Iran’s Best Defense

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As US officials again ask Iran to stop its atom bomb program, President Barack Obama seems to be working hard to shield Iran and to prevent Israel from striking at Iran’s nuclear weapons potential. US officials are believed to be behind stories about Israel readying basing and refueling options in countries near Iran, like Azerbaijan.

The Azeris quickly denied they allowed Israel to use their land., and this is a sign the Azeris are feeling pressure not to help Israel, even as Obama reportedly used the Islamist and strongly anti-Israel leader of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, to send a message to Iran that the US would be willing to accept “an Iranian civilian nuclear program.”

For Israel—and for Saudis, Jordanians and Egyptians—Iran’s  bomb is not a matter that can be indefinitely delayed in a diplomatic ping-pong match.

President Obama has been rotating his top officials on and off the diplomatic playing field to deter an attack on Iran. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, and many others have been sent to Jerusalem to tell Israel NOT to attack Iran.

“It’s not prudent at this point to decide to attack Iran,” said General Dempsey, in  an interview with CNN. Meanwhile, Secretary Panetta openly discussed some of Israel’s options and possible time tables in ways that make them less surprising and effective for possible use against Iran.

At the same time, Obama has been seen using the playbook of his favorite pundit,  CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, whose book is often under Obama’s  arm, and  Zakaria  says “Within the context of Iranian politics, Ahmadinejad is the pragmatist.” For more than three years, President Obama has agreed, trying to “engage” such “pragmatists.”

“Pragmatist” has a special meaning for Zakaria/Obama or maybe they have not heard Ahmadinajad brag about how he felt a halo appear around him when he told the UN that everyone should pray for the Mahdi,  an Islamic messiah Ahmadinajad believes has to be born out of a fire that will cleanse the world.

Ahmadinajad and Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, want such a mighty Mahdi. Their ideas are so extreme that Ayatollah Khomeini—hardly a moderate—outlawed them when he was alive. He felt the Mahdi cult would cause Iran’s destruction.

Zakaria thinks attacking Iran is dumb because Iran is run by “rational” men like those who led the Soviet Union.  Zakaria has said this for a long time, and he has been wrong for a long time.

The Soviets were led by conservative old men who said Communism would beat the West as part of an “inevitable dialectic.”  They could afford to wait. They did not run around handing out weapons of mass destruction to terrorists or client states. Iran is different. It helped Syria build a nuclear program and sends missiles to Venezuela.

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  • Za-keer-ia

    Zakaria is on the payroll of Zbigniew Islamist Breeder Brezerzinski, and the Iranian regime.

  • quinterius

    Michael Widlanski is a madman. It is not even worth arguing about the specific points in this article. When everybody now agrees that Iran is NOT building nukes, to advocate another war is the sign of a sick man.

    • stern

      everyone agrees Iran is not building nukes?

      What everyone? Who? You and your mommy?

      • SoCalMike

        "When everybody now agrees that Iran is NOT building nukes…."
        I love it when people insert reality-defying quotes into an argument.

      • Smith

        No he means your mommy along with CIA, NSA and two dozen other US intel agencies who have categorically said that Iran is not building any nuke bombs. I am not sure about your mommy but the others are professionals at what they do. So we can not take your word and the word of a mad men writing this article as proof of anything.

        • Snorbak

          "…the others are professionals at what they do"
          Professionals such as the CIA who said Iraq had WMD's, you mean those professionals?
          (Sarcasm intended)

    • Roger

      The points in the article speak for themselves.

      Why won't you admit Obama is attacking our ally and not allowing them to defend themselves against an aggressor who has promised to 'erase' them?

      It seems that Obama hates Israel as much as he hates the US.

  • Abisja

    quinterious, "When everybody now agrees that Iran is NOT building nukes", you must be the biggest clown of the town. The little man in Iran is shouting it, the Aiatollas are preaching it, the Russians and N/Koreans are supplying it,the Saudi's,Jordan and Turks are fearing it and most of the madmen Muslim countries are supporting it. If Israel decides to strike, it will do so clinically, with precision and with good motive – and not even the clown in the white house will know about it. With his insight, the morning papers might draw his attention.

    • quinterius

      Abisja: I guess you are completely ignorant. Read the following LA Times article:

      Even crazy Barak admits that Iran is not building nukes. There is no chance that pipsqueak Israel will make an aggressive move towards Iran since then Israel will cease to exist.

