Obama’s Pre-Election Gift to Illegal Aliens

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In a move more imperial than presidential, President Obama last week granted what amounts to a kind of de facto citizenship to as many as 1.4 million young illegal aliens.

From the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday Obama announced plans to bypass Congress and partially implement the so-called DREAM Act which would have offered a path to U.S. citizenship for youthful illegals who served in the armed forces or attended college. The administration says 800,000 illegal aliens could benefit although Jon Feere of the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies says the true number is closer to 1.4 million.

The cynical move came mere days before Obama was scheduled to speak at a major gathering of Hispanic activists in Florida.

Within hours of the announcement Obama’s reelection campaign sent out a mass email to supporters romanticizing this cohort of illegals as “Dreamers” who love America. These illegal aliens “should be able to dream as big as they want,” wrote Katherine Archuleta, national political director for the campaign.

The president said the new decree would take effect immediately in order to “lift the shadow of deportation from these young people.” Why this shadow needed to be lifted right now, while record unemployment levels plague the nation, was not explained.

“Let’s be clear, this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix,” Obama said. “This is the right thing to do.”

Of course the former constitutional law lecturer knows full well that any executive order that withholds prosecution for unlawful acts is by definition an amnesty, that is, an act of official forgiveness for past offenses.

Like all amnesties it rewards lawbreaking and serves as a flashing green light to would-be illegal immigrants, inviting them to jump the queue. Amnesties beget amnesties. Each one increases the likelihood that another immigration amnesty will follow in the future – and so on and so on and so on.

But whatever Obama may call his new order, there’s nothing anyone can do about the amnesty – for now.

“If the president says we’re not going to enforce the law, there’s really nothing anyone can do about it,” said University of Pennsylvania constitutional law professor Kermit Roosevelt. “It’s clearly a political calculation.”

Just last year when his slumping approval numbers were higher, President Obama didn’t seem to think he had the power to an end-run around Congress.

“The fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think there’s been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It’s just not true,” the president said in 2011.

But that was then. Now he has a presumptive Republican nominee to beat.

Obama’s policy, which has been repeatedly voted down in Congress, is the latest left-wing assault on the American system. After undermining America’s economy, national defense, and the rule of law in his tumultuous time in office, now Obama is trying to undermine respect for citizenship in order to shore up the Democratic Party’s sagging electoral fortunes.

After years of helping ACORN and other community organizing groups manufacture voters, now Obama is using the taxpayer-funded federal apparatus to do the same, betting that grateful illegals will be forever in debt to the Democratic Party. Not surprisingly, Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, has no interest in prosecuting voter fraud and ensuring the integrity of the ballot box.

No doubt some of the newly amnestied individuals will be voting in the upcoming election even though Obama’s policy doesn’t technically allow them to do so.

The Democrats’ cherished National Voter Registration Act has allowed many illegals to unofficially participate in the electoral process since President Clinton signed it into law in 1993. The so-called Motor-Voter law was envisioned by Marxists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who lobbied for it, as a way to swamp voter rolls with ineligible voters and encourage massive voter fraud.

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  • Anthony

    Can the author answer exactly how it can be proven hat as the illegal children 18 years and under did not come here after their parents arrival?

    Also, please look up what procedure will be used if a parent is slated for deportation? Does the fact that a parent(s) has a child (children) 18 years or under then cause that removal scenario to be discouraged or not enforced outright because the net effect is separating families, ostensibly the reason Obama gave in making this decision?

    It is clear the fuzzy logic given to justify this amounts to amnesty for both the parents AND their children, who, some, being 18 and under, are young adults. Additionally, I heard the rule applies to illegals who were brought here up until the age of 18, and applies to them if they are in their thirties. So that means the rule will give amnesty to many millions more than the government is admitting. It means that these “kids” are in many cases older adults.

    Is this correct?

    • deprogrammer

      No, it's not true. The cut off age is 30 not "in their thirties". It also doesn't even grant amnesty just a 2 year work permit that can be extended indefinably. The problem with that is while it CAN be extended it doesn't mean WILL be extended and violations could easily lead to deportation. So if the recipient never works towards permanent residence they are in something of a precarious situation.

