May Day Terror Begins

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The Left’s May Day terrorism campaign got underway a day early Monday as at least seven Wells Fargo bank branches in Manhattan reportedly began receiving suspicious envelopes containing white powder in the mail.

“This is a reminder that you are not in control,” an accompanying message read. “Just in case you needed some incentive to stop working we have a little surprise for you. Think fast you have seconds.”

This effort to intimidate participants in the American marketplace for political advantage was not unexpected. As FrontPage Magazine reported Friday, former community organizer Brandon Darby, a leading expert on leftist tactics, said May Day protesters would commit “a lot of violent acts.”

Police sources told ABC News that San Francisco-based Wells Fargo may have been targeted for the white powder mailings because roughly six key Occupy Wall Street members have connections to Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

Although the news report didn’t mention it, in what is surely a bizarre, freaky coincidence unworthy of the attention of the mainstream media, former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones, a self-described communist whose Rebuild the Dream group is participating in the nationwide protests, hails from Oakland, long a hotbed of left-wing radicalism. Jones, who used to belong to a Maoist group, now says that he supports only nonviolent methods of protest against Americans’ cherished economic freedoms.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Wells Fargo has been targeted by left-wing activists. Both before and during the bursting of the nation’s housing bubble, the bank was targeted by the radical street thugs of ACORN, as I reported in my recent book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers. ACORN affiliates took in almost $11 million from 1999 through 2008 from the family charity of left-wing plutocrats Herb and Marion Sandler, founders of subprime lender World Savings Bank. A decade ago as ACORN launched a class action lawsuit and conducted demonstrations against Wells Fargo, the bank just happened to be the Sandlers’ biggest competition in California.

Meanwhile, the radical, anti-American Occupy Wall Street movement, consisting of a dazzling array of Democratic politicians, labor unions, open-borders immigration groups, and a constellation of neo-communist and anarchist collectives, is calling for a general strike against capitalism today. Occupiers want Americans to shun their usual business in order to show the richest so-called one percent of the population what life would be like without the other “99 percent” of society.

The movement website describes May 1, also known as International Workers’ Day, as “A Day Without the 99%.” Occupiers have urged Americans to refuse to work, attend school, perform housework, or go shopping and instead “Take the Streets on Tuesday!” The May Day activities are part of what left-wingers are calling the “99% Spring.” These actions are designed to disrupt the U.S. economy and capitalize on Americans’ growing political and economic jitters.

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  • Larry

    Vorwartz (German) was the newspaper that Karl Marx worked for, and has consistently been used by the communists in Europe as a newspaper name.

  • Ken

    Anarchists, Communists, and usful Lefty idiots on the march!!

  • Becky

    David Horowitz is a champion of freedom, this site and the truth written here is vital. Please people, read his books, read the other authors here, spend time educating yourselves and your kids and your friends and family because SCHOOLS do not do it! Schools push socialists, marxists, anarchists, and multiculturism and all of that is evil, and our country is absorbing it if not willingly, then by osmosis! Teach each other! Thank you for this site!!

    • John_Kelly

      Becky you are absolutely correct and if America is to survive it will owe an enormous debt to the TRUE PATRIOTS like David Horowitz.

      Every Patriot, Politician, Soldier, Teacher or Citizen would benefit GREATLY by searching out the amazing resources available on this website.

  • pstmeoff

    As I read this article I kept thinking about who these followers, of this mind set, are and do they have a clue as to what it means to be a civilized nation(people). Who are they really effecting? The people trying to make a living who have opportunities for advancement to better their lives. The occupiers
    are lazy bums with lots of anger. The "pot stirring agitators" are doing a great job.

  • StephenD

    Maybe we could meet everybody’s needs. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak. We have Lefties out of work and in the streets protesting because according to them they can't get theirs because a select few already have it. On the other hand you have folks trying to make a living going to work each day. The call for more jobs is responded to with more on the welfare rolls…and more regulations. My solution: Gather up all those protesting and bring them to the farms, factories and other "shovel ready" jobs and…hand them a shovel! Put them to work on our dime. MAKE them earn what they get or go hungry. A few things happen here. One, Obama saying there ARE shovel ready jobs is called out. Two, those that are "protesting" lack of jobs suddenly have nothing to protest and they are off the streets and out of the way of decent Americans. Three, we may actually get some work out of these dolts! It may stem the tide of Illegal Immigration also since these fools will have all the jobs. LOL It may be worth giving it a shot!

