Obama Had Advance Knowledge of Mideast Attacks

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Although the Obama administration had “credible” evidence of this week’s deadly Islamist attacks on U.S. missions in Libya and Egypt a full two days before they happened, no effort was made to protect U.S. government personnel, The Independent reports.

The Islamofascist offensive took place on September 11, a day of great symbolic importance to both America and the Islamic world because it was the eleventh anniversary of al Qaeda’s attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The U.S. media, of course, seems barely aware of this symbolism because it has been focused laser-like on savagely attacking President Obama’s opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, for daring to criticize Obama’s foreign policy.

Senior diplomatic sources told the British newspaper that “the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and ‘lockdown’, under which movement is severely restricted.”

Unfortunately, there’s much more bad news. Important secret papers are missing from the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and refuges for U.S. personnel across that recently liberated North African nation are no longer considered “safe.”

The AWOL documents are sensitive enough to make Julian Assange salivate.

“Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts,” the paper reports.

Americans have also been subjected to the grotesque spectacle of a dead envoy’s body being dragged around Benghazi. U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and at least three other Americans were killed in a firefight at the U.S. consulate in that city. Stevens was apparently tortured and may have been sodomized by his assassins in a ritual of humiliation popular among Islamic terrorists.

Libyan leader Mohammed Magarief promptly apologized “to the United States, the people and to the whole world for what happened” in Benghazi.

Although U.S. Marines are normally stationed at the full embassy in Tripoli, for reasons unknown, no Marines were guarding the facility in Benghazi. President Obama has reportedly since dispatched a contingent of Marines to Libya.

Despite President Obama’s curious statement about Egypt, that “I don’t think we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,” U.S. officials in Cairo had been counting on increasingly hostile Egyptian authorities to protect the diplomatic compound. Hillary Clinton’s State Department reportedly ordered the Marines defending the embassy in Cairo not to carry live ammunition. At the Pentagon, Marines Lt. Col. Chris Hughes denied the report, saying, “No restrictions on weapons or weapons status [had] been imposed.”

At press time anti-American protests had spread to the Gaza Strip, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, and Bangladesh, and were still continuing in Cairo. Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has condemned the Benghazi assault but his critics don’t believe he was being sincere.

Initially it was reported that the attacks in Benghazi and Cairo were spontaneous, prompted by a movie trailer on YouTube for Innocence of Muslims, which offers an unflattering portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed. This is a convincing enough cover story because Muslims have rioted over far less. Muslims not only do not tolerate unkind cinematic depictions of Mohammed, they do not tolerate any cinematic depiction of Mohammed. (Watching The Message, a Muslim-approved full-length feature film from 1977 starring Anthony Quinn, requires an unusual degree of suspension of disbelief. Mohammed is a character but he’s not shown or heard.)

But now it is unclear if such a movie actually exists. Innocence of Muslims might even turn out to be a so-called false flag operation created as a pretext for Islamist attacks on U.S. interests. Hollywood figures are reportedly unaware of the film and the actors in the 14-minute Ed Wood-quality production now claim they were misled about the storyline.

The story gets stranger. The Wall Street Journal spoke to someone who called himself Sam Bacile. Bacile claimed to be the director of the celluloid schlock. The newspaper of record said Bacile “described himself as a 52-year-old Israeli-American real-estate developer, called Islam a ‘cancer,’ and said the film had been funded by Jewish donors to the tune of $5 million.”

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  • kafir4life

    Hold on here!!! We're supposed to be blaming Bush for having prior information about attacks!!! President Stinky (aka BO) couldn't be responsible!! He's not responsible for ANYTHING (unless it's something positive, of course).

    Seriously, how do this muslims feel so strongly about this pedophilic madman that they all want to emulate? This mohamat was a disgusting pig of man! Do they understand that this pig shat the contents of their most holy terror guide, the koran, into the sand after a bout of intestinal distress after "porking" then later consuming his favorite pig or "mama" as mohamat liked to call her.

    allahu snackbar

  • Jossi

    What we are witnessing was perfectly expressed by G. Orwell a long time ago: "The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history" and again Orwell saw the logical consequence of it:
    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever".
    The above description perfectly fits the thinking and acting of the present US Admin and also of the EU.
    In 2 days the Jewish new year is beginning; we remember our history and don't accept a boot stamping on us. This week we read the last portion of the scroll, and it is succinctly written: "You stand this day, all of you, before the Lord, your God"…..there is hope. Shana Tova.

