Obama’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Lifeline

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The recent “legitimate rape” statement by Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin has now metastasized into a matter of far-reaching political implications. Few dispute that the comment exhibited deep intellectual incompetence, and the entire conservative establishment unanimously agreed that such a person has no business representing the conservative cause. Nonetheless, Akin refused to budge. In so doing, a once assured Senate seat has been put in play, while the Obama campaign and the Left have already unleashed a torrent of propaganda to conflate Akin with all conservatives, reviving the “war on women” leitmotif and even trotting out Sandra Fluke for the occasion.

Anyone who’s been spelunking the past few days may have avoided the incessant media coverage of what Akin said. To recap, in an exhibition of extraordinarily poor judgment and stupidity, the veteran lawmaker committed a major unforced error. Instead of simply airing his otherwise respectable pro-life views, Akin attempted suicide-by-reporter on a local television show. He faced a routine softball abortion question about pregnancies resulting from rape that is posed to all conservative candidates and he blew it.

“From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin said of rape-related pregnancies. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

It’s not just Akin’s bizarre and callous choice of words in reference to “legitimacy” and rape that served as the problem — but also his fringe view that the female body can somehow differentiate between welcome and unwelcome male reproductive cells.

Is this man really a candidate that a resurgent conservative movement wants on a podium?

Akin is an amazing fellow. In a race with an already unpopular incumbent, it takes a special kind of sorcery to trade places with the Democratic underdog by uttering a few stupidly-chosen words.

Yet Akin has done precisely that, giving a windfall of free ammunition to the Left. Although the congressman has repeatedly apologized in interviews and in TV commercials for his now-infamous senior moment, his career-ending words have become a Democratic slogan, a chant that the Left is repeating 24/7 to discredit conservatism as a political ideology.

No matter the outcome of the presidential election, every Senate seat matters in order to guarantee the repeal of Obamacare, a bureaucratic monstrosity designed to euthanize what’s left of America. Right now the Left holds 53 Senate seats compared to 47 seats on the Right. Although a year ago a conservative takeover of the upper chamber seemed a near-certainty, the polls have since tightened.

Akin may still win his Senate contest, but his comments cast the conservative movement in a bad light. The ramifications could be vast. This could make it much harder for patriotic Americans to save this ailing republic. In the future, Mitt Romney, already a squishy conservative, may think twice about embracing robust conservative policies. The ripples go on and on and on.

It is not hyperbole to say that we’re going to be hearing Akin’s asinine words for the rest of our natural lives. The Left will never, ever let them go even though they do not represent — by any means — mainstream conservative thinking.

“They have been pushing this war on women thing forever,” conservative doyenne Ann Coulter said on Sean Hannity’s radio show. “They had nothing until now. Now they’ve got something. Every Republican is going to be asked about this.”

Maureen Dowd is already babbling on about a “Taliban creed” or something in the New York Times and MoveOn has sent out a mass email to the “7 million members” it claims to have. The email subject line reads, “Mean-spirited and intolerant.” The email declares that “Representative Todd Akin’s comment about ‘legitimate rape’ was no gaffe. It was a glimpse into the GOP War on Women.” MoveOn plans to waste GOP campaign resources by presenting a pointless “massive petition” to the Republican presidential ticket today.

The Alinskyites at MoveOn proclaim that “This shameful moment is our best opportunity to draw attention to the dangerous woman-hating agenda of the Republican Party and expose it to American voters.” [italics in original]

President Obama took time out from his PGA tour in order to portray his opponents as cave-dwelling whackjobs.

“The views expressed were offensive,” said Obama. “Rape is rape. And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people and certainly doesn’t make sense to me. So what I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women.”

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  • Rachel

    Did 2 million jobs magically appear & the economy rally because Todd Akin spouted an old wives tale? BO was a horrible President before Todd Akin said something stupid…and he still does. As far as "legitmate rape"… there are false rape accusations, are there not? That would be the opposite of a legitimate rape. The only stupid thing was thinking a woman can control whether she gets pregnant due to stress over the rape. That is an old belief from the 1970's. Now he knows better. This is a non-issue. But the leftwing predators will try to make it one by faking outrage. Notice they were not outraged over the sexual abuse and rape allegations against Bill Clinton! They made that pervert their keynote speaker! All Akin did was say something stupid he already took back! Hello!!

