganism even if not exactly violent in the ordinary meaning of the word.


      The incident in Centralia, Washignton, was not a "cut and dried" affair at all. The part that was left out was the part about the IWW members shooting at the American Legion people. The story about the "castration" was also untrue. A jury convicted the IWW shooters in this affray.

      • tagalog

        If I wrongly said that they castrated Everest, I was wrong. It was widely reported, and still is, that he was castrated. Otherwise, all I said is that the Legionnaires mobbed him and killed him. That certainly is correct. I have not said that the incident was cut and dried, whatever that means in this context. The jury convicting the IWW shooters is arguable when it comes to the motivation for conviction. Feelings were surely running high. The IWW people shooting at the mob (including Everest himself) does not serve to deny them of due process of law and justify a mob hanging of Everest; no true conservative would think that, only a wannabe member of a lynch mob; that's not you, is it?

        If you find Centralia questionable, then there's always the Everett, Washington massacre, consisting of a group of businessmen led by the local sherifff firing on the steamer Verona, killing five IWW members who were peacefully gathered, eh?

        If you don't like picking on the IWW, there's always the Ludlow Massacre…

        I gather you don't agree that the incidents cited were "a long time ago" and therefore lack relevance in "the modern age," is that right?

        I understand that my posts on this subject are not welcome here, but just try to be fair, OK? Fairness is a conservative value, for Christ's sake. Tell the truth; "the truth will make you free."

        • Martel64

          The problem is not that the "Right" has been guilty of such mob violence – though not guilty of it,in decades – it's that because the media has over the last few decades,become 99.9% LEFTIST, never condemns Leftist violence, but collectively screams a self-righteous avalanche of condemnation and propaganda, against the RARE "Right Wing" acts.

          • tagalog

            Agreed; you're certainly correct.

    • Cherly

      Tagalog. You listen to the news too much. Start reading. I was wondering when you were going to play the Bush/Cheney speech. You can't stick to the discussion nor are your facts consitent. Why aren't you out there protesting with all the other none thinking, reading, none analitical types. You couldn't come up with an original though/ concept/ idea if you took s$#&.. Why are even on this site?

      • tagalog

        What is "s$#&?" I read quite a bit. What is it about the discussion that I'm not sticking to? You probably mean "non-analytical types" instead of "none analitical types." I do have original "thoughs," although I typically have thoughts instead of thoughs. Why am I even on this site? Because they let me. Is your screen name "Cherly" or "Churly?"

    • PETER

      Please give me a body count of murders of lefties by anti-lefties and compare to murders of anti-lefties by lefties over the past 100 years (1912). There probably no good body counts because labor murders by labor are not reported as such.

      • tagalog

        You can get body counts by referring to Wikipedia. That's where I went.

        The deaths in the labor movement are pretty scrupulously counted, because the lefties want to know who and how many the "labor martyrs" are, and the righties want to be sure the numbers aren't being inflated by the lefties.

        One of the fortunate consequences of the killings in the labor movement having happened three or four (or more) generations ago is that it's much easier for clear-thinking people to classify the murders as murders. For example, it appears that all rational people are willing to classify the killing of Wesley Everest and the IWW members on the steamship Verona, as well as the L.A. Times dead and the Nyack and Crocker National Bank killings, as cases of murder.

        I doubt that murders committed by laborites are ignored; we have the attempted murder of the steel magnate Frick, and the bombing of Governor Stauffenberg, for example. They've been counted. Also the murder by Joe Hill, which is tied up with labor because of who Joe Hill was.

  • Clem

    This current mob activity by the Marxists is just practice for this Fall. Wait until Sept. That's when the real mob activity will start. This is just practice in the provinces for the play to run on Broadway.

  • sedoanman

    In his book, "The Art of Political War", David Horowitz poses the following: "Where do Republicans learn their debate skills? In debate clubs in universities. Where do Democrats learn theirs? In the streets and union halls."

    • mrbean

      Republicans need to learn the Marine Corps way; "Adjust, Adapt, and overcome. Play to win not to participate."

      • sedoanman

        Horowitz goes on to say that if you don't win, you don't get to govern.

      • "gunner"

        @ mr. bean,
        actually that motto is "adapt, improvise, overcome", but you're on the right track. we won't win by "playing nice" while the opposition kicks us around the park. get ugly on them, call them out for the thieves, carpetbaggers and scalawags that they are, and don't back down. the left has plenty of skeletons in their closet, go rattle some bones.

        • alexander

          Reps should do what Dems do whenever in front of cameras, asked any question: – SPEAK out your agenda, tell the truth about leftist liars….something will stick to some listeners.

  • T.Paine

    the democratic updated version of the ''brownshirts''. Goals are the same just the dates are different.

    • trickyblain

      You are so right. If you take away the fascist leader, the uniforms, the overt rascism, the politics, the extreme violence, the anti-communist zealotry, and the militancy they are exactly the same.

  • BS77

    The so called Occupy Movement is for LOSERS..

    • johnnywoods

      And besides being LOSERS, the young guys and probably some of the old guys are there for the free drugs and the "poontang".

  • greatj

    This is another Obama and the Democratic parties dirty trick attack operation for for the 2012 election.

  • James Morgan

    I urge all of you to ask everyone on your distribution list to VOTE and VOTE OBAMA, ALL DEMOCRATS, AND ALL RINOS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012! Save America!