    • curmudgeon

      you are absolutely right, jossi. now maybe you will address the fact that our citizens of hebrew persuasion voted overwhelmingly for the worst racist, antiamerican, muslim sympathizing (if not the real thing), jew hating bumbler available in the last election. after that, some comments on why the atomic bomb spies, who turned every nuclear secret over to that great lover of the people of abraham, stalin, as they were discovered, were of the jewish persuasion. perhaps if you were really aware of history, you would forget about your jewishness, and work for whatever is best for america, and that aint the democrats, the party of more treason. (as opposed to the republicans, the party of more stupidity)

      • Jossi

        Dear Curmedgeon. I'm taking the time to answer you. Probably you didn't understand, and I'll add a few words. First of all I'm writing from Israel, I'm European (not east Europe) born and raised. I live in Israel as a Jew, I chose to live here. I abhor with all my thoughts and body everything that smells Left. I know history quite well, I studied it. As for Jews, or as you put of hebrew persuasion, in the US which, for the majority always vote left, I feel they are deranged, they don't know their own Jewish history, nor of US history. Many of US Jews came from east Europe, and wrongly thought that socialism is the cure. They are useful idiots, and Jewish only in name. As for the A bomb, some spies might have been Jewish, again they were committing treason twice, to the US, and to their own culture. I won't have a problem shooting them or hanging them for the act. The Soviet, though, it must be said, started to infiltrate the US even before WW2 and strongly thereafter, and were masters in that trade.
        Eventually I'll never ever forget my creed, being a Jew, for this reason I left Europe long ago and came to Israel. Strategically, we in Israel are also working for the US, and in so many ways. You see, we have a lot of Lefties here too, and I'm combating every day, with words and arguments and much more. On another note, I was also living 2 years in the US, I was CEO of a foreign company on the US soil, and we invested quite a lot. I'm a friend of the American conservative people, and again, I never was a left leaning person, on the contrary, I'm known for being a very anti left since ever. To be honest, I much prefer a sincere conservative Christian (in Europe nearly all my friends are Christians), than a Jewish person who doesn't know his history and above all who hasn't the sufficient intelligence to recognize the deceitful Left. My friends in the US are all republicans Christians and Jews. I even have some Arab Christian friends in Europe, and they hate the mohammedans even more than you and I do. They had to flee Lebanon and other countries.

        • LindaRivera

          Jossi, Yes indeed, the Jews who vote left are JINOs – Jews in name only.

          Being a TRUE Jew is beautiful! I love and deeply appreciate especially the Jews who live in the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria! And the hilltop youth! By living in the God given Jewish land they are standing up for the rights of Jews and every non-Muslim on earth!

          No innocents on earth should have their homes destroyed and their land stolen because they don't worship the deity Muslims call Allah!

        • Eric

          In Israel you may live as a Jew to an extent but from everything I read and see, the Israelis have already been defeated. The IDF cowers in the face of Arabs with rocks even though the soldiers have guns. The force of the IDF is used only against other Jews, especially unarmed ones. When Arabs attack Jews and yell “Itbach al Yahood” (“Slaughter the Jew!”) and come armed with clubs and knives, Jews cower in fear and the IDF shoots — in the air — hoping he won’t hit anyone. Only in Israel are Jews evicted from their homes — by their government. Israel is a lost cause and the Jews there are fooling only themselves if they think otherwise. By the way, the Israeli left makes the American left look conservative. That is how crazy they are in Israel.