    • http://matthewvadum.blogspot.com/ Matthew Vadum

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Western Canadian

        Whoopie Goldberg came out with a rather similar comment, but not in reference to impact or lack of impact on pregnancy/abortion. How come she didn’t receive the same type of attack on her intelligence, awareness, contempt for women, etc? Oh, right. Not a republican….

    • http://twitter.com/Brian_R_Allen @Brian_R_Allen

      …. All Akin did was say something stupid ….


      Not so.

      Won't wash.

      What (the "Democratic" potty-nominated RINO) Akin did was BE something stupid.

  • crackerjack

    Akin's views are mainstream Teaparty and mainstream Evangelist. Nothing Todd said was more stupid than numerous comments from Palin, Bachmann, Caine or Gingrich concerning geography, science or history.

    In embracing the Teaparty and Evangelics, the GOP adopted the agenda of these groups. Now throwing isolated individuals under the bus to suite electoral strategy is more than disingenuous.

    • Oren Elbaz

      Can you give us an example of a "stupid Gingrich comment"?
      I'd love to hear that one…

      • Kevin Stowell

        Anything that differs from what crackerjack wants to believe.

      • crackerjack@gmx.de

        "I'm running for President".

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Obama was even more funny when he said it.

          Only no one is laughing now. We can't afford to, we're too broke.

    • Charles Wenzel

      I'm sure you've heard the ditty that each of us is allowed their own opinion, but not their own facts. Just because you or I say something doesn't make it so. I'm favorable to the Teaparty and its principles of limited gov, etc. and your self-serving analysis that "Akin's view are mainstream Teaparty and mainstream Evangelist" is–without equivocation–false to the max.

      Such Alinsky-like tactics of coming into a discussion and 'pooping on the floor' does nothing to resolve or better understand anything about the matter. Obama and Biden have said and done many stupid things (Obama's '56 states' comment, that 'no one {technically} called Romney a felon', and that he couldn't–on his own authority–implement the 'Dream Act' and 2 years later–on his own authority–he does so, etc. And, of course, Biden himself is a "stupid" machine.)
      If anyone else is listening, when frivolous entries such as 'crackerjack's' are inserted in the discussion…just go around them, letting them rot on their own merit. I wrote this to point this out.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Hey "Tar" Baby. Try to be a little less feckless when denigrating those who are (MUCH) smarter than you.

    • Oleg

      Nice try crackpot, I suppose that adopting Marxist economics, class warfare, and coddling Islamists, domestic and abroad, are so much more preferable. In raising the issue of stupid comments regarding geography you are of course refering to Sarah Palin supposedly claiming that she could see Russia from her home in Alaska. But Palin never said it, the one who did say it was Tina Fey in a Saturday Night Live parody of Sarah Palin, that fact that you confuse a fictional Saturday Night sketch with reality just shows how much of a Leftest moron you are.

  • Rush L

    “and the entire conservative establishment unanimously agreed that such a person has no business representing the conservative cause” This is incorrect. Many Conservatives have shown support for him. Please retract this.

    • Charles Wenzel

      In the overall 'pool' of conservative comments your 'many' is erroneous and misleading. 'Some', most certainly, but then this demonstrates the truth of Lincoln's famous statement, "You can fool some of the people all of the time {that would be liberals, just kidding, but I had to say that}, and all of the people some of the time {that's a reference to the 'mainstream media'}, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time {a reference to Obama's one-term presidency}."

  • ★FALCON★

    Rape is certainly a terrible thing – no one denies that. However, killing unborn children is even worse in my opinion. Own it Democrats.

  • Jerry

    Whether he said something stupid is not in question, he did. But it seems that a party that claims it's for free speech and individual freedoms are in this case fighting against these things. If we are to stand for freedom we must also respect Todd Akins right to run for office. I understand how important it is to have control of the Senate, however that doesn't change the fact this man also has rights. I am surprised that people such as Ann Coulter and especially this organization have spoken out against Todd. It seems they only fight for freedom when it suits their purpose, much as the liberals!

