Obama and “The Brothers”: An Invitation to Disaster

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President Barack Obama, who invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his Cairo speech in 2009, has now invited Brotherhood leader and Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi for talks in the United States.

But as the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt, we should all be worried, because the Brotherhood was the group that fathered Al-Qaeda and the Jihad groups that attacked New York in 1993 and again on 9-11.

But President Obama is not worried. He thinks the Brotherhood coming to power is an opportunity—perhaps to achieve even more of a “dialogue,” for “engagement,” with the Arab-Islamic world.

So far this dialogue of engagement has failed everywhere Obama has tried it—in Egypt, in Iran and in Turkey, but the president with the Islamic middle name thinks he can charm radical leaders to a path of moderation.

Back on the ground in the Middle East, there has been a 104-percent increase in terror attacks across the border into Israel from Gaza and Sinai in the last month. Cross-border infiltration and rocket attacks are a daily affair, usually without fatalities, but that will change when the terrorists “get lucky.”

When that happens, and it will, Israeli leaders will have to abandon the pin-point reprisal policy and escalate to a more thorough house cleaning of the border area. The Islamic terrorists in Sinai and Gaza, supported by 11 Bedouin tribes that make money from smuggling, are heavily armed.

There are more than half a dozen different terror groups—some associated with Al-Qaeda—and they will all want to flex their muscles.

Israeli military planners think it is only a matter of time before the Brotherhood, its sister organization, Hamas, that rules Gaza,  and the other terror groups destabilize Israel’s southern border, undermining the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty and even causing a military conflict.

But in the rarefied air of the White House and Foggy Bottom, the Obama Administration is oblivious.

President Obama,  Secretary of State Clinton and anti-terror chief John Brennan do not seem too concerned. They helped bring the Brotherhood to the Egyptian presidency by undermining Egyptian leader Husni Mubarak, much the way Jimmy Carter undermined Iran’s Shah 34 years ago.

Obama and Co. invited participation by the Brotherhood in Egypt’s governance, bringing them to Obama’s Cairo speech of 2009. They should have known: He who invites extremists to the appetizer should not be surprised when they stay for dinner and dessert.

The “Brothers” are not interested in sharing power any more than the Iranian ayatollahs were. Yes, there are differences between Sunni Islamic radicals (Egypt) and Shiite Islamic radicals (Iran), but they also have much in common:

  • They hate Muslims who are not sufficiently religious and are too “Western” in their daily lives;
  • They hate America and Israel;
  • And they hate sharing power with anyone.

There will be no real democracy in a Brotherhood-led Egypt. You can bet on it.

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  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    I call Ronald Reagan Mr america and Barack Hussein Obama Mr Islam.
    The first one helped breaking down the wall the other helps breaking down America.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Obama surrendered our country to Islam on September 25, 2009, in a Day of Prayer with 50,000. muslim men
    praying from morning until evening for "The Soul of America."

    This Rite determines the "future destiny" of America as well as being an act of "surrender" to Islam.

    Four more years in office and he will complete the task of Islamisizing America.

    He will force Israel to accept the 1967 border lines and he will move is embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    It is common knowledge that whoever rules Jerusalem rules the world.

    • Jerry

      I, unfortunately agree. So few realize what has been done, or why. As Obama's National Security Council met with the Brotherhood in 2009, can anyone doubt the fall of Mubarak, or the rise of Morsi was orchestrated by the Obama administration, or that our own future is at stake. Too few Americans pay attention to the facts, and thus our own fate, I am afraid is sealed.

  • Mel

    Obama's infatuation with Islam and his unqualified support of the Muslim Brotherhood should terrify Americans. Unfortunately it doesn't because mainstream media groupies can be counted on to whitewash, dismiss as irrelevant, or simply ignore their machinations. But rather than speculate on what the Muslim Brotherhood will likely do in Egypt, Americans can see full well what it has done in Sudan for the past 2 decades. Khartoum has been the "board room" of the Muslim Brotherhood and has established — for the whole world to see — exactly the type of political and religious oppression it is capable of, and which it is planning to escalate worldwide. Slavery, genocide, aerial bombardment of humanitarian activities, churches and Bible schools, slaughter and rape of innocent women and children, support for international terrorist organizations (such as the demonic LRA) have all come with the Muslim Brotherhood's imprimatur. Worse, Khartoum's nightmarish rule is supported by the Arab League and the OIC. Obama's welcoming of the Muslim Brotherhood to America is the stealth equivalent of another Pearl Harbour. Only it is one which is far more insidious (and ultimately more dangerous) to the survival of freedom and the American way of life.

  • mrbean

    The inept clandestine Muslim Marxist in the Oval Office and his equally inept post menopausal charwoman hag Secretary of State are setting up the Middle East with multiple Islamic Theocracies instead of just one, Iran. This guarantees a major Mid East war with Israel and the United States. Russia and China are already siding with Iran, Syria and Egypt, Russia just sent 11 war ships to Syria in support of Assad. And China demanded exemption from all Iranian sanctions and got it. Get these two clowns out of office ASAP.