          • Jossi

            Thanks for bringing the subject up. It is one of thorniest problem we've got in Israel (particularly in Judea & Samaria – the occupied territories by the arab-mohammendas!) If I should answer in a very complete way, it would take a small book, so I try, space and time permitting to be brief an mention general outlines. It is well true that the IDF was and is involved in ejecting some Jews in the "so called outposts". It was a decision taken by the Israeli Super Left Supreme Court! We have a genuine problem with the Supreme Court, the judges are electing themselves! They aren't elected by the Knesset (Parliament)! We try to correct this, but it is extremely lengthy and difficult. Judea & Samaria is divided in areas A, B and C. In the area C Israel is allowed to built, and fortunately we do. Now, the last story with Migron, was a petition from the arabs showing it was private land owned by them! You bet! False documents,and taken for good by our ultra Left Supreme Court. Netanyahu govt, and all other are walking on eggs when taking decisions ref Judea & Samaria. On the other hand IDF soldiers can't outright shot/kill or harm stone throwers. So it's always the same movie. Meantime we have between 350K-500K Jews living in Judea & Samaria, and that is fine.
            We Israelis have not been defeated, as you imply, this chapter even if thorny and problematic isn't closed yet. We have major problems coming from the north (Hezbollah and Syria), Gaza, Egypt, and the Sinai peninsula, and of course Iran and all the rest of the Middle East. With Judea & Samaria, it is a politics of costs versus benefits for the time being. Palestinians throwing rocks is the lesser of all the problems.
            Then, the substructures of the country i.e. institutions were built on socialists premises; it is difficult to change, though certainly not impossible, and much much better than in the 1950-60ies.
            On a last note, I strongly think, one day, the IDF will enter Judea & Samaria fully, and evict if possible, or kill the so called Palestinians, but this will only happen in a situation of full out war. Same for Gaza. (Our Prophets have indeed put this point into writing 2500 years ago!). I said the situation is complex, difficult and the Pals are the lesser problem. In fact they perfectly know they live well with all the foreign hand outs and being in proximity of the Israel.
            We are approaching very rough times, I see more than 1 war coming, and this time it certainly won't be done with a few fly overs and ending after 2 weeks. I think everybody, with a bit of grain knows it.
            The arabs and the persians are many in numbers, have many missiles, but all in all are weak. The Israelis will defend and battle near the borders, but the West will overrun the Middle East eventually. This is my firm analysis. (Prophets again are confirming it) – The West is coming to a boiling point, pushed by the mohammedans and pushed again, up to point were the arab and persians will be attacked. Of course this is already full out war. I cannot tell in how much time such events will take place, the world crisis, the financial crisis, the societal crisis, and all the rest will precipitate event. Once they're starting, you can't hold them.
            The majority of Israelis today are not Left leaning, and if it comes to defend our mainland than the answers will be clear. (Ex: Hizbollah isn't attacking or launching missiles, because they know, the next time they start with it, they'll be obliterated, and Lebanon will be thrown back 15-20 years.) Don't underestimate our military capabilities.
            On a final note, Israel never was a lost cause, quite the contrary, and it is not lost now, after millennial years of history, we are the only ones still to be here. (and as long as the ordinances: Sun, Moon and Planets are existing) – Once Israel is at total peace, than the rest of the world will live in peace. Unfortunately, the world, has to experience a last very destructive war, I'm not saying it lightly, thought everything points to it. Shana Tova, and Shalom.