    • Charles Wenzel

      Akins is a {semi} career politician, not a saint. He knows the 'ring' he's thrown his 'hat' into and per the "blood sport" of politics–especially in this age of Sal Alinsky trained operatives at the top of the Democratic ticket and a compliant 'media'–he's touched a {there's more than one} 'third rail': zappo! It's disingenuous for him 'rage against the machine'. It's like betting big in Vegas, losing and crying for a 'do over' because "I'm from the Midwest on vacation and I didn't mean it."

      He's confirmed that his gaff wasn't a mere gaff but intellectual incompetence by refusing to acknowledge the reality of politics-as-we-know-it.

  • Kevin Stroup

    Oh please! One man misspoke and the whole conservative movement has its collective panties in a wad. How sad. What Jerry said is dead on. I think he spoke stupidly too. But he has the right to run for office and who give a frack what the "Republican party elders" think Mr. Akin needs to do. They do NOT speak for me. Let the voters decide. Republicans are not necessarily conservatives. Republicans to no speak for conservatives. Nobody gave them that right. Time to go back on the attack. Get back to punishing the Democrat ideology.

  • jemaasjr

    An unfortunate thing about paying attention to politics is that it forces you to vicariously associate with people who are mean spirited creeps. As Simon Cowell would say, if we are going to be real about it both sides have self serving constituencies, but the political right does not get into the same mean spirited dialog that is now the stock in trade of the left. With an incompetent administration, and therefore lacking any real issues to run on, name calling is all that remains.

  • tagalog

    If Maureen Dowd is blowing Akin's dumb remarks up into some sort of right-wing American "Taliban creed," what does that say about her assumptions about the Taliban? I thought the U.S. was making a mistake fighting such people according to Dowd and her ilk. Evidently, she doesn't really think that way and for her the Taliban are repugnant, Yet she writes column after column excoriating the U.S. and its allies for fighting with them. Does she really mean those articles, or does she mean what she's saying about "Taliban creed" -a bad thing, it seems- among Republicans?

    Was she lying when she wrote her articles or is she lying now?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      It doesn't matter if she's lying both times.

      The only way they could prove him wrong when he said not many legitimate rapes end in pregnancy is to show the pregnancy rates.

      I disagree with him, but rape victims while getting a rape exam kit can takes steps to avoid pregnancy.

      This is taking a stupid comment that happens to be right in it's conclusions and pretending it's about a real issue. Rape is real, all the pregnancies as a result? Where are the sources and links?

  • jemaasjr

    Going by what I see and what I am able to understand, a lot of women harbor guilt related to sex. In ways I am not going to detail, this makes them unusually easy targets for demagoguery on the subject of rape. That is why it is going to be very tough to live with this guys comments. Additionally, because it is a crime of passion, reasonableness does not apply. I think Republicans might just as well move on and not get into responding to this stuff on an ongoing basis because there is no point. What is done is done.

    • tagalog

      Women like the idea of dangling sex in front of men in order to manipulate them into doing what they want; that's the appealing part of sex (plus even women often like the feelings sex brings), but then they can get pregnant if they don't use birth control, so, since birth control is so easy to get and use, they feel guilty about getting pregnant if it happens. Also they have some lingering social standards at work on the promiscuity front. So their solution is to go schizo and blame everything on the mythological "male power structure."

      I've always enjoyed how women wear low-cut tops and then make sarcastic remarks about the men they talk to never looking at their faces. Oh wait, that's "blaming the victim."

  • Chezwick

    More fodder for the Dems who want to distract the voters from Obama's dismal economic record by trumpeting the Republican's so-called "war on women." Akins would rather screw his party's chances than to ride off into the sunset of political oblivion.


      If Dems want to oppose a "war on women", they should come out denouncing Islamofascist

      – stoning women to death
      – female genital mutilation
      – prohibition of women driving cars in saudi arabia

      AND denounce the Islamist, Sharia law compliant, promoting wing of the Democrat party.

      • Chezwick


      • Jim_C

        They have been, even before you began thinking about the Middle East in September 2001.

        Hillary Clinton was one such vocal critic.

        You can go back to pretending the Right cares about women's issues, now.

        • ★FALCON★

          Hillary Clinton is a doormat. She was trampled by her philanderer harder than anyone in the last 20 years. Made the running of the bulls look tame.

          • mlcblog

            Billy Clinton trampled her over first. She is putty in their hands.

    • http://twitter.com/Brian_R_Allen @Brian_R_Allen

      …. Akin would rather screw his party's chances than to ride off into the sunset of political oblivion ….