      It really is a stop gap measure.

      • cjk

        Actually it really is an unconstitutional measure.

        • deprogrammer

          That is for the courts to decide.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            The legislature gets to write the laws.
            For him to bypass congress is unconstitutional on the face of it.

  • oldtimer

    Another executive order. How dare he go against the people's vote. He just sees potential votes for him in the coming election. Why is he allowed to do these things, abuse executive order to use to his advantage. This type of behavior is wrong and needs to stop.

    • tagalog

      When will somebody sue Obama to have the federal courts hold that executive orders like this one are unconstitutional?

      Isn't the Youngstown Sheet & Tube case right on point?

      • guest

        What the people want is meaningless. Like the towns getting mosques don't want to hear from non muslims. Hey, if you vote demon-crat expect things to really go down on the next 4 year deal. We are 1 exec order from bringing 100 million muslims to America. At that point, we will be a muslim country focusing on extermination of Christians, if Egypt is any example.

        • deprogrammer

          Which executive order would that be? I didn't know you could import 100 million people like they were sacks wheat. Do you have sources for this plan?

  • davarino

    You hispanics who are citizens, do you really want all these illegals here taking your/our jobs? Are you really that sympathetic to them? But on the other hand, I guess I do need a bunch of bodies to come to America and help pay for my social security, blaaaa

    Who started this executive order crap. If I were you illegal aliens I wouldnt get to excited. Executive orders can be reversed.

    • Steve Chavez

      As a New Mexico Hispanic, I can tell you that many Hispanics, especially the older generation, are totally against this Dream Act. Most Hispanics are born Democrats and Catholics and this new Obama policy added to priests reading Obama's new contraception policy which is against our moral and religious beliefs, AND MANY SWITCHED THEIR SUPPORT FROM OBAMA TO ANYBODY BUT OBAMA and that means Romney.

      My friend who, is a hard-core Obama supporter, came over and while eating dinner, he told me of priest's letter that was read in church and "The Army," who are dedicated men who take care of several functions at the church, "switched like that" as he snapped his fingers. I asked what it did to him and he was switching too. Then came this latest Dream Act and he's from Las Vegas, New Mexico where they have strong Hispanic ideals going back centuries like all of northern NM, and he really hated the latest Obama decree. So, Obama is losing votes from people who do vote and remember too that New Mexican Hispanics voted for a female HISPANIC "REPUBLICAN" GOVERNOR, SUSANA MARTINEZ!

      • effemall

        I am so glad to read your comment because when the Muslim in the White House in effect attacked the Church I said to myself, "Bravo, idiot, you've now lost the Catholic and Latin vote." Hopefully, Romney will make a big issue of this in his campaign, pointing out that in the long term this is of no help to the illegals but just another example of the cynicism of this enemy of us Americans of all backgrounds.

    • deprogrammer

      "Who started this executive order crap.[sic]"

      It was started in 1789 so it's been a part of US governance since the very beginning. The scrutiny and regulation of these orders has actually gotten a lot tighter since they weren't even made public or recorded – other than in communications to the respective agencies – until the 1900s.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    We have the laws on the books controlling immigration and to flaunt the law and operate outside
    of it by a personal choice is supporting of illegal conduct and should be impeachable at any time.
    The problem is the idiotic Congress we have and to secure our Nation and enforce laws that
    have been around longer than most citizens and keeping our Nation whole Congress must be
    changed. Pelosi, Reed, Schumer etc., must go as soon as is possible. A responsible Congress
    would have tossed Obama out on his ear long ago. The American people must rise up to save
    the integrity of America, we do this by vote and demand, if it is not done we do not really exist
    outside of what we think………………………………………William

  • http://imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com kathy

    My understanding is that he didn't even issue an executive order. The department (which ever one it is) just issued new policy as his direction. He may issue an executive order, but did not issue one last week.

    • Looking4Sanity

      It was DHS, and you are correct. Why take the heat himself when some unaccountable bureaucracy can do it for him, right?

  • http://imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com kathy

    Executive orders can be rolled back under new administrations. This new "decree" to change the policy and giving orders to the immigration department is more sticky to undo. At least, that is what I read.

