‘Panicked’ Soros Bankrolls Obama Campaign

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George Soros is airdropping bushels of cash to the Obama campaign because the preeminent funder of the Left is reportedly “panicked” that Mitt Romney could win in November and halt America’s ongoing slide into socialist chaos and civil unrest.

Soros’s alarm at the prospect of a Romney victory may also have led him to squelch a report in the Soros-funded Mother Jones magazine that revealed his desperate state of mind.

“Is there possibly some panic among the liberal elite that the media are not telling us about? Amazingly, Mother Jones might have accidentally provided a clue – and then quickly covered it up,” opines Big Journalism.

After Romney pulled even in recent national polls –and after pledging for the umpteenth time to get out of electoral politics– America’s anxious would-be undertaker committed to spending an extra $1.5 million on reelecting Obama and helping congressional Democrats. Soros previously bankrolled a leftist scheme called the Secretary of State Project that aspired to rig elections from coast to coast. He also indirectly funded Occupy Wall Street.

A currency speculator and convicted inside-trader, Soros is a practiced hand-wringer who frequently tells gullible reporters he is getting out of electoral politics altogether. This is his mantra between elections even though he never actually follows through on the threat.

Soros openly favors the collapse of the greenback and the decline of America in general. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States,” he has said. He has also said European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” He praises Communist China effusively, saying the brutal totalitarian nation that literally cuts babies from unauthorized pregnancies from the wombs of their mothers and runs over eminent domain resisters with steam-rollers, has “a better-functioning government than the United States.”

Soros also seems to suffer from messianic delusions, describing himself as “some kind of god, the creator of everything.” During World War II, Soros accompanied his guardian around Nazi-occupied Hungary as he confiscated the property of Soros’s fellow Jews. Years later he referred to that time as “probably the happiest year of my life” and “a very happy-making, exhilarating experience.”

Soros will give $1 million to Priorities USA Action, the super PAC that produced the infamous TV ad in which ex-steelworker Joe Soptic falsely blamed his wife’s tragic cancer death on Romney. Soros is splitting $500,000 between Majority PAC and House Majority PAC, both of which back Democrats seeking congressional office, the New York Times reports.

The Obama campaign also appears to be panicking. Chicago’s mayor, the ruthless former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, is exiting the Obama campaign to help raise money for Priorities USA Action. If anyone can put together an ad more loathsome than the Soptic spot, Emanuel’s the man.

The new donations were announced by Soros spokesman Michael Vachon at a luncheon Thursday hosted by the Democracy Alliance, an invitation-only club for radical plutocrats. (Former President Bill Clinton and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were also in attendance.) Members of the ultra-secretive Democracy Alliance have committed to swamping Democrats and President Obama’s re-election campaign in an ocean of cash this year. Donations could easily reach $100 million or much more before Election Day, especially because other Democracy Alliance members are following Soros’s lead.

The ultra-secretive group, founded in 2005, is a financial clearinghouse that recommends to its wealthy members projects and groups that aspire to dismantle America as we know it, delivering the nation to Greek-style socialist mayhem. The group has directed untold hundreds of millions of dollars to left-of-center causes.

To quell rumors that he was unhappy with Obama, Soros sent an email to other luncheon guests saying, “I fully support the re-election of President Obama.” Soros wrote that he was “appalled by the Romney campaign, which is openly soliciting the money of the rich to starve the state of the money it needs to provide social services.”

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  • Anamah

    It would be interesting to know all those gangsters, their network and financial activities around the world are scanned and investigated… It seems possible to find problematic connections, power and businesses.

  • Lady_Dr.

    I briefly worked as a grant writer for a non-profit. The minute I knew they had received an Open Society grant I knew exactly where they stood on all issues, prior to that I was puzzled. The job was an eye-opener. It seems that some of the 'nice' projects they supported included funding for women's education in 2nd world countries – alas, I eventually discovered that the reason it was women was to distrupt traditional cultures. That a few of these women had been beaten and even killed. Why? because while they had well-paying careers they lived in societies which believe that men should come first. So these women were sacrificed on the altar of radical leftism. Nothing wrong with women's education, etc. – but could it wait to the next generation for those in more traditional societies? Yes, but that would not serve the left's purpose.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ken.watson.94 Ken Watson

      It if far from clear that there is anything to "wait" for in the tribal cultures you describe. If the women were sacrificed, perhaps they knew the risks and potential benefits. However suspect the motives of the Soros cabal, there are some virtues demonstrated too. And lets not forget, absent philanthropy or modern contact of any sort, the women in these societies are apt to be mistreated or even killed for a number of indigenous reasons or indeed NO reason at all.