      Given the support his run received, including $2,000,000.00 from his erstwhile "Democratic" opponent, the RINO Akin's potty is effectively the "Democratic" potty.

      But although he will not have any say from here on in, he will Absolutely screw the Republicans' party's chances — and likely America's, too — as he is bums-rushed off into political oblivion's dustbin.

      • jemaasjr

        Well, he is not a RINO. He is a marginally competent politician who is too far to the right for the general population.

    • Guest

      Are the American voters too shallow to understand that one man's comments cannot destroy this country, but the current occupant of the White House and his party are trying to destroy the country via the following: class warfare, limiting use of oil & gas, closing coal plants, using the EPA to enforce global warming policies.

  • silvergirl

    The left is all over Todd Aiken (and thus the media as well). Don't hear much about Huma Abedin. Wonder which is the greater threat?

    • Jim_C

      We're not hearing about Huma Abedin–gee, I wonder why?

      Could it be because there's nothing to hear? Nah! I mean, she's a Muslim, after all!

      Don't worry, I'm sure Bachmann the Brain Trust will be turning up some info ANY DAY NOW! LOL

  • jemaasjr

    A have a thought that I can not quite let go of, and I am going to post here because there is no other obvious place. It is that the societies that have genuinely empowered women are also the ones that are floundering the most. Just of the top of my head, in that would include most of Europe, the United States, and Japan. (non married women in Japan avoid their most common form of male domination, and they are not getting married)

    The most conspicuous problem is the lack of reproduction, plus operating under the moral code of the multicultural movement, in the West we are building in divisiveness by importing people because they disagree with us. And in the short run, all the above named societies appear to be headed for serious financial difficulties.

    The communist or ex communist countries talk women's liberation, but men remain firmly in charge. Meanwhile the most male dominant large cultural group, Islam, is thriving. Despite the many internal problems and the poor fit with modern industrial society, Islam is going into what for now looks like an ascendency.

    • Jim_C

      The countries that are "floundering" are still light years ahead of whatever their competition may be. If they're floundering, perhaps it has something to do with, I don't know–the global financial meltdown?

      You know, the one which the Community Reinvestment Act somehow magically started?

      Of course, having successful independent women, as you astutely hypothesize, is the second cause.

      • jemaasjr

        Perhaps I can not go through this without sounding overly pessimistic, but I see a lot of bad stuff. My take on Obama is that he would like to create a Chavez style democracy where the institutions of democracy are in place but physical and financial intimidation of political opponents makes them impotent.

        Even without Obama we are running ourselves badly. If we end up Balkan-ized as a result of class and race and culture differences, I would predict Argentina as a model for our future. A once great and prosperous nation that owing to corrupt and incompetent politics ends up floundering between financial blow ups that occur every decade or two.

        Finally, as Israelis of concern here, I think it more likely we will abandon Israel in the future as a result of the lack of ability to project power, rather than betrayal.

    • guest

      Islam's going into an ascendancy? By what measure? Children tortured in state run hospitals and number of people crucified?

      Projections do not take into account fraud or criminal leadership. After the Soviet Union fell, we discovered their much touted military superiority was lies and most of their ICBMs they paraded around were empty.

      And wait, I though it was "China's" communist party that was in ascendancy? Just as long as we forget their 10% GDP growth is based on state mandated high volume low margin military run factories. Every year they release projections like China to overtake US in science by 2013. After reading them you find they are measuring quantity and not quality so the paper on the Higgs Boson will have the same standing as ringworm growth in ultra capacity chicken farms.

      • jemaasjr

        By what measure? – by the measure of winning. Islam is a belief system. They win when they are widely adapted. Your comments about China is a distraction. China is a county not a belief system. Communism won in China when Mao took over and force converted the population over a generation or so.. Currently communism is in some retreat in China as witness by the rising capitalist sector that the leadership has chosen to permit.

        Winning is not automatically forever. Christianity, another belief system, won out in Europe over a thousand years ago and is now in gradual retreat, Victory is not automatically forever.

        As a belief system, Iraq is now more Islamic than before because a lot of the Christians are in exile. You know, Islam is expanding, or winning or going into ascendancy in Iraq. Ditto for the rest of the Near East. The rising intolerance is driving away or converting the non believers. Plus they are making major inroads in Europe and expanding south in Africa.