    • johnnywoods

      Excellent! StephenD

  • Steve Chavez



    In the 60's, the CPUSA ran the peace protests to aid their Soviet comrades. "U.S. Out of Vietnam!"

    In the 80's, the CPUSA teamed up with the Soviet KGB to takeover Central America. "El Salvador is Spanish for Vietnam!" Massive recruitment of university students was their main goal. Students called "Sandalistas" quit school to join Construction Brigades to Nicaragua. They were now "active" which is a Communist code word for "successfully recruited" or a better word "BRAINWASHED." Many returned to school with a new mission: ACTIVISM. CIRCLE COMPLETE!


    "THEY" are the world's bitter communists but none were more bitter than OURS!


    Barack Obama was one of those 80's dupes and surely one of the bitter Communists since he surrounded himself with Communists all his life and which continues today. HE WAS BITTER TOO!

    The children of 60's hippies and 80's dupes are the next generation of ANTI-AMERICAN PROTESTERS!

    OBAMA IS NOW CREATING THE CONDITION$$$ FOR THE DOWNFALL OF THE UNITED STATES! Our past enemies are now Obama's friends. Our past allies are Obama's enemies. From Capitalism to Communism.


    • johnnywoods

      In other words, "Yesterday`s flower children have become today`s blooming idiots".

  • guest

    It's raining in NYC – at least the useful idiots will have a shower.

  • John C. Davidson

    The only answer to our problem is to install Mark Levin as our next Attorney General. We really must stop this unlawful behavior the press & communists encourage. Let them scream & yell all they want, it has to end, now!

    • American Thinker

      I like Guiliani for Attorney General.

      I'd comment further but I'm going shopping. Something expensive, maybe gold.

      • Stephen_Brady

        We're going shopping, too. And for our shopping venue, we've picked one of the most hated places in America … Wal-Mart. In your face, Occu-Commies …

  • Steve Chavez

    The beginning of this movement was called "DAYS OF RAGE" on September 17. A google search led to Code Pink, a front of the Communist Party USA. Further digging led to Peace Action which is led by Judith LeBlanc, a high-ranking member of the CPUSA front, United for Peace and Justice.

    The CPUSA directed the "Audacity of Hope" Hamas flotilla ship that was stopped in Greece. At ustogaza dot org, there was a list of funders that included long time Communists and closet Communists.

    When "eye" revealed the Code Pink link on several sites, Code Pink removed the ad. Then when OWS became a movement supported by Obama and the Democrats, the Occupiers said it was a "leaderless movement."

    "EYE" can insure you that Communists are the sheepherders that stand in the shadows and are directing this movement so it is no wonder that Obama and the Democrats are using this as another "class warfare" con!

    "EYE" HOPE all he!! breaks loose and then traced to Van Jones, Obama, and the Democrats.

  • BS77

    Occupy arel the spoiled brat ingrates who march and blow whistles, carry signs and fantasize they are Robin Hoods or Che Guevaras, . In fact, they are frustrated with their own failures and like infants, throw temper tantrums, break things, live in their own filth and blame all their problems on society, banks, businesses and "other people".

    • Stephen_Brady

      Let's hope they never get the chance to be "Che Guevaras", considering what that mass murderer did.

    • BLJ


  • kongMing

    Idiots thinking Tom Morello will attract anyone with his guitar playing shows their stupidity and is hands down my favorite part of this story. Capo, fuzzbox, three cord progressions, high fret lead with no chords, slid guitarist backs him up, yep right up their with McLaughlin, Krieger and Allman.

  • tagalog

    Maybe somebody should get the names and addresses of some of these May Day protesters and send them a letter with white powder in the envelope and telling them they have only seconds to act.

  • Winston

    Why is it that the govenment and various policing agencies (National, State, Local) view those who stand on their Constitutional right to bear arms and display free speech, they are branded as "domestic terrorists", but people like Van Jones, the New Black Pathers, and their socialists cohorts get away with much greater public display of rebellion? It goes all the way to the tainted White House and Justice Department turn a blind eye to their actions. Socialism/Communism/Marxism is evil and certainly has the fingers of Satan all over it.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The leftist resume for these cretins should show the time spent in jail for their outrageous and criminal
    behavior. Arrest, identify and record all they do and are. It may be that 'be a bum day' will get some
    of them put away for a good amount of time, hopefully on road gangs doing hard labor. Considering
    that type of sentence it may be that it would be the only useful period in their miserable lives.

