May Day Mayhem on Its Way

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Occupy Wall Street supporters, labor activists, and other radicals calling for a general strike against capitalism across America on May 1 insist their activities will be peaceful.

As usual, they’re lying.

Protesters on May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, are going to commit “a lot of violent acts which they’re then going to blame police for,” former community organizer Brandon Darby, a leading expert on leftist tactics, told me in an exclusive interview.

As I revealed in my book Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, Darby has been a target ever since it was publicly revealed that the former left-wing anarchist saved the lives of innocent Americans by thwarting the planned fire-bombing of the 2008 Republican Convention by two anarchists.

Occupy Wall Street and the satellite protests it has spawned in cities across the U.S. and around the world have been spectacularly violent. Radical activists are responsible for hundreds of serious crimes, including murder, assault, gang rape, arson, rioting, and robbery.

The actions planned for May 1 are part of what left-wingers are calling the “99% Spring.” They are designed to disrupt the U.S. economy and ultimately to extinguish what remains of Americans’ cherished economic freedoms in the increasingly socialist Obama era. Leaders also hope to press lawmakers to promote the fraud known as “green energy” and to give those with student loan debts a massive $1 trillion bailout at the expense of taxpayers.

MoveOn and former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones’s “Rebuild the Dream” group are just two of the major left-of-center organizations that are gearing up to inconvenience Americans and manufacture chaos next week. Though activists in various urban centers have different plans for this Tuesday, they are all united in their hatred of the economic system that made America great while uplifting its poorest citizens.

Los Angeles activists claim that on May 1 “[p]eople from all sectors of the city will have a chance … [at] helping to shut down the flow of capital while addressing the 99%’s major grievances.” After a day of agitation “that cripples capitalism in the city,” Occupy Los Angeles supporters will have yet another opportunity to perfect their up twinkle and down twinkle consensus-seeking hand signals at “a special General Assembly” in Pershing Square.

A spokesman for activists in New York told that Occupy Wall Street has been participating in “99 Pickets” since April 18 in an extended action that will conclude on May 1. Targets include Chase Bank, Standard and Poor’s, the New York Times Co., ABC, Wells Fargo, Blackrock, Fidelity, and Lazard.

SEIU, National People’s Action, and the ACORN front groups called Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have all announced they will participate in the May Day protests.

Darby said that May Day activists will carry out “very deliberate provocations all across the country” and they will claim that whatever violence follows was instigated by police.

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  • Ken

    Concerned citizens need to get out and document the miscreants in action!! Only when they are outed with undeniable proof of their malevolent intentions and deeds will they hopefully be rendered impotent. These people are either danferous radicals, anarchists, or useful idiots who have no respect for the common man or anyone else who do not support their cause. I hope Americans wake-up to see exactly how dangerous these people are and realize they are led from the top by the POTUS. I hope it does not take a tragic loss of life to finally show who those radicals really are and what the desire!!

    • John C. Davidson

      Resideents of even our small villages must be alert to the influx of radicals that pose as donors of free food, controlling local weekly newspapers & even hide their intents under the roof of God's temples. These Communists are desparate for this is their final attempt to gain control of the world.

    • guest

      They won't care if someone is hurt or injured or even killed – they final intent is to kill anyone who opposes them…………………………………………………… fight back, take pictures, video them – ridicule them – carry a weapon yourself – bricks and stones can kill just as easily as a gun………………………………

      who the hell hatched these lizards anyway? Who are the parents? Where are the parents?

  • kafir4life

    Ask a van jones, or a barack (stinky) obama…….How would they "build" their perfect society. They can't. The "raw material" they need is a successful captialist society. There are no "bake from scratch" instructions or method to "build" their utopia. The only first step they can possibly have is "destroy what already exists".

    • WilliamJamesWard

      They need to steal and stinky has been diverting billions into accounts that will fund all of
      their activities……………….William

    • Roger

      They claim they have to destroy what we have to usher in the utopia. If the utopia is possible, and there are no examples of it EVER happening, why don't they just skip the destruction and usher in the new era in socialist countries now?

      It always leads to destruction, every time.