        As for how moral or advanced the religion is, history is written by the winners. If Islam goes into ascendency, wins, they will write their own history and they will be really really good people.

  • rbla

    Republicans are obsessed with fetuses; securing our borders and protecting our culture from being overwhelmed by mass third world immigration, not so much. Still it is essential to get this character and his gang out of office if the republic is to have any chance to survive. Focus on that and don’t get distracted.

    • jemaasjr

      I was thinking I might get some pretty negative feedback because my comments are unfriendly to current doctrine and I reach some unfortunate conclusions. As for my focus, I doubt there are many here who are Obama supporters and so I do not feel a need to focus on Obama. As for myself, I have never been a supporter, and my current opinion is that we are in some pretty deep do-do if he gets reelected.

      • fiddler

        That's putting it very lightly.

    • guest

      No, the only human reaction is to view them as human lives. Turn the inquisition towards the pro abortion side and you will see their evil and disgusting position.

      You never hear President Obama's response to scenarios regarding babies born as a result of failed abortions and his relevant voting record in support of their murder or address the morality of women aborting children to spite or extort the father, or Obama's support of partial birth abortion.

      They avoid these issues as this debate always results in
      People with ideals advocating common sense and rational thought over desires
      Institutional bureaucrats proselytizing we exist as nothing more than soulless sex crazed beasts and
      advocating child murder to maintain this irrational behavior in a cheap scam to win votes and entrench their
      own fat big government jobs.

  • http://twitter.com/Brian_R_Allen @Brian_R_Allen

    …. Akin may still win his senatorial tilt ….

    And pigs may yet fly and that other pig, the ayatollah-wallah Khomeini, yet make Pope.

  • Steve Chavez

    Shall we remind ourselves of the RAPES BY BILL CLINTON?

    I would also bet that Obama himself enticed women, and men, with his smile, choom, and lines of coke for sex and maybe even rape!

    Since Biden is crashing Tampa, I would love to see Juanita Broadderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, Jennifer Flowers, and of course, Monica Lewinsky in the Democrat Convention audience when Bill Clinton gives his speech.

    • fiddler

      Yes Steve. How quickly they all forget. And while we're at it, lying to a grand jury. I get impeached by the house and still people think he is a rock star. Aiken makes one stupid regrettable remark and it's headline news. Again as always, the left holds the microphone and sets the debate. Oh when will we be rid of their domination of the "news".

  • mlcblog

    The inimitable Lee Rodgers (Uncle Lee to some of us) radiorodgers.com reports that this Todd Akin person is a shill of McCaskill, whom she supported and brought up when there were two other more tea partyish candidate available, which included Ms. Steelman. Interesting, Uncle Lee!! as always. Our split allowed him in over better candidates. Now, how to get him out?! He won't vote with us anyway. He will vote with Claire. He is another phony Repub. That is another one of their dirty tactics. Register and run Repub but vote Dem. Here is Mr. Rodgers' quote:

    No wonder Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri poured $2 million of her own campaign money into the Republican primary that chose a moron named Todd Akin to be her opponent. The larger question is how somebody as stupid as Akin ever got elected to anything.
    He's the fool who publicly stated that he was opposed to abortion for rape victims because women can block pregnancy by some magical way within their bodies.
    Now, a seat that was virtually guaranteed to switch from Democrat to Republican is a virtual certainty to be retained by McCaskill, because Republican voters in Missouri bought into the McCaskill-sponsored campaign that called this dolt the real conservative.
    Missouri (rational) Republicans are frantically looking for any legal way to remove this hideous walking embarrassment from the ballot. And what kind of fools in his home congressional district put this boob in the House for six terms?

    On the winning or losing of this Senate seat may hang control of the U.S. Senate. That, in turn, could affect the survival or dismantling of the failed agenda of Barack Obama.

