Will Occupiers Get Their Violent Chicago Riot?

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The anti-American activists of the Occupy Wall Street movement announced they plan to violently disrupt the G8/NATO summit in Chicago on May 19.

Adbusters, the Noam Chomsky-friendly magazine that spearheaded the Occupy movement, claims the movement will conduct a massive occupation of Chicago “in the tradition of the Chicago 8.”

Of course the radicals of the Chicago 8 organized riots at the Democratic Party’s national convention in that city in 1968. Hundreds of police officers were injured.

Adbusters vows that this time the rioters won’t give an inch to the police. A massive occupation of Chicago involving “50,000 people from all over the world” will begin on May 1:

And this time around we’re not going to put up with the kind of police repression that happened during the Democratic National Convention protests in Chicago, 1968 … nor will we abide by any phony restrictions the City of Chicago may want to impose on our first amendment rights. We’ll go there with our heads held high and assemble for a month-long people’s summit … we’ll march and chant and sing and shout and exercise our right to tell our elected representatives what we want … the constitution will be our guide. [ellipses in original]

When the nations of the G8 and NATO begin meeting May 19, the movement plans to press its demands. Occupiers want an economy-killing “Robin Hood Tax” to be imposed on financial transactions, an international agreement to curb carbon emissions, and “a nuclear-free Middle East” (translation: the unilateral nuclear disarmament of Israel), according to Adbusters.

And woe to the powers that be if they don’t give in to the radicals’ demands.

And if they don’t listen … if they ignore us and put our demands on the back burner like they’ve done so many times before … then, with Gandhian ferocity, we’ll flashmob the streets, shut down stock exchanges, campuses, corporate headquarters and cities across the globe … we’ll make the price of doing business as usual too much to bear. [ellipses in original]

The Occupy Wall Street movement grew out of an event last Sept. 17 in lower Manhattan called the US Day of Rage that was organized by Adbusters. Organizers vowed that the mass protest would be nonviolent in nature. This raised the question of why they named their event after the original “Days of Rage” that took place in Chicago in 1969. That tumultuous year, members of what was later to become known as the Weather Underground provoked four days of riots and demonstrations against The System.

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  • Arius

    Why do you say 'Democratic Party'. Shouldn't it be 'Democrat Party'?

    • Stephen_Brady

      I'll vote for that! Besides, it irritates the DEMs and causes them to say and do things which show who they really are.

  • kongMing

    A class action civil suit should be filed against Adbusters and Soros for 7 wrongful deaths, millions of property damage, loss due to assault, loss due to extortion, loss due to terroristic threats, loss due to defamation and punitive damages for promoting repeated crimes like unauthorized electronic access creating loss.

    • whitehunter

      Sounds like a textbook definition of a Racketeering Enterprise engaging in a Pattern of Racketeering under the RICO statute, doesn't it? Of course, we'll need a new U.S. A.G. to pursue that, since the current one is one of the racketeers himself.


      Outstanding suggestion! It's about time they get a taste of the legal system. They think nothing of trying to bankrupt businesses with their lawsuits, time to let them get a taste of their own medicine.

    • joy52

      Ghandi was non-violent. Don't they teach that anymore? I just hope if they demo in Chicago somebody will do ads with clips of Obama, etc. supporting OWS.

  • Clore

    The term "Day of Rage" as used by the Occupy movement does not come from the 1968 Chicago protests; it is a translation of an Arabic term (another version is "Day of Anger") and comes from the Arab Spring protests. There have been "Days of Rage" in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Iraq, etc.

    • marbiesblog

      Just curious. How do you know this? Is there someplace on the net where we can read about that?

  • Phil

    Anti-American? Like, anti-free speech, anti-freedom of assembly, anti-right to petition the government for grievances, anti-right to a fair trial… which version of the Constitution are you working from?

    Rioters? Which section of "non-violent protest" do you not understand? So you believe that the massive wealth attenuation in the hands of a psychopathic financial elite while one out of seven children in America suffer food insecurity is "American?" Sounds like you are the enemy of your country, not the Occupy movement. Watch "Inside Job" and have a rethink, Mr "I write inflammatory, hatemongering non-sensical" articles.