    • mlcblog

      Their real aim is destruction. That they can do.

  • davarino

    "V for Victory", that was a stupid movie. Very simplistic and contrived, trying to make a comparison where none exists. Just like these empty skulls that wouldnt know what to do if they really got the reins of power, except kill all the republicans. Once you destroy all the producers, then what? You going to live off of sun light?

    • tagalog

      The woman who was going to live only on sunlight just died a couple of days ago!


      • BS77

        The Occupy morons want to live on burning garbage, broken windows and screaming…..they won't get very far on this energy source.

        • Roger

          If they liked it so much, why did they stop the occupy protests last winter?
          That's what they'd have for all of us. But they didn't like it for long, you'd think they would see ahead to what they're working towards.

    • Questions

      That movie was called "V for Vendetta," not "V for Victory." And like other films based on Alan Moore comics ("Constantine," "Watchmen") , it was a form of story-telling called "alternative history." It was superbly done, nothing "simplistic" about it. The fact that leftist fanatics have adopted the Guy Fawkes mask from "V for Vendetta" as their own shouldn't reflect poorly on the filmmaker. It's like blaming the Beatles for the Charles Manson gang's acts just because Manson saw "The White Album" as a green light.

      • Goemon

        Thank you. Yes, V For Vendetta was awesome!

      • Oleg

        That's what I have found puzzling about the choice of some of the Occupy activists to adopt the use of Guy Fawkes mask of the style used in "V for Vendetta", the theme of the movie (and presumably the graphic novel on which it is based) is anti authoritarian, anti government, Occupy and the groups behind it are exactly the opposite. In fact the regime depicted in that movie uses concocted crises to seize power, just like the puppetmaters behind the Occupy movement are attempting to do.
        The interesting part is that the Guy Fawkes masks have been in use for years by activists demontrating against the Scientology cult, a cult that not only intends to control the minds of it's victims but believes that they can control the physical and metaphysical world as well. I would suggest that believers in Marxism are really no different then the Church of Scientology, other then the dogma they spout they are pretty well equal to the mindless members of a cult.

      • Larry

        And remember, Alan Moore was disgusted with what was done to the story enough to officially take his name off it.

    • Rick_in_VA

      Sounds like a quote from "Atlas Shrugged".
      Everyone should read it. Then you'll know just how far we have fallen.

  • Steff

    I love the UK because skepticism runs rife here and rhetorical politics is frowned upon. The paradox of freedom is fascinating.

    • Cuban Refugee

      Perhaps that is why the UK has become a Muslim state.

    • Zorrothebaker


  • Alex

    So, who are those border line criminals? Leftists, of course, as usual.
    And who was agitating via ACORN before going to WH?

    • Roger

      The dear one. In his early days of course, that was even before the singing children.

  • StephenD

    What I see emerging is a call for a Dictator or rather a King. Think about it. The folks on the Left that want capitalism destroyed because to them it is a zero sum game in that if the rich people have money that means I can't have it. So with this mentality, they look to destroy it. In its place they want EVERYONE to be equal. A doctor or a short order cook will earn only what a governing board decides and we become immediate "subjects" to the throne. This doesn't work. Just look at every single socialist country in the world and through history. Eventually there is need for forced labor or to conquer your neighbor (i.e. Islam works their brand this way) until everyone's standard of living is base subsistence. No, I prefer a chance to do better even if I am not successful. Seems to me one of the basic tenet of freedom is the chance to live how you choose.

    • Roger

      It's failed as far back as Rome.
      No wonder the left doesn't want people studying real history.

    • Wouldyoulookatthose

      Things may be tilted in the wrong direction but we're quite a ways from a dictatorship.

      • Wyatt Trash

        Tilted! The president acts with impunity and congress does nothing. I'd say we're close.

    • CapeLady

      Therein lies the problem. Utopian statists must ignore fact, reason, history and human nature to preserve their naive utopian ideology. But those who believe in it and promote it plan to be a part of the ruling elite, because it promises little to anyone else than can ever be fulfilled.

  • Steve Chavez

    "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message." LET THEM! ADVERTISE THEM!