    • Choi

      NEW Directions can be issued by Romney on Day1

      • Galveston

        right after repealing obamacare!

  • Steve Chavez

    THEIR DREAM IS AMERICA'S NIGHTMARE! THOSE WHO CAME HERE AND DID IT THE LEGAL WAY, AND THE HARD AND LONG WAY, need to stand up against this new policy. Now this will invite MILLIONS of more illegals and if they don't qualify for Dream Act I, they'll just wait it out for DREAM ACT II and pretty soon we'll have more Dream Acts than ROCKY FILMS!

    Obama will give them "WORK PERMITS?" LOL! TO WORK AT WHAT JOBS? Hey, maybe they can work with their DADS, the original ILLEGALS, at Obama's America's/Mexico's Reinvestment Act ROAD CONSTRUCTION CREW and if any JOBS BILL is passed in Congress, OOPS, who needs Congress, by His mere order which will be carved into stone, THEY'LL BE PUT ON THE FRONT OF THE LINE TO TAKE JOBS FROM US and will be automatically given voter registrations.

    MODERN DAY SLAVERY! African Slaves were brought here "to do the jobs American's won't do" and today, Mexican's and others are willingly coming here "to do the jobs American's won't do," BUT THEY ARE TAKING AWAY EVERY JOB IN MCDONALD'S, which our children used as their first job while the ILLEGALS make it a career, to EVERY TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION INCLUDING building roads, apartments/homes/buildings, and home repair like re-stucco, roofing, and landscaping. EVERYTHING!!!!

    WHAT'S WORSE IS THAT THEY EXPORT A MAJORITY OF OUR DOLLARS to their families abroad which then adds to OUR DOLLAR EXPORTS TO CHINA, India, and other cheap labor countries, AND TO OPEC where a majority of countries HATE US!

    ONE GOOD BIT OF NEWS: Obama thinks that this will aid in his election but NEW MEXICO DEMOCRATS, especially older-generation Hispanics who he thinks will agree with this policy, ARE TOTALLY AGAINST MEXICANS AND ANY DREAM ACT! At a recent protest at a Santa Fe high school, Hispanic students led a protest against ILLEGALS saying that they took away resources and that many didn't know English. I BET THESE STUDENTS WHO DON'T KNOW ENGLISH, BUT ARE IN H.S., WILL CLAIM THEY HAVE BEEN HERE FOR OVER FIVE YEARS TO QUALIFY.


    • BS77

      the dream act should be re named the Nightmare Act…..blatant political favoritism for illegals…for VOTES….what else??

      • WilliamJamesWard

        How many times has Freddy Krueger signed up to vote?…..zillions………….is Freddy
        related to BO, yes as no one is safe going to sleep with him in Office………..William

  • Johncdavidson

    Obama has overextended his agenda and this will be his downfall. American are a tolerant society up to a point. That point has been reached quite a while ago, yet he ignores the anquish he continues to place upon those who still can think as individuals. That only leaves his collective radical minority to pander to.

  • Mach1Duck

    Hey, invalidate one law, invalidate them all…Invalidate the President.

  • Dre

    Why are so many people against this?!
    You guys have no clue what growing up illegally in america feels like!
    America is great & illagal immigrants do not take it for granted!
    They don't want to go back to their countries because of the crime and having to find a way to feed and provide for their familes everyday! This will help americas dept!
    They are not taken your jobs they are doing the jobs that americans don't want to do!
    These illegal kids cry and pray everyday for this chance and you people are against it!?
    Put yourself in their shoe's & think about how you would feel if your or your children were in that prediciment…
    Maybe one day your life will be saved by a doctor, police men, fire fighter or maybe just a random person who notcies you are in trouble and decides to rescue you or your family who was an illegal Immigrant before this act changed their life..
    The american dream is taken for granted each & everyday…people would die for a chance to work get an education and help their families…
    Next time you go out look for a homeless american begging on the street for change to support themselves, that ruin their life becuase of drug, alcohol & crime and ask yourself "dang there is a young illegal male/female immigrant out there begging for a social security/work permit so they can start their life & maybe even change lives and there is an american right here who is not taken advantage of the american dream"
    Come on people seriously have a heart & common sense…
    This will help Americas economy!