    • mrbean

      The idea was to create Occupy in order to give the MSM the cover they desired to spend every single day up until the election talking about greed and income inequality in order to blame both for the stagnant economy. The hope was that by repeating this message incessantly, enough voters could be convinced that Wall Street, and by extension, evil Republicans, were to blame for our chronic unemployment, record deficits, and stillborn economic growth. President Obama who? Fortunately for America, this plan has not only failed miserably it has backfired completely. Thanks to the rise of New Media and our unwillingness to let the MSM’s lies, bias, and cover ups stand for even one more day, Occupy is in its death throes and might take the President and Democratic party down with it. First and foremost, we uncovered the lie that Occupy was grassroots and then we exposed every Occupy rape, poop, death, overdose, old woman thrown down the stairs, attack on a police officer, and public act of masturbation. In the process, public opinion turned against the Occupiers and as a result these Leftists have started doing what the Left always does when they lose … have a tantrum:

    • BS77

      Non Violent Protest? You must be joking. These Occupy goons are all about violence. You are one of those brainwashed idiots who think OCCUPY is all about justice, fairness, and economic opportunity. Occupy is about vandalism, rioting, carousing and burning garbage dumpsters.

    • William

      God, you people. You simply won't be happy until this nation is gone. The Left has been trying to destroy the country since the 1960s and the "worst-est generation." You people are disgusting and sicken me. Can't wait for Civil War Part two.

    • Josh

      Ummm. The Constitution guarantees the right to PEACEABLY assemble, not riot in the streets and create chaos. Read the Constitution before you go spouting off truncated versions that twist the meaning, ProgTard.

    • nightspore

      What part of the photo shown above do you not understand?

    • Rifleman

      They don’t have a right to block traffic, impede people going about their business, or deprive residents the use of their public and private spaces. Flea baggers don’t hesitate to violate the rights of others, why should anybody care about theirs?

      What part of peaceful days of rage don’t I understand? Are you serious?

      Sure, keeping what you earn and deciding for yourself how much is enough is American, and so is paying for your own mistakes. Obsessing over the property of others is psychopathic, and why wouldn’t your calling someone else psycho make you “hatemongering,” yourself?

    • guest

      phil, if you lose your job you can get one cleaning up the feces and other filth the fleabag occupiers leave behind when they get the heave ho from the parks they squat in – or you can comfort the rape victims at OWS events, etc

    • Asher

      There is nothing Democratic about OWS..They are about tyranny and collapsing the system…There is nothing positive or beneficial about this movement…It is destroying Free civilizations! Destruction of property and lives is not going to win the argument!

    • whitehunter

      Rioting and arson aren't speech; they're felonies. And the only "version" of the Constitution I've ever seen protects "…the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble, and to PETITION the government for a redress of grievances," neither of which describes the actions of these violent anarchists.

      What "version" of the Constitution are you reading? Or is your sneering mendacity simply the typically venomous hatespeech of the Obammunist Left? If these terrorists carry out their threat, the only satisfaction I'll feel is that Rahm Emanuel and his fellow-travelers will be reaping exactly what they've sown.

  • joke

    This guy is an award winning journalist? I've seen higher quality journalism in middle school newspapers.

    • Phil

      What was the journalist award? A chocolate medal? Interesting viewpoint kid, now grow some empathy for people outside of your immediate socio-economic group, drop the hate speech, and work on balanced reporting. *pats head*

      • trickyblain

        If comically tiny Matt Vadum's economic group is reflective of his income from writing/"commentating," he is in the lower bowels of the 99 percent. Maybe he is subsidized by Mom and Dad.

    • soudan42

      Matthew Vadum, bias shown clearly

  • http://www.occupywallstreetmediawatch.org hyp3rcrav3

    Occupy Wall Street doesn't want a riot. You do.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I lived through the 1968 riots. I know the face of the Left, when I see it …

    • Rifleman

      Sure, ya'll are planning peaceful "days of rage".

  • http://www.occupywallstreetmediawatch.org hyp3rcrav3

    CBS San Francisco “Judge Threatens Oakland Police Department With Federal Takeover (for violence)” (01/25/12) http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2012/01/25/judge

    NBC News NYC “FBI Targets More Suspects in Conn. (racist) Police Scandal” http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/East-Haven-P

    • Ken

      Yeah, a uber-Leftist, judicial activist judge!! Has nothing to with rule of law!!

  • Jim

    This same page today has an article on the ranking of various news papers through out the world for honesty.

    I can not believe the author is familiar with the movement or he just wants to be alarmist.

    The trust worthy American Media has been reporting in the same manner as the author of this article.

    It seems that the media wishes to keep the same corrupt political system best called "campaign bribery". If you wish to democratize congress but think Soros represents the movement then I ask what are your plans to combat the massive political corruption in to days congress. Why not start your own movement?

    • 11bravo

      " what are your plans to combat the massive political corruption in to days congress."
      Start a grass roots movement, organize over the internet, have a rally in D.C. Then go out and elect people to make the change. TEA PARTY!! Not mob violence in the streets.

  • kafir

    I *am* going to start my own movement. It's time for Barrack and Michelle to get dropped off for their swim in the oval office pool.