    This article is a preview of the Obama campaign tactics together with multiple voting and other vote fraud planned for the election. Just look at Obama's action by Eric Holder to block all state attempts to require voter ID!

    • Stephen_Brady

      Is there going to be a "VOTE OBAMA, ALL DEMOCRATS, AND ALL RINOS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012" ticket on all 57 state ballots, in November? The only people we can vote for are those on the ballots. Hence, the old saw about voting while holding one's nose.

      The second part of your post, I agree with …

  • Steve Chavez

    DON'T STOP OWS! Let the American people from all strips see who the real Communist Organizer-in-Chief is. The OWS crowd even shouted him down but I think they were planted there so he could say that he agreed with them and that's why he became President which was for them.

    Here in New Mexico, there was an Occupy at the University of New Mexico and it turned into a camp for drunks and extreme low-lifes. One female occupier walked across the street to a bench and died. Another pulled a knife. Eventually, the university banned them and they are no longer except they do meet at a local restaurant and at UNM and they are a bunch of nobody's. BUT, THEY ARE ORGANIZED BY THE LOCAL PEACE AND JUSTICE CENTER based a block away but they are like sheepherders and stay on the sidelines to show they aren't evolved which is not the case.


    • tagalog

      They aren't evolved? Oh, dear, how large are their brow ridges?

  • hajid

    Barrack Hussein Obama is sure to be labeled as a 'job-killing socialist', a 'monster', and a 'bigot'. The same OWS people just grab those words from a person they admire because they don't have any idea of their own, they are just puppets.

  • UCSPanther

    Does this mean that they will be back, infesting parks and making nuisances of themselves this summer?

  • trickyblain

    That's weird. The header and byline suggest that violent mobs are attacking innocent conservatives. But tiny Vadum doesn't list anything but verbal banter and way too many adjectives.

  • BLJ

    The Alinsky crowd are the biggest hypocrites around. They profess wanting to spread the wealth but in fact they want both wealth and power. The useful idiots they employ are too stupid or doped up to understand what is really going on.

    I hope to hell one of the mfer's tries to block my path to the polls. I will just envision the face of Obama as I drive my fist through it. These "people" are scum and need to be put in their worthless place.

  • Marco

    Right wing mobs do not mobilise against their opponents? What about some anti -abortion activists?! Gimme a break!

    • mrbean

      Be glad to give you a break. Just tell me what you want broken. Leg? Arm?

      • tagalog

        I rest MY case…

  • stevefraser

    Notice the GOP candidates never ever go on the offensive: e.g. whenever interviewed first tell the reporters , reference the Democratic Party…."These are Obama mobs and everyone who cares about freedom in America should be very afraid". And have supporting info when the reporter trys to put you on the defensive ("How do you know that?") Also link the words Obama, Socialist, Extremist whenever you appear in public, NO MATTER WHAT THE QUESTION.

  • Amused

    Whata bunch of phonies , and YOU Vadum , I doubt if you really know what a Goon Squad is do ya ? Here;s an education for you Bunky , Goon Squads were the COMPANY hired thugs that Henry Ford used to break up the union picket line . They would mix in the crowd with newspapers wrapped around lead pipes and bust heads . The tactic descending from Coal mine ownerswho hired the pinkertons to shoot up the striking coal miners in Matwan W.Virginia decades ago .
    Anfd you say what ? Obama's "goon squads " ??

    Get an education Vadum , you're lucky to be writing editorials on a website where you have predominately dummed down , hopelessy opinionated know nothings who'll suck up whatever trash is thrown in front of them .

    • truebearing

      I see you're still spewing insane drivel. Would it be anti-climactic to point out that your argument that the Left couldn't be using goons because Ford used goons to break up unions was non sequitur…and pathetic?

      Union goons have killed people, and beaten many others, not to mention their tendency for arson. Spare us your ridiculous moralizing, or whatever you want to call your screeds.

      Unions have outlived their usefulness…by about 75 years.

      BTW, seek help.

      • Amused

        You make rebuttal & refute so easy truebearing .Other than some total idiots showing up , where are the "goon squads " ? Please be specific .
        Hangh on to your delusions , they're all you got .

  • truebearing

    We have come to expect the rude and ruthless suppression of free speech from the Left, but the copycat behavior of the Paul supporters is something we haven't seen on the right before. It is more than a little disturbing that these primarily young voters are acting with the same disrespect and ideological fanaticism as that of the Left. At one event they were "protesting" a Gingrich rally right alongside the OWS scum and radical gays.

  • mlcblog

    I liked the article.

    • trickyblain

      So did I! Vadum is such a flippin' joke, huh? I especially like how he sets up the article by talking about goons and mobs and such, but then doesn't list an iota mob-like behavior. I mean, when I think of a mob, I think of a bunch of angry people with torches and clubs who are beating and killing folks. I guess Vadum thinks a couple hippies yelling nonsense is a mob. Watching this untalented tiny little man futilely attempt to get himself a paying gig for the last few years has been high entertainment!

  • cynthia curran

    Perry is full of himself. In fact, he helped his state in the long run to go more Democratic by letting thousands of illegal immirgants to work. He became stronger on the border to get votes from Repbuclians that don't like his cheap labor views.