    EVERY UNIVERSITY now has their Occupy, Students for Justice in Palestine, "MIC CHECK," MSA, and soon, will have their Louis Farakkhan inspired, Black Men in Motion. By August when school starts, the Peace and Justice Center, which is the base of operations for state chapters of the CPUSA, ANSWER, and a hundred more, especially pro-JIHADIST/TERRORIST GROUPS AND ANTI-ISRAEL GROUPS, will send out their dupes to every college campus with the CLASS WARFARE, REPUBLICANS WANT TO RAISE TUITION, MESSAGE.

    BIG SURPRISE: STUDENTS ARE TIRED OF THESE WACK JOBS TAKING OVER THE CAMPUS. It starts with the university newspaper whose message and leadership is always FAR-LEFT! The student council is run by Progressives who are organized to run on a slate of candidates but mask their message with glowing ideas.

    LAST WEEK AT UNM, the Occupy, SJP, MSA, AND LA RAZA had a Mock Wall that was painted as the Mexican border on one side and the Israeli wall on the other. This large structure was there for a week and was guarded at night since they "JUST KNEW THE ZIONISTS WOULD TEAR IT DOWN." NO ONE CARED SINCE STUDENTS PASSED BY IT WITHOUT READING IT OR GOING TO THEIR TABLE. The ISRAEL ALLIANCE, a small group of pro-Israel students who invited NONIE DARWISH to campus in March and where these same OCCUPY/SJP GROUPS INTERRUPTED WITH A "MIC CHECK" and where audience members forcefully kicked them out, HAD A "WALL OF TRUTH" and many people stopped to read this professionally made sign.

    The UNM's DailyLobo(.com) had a poll and after a few thousand votes, 96% OF VOTERS said that the "Mic Check" ON NONIE DARWISH was wrong. Another poll, with close to a thousand votes, is again at 96% that the students didn't care about the Mock Wall.


    • enoughalready

      Steve, I meant to give you a thumbs up but my fat thumb hit the wrong icon! Great post! Good news.

    • Ken Spiker

      I like your post, but could you please use a few less caps?

    • Oleg

      No surprise there, the radicals leading all of the student demonstrations and strikes right now in Quebec are also loosing support among university students and the general population, most just want to go to class, graduate, and get on with life. What pressing issue is the agitation all about? Increasing the cost of tuition $1200 a year from now until 2017 from $3400 a year to $4500, when the Canadian average is close to $7000. They even tried taking a law student to court for crossing the picket line and going to class citing labor laws, the morons obviously lost since a student union is not a trade union. The groups behind this are the Quebec cousins of the American Occupy movement, big public sector unions, and kook communist and eco terrorist groups.

    • Dick

      "THIS ALL SHOWS . . . ."

      Shirley, you jest?

  • Darlington Hoopes

    More fact free blather for the reactionaries at Frontpage. What is it that bugs you so about nonviolent direct action? I think it is because it works. Please stop lying!

    • tagalog

      Well, first, the confrontations aren't nonviolent. Throwing trash barrels through Starbucks' windows and overturning cars don't quite qualify as nonviolence.

    • Choi

      Now there's a name for a Lefty.
      The REAL Darlington Hoopes ,2 time Socialist Party candidate for President DIED in 1989,in his 90's.
      Taking the name of a DEAD Socialist only illustrates what a POS you are,"Hoopes".

      • Roger

        I bet that means this guy votes for several 'dead' in Chicago regularly.

        • Choi

          yeah,in the name of Saul Alinsky.

    • Rifleman

      The article was loaded with facts, you just didn’t like them, and apparently can’t dispute them.

      Leaving aside all the theft, violence, and vandalism that occurs at your “nonviolent direct actions,” what leads you to believe the people trying to go about their business and make an honest living, who you inconvenience, obstruct, and annoy, are going to sympathize, much less approve of you and your cause?

      Judging from those smelly vermin, disease, and crime infested garbage dumps with open sewers you call camps, I’d say your ideas don’t work at all. They’re a good microcosm of how your ideas work in the real world. Yall can’t even establish a safe and sanitary camp, you think anybody’s dumb enough to listen to how society should be organized, or turn a town, city, state, or country over to you to run? Pardon me for laughing in your face.

