Occupy at One Year

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Occupy Wall Street was organized by various far-left organizations including a constellation of ACORN front groups, labor unions, and anarchist collectives, and hailed by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, various Communist and neo-Nazi parties, and America’s enemies abroad. The movement came on the heels of what ACORN’s neo-communist founder Wade Rathke called an “anti-banking jihad,” an SEIU-led effort aimed at destabilizing the nation’s financial system. SEIU organizer Stephen Lerner promised to “bring down the stock market” through a campaign of disruption.

Despite being endorsed by left-wing politicians from coast to coast the movement never evolved into a major player in U.S. politics today — but it has nevertheless had a lasting impact on the American body politic.

Through endless repetition of the terms “the 99 percent” and “the one percent,” Americans have begun to view their society through a Marxist lens. They have absorbed this central Big Lie of Marxist thought through a kind of osmosis.

And now this Marxist meme, long banished to the academy and union halls, is everywhere. To the delight of radical socialists it is impossible to turn on conservative talk radio without hearing hosts explain issues using this false dichotomy of the one percent versus the 99 percent. To use the loaded language of the Left is to accept the Left’s premises.

Certainly there has long been vague talk of “the rich,” “the poor,” and “the middle class,” but Occupy Wall Street somehow managed to get Americans to see their society in Marxist terms, something more than a hundred years of Progressive agitation could not do. This in itself is a huge and unwelcome development because it allows the Left to define and set the parameters of political discourse. Instead of talking about cutting taxes and reducing government spending, now right-wingers get distracted arguing about make-believe issues like income inequality and social justice. Only time will tell if this meme will fade away eventually.

But there is still room for optimism. Occupy’s very success has laid the foundation for its own destruction.

The movement has provided a valuable service to the American public. Occupy Wall Street has been a yearlong, Obama administration-approved, media-saturated exercise in consciousness-raising.

It has helped to remind Americans just how dangerous, lawless, and out of touch the modern, Occupy-embracing Democratic Party is. The anti-American Occupy Wall Street movement has also helped to reinforce the message of the patriotic Tea Party movement which supports Americans’ unalienable rights, limited government, fiscal restraint, and the rule of law.

For this, Americans who love their country should be grateful to the rabble of Occupy Wall Street.

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  • john butala

    Who are the conservatives who are talking about social justice and inequality? I agree with the gist of the article that the OWSers are general losers with a bankrupt philosophy, but I've never heard any conservative agree with them about anything. No conservative talks about the one percent or social justice except to ridicule those phrases.

  • pierce

    One years old, and they still have their hand out waiting for a handout. Get off your collective asses and go find a job. Most of you have a mommy and a daddy probably subsidizing your every little whim. And, oh, you are also one of the intellects working on your masters or doctorates, and think work is an indignity, below you, for somebody else. Well your are nothing but LAZY. Wake up.

  • Omar

    The American people and the Tea Party movement need to defeat the horrible Occupy Wall Street movement. Why does the media keep on praising the horrible OWS, while falsely deriding the Tea Party movement (the patriotic movement) as a "racist" and "bigoted" movement? The Tea Party believes in tolerance, responsible government and economy and the rule of law, while OWS wants to overthrow America and its democratic and free-market systems. OWS is also intolerant (unlike the Tea Party) because OWS has many instances of anti-Semitism, yet the media doesn't report on that. OWS also has a dangerous influence on the lives of young people. The movement consists of communists/ neo-Nazis, anarchists, notable lunatics like Bill Ayers and Kalle Lasn, left-wing propaganda networks like MSNBC and Media Matters, and misguided people who don't know the Occupy movement's true agenda. We, the American people, united with the Tea Party, need to defeat OWS and its extremist agenda.

