The Left’s Spring Offensive

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Jones long ago tired of the democratic process. He favors using brutal in-your-face tactics to bring down American capitalism yet claims to embrace Gandhi’s nonviolent political action. (Of course with the Left there is virtually no such thing as nonviolent protest. Nonetheless, progressive leaders often pretend to be opposed to violent tactics.)

“You cannot change this country from D.C. down. It’s got to be bottom up and top down and the bottom up has been missing,” Jones said on MSNBC.

Until this past fall, you got the young people with who broke the seal and said we are going to do civil disobedience against the Obama White House. Everybody goes, “Oh no! This can’t happen! You’ll be destroyed!” And instead what happened is they got a big victory on [the] Keystone [pipeline]. They gotta fight to keep it. And then –that was August– and then September the young people and struggling folks who founded Occupy Wall Street and they changed the actual conversation overnight from austerity, austerity to economic inequality. This stuff works.

Unfortunately, Jones is right about one thing. Thanks to Occupy Wall Street even many conservatives now mindlessly repeat the false Marxist dichotomy that pits the “1 percent” against the “99 percent.” How much money people have –as opposed to how much money they earn as income— seems to have become a public issue that candidates from both major parties feel compelled to address.

MoveOn’s history is well documented but Jones’s Rebuild the Dream organization is new on the political scene. (Rebuild the Dream also just happens to be name of his new book.)

Rebuild the Dream is a 501c4 nonprofit and contributions to it are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to its sister charity, Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund, a 501c3 nonprofit, are tax-deductible. It is unclear who is funding these two San Francisco-based groups.

The Fund uses the Oakland, California-based Movement Strategy Center as a fiscal sponsor. A fiscal sponsor covers its administrative costs by shaving a few percentage points off donations earmarked for a charity and then hands over the remainder to the charity. The Center, in turn, has taken in funds from the usual suspects in the world of leftist philanthropy including: George Soros’s Open Society Institute ($800,000 since 2006) and his Foundation to Promote Open Society ($150,000 in 2009); Tides Foundation ($770,000 since 2001); Ben & Jerry’s Foundation ($30,000 since 2009); Ford Foundation ($1,555,000 since 2004); Surdna Foundation Inc. ($1,140,000 since 2003); and Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc. ($248,000 since 2004).

With media-savvy Jones’s charisma, it’s just a matter of time before he begins to tap into the vast reservoirs of tax-free foundation money earmarked for the destruction of America as we know it.

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  • Coach

    Commies on the "re-rise." Civil war is coming, brought to you by the Left.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Another silly smear from the allegedly patriotics goons at Frontpage. Stop making unsubstantiated allegations and use facts! Your insinuation that a united leftist conspiracy controlled by Soros is out to turn the US into a Soviet America has no basis in reality. Meanwhile the Wall Street criminals walk free while millions suffer. What you practice isn't journalism or even advocacy. It is comedy poorly done. Please stop!

    • kafir4life

      If there's nothing for you to fear like people catching on and mobilizing to stop the ilk of White House Stinky (aka BO) and his mentor and butt buddy George Soros, then why not let the "patriotic goons" waste their resources? Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Sparky!
      On the "Wall Street Criminals" remark, in this country, it requires a conviction to be correctly called a "criminal". Not in the world that Georgie and Stinks want tho'.
      We have no intention of stopping.

    • Choi

      Go back to your "Lord of the Rings" Fantasy World,Bilbo.
      If you don't like what you read here,you should stay in LEFTY FANTASYLAND'S Blogosphere.

    • reader

      Soros is the Wall Street criminal, dumb ass. Go find him and stick it to da man!

    • Wyatt Trash

      Soros is the epitome of the 1%. He's made more money destroying monetary systems than the 'Wall Street Criminals' ever will. If the useful idiots that blindly follow the progressive movement would take a second to think about this, it might become apparent to them that they are being played.


      Thats all you morons have anymore.
      Van jones twitters this crap daily, you are just part of the problem.
      Are you now, or have you ever been with the Communist party?
      Yes or no

    • vladdy

      Speaking of practicing what one preaches…four slurs in the first sentence, with a lot of ad hominem following. The article told about donations and where they came from, but I don't see evidence to the contrary in your post. Proof that Soros is not helping to fund, please? And the "comedy" line is outdated — everyone's read Allinsky now and knows about the "ridicule" thing.