  • Brujo Blanco

    It is very easy to “plan” a non-violent action that turns violent. OWS movements have been rife with violence and other criminal activity. Perhaps the next move will be a shot at open insurrection.

  • Roguewave

    The article overlooked the massive backing of the Tides Foundation by another infamous One-Percenter, Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

  • 11bravo

    I just can't wait to see some socialists heads gettin cracked by some Chicago cops!! Should be some good fun. Their biggest mistake will be to think Rahm will NOT send in the cops; he will. I may even go down and watch the fun in person. Politically this will not play well for Obama; the GOP will "go Beck" and point out his links to the socialists.

  • Steve Chavez

    CODE PINK advertised September 17 Day of Rage but after I put that out on several websites, as well as Peace Action, both fronts of the Communist Party USA, the page was removed to then make it appear that the Day of Rage was a leaderless and out-of-nowhere group. The CPUSA and its United for Peace and Justice did not mention the Day but Judith LeBlanc, a leader of United, co-heads Peace Action thereby linking the CPUSA to the breeding of this movement.

    The "Audacity of Hope" Hamas Flotilla mission was also led by the likes of Medea Benjamin/Code Pink and its American organizer was Leslie Cagan, a TOP RANKING CPUSA MEMBER AND HEAD OF UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. When the ship was stopped in Greece, its members then went to Athens to join the Greek protests organized by the Greek Communist Party. The CPUSA declared official "Solidarity with the Greek Communist Party" before the mission.

    The goal of the CPUSA FOR DECADES is the overthrow of the United States and if you go to their online news, Peoplesworld.org, you will see that their talking points, and those of the Democrat Party, are the same. THE DEMOCRATS OWN OWS, A MOVEMENT CONCEIVED BY COMMUNISTS!

    • mlcblog

      Nice work! expose the devils!!

  • Dispozadaburka

    Is that Harry Reid holding the flag?

  • BS77

    If you followed the sickening display of vandalism and infantile acting out in Oakland, you can see the true nature of OCCUPY…..it is a mob of losers and idiots bent on burning the flag, smashing windows, destroying property, hurling bottles and rocks at the police and counter protestors. Forget about Wall Street, "fairness" or getting entitlements….these morons want to disable our society .

  • tagalog

    As to those "Days of Rage:" Can we who are angry about the ongoing trashing of our national, cultural, and constitutional values by the Occupy people and those they support vent OUR anger at the same time? That would be interesting…

  • BLJ

    Let the idiots get violent. It just discredits them. They are just a bunch of loser anarchists.

    Personally I would love a few of the sob's to try to get violent with me. Nothing would feel better than my Louisville Slugger meeting one of their empty heads. Lowlife scum.

  • flyingtiger

    Days of Rage? This is sooo sixies! Can't they come up with some original idea? It is going to be violent, but for different reasons. In 1968Daley was upset that his fellow lifests were making him look bad in front of the TV cameras, so he sent the cops after them. Rahm, another lefty will get upset and send the goons after them.
    You can see this a mile coming. Like the song says, "When will they ever learn?"

  • Stephen_Brady

    "In anticipation of the May protests Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, himself a radical Saul Alinsky-inspired thug, has increased fines for resisting a police officer."

    Boy, that'll stop them …

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The authorities will play this as in theatre but the rioters will go to far. I am unaware
      of Chicago Police allowing attacks on their own. I would read the riot act to
      the demonstrators if they so much as spit on a sidewalk. It may be that the day
      for workhouses, prisons and chaingangs has found it's niche in Chicago.

      • Stephen_Brady

        The CPD has a long-lived and well-earned reputation for toughness. However, this is not 1968, and the current Mayor would probably like to be in the riots, rather than trying to stop them. PC and racial politics also plays into this. I would like to see the Chicago Police make the city a place where radicals wouldn't dream of showing up. But with the current crowd of "city fathers"?

        Chicago managed to get rid of one of its most famous and beloved radio talk show hosts … Mancow, a fellow who made the mistake of being a libertarian, on air … simply because he showed up at a Tea Party rally at the Daley Center.

        I only wish that the city had the OLD Mayor Daley back …

        • mlcblog

          Are you really saying a crooked thug is better? I think not.

          • Stephen_Brady

            They're all thugs. The old Mayor Daley had a talent for keeping the peace. Now, with Rahm in "charge", all of the Left's crazies descending on the city, and 150 thousand gangbangers ruling the streets, I see little hope offered to the average people trying to live and work, in the city.