  • Glennd1

    First off, the real story is that the Occupy movement failed utterly to capture the hopes and fears of the vast majority of Americans with their class warfare rhetoric. I was pretty worried when OWS started to get a little bit of steam, thinking that it would be the spark that set off the powder-keg of American leftist/radical rage. I suspected that they would get much broader support from "the people" – but they didn't. They are astro-turf, paid for as a vanity accessory by the various NGOs that splatter rich people's and union money around on Democratic causes. It's utterly unlike the Tea Party, with a broad base of support from people actually engaged in American society. Nope, OWS attracted exclusively an irrelevant fringe element of those utterly alienated from society, and hence was seen by most typical Americans as absurd.

    So, I adjusted – I stopped fearing leftist revolution. I considered what this really meant, that the masses the left relies on for political support were not anywhere near angry enough or organized enough or in enough pain to even move towards some kind of overthrow of our govt. What I realized is that 'radical chic' had become a fetish of leftist elites, who dominate the media, so what I got was a magnified view of a "movement" that in the main would be considered on the level of a Lyndon Larouche rally otherwise.

    Sadly, the anarcho communists don't understand that they are just ornamentation for Progressives like Obama who revel in seeing themselves as in the vanguard of a social revolution, but have no real plans for achieving the "justice" they continuously bray about. I mean, seriously, think about it. Obama has absolutely refused to pursue the policies that we know he holds dear, sacrificing principle after principle due to his amateurish grasp and use of the incredible power he holds. But the throws them some comments to let them know he's "with them", just not enough to actually pay any political price for it though…

    Given the above, any "worries" about OWS by those on the right is just silly. They are not even worth writing about anymore.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The current one-year anniversary OWS protests are coinciding with the anti-American protests all over the world of Islam. The Marxist-Islamic Alliance is alive and well. The Left licks Islamic ass.

  • BS77

    Occupy is for losers…they are not the 99%…they are not even the 1%.

  • cynthia curran

    Personality, I don't even like some elements of the Tea Party either. The Tea Party has allowed the Libertarians and paleo-cons to criticized anyone as a Rino hence worst candidates they dislike both John Mccain and Mitt Romeny as Rinos. Mccain is better on defense than George W Bush was and Romeny should be given a chance. No Republican is perfect the Tea Party is so committed to economics that someone of them would support cutting defense a lot, the Grover Norquist and Ron Paul types among the Tea Party. It fact the Tea Party had certain factions that supported Ron Paul since he created them. Paleo-cons and Libetarians are also bad as Leftist. Pat Buchnan, Ron Paul have greater influence in the past 4 years. Greece problem is they wanted a welfare state without paying for it they are known for tax evasion which is similar behavior also by some Libertarian Groups as well.

    • tagalog

      Yeah, but if the cops told the Tea Partiers to go home, they'd pack up and go home. After cleaning up after themselves.

    • BS77

      You need to brush up on your grammar.

  • tagalog

    When the OWS people begin their demonstrations with those street carnivals or whatever they're going to be, I bet the cops will be prepared to put a stop to that crap right away this time.

    • Maxie

      The focus needs to include OWS, Flash Mobs, New Black SEIU thugs, Acorn redux, UAW and whatever other malcontents can be rallied to join a violent anarchy on a given signal.Panthers,

      • Maxie

        Correction: The focus needs to include OWS, Flash Mobs, New Black Panthers, SEIU thugs, Acorn redux, UAW and whatever other malcontents can be rallied to join a violent anarchy on a given signal.Panthers,

    • Omar

      OWS is trying to make Union Square in New York City their new base after getting evicted from their original base in the Financial District. OWS has an extremely dangerous communist agenda. The American people need to save America and defeat the extremist OWS movement.

  • cynthia curran

    The Occupy is a loser movement that's true. They thought that Obama would Legalized millions of illegal Hispanics and they would have a socialists country since Hispanics that come here illegality are the working poor most of their kids are on the free and reduce lunch program. There actions in Anaheim show that socialism would come by legalizing millions of Hispanics, while a lot of the foot soldiers of Occupy were white that they could use Hispanics. In Anaheim they sided with a Hispanic gang member against the police and after the vandalism Occupy Oc is involved in expanding council representation of Hispanics in Anaheim and Anaheim has a high number of residents illegality in the Country. Obama unlike Julian Castro priority was not legalizing Hispanics and wanted to do that in his second term which means Occupy has to wait. Occupy at the conventions was going to have a massed immigrant's right march which fell to draw anyone and most that march were white not Hispanic since a lot of Hispanic radicals stayed home for some reason. Immigration from Mexico has dropped and in the future the issue will be there but the heyday of lots of construction work that paid good for Mexican men that came illegality has dropped.