  • Jim_C

    "Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers"
    Let me guess: another book that started with a conclusion and worked it's way backward via "investigative" "reporting?" But hey, it's endorsed by G. Gordon Liddy–Nixon's very own brownshirt-turned-rightwing teddybear! He should know about…shirt colors.

    Words like "terror" and "brutality" cease to have meaning when applied to cute little bugaboos like ACORN.

  • dysgenic

    These white powder mailings are an obvious attempt to frame the Occupy people, the way the anthrax mailings after 9/11 were an attempt to frame Muslims.

    • Zionista

      was the attempted bombing of a bridge in Ohio the work of those who want to frame the 'peaceful' ows crowd?

      • scum

        Let's wait and see. All we've heard is that they were 'anarchists.' Certainly they did less damage than your buddy Breivak, who is consistently apologized away here on FPM. Hard to believe, but true.

  • KPI2U

    Um…. the Occupy Movement and the 99% are not just “Lefties.” Does anyone here know why the value of homes was artificially propped up by the banks? So they could make money off your money. They would give anyone who could sign a signature a home loan. However many of those people who bought during that era were honest hard workers with large down payments (or, as the banks called it “good faith money) and they were STILL told they only qualified for crap loans. Banks haven’t loaned money to homeowners for years because of the securitization process, Your pension funds and 401k plans did. Banks only SERVICE the home loans. You’ve lost money on your pensions fund, investments and/or 401k… So why are the banks getting free homes, re-selling them, keeping the money, and then claiming losses against taxpayers. Why are the banks not putting all of the empty homes on the market to let home prices fall to where they realistially should be? Think about what these banks are really doing here folks…it affect us ALL.

  • mrbean

    Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others. By what criterion of justice is a consensus-government to be guided? By the size of the victim’s gang. When government controls are introduced into a free economy, they create economic dislocations, hardships, and problems which, if the controls are not repealed, necessitate still further controls, which necessitate still further controls, etc. Thus a chain reaction is set up: the victimized groups seek redress by imposing controls on the profiteering groups, who retaliate in the same manner, on an ever widening scale. The only proper purpose of a government is to protect man’s rights, which means: to protect him from physical violence. The only proper functions of a government are: the police, to protect you from criminals; the army, to protect you from foreign invaders; and the courts, to protect your property and contracts from breach or fraud by others, to settle disputes by rational rules, according to objective law.

    • scum

      Does that include the tens of millions doled out to American corporations doing business overseas?

  • BLJ

    These cretans should be treated as enemies of America. That is exactly what they are. They are also moronic dupes that are being used by scumbags like George Soros.

    They are the offsprng of having a tool like Obama in the White House. He would fit in perfectly with this bunch. I bet he wishes he was out there with them.

    They can go pound sand and if any of them get in my way they had better hope their health insurance premium is paid.

    • scum

      Why not just kill everyone with whom you disagree?

  • BS77

    Look at the Occupy MORON….the MORON is in his little black suit. The MORON is breaking some windows. Oh what a big bad brave MORON he is. Look at the Occupy loser….spray painting cars and damaging little businesses. What a hero the Occupy MORON must imagine himself to be.

    Occupy has lost all credibility…'s nothing more than a mob of LOSERS venting their infantile rage at their own failed lives. Occupy is for LOSERS.

  • tagalog

    It's now May 2, 2012. The May Day disruptions, they were billed as something that was going to be disruptive in a major way, closing down important bridges, interrupting with commerce and business, keeping people from going to work, etc., etc.

    So how much disruption actually was caused?

    I didn't expect that the Occupier disruption (or disruption from anyone else for that matter) would amount to much, but the news doesn't seem to reveal much; is that because they did so little that the news is embarrassed for having played it up, or is it that the newspapers have been so badly disrupted that they can't make a report? I suspect that it's the former.

  • Howard

    Obamas new campaign slogan is "Forward".

    I suppose it was chosen because "Its Not Fascism When WE Do It" takes up too much room on a bumper sticker.

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    This effort to intimidate participants in the American marketplace for political advantage was not unexpected. As FrontPage Magazine reported Friday, former community organizer Brandon Darby, a leading expert on leftist tactics, said May Day protesters would commit “a lot of violent acts.”