            It's a one-party system, with all of the evils that go along with that.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          I am mystefied by the poor choices of Chicago voters……………..William

          • Stephen_Brady

            You and me both, brother …

  • Ruthlessma

    Herd the bass-turds into stock trailers using stock prods & haul them out of town about 50 miles. Cut them loose and let them walk to wherever they want to continue their "movement".

  • Josh

    MAybe we should organize a "National Defense Force Militia" to assist in keeping the peace. The occupoopers won't know what to do if they have to face an armed and angry citizenry.

    • trickyblain

      Yes! You could call it the Volkssturm!

      • Stephen_Brady

        I think you were referring to the Sturmabteilung. However, there are a lot of homosexuals around to lead it …

  • UCSPanther

    The real question should be "Will OWS get its Kent State moment?"

  • claspur

    Just mailed this article to a friend that drives into The Merc (CME Group)-to work every day to let him know I'll be going in with him on the 19th… if not earlier in the month. ;o)

  • AJCT

    Maybe "papa obama" can visit his infantile occupiers when they vandalize Chicago and perhaps diaper them. Come on kids, grow up and get a job, be diligent and be a
    productive adult in this country.

  • PAthena

    The OCCUPY movement is one of would-be communist tyrants, who claim, like all tyrants, claim massive popular support – 99% – without any evidence. Any elected official can claim to represent his constituents, but the OCCUPY movement can claim to represent only its members and its funders, like George Soros.
    They supposedly object to inequality of wealth – why? Steve Jobs earned millions, which I do not begrudge, nor do I begrudge Oprah Winfrey ("richest woman in America"), nor many others with wealthier than me. I do not even begrudge multibillionaire George "Moriarty" Soros his billions, only what he does with his billions, thinking he is omniscient, and funding. among other anti-democratic, tyrannical organizations like OCCUPY.
    Like all communists, the OCCUPY people would want to enforce the so-called income "equality" – like Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Castro – to live in luxury themselves.

    • BS77

      Occupy SUCKS. End of Story.

  • hammar

    Even if the occupiers won the battle in Chicago, they wouldn't know what they won or what they lost….the whole movement of terror and rage is about trashing society at all costs esp. when they don't have to repay the damage….just like being at home with daddy footing the bill…poor liberal fanatic's crying over spilt milk….they think they are revolutionists..how sad.

  • trickyblain

    There's a guy on the street corner where I work with a megaphone talking/yelling/shouting about "occupy." I can clearly hear him from the 14th floor of my building and we're all amused watching him and the folks crossing streets to avoid him. Thing is, though, he doesn't seem to be a Democrat at all. He doesn't seem to like ANYTHING about the federal gov't — Obama most of all.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      14th floor? Please do not fall out of the window…………………..William

      • trickyblain

        lol…I appreciate the concern, William.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Can't distinguish if it is one of my magnanimous moments or concern
          that you might land on my megaphone, hard to tell…………….William

          • trickyblain

            Hmmm…I doubt it was your megaphone. You don't strike me as a black communist who screams about social justice and equality. He was part of the occupy crowd, not railing against it. But there are some similarities b/t his message and the Tea Party…they both REALLY hate the federal gov't, just seem to disagree on why.

  • Ellman

    Occupy Wall Street, and the satellite protests it spawned in cities across the U.S. and around the world have been spectacularly violent. Radical activists are responsible for hundreds crimes, including assault, gang rape, arson, rioting, robbery, and a host of others. [Comment: According to them these acts are allowed under the Constitution.]
    In anticipation of the May protests Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, himself a radical Saul Alinsky-inspired thug, has increased fines for resisting a police officer. [Comment: How about increasing jail time?]
    Longtime Chicago activist Don Rose was undeterred. “The more pugnacious the city gets, the more provocative it becomes.” [Comment: How I wish I could be a Chicago policeman!]

  • tagalog

    The OWS people, if they get their Chicago, don't know what they're in for. If they're lucky, they'll just get beat up a little, or maybe a little bloody. If they're unlucky, it could be much worse.

    People don't remember that Mayor Daley, in 1968, ordered his police force to shoot to kill demonstrators. It was lucky that they didn't actually do that. Ask the people who were at Grant Park and Michigan and Balboa.

  • Truth

    Democracy is the fraud of plutocracy. Fake, fake fake!
    Kings, Lords, Presidents, Prime Ministers, the plutocracy rule by lies and deception. They would have you believe in some religion even the tooth fairy if that would work, just so they control the world. If no religion then there is always sports to occupy the masses thought processes.

  • http://cybergatis.blogspot.com cybergatis

    no more protests–to direct action! "protest" sits too comfortably in the language of the repressive state power. the state does not listen. it only asserts its power, and power structure over all of us. to occupy is a good first step, but let's all keep going.

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