          • Jossi

            To answer correctly it would take a small booklet. I try to outline some generalities. Your first statement is that the "Israelis have already been defeated". Well, we are here in our land, very dynamic, vibrant, new people coming in, and the birth rate is one of highest (counting Jews only) in the world. This in spite of all the difficulties. And the IDF is still very strong. The problems with the Palestinians is indeed a thorny one. We had the opportunity in 1967 to put a stop to the invented people who call themselves Palestinians! The political echelon at that time missed the opportunity. Back today, the IDF cannot possibly kill rock throwers at point blank. Politically it is not possible. Now, that some Jews are evicted from their homes in Judea & Samaria is indeed a shame. But I explain: In Israel we have a definitive problem with our Supreme Court, they are ultra-left, and above all the judges are choosing themselves, and are not designated or elected by the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), as in other democracies. And this is a real problem! Since the beginning of the State, the ultra-left Supreme Court arrogated itself this right. Through political means today, we are trying to change it, though still it is not done, the resistance of the judges together with press, TV, and political pressure, it is not possible to change. The decision to evacuate Migron, (one of the settlements (on an initial stage)) was indeed decided by the Sup. Crt. It claimed (and with false documentation) that the ground was private arab property. All governments, left or right, and particularly the right, walks on eggs when decisions are taken for Judea & Samaria. Then, to complicate the matter, these Territories (occupied by arab-mohammedans) are divided in area A, B, and C. In area C, Israel is allowed to build.
            As for Gaza, when Israel was physically present with 8000-10.000 people building high tech agro-business (tomatos, strawberries ect and flowers) we had approx the equivalent in IDF personnel there. that meant 1 to 1 ratio soldier per civilian. Any country has to think on a cost/benefit too. The Sharon Govt. decided to leave Gaza. So the people in Gaza have no more work and Hamas overtook. Too bad.
            In the future, I strongly think that the IDF will one day enter Judea & Samaria fully, to evict, or finish the Palestinians off. But this will be done only in case there is a full out war, which I think is probable. Same for Gaza. The future isn't nice to contemplate, I usually reason on a broad spectrum, and seen the developments in the arab/persians nations I analyze more and more weakness, although there are too many weapons around. You see we could have finished off the Pals long ago, politically it wasn't possible, but there will be a time where it is. Now, the entire Middle East is starting to get shaky, and rapid changes are tanking place. I expect huge and violent changes.
            On a last note: Israel is neither a lost cause nor defeated, on the contrary after millennial history, the Jews are still here, and anybody expecting the Jews and Israel to disappear is fooling itself. Our nation broke all statistics, too many people have written us off, and still, we are here, and have a built a very viable State, besides having the military capabilities to defend us of major threats.

  • Schlomotion

    "Important secret papers are missing from the American consulate […] U.S. personnel across that recently liberated North African nation are no longer considered “safe.” Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans […] other documents are said to relate to oil contracts"

    Mr. Vadum elaborates rather explicitly here that the US Consulate in Libya is not being used in a peaceful, diplomatic way. He calls the Consulate a "mission" which makes the Consulate workers missionaries.

    What kind of missionaries? The kind of missionaries who team up with Al Qaeda to assassinate the leader of a country while running cover for agents of major oil companies who are trying to secure access to the country's raw materials. No wonder they need diplomatic immunity. The consulate system appears to be an internationally organized, systematized network of corporate espionage and terrorism. Apparently, the flaw here is that the people who raided the consulate did so outside the approved and regulated criminal system, the ordained method of killing people and looting a country.

    • Matthew Vadum

      Ah, Professor Chomsky. So nice of you to come.

      • Schlomotion

        Well, since the Capital Research Center has no expertise in the economy of syntactic derivation and is still using a dependency instead of a constituency based linguistic approach, I saw fit to bring you the latest developments in transformational grammar.


          Shariamotion, Happy Eternal Nakba!

        • Matthew Vadum

          I know Noam Chomsky. You're no Noam Chomsky. I've interviewed him a couple of times. He's in my book Subversion Inc., defending ACORN of course.

    • Stern

      This troll has one purpose and one purpose only: to provoke. he loves nothing more than being refuted, because he then changes the subject and attacks from a different angle. The only common thread is that desire to provoke. The best approach is to IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. Do not engage this troll. it's not worth it.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        Why give them any forum unchallenged?

        That's how they took over the media, courts, schools…. we need to fight them on every plain, on every issue and fight to win! This guy can be humiliated, he deserves to be humiliated! Why let his words go unchallenged?

        It's not easy but trolls can be driven away. Exposing them to the light of facts and reality is the place to start. And I'm not ignoring him any more than the others I've chewed up and spit out.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      Considering you know NOTHING about diplomatic buildings, your rant is worthless. For your edification, a diplomatic mission is a group of people from one state or an international inter-governmental organisation (such as the United Nations) present in another state to represent the sending state/organisation in the receiving state.