    • tagalog

      "Direct action" is a term first coined by the IWW early in the 20th Century to characterize acts of industrial sabotage, which by definition are not non-violent. It's always a good idea to have a sound basic education in left-wing terminology. It helps keep one from saying dumb things. Perhaps I should assume the name "George Alexander" in responding to claims about "nonviolent direct action." If you find the name obscure, Google it together with "tree spiking."

      • Liveandletlive

        "Always a good idea", "..helps keep one from saying dumb things", "Perhaps I should assume…" What a pompous prat.

        • tagalog

          I got you to make that comment though, champ.

      • Julia

        Yes, and to that point, "direct democracy" is a pseudonym for Communism. Not my opinion, Lenin's, and since we have a Marxist-Leninist president, I thought his opinion would be fitting. Here is the definition of direct democracy from the Communpedia, an online encyclopedia of Communist terminology:

        Direct democracy is the sort of democracy that communist or anarchist societies would strive to acheive. Instead of electing a given authoritive entity to make all other decisions on behalf of the people, each person has membership of the ruling body or government and is able to join in the descision making process on each individual issue. Direct democracy is classically termed "pure democracy".[1]
        Lenin was first person to build on Marxist ideas of communism and write about pure democracy. He believed that bourgeois democracy is in fact a dictatorship of bourgeoisie,[2] while dictatorship of the proletariat is the highest possible form of democracy (for those considered the working class) and should use violence against opposing classes.

        If only leftists knew anything about history! Then they would know they were advocating for their own slavery and destitution. Death march, anyone?

    • pagegl

      When used in the context you intend nonviolent direct action means provocation aimed at the police and surrounding business with the intent to force the target to action, at which point the lefties start screaming it was the fault of the police or business owners. Been there, done that and then one day I realized what the left was really about and adjusted my point of view. With any luck, as you grow up, you too will see what the left is really about and leave the stupidity. Then again, maybe you just don't have enough intellectual honesty to make that leap.

    • Western Spirit

      What's you'll idea of the truth and in what way are the articles here fact free blather?

      you're so delusional how do you find you're way home?

  • tagalog

    If the police, those defenders of the rich and enforcers of the status quo, are doing their job and make lots and lots of arrests of those vandals and disturbers of the peace, we'll have a pretty good idea of who's doing what.

    Besides, I'll bet there won't be very many protesters to do as much damage as Mr. Darby claims. The lefty protests against Wall Street, corporate greed, and all that stuff shot most of its wad six or eight months ago. There might be SOME left, but the kids have moved on.

  • Juddea

    And they wonder why we cling to our guns and bibbles.

  • John C. Davidson

    May Day is a Communist holiday. A failed ideology celebrated by people who have been failures all their lives.

    • tagalog

      …and are on the road to being failures for the rest of their lives unless they get their act together a little better.

  • kathy

    I heard the other day that there are 1000 SEIU members that want out in some state and the union won't let them out. Yes, communism at its finest. Will we all need to be armed and deputized to help the police?

  • BS77

    Occupy IDIOTS cannot learn the lessons of the past because they are too stupid, too ignorant and too brainwashed to get it. COmmunism has been a miserable failure….in Russia, China, North Korea, Romania, East Germany and has been abandoned. Only Cuba and North Korea persist in the delusions of this sickening ideology…and they have capitalist elements propping up their economies, by the way. The Occupy anarchists and vandals are less than 1%….they claim they speak for the majority of citizens but they DO NOT. Occupy….get a life, you freakin losers.

  • StephenD

    What is it that people have against freedom? Why would so many folks want what inevitably has to become a dictatorship? Why would someone fight for their own subjugation? I just don't get it. These Useful Idiots will be subjects of the same tyrant the rest of us will if this “thing” they want comes into its own; all because of selfishness and envy. The attitude that because “rich” guy has it means less for me is STUPID. You have the same chance to EARN it as he does. In Capitalism, the lines between rich and poor are crossed from both sides. THAT is the beauty of it. EVERYONE can make it. In a Totalitarian System, unless you are one of the elite, you’ll NEVER do any better than the lowest common denominator regardless of individual effort.