  • cynthia curran

    What I'm saying is that some Tea Party members are such purists that they would not vote for Romney and vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party or just not vote that bad as well since it helps Obama. Ron Paul has some bad ideas as well a lot of folks in the right usually don't want to think of those. Pat Buchnan while has some valid points on illegal immirgation and on trade is also a lot of bad views. A lot of industries whether they are factories or call centers have operations in several countries these days. Hispanic immigration and some Asian immigration needs to slow down so people can become more Americanized and the more Americanized they are the less the left can use Hispanics and Asians. Pat wants to go back when the US was more white which is hard but the process of changed can be slowed down. Also Pat is so anti-war that the left uses him.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, both Occupy and some of the Tea Party opposed Mitt Romney when he was rising money in Newport Beach two months ago. They both dislike each other and there are good tea party people that are less in the purity stuff and are good on defense. The Occupy is much worst since its into far left politics that will destroy US Sovereignty and there is the anarchy hate the cops but Occupy being leftist admires left wing police states so its a contradiction.

    • Omar

      Well, the Tea Party opposed Romney during the GOP primary race because Santorum was in the race too, and the Tea Party supported Santorum's bid for the presidency. Once Romney won the GOP's nomination for the presidency, the Tea Party endorsed Romney for the presidency. Remember, in any election, once the party's candidate is chosen, the party is unified for the most part.

  • pyeatte

    If you insist on confronting them, make sure it is at a distance, else you will get bedbugs.

  • Fritz

    One bit of good news regarding the Adbusters Media Foundation, and their Tides Foundation benefactors, Tides Canada, Tides America's money laundering branch plant, is now on the radar of the Canada Revenue Agency because of abusing it's falsely obtained charitable status. Likewise with every group that Tides Canada was funneling money to. The tax laws state that a charitable organization cannot devote any more then 10% of it's activities to political causes, nor can they "rent out" or loan out their charitable status to other organizations. Tides Canada not only was engaging in political activities more then 10% of the time it' highly questionable whether they carry out any charitable work at all. A large part of Tides Canada's racket was allowing financial donors to kook groups like Adbusters to donate money to the organization of their choice and receive a charitable tax receipt in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds, this is completely illegal and is in effect indirectly stealing money from legitimate charities and from taxpayers. Greenpeace was stripped of it's charitable status over 20 years ago for much the same reasons, but so was a pro life group, so it's only a matter of time before Tides Canada goes back out to sea.

    • Omar

      Adbusters is a corrupt, anti-Semitic, communist organization whose main goal is the destruction of democracy and free-market capitalism and to replace those systems with communist totalitarianism. We all know that Adbusters controls the OWS movement and its extremist agenda. We need to save our democracy and free-market system, and defeat Adbusters and OWS

  • Ghostwriter

    I'll be honest. OWS was the temper tantrum of a bunch of idiots who have nothing to do but prove to the world that they are idiots.

  • BS77

    Occupy members were interviewed fairly and politely by middle of the road journalists…and it was pretty embarrassing ….the Occupy folks cannot articulate their beliefs. From listening to them, you would have
    a difficult time comprehending their plans, strategies or blueprints for solutions to our
    economic and social problems. They seem to run on anger and little else. No one knows
    what the freak these Occupy trash heap camps are about.

  • Sunbeam

    The problem with the immigration especially from the Middle East countries are that these people were either of lowly educated or not being educated at all in all their lives and when such mingle with the more advance society, the rift is caused. Not that they are concerned, after all they are not there to change or be changed or to assimilate. Thus this is the biggest headache one could ever have. I wonder why America has given such a vast dimension to immigration such as this. It really posed a great danger to your country, you know?