      The main diplomatic mission is the embassy, but all diplomatic offices are missions.

      Your use of missionary is misleading and disingenuous.

      Try again, mental midget.

      • Schlomotion

        So they are a diplomatic mission to assassinate people and grab all the oil. That sounds so…much exactly like Wikipedia!

        Good thing you looked it up to edify me with. Botschaft is such a funnier word.

        • Pontotoc Bill

          Nice try to put YOUR inane views into this, specifically they were used to assassinate people and grab oil.

          How stupid do you think people are, SchloMo?

          How about Hundescheisse for you, Schlomo?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            He's so cute, coming out with the fresh hate, the fresh lies for the day.

            And little does he know it's old stuff recycled badly.

    • pagegl

      The mission and missionaries thing is a real big honkin' stretch, even for you.

    • Ghostwriter

      My goodness,Schlomotion. Your idiocy is as predictable as the tides. Blaming America for what happened. Somehow,this isn't surprising,coming from a Jew hating slimeball like yourself.

    • Omar

      Gadhafi was a Marxist dictator who took power with support from the USSR. He had opposed democracy and diplomacy for a long time. The situation in Libya seemed to be totalitarianism vs. totalitarianism (Gadhafi-style fascism vs. Islamofascism) Based on last year's matchup, no one can win in Libya. The Arab Spring led to total disaster.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Mr. Vadum elaborates rather explicitly here that the US Consulate in Libya is not being used in a peaceful, diplomatic way. He calls the Consulate a "mission" which makes the Consulate workers missionaries."

      Mr. Troll, how old are you?

      "What kind of missionaries? The kind of missionaries who team up with Al Qaeda to assassinate the leader of a country while running cover for agents of major oil companies who are trying to secure access to the country's raw materials. No wonder they need diplomatic immunity. The consulate system appears to be an internationally organized, systematized network of corporate espionage and terrorism. Apparently, the flaw here is that the people who raided the consulate did so outside the approved and regulated criminal system, the ordained method of killing people and looting a country. "

      In summary, your position is that the West is evil and the others are victims. Got it. Just refer to that summary when posting in the future and many of us will be able to save a lot of time.

      You deserve a Muslim husband.

    • FPF

      Your logic says the embassy personnel deserved to die because they did what you called 'missions', or they helped the devil to gain power and they deserve to die after their usefulness became useless. The flaw here is that you totally ignored the fact of who killed those US citizens and what caused that madness.

  • Umustbkidding

    Hilary has Marines guarding the embassy that don’t have live ammo?????

    The Democrats have humiliated our brave soldiers in every way they can think of. It costs American lives every time they are in charge. WTF Our men and women in arms aren’t trusted to have ammo???

    Our Democrat leaders insulate themselves from us because they fear us but, the homicidal maniacs that ascribe to the religion of peace – those are the ones they trust?? Those are the ones they are baffled by when they commit the violence that they have been promising? Oh, yeah, I forgot they sent their apology out in advance – yeah that should have taken care of everything. After all they admitted that we were wrong didn’t they?

    I think the Democrat leadership are criminally insane.

    • Mike

      I served at Ramstein AB, Germany as a Security Specialist carrying an M-16 with 120 rounds. When we went to the mess hall the Army Security Guards ammunition was sealed so that the armory could account for their rounds. By the time they broke the seal and loaded their weapon they would be dead. In my opinion I believe this is still true.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Hilary has Marines guarding the embassy that don't have live ammo?????"

      In fairness, this has not been confirmed. It will take me a while to know better whether to believe this. As of now, I don't.

