Santa Monica Students Say Pepper Spraying a PR Victory

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Santa Monica College students angry about tuition increases may have successfully tricked campus police into advancing their cause on Tuesday.

Apparently unaware of California’s continuing descent into the fiscal abyss, students showed up in force at a college trustees’ meeting to protest a planned 300 percent increase in tuition for core courses. The college says the dramatic price hikes are necessary because state funding for higher education is drying up as California’s spendthrift public officials continue to lavish taxpayer-funded benefits on their allies in the labor movement.

Up to 30 demonstrators, possibly left-wingers, were doused with pepper spray after a student mob was forcibly ejected from the trustees’ meeting. In America such chemical drubbings are almost always provoked by leftist protesters for public relations purposes. They know they can count on journalists to sympathetically portray them as victims of police brutality punished by the powers that be for speaking truth to power.

Members of the crowd were reportedly angry because only a few students were admitted to the meeting. They began to force their way into the event after officials refused to relocate the proceedings to a room that would accommodate more people.

Students began chanting “Let us in, let us in,” and “No cuts, no fees, education should be free.” Two police officers who found themselves virtually surrounded by unhinged mantra-repeating Santa Monicans used pepper spray to prevent students from further disrupting the meeting.

Santa Monica College spokesman Bruce Smith said the use of pepper spray was necessary to maintain public order. “It was the judgment of police that the crowd was getting out of hand and it was a safety issue,” he said.

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  • Tara

    The college kids were useful idiots in the liberal campaign to destroy personal responsibility.

  • mattogilvie55

    The organizers were pushing for this to happen so they could claim the sympathy vote. They will definitely get it from the media, since they are all in bed together.

  • BS77

    If it was Iran, China, Syria etc etc, it would have been a lot worse than pepper spray. It would have been
    nightsticks or even bullets. Liberals live in a fantasy world of entitlement, rude manners, demands, mob chanting idiocy and delusional expectations. Then when they are pepper sprayed,, they go whining and blubbering to the media, playing the VICTIM card to the hilt.

    • effemall

      Right on. We need special legislation for mob control so that law enforcement can use water cannons, live ammo and flamethrowers if necessary. Nothing like a shot of reality to make unruly youngsters grow up.

    • mlcblog

      Delusional expectations. I like that. So very true.

  • Guest

    Are organized labor unions the new Hitleresque "SS"? And, are the students the "brown shirt youth"?

    • mlcblog


  • tagalog

    Maybe this will be a "Don't pepper spray me, bro!" moment.

  • husseiNO

    Pepper spray will only heat things up, try liguid nitrogen spray next time!

    • Joe plummer

      peper spay is for sisi,
      Man, Nucke them. Thats what I say.

  • husseiNO

    The kids are indoctrinated by the leftists faculties, the media and the elites in the government. No wonder they believe they are entitiled to a free education while learning how to enjoy other people's hard earned money.

    In stead of spending time protesting, why not find a job and earn the money to pay the tuition? Or maybe they get paid to protest?

  • husseiNO

    Again, the faculties at that college are propably consisted of a large portion of leftist minded people. Also, it might be a fact that administrative jobs there are more than the faculty who actually teaches. And finally, the college are responsible to pay pensions to union employees who worked for 15, 20 years and get paid more for the rest of their lives.

    So basically the senior leftists are praying on the junior leftists, who in term are blaming the society for the cause.

  • BLJ

    What a bunch of self-centered spoiled brats. These are the same group who will cry when they do get a worthless degree and can't find a job. They will bitch and moan that someone should pay their student loans.

    Screw them.

  • johnnywoods

    These "useful idiots" will wake up to a sad reality one day when they hear that the goose that laid the golden eggs is dead. She is in pretty bad shape already. The union thugs and college punks will no doubt raise hell about it but it won`t matter by then. Reality is a hard thing to grasp from the college campus especially when some one else is picking up the tab.

  • Joe Plummer

    Dude, We are like the most powerful nation in the world. We must go to war. Man, We must rule and control with absilute power. When people protest, we must nuke them. We have the power and the wepons. These so called freedom loving libirals can not and will not get in our way of abselute world supremecy. We have to control the oil, the nuckes, and the money if we want to stay a super power.
    Love America, The super Power

    • mlcblog

      looks like you could use a little schooling with your spellin'

    • BS77

      Hey Joe…I know you are trying to be sarcastic or funny, but your grammar and spelling lead us to believe you need to get back to grade school.

      • scum

        Joe Plummer is actually a Right-winger pretending to be a Left-winger masquerading as a Right-winger. Pure genius.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Watching the students running away in their discomfort was quite entertaining. What honors those in the front rank must feel right now.

  • American Patriot

    They think because they are college students they are better than us. I am so pissed of all the taxes I pay to educate the public. Why should I pay for all these people to go to college. Keep them stupid. The smarter they get the more questions the ask. The more protests they make. The more demands they have. How can we be the world super power with all of these freeloaders. I think our country will do better if we keep the 99 percent poor and uneducated.
    Let the 99 percent fend for themselves. Send the to church to learn some christian values. Its not my job to pay for their education and food stamp.
    The Patriot

  • joy52

    the campus police should have stopped them at the outside and only let in a few. somebody made a tactical error, which they will pay for.

  • BS77

    Oh you were pepper sprayed? OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH BOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO….here, let me kiss your boo boo.

  • findalis

    Screams that they won were idiotic. What did they win? Did the tuition become free? Did the tuition get lowered? No. All that happened were a group of idiots got pepper sprayed.

    • scum

      That's OK, the Right-wing cops got their chance to dump some chemicals into the faces of students. There's nothing they like better.

  • RonCarnine

    Retired cop here. If these kids are stupid enough to provoke someone to spray them with pepper spray more power to them. Using mace is a lot lower on the use of force scale then say, a night stick or a bullet (rubber or otherwise). When we train to use pepper spray we get sprayed with it and have to find our way to water to wash it out of our eyes. It is unpleasant, but overall it is harmless. It is a right call for use in that situation. Plus, it isn't a PR victory at all. If they had gotten shot, now that would be a PR victory. But I see they didn't have the guts for that. I personally would suggest that more security be hired and they be armed with a paddle to spank those immature college student butts. Something Daddy should have done a long time ago.

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