    • Looking4Sanity

      "You guys have no clue what growing up illegally in america feels like! "

      That's because WE aren't criminals!

      If your heart bleeds for foreigners, move to their country and help them improve it instead of bringing them here and destroying ours.

    • Asher

      This action destroys American sovereignty. More Freebies for votes. Obama said, " We will fundamentally transform America, radically transform it is more like it. He is trying to overload the system in border states and Balkanize America, especially by suing Jan Brewer in Arizona and Joe Arpaio for enforcing the border laws…Couldn't get the job done that way, the Liar and Chief decided to pass his executive order…once again no regard for laws or other branches of government who did not approve this move. The goal of Open borders and Amnesty isn't to help the suffering Mexican people, it is to overwhelm border states economically and panders to the hispanic vote, and economically crush states systems in the same way California has been brought to bankruptcy. Obey our laws, register, come here legally and quit slipping under the fence in Jihad style….There are laws in this land and the Constitution is being trashed by Obama and his goons! America was a beacon to those who were under dictatorships and poverty, and they came through Ellis Island and started businesses honorably…There is no excuse for this lawless president promoting a free ride for those who are not legal, have jobs and pay taxes…

    • tagalog

      The only way we're going to find out if illegal "immigrants" are doing the jobs Americans don't want to do is to ship the illegals back to their countries and see if Americans materialize to apply for those jobs.

      I admit I DO feel for people whose thoughtless parents thought it was a good thing to smuggle themselves unlawfully into this country, then bring up children who were not mature enough to make their own decisions in that country, but you know what, I also feel for the guy who writes a check to a bad guy when that bad guy negotiates the check to an innocent party. The innocent party gets paid, that's the law. And the illegal "immigrant" gets deported. The reasoning if anybody is interested is that the people who had the kids and the kids themselves are in a better position to do what's right than the defrauded innocent person.

    • Choi

      "It needs to be pointed out that many left-leaning lifelong American citizens don’t feel any particular loyalty to the United States."

    • Drakken

      If your looking for sympathy for illegals I am fresh out! Period! I am sick to the back teeth of you do gooder liberals who love to spend other peoples money for your utopian ideals which always turn into a nightmare. Import the 3rd world you become the 3rd world.

    • sim

      Illegal is illegal, period. If I rob a bank because I need money, will I be rewarded with amnesty? Of course not. You CHOSE to seperate yourselves from family when you CHOSE, to break into our country. Americans will do ANY job, if the pay is right. But along comes an illegal and drives wages down. Filling up, weighing down our schools, exhausting our public services, and taking our jobs. You expect America to be on board with this? Illegals should be labeled as terrorist, and given the same treatment. Mexico has fallen apart because mexican people are lazy, disrespectful people. If they were so proud of being mexican, why run away from mexico? You all hate mexico, and have no respect for yourselves or the u.s. if you had ANY respect for the country, or yourself, you wouldn’t have snuck in, saying forget the law, this is what I want. Then to be treated better than real Americans who have to follow law or be punished. Obamas says y’all are royalty because the laws don’t apply to you. The backlash is coming. This has changed me from democrat to republican. PROTECT THE COUNTRY AGAINST THESE FOREIGN INVADING TERRORIST.

  • mrbean

    Obama understands their pain. After all, his daddy brought him here as an illegal alien from Kenya.

    • tagalog

      Obama probably understands pain, since he probably has friends who play rap music around him.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Well…this is "Progress", folks! Bill Clinton taught an entire generation that it was OK to lie. Now Obama is teaching the entire country that it's OK to ignore the Law if you don't happen to agree with it, or if it is simply advantageous to do so.

    I wonder what our next Democrat president will "teach" us?

    • tagalog

      Good point; you know, John Locke said that if Congress delegates its lawmaking power to people we didn't elect, and those people make rules we don't like, we don't have to obey them. Our Founding Fathers also believed that, so strongly that Thomas Jefferson (among others) said that if we wanted to continue having personal liberty under a government that is not tyrannical, we'd probablyl have to fight another revolution to secure our rights about 70 or 80 years after the Constitution was ratified.

