Bleeding Our Intelligence

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Intelligence and imagination are the two main weapons against  terror, not drone air craft. The Obama team seems to be unarmed—having given away intelligence,   while, like Clinton, never really pursuing the intuitive need for imagining where and how terrorists might be preparing to strike.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and counter-terror aide John Brennan  are noted for their ability to spill information. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been among the big braggers about getting Bin-Laden. This is the same Bill Clinton who barely met with some of his CIA and FBI directors while he served as president from 1993-2000 when Al-qaeda was preparing 9-11.

Obama, Holder, Hillary and Brennan should learn from this record. Unfortunately they have learned the wrong things.

Data on hostile radical Muslims that reaches the intelligence community is often treated as “prejudiced,” as not “politically correct.”  That is exactly how the Fort Hood massacre happened because Army personnel were told to ignore Major Nidal Malik Hassan’s pre-murder performance.

The Fort Hood attack could have been prevented, according to a 61-page Senate report, but the information  was ignored.

In general, the Obama team has taken short-sighted approach to intelligence, stopping the flow of blood–good intel to our counter-terror forces. Instead it spills the blood already amassed  painstakingly.

It is time to stop bragging about intelligence successes, and it is time to start acting intelligently.

The war against terror is not over, and it is time to stop the war against the war on terror.

Dr. Michael Widlanski, an expert on Arab politics and communications, is the author of  Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat.

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  • RonaldCarnine

    The Obama administration has done so many stupid things it is hard to list them in their order of importance. But if I were to list the first five, I would list the cuts to the American military and the exposure of intelligence sources right up toward the top. As the author states, "its time to stop bragging about intelligence successes and it is time to start acting intelligently". As an retired law enforcement officer one of the greatest weapons against criminal activity is information that is collected from informants. One of the most important activities is to make sure those informants are protected. You never, never ever burn an informant. That is one of the cardinal sins of an investigator. If you burn them, not only might you get them killed but you also will make others think twice about giving you information. The White House is so obsessed with looking good to the public and picking up a few more votes that nothing is sacred. If I were an informant, I wouldn't give those folks one ounce of information. They are not trustworthy.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama is the biggest terrorist of them all!!!! He has to be an enemy plant in our highest office!!!!

  • Schlomotion

    This article rings hollow. One can still make a buck peddling Security Explotation literature and wait in the sidelines for the re-establishment of the Neoconservative coup. However, this article reads like the ones from the Cold War, claiming that the President has given a windfall to Comintern because he allegedly bragged about what everybody already knew, that Israel launched a second cyberattack on Iran. Why not talk about the fact that after this cyberattack, Michael Chertoff and Paul Wolfowitz tried to shake down the NSA for its security profile in anticipation of a "retaliatory attack?" And what about the environment created by the Israeli cyberattack, which has emboldened the Russian Mafia to lay an attack on 60 banks? Is that security progress?