    • Asher

      Get engaged in being a watchmen…we need everyone to be awake, aware, and ready to defeat these people, not physically but with organization! We have strength in numbers!

    • JoJoJams

      Well, to play "devil's advocate" ~ they say the same thing about those "on the right" and the "evil corporate slavemasters". And they really can't see that, even if what they say were "true", at least we have a d@mn CHOICE on where our money goes, where we work, etc. In the totolitarian utopia they envision, there is no choice…. You do what the governmental slavemasters TELL you to do…or you are jailed, fined, or outright killed. ~ "Give me Liberty, or give me death!" ~ "Don't Tread on me!" ~

  • Schlomotion

    This article would have been more honest if it simply said:

    "Hi, I'm Matt Vadum. You may have seen me as a guest 'analyst' on the news. I am like TV's Neelix at Star Trek Con. When I am not filling someone else's empty seat on camera, I am reenacting Andy Breitbart's last night in a bar. This May Day, please buy my book Subversion Inc, as I need to clear out some space in my living room."

    • Choi

      Do you get paid per post or by the hour?
      Are you an exclusive TROLL paid to come here,or are you handling many sites under different names?
      One more thing: You're NOT FIT to even mention yourself and Andrew Breitbart in the same sentence.

      • Roger

        I think it's by the hour. He takes a long time to make things up.

        • Schlomotion

          It's true. Sometimes, I even go outdoors.

        • Choi

          And he has SO much BS to make-up.
          But,he's such a HATEFUL cretin,that he has multiple HATREDS to serve.
          He HATES the JEWS
          He HATES ISRAEL.

          • Schlomotion

            You can't show that I hate America.

          • Juliet G.


            "You can't show I hate Norway" said Quisling facing the charge of treason.

          • Schlomotion

            Apparently that's the best you've got, accusing people of being traitors and Nazis. Apparently your imagination ends there. The world can now move on, safely assured that we are in the era of post-Zionism and they don't have anything new to say.

          • Juliet G.

            I don't need to show that you hate America. You are doing superb job yourself.
            Similarly, I don't accuse you of being a traitor of America. You ARE one by virtue of being a crypto-commie.
            I just point out the self evident. If that is the "best I've got" then I am quite happy because there is nothing better than truth.

            And who the hell is "the world"? The leftist neo-commie swamp you are inhabiting?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Self defense is legal, property owners have this right, hence leftists violating the rights of others to
    the extent of their offense should be drubbed accordingly, not complicated. Do not turn your back
    and do not tolerate violations of the law, demand the police do their job and society can prevail
    unless leftist elected officials run interference for the mob, then identify who needs to be impeached
    or voted out of town on a rail……………………………….William

    • Rocky Mountain

      Please note the irony. You said "elected…officials". We still have the ballot and that is the basis of democracy. Get out and vote and work for your country.

  • Jim_C

    Van Jones…the indolent armies of ACORN…the listless, patchouli'd battlebots of…oooooooh that's some SCARY STUFF!!!

    OK, maybe not. All right then…picture George Soros himself in the war room, liquidating assets to fuel the machinery of revolution with the Kenyan usurper, Himself, poised to declare a new junta set against decent, hard-working, REAL Americans everywhere…

    Hide the kids and load up on ammo, people! They're a-comin' for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen_Brady

      Until they get their way and take your liberty and your property from you, Jim.

      I've had encounters with the Purple Shirts of the SEIU, and the absolute hatred that spews from their mouths could easily lead to violence. At one Tea Party event I attended, a busload of SEIU types showed up and started shouting obscenities at us. They even insulted an 80-something veteran of WWII (he was wearing his American Legion cap, and they focused on that). Finally, the media came, interviewed them, and they were gone … along with the media.

      Jim, if they come after me, I know what I'll do. Are you equipped for the midnight knock on the door?

      • Jim_C

        I think the fear is misplaced and something used by sites like this to ratchet up such confrontations. How on earth are these people going to take away my liberty and property? I'm not the one who made a fortune hyping worthless assets and betting against them.