  • Horace

    USA UNDER ATTACK, and our security is in the hands of liberal weenies who only know how to kiss islamic butt and bow to the Saudi King, abandon the only non primitive state in the Middle East (Israel). The Obama Clinton duet's juggling act fumbling and bumbling with peoples lives is coming crashing down. They welcome the ever growing silent Islamic invasion of the Western Nations (can no longer be called Christendom due to the takeover of the media, universities, churches,even elementary schools etc. by atheists pushing sodomy abortion and socialism to our youth) Diversity makes us stronger oh yeah. The embassy guards ran away ok.
    The list of "people working with the Americans" has been taken by the Islamis. That kind of thing destroys any chance of recruiting cooperation from sympathetic people in unfriendly dictatorships, tyrannies etc. Our own security people have been disarmed or given no ammunition. Obama treason or Obama incompetence? Doing all this out of stupidity or on purpose? Islamists in our government, gays in the military, enviro-wackos in EPA & NASA, communists in our financial system, voter fraud unchecked in our elections. Obama does know how to give a good con job though. Get your handbaskets ready folks.

  • BLJ

    Of course the Chosen One did. He is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and is a MUSLIM himself. Like I have said before I hate his guts.

    • Dennis Habern

      You are not the only one. He is the Anti-Christ with Hillary as his disciple, if you follow. Both Hillary and

      the Moron that currently resides in the White House, are followers of Saul Alinsky, a known Communist

      whom wrote the book, "RULES FOR RADICALS," of which the Moron follows to a "T" and Hillary elected to

      write her Thesis. Of all the people to write one's Thesis, Hillary chose Alinsky, which conjurs in my mind,

      that Hillary is nothing but a Communist herself. The Moron has chosen his staff as well as this Moron

      chose his radical friends while enrolled in college, if you recall. From David Axelrod, Vallerie Jarette and

      this Muslim Iranian that is Hillary's right-hand man, HUMA, the Moron sure knows how to pick them. The

      Moron picks his cabinet and associates, like he picks his nose, if you follow. This Moron is the most hated

      individual on this planet besides George Soros.

    • dennis x

      The next for years is going to be really hard on you, ha ha !!!

  • PAthena

    Is it posswible that President Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? His Secretaty of State Hillary Clinton has as an aide Huma Abedin, who has links to the Muslim Brotherhood through her family and who worked for it some years ago.

  • ghackney24

    Here 'Tis folk! I'll be surprised if I see this in our media's outlets, anyone else take that bet?

  • LindaRivera

    During 2011 and the first half of 2012, Obama's attendance at
    Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — the meeting at which he is briefed on
    the most critical intelligence threats to the country.became even less
    frequent — was just over 38%.

    The Muslim who sits in the White Mosque missed the intelligence
    meetings because America's security means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him. Nothing.

  • LindaRivera

    The US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs
    charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that
    American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for

    There is only ONE conclusion that one can glean from this. Our
    leaders at the very top, Obama, Clinton and the U.S. State Department,
    wanted the attacks and barbaric murders to succeed. What a horrible
    betrayal of innocents.


    • Dennis Habern

      But I think that their little plan backfired. Now, both the Moron and Hillary, are finished politically.

  • pagegl

    All Obama cares about is getting reelected and continuing to wreck this country. The loss of America lives means nothing to him, which is typical of collectivists.

  • ghackney24

    My king/prez etal, meaning our American media minus a few outlets and individuals are not giving us the US people the real lowdown. Kinda' reminds me of certain leaders in history that began withholding facts and telling their BIG L. Lowdown. Didn't think I was going to use the "Lie" word? At least they're setting us up here in the US for the laws some folk in the UK are subjected to. I use king not to denigrate the English, etc. Just as a way of reminding readers that we once had a democratic republic before the progressives began coming into power after our first 100 yrs.+. I won't vacation outside of TX any more bec of certain laws I will follow if I did and did when I did.

  • dennis x

    Lil bush & condi had a report more than a month before 911, stating attacks would occur. There is no evidence that The President had 24 hour notice. But who stands to benifit from these attacks, israel, who has been beating the war drums for an attack on Iran. The mudsards hands are all over this. They can have their war including amerikkkan deaths and embarrass The President at the same time.

    • Ghostwriter

      You're just as bad as Schlomotion,dennis x. Right now,your pals in the Nation of Islam are probably celebrating this. And,just like Schlockmotion,you have no decency to speak of.

      • dennis x

        Again, I nothing to do with the Nation. Every now and then I buy a bean pie, but that's about it. And your not in a postion to discuss decency.