  • Marty

    The muslim brotherhood or some violent form of it will win in the end. The middle east is currently in the era of one-election democracies. hamas won a fair election in gaza in 2006 and that was the end of any cotinued hope for democracy in that particular hellhole. People really do get the government they deserve. In the case of muslims, they are demonstrating popular endorsement for theological autocracy, the humiliation of women, pedophilia, dhimmitude status for non-muslims, brutal sharia law, and institutionalized poverty and misery. egypt's economy is deteriorating and for very good reason. Something similar will occur in syria if the asad regime falls. The best thing to do is to enable the different sides there to keep the conflict going.

  • Glenn Koons

    In foreign policy, America is in real danger but….voters apparently do not see it. Not so far. Since no Pub is really talking about it . A decimated Navy, cutting the military altogether, seemingly not criticizing the Bros in Egypt or Libya or Hamas or the Pals. Then of course, we have Iran, Russia and China all using energy politics against the USA. Ob ama seems to just want all this to occur so as to 'punish'
    America for its supposed imperialism, smugness and the American way of life….exported. I would love to see Pubs bring this up in a serious way.

  • N. Albert

    The US policy towards Pakistan depends on which party is in power. GHWB forged an alliance of Israelis, Turks and Pakis to funnel weapons in to Afghanistan. That pipeline had been altered to send aid after Russia gave up, but Clinton ended it (because Afghanistan did not support "human rights"). It was fortunate GWB renewed relations with Pakistan BEFORE 9/11. When you generalize things to such a degree your point is lost.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Widlanski wrote that Hamas "rules Gaza." So does, the Democratic Party "rule" the United States? Does Likud "rule" Israel? That's some awfully special pleading there to call elected leaders the "rulers" of a land. This author has some far out theories, including the idea that Israel cannot survive a Palestinian state, and that George Tenet (who exposed Presidential bungling that opened us to 9/11) was unqualified and that Michael Scheuer, head of the Bin Laden unit is antisemitic. This demonstrates to me that when Neocons cannot influence the "rule" of the United States by direct interference and advisory, they goldbrick by publishing sour grapes books about how Americans are dupes, and that the Muslim threat is extra super duper bigger than ever.

    Mr. Widlanski fled the US to go live in Israel. Still, he writes things like "our own intellectual elites have chosen to ignore this escalation of Islamist terror, and instead target our own law-enforcement and security agencies, demanding that they treat Islamic institutions with kid gloves." What is this "our" crap? In FPM and in the New York Post, Mr. Widlanski uses the royal we to describe "our" President, and "our" law enforcement, and "our" security. His President is one Shimon Peres. Mr. Widlanski sells books to us on Amazon with OUR flag on it, not the flag of Israel. He is an Israel Firster but still goldbricking on the US, selling us fear of Muslims, harping on people like Thomas Friedman, an American loyalist.

    To rewind for a moment and just address one of Mr. Widlanski's bouts of silliness: He claims that Michael Scheuer is an antisemite for pointing out the connection between the 9/11 attack and US support for Israel. However, he himself says "The man who killed Meir Kahane in 1990 was a member of the same terror cell that eventually carried out the 1993 World Trade Center attack." So are these these things only antisemitic when a nonjew says them? Or are facts facts? How can we rely upon "a cadre of Middle East specialists who are experts" when they plug themselves as often as they push their esoteric monopoly on such apparently pliable facts?

    • Choi

      Scheuer ,like YOU ,HATES Israel.
      Now ,the ONLY reason "people" like YOU HATE ISRAEL is because it IS THE JEWISH STATE.
      Widlanski ,like any American living abroad,is ALWAYS an American national,even if they have Dual-Citizenship.
      So he is WE and US,and OUR.
      You really are a POS TROLL,and a JEW-BAITER.

  • shootschlo

    Schlomotion hates dem joos because his pecker is so tiny

  • Ronald Johnston

    Why does anybody not see behind the killing of osama bin laden!!! He probably knew too much about osama obama and who was the enabler of the terrorist alien plant!!! osama bin laden would have been a 1000 times more valuable as a prisoner than he is as a dead man!!!!

  • Poupic

    Almost right! Obama was 20 years with the Pastor he called his "Spiritual Mentor." That spiritual mentor preached Liberation Theology that says the USA is using and abusing 3rd world nations. His words "Them Jews don't let me see Obama." and "God damn the USA!" Obama accordingly calls the Muslim Brotherhood "Moderates!" The just elected Egyptian President made a speech that he will work to free The Blind sheik who masterminded the world trade bomb and the tunnel bombing plan in N.Y. What is wrong with Romney not using the video's of pastor Wright, Obama's spiritual mentor spewing his venom while taking attack with a smile from Obama?

  • effemall

    As a half caste who looks black, Obama sucked up to the white establishment for which he had contempt but since the establishment elevated him to the highest office making him the establishment in America he now sucks up to the Islamic establishment knowing full well that the Arabian Muslim world looks down on blacks whether Muslim or not as only fit to be slaves. His deep bow to the king of Saudi Arabia said it all. In the process of him sorting out his sick, convoluted personal identity he is helping Islam's stealth Jihad in ways that represent a great danger to America and should be cause for impeachment. The GOP seems to wear blinders to this issue, focusing only on the economy and jobs. America is in greater peril than it has ever been since the American Revolution.