        Mobs of people in general are loaded with boors and fools, and the only thing that kept your TEA party from being in the minority as far as fools go is relative age and experience. Get a mob of 20-30-something TEA partiers and you'll see the same rudeness.

        The point is, it's easy to play "Your side is worse." The challenge is explaining to the likes of SEIU that you can't get blood from a stone. The challenge is explaining to the TEA party that you can't have your Medicare cake and eat it, too. The challenge is in explaining to the 99%-ers that while some bankers undoubtedly were bad actors, there were an awful lot of everyday people buying houses they could not afford.

        • Stephen_Brady

          Jim, I basically agree with your post except on one poiint. I'm a member of the First Brigade of the tea Party, and have been part of the movement since its inception. I have never … not once … seen Tea Partiers acting in a rude manner, or seen a meeting that could be described as a mob. The only time I saw anything out of the ordinary was in St. Louis, in which a man who claimed to be Tea Party was walking around with a "KKK" sign, and passing out Klan literature. He was confronted be people carrying signs that had an arrow pointing at him, with text that read "Not One of Us." Later, it turned out that he was a member of the SEIU.

          Note tha the above description of the Tea Party that I know includes people of all ages.

          How are they going to take away your liberty and propety. They are already doing it. Are you rich, defined as making taxable income in excess of $250k per year (just enough to live on, comfortably, in a large city)? Then you are the enemy, and Obama's hordes of IRS agents want your blood.

          • Jim_C

            Obama has company in thinking the wealthy need to pony up more–the wealthy, themselves, agree (and I don't necessarily consider making 250,000 "wealthy" by American/western standards, nor does overtaxing that bracket make sense to me). But it's a funny dynamic. Wall Street liked Obama before the election–why? because he told them he was going to raise their taxes to their face. So what happened? Well, Obama's rhetoric. The adoption of that silly 1% number. It plays in Peoria, but they're not having that, and they felt betrayed. I think Barack understands there were more factors than "Wall Street greed" that capsized the economy, but there's only so far you can take that in speeches. Anyway, I digress.

            I've always tried to be respectful of the TEA party because A: they're standing up for what they believe; and B: they have a fundamentally sound point about government's endless appetite. But they did have some kooks, we must admit.

        • Julia

          But your side is worse. It IS easy to play that because it's true. What you don't seem to be able to get through your skull is that this is a very well-organized Communist/Islamist front that has moved across the middle east, across Europe and has now come to America, Canada, and even Australia. They are organized, militant and most likely, aided and abetted by the WH. They are definitely funded by George Soros and Stephen Lerner, SEIU, Code Pink, The Ruckus Society and many Islamist groups. Do you think it's some kind of wild coincidence that Socialism/Communism is SUDDENLY sweeping across the world? Or that only secular regimes are falling? Or that Obama has to cover all crosses in his immediate vicinity before giving a speech as though he were some sort of vampire hiding from mirrors?

          My guess is that either you are woefully naive or you simply lack the ability to comprehend what these people want to do to us. They hate us. They don't want to equalize our society, they want us dead and/or enslaved, dhimmified. In the Occupy encampments which I have the bad luck to live very nearby, it's quite clear that they are being paid. They eat gourmet meals and play with iPods and iPads.They have political indoctrination sessions and are gearing up for May 1st. Now, they ARE useful idiots, so I can't say how far this will take them, but at the moment they are partnering with anarchist groups (such as the Ruckus Society, a Bill Ayres joint) and very much want to bring about a great deal of violence and civil unrest. The useful idiots will soon be trampled and cast off by the real organizers of this movement and then I think someone really needs to figure out a way to change our leadership in Washington.

  • Stephen_Brady

    Red Shirts … sounds vaguely like minor characters on Star Trek that get killed on away missions … Purple Shirts, Brown Shirts, Black Shirts … they're all the same. They're authoritarians and collectivists who want to take our freedoms from us. I say that we don't allow them to …

    • WilliamJamesWard

      No not ever, it may be that the left will want to rub us out but will wait until we are to old to walk.