  • Glennd1

    Wow, the level of pure BS regarding Akin's commentary is astounding. He did not come up with those vile ideas himself, in fact they were promoted at various times in the past 40 years by pro-life organization leaders and a couple of physicians in the pro-life movement. He revealed the ignorance that informs such views as his, and was merely aping the abject nonsense that passes for reason in the circles he operates in. James Taranto lays it out nicely in today's WSJ. The really funny part is that conservatives have run for this hills – why, Akin is only saying what the pro-life movement has been saying about rape for years…

  • onthesidelines

    I'm confused (I admit, I'm very out of the loop of day-to-day political news), and it's actually probably not that important, but it would make me feel better if someone could help me understand the problem here. Is it that Akin asserted the notion that a woman's body somehow "knows" the origin of the sperm, or more accurately, the motivation of the owner of that sperm — is this what's getting him and the Repubs into trouble, or is it that he used the word "legitimate" to modify the word "rape"? It's the former that, to me anyway, would seem so egregious to a liberal or even centrist crowd, but then I don't understand why the article makes it seem as though the Dems are trying to hammer on the word "legitimate." Thanks to anyone who can clarify for me. (I have an idea or two perhaps regarding a solution, but I need to first reall understand the nature of the problem.)

    • jemaasjr

      You need a couple of snippets of information to sort this out.

      1) The general theory that women are unlikely to get pregnant (I think) arises from the expectation that ovulation depends on mood, and the trauma of a rape makes ovulation unlikely. I take no sides on this issue, but I would imagine that was source of his thinking.

      2) Traditionally there was forced rap and statuary rape. Generally the non forced rape would be sex with an underage women. Meanwhile the feminist crowd has expanded the definition of what constitutes a rape by the sensibilities of the, shall we say, unwashed masses. Hard to be sure, but that is probably what he was thinking about. The "legitimate" implies that there are charges of rape that are not legitimate from his viewpoint.

      3) Finally, and this is his really big sin, Akin is apparently unaware that this is a really touchy subject for some women. I suspect it arises from guilt related to sex. Whatever the case, Akin should have had a scripted response or never gotten into it. For a man, talking loosely about rape to a bunch of women is like walking through a minefield. You never know when you might step on one.

  • Jim_C

    One silly comment is not a lifeline for Obama. Obama doesn't need a lifeline; he's running against Mitt Romney, who is, face it, the best Republicans could do this time.

    This is typical one week news cycle stuff.

  • Gloria Stewart

    Why do you suppose that Todd Aiken used the term "legitimate" rape? Would he have spoken of "legitimate" bank robbery? No, because virtually every adult understands what a bank robbery is. There is no need for a modifier before the noun. Until recent decades the term rape would have been equally understandable. The feminist movement, however, has expanded the term rape beyond the bounds of a generally accepted legal definition and even common sense. Their spokespersons have gone so far as to say that all sexual relations are truly rape because men have such unilateral power in society that a woman is always bound to be intimidated. Congressman Aiken meant to distinguish violent rape from a situation in which a woman simply has some regrets the morning after. He assumed that the extreme fear a woman would feel during the former might mitigate her ability to conceive. During the abortion debate that preceded Roe vs Wade not so long ago the argument was put forward that conception was highly unlike to result from a rape. That aspect of the argument was left largely unchallenged.

    What I find preposterous is the moral cowardice of those who would throw Todd Aiken under the bus rather than bring the fight to the media and its allies on the left. Cowardice, moral or otherwise, is not the way to gain respect with the voters. Must conservatives always be on the defensive? There is a word for people like that: losers.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Exactly right. And while not completely germane, there is some statistical data that shows women who are raped are about as likely to conceive as those who engage in consensual sex while not ovulating – 5%. Still, as any good Judoist will tell you, make the most of your opportunities – AND make the most of your mistakes. It is long past time to take the demagoguery and slap the Democrats (and "news" media) with it.

  • amused

    I'm SHOCKED , JUST SHOCKED I TELL YOU ! NAAAAaaaaaaa . Just another gaff which of course the other side will pick up and run with it for all the mileage it's worth . Just like Republicans will capitolize on every slip of the tongue , mispoken word ,even honest mistakes . Have at it , little children , this is the way it's gonna be till election day ……latest polls are holding steady , that 62% of Americans are fed up with you both [Dems & Rep.]
    Extremely critical economic issues held back till AFTER the election , hardly anything accomplished in the last four years , bringing this great country to the brink for the sake of partisan politics , ruining the credit rating of the US due to the same . A THIRD PARTY can't come soon enough , hopefully before these two groups of elected idiots destroy the economy again and then the country .

