Romney Heckler a Paid Soros Operative

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A potty-mouthed employee of a George Soros-funded group tried to shut down a Mitt Romney press conference outside a New York City firehouse yesterday.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee appeared alongside former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to respond to a widely publicized taunt hurled at him by the Community Organizer-in-Chief. Without benefit of a time machine, President Obama, whose extended victory dance over killing 9/11 terrorist Osama bin Laden has been receiving saturation media coverage in recent days, preposterously claimed that Romney might not have tried to dispatch the al-Qaeda leader if given the chance.

In an incident captured on news video, the female heckler screamed, “Mitt Romney, you’re a racist!” almost a dozen times, wrecking the public relations optics of the event that was choreographed to highlight Romney’s foreign policy acumen.

It is axiomatic that when left-wingers are desperately worried about losing power they pull out their oldest and most reliable canard. Liberals and their more radical brethren scream “racist!” over and over and over again as if sheer repetition of the lie will somehow make it true.

The attention-seeking woman, identified by New York Magazine as Nastaran Mohit, also cussed at the former Massachusetts governor, screaming, “Fuck you, Mitt Romney!”

Mohit, who turns 30 next month, is the legislative director for a radical left-wing advocacy group called Domestic Workers United (DWU). When lobbying lawmakers in Albany presumably she refrains from dropping F-bombs.

The 12-year-old group Mohit works for describes itself on its website as “an organization of Caribbean, Latina and African nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers in New York, organizing for power, respect, fair labor standards and to help build a movement to end exploitation and oppression for all.”

One of radical philanthropist George Soros’s charities, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, gave DWU a $75,000 grant in 2010 “to support the implementation of the domestic worker bill of rights.” That statute, enacted later the same year, provides certain labor protections for nannies, caregivers, and housekeepers. Those workers have long been targeted for recruitment by labor unions such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), President Obama’s favorite labor organization.

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    The best way to piss her off is to call HER a fascist.

    • George Spigott

      She sounds too stupid to understand what fascist means. Romeny may be a RINO whose campaign director has stated that once Romney gets the nomination, they can "hit the reset button" and distance themselves from conservative stances they've taken on the campaign trail. But racist? Wasn't he sympathetic enough to Trayvon after the poor lad got shot for beating the neighborhood watch guy's head against the pavement? Obviously the GOP elite learned nothing from RINO McCain's loss.


        Who would change the course of the US for the better?

        Four more years of Obama or Romney?

        Time for a Change

  • RonCarnine

    One might want to ask, "Why are these radicals so worried about Romney?" Supposedly he is a weak man who is not a true conservative and therefore doesn't deserve the support of conservatives. So what gives? I would think that they would be glad to have him if Obama doesn't get re-elected. Sometimes, you can tell as much about a man from listening to his enemies and you can by listening to his friends. So, why are Obama's buddies so worried about him? There is more here than meets the eye.

    • George Spigott

      Obama-lite is not good enough for the dedicated idiot. They won't accept less than their undocumented illusion of a messiah.

    • Jim_C

      My guess for why they'd be worried? It's not the man himself–he's a harmless, bland enough chap. It's his campaign chest.

    • Rocky Mountain

      I doubt that there's a conspiracy to disrupt Romney – she's just an angry leftist doing a bit of unilateral heckling as were the others. But what really annoys me is that others in the audience should've got right in her face and told her to shut up. There is 'free speech' aplenty here and denying Romney or anybody else their right is most emphatically not free speech.

    • johnnywoods

      Maybe she is demonstrating the desperation they feel over trying to get their guy re-elected with his dismal record. Seems the only thing he can "crow" about is that he got UBL( as if he had gone out and lead the SEAL team himself). What a looser.

      • dennis x

        Mission Accomplished

  • pierce

    What will these wayout Willies come up with next. Let us show them the door come November, but then you can never really rid yourself of a bad penny.

  • StephenD

    I just hope we don't over react and get our own folks in there to thwart such interruptions on the front lines. Can you imagine the headlines if a Romney supporter slaps one of these idiots into a respectful silence while Romney finishes his presentation? Personally, I'd love to see it but it wouldn't play well for us in the MSM I fear.

    • GMan

      Lol what Romney should do is send black people in military gear to his speeches with Anti white Racist Signs that also say New Black Panthers for King Obama, and Arabs with Anti white and anti christian signs that say Islamacists for Messiah Obama to every single place a reporter will be, There will be a 20 point swing in just a few days

      • dennis x

        Romney dosen't know any Black people or Arabs. But what would be cool is when the Presidernt speaks theres a bunch of white guys on bikes with black pants, ties and white shrits with " four more years " signs!

    • Jim_C

      Nah, if Romney had the poise to fire back at these rude people, it'd make him look good and make for good TV, besides.

  • blueeyes

    wrecking the public relations optics of the event that was choreographed to highlight Romney’s foreign policy acumen. whose side are you on? this is something those opposing Romney would say. you apparently do not know what you are saying, you are so full of cliches .

  • DouglasT

    These advocacy groups are behind efforts to "reform" at home care to the point where you can't even care for your disabled child or elderly parent without 90 hours of SEIU training, and union membership.

    • dennis x

      Why should you get paid to take care of your own?

  • theleastthreat

    Sounds like desparation has taken over on the Left. Let me amend that. It sounds like desparation has re-emerged on the Left. Still not right. It sounds like the Left is more desparate than usual. There, that's better.

  • neils60

    Dr. Hitler would have been so proud, as she was precisely replicating his brown shirt tactics that worked well for him and his fellow creatures.

    • Chiggles

      "Dr." Hitler?

  • John C. Davidson

    I am amazed by all these radical actions taking place so early in the current campaign cycle. They're tipping their hand too early & more Americans are becoming aware that we're dealing with subversive Communists.

    It is obvioous Soros has not read Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, The Grand Failure. (The birth & death of Communism in the 20th century). You only have to read the introduction to understand what this new movement is all about.

    By the way, Brzezinski was a Jimmy Carter advisor and a true Democrat, not a National Socialist Democrat

  • romanticpoet

    I love it when the Progressives use cliches (Jonah Goldberg's new book a must read).

    Yet when the message doesn't fit the agenda, THIS HAPPENS:

    Read this and then ask the question of WHO the real RACISTS are!

    • Oleg

      That's a good example of the Progressives at work, and the morons at this school pretty much proved Ms. Jada Williams' point by delivering her the grade school version of Jim Crow. "Now that we have completely destroyed the black family lets keep the black people miseducated and uneducated so we can control them." The KKK couldn't come up with a more dispicable program to oppress blacks, and most of them were Democrats by the way.

  • jacob

    Would it be against the law to hire some "Bouncers" to deal with such kind of hecklers the way barrooms do ???

    Rest assured the heckling at ROMMNEY's campaign intensifies will be worst, since the liberal and all kind
    lefty scum start realizing that the writing is on the wall and that the bells toll already for OBAMA's regime…..

    • Jeamar

      Right on Jacob. I heard that loud mouth during the TV broadcast and hoped someone would shut her up. I know, freedom of speech and all that. What about freedom to listen? I find that disruption so offensive, maybe I could bring a lawsuit against her for violating my civil rights. What is worse than being offended! Guess it depends on whose ox is being gored.

    • johnnywoods

      Better than hired "bouncers" would be the supporters to shout the hecklers down. That way no one`s freedom of speech is violated.

  • lizaz

    That's all these poor losers have….nothing credible to bring to the discussion…no accomplishments to tout….all they can do is attack and it's predictable!!! I think these types of loud-mouthed radicals should be removed from the area after they have had their 1st Amendment moment…after all, there are a majority of listeners to consider…why should their rights be infringed upon my one moron?? Escort them out!!!

  • 080

    If Romney is called a fascist then what would one call a real fascist?


      a socialist.

  • Ginny48

    We can vote with our pocketbook. I stopped using Progressive Automobile Insurance Company because of George Souros, who owned it. I used to be a war protester in 1969 era. Now I see things a little differently. This is a great country and our votes are counted. (usually…)


      I REFUSE to use "progressive" insurance just as I would refuse to use "socialist" insurance.

      "progressive", the current pro-socialist, pro-islamofascist term has taken on a repellent connotation.

  • BLJ

    This "woman" is just another America hating loser who should be shipped to a Communist or Third World country to find her nirvana. Romney just needs to stay on message – make the Dear Leader run on his record – and ignore pinheads like her.

  • JBBooks

    Another shining example of the tolerance of the left. Thank you, Nastaran, for showcasing the base hypocrisy of "progressives".

  • hawk157

    I wonder if a white can join this agency as a nannie, housekeeper or caregiver. Bet not. And who is calling who a racist?

  • Kathleen3

    Is this radical, Mohit, and the foreigners she represents really the type of people we want in this country? "Diversity" is destroying this country; unity was the foundation upon which this country was founded and grew.

    Prof Jan Ting said it best when he stated we must implement a 5 year moratorium on all immigration. This will allow time to clean out the corruption, fire the inept, and restaff with moral and ethical people dedicated to serving those who petition to legally enter our country.

    • Oleg

      I don't think that a moratorium on legal immigration is necessary, but the number of immigrants allowed in should be curtailed based on the state of the economy and what occupations need filling. I think the root problem is illegal immigation and multiculturalism. The vast majority of legal immigrants want to come the the U.S and Canada for a better life an integrate into osciety, not to enter a little ethnic enclave of what they left at home. It wouldn't take five years to get rid of the inept and corrupt staff, in fact just nailing and discharging the worst offenders would whip things into shape. There does need to be a proper reform of immigration and refugee laws, not the phoney sort which is an excuse for amnesty.