Medicare May Be Obama’s ‘Waterloo’

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Democrats created this elegant mess for themselves and it forces Obama to contort himself into a pretzel over Medicare. Democrats may be able to routinely conceal increased government spending through the accounting sleight-of-hand known as baseline budgeting, but they can’t spin Obama’s $716 billion in Medicare cuts.

Obama also has to defend his health care plans by saying he somehow strengthened Medicare. He can’t do it.

It cannot be emphasized enough that no one, except for the most hardened Obama zombie, will buy the argument that Medicare cuts make Medicare stronger. No matter how much they personally may like their president there is a limit to what Americans will believe. Obama simply cannot credibly claim to be putting Medicare on a more sustainable footing while vivisecting it in order it to protect Obamacare.

Conservatives have been weighing in on the political ramifications of Obama’s assault on Medicare.

This week David Horowitz wrote that “Opposing Medicare – which Obama has plundered — to Obamacare, which a majority of voters already dislike, is a brilliant strategy that can neutralize the unprincipled attacks and the calculated distortions of the conman in the White House and his ethically challenged thugs.” He’s right.

At the same time Fred Barnes suggests in the Weekly Standard that it was all part of a grand scheme, a “political trap” Republicans set for Democrats on Medicare.

Anyone familiar with Republicans’ track record is unlikely to attribute such Sun Tzu-like genius to the Grand Old Party. It seems much more likely that Republicans bungled their way into a perfect storm. But whether this glorious situation that promises to undo Obama was planned or inadvertent won’t matter to American patriots who want to save their country.

Ultimately a Medicare fix and Obamacare repeal performed by a President Romney won’t solve America’s colossal problems but they may buy the country a few more years to sort things out.

It gives America a chance – which is more than Obama has given America.

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  • yunifomu

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I have truly loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

  • @GlendaFindley

    I truly hope Romney seizes this golden opportunity and goes on the defensive on this. This is an issue very dear to my heart, as I will be going on Medicare in less than a year. Millions of seniors out there voted for Obama. This one issue would turn the tide in that venue.

    • Some Guy

      On the offensive, you mean? ;)

  • Choi

    President Romney.

  • Stan Lee

    I believe that less than 5% of Medicare elderly ever knew of the $$716 billion that Obama stole from Medicare in order to implement his quest for legacy, what should become his "Waterloo," Obamacare. THey, the elderly, your mothers and fathers, are the most uninformed people in America, but they vote. Collectively, it's all our faults for allowing them to be uninformed.
    The statement that I cannot forget is Pelosi's "We have to pass it to see what's in it." How can such a stupid ploy have succeeded in full view of the American people? It's not what she "got away with," it's what they got away with with the votes given them by Americans! There's a book on sale now called "Screwed." We sure were!
    Americans have themselves to blame, they believed the leftist media which lied like h— to support everything the Obama regime did to this country. Now, we had better unravel this mess and inform the elderly they've been "screwed."

    • jude1229


  • Atikva

    We have already entered the age of socialist healthcare.

    A few days ago, one of my friends with Medicare AND a secondary insurance, was left waiting for nearly 4 hours after the time of her appointment, before being told point blank by her doctor that this medical office could no longer cater to elderly patients because too much time had to be spent on them, including time to fill the myriads of computerized forms mandated by the government. In clear: because Medicare doesn't pay enough, only young patients will be accepted in order to keep the doctor's office afloat.

    Even more drastically, only last week another friend of mine was simply rejected by another doctor's office that advertised it accepted new patients. Ah, but not Medicare patients, the receptionist told her, even those with secondary insurance. New Policy, and good luck to you!

    Soon, we are going to experiment the same situation as in socialist countries, where state regulations allow doctors to spend a maximum of 20 minutes per visit, so that the number of patients registered in each doctor’s office reaches the standard quota.

    And wait until Obamacare becomes operational – which God forbid!

    You wanted "change" … now you got it. Enjoy it!

  • harrylies

    In other words, seniors are getting welfare handouts. I thought FrontPage was against handouts.

  • AnnRandy

    Any fix NOT market based, that is where participants set the price thru supply and demand, is NOT a fix and will fail.
    Buy a 5K hospitalization policy, set up an MSA or FSA, and pay for the small stuff YOURSELF. It's really the ONLY responsible thing to do..unless you're a brain dead leftist and don't care..

  • Grampa

    This is typical of big government. They rob Peter to pay Paul. The problems arise when its tome to pay back Peter . They always find that is better to owe it to you than cheat you out of it. No matter how clever their plans are they never work. Government is known for its cost average of three to five times larger than the private sector. Why would we let them handle anything. Social security is broke, Medicare is broke, the post office is broke. It didn't used to be but good Ole boys saw a pile of money and well you know the rest. Waterloo? OK If they put President Obama where the put Napoleon (in exile). Time to take our government back.
    God bless America.