  • Karl

    Rape is a horrible act. There is no legitimate rape, despite what the Islamists say. Akin has proven himself to be an idiot for putting those 2 words together. He can be patriot and man up and withdraw. Thousands of our young men and women are in harms' way in Afganistan and Iraq, but they man up. All Akins has to do is withdraw.. His failure to admit his mistake paints him as a stubborn idiot, and will go down in history as such. Being a Todd Akin may become the word for stubborn idiot. I am a Tea Party member and all that I know think he is a stubborn and stupid idiot, and are against him.

  • Gene W 1938

    Go after the continuous outlandous lies of the democrats. Atkins did not do well articulating his pro life position but he is pro life! He is honest and does not fabricate lies for others to defend the the communitic Muslim does.

  • Andy

    It is not just Akin – the GOP has been ignoring the tons of ammo that Obama has provided from the Wright connection to the bowing to the Saudi King to his love affairs with our enemies, to circumventing Congress, to appointing counterproductive czars to impede commerce – it is not just the economy (which everyone knows can’t be fixed by anyone in four years). If Obama wins, and at this point that appears likely, it will not be because of his own efforts but because of the klutziness of the GOP. And in four more years the African can set America back by 50 years.

  • Gislef

    Akin has the right to say what he wants. Nobody is denying that. Heck, he can go stand on a street corner and enjoy his freedom to talk about legitimate rape all he wants. Everyone else has the right to speak out against him and not support him as a candidate. Other then that, Akin is free to run and voters are free to vote for him.

  • Ghostwriter

    This Todd Akin is a complete moron. He deserves all the criticism he's been getting from both sides of the political spectrum.

  • mlcblog

    I couldn't agree more that "It doesn't matter…" (all those things you said). No matter what we do the Dems are looking for any minutia they can twist into outrage against us. The truth is a sad thing lying in the mud now, being trodden over on a daily basis by the news media and the Dems. They only care about winning….by any means necessary. Where have we heard that before? believe it! They do.

    I hope that the Repubs will rally against McCaskill AND Todd Akin. It could happen. There are other good candidates. I would love to see a rally around Ms. Steelman.

    We need to fight with some heart instead of bemoaning the latest leftist lie.

  • amused

    …and dont forget those "latest rightist lies " . It is truly amusing watching you throw rocks at one another .If Romney had already won the election , and Atkin made his stupid remarks , he would likely be cheered . However before the election , he becomes a liability .

  • Joe

    There is no such thing as a "legitimate" (meaning "legal") rape. Akins chose his sentence badly in the heat of the
    moment just as all of us do occasionally. I had no trouble in realizing that what he meant was a "genuine" rape, as distinct from a liaison which was entered into willingly but later declared "rape" in order to provide an excuse for
    the liaison which was socially unacceptable for some reason and thus enabling the woman to save her reputation.
    The first of these Comments, by Rachel , show that she can see this as I do. The writer of the article and many of the Comments should have explained this also instead of making political mileage out of nothing.

  • dennis x

    Odd Aikens statement is in fact the repubs party platform for the last 12 years, which is supported by Ryan.

  • ProFamily

    The problem with Conservatives is we are all too ready to throw our own under the bus when a fellow conservative makes a mistake, while the Liberals circle the wagons and protect their own (ea. when President Bill Clinton allows a young female White House Intern Monica Lewinsky to perform oral sex on him). Instead of capitulating why aren't we supporting our own by show the world the hypocrisy of the Left? Yes what Akin's said is stupid, but his opponent supports the murder of over 4,000 babies everyday from abortion and no one gets upset! We have to STOP letting the Left define the political playing field!

  • http://twitter.com/Brian_R_Allen @Brian_R_Allen

    @FoxNews @SkyNewsAust #auspol #teaparty

    …. Cli'ton "allows" a once white House intern to "perform oral sex on him" ….

    See how the Goebbelsesque Left, even here, controls the narrative and turns the predatory serial rapist's serial sexual harassments and abuse into the passive voice.

    The mass-murder of children for the real and/or imagined crimes of the parents is not the only traits The West's Left learned from its Nazi First Cousins!

  • Zebota

    I offer a report I read today, that can be researched, which might even show Akins words to be based in fact. Not being a medical authority I can make no comment on its veracity. It can be found at: http://www.wnd.com/2012/08/akin-not-far-off-base-