    • kafir4life

      actually, denny, it turns out that Stinky (aka BO) not only knew about the attacks, his campaign helped organize them. If Stinks thought that the loss of an American city or two would bering him victory in November, he'd GLADLY make the arrangements.

      • dennis x

        Proof please!

      • dennis x

        Talk like you is cheap, still awaiting your proof.

  • chowching259

    Nuking Arab cities would result in worldwide protests, but sign wavers are harmless. The demolition will bring to an end the Muslim cult; the few left will not speak of Allah or Muhammad. Tourists are welcome to shop for bargains in the land of sunshine and sand.

    • zalukas

      Digitize pyramids first…. And, is snowmobiling as good on glass as on ice?

  • https://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

    I bet even if Stevens had the information and we still aren't sure he didn't, I doubt he would have taken additional precautions because he trusted the jihadis whom he empowered and helped.
    He just never imagined the same guys helped would turn on him so viciously,
    Our "Best and Brighest" can't seem to figure out why the same thing keeps happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    • zalukas

      Because the ignorant never watched movies like "Zulu", " Black Hawk Down", "Four Feathers", "Mission in Khartoum" and etc.

      Just like they forgot the stories of "Red Riding Hood" or "Three little Pigs".

      I bet Hitlery was reading "Das Kapital" at age of 6.

      Or read "Camp of Saints"…..

      Oh wait there's game on! ….Pathetic.

  • Goemon

    Damn, how many high level government officials are trying to aid the jihad against USA? Bad enough it's Obama, but also Huma Abedin. And what does Hillary get out of this? I dont think she wants to wear a hijab. They're evil really stupid or really incomprehensibly evil. Satan himself must be revolted by these people.

  • Greg

    USA needs a leader in the worst way. We are being betrayed by this muslim obama. Convict him of treason by a military tribunal and hang him for the world to see. Then install our new leader Romney and lets begin showing the muslim world who is back in charge. Before all of that . . . accept Jesus as your personal Saavior in your own private time because it is SO obvious that the end is near. Not the end of the world, just the end of life as we know it.

  • fanlad

    O's And Hillary Clinton's foreign policy come back and slaps them in the face. This is blundering at the highest level. O's and Clinton's policies of coordinating radical jihadist and radical socialist to form the "Obama doctrine" clearly does not work,and will not work, especially for freedom loving and republic loving American's. The "Obama doctrine"is State building at it's worst, and Caliphate building at it's best. The U.S.Embassies and Consulates in the Middle East are under siege. Where's the President and the media in all of this? The Media and press are in a full protect Obama mode, the spin doctor's are demonizing Romney for supporting strength through power with no apologies. The President? Out campaigning of course! Hope and change equals Socialism, and Sharia Law coming soon to a community near you. Wake up America!

  • texasron

    Why were "Important Secret Papers" being held in an embassy that didn't have adequate protection? Was it the intention of our State Dept that these papers got to the terrorists?

  • jtrolla

    Obama is a closet Muslim.

  • Jim_C

    Great article! Evidence is mounting that Obama is the secret head of the Muslim Brotherhood. We have been remiss, my fellow patriots! While we nitpicked his namby pamby economic policies, he has been busy orchestrating systematic attacks on our sovereignty! Should he be elected to a second term, expect the Islamist-Marxist agenda to be enforced in toto; should he not be elected, expect a coup and martial law. With our beloved Constitution already in tatters, this is the worst, most apocalyptic time we've ever had since our last four election years!

    Is there anyone in this Grand Old Party who can stand up and declare this all in public, loud and proud, to WAKE UP the American people?

  • Texasron

    The Obama administration has repeatedly said that they had no “Actionable Intelligence” prior to the killing of our citizens in Libya. What they really have been saying is that they did receive intelligence but their OPINION was to ignore it. Someone in the WH decided NOT to either warn our embassies or to send more security to them.

    Actually, Obama’s policies are an extension of his “Present” votes in congress. He will not make a decision until it’s too late.

  • Dennis Habern

    After the incidents in Cairo and Bengazhi, the Moron and Hillary are finished, politically.