Returning to Terror

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You can be forgiven for blinking or pinching yourself. Yes, some of the same Democrats who wanted to tar and feather Rumsfeld and Bush for putting people in Gitmo, now desperately want to hear from Rumsfeld. It is nice to be missed.

The same Democrats who felt Bush, Dick Cheney, Powell, Rice and Rumsfeld distorted intelligence data, now feel it is of the utmost urgency to have their testimony added to intelligence data on prisoner releases from Gitmo.

The Democrats claimed that they needed more hard and fast data to draw any conclusions, but it is often hard to track down terrorists or suspected terrorists now in Sudan, Afghanistan or Pakistan, among other remote locales. After all, most Gitmo detainees have been released to overseas locations, and because they do not often ask for food stamps or file  pension claims with the US Social Security Administration, it is not always easy to keep tabs on them.

Democrats, reported The Washington Post, conclude that President Barack Obama cannot be accused of releasing terrorists, because Bush released most of them first:

“During the Obama administration, Democrats said, 66 individuals have been transferred from Guantanamo, with only two confirmed as re-engaging. That amounts to about 3.3 percent.”

Another reason is that Obama probably would not have jailed them in the first place, but would have preferred to engage them in a constructive dialogue.

Upon entering office, President Barack Obama said he would close Guantanamo Prison within a year, but the report which the House Democrats and many in the media have helped to stifle actually explains why we should be happy this is one promise he has not kept.

Yes, the Democrats and the media are right that there have been injustices at Gitmo, and they are right that some innocent people have been jailed that should not have been. But examining the data on those terrorists who should have been jailed and who should still be in jail is too important to be concealed for partisan reasons.

Dr. Michael Widlanski is the author of Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat to be published in March by/Simon and Schuster/Threshold.

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  • kblink45

    Once a jihadist, always a jihadist.

  • SpiritOf1683

    Yep, 25% have returned to terrorism and the other 75% will do so when they think it is convenient. These terrorists should have been slaughtered on the battlefield, not sent to Gitmo. And we would have slaughtered them on the battlefield if we weren't pathetic cowards who are poisoned by political correctness and self-loathing.

  • peter

    If this is true, if Obama agrees to introduce the sharia then this is good bye America.

  • truebearing

    The Left has had a history of recruiting stupid people, and that includes political candidates. How much dumber does it get than undermining a report as being Republican bias, and then citing Rumsfeld, et al as the witnesses needed for verification of their partisan claim? It's mind numbing stupidity, and exactly what we expect from these lying fools.

  • Ron Carnine

    Putting a terrorist in Gitmo does not "de-terrorist" them. From what I can see, Gitmo needs to be expanded, not closed. Islamic terrorism (religious orthodoxy) continues to expand. Now we have more and more Americans actively involved. Muslim immigration continues "full speed ahead". Whether we want to admit it or not, freedom of the press and free speech are under assault by Muslim authorities and their dummies in high places. Law enforcement is being duped by the likes of SPLC and their publication "Intelligence Report". I would urge all law enforcement officials to file 13 this magazine. But if you do, be ready to be labeled as a "right wing extremist".