  • BLJ

    May Day huh? It figures they would tie this in to a Communist tradition. I hope the police take down the losers who plan on destroying property and breaking the law.

    What a bunch of lowlife ingrates. These simpletons are too stupid to realize if they pulled something like this in a commie country they would be breaking big rocks into little rocks in some gulag. They can all go to hell.

  • mrbean

    May Day is to celebrate Lenin's birthday and for greater glory of Chairman Obama.

    • Roger

      I bet the children get to come sing for the dear one.

    • Jim_C

      Long may He reign!

      • BLJ

        If he has his way he will be dictator for life. Only problem is this is the USA not the USSR.

        • Jim_C

          Nah, I think he's a relatively normal human being who will be happy to be done after 8, like Bush was. Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, on the other hand…

      • mrbean

        Reign? Well… he and his sheboon sow Michelle really do think that they are royalty.

    • Larry

      May Day was the date of the first introduction of the 8 hour working day, back in 1856 in New South Wales, now Australia. It has since been taken over by the violent left as their day.

      Lenin's birthday was last week, they call it Earth Day.

  • bruce

    i bought gold guns and land and i have 2yrs supply of food so the commies can go to hell for all i care.if any of them have the balls to fool around with my family they will be met with deadly force however i don't see them having the courage to go any where that they don't have police protection.

  • pagegl

    What would be really cool is, if rioting does occur, some DA files charges against Van Jones and the others responsible for instigating this crap. I understand that this is very unlikely. But, if those bozos weren't out there beating the drums, the chances of any of these demonstrations taking place would be seriously reduced.

    • Asher

      Good point, Why aren't these people being prosecuted for rioting, destruction of property, and creating chaos! Of Course Holder won't do anything, but his days could be numbered!

  • Western Spirit

    corruption is rife in this country. the politicians with their hedge funds and other tactics have played fast and loose with the stock market leaving old folks even more dependent on the government and the politician fat cats even fatter.

    first the morals of a nation goes and then its prosperity. may day is just another indication of the moral decline in this country and the loss of what made it special.

    • Jim_C

      That corruption came by bipartisan design with the people's consent, we must remember. We elected politicians beholden to the market players, we were all too eager to deregulate markets, and the players, then, could incent the enforcers to not enforce the law.

      Meanwhile we've lost some sense of community which was still a feature of life even 30 years ago and without that sense of community we've lose our sense of investment in shared commons; basic things like infrastructure and education have become political footballs. Didn't used to be–it was just assumed these were things you put money back into. And the fact that the ratio between CEO compensation and worker compensation in the 50s was vastly different than it is now, and their tax rate much higher, then, has a lot to do with that.

      • Western Spirit

        that's right and it shows us how far we've fallen. we're on our way to becoming a third world country deliberately being brought down with jobs being sent overseas and those jobs nailed down being done by illegals and wide spread corruption by the ruling class.

  • Pyeatte

    There should be a price for causing damage under the umbrella of "Occupy Whatever". Anyone caught should lose whatever job they have and be thrown off the Government welfare rolls for life, and yes, this includes the SEIU and any other union involved which should be held liable for damages. For declaring war on this country, these maggots deserve no quarter. Politicians supporting this should be held accountable.

  • maria

    Socialist Obama and his accomplices don't care how it will after they destroy completely economy. They will be in Power forever as socialism is dictatorship. US will be transformed in to kind of Zimbabwe. Obama dreams to be Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe). 30 years ago it was prosperous country South Rhodesia who fed half of Africa. "Progressive" humanity with UN in the head fought against apartheid state of South Rhodesia. UN won.
    South Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe and transformed to the poorest country with 90 % unemployment rate, with starved people who now dream that white will return back and feed them. Mugabe nevertheless live in such luxury which none of President cannot even imagine. Envious Barack Hussein think that he is not worse than Mugabe.

  • Fred Dawes

    This is what happens when you open the gates of the city to the people of the world and yes western spirit is dead on the money. and yes the USA Will be here 100 yrs from now but it will not be a real country just some place just like all others.

