Leftist War Chest on the Verge of Collapse?

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A serious internal schism has developed that threatens to destroy the Democracy Alliance, George Soros’s financial clearinghouse that funds groups and projects aimed at turning America into a European-style socialist state.

The preeminent funder of the Left in the United States, Soros favors American decline and has said that European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” The radical, anti-American philanthropist praises Red China effusively, saying the totalitarian nation has “a better-functioning government than the United States.”

The conflict within Soros’s group has created two factions.

On one side are Democracy Alliance members who believe in the original mission of the donors’ collaborative. Created after Democrats failed to reclaim power in the 2004 election, the group started out funding left-wing political infrastructure – think tanks, activist groups, leadership schools, and media outlets— to help the Left gain and keep power. The idea was to focus on long-term organizational issues as opposed to helping Democrats get elected every election cycle.

Soros doppelganger Peter B. Lewis, who helped to found the group with Soros, believes the Democracy Alliance has become far too partisan. In a crushing blow to the club-for-billionaire-radicals, the Progressive Insurance magnate who spent $25 million in 2004 in a failed attempt to defeat President George W. Bush, reportedly resigned from the Democracy Alliance in disgust weeks ago.

“Peter’s focus since 2004 has been on scaling up the progressive infrastructure, as opposed to election or political candidates,” a source told the Politico newspaper last month.

Although Lewis donated $200,000 last summer to a super PAC approved by the Democracy Alliance, a source close to him told the Politico that he probably won’t give any more cash to super PACs and is not happy with the Democracy Alliance’s newfound focus on them.

Trial lawyer Guy Saperstein said he quit the Democracy Alliance because he believed the group’s mission had shifted. “All of us were political donors going in, and the DA was sold to us as an effort to build infrastructure that was different from campaign politics. But that promise has been something that they’ve moved away from,” he said. Saperstein said he donated more than $1 million through the Democracy Alliance.

Saperstein, who regards Obama as “a failure from a progressive point of view,” said the group was now “more devoted to short term election tactics than it ever had been.”

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  • UCSPanther

    Let's hope Soros and his pack of carpetbaggers suffer the ignominious fall they so richly deserve.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Falling from a gallows is about right…………………….William

    • Ronald Johnston

      All these evil people need to get the electric chair!!!!!

  • Ken

    I hope all the fiunding goes away!! I find it a bit ironic that those calling for "wealth redistribution" are some of the wealthiest among us!! This is all about power and forcing a socialistic system on the country. George Soros and his ilk are some of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. They are NOT looking out for your welfare!! They are only interested in how much money and how much power they can acquire. And, they do not care how many the hurt or disenfranchise along they way to get to their goal!!

  • J. Benat

    Progressive Insurance is exactly as it's name implys, it is a progressive left wing source of funding. Does the ins. business make so much money that it can afford to advertise as much as they do? You see their ads everywhere. there's got to be more than just selling ins. behind this advertising blitz.
    I, for one, will never buy Progressive ins, and now I won't even buy a taco from Taco Bell.

    • Spider

      I plan to boycot Taco Bell as well – I heard they have snot in their tacos anyway

    • Choi

      @J. Benat:
      There is MORE:.It's the word "PROGRESSIVE."
      They're POUNDING the word Progressive into people's subconscious and attempting to associate that word with the "l well-being of "The Folks" and the WHITE everything is part of it.
      Even "Giddy Girl" is there for a purpose.

  • Henry

    Mr.Soros, can you please name the democractic alliances in China today? How long do you think you could utter nonsense in China such as " America has a better-functioning government than China."?? We are not changing anything, nothing, The United States Constitution is fine as it is written today as the day the ink was wet.

  • tagalog

    Soros says Red China has a better-functioning government than the United States? Well, I don't doubt it; when you can send the goon squad out with their submachine guns to anyone's home and force them to do whatever you want them to do without fear that they will sue for unconstitutional conduct, or that they and their neighbors might arm themselves to resist, government can indeed run much more efficiently.

    I'm sure that people who run the U.S. government might, in some cases, wistfully long for the totalitarian power of a Mao, a Stalin, a Hitler. Fortunately, our Founding Fathers foresaw the lust for more and more power on the part of government leaders, and built a system where the amassment of authoritarian power by centralized government is not as easy as it is in other societies. They also told us, their posterity, that from time to time we may have to overthrow a tyrannical government by force and institute some other government in its place. We, as the governed, have become soft and weak, but we don't have to be and we still possess the means to make government secure liberty and equality before the law if we can summon the will power to make it happen.

  • Juddea

    Many Progressives are inpatient. They disagree that the Alinsky method of gradual nudging is best and would like an instant Socialist takeover.

  • John C. Davidson

    I read this earlier. All I can say is; "Eventually, you get caught up in yourself and forget one day to wear your pants."

    • Taxpayer1234


  • joy52

    Soros will be in diapers soon. It's a matter of time. I wonder when he realizes his life is finite, will he then remember his roots?

    • johnnywoods

      Schwartz/Soros thinks he is a god so he may believe that he will never die. What a shock awaits him when his time comes.

  • SoCalMike

    It must be hard for people close to Mr. Soros not to spit in his face.
    There's no way I could resist spitting at such a semi-human POS.

    • sinanju

      You are forgetting, people like Soros have spent decades in the bubble of wealth and privilege, surrounded 24/7 by people who either work for them or are trying to get money out of them. They rarely come in contact with people who are not employees or supplicants

  • John Fowler

    This article touches on a very important issue for the right. Catalist, funded by Soros: provides “progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.”

    Who is providing conservative organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people WE need to persuade and mobilize? NO ONE.

    The left may have a funding problem, but the right has a conceptual problem–NO ONE is funding a UNIFIED DATABASE for the Right. We will be out organized by the Left until we emulate the Power of CATALIST.
    Just look at the recalls in Wisconsin as a prime example of how they are able to use data and services to mobilize their voters to exert true Political Power. On the right, we hold a few Tea Party rallies and dress up like revolutionaries from the 18th century. They mobilize to sign petitions, knock on doors, make phone calls and affect electoral outcomes.

    I wish we had their problems–we are so far behind in the world of data and services being available to the Grassroots!

  • The RSVP Network

    Time to publicly shun taco bell. Taco Bell… sorry, we just can't go on. Have that scumbag resign IMMEDIATELY. OR SUFFER THE WRATH OF ANONYMOUS!

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. You don't want to be meme'd.

    • StarTripper

      Not that I would stick up for their food but is McKay even associated with Taco Bell now? The company was sold to Pepsi then spun out and is now part of YUM! brands. McKay just got Daddy's money and plays investment banker in SF.

  • digdigby

    Yes, Red China has a better functioning government. It is called 'totalitarianism'. Duh. However we have SEVEN TIMES more people in prison per capita than totalitarian China – why? Because the likes of Mr. Soros are out to destroy America, the traditional family and religious morality.

    • tagalog

      Another reason why our prison population is larger (assuming it is – don't forget the 7,000,000 in the lao gai) is that the Red Chinese shoot a lot of people.

  • maria

    It is clear that Leftists/socialists under name of Democrats lead us to disaster for half of Americans. it should be clear for much more people as our life at stake but not only financial prosperity in light of this country islamization. if BHO is reelected the first phase of our distraction will be socialism which weaken our country and than Islamization with tremendous death toll among all non-Muslims. It is BHO plan. But question is as John Fowler above asked: where is conservatives with new approach to resist and defeat socialists our country traitors? they need learn from their foes progressists what need to be done to win, what new tactics should be used, etc. If they not wake up and reorganize we all will be doomed.

    • johnnywoods

      Maria, you may be underestimating the wrath of the citizens who have no voice until election day. Everyone who is angry with these fools should get out to vote. Let none stay home that day.

  • Havoc29

    This reads like a nice soap opera, but now there seems to be a two-headed dragon to deal with instead of one. These hypocritical leftists, while spouting the socialist screed, are all billionaires that have fooled their useful idiot dupes into believing they will be better off if capitalism collapses. It will just make these clowns richer.

  • sinanju

    Mr. Vadum

    I'm trying to get the gist of this article. Is the main theme the fact that you can get only so many multi-millionaire radicals to start shelling out their disposable income on leftist causes before they start to disagree on strategic and tactical details?

    The best I can gather is that (since Soros kicked the effort into high gear in 2004 and enlisted his high-rolling friends) these lefty whales are starting to fall out on which particular organizations are the most effective and worthy of their largesse.

    The quotes lead me to think that some find this particular outfit insufficiently radical for their tastes or too radical or too single-mindedly devoted to the Great "O" to the exclusion of all else. I know that if I was a guilty multi-millionaire determined to buy my way into socialist termite-heaven I would be mighty suspicious of these sprawling "financial clearinghouses" that rake off an unknown percentage of my money to keep their leadership in clover (Media Matters' David Brock makes $250k+?!?)

    I have often wondered if the picture painted here is really accurate. The impression continually given is that every evil, hate Amerikka cause under the sun is rolling in dough and that there is an inexhaustible supply of billionaire socialists with more money than God who are determined to pour out their wealth on the sort of people who want to (theoretically) put them out of business (or worse).

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The left wants power and control, control of money to create elite life styles for themselves. Leftists
    are basically thieves and work hard to take what is not thiers and dupe the deluded into thinking
    government if there for free everything. Islamists use the left to grow in power and use any thing
    necessary to gain control for a totalitarian state. If I know this why is it half of America is in the
    dark to the dangers upcoming? It may be they live in a makebelieve world where soon enough
    American Idol will be more than idol worship, prayer rugs and whips for the slaves, the view will
    be broadcast under death robes and behind a black curtain, see evil has it's own sense of humor,
    however dark………………………………………………William

  • Questions

    With a Forbes magazine-documented net worth now up to $22 billion, I'm afraid George Soros has a long way to go before he goes under. As for Taco Bell, "Drop the chalupa."

  • johnnywoods

    Questions, you make a good point but even 22 billion dollars can disappear rather quickly nowadays. Just ask Jon Corzine.

  • Son-of-Chezwick

    Regardless of the fate of the Democracy Alliance, Soros and his money will still be working their magic.

  • Wesley69

    Soros has been a plague upon this country since 2004 and probably before. it is all a game to him. He collapses currencies and jokes about it. It makes no difference if it ruins people's lives. The Democrats have been his personal toy since 2004. Obama is his handpicked candidate after he through Hillary overboard. Obama, like the puppet he is, has followed the Soros line of converting the US toward the socialist-marxist model of economy and government.

  • Saltire

    All I can say is, good. I hope it goes down like the Titanic. Disarray in this group is good.