      As the speaker of the Iranian parliament has said, Israel is like a dog that barks a lot but won't bite. Israel only attacks people that cannot defend themselves like the Palestinians in Gaza. It couldn't even handle the ragtag Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. It had to run away in disgrace with its tail between its legs.

      • teq

        Israel doesn't bite, huh? Gee, I seem to remember footage from the Six Day War showing a lot of "bitten" looking Arabs. Are you saying that the War of Independence in 1948 was just Big Bully Israel attacking the defenseless Arab world? Or are you saying that Israel just "barked its way to independence?" You're not making a whole lot of sense. I think your hatred of Israel has rendered you incoherent. Take a Xanax and then try again.

      • stern

        quinterius, the bloody Joos only fought back after thousands of rockets have been fired at them by the "defenceless" poor little Palestinians in Gaza. Hezbollah, with billions in funding from your nuclear-free Iran is hardly rag-tag, and Israel's acceptance of a cease-fire had more to do with politics than capabilities.

        but that's okay. Keep believing whatever nonsense you want to believe. I happen to believe that Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and you will soon be in for quite a surprise, when you discover that Israel is not such a "pipsqueak" after all.

      • stern

        From the LA Times article you pointed us to: "Iran is pursuing research that could put it in a position to build a weapon, but that it has not sought to do so."

        If you had any intelligence, you would understand why even this is unacceptable. Obama may not feel as much urgency as Israel, but none of us can wait until Iran is in a position where it can take the final step towards nuclear weapons in just a few days.

        But I guess it's expecting too much to think that you might understand this kind of subtlety. Yours is a brain that obviously has room for only one idea: Joos is bad.

        • quinterius

          Gee, who cares what is acceptable to you or not. Your religious beliefs on this issue are irrelevant. You guys can believe whatever nonsense you want to believe. I couldn't care less.

          Israel is the biggest rogue and terrorist state in the world but it won't dare to attack Iran. I agree that Palestinians and even maybe the Sunnis don't know how to fight. But, don't step on the foot of Shiites as you are going to get burned. I am an atheist myself so I have no acts to grind on this point.

          As for lunatic Barak, here is a reference that even he does not believe that Iran is building nukes:

          I am out of here and plan not to respond to any more comments here. I won't be even be reading any further comments on this article. Cheers!

  • Bert

    Unfortunately the Jewish leadership in Israel and the U.S. continue to lose the information battle. Obama is allowed to pose as Israel's friend while enabling Iran to have more time to get their nukes. Obama could readily be exposed for his duplicitous actions but that would take some moral backbone which Jewish leaders lack. Such backbone comes from faith in G-d and is missing from the cowardly secularists that lead Israel and U.S. Jews. This moral weakness and cowardice by Jewish leaders is nothing new and always results in more Jews and Arabs getting killed.
    For a while after 1967 Israel had a posture of deterrence that discouraged attack. But Jewish cowardice had eroded this deterrence and now even Israel's nukes are not seen by their enemies as a serious deterrence.

  • H&R_ Barack

    …..anti-Israel Obama is a TURKEY.

    ……Obama is a Pavo absolutus – Total turkey.

    Obama's Iran Policy Collapses to the Accompaniment of Mockery Around the Globe

  • Ghostwriter

    Unfortunately,President Obama is living in a fantasy world. He believes that he can talk the Mullahs in Iran into giving up their nuclear program. Benjamin Netanyahu is living in the real world and isn't going to wait forever for the mad mullahs to start another holocaust. Sadly,those like qunterius also live in Obama's dream world and not in the real one.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama, the evil homosexual terrorist illegal alien, needs to go!!!!!

  • Andrew Zubinski

    Hey Widlandki, at least change your last name when writing an article like this. It doesn’t really sound objective when you write about Israel, Iran and Obama with that last name !

  • Smith

    The writer of this article is a mad man of dangerous variety. He should be hospitalized and isolated in a room with rubber walls so he remains out of danger to others and himself.

  • Linda Rivera

    The Iranian Hitler has vowed repeatedly to "Wipe Israel off the map" and "Destroy America". It is disgraceful and immoral to give Iran the time they need to perpetrate a nuclear Holocaust.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When Israel destroys Iran's nuclear plants it needs to destroy the Mullahs who direct the policy of
    total destruction of Israel and send the Maddinnerjacket down the rabbit hole to meet up with their
    holy poptart………………………………………William