  • clarespark

    I wouldn't put it past the Ron Paul "noninterventionists" to line up with the leftists on May Day. See Phillip Smyth's interesting essay on Paulbot foreign policy here:….

  • Arius

    These OWS types don't have a clue. They are a mix of the ignorant with socialists, marxists, anarchists, communists, and others, the blind leading the blind. They will fail, have already failed. The most they can do is create a lot of violence and destruction.

  • stevefraser

    Will the GOP label it "Obama Youth"? No, they are at the top a bunch of tired, frightened whites who don't have a clue what they are facing in the New Left. Pathetic how the GOP only plays defense, always reactive and seemingly completely outgunned by the Progressive/Fascists.

  • dysgenic

    May 1, 1776 is the day Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati, the prototype organization for the overthrow of western civilization.

  • Hotrod

    Hope the cops bring staple guns to staple these rioters azz’s shut. So they can’t sh-t on everything like they did last time

  • JeffT

    I do hope the OWS thugs target some of the corporations that have made favorable comments about them. That would be poetic justice. Bank of America would be a good place to start.

  • Youssef

    Saudi Arabia has decided to recall its ambassador to Cairo and close diplomatic missions in Egypt after protests outside its embassy over an arrested Egyptian, state news agency SPA said on Saturday.

    Read more:


  • Ozzy

    Radical activists are responsible for hundreds of serious crimes, including murder, assault, gang rape, arson, rioting, and robbery?

    Over what period of time are we talking, and are we talking about the USA? I'd like to see some sources please.

    • Larry

      Since the start of the Occupy Movement. He's is talking merely of the last 12 months, not the distant past. If you want to go back to the start of things in the '60s it reaches into the tens of thousands.

    • trickyblain

      You won't get sources from this guy. To call him a hack is far too kind, Ozzy. For more information, see any video clip of the moronic midget. The Daily Show lampooning of him was a classic, though this one — where he can't even handle a small market anchor — is my current fav –

  • Asher

    This begins the so-called Take Down of American sovereignty to destroy the infrastructure. Start documenting what you see.

  • Fred Dawes

    The system boys own us all, the Occupy monkeys are doing the job / work of the Globalists and our so called president is just a tool of the one world Globalists in other words the Occupy people are puppets of evil doers.

  • marat 1

    Will someone please impeach Obama for Treason already? Given the way in which he has been at war with Americans from the start, I am amazed the man is still walking around conning Americans. He was, of course a mouthpiece for this "Occupy" movement, a movement that has been void of any speck of constructive focus or ideas. As many of us immediate predicted, it would unleash violence and provocation of law enforcement officials–essentially happy in its gloating over publicity and getting high on that. Early on, we saw the vicious anti-semitic attacks it foistered as well as the lynch mentality extended to virtually anyone who was connected with Wall Street. Ironically, one of Obama's BIGGEST campaign supporters was Goldman Sachs…he also only got off his can to visit New Orleans after the oil spill 13 days after it occurred, despite the Governor and a slew of politicians begging for help. He stayed for 4 days, took a trip in a plane and never saw an oil spill. Instead he had his picture taken on a sandy shore (with a U.S. battleship in the background), as he sifted sand with rolled up sleeves and the iconic Obama "solemn look." Then he flew home and jetted to a $17,000+ Democratic fundraiser at the home of Gordon Getty (heir to the Getty oil fortune). Ironically, BP was ALSO one of his biggest money contributors. Dear Lord, please get this incompetent man a job giving speeches in some little town somewhere, preferably where he can do no harm. Four more years will BREAK the back of America.

  • Youssef

    Iran on Monday slammed a U.S. pastor’s burning of a Quran, calling it provocative and demanding U.S. authorities take action to prevent any recurrence.

    Read more:


  • umustbkidding

    I just don't see the logic here. Even if your foolish enough to fall for the "eat the rich" mentality. I still don't think people in mass believe that rioting and destroying public and private property is justifiable. I don't feel this will be endearing.

  • julia

    It's amazing how much censorship takes place on American websites these days. Do you know we're now ranked 47th in freedom of speech? Guess the censor of this website is afraid of the truth.