      • Looking4Sanity

        If you make a show out of bucking the whims of these unelected and unaccountable bureaucracies, I guarantee you you'll be in some kind of war. Probably an UN-winnable one…since no one is going to come to the aid of their neighbor these days. All of our problems keep coming back to the decline of moral society.

        • tagalog

          Yeah, and the "Don't lay a finger on my Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security" crowd will fight to the death for those particular handouts. Sadly, some of those people are conservative politically, but their addictions have made them enemies of liberty.

          • Looking4Sanity

            I know the type. I see them every day. All I can do is shake my head. They feel so “entitled”. They never stop once to consider that they've been ripped off all their lives. All they care about is “getting their money back”. What they fail to realize is that as soon as they gave that money to the government, it stopped being “their money”…and that money is LONG gone. What they're really advocating is stealing someone ELSE'S money (their own children and grandchildren's money). They still cling to the belief that they can kick that can down the road another few generations. Boy! Are they ever going to be surprised.

  • Zionista

    This was a purely political move by a guy who will stop at nothing to stay in office – perhaps a preemptive strike assuming Romney will pick Rubio for VP. It's also a huge slap in the face to all those who come here legally, like all four of my grandparents did back in the Ellis Island days.

  • Looking4Sanity

    We may have a case, but the full Congress is the only one who can argue it for us…and that AIN"T gonna happen now.

  • Questions

    President Obama must take the American people for fools. However he spins it, mandating official forgiveness for illegal acts constitues amnesty. As for the illegals' "love" of America — preposterous. What these people love are American public benefits, courtesy of the taxpayer. A love of food stamps, Medicaid and tuition-free college education is not a "love" of America. It is exploitation of the most brazen sort.

    Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, already has announced plans to file suit against the President's amnesty. He needs all the support he can get.

  • clarespark

    I took up the general lawlessness that infects not only public life, but in the teaching of history. See http://clarespark.com/2012/06/16/the-social-histo…. "The Social History Racket." It is about the human interest story as an appeal to bleeding hearts.

    • tagalog

      If anything, the general public is far TOO law-abiding. The last 80 years of law and social engineering have gone on with little or no material objection from the public, except in the war-making area, where the left (of all people!) were able to register their dislike for the Vietnam War and other wars with our leaders. In earlier times, there would have mobs running in the streets, tarring and feathering the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, and letting them know in no uncertain terms that they'd better start responding to the will of the people.

      Also, where the legislature exempts itself from the laws they pass, as for example with national health or with insider investor information, they are in violation of both Lockean philosophy and United States law. Everyone is supposed to be subject to the same law.

      • clarespark

        I was unclear. It is the politicians who have been lawless. But don't let ordinary people off the hook. We are rich in mob behavior, e.g. Occupy Wall Street mayhem. The Left argues that the laws of the land are oppressive impositions by "the executive committee of the bourgeoisie." (Except in the periods of Popular Front.)

  • Boston

    Is it true that this is the first stop on his re-election campaign:

    • Choi

      He needed to "rest up" from attending Valerie Jarrett's daughter's wedding in Chicago.
      And he's recruiting new Democratic voters.
      Imagine him bringing some home with him,flying them over the border on HIS plane,for the Photo-Op of them getting off the plane with him.
      These days,Anything is possible.

  • tagalog

    If the President will not execute the laws, as the Chief Executive, he's committing a pretty clear "high crime and misdemeanor" and should be impeached. But it won't happen.

  • Davidka

    Imperial as it is, this is a broad policy statement. The blanks will be filled in in 60 days when the regulations and procedures are issued, and undoubtedly the change will be as sweeping as possible and probably benefit the siblings and parents under prevailing "family unification" notions. Furthermore:

    It is incorrect that persons with criminal records will be excluded from this program. Even the B.O. administration has said that only those with "serious felonies" will be excluded. "Minor" even repeat criminals will be welcomed.

    In addition, do not overlook that this will (effectively) legalize not just illegal Mexicans, but a huge number of illegal Pakistanis and other Muslims, with results that will be terrible.

