‘A’ Is for Agitation

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“Teachers union officials declined to provide information on Lewis’ salary,” The Chicago Tribune reports, but records show that she made more than $71,000 for half a year’s work in 2010 — along with compensation from the Illinois Federation of Teachers in 2011 totaling at least an additional $64,000 on top of her unknown base salary and benefits.

When she’s not urging other teachers to ditch the classroom or organizing traffic blockades to impede everyone else in Chicago from getting to and from their jobs, Lewis spends her time trashing public charter schools and business leaders trying to reform our Soviet-style monopoly in education. The results speak for themselves: While CTU members earn an average of $74,000 a year and are now spurning 16 percent pay hikes, 71 percent of the third-largest school district’s 8th-grade students can’t attain the most basic level of science proficiency, and nearly 80 percent are not grade-level proficient in reading.

Lewis, a vulgar standup comic wannabe who has joked publicly about smoking weed in college, sneered at parent-centered charter schools that defied the strike on Monday as not “real” schools. Competition is the enemy of union-enforced stagnation. She also played the race card like a Vegas poker pro. And in a stem-winder straight out of the Barack Obama/Elizabeth Warren/Occupy rhetorical handbook, Lewis blasted the “wealthy” at a strike rally this week: “You don’t make money by yourself,” she hissed.

Nope. In Social Justice World, you make that money by climbing up the public employee union ladder and extracting it forcibly through a compulsory dues racket that redistributes hard-earned dues from nearly 30,000 captive members to the union leadership’s class-warfare demagogues.

It bears repeating often: The goals of the teachers union radicals are not academic excellence, professional development and fairness. The goals are student indoctrination, social upheaval and perpetual grievance-mongering in pursuit of bigger government and spending without restraint: 2, 4, 6, 8! One agenda: Agitate!

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  • clarespark

    Here is my comparison of two "strikes", one commemorated yesterday, and one ongoing. See "http://clarespark.com/2012/09/11/strikes/. "Strikes." When I was in teacher training, we argued that teaching was a profession. Professionals do not abandon chidren and leave poor people with no recourse to losing work. Are strikes always violent interventions, indeed militant and military? Do current conditions favor them?

  • oldtimer

    First time they had a strike in, ?25yrs? Probably the first time they didn't get and undeserved raise. What is wrong with merit raises? All business do it. Are the teachers better than the ones who pay their salaries?

    • tagalog

      Obviously THEY think they are.

  • scotsirish

    …………..teachers used to teach units on "Character Counts".
    These people are bafoons, Communist Bufoons, low-lives.
    May they all stay in Chicago and go to blue blazes.

    • scotsirish


  • pierce

    They, the teachers, have had it their way far too long, but the school board for Chicago probably has no kahunas, so they will continue to have it their way. Unions, and in particular Teachers Unions are too strong, or so they think. Education is supposedly good, but parents have to take some interest in their kiddies education. The parents are not just there to procreate , at least I hope not.

  • http://tarandfeathersusa.wordpress.com/ Iratus Vulgas

    Of all of the many labor unions in the US, teacher unions may be the most dishonest. At least most labor unions present themselves as simply that: labor unions with a pro labor agenda. Teacher unions couch there rhetoric in pseudo-compassionate fakery–a political facade that's supposed to create the image that they're actually nothing more than a concerned group of education advocates. I find there phoniness difficult to stomach.

    • ffortnightly

      The Education Industrial Complex created their own version of the perpetual, un-winable War On Drugs which would be called the War on the Achievement Gap if they had the stones to actually declare it. Instead they stealth it up, which started in the beginning. They measured students, found the gap, then sought every possible reason except the obvious ones (because they would be racist after all). For them it became a circular project where they attempted to use a single educational model to educate a very wide variety of students. Any time the student didn't fit the mold, the educators drew on their tried and true reasonings like being poor or inner city or of course; institutional racism.

      Within only 1 race you will find groupings of students who do better than others. What do you do then? Simply bus the students around, usually far from home. This has the added benefit of magically making marginal minority students smarter because of the "example" the white kids set. Merging our schools with our equality programs put our children on the front line.

      And it didn't change the "gap" at all.


  • Ghostwriter

    "A" is for addlebrained,which is what this whole protest is.

  • BLJ

    It looks like Karen Lewis may have eaten Rahm. She is a big un. Nice red shirts by all of those losers,