      • Stephen_Brady

        So, it's all right to be responsible for the death of women in tribal societies because they'll probably get killed, anyway? That's a strange notion …

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.watson.94 Ken Watson

    What the? Georgi is pouring his mad money into ObamaPACs? That's as good a place for it as any. One only needs so many whores. But I don't understand this "panic" though the treatment of Mother Jones only lends to its credibility. Doesn't Soros know that Obama is up double digits in all the swing 57 states? Doesn't he know O is up 25 points with women (while down with married women, hmmm). Surely if, as has been reported, Obama is up SEVEN POINTS with the NASCAR crowd he is home, dry, parked in the garage and sipping a nice white wine spritzer. Yeah, that NASCAR one was definitely my favorite. He must be up fifteen points with WWF fans. At least.

  • Winston Blake
  • David Wills

    Soros wrote that he was “appalled by the Romney campaign, which is openly soliciting the money of the rich to starve the state of the money it needs to provide social services.”

    Let me think…yep, Soros could fund the social services, couldn’t he? And unless I missed something he, himself is among the rich. Just sayin’

    • pagegl

      Soros practices the left's mantra… Don't do what I do, do what I say.

  • clarespark

    There is an important tradition among social psychologists allied to the FDR administration and to wealthy Democrats in general that I have uncovered over the years. For an index to this research, see http://clarespark.com/2012/03/26/henry-a-murray-a… "Henry A. Murray and the Thematic Apperception Test." The Soros phenomenon is no novelty in our history and he alone is not to blame for molding minds to the advantage of the Left.

  • Stern

    But I thought leftists were appalled by Jewish billionaires funding political campaigns? Or is that only when the billionaire is Adelson and the political campaign is Republican?

  • amused

    Yea , about 15 minutes of effort . You all can go right here : http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/
    -and get all the information , even the stuff Vadum LEAVES OUT / Soros has contributed 4.3 million and another 1.5 million to a Democratic Superpac ….no secret there , nor is it a secret that / Robert J Perry -8.0 million/ Sheldon Adelson-5.0 million /Miriam Adelson 5.0 million / Julian Robertson -1.2 million not to metion the Super pacs ….So WHAT'S YOUR POINT VADUM ? That individual donors are concerned ? Or is it that Super Pacs have no Agenda ?
    And WHAT IS IT that you call ELECTION RIGGING ? You mean like ALEC or a dozen other Republican/Conservative Super Pacs ?
    So Vadum …how come its routine when Repo/Cons do it ..and " sinister " when Democrats do it ? Their agendas are identical ….to get their candidates NATION WIDE into office More yellow journalism / more "journalistic opinion " .

    • Tom

      Because when ever Democraps do it, it is intended to undermine the rule of law, our Constitution and enhance control by the intellectual elitists. The left is a danger to freedom and individual rights in favor of the collective "social justice" fanatics. Equal opportunity does NOT mean equal results. Personal responsibility is what is totally ignored and lacking in the mindset of virtually all present-day liberals.

  • amused

    oh did I forget to mention another secret ? Perry , the Adelsons and Robertson all contributed those bucks to Romney. Shhhhh dont tell anyone ….they're too lazy or stupid to look it up . You can look up the super pacs TOO , both Republican and Democrat .

  • http://www.facebook.com/marvin.fox.526 Marvin Fox

    How strange! Another left wing multibillionaire complaining about Romney wanting to deny the state the largesse of the rich; The essence of social justice, the redistribution of wealth, is financial equality between the rich and the poor, not withholding money from the state. The social justice promoters seem to have divorced themselves from both the 'social' and the 'justice' connection to social justice to favor the security of their own wealth. Believing rich Left Wingers are going to give up their own money for social justice is the opiate of the Left Wing. L.W.s, accept this challenge; name the the rich Left Wing rich person who has redistributed his own wealth to the masses and became their equal, and the leader among those demanding social justice.
    Marvin Fox

  • amused

    LOLOL…..how many Right wing billionaires are whining about Soros . BTW look at the pie charts on donations to either candidate Obama's got Romney beat by a longshot in the categories of donation of under a hundred dollars , and under fifty dollars .
    But thanks for expressing how brainwashed you are ..again Marv . btw lol…"opiate of the Left wing " lolol…gimme a break Marv , aint you stealing someones quote ?

  • Fritz

    Interesting how Soros prefers the way things are run in China believing that they have a "More efficient Government", Maurice Strong, Soros' Canadian fellow traveler believes the same. Maybe someone hasn't explained this to George but if he had been caught pulling the same sort of insider trading and currency manipulation scams in the people's republic he would be paying for the ammo at his own execution, that is how "efficient" they are there with people like him. But maybe he is still under the delusion from his youth in Hungary that he possess some special immunity from the brutal whims of tyrants by playing the Judas goat?

  • Guest

    Reading that makes one wonder how much Soros would be worth on the market. The Muslim market.

  • Guest

    Reading that makes one wonder how much Soros would be worth on the market. The Muslim market.

  • mediachecker

    Note to "amused" – it's called hypocrisy.