  • Western Spirit

    this is blatant law breaking by the chief law enforcer in the country and he doesn't have the constitutional authority to do this. but he wants to be reelected by hook or crook and will do anything necessary to stay in office. he won't be easy to dislodge because of the cheating and chicanery.

    because he is intent on bringing this country down and replacing our government with a world government. that's his goal.

  • Anthony

    Mr. Montoya illegally entered your house. He ransacked it and made off with a pillowcase full of cash and bling. He was eventually caught and it was discovered he was an illegal immigrant with a wife and ten kids.

    The money from his heist was being used to support his family. The court agrees that the cash and jewels stolen from the burglary should not be given back to its rightful owner because it would cause hardship for the family. So the wife and kids can keep the money and benefit from the crime.

    Anyone not understand this analogy?

    • trickyblain

      If you have to ask, it's a terrible analogy.

  • tagalog

    It's unfortunate for the young people who grew up here, learned English, participated in schools and Scouts or whatever, church, all that civic stuff, and went to U.S. colleges and now have learned that most of us want the immigration law tightened up and their parents' bet, that they'd live here so long that America would eventually give up and allow them in turned out to be riskier than originally thought, that they are threatened with deportation even though they were here illegally long enough to feel like Americans. Well, I've made some long-term choices that turned out to be wrong and so has everyone else. Remember what happened to 20 years' worth of savings from your income that went into the stock market ("Stay the course, stay the course"). You know what happens when you make a long-term bet and you lose? You suck it up, take your hit, and figure out what to do from there.

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt many legal immigrants are going to be happy with this. And I wouldn't blame them. Maybe imbeciles like Dre should put themselves in the shoes of legal immigrants before they spout their nonsense. Both American citizens and legal immigrants should be angry about this. I certainly am.

  • Ghostwriter

    Most legal immigrants would be angry about this,and I don't blame them.

  • Questions

    Why isn't Romney denouncing Obama's executive order from the rooftops? I don't get it. It's bad economics, bad history and bad law. It's his election to win or lose. Fail to denounce this amnesty for illegal immigrants, and he courts defeat. If he nominates Marco Rubio as his running mate, that would seal the loss.

    We are losing our country to the Third World, and all GOP leadership wants to do is create a "nicer," slower version of this decline. With some noble exceptions (Tancredo, King, Hostettler, Hayworth), the Republicans, several of whom aren't even in Congress anymore, are clueless.

    • stevefraser

      Excellent post.

  • DtownD

    So, if one president can decree amnesty, another can decree deportation. It's all a stunt to get the hispanic vote, he knows it can't stand in court, but if it does somehow, that he can create laws in the form of a decree, and doesn't need to bother with silly things like congress, the constitution, the will of the people, etc.

  • redhawk1989

    Obama more and more reminds me of a dictator,not a democratically elected president and the loony left wants to transform the USA into Yugoslavia II,so they can say how multiculturalism is wonderful.The US is already losing the southwest which is fastly becoming Kosovo II,Asians are looking to the Pacific Northwest,Muslims are becoming an increasing population in Michigan,while the Confederacy could rise again and with the current economic meltdown that is a perfect recipe for the repeat of the 1990s wars in the former Yugoslavia.

  • Roy Mccormick

    I strongly agree with Obama. I know immigrants from Mexico and they are no different from us. They are here because they want to live a better life. A life that cannot be lived in their country. They want to become something in their life other than just working harsh labor for a small amount of money. They want to actually live a life where you don’t need the hard work you do in Mexico to survive. In Mexico the pay that you get in 1 week is what we get here in a we get here in one day at minimum wage and without all the hard work. The dream act in my opinion is a great idea and I think that every undocumented person out there should take this chance and use it wisely. No we aren’t taking your jobs because if you people were smart enough to keep a job you wouldn’t be saying that. No we aren’t here to sell drugs or to do crimes, that only happens because of the need of money. If undocumented people would have a good pay in Mexico , there wouldn’t be as much crime as there is now. Families like the ones I know are only here to give their families the life that they couldn’t have. Thank you Obama for giving us this opportunity, this is why you were re-elected.

  • steve brenner

    Yet another High Crime by the illegal ocuppier of the WH!
    Just call him Hayman!
    Anything to steel more from the Americans who pay taxes.
    A P U T Z – Head for sure!