March Mob Madness

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The mobs have been encouraged by no less than President Obama himself who injected himself into the story by remarking that if he had a son he would “look like” the hoodie-wearing Martin. Tensions have grown exponentially since those comments were made yet Obama is now strangely silent about the case. Meanwhile, the Obama reelection campaign has started offering collegiate “Obama 2012” hoodies for sale in order to cash in on the Martin case.

The mainstream media is also doing its best to defend the left-wing narrative.

In this stock storyline black Americans are always oppressed – by whites and by the system. It is the same tedious narrative about the evils of American society that is recounted daily by the mainstream media and academia.

But a “problem” arose that needed to be rectified. Zimmerman wasn’t “white” in the sense the term is typically used in America. Initially news reports described Zimmerman as Hispanic or Latino but the thought police at the New York Times decided that descriptor was politically inadequate. And so Zimmerman, one of whose parents is white, began to be described as a “white Hispanic” – whatever that is.

As Jonah Goldberg notes, the term, “rarely if ever used before this tragedy, is necessary in telling the Martin story in a more comfortable way.” Our politically correct betters feel more comfortable blaming “the system” for Martin’s death because “‘the system’ is a white thing” in their view, he writes.

Whatever Zimmerman’s race may be, it hasn’t gotten in the way of the nation’s grievance industry. Expect the rhetoric and hyperbole to intensify in coming days as the media and grievance mongers scramble to protect their narrative.

Meanwhile, the campaign orchestrated by the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America to silence radio host Rush Limbaugh continues unabated.

Media Matters has paid at least $100,000 for two ads running in Boston; Chicago; Detroit; Seattle; Milwaukee; St. Louis; Macon, Ga.; and Cedar Rapids,Iowa.

The cities were chosen because they already have active local campaigns against Limbaugh or because his show might be vulnerable in that market, said Angelo Carusone of Media Matters. “What we’re really looking for is a way to demonstrate the persistence of the effort and the fact that it is on a wide scale,” said Carusone, a veteran of a previous campaign that aimed to drive Glenn Beck off Fox News.

Limbaugh advertiser Mark Stevens, who founded the marketing firm MSCO, accused those attacking the show of “internal American terrorism” against his workers and company. Stevens said in recent days his company’s employees have been subjected to death threats and harassment and abuse by telephone and email.

The attacks on MSCO came after Limbaugh called leftist operative/law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” after she gave false testimony Feb. 23 that birth control costs $3,000 over the duration of law school and demanded that the government force religious objectors to cover such expenses. He later apologized after an eruption of mock indignation from liberals and after several sponsors pulled their ads from his top-rated radio show.

But Limbaugh’s apology hasn’t stopped the campaign to force MSCO to stop advertising on Limbaugh’s show.

“They’ve called my people and my company, they’ve called the women at my company, and told them they’re women haters, the most horrible terms,”said Stevens.

“They’ve told me — these are tens of thousands of emails, by the way, most of them are positive but the small group — they’ve told us that we’re under surveillance. The email subject line says ‘citizen of the internet,’ ‘police of the Internet,’ ‘Mark, you’re in danger,’ ‘your house is going to be surrounded by buses,’ ‘your business is going to be destroyed,’ ‘your people are in trouble.’ This is terrorism. Why don’t we start calling it what it is?”

That’s a good question.

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  • Schlomotion

    Granted, this whole Martin/Zimmerman case is a factless, hysterical fiasco, but compared to the shooting in Toulouse, there doesn't seem to be any black Ya'akov Katz coming out and saying that 8.8 million black people don't feel safe here and need to move to Liberia, or blaming it on multiculturalism.

  • truebearing

    The Left has added a new element to their racial politics: minority pollution by inter-marriage with whites. If Zimmerman was entirely Hispanic they couldn't attack him without electoral consequence, but by adding "white" to his racial identity, they think they have legitimized their persecution. The problem is that Obama's black genetics were similarly "polluted" with evil white genes, and everyone knows it. Many blacks are part white as well. That presents problems for the hard core racist morons in the Black Nationalist groups, but also for Obama. He joined the battle against these insidious white Hispanics without stopping to consider how many Hispanics have children who fit this description, or who see these white Hispanics as Hispanics. He may have motivated his black base, but he is alienating Hispanics.


      I believe that the whole racial mixing is Babel, modern Babel and an abomination–true, there are a small minorities of exceptions to this, people fall in love, but that used to be rare, it is clear, that the left has pushed this into their brainwashing. Because, even Jews now, marry non Jews, same as Christians-therefore we have millions of divorces, b/c people really do not GET each others culture after they are married.

    • First_One

      I look at it in a different way, the Left wants pollution of the White race by minorities to destroy the White race and Western Civilization.

      • truebearing

        They're far too rapacious for power to wait for that. They are trying to create a super majority of brown-skiined people, legal citizens or otherwise. The white leftists appear to be deluding themselves into believing that they will ultimately be in power, should this revolution succeed. They will eventually be defeated by the army of black Muslims Obama is facilitating, should Americans fail to turn this onslaught back.. Notice that Obama has the option of shifting his loyalty to whoever has the power. In the end, Obama is a Muslim even more than a Marxist.