  • StephenD

    I'm only surprised by the support from Ford and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundations. I'd like to know what they are thinking and how we can influence them to stop.

    • Spider

      Com-munist front groups have installed leftists board members on all of these wealthy they will never stop supporting anarchist / anti free market causes.

    • vladdy

      Check "Discover the networks." Both Ford and Rockefeller have been involved in thtis type of thing for decades. I read once that the original founders would be "rolling in their graves" of they knew what the foundations had turned into.

  • rimfire


    I wonder how the Starbucks attack would have worked out in a state with a stand your ground law

    • pagegl

      I've got a good idea about that. I wonder if the heirs of the dead metal pole wielders could sue the organizers like Jones for the wrongful death of the 'protester'.

  • richard handwerk

    these thugs need a beat down. any violence on the people should be met by greater violence.

  • frank keefe

    Bilbo or should that be Bimbo..of course the left and their communist mates will be trying to get rid of the American system with violence its how they work because they always fail when it comes to strong debate.Obama will remain silent because he is a radical himself and courts such action.This is what happens when the media and the WH doesnt vet a possible President and then turns out to be the most divisive one in American history

  • tagalog

    Nothing about this so-called "Spring Offensive" strikes me as terribly worrisome as long as the rest of us take a stance of non-tolerance with regard to any shenanigans. Kick the disruptors out of the meetings and arrest the civilly disobedient (civil disobedience, just to remind those who have forgotten, presupposes arrest, prosecution, conviction, and punishment – see the movie "Gandhi").

    • umustbkidding

      Yeah, like that's happening all over America. NOT. People still think that some how they are going to go on with their lives untouched by these communists.

  • BS77

    To the anarchist left: Be careful what you wish for! Next thing you know, you will be among the miserable gulag dwellers in your own North Korean style workers "paradise". There will be no more entitlements, "free" medical care, "free" education, "free" lunch etc etc because there won't be anyone to pay for it. Occupy morons, wake up to your folly.

  • Steve Chavez

    "MIC CHECK! MIC CHECK!" I watched a TV program by our local INDYMEDIA and the host had several students as guests and she was encouraging them to "Mic Check" the legislature, speakers at various events, interrupting meetings at hotels and other venues, university Regent meetings, Pro-Israeli and Jewish speakers and meetings, anything Republican, and many others including entering public schools when military recruiters are visiting.

    Our public access channel has been taken over by Communists and anachists with most being based at the local Peace and Justice Center one block from the university, its main recruitment center.

    This week at UNM, there is a "Mock Wall" and the leaders are in many groups including the Occupy, Students for Justice in Palestine, MSA, Socialists for Solidarity and Justice, Aztlan, and Queer and Lesbian groups. These leaders head many other protests as it seems their main mission is to protest anything and everything instead of getting their degrees. At the same time, there is the Israel Alliance with "The Wall of Truth." Very civil so far but I'm sure the Occupiers who disrupted the Nonie Darwish speech as a publicity stunt, will attempt the same on the Israel Alliance wall.

  • BLJ

    George Soros head needs to meet my 5 iron.

    • gg62

      Oow! Don't even think of doing that to your precious 5-iron.

  • alexander

    So, the gOd in WH thinks he'll give money for green energy and POOF! – that will be done…….
    Next – he'll tell us about LOW unemployment, and ……………..we'll vote for him? Call it ZERO unemployment – and people look around and see 20% or higher unemployment; so, FuBar Ack Hussein, start packing (like Romney had nicely advised you.)

  • Ronald Johnston

    These terrorists are desperate!!! They have not been able to take our guns away and they think we will be scared to use them to take our country back!!!! I don't think so!!!!!

  • fightwarnotwars

    poor bank of america and exxon mobil execs!

  • Larry

    Don't you just love the fact that even though the leftards keep promising it will be non-violent and expect us to believe them when every time they turn out it turns into a riot. What does aggravate me is the schmucks in various administrations who seem to fall for it time and again, instead of mobilizing the police and instructing them to go hard and go early, as soon as the first violence starts.