  • MikeWood

    Obama, touted as the great healer of racial differences in America during the presidential election, has become, predictably in my opinion, a great racial divider. His worldview is racist. He's very comfortable with anti-semites. He's a very dangerous man to have in the White House (I bet he'd paint it black if he could get away with it).

    • DMW

      Then Commandante Sub-Zero could turn the White House thermostat down to a non-Hawaiian temperature and save energy (a savings that would probably be negated by increased use of Air Force One as the general election campaign ensues).

    • santababy

      I feared, back during the election cycle of 2008, knowing full well that Obama would be elected, that he would be a vehicle to undo all the progress that had been made in the last 40 years on racism in the US. I was indeed correct. I had hoped that since he was a combo of both races he would be a healer in that genre of political discourse, but as you have said, he has set the racist tone in the country back 100 years. There is more racial hatred, and the outward display of it, than I have ever seen in my 59 years. It makes me want to puke. He doesn't even have forefathers he can thank for taking on the battles of racism in history, yet he pulls it out of his pocket at every opportunity. In the Zimmerman case, racists on the black side are so enraged over this that reason and civility have completely been obliterated. Obama is the instigator of so much racist comment that he appears purposefully incite riotous behavior and call it out instead of trying to calm the unrest to see how the court works it out. Other than Spike Lee, I hold him responsible for the riots, robbery, and race baiting that is going on. We need desperately to get him out of our White House. He is a man filled with hate.

      • Sickofthegarbage

        Santababy, My fear is someone reading your ridiculous nonsense may be as ignorant as you and find an inkling of truth in your foolishness. How in hell can anyone blame the president for exacerbating race problems in this country just because he is black or multi-racial. This race foolishness is promoted by narrow minded people like you (of every ethnic background) who have latent race issues of their own which they are completely oblivious. If you don't like the president for his policies, fine I respect that. But if you dislike him for any other reason perhaps you need look at yourself Mr. Santababy

  • tagalog

    Louis Farrakhan says the "law of retaliation" may have to be applied.

    Could he state the relevant provisions of that law?

    Maybe he's referring to the "practice" or the "custom" of retaliation. If so, many groups have engaged in retaliatory action, including whites. Blacks in America have been on the receiving end of the white practice or custom of retaliation, so I guess Louis Farrakhan knows what to expect if his forecast bears fruit.

    • First_One

      Whites in the United States have been on the receiving end of racism for over 50 years in general and about 150 years in some places.

  • guest

    All Hispanics are white (causasian). However, not all whites are minorities, as Hispanics presently are (but not for long).

    • intrcptr2

      That is absolutely false. The Census separates Hispanics into black/white categories based on self-reporting, largely because the lands colonized by Spain and Portugal also had large African populations from slavery, but in Latin America there was even more mixing than in the US.

      In addition, the Europeans in Latin America interbred with the Indians. Vadum's confusion on this point notwithstanding, Hispanics in the US can be either black or white, and it depends entirely upon how the individual self-identifies. Curiously, without access to his Census forms (Or any job applications), none of us can say for certain if Zimmerman is white or black, even though we are all aware that he is indeed Hispanic.

      And Hispanics will continue to be a minority for quite a while; 13% Hispanic v. 75+% white. Those numbers will not reverse any time soon.


      They do not consider themselves white, Mr.
      They consider themselves Hispanic.
      I have MANY friends that are Hispanic, they do not EVER call themselves white or Cauc, even though they are descended from the Caucs.

      • tagalog

        What's a Cauc? White people are sometimes called "Caucasian," from the area in far Eastern Europe or far Western Asia near the Caucasus Mountains, but I've never heard of a group called "Caucs." Help me out here, please.


      However, not all whites are minorities

      Whites are minorities in EVERY major city except Boston.


    Murder is PRE-MEDITATED, which is why, in the Torah, it says: "Thou shalt not murder"
    Kill is self defense.

    Zimmerman did not go out and look for a black person to murder as the kkk did in the 60's, he was protecting his neighborhood from a TRESPASSER, Trayvon Martin, who was not (either a regular member) of the gated community, (or, he was visiting his father somewhere in the area) so, the evidence points he was TRESPASSING.

    They claim he was just walking in the neighborhood–the neighborhood was GATED, so he had to have jumped the gate, possibly.
    Well, a hooded, pants to the ground person, (who Zimmerman thought was black, then saw that he was black & didnt care, was protecting his neighborhood from a TRESPASSER, not a 'black' person, I am sure there are black people in that gated community..

    This, as the poster describes happened LAST month-why is it being used now? Didnt Obama just sign a 'peace-time' Martial Law exec order ?

    Seems to all fit: Get black people enraged, and declare Martial Law after they riot.
    Remember Obama called his own people 'mutts.'

    He is just using them to push through his psycho Bolshevik, Nazi agenda to stay in power.

    • First_One

      Well stated, thank you.

      • MAD JEWESS


  • aspacia

    Shades of the La Crosse scandal, media conviction, and acquittal with no apology to those boys.

  • bobby peru

    That's unfortunate if Nutter actually said that. He had made some high profile comments in the past about self respect and personal responsibility to local audiences that made me think he was alright- sad if he's responding to this incident in that manner. Thought he might have been a positive force but not